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315 E Capitol Ave, Little Rock, AR 72202, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge IN Arkansas

Tyler Herron

Best bowling alley in Little Rock. It's small (8 lanes) but that makes the atmosphere perfect for small parties. Service is great, drinks are awesome. Will go again for sure.

Tamra Watts

Everyone is always super nice, and the drinks are good. Everything has a fair price, but the lanes seem to mess up when we are there. They sometimes don't score correctly or the pins don't get put down. Still a fun place!

Eric Carter

I love the giant crystal punch bowl. There's two private bowling lanes for parties, then a half dozen or so public lanes for booking. There's also private party rooms equipped for karaoke, kitchen/food menu, and a full service bar.

Sarah F

The Dust Bowl has a cool vibe overall. You will want to reserve a lane ahead of time on the weekend, or you will be waiting a few hours. $30/hr on the weekend is worth it for the atmosphere, for sure. A big plus is that it is next door to Fassler Hall, if you want to grab a bite or drink afterward.

Carrie Knauer

I reserved two lanes for my moms birthday. We had such a great time! Friendly staff, full service bar, and great food!

Junior Luna

It was the best place I have ever went to

prakash pilla

Ryan Klare

Very cool place. Smaller than a conventional bowling alley, but still plenty of room to sit and eat/drink. Very reasonably priced if you split it between a few people.

Dustin Royer

Great food and drinks, fun atmosphere. Old school scoring sheets for bowling was the only annoyance, but who really cares about that!

David Foley

Nice place !

Titus Siverand

Autumn Miller

The atmosphere was wonderful; the decor was all gorgeous midcentury and very old school. What got me was when I sucked a dead fly up my straw while drinking a white Russian, a drink I feel shouldn't have old ingredients especially at a bowling alley. When I brought it to the attention of the bartender, I was very nonchalant and understated, I'm a bartender myself so I know large scenes are unappreciated. I was extremely disappointed when I not only did not receive an apology for receiving a drink with a dead insect in it, but I also saw it on my bill. As a bartender, I would never have charged a patron for a drink that had a dead bug in it, nor would I have made it such a huge ordeal to take it off of the bill when confronted with it. I was made to feel guilty for not wanting to pay for that absolutely disgusting drink. Like I said, the atmosphere is wonderful, but don't plan to drink if you don't expect the extra protein.


Great place!

Cameron Shurtz

Pretty awesome experience all the way around. Very cool atmosphere. Drinks are decent. Bowling is a lot of fun. Definitely a great activity with a group. Definitely recommend

Geno Graham

Excellent waitstaff the drinks are good people find security a little pushy give it a four-star

Belinda Reyff

Cool place that is hard to find. German restaurant upstairs is amazing

Marty Cannon

Awesome place to have fun.

Majing Cooks


Nice place to have drinks I don't care to take my own score but if you don't mind,they also have bowling but only like 5 lines.

amanda tobey

Good clean fun

Grumpy Sugar

This is a fun place (: You can reserve your lane ahead of time. It was OU/Tex when we went, so not busy. They're still on the old fashioned paper and pencil system. It made for a lot of laughter. Love the seating around the bowling area- it looks nice and it's comfy. The smallest ball I saw was an 8...largest-probably 16. They have half sizes in shoes. We got the Sleepover corn dogs, mini chicken tenders, tater tots and taquitos with assorted dips. Ended up trying a sundae too. The staff was superb. They check on you, but not tooooo much and they're friendly. I left my card when I paid. The young lady chased me down to give it back. Not out the door-chased me...more like upstairs around the corner and outside chased me...and THEN thanked me again. Ha! Outstanding.

Hannah West

We showed up at 7 to bowl and made a reservation for 9:30, roamed around OKC for 2.5 hours to find out at 9:15 that there was a “miscommunication” in our reservation and we would have to wait until 10:30 to bowl. So sad that we wasted our time in the city considering we drove 45 minutes just to go to Dust Bowl. :-(


The pricing here isn't what they advertise. We were charged 2x the posted rate (and for some sketchy reason, they billed our credit card more than what we signed the receipt for). The employees don't really know what's going on. They are also understaffed, with one manager and three waitstaff serving regular lanes, bar, and a party room. This could be a great place if they get their act together!

