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the J&C gang

It was really fun and it was free for me until 2 PM because my family and my dad's and uncle friends were there like a company party everything was free for us until 2 PM

Hank Seibel

Pretty cool place!! Food was ok, but its definitely a fun place to go... bowling lanes are cool as hell, a little dry, so every ball hooked.. games were super fun..

Nathaniel Peton

Amazing birthday party

TJ Eligar

I wanted to leave this review the last time I was here. I wanted to give them the benefit of the dout.The customer service here is horrible. For the price you pay, you would think, that they would want you to have a good time, these folks made me feel like it was bothering them to take my money. Three girls standing around one register chatting away. This is why people don't tip.

DeAnn Seneff

You want a great thing to do with work, get one of their party's going. Two hours of bowling, buffet, laser tag and game card. We did this with my staff and we all had a BLAST.

Shari Brent

This is Definitely An Age appropriate place. I wouldnt bring my toddler along 2-3...However older kids 7 & Up. As well as Adult Activities/Professional Group interactions would be enjoyable.

Shantay Overstreet

They have lots of stuff. There's pool tables, shuffleboard, bowling, laser tag, trapeze rope course, arcade games, and a decent menu with food & drinks.

Blue Pipe

Fun place. Didn't do much that was not laser tag so I can't say to much. But for the Lazer tg that was amazing.

Yeraldin Bojorquez

Had so much fun! Loved the prices and loved the sprinkle shake!


This main event can be very crowded at times. The food is ok, a little pricey for the quality. Great for bowing, they also have pool tables. I feel the arcade area is very small and expensive. Laser tag and a hanging obstacle course. There is also an interactive projection screen on the floor the kids can kick leaves and other items around; but only in the projection area. Its pretty cool. Great bar area for adults.

Jamel Thomas

I’m having a good time but the servers are practically non-existent. Been waiting for over 30 minutes for a server and have been to the bar myself. Also, have had 3 people assure me they would get a server for me. The manager I just spoke with blamed it on a shift change, which does not make sense to me. I woke woke with over 500 employees and our service level does not tank due to a shift change. Either the managers are not managing schedules and staffing properly, or the service today is just poor. To be honest, if the manager did not say “I just got in” I would feel a lot better about this situation.

v sujatha

Lot of fun, kids & adults can enjoyed lot

Judith Nunez

The arcade area is great! Came here for the first time for a work event. The only down fall is the server. We sat at the table waiting to see who was going to take care of us. Got up to ask the bartender what do we have to do to order since it was our first time. He asked who our server was. No clue, no one approached our table. That's why we came up to the bar. Bartender just handed a menu and turned around. Saw that finally a server was at our table went back. She got our order. Didnt write anything down. Came back with our food like a while later. She just placed food on table and left. We didnt notice she had brought two of the same order. Another server came over with an order and asked if we had order it. I said yes but we all had food and eating already. He said oh it's two of the same. Are you ok with that? I mean not really, we were hungry and already eating so we said whatever. He leaves. No apology no nothing. All the time we were there not one refill was offered. I mean it's not a self serve area, you must think hey let me refill their drinks. After a while she came over just to offer a to go box. I paid using the tablet. Wow! The lack of service. I mean I dont expect much from these type of places but it's 3.50 for fountain drink and it says limitless refills. What a lie. Honestly the arcade was fun but I'm not sure if we would come back at all. Or even recommend this place.

Jaisal Maru

Great place, fun atmosphere, lots of parking. Summer specials $11 all you can play on Monday ( either arcade or games). 15 all you can play on other days. Food was okay, not too great ( we had pizza).

Celest Esquivel

Our kids had a blast. The drinks need to be a little stronger though

Batsheva Goldstein

Great staff and lots of fun for adults as well as kids

Elizabeth Lewis

Had a team event there. Food was great and wonderful staff.

