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9027 E Vía Linda, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bowlero Via Linda IN Arizona

Teran Chase

Went for an event and it seemed a bit disorganized. Not enough staffing for event, and messed up contract time


Brunswick is finally putting some money into the place. New paint, new scoring machines (albeit weirdly positioned right by the ball return). Service better than it used to be.

cecilia perez

Very clean local. Helpful staff.

Jay Leesa

A bit old fashioned but over a good place to waste time.


Great place to go bowling.. clean, and a friendly staff.

Eric Schade

I'm a serious bowler not a fan of having the lights off and I really really hate what bowlero is doing to this sport with changing everything around when it was fine just the way it was very disappointed

הלל אהרן אטיה

Really chill place. nice music. Beautiful service. Good prices. Home feeling.

Hannah Vanover

Love this bowling alley. I come here for my league and its always a good time, great food and excellent service!

Andrew Engbring

Great place. Remodel is nice

Julianne Klecka

They did a great job catering our company party.


Bowling was really fun. Haven't bowled in years. The food and service on the other hand, not so great. I would hold out for one of the other restaurants in the area next time.

Chris Weipert

We went on a Saturday night. It busy and active but not crowded. About 10pm the switched over to cosmic Bowling. They played a mix of music that was outside of what I would normally listen to, but it was upbeat and fun. All the staff was pleasant to us. The place itself is more modern than others I have been to. The Bar area is actually welcoming and a place you can sit and have a drink without feeling like you are in a dump. I would highly recommend this place.


Alright here is my honest review. This place sucks. The staff is horrendous. You could find better customer service at the DMV. They are understaffed and you are dealing with either high school kids with an attitude or adults who couldn’t make it doing anything else. If you want to grab a couple beers or some food anticipate waiting atleast 10-15 minutes to get some service. This place is expensive too. The lanes are always broken. They will turn off mid game, not return your ball, and malfunction in just about any way imaginable. Which sucks especially if you have to spend 15 minutes tracking down an employee to get it fixed. It smells like sewer as soon as you get in the parking lot. The bathrooms are something you would expect to see at a truck stop. It’s pretty damn disgusting. Overall, despite the convenient location. I would prefer to drive farther to another location to avoid this place.

Jomething Iomething

Friendly staff, good equipment and music. Food was typical bar fare but enjoyable. Prices can be a bit spendy for casual bowling so make sure to find the deals.

RJM McKnight

State tournament was there this year. Great job! Had a great weekend with good friends!! The Via Linda staff did a great job.

deborah dozal

Went here for the 1st time the other night. Had a lot of fun, super cheap bowling!

Brandie Estrada

So much fun with the kids. A little on the loud side with the music so will not be for everyone but we had a blast.

Eveline Butler

!!Love this place!! Friendly with the kids & grandchildren

Sober Living

Good lanes and attentive customer service

Mike Zucarelli

Got sold on some summer bowling pass for my son. Used it twice. Came in today to use it again and was sternly told that it expired 4 days ago. Wouldn't even honor it a last time. Poor value and bad communication. I'll find some where else to spend my money. Funny how eager and friendly they were when they sold it to me. Jerks when they cut you off.

Greg Thielen

We have a weekky League here for the last few years! Just a great time! They have uograded the facility snd they take care of their Leagues!

Adrian Minzel

Friendly staff. Great place for bowling league. Very professional

Scott Suddarth

Don't get the food here. Pizza burned on the bottom, pizza tasteless on the top. 3$ for a side of fries that was 12 fries. Very sad!

Katie Paulsen

Very elementary age kid friendly. Great parking. Fun bowling. Fun game room.

Noreen Bloss

Very fun place!!

C Myers

Great place to bowl. No complaints about the staff or facilities. Is quite overpriced in my opinion, but has lots of specials.

Charles Cripe

Very slow cashier

Laura Soltes

We got a lane , shoes were in good shape and clean . Had fun and reasonable $.

Jeffrey G Schoor

A bit pricey for bowling....great arcade and very clean

T. Jensen

Was a great grand opening, we had fun.

Stan Campbell

Wednesday bowling nights are the best

Cindy Gibson

Work outing.... had fun

CJ Martinez

Great place for fun and bowling for the family and leagues.

Christina Patch

Came to play pool for a little while with my boyfriend. Had a wonderful time!

Rhonda Brown

This is a really nice bowling alley and arcade. This is the best bowling alley in the valley!!

Fred Fink

The guy behind the counter was great and the games werefun. It wasn't cosmic bowling but it wasn't regular bowling as it was hard to see the marks they had $2.50 bowling starting at 5 and the front desk got a little overwhelmed. Surprise the manager didn't help out. Also they had the snack bar closed and I didn't find out until later that you could go to the bar and order food or I would have.I will probably go back and give them another shot at as the place is clean and well-kept

Diana Corral

Had a blast. Older building but good music and fun cosmic bowling.

Thomas Calo

Lanes are pretty good, service can be sparse, but the staff is friendly, and the place is clean.

Allison Porter

Went on Saturday night for date night, staff was friendly, bowling alley was hip and drinks were good

Ryan Rybarsyk

One of the two lanes we played on was barely playable. It was not buffed or oiled correctly and every spinning ball immediately curved off into the gutter...

Herb Austin

The staff was friendly and I loved the new shoes!