Nikki Ackerman

It was really fun. Pleasant staff. Wished they'd had a ball to really fit my hand. Definitely want to go back!

Janet Ledford

Katherine Haynes

Great atmosphere, amazing staff, excellent food! I had a great time and recommend this!

Cody Thompson

70s era bowling alley. Brush up on keeping score by hand. Good bar staff with excellent vibe. Can access Fassler hall (floor above) from interior of dust bowl.

Jennifer Parker

Cool vibe for sure! First time coming here with my kid. Seemed to be a bit understaffed when we were there last— waited to get our required footwear for nearly 10 minutes (which is a long time when you’re wrangling a child). Staff was nice, however, and we had fun!

Kenny George

April Null

Lots of retro fun!!!

Matthew Strauss

This place is pretty cool; it's styled like the late 70's I think. Make sure to make a reservation for lanes several days in advance for the weekend.

Lisa Marie

Nice alleys

Bambi Wallisa

The lanes are overpriced and food is subpar. Spend money elsewhere.

Koda M.

Neat retro bowling

Zack Roehl

Bailey calvert

Perry johnson

It's has a very nice atmosphere

Caroline Erbach

Francisco Robles

Attendant was very rude to our party. Place was pretty run down. The balls they had were pretty bad. What can I say, just a bad bowling experience

David Webb

Nice atmosphere, but they can make the lanes electronic and they need more servicer

Terry LaFrance

Dude Abides party was so much fun!!

Andrew Crumpton

Babe Lincoln

Trista Karnes

We love this place very old school look and music the staff was friendly the bar has lots of good beer very good price very friendly environment. The food is good.

Andrew Kierig

Oil and Gas Bros, Techno Country music, and too many ESPN TVs.

Lively Up

Lauren Wise

Brandy Lyman

had a blast at a friend's birthday party! we packed the place out, but they kept up well w/ smiles on their faces! we'll be back!

Ashley Turley

I’m only leaving one star because they didn’t have an option for anything less! Took forever to find a parking spot on a Friday night and by the time we got inside it was a little after 8 o’ we were greeted by being asked to leave bc you have to be over 21 after 8 Which isn’t posted anywhere outside! Definitely won’t be back...lost our entire families business with their rudeness!!

Jake Paulus

By far, the best bowling alley I've been to. Keeping score yourself made the whole thing more engaging. The waitress took good care of us, and the house ball selection proved more than adequate.

Chris Claridge

Cool place for a date night. Good food and selection. A little pricey for what it is though.

Rj Edwards

Great time with the wife today at Dust Bowl.....Hey it’s downtown so yes parking may be an issues but hey we all need to walk every now and then....wife and I had fun....wish it was a little bigger but other than that....great place to bowl.... Just what Little Rock needed downtown....

Mike Martin

Awesome "dated" atmosphere, great pricing, great staff and solid drinks make this place a must go when looking for a little fun in okc!

Nathan Phillips

Reasonably priced beer selection

Kris Robertson


This place is awesome with its omage to the '70s. It reminds me of a bowling alley that would be in the movie 'The Shining'. The fact that Fassler Hall (a german food restaraunt) is right above and you can get food from both places as well as drinks is wonderful. You have to score the bowling frames manually which some people may not like but I don't mind. This is a great place to bring your family or have a work outing or just hang out with your friends. It has very close parking and usually free which is nice.

Kyle Crain

The crew here is like none other! Excellent job keeping the drinks coming and very personable. If every bowling alley was like this, I'd go every weekend!


A super fun atmosphere. Excellent service for drinks and appetizers. I truly enjoyed reminiscing on all the 90’s music that was playing!