Ebony Hubanks

Some of the games wasnt working need to have everything work if u paying alot of money


Kids had a blast but not enough games for me. Their ice cream sundae dessert is super duper awesome

Ryan Soto

Been here a few times and great hangout spot for bowling. I'm not too thrilled on how the unlimited bowling works having to renew every hour. We tried to renew and were told that our lane was booked by a walk in. We sat around for a bit until the next avail lane opened up.

Jimmy Sterkenburg

The bowling alley lanes were not oiled up. Every ball that my coworkers and I bowled went straight into the gutter. We ended up having to bowl straight because there was way too much traction. Everything else was fine but we paid over $300 and did not have fun.

Midnite Griff

Great place with fun for the whole family and all ages. Food was very pricey though.

Mark Rowsey

Great food, friendly staff, and the music was at an acceptable volume. My one gripe is that they only have an "in the groove" machine and not a DDR one. Otherwise very enjoyable.

Monica Islas

What a fun place, has every thing you want for family fun night.


Update: I left a 3 star, without a written review, after a negative laser tag experience. The General Manager emailed to remedy the situation almost immediately. I'm not sure we'll be able to get back in (personally just a lot going on - not because of Main Event) but we appreciate that he cares at all. Thank you Casey!

Raed Saffarini

Always fun being here. Arcade has plenty of games. Bowling area is big and you can have full food bar service there. New 3D game is super super fun and addicting.

Amanda Lovell

Always alot of fun as long as you are with a group. Not much of a solo place.

Michael Garland

Great place! Some arcade machines didn't work, and the laser tag sucks compared to the other ones in the valley since the guns have a long reload time. Bowling and the food was perfect

bertha marquez

Awesome front desk Brenda explained how the 14.95 prices work and how we could leave and return later as long as our bracelet wasn't removed


Place was unavailable due to private event which was kinda a bummer I didnt get a notice till I was there but the security was nice and we also received a 30 mins of free play pass.

Tracy Laidlaw

Great night out with our adult kids! Really good package deals, lots of activities to choose from, great table service from friendly employees.

Kevin Vossen

I was impressed with the size of this place and the variety of things to do. The main attraction is obviously bowling, with plenty of bowling lanes (I think 20+?), but they also have laser tag, pool, a gravity/ropes/obstacle course and, of course, plenty of arcade games. Staff was very friendly and helpful and they have servers to bring food and drink to you at your lane. Laser tag was very fun - the course is 2 stories with lots of hiding spots and good ambiance, really gets you into the game. We played played teams with a small group the first time then they let my girlfriend and I play 1 on 1 so that was cool.

Kaz Vlad

It was fun. This location had the following: - laser tag - bowling - ropes course - arcade - and billiards I payed 20 dollars for a pass to play all of the games (excluding the arcade) for free all day. I did not do the arcade, but it is a separate payment system. It is cheaper if you want to play only one game (i.e. bowling). The service was quite slow. We ordered the free water to the bowling alley and it took around 20 minutes to fill 5 glasses.

Udit Mahajan

Great!! Looking forward for another fun filled night out. Services are great and it is open till 1 am. Bowling alley is good.

Erica Jones

If I could change one thing I'd put caution tape on the two steps in front of the screen in the dark ride, blacklight effective maybe so it can still go dark once everyone is seated, because I fell hard a rolled my ankle bad on those steps. The attendant brought me some ice... I didn't push making a complaint with management then and there because I didn't want to ruin my whole family's fun time. Honestly I really hope you read this and fix that safety hazard so this doesn't happen to someone else.

Jess Torr

This is a really good place for the hole family to hang out. The employees are friendly and do a good job.

Mia Wilson

Lots of fun to be had when you're here. I've only bowled so far, but the kids enjoy all the other activities. The French fries and pretzel bites are delicious!!

Jennifer Johnson

This place is awesome we came here on a Sunday and got the all you can play gravity bowling and Lazer tag it was a blast! The kids and the grownups loved it! We will definitely come again

Jennifer Boothby Green

Cool place but it can get really expensive really fast!