Mikki Marvel

Loved the spot. Friendly staff. Karyoke available on Thursdays. Ambiance nice-vintage, cute. Could have given a 5 easily but it was really small. We arrived at 3 pm and were told that we could bowl by 10 pm bc they had reservations that were confirmed until that time. We stayed and ate anyway and a lane was open in an hour. Food was ok--not great, not especially bad. We didn't eat all the queso or fries and we normally do. My colleague was disappointed bc the milk shake machine was down. The milk shakes were a bit pricey anyway-$8 which was as much as my black bean burger (that was really good.) That said-- I still intend to return with a group on a Thursday night for karyoke. But I will DEFINITELY call ahead for a reservation for a lane and eat something great to eat before I go.

Michelle Kemper

Somewhere to bowl at

Brian Koss

Hunter Jolley

great selection of beer! affordable drink prices and yummy food! 10/10 would go again. :)

Alex Midyett

Went to a party here with unlimited bowling for 2 1/2 hours. They kept our water and lemonade pitchers stocked constantly. If you're not into scoring points on paper, then this isn't the place for you, but that didn't affect our enjoyment.

Haskell Dickinson

Beatrice Atoyebi

Love the old school style

Julie Houser

shouldn't really be listed as a bowling alley, more of a club that happens to have some bowling lanes!

Brian Gerdwagen

Fun place to drink and bowl.

Affordable AutoSales

A little bit too small

Rebecca L

It's, clean. My family meet up for our family reunion meet-n-greet. We reserved a spot for 20guests...two lanes... lounge seating. It was more than enough and room.

John Wilson

Lots of fun

Robert Wright

Fun place

Sarah Henson

Awesome atmosphere and a full bar!

Adam Nusbaum

Perfect date night experience, my wife and I loved the atmosphere and the staff were extremely helpful; nothing like drinking a White Russian, good music, and bowling with my best-friend.

Dustin Ply

Dust Bowl has that red carpet razzmatazz. Awesome staff, totchos, drinks, and bowling. Do yourself a favor and go here.

Sharea I’m every woman Whitby

Nice place to chill. Love it

Kenia Bettencourt

Love the classic feel! Workers were so friendly and helpful! Two adults and seven kids, ages 17-9, and the price was fantastic! Lots of fun and easy to find!

Michael Eae

Outrageous prices and rude staff. Decent place other than that.

Jacob Alexander

Great concept and atmosphere; poor execution and service. Order the same drink twice, got a different drink each time, both wrong. If the waitress (who was also making the drinks) can't follow the recipe on the menus out on the tables, or even a standard recipe for a classic drink, then she needs to say something instead of just giving you another drink that's not what you ordered. Also, no idea why the hostess brought over a couple to play the other side of our lane and asked me to move to my side, when I was already sitting on our side.

Michelle Glover

Kat G.

Anna Passmore

I love the dust bowl. Ive been there about three times. It is fun and it really seems like your in a retro bowling alley. I've never had food there but the employees were really nice everytime I've gone. But my issue is how super greasy the bowling balls are and how slippery the floors are. The lanes are bumpy and I'm worried ill bust my butt on the floor everytime I go up to bowl.

Kendra Harrington

This is the best bowling experience I have had! I loved everything from the staff, food, drinks, lanes, and even the rental shoes which actually slide! Great full service bar and excellent food! They share a kitchen with Fassler Hall which is an excellent German beergarden/restaurant so you can order anything from their beer and food menu. Also, I like the pricing. S20 per hour for a lane up to six people(Other bowling alleys usually charge $5.99 per game per person which exceeds 20 rather quickly). This is a retro style bowling alley with beautiful real wood lanes(hard to find these days in okc) and hand scoring so it is a good idea to pull up a website or an app to help you keep score or ask an employee for help. Also they have a great lounge area and tables for each lane as well as for the bar and restaurant. You can always call to reserve a lane which is nice. We went Sunday night and did not have to wait. They have about 10 lanes so it is more relaxed and you can have a conversation without having to yell over sound. I know upstairs they have at least one private room which can be rented for $100 per hour with two lanes so it could be a great place for a get together or party for at least a dozen to bowl and more to sit and eat/drink. If 5 to 10 people split the bill per hour upstairs would still be rather cost efficient compared to most bowling alleys. I am not sure if there is an age limit to come inside and bowl but I didnt see any children although it was about 8 to 10:30pm when I went. This has to be the best bowling in Oklahoma City!

Lew Jones

Always have a blast here...

Toccara Manning

Great for a small space fun event

Sylvia Di Richi

Had Christmas party here.. Food ia good.. But they need tje place dor another party so we had to leave..

Ali Annab

Old fashioned lanes, full bar. Very friendly staff, I'd go back again

Chris Harshaw

Donnie P.

Cozy place to bowl.

Grace Martin

Great atmosphere, awesome bartenders and staff!

Ken Wash

Tobi Jones

Sri Jonnada

So cool! Certainly takes you back in time. Check out the private lanes for private parties!

Debra Martinez

Dustin Trotter

Brian Zortman

Lanes are pretty rough. Service was good, overall could easily be better.


I love DUST BOWL! Awesome staff and facility, plus you are right below Fassler Hall for their amazing Brauts! Great location with awesome retro feelings to remind you of the 80s Bowling Alleys that made small town America evenings a time to remember.

Rob Mcwilliams

Absolutely awesome

Katherine Grant


Paul Bramble

Quaint bowling alley with great atmosphere. The employees are helpful and attentive as well.

Heidi O

Jennifer Lewis

Ross Melby

We always have a good time here. I've only been here when renting a personal lane. We always get freaking weird.

Philip Goudeau

Heather Burns

Awesome retro bowling experience! Great for the whole family

Lee Gourley

Vishakha L

Anke Bernhart

Over priced, terrible service. Won't be returning.

Bailey Fowler

Great lanes, great drink selection and fantastic service!

Walker Gautsche

First stop for a wedding weekend. Really cool place with good service.

Damon Steele

What fun! Food, drinks and bowling!

Kaili Dean

My friends and I go for Karaoke on Thursday nights and it's an absolute riot. I love it here. It looks like a 70s living room, something your gen x parents grew up in. They don't have the same bartenders all the time so drinks are poured different depending on who you get but I've never been done wrong. They use paper straws for the environment! And if you want those big beers from Fassler Hall you can just walk up the stairs and get one! But after a few the stairs get harder to climb. Lol

Keith Merriweather

curtis barton

James Smith

Great spot. Retro look, friendly staff and great drinks and food.

Ashley Fielding

Mehul Patel

Joe Citizen1

brett smith

Enjoyed my experience bowling, staff supppper friendly.

Juble Barrett

Self score

Aden boi

Best Place to Bowl in Oklahoma!!!!!

Rekina Evans

Renee Wright

Love the atmosphere and great food and drinks.

Broderick Wicker

Great atmosphere

Cole Nesbitt

$30 per hour for a lane can get a little pricey if you stay awhile, but not bad. Good clean place, menu is a little lacking but the full service bar makes up for it.

Rick Toth

Fun retro place. Food was good as well as the service

Armando Aranda

Love this place very old school look and music the staff was friendly the bar has lots of good beer very good price very friendly environment

David Shirley

Fun place, had a private room for a party, good time, great staff, especially that Lauren chic!

alexia dominguez

Couldn't get to come inside because I had my son with me and I didn't know that after 8 kids are not allowed.

Jacob Koiner

Kevin Buck

We had my significant others birthday party here. It was a very fun evening. Bowling was a lot of fun, the food was tasty, and the service was great.

Robert Daniel

Reservations for a bowling alley....get over yourself. I don't drive a prius, wear skinny jeans or have a man bun so I would not recommend this place if your over 25 and don't have a community college associates degree in arts science.

Eric Houston

pretty fun time old school bowling with you keeping score with provided score sheet. but served food and drinks, plus upstairs bar is nice too.