No Life

It did not tell us that was closed for private event when we called in so we didnt get the discount when we had to go to gillbert

Amy Selvy

We had a company party here. It was great. I do wish more of the games were working. Service was great!

Frank Valdez

Great place lots to do for all ages Food is good as well Was a work team build event

shelby jackson

Had A good time here kept us busy for a couple of hours. Our server at the bar Jess was awesome!

Don F

Fun place. We went a second time and played laser tag and pool and the ropes course on Monday for $14.

Marlyn Arellano

So much fun here. We had our company Christmas party here and it's the best, we hung out with co-workers but also were able to go do our own thing. The place is just fun, laser tag is super cool and offers a second story. The gravity ropes are awesome, just the right amount of thrill and bowling is always fun.

Craig Morton

Great way to celebrate plant closing. Good Luck you all Harland Clarke employees.

Christine Martinez

It was my families first time here. We are from California and it was really fun!

Katherine W

Great food and service. Atmosphere is great. Front desk concierge was very helpful and took care of our needs for a large group in attendance.

L Thompson

Nice environment. Good for kids during the day. The food grill on the premises is awesome. Good flavor! Theres a rewards program. Purchase theceat n play option.

Roxanne Garcia


Jesus Barriga

Fun place to hang out with family.

ronald blair

This place sucks dont go food is horrible customer service sucks go to the one in Gilbert

Terri Royse

This is a wonderful indoor game and recreation spot. They have a bowling alley with brightly lit pins, video games, rope walking, photo booths. There is an area specifically designated for birthday parties, as well as a separate bar/dining area. It will certainly be a nice respite from the sweltering AZ summer!

Romeros Transportation

The perfect place for birthday parties, team building, corporate events & parties, meetings & happy hour! FUN & entertainment with family & friends

Chuck Norris

Solid date night or birthday party spot

Rose Kerns

A great place to go have fun with your kids.

Dan Baratta

Not a bad place to hang out. The arcade could use some updating though. Many of the games are ticket/prize games. Could use more regular old fun video games. Pool table are well kept and the laser tag is a good time.

David Lamas

Very clean place and also lots of fun. Went for a company event and the people working the event were super friendly and helpful. There were some games down, but it’s understandable. Food was very good as well. Definitely looking forward to coming back.

Alex B

I used to work here. Management was friendly enough, but most left so I'm not sure if that's still the case. The food is...edible but I don't think I could give much higher praise. The prices for the games and activities, however, are very affordable.

Brandy Neal

From getting our shoes for bowling, to Mikey being The Best Manager, hands down a great place to take your kids! Very clean areas. Was walked to our lane and explained how things worked. I can't wait to take the whole family next time!

Ashley Houston

My daughter's birthday was wonderful! We were able to bring our own decorations and cake and set up the way we liked. Lots of fun definitely will be going back!!

Jorge Valdes

Typical event place. Decent food, atmosphere depends on your party/company. Arcade, laser tag, pool tables , you know the drill. Think Dave and busters just on a smaller scale. Prices seemed a bit high to be honest, but the place was clean, the staff attentive and professional.

Lonnie Thompson

Had my daughters birthday celebration here with some of her friends and relatives. The staff was very helpful and courteous. Because we had a big group of people they gave us a nice discount with some extra time on bowling and other activities. The food was good and the waiters and waitresses were friendly and professional. Overall everyone had a good time and I am thankful that 'Main Event' gave my daughter a super fun birthday that she won't forget!

billie Overstreet

We order pizza wings soda and other drinks. Everything was wonderful. It was my 17 year old grandson. They had alot of fun. The waiter came to the table and took our orders. Just great. A super night out!!❤❤❤❤

Jonathan Hernandez

Love how they have specials throughout the week, lots of fun!

Chaim Milrad

Nice arcade section with other laser tag and ropes course. Can spend a couple hours here.

Donovan Royalz

Fun place. Lots to do. Bowling, gravity rope, bar, pool (the game), and laser tag, along with amazing quality food, and little arcade games.

Patrick Walton

Had a great time!! The laser tag was super fun. And of course bowling is always awesome! The buffalo wings taste soooo good. Wanna take the family out for fun, this the place to go!!


Good atmosphere good food good games kinda loud if ur not into that maybe beware

Jose Delgado

Had a lil gathering for my Sons 25th Birthday on 9/7/19.... Never been there, had a good time, pretty good Atmosphere, Music.....BUT!! Service was Baaaad. Server took forever to get our order, forgot some of our order, when time came to pay, it also took a very long time to get the bill and one of our bills was on a lil kiosk which was never explained to us..... I get that they're busy But better customer services planning would be great. Having ONE person take care of multiple lanes is crazy for a place like that.... how about maybe having some floaters to come behind server and make sure customers dont need anything and if they do, help them out...not put it ALL on that one server. Also had a couple complaints on not so good attitudes. This establishment is a place where thousands of ppl come in and out, Adults, kids, some older which if the workers cant handle dealing with ALL kinda of ppl and situation, then they should not be at this type of job. I work in customer service and it DOES take a special kinda persona to do this job the way it should be done. I will definitely give it another try, hopefully the outcome is a better one but not anytime soon.

Crystal McNair

My daughter and I had an amazing time.

Travis Ekenberg

We had about 6 hours of fun. Parents get a break and kids have a blast. (Parents had a blast too though!) Great food and drinks to go with the fun!

cavinoff usa

Brought my 9 year old to this place. We only played the arcade games. $50 lasted us just under an hour. Some of the games would charge your card but you get no game play so be careful. Over all it's a very pricey joint .

Shelby McCarty

So much fun and great customer service. We had a blast doing all the options and Brandon at the bar can make a damn good drink and made us laugh

Suzanna Buell

Had a bad experience with my son last Saturday, the service was bad, games were not working and I got sick off of an appetizer. This place is expensive to start off, I wanted to have a nice time with my boy since he is sick and battling kidney disease. I just felt like the customer service was poor and the entire trip was a waste of money.

Shawn Maskell

Poor service and expensive. The food is nothing to brag about.

Jeffrey State

We have liked this place as you can play with your kids or let the adults hangout and have a beverage while the kids play. The staff is friendly and attentive. This is also a very well maintained facility. My only real knock is the beers we expensive. The food is good nothing special but very well prepared. Bowling, laser tag, ropes course, pool arcade and a little more

Justin Reaves

What a cool place to play games have a drink or watch the game. We all enjoyed the service and the eats. Prices were very reasonable and arrives was timely and very polite with our party of 8. Definitely would like to recommend them!


Great bowling service! We arrived and got a lane and shoes for an hour quickly. The place is nice, staff is friendly. The downside is we ordered drinks and didn’t get them until 20 min left in our game. We talked to two staff members about it. The first said she would check on it and never did. The second was very nice and went and got them himself, free of charge. I would recommend this place to anyone but if you order drinks or food, beware.


Fun place to hang out.

Colleen Napier

It was a super fun experience and great for all ages. The only negative part was the lack of direction. In the birthday party we never really new what was going on and where to go next.

Ellen Velarides

This is a fun place. A little pricey but worth it if you're going to stay for many hours. Pool bowling laser tag. I would guess if they're running some kind of special or something you're going to have to do a lot of now he's going to want to do that after paying lots of money to get in. We had to wait quite a long time for bowling but pool was open so we played well waiting. I suppose you could do the climbing also but the arcade could get pricey. Not something me and my kids are interested in any way. But we stayed for quite a while and played several games of pool got whatever the time limit is on bowling one hour? And then played several rounds of laser tag. That seems to be the least popular for some reason. I would like to have done the climbing stuff as well but I kids were not feeling it that day. Food and drinks are pricey could a hand stamp and go outside to eat. Who wants to pay tons of money after an expensive entrance fee you feel sort of Trapped. Note to management if you offered better food and prices it would probably sell more food and drinks.

Ashur Kills

The facility is extremely clean which makes having fun so much easier!