Peggy M

You would be wise to reserve the private lanes. They have speakers to let you play your own music!

clarence davis

Fun place to bowl

Victoria Hall-Hooks

Nice hang out place. But make sure you don't bring children after 8pm. Adulting after 8pm.

Jacquelyn Delaune

Tim Price

Fun retro environment

Sean Dailey

Shelly Bross

Great for had by by all

Kay Burley

Fun and family friendly.

Urban Affairz

Had a blast. Haven't bowled in years. Staff was Polite and friendly. Food was Great and not expensive.

Carter Stein

Xak0rii Playz

Small, but functional.

Tyler Todd

This place pretty retro and cool. It definitely gives you a Big Lebowski feel to it. The lanes could definitely use some love and care. They were a bit bumpy and wavy but all in all a good time. I'm definitely doing to VIP room soon. If you plan to go on the weekend, call ahead for reservations.

Yolanda Foley

Annette Blackmon

I went there order food and the waiter came out and ask who order burger no cheese and onions ring i said i did he looks at me and said no you didn't. I said to him i did so he walk away and came back and ask the same ? Again i told him i did and again he said no you didn't. So i ask for my money back and him and the little stupid looking manager refused to give my money back and tried to give me the cold food then but i refuse it so she go and ask the cook to cook my food over and refuse to give my money back so no they are not a good place not customers friendly. And i would tell everyone i know do not go there just sad.

Jae Morrison

Super cool retro vibe, with good drinks and a great staff.

Danny Olvera

Had a great time with friends!

Brian Robertson

Chris Milligan

Kristin Stecklein

Polite staff. Old/okay equipment. Tally scores by hand. They had food, but we had already eaten, so no b o d ea on the food and drinks. They charge by the hour for use of the lanes.

Wookiee Nature

Very awesome retro motif, super friendly staff. Just had a blast - food, booze, bowling and music, a great way to have a party!

Summer Ferrier

Great atmosphere and a lot of fun!

Beatrice Brooks

The atmosphere was great, the food was delicious and the service was awesome..Me and my husband found us a new spot..

Shayna Marino

We had a great time at the Dust Bowl!! So retro and kitschy!! Like stepping back in time...

Michael Tritthart

Pretty cool retro bowling alley.

Kevin Stokes

We love going to the dustbowl, it is a bit pricey but for the atmosphere and the experience it is well worth it. We have been many times and always eat the food from Fessler. This last week we had a birthday party in a private room. I highly recommend the private room if you have a group of 12 or more. Definitely a fun place and I will keep going

Katherine Daniels

Great family fun, good food and nice staff!

Eric Stephens

Eh. Food was okay. Under staffed and the employees show it.

Linda Davis

The vibe was super mellow yet exciting at tue same time! And I only went for an interview. Cant wait to see what a few games would be like!

Matthew Chellew

Excellent atmosphere. Food is good and made in Fassler Hall's kitchen!

Denise Smith

K Sanders

Pretty laid back and nice spot to chill, mixed crowd, good food. No complaints from me.

John Williams

The customer service was exceptional. The atmosphere was really refreshing. The retro look was a welcome change from large commercial lanes. It is a cozy space, however, with only 8 lanes. Plan ahead, make reservations. Will definitely return.

chad aldridge

Great place to hangout and bowl, they have a full bar, karaoke bar and a total of 8 lanes if you include the private lounge. Small menu of food to choose from to keep the kitchen simple and moving fast. Food and atmosphere is excellent.

Randy Gaynor

Had a blast

Jennifer Murray

Nostalgic and cool, very friendly helpful staff had a great time...

eli harris

Friendly and homey feel, with a good range of sizes for balls. Food is also good

Gwen M

Had a Great time with the Boo!! He beat me two games, but I'll definitely return the favor!! Food and drinks were great!

Aaron Isaac


K Mennem

Brian Horn

Ian Payne

Bowling is an afterthought

Jonathon Moore

Great environment tons of fun

Robert McCain

We had a family event at this location. Great atmosphere and fun. Great restaurant upstairs. Good food.