Ken Barrier

Great place to enjoy with the family, the kids can play games, climb on the skywalk or bowl while you catch a game in sports bar area. Full laser tag arena with 2 stories and when the fun is all done redeem your game tickets for a prize.

Sandi Tobey

Great service. Made my party planning easy. A bit pricey on the food but the fiid sid taste good. All my guests had a great time. T hank you Donovan! !!

Mark Pearson

Prices a bit high. Good fun games.

Stoner Studios

Games aren't that good, a lot of them were broken. There's a camera in the ladies room that can see into the stalls, so that's creepy.

gabby werft

Always have fun here. The staff are always nice. Someone gave my daughter a free game she is 4 and was so excited

Casey Pressley

I'm currently trying to book something for a group of 12 adults tomorrow around lunch time, and their phone system isn't working. You can dial in, but when you try and transfer to a person or dept it disconnects the call... Their is no other way to get in touch with them outside of a support email, but really what will get attention quicker?

William Richards

This place was awesome, video games galore, state of art bowling lanes, ropes course, huge bar and great food. Nice place for a date or a night with family, birthday's etc.

Aman Mishra

Laser tag is incredibly fun here and the vertical gameplay makes it even better. Lots of bowling aisles but a few could have score tracking software issues if the place gets crowded. Decent bar and pool table area. Fun arcade games. There's another fun activity which I haven't tried but seems really exciting so I'm gonna do it the next time I go there. Plenty of parking space as well.

Nathan Cieminski

Friendly staff, very helpful when air hockey table didnt work. Bowling was very fun and clean. Thank you for a great experience.

Guillermina Luna

Fun for the whole family and a good way to beat the heat.

Jason Warbington

Love coming here with my wife and kids there really is fun for all.

wen chen

Nice place, but just can't believe how expensive things are now a day.


Over rated and over not go there to enjoy yourself some bowling. They jam pack you up like some sardines. Go to AMF or Brunswick for some good Bowling!

Jeffrey Hice

Love Main Event... fun for the whole family. We love bowling and that's a plus with the arcade. Food is good, but a bit overpriced. All in all it's a fun family day out.

Ayden the gamer lord

Because it always fun to go there especially if you het the all day play specials.

Jake Cook

Clean, updated amenities, service excellent...shout out to Brandon

Fabian Mora

Great place to spend time whit the kids and family, bar is a little slow but they have a lot of drinks and beer

Shiva Ganeshan

It's a nice recreational place. Prices are not so expensive. I had a great bowling experience.

Paul F. Reed

Good Monday night special. You can share the arcade card with a couple people. Sometimes it takes a while to swipe though.

James Baker

Very fun place to go.

L. J.

I've been here twice for corporate events. Didn't care much for the jungle gym thing. But the bowling, laser tag, catering, bar everything it fantastic. The steak they make is fantastic to any restaurant. And the bar has a great selection and makes drinks reliably good. Huge shuffleboard, pool tables, arcade games are a lot of fun. I recommend it for events.

Ieshia Talbert

Great selection of games and activities. Food was great as well

Heather Chasten

Perfect place for date, family outing, or company event. Held company Christmas party there. Went so well, having party there again this year.

G Stammer

It was a great place to relax at and have some fun for a few hours


It was awesome good time and always a pleasure to have fun and good games to share fun with the family

Don Carlos

Nice billiards tables, good drinks and music.

Jacob Brock

Monday night discount well worth it. Kids been here for 6+ hours and I'm beat. Pool, bowling, laser tag, cable rope course, and for an extra $11 unlimited video games. Cons: bathroom lacked attention, limited video games and food service a bit slow and no security check at front door. Otherwise good place to take your kids...and I guess bring your own security.

Tina Valverde

Attended my daughter's company party. The company rented the whole place for 4 hours. It was so much fun and the food was awesome. Sliders, mini hotdogs, chicken nuggets and much more. We were given unlimited game cards and free bowling. The staff was on point and very courteous and professional. Definitely recommend for a company function.