Mark Donat

Charity Burris

Good drinks. They make you have a reservation to bowl, and they do not cancel them even if someone does not show, which is lame. The vibe is super vintage lounge down to the paneling and console TVs playing cartoons and grandmas chenille sofa. Do not plan on eating here. The menu includes things like Beet hummus. I thought you could do no wrong with hummus but have been proven wrong.

Amy Bodine

Hussam Saleem

Nice vibe, decent bowling alley, food is okay

Schnary Muse

Allison Zimmer

So much fun! Delicious drinks and vintage lanes. Love the homage to the dude with the white Russians.

Haoshu Li

The atmosphere is very relaxing and laid back. I throw more gutter balls than not, and I don't feel pressured or embarrassed here.

A Crocker

We've reserved the private area twice for birthdays and it's been fantastic. Good food and amazing service!

Cristofer Byers

This place is a fun twist on bowling, mostly because of the 70's ambiance with leather seats and classic bar. It's vitally important that you know how to score bowling, though, as there's no machine to do it for you here!

Laquenna Capp

Great place!!! Done in retro style, thin the lanes to sitting area!! We were there for a birthday party, you have two lanes in private!! So you dont have to be great to have a great time!! Staff are super nice!!

LeTrice Stewart

WISH I COULD GIVE NO STARS!! We drove 30 mins out to come on a Sunday only to show up and pay a mandatory $5 minimum on parking. After we walked up to the entrance they had a sign on their door saying they were closed due to a private party at 8pm which is close to the time we got there (keep in mind this place is 2 stories and there were only 4 people inside when we showed up smh). Before even coming there my husband checked, google, there website and even their Instagram and they did not advertise their closure at all in advance. This left a bad taste in our mouths too the point where we refuse to ever try coming back.


Great place for bowling.

Brent Keck

Lots of fun. Great atmosphere.

Chales Lindsey

Mark Herrick

Ben Watts

Alexander Nieto

Jonathan Parker

AWESOME experience! My wife and I went on a Saturday around 4 and had no wait time. Had a blast in a retro environment. If you miss or have ever wanted to bowl like you were in the 70s, look no further. Make sure you can keep your own score! We will be going back for sure!!

Ty Roden

Food is good. The service was excellent. The retro atmosphere is great. The lanes are older style with manual score adding, but I found that to be part of the charm of this place. Would be even better if they had the score table project the score cards up like they used to do. Food was moderately priced. It is easy to spend more than you think here, but it is a good night out. There is also a separate set of lanes just for a party room (pic below).. what a great setup. Highly recommended.

Sarah McGraw

This is such a fun place! I liked that it's an hourly rate per Lane (so with a few friends it's even a better rate), the food was great and staff all very welcoming and helpful! It was even pretty fun learning to tally our own score :)

Matt Stoots

Fun place. Don't how if you want something modern. You have to keep score the old fashion way but it's fun!

Tony Vaughn

Luke Beard

Great bowling alley. My wife and I went here with a group and we had a lot of fun. Of course, none of us are professional bowlers or anything, but it's a good place to go to have a good time with friends.

Leah Wilson

Incredibly fun, super retro bowling experience and bar. Loved it here!

Spicey Fajita

Really cool place 2 have some drinks and

FlashBack Gaming

We had a great time, tribute to the 80's!

Kayla Cunningham

Willie Bates

Jeremy Johnson

Cool place

Levens Lovato

Need to surface lanes. Balls go crooked and the food was burnt.

Slurp Dupkis

Friendly staff, good energy, the only place in Little Rock with 11 pound house balls

Kage Holman

It has it's endearing qualities, but it is stacked full of hipster beards, and trendy beers. On the plus side, I don't think they hire old/ugly people.

Wright Fencing

It was awesome!

Rita Parrish

Was here for a get together with old friends. Nice atmosphere with smooth bowling lanes though the pins were heavy than other places have been. The food is great. They also have two bars, I enjoyed the upstairs more.