A little pricy.....3 people bowling 3 riot beers and one appetizer was $80 dollars. Will look for a cheaper bowling option.

Allysa Evans

We sat down in the general bar seating area and ordered drinks through the tablet and sat there for twenty minutes and no one had brought us our drinks. The waitress kept walking past us and not giving us the time of day. So we finally had to go up to the bar to sit down and order our meal with the bartenders who were nice and attentive.

Renita Taylor

Great place for all ages.


Was fun and food good just needs to improve customer service. Was first time there for lunch and didn't know where I should sit besides sitting at bar. There wasn't a hostess. Im sure I had a clueless look on and still no one attended me for awhile. I didn't know how to use their tablet to order the food. There wasn't an option to get the lunch with the game card. Finally someone came to my table and took my order just after 10 min of playing with the tablet. When waitress came I forgot to ask about the game card but at this point didn't care because a nice customer gave my son her card to play.

Anaïs Effort

I went when there was two and half hours left until closing. I chose the unlimited games for two hours bundle and it was a great choice. It was an awesome experience! The games were plentiful, the jungle gym around the ceiling looked super fun. There was bowling, pool, and 3D rides. My all time favorite part was the dance revolution game.

Over thinking Dreamer

I thought it was great lots of things to do and see! It was amazing And I highly recommend it.

Shuga P

Took our lil ones out bowling, had a blast

Troy Lizardo

They Have Friendly staff. The game's are fun better than amazing Jake's and the food is Delicious. Stop by they have good deals

Karen Petrola

My daughter had my grandson's birthday party here today and I cannot say enough good things about it. Many thanks to the entire staff, but especially to the party host Arianna, rarely have we experienced such amazing service! The kids all had a great time bowling and loved playing, and really enjoyed the pizza. I was very pleasantly surprised by the rest of the food as well. The burger was phenomenal and actually looked like the picture on the menu! Thanks for making a perfect birthday party for a very excited 7 year old!

Sir William Felix

A great place for birthday parties. Reasonable prices for food. There are passes for bowling and games. It can get real loud there but that is to be expected.

Rafael C

Been here a few different times and while it's a bit pricey for a family, it's so fun. They keep freshing their arcade games and the food and drinks are good. Overall, a fun place to have a great outing.

K Lloyd

The Dark Ride was awesome. Friendly staff. Great teambuilder

Brett Robinson

We come here to play laser tag on Tuesdays, they have specials going on that day. Have a nice mix of things to do here if you want to have some good adult fun, also there is a bar :D

salvan gang

Omg i playef laser tag with my sister for 5 rounds that's how fun it is there & also you can make some new friends

Leland Begay

Bowling Machine jammed on us, but the employees gave us credits for the Games! Was kind of fun!!

Nelson Burrell

Great place to take the kids and let them have a great time!


My girlfriend and I went there to play bowling and a few of the staff members were so terrible. One girl acted like she didn't want to be there and didn't want to help us even more so. When we finally got to lean it took 25 minutes to get a server to us to order alcohol even after asking other servers in different sections five different times. When our time limit was up we were told that we could have the front desk restart it. We asked the same girl from earlier who was being difficult to restart the game and of course it was never done as well as a different manager coming and taking the bowling balls from our lane. I usually love taking my daughter here during the summer but the experience I had with my girlfriend during the evening was so terrible. I hope they can fix the issue with the staff as soon as possible.

Laquetta Moore

Had a great time! Good food and drinks. Will definitely go there again.

Dylan Soo

A family entertainment center no matter if yoy are with kids. Without kids. Or you are the kids. With food and beverage service that includes alcoholic drinks, there is the ability to make a day of it. Bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and a giant jungle gym are just what you need yo distract you from the real world.