Alisa Fleming

Adrian Griffey

Bryon Irwin


Leslie King

Old school. No computer to add score, poutine is AWESOME, beer choices are good. Fun for a group.

Lance Satterfield

Karen Body

Fun experience, our server was good, we didn't have to wait for shoes. Staff was friendly and worked with us since we had not been there before. We will go back.

Shay White

The service I received tonight was not great it wasn't everybody...but when the ladies work they work they butt off to make sure you the food and service...the guys need to go through training again and get some customer service skills not all the guys

Joann Sims

Super fun bowling alley with a private karaoke room

Kris Graham

Great bowling and food! Amazing tater tots with toppings.

Jonathan Perry

Pretty cool bowling alley. Don't like keeping own score but I know many disagree

emmalyn smith

Awesome vintage look and cozy feel. I had a great time!

Laurie Sinclair

Morgan Weidenmaier

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. My friends and I were looking for something to do at 10:30 pm on a Tuesday, and we stumbled upon this place on Google. Such a fun atmosphere! And amazing staff! Conrad is THE BEST!!! Definitely will be coming back!

Douglas Wilson

Franklin Plegge

Great place. Fun atmosphere with very friendly service. Food was good and the shakes are awesome. I still suck at bowling but it's a terrific spot.

McKinley Kennedy

Blake Manuel

Fun unique experience. It's really cool to see the retro design as it is done really well. It is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Nathan Hogue

Cool atmosphere! We had an office party there 15ish people. Was perfect for that

Jason Watt

Great place! Fun atmosphere, good food

Alexander Hall

Really fun and not over priced. They installed machine keeping scoreboards, so no more keeping your score on a paper card.

Amanda Gilliland

Came late March on a Tuesday using a date box date night. We had a lot of fun bowling. Had a terrible time with staff. We waited a long time waiting for a server to check on us or bring food. So we finally got our check and paid with cash because of the long waiting periods to see a staff member and left. Our waitress, I kid you not, comes RUNNING out after us and yells, “hey guys, are you gonna pay?”. We said yeah, we left cash. She watches us for a minute longer and then goes back. We will never be back because of how terrible this lady made us feel.

Edward Spencer

Paul Lowe

Fun and retro

Jason Jeske

Service was good and the food was very good.

Big Sexy

Booked a company team building event. The staff was great and easy to work with.

stacey williams

Love the atmosphere nice place to hang out and chill

santosh kumar

If you are really good at maths , you should visit this place to calculate your own score.

Kris Kent

Retro and adorable establishment...

Tee Link

Dejuan Torres

Great fun place to bowl and drink!

Jack Taylor


Service here is disgusting we where here last night the bartender was so rude to my friend for sure not coming back. Disgusting!!!

Jen Willard

You need to visit this place. Parking can be hard to find but it is worth it! I visited during the 4-6 window. M-F when they have happy hour pricing. My friends and I played two games of bowling and rented shoes. We ended up spending less than $5 per person and the atmosphere was great. I will be back!!!

Nikki Dron

Had a great time with family for our dad's 90th bday enjoyed it..

Christopher Basler

An old school experience with fresh attitude. Bring friends, stay late, and enjoy a decent selection of local and regional craft beers. Food is alright, but you can also order in German beer and food (mainly sausages) from their sister restaurant upstairs. Prices are a little higher than a standard bowling alley, especially considering you have to enter scores with pencil and paper, but with the atmosphere and location it's understandable.

Steven Mandt

So, dust bowl lanes has everything it possible needs to be a great bowling alley in OKC. Nice food options, nice drinks, clean shoes/balls/lanes. The bowling alley is old style manual scoring. Tv screens if that’s what you’d like. So why only two stars. Well because it is always hot like make you sick hot, the pin loaders and ball return are constantly getting jammed. Also for a bowling alley you would expect it to be a somewhat quieter than a jet engine but no. The employees/management do not care. It is far to loud for anything to be enjoyable. Just because it is a Friday does not mean you have to have it so loud that I have to scream to have the person a foot from me be able to hear. Absolutely ridiculous! Also I’ve been here multiple times and this may have made me not want to return.

Dalana Pittman

Great place for team building!

Jerriod Patterson

Rene Rene

darnell harris

Fun place

Stephanie Grant

The perfect place to have a party, a date night, or just an afternoon to wind down. Complete with full bar and karaoke room... Where else would you want to go?

Rose Lovato

Matthew Young

Josh Hilliard

Great snack foods, desserts, cocktails, and beer selection. Amazing atmosphere. Love the old school setup requiring you to track your own score. Friendly staff. The also have a great setup for private parties/events. It is a little pricey but definitely worth it.

Jordyn Bonds

Juan Herrera

Great old time feel. Great bar. Great stafd

Noah V

Small, but awesome. Cocktails we're better than the sort of posh bar next door.

Odaliska Bautista

Fun place to grab drinks, a bite and bowl! Great for big groups or couples double date night

Mike Wyatt

Good food good environment lots of fun

Bauner McPounder

Fun place to bowl!

dana phillips

Had a great time with my nephew Christopher David and family and friends at his 14th Birthday Party,,

Alexis Zeigler

Samantha Garman

So much fun! Great atmosphere, good food, and fun drinks!

Danial Gebreili

A fun combination of bowling and drinking with friends. You do have to take your score manually on paper which is one downs side. The atmosphere is great until around 10 PM when the music and the scene changed to the style of a night club with loud music and dim lights which makes talking, bowling, and keeping scores more challenging.

Cierra Nease

I enjoyed my experience. We would have spent a lot more on drinks if we had better service. The whole atmosphere is retro and fun with great music. The keeping your own score was a little challenging, but part of the retro vibe. I finally said “let’s just bowl & forget about scoring.”

Marc Johnson

Amazing atmosphere and amazing food! The staff was very friendly and accommodating. This is a MUST stop for anyone in OKC


I love it, they are so nice, and clean, its a great setting to go with friends and enjoy yourself

Rick Haywood

Good times!!

Eric Meyer

Had a blast down here. Good food liked the old school atmosphere for bowling.

Brittany Dailey

Sam Acosta

AweSome place omg great people, music and games. I just love it. I'm from Canada Toronto. Two thumbs up!

Jeff B

Dan Plemons

Fun place for nostalgic bowling, drinks and fun.

Mark Johnson

Went here for a birthday party. Felt like I was time traveling. Old fashioned place. No fancy gimmicks. Food was good and location was very clean. Staff was energetic abs willing to assist.

Matt Erikson

Aziz Alghamdi

Cal Britton

Pin setter continuously malfunctioned. It could not be fixed. Staff said it was because the machines were old. Still had to pay.

Jamie Castle

This place was amazing. Retro feeling in the bowling alley. Great service as we ate and bowled.

moselle kirtley

Jeffrey Williams

Sara Small

Awesome fun in a retro atmosphere. I wish the lane would keep score because I don't know how, buy we had fun! Try the Pink Lady!

ricky Byrd

I love how it reminds me of the old days of bowling righting your open keeping track of scores manually instead on a computer I really loved it

Justin Gibson

Keith Class

Super cool spot to hangout

amarie 1582

It was fun didn't like you had to set a reservation for bowling but we had a good time

shenique prince

Love it!!

Alicia Winstead

We had a great time bowling, staff was friendly, food was good.

Dr X

Drinks are great, apps are ok. Thus 4 stars. Come here once a year with family to rent out a few lanes for our annual Christmas gathering, and the bartenders know how to mix a winner. Great craft beer selection as well, not a ton, but great for the ones they carry. Impressive. Kids love it too as they have the tool to help the little ones roll them down the lane with a ramp and bumpers. I am sure we will be back again during Christmas each year.

Aydian Jones

Lanes are not maintained

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