Mae Andrada

We had tons of fun over the weekend here. We did 4 laser tag games, 2 bowling games, 1 pool game, and the rest is arcades. If you are looking to have some fun for a great price, you might want to check this place out. The best time to visit where there's not a lot of people is in the morning. We saw this place getting very busy in the afternoon. The employees are very accommodating and friendly.

bdude presents

It was fun I even got a high score at the giant pac-man

Daniel Pryor

This was my first time here so I wasn't too sure what to expect but I was familiar with places similar to this. It's got a lot of options inside with a nice sized arcade and resteraunt included as well. I really loved the bowling lanes as the bumpers were controlled by the monitor and could be turned on/off for each player which is something I hadn't seen before.

BoboZ TheClownZ

Really enjoyed taking a beautiful lady here tonight. The atmosphere is lively and upbeat. The calamari was great and the pizza was filling. Service from a young lady named Melissa was fantastic. Utilized the $7 unlimited play on billiards for the rest of the evening. Also the bathrooms were super clean and smelled great. The place is a perfect spot to break the ice with a new friend or have alot of different options when not sure what will be the best move with a group. Definitely will be coming back again!

Chris Neal

It was fun, we hung out with friends from my work. Games were ok. I wanted to try laser tag, but it didn't seem to have much activity.


The entertainment was fun yes but on another hand I had to choose a specific time to play all the things inside and so I was forced to do something else in the meantime. I would say this place is fun to come to but I would enjoy it a lot more if the events were just go in things. And by that I don't mean you can just walk in and do whatever but let it be a way where you can walk up and play the attractions without having a specific time. Cause if you miss that time you miss the event and have to reschedule and it's a huge hastle and waste of time. Thanks for letting me have a word and I look forward to returning to the lovely workers and events here

James Cottam

Great place to spend the day.

Dannie Testerman

My son and I had a lot of fun. Will be back soon

Faye Trice

There is plenty to do here and a little something for everyone.

Jason Layton

Main Event Tempe is a great place to hang out with a group of friends, your family, or have an event. I have held church youth group parties here, birthday parties, and just came by to hang out as a family. We always have a really fun time, and take advantage of the Monday Mayhem deals! The service we received last time for food while we were celebrating a birthday bowling was very poor and the food came out very cold and unappetizing. Given how expensive the food was, I was expecting a little better. The bowling shoes are VERY worn out and old and the lanes seem poorly maintained. Every time I come now I feel like my experience is worse than the time before. Considering how much it costs to hold an event / party here I was really expecting more.

lovely truko

Amazing and so fun I cant tell you how many times I played laser tag because there's too many

Food N’ Family

Great place for family fun and for all ages. Our family really enjoyed laser tag and bowling. P.S. Youtube, Food N' Family

kay v

omg soo funnn, which they had more japanese games

Gang Zhao

It got busy and crowded very quickly after 11AM. So, it's probably good idea to be there early to enjoy the full day pass. Kids and adults can play bowling, billard, laser tag and walk on the rope thing... Bowling will take extra shoe rental fees. Arcade games are popular but not included in the day pass. Overall, the kids had a good half of day in Main Event.

Nikki Robinson

We (3 people) got the play all fun pass or whatever it’s called. It’s $20 to play bowling, lazer tag, and to do the gravity. I’ve been to the Gilbert location also and both times I’ve tried to do the gravity there’s always something wrong. In Gilbert no one wanted to do it and in Tempe I guess they had the only 2 people doing it working on shipment or something like that. What’s the point of it if no ones doing it? Other than that all the people working there were super nice and chill at the Tempe location(:

Taylor Seher

Fun for everyone! My 3 year old loved it and my teens loved it. So hard to find a place they all love and can enjoy.

Dominique Conway

Surprisingly clean. The food isn't that great but it's what you would expect at a place more geared towards children. The best deal is to get the all day pass. If you're coming here, expect to pay a lot of money. Drinks are priced high and there are extra charges for certain activities. The kids in our group had a good time though, which is probably all that matters for most adults there.

stephanie mares

This was the first time I've been here.. My Brother took me and we had some good family fun... I didn't know where to start.. I was like a kid in a candy store !!!

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