Diamante Heard

I truly wish I could give this place 0 stars because it’s exactly what it deserves. A group of friends getting together some of us military veterans, one a current Scottsdale PD officer for this holiday weekend decided to come to this place bowl, eat and have drinks. After spending over $200 we go to pay the tab and while trying to split it up, one of the members in our group said to the cashier “do you guys have a student discount” , I state “or military discount”, the cashier then decides to respond to my friend “no, we have a disability/special needs discount, and you look like you fit the part”. I immediately say “why did you just say that to him?!” The cashier goes “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that” , but this statement was from left field, my mouth literally dropped because I couldn’t even believe those words came out of his mouth. This event happened Saturday evening, and here it is Monday and I just can’t get over such a disrespectful and ignorant statement. That cashier needs to be fired we spoke to the manager and she said she’d handle it, but the only way to handle it is by firing such an ignorant individual.

Alyssa Buckey

Busy. Great remodel.

Cortney Brown

Pricing is either extreme or very reasonable. Be picky about when you go.

Laura Parks

So much fun!!!! There is something for everyone here.

bill bassy

Been a league bowler here for 15years. This is the worst run house ever! No one at the front desk. No waitress. No change in register. This place sucks!! Get a clue. New scoring machines suck also.. the ac in place is also screwed. You can hang a side of beef in here. update: they have been trying to update this place for two years. alot of cosmic bowling stuff...problem..lanes still suck..mensrooom still sucks..staff still sucks.


Came here with a friend on a Saturday night. It wasn’t too busy, probably because of a dusty, wet storm that was going through town. $18 to bowl all night with unlimited games. Got in a good 6 games before getting tired. Front desk staff was real nice but I was disappointed with the service at the lanes. The waitress available made herself very unavailable to us. It was comical at times. The lanes next to us filled with young 20 year olds got served very promptly. But when we made eye contact with her she quickly looked the other way. We ended up going to the bar. Bartender claimed that the staff can’t always get to every lane when it’s busy. It wasn’t busy enough as we saw our waitress walk around aimlessly most of the night. Even after our drinks were empty she refused to come over to us. Got a really weird vibe from both her and the bartender. I’ll be back on a Monday when it’s cheaper and there’s even less people in hopes the service improves. Her loss on the tip I guess.

Robert Fugate

The bowling lanes were nice and good selection of music playing. However, the guy working the front desk was rude when checking out and made a couple off putting comments. Probably won't be coming back to this bowling alley.

Fern Tsosie-Samuelson

Great fun and entertainment for the whole family. Bowling Lanes and tons of different types of games. Great food and beer!

Joena Russell

Bowling has gotten really experience!!


dirty old spot holding on to the old bowling alley charm. The games looked up to date, and the food wasn't too bad

Charlie Jarrell

Clean, great service, great selection of balls and good oily lanes.

Justin Hegna

Stood in line for 15 minutes. CASH IN HAND READY TO PAY. Terrible customer service. They advertised unlimited bowling college night for Wednesday night. I show up Wednesday night and they say it’s on Thursday. Absolutely terrible. Guy that works the register in glasses should be fired immediately.

Tiffanie Penley

Fun place! Great group organization with food and drinks! Our server was excellent.

Stephen Shultz

Great place to spend a Friday night bowling and drinking

John McPherson

We had a fun time here. There were some issues with the scoring and it took about 30 minutes each time it broke down, but otherwise it was fine. Not the fanciest bowling facility in town, but you pay for what you get. Staff are friendly and helpful too.

Richard Welsh

Clean lanes good service. Fun atmosphere.

Kristin Barraclough

Fun for family!

Michael Scope


Leeza Cruze

Best place to bowl! :)

Chris B.

Needs to be updated... But other than that the place is a decent bowling alley.

Chris Newman

Atmosphere is great! The lanes are hit and miss. Sometimes the oil is fresh, sometimes not which makes for inconsistent bowling. We were in a league and the last day of league play we were told when we showed that we were being bumped off our lanes because they overbooked. We weren't even offered a refund for the day. I will not be joining a league there in the future.

Melissa Rod

Excellent staff! Rhonda ,Rhory, and Justin Thank you for above average service. !!! Whole staff work as a team for us ! Highly recommended ! Great priices with extremely great customer services! Thank you ! Thank you!

melody pratt

Fun place. Food was surprisingly good. Could use more workers but overall good experience

Laura Maloney

I thought it was a cool place but the computerized score board wasn't working all the time and it would be fun to have Karaoke. Otherwise, had a great time on a catered business outing. Great pizza, salad, and veggie platter.

John Wyatt

Good lanes, league fees 10 per week

Josh Midgley

Well the bowling was fine but this place has the worst business model I've ever seen. For some reason you pay after you bowl? And on top of that they had one poor worker on the checkout register. So after we were done bowling we had to wait 30 minutes in a line TO PAY. My previous experiences in bowling alleys you pay for your bowling before you start and when your session has expired you leave. That would seem like the logical setup to have, but I could be wrong. Hopefully management reads this message and makes some changes (maybe start with hiring a couple people). If I were the lone employee working the register I would've quit on the spot. No one should have to endure what that person does on a nightly basis.

X M520

Not the best service

Joshua Beznoska

Employee grabbed my girlfriend by her shoulder because he thought we didnt pay our tab. I understand if he wanted to find out but definitely not the best way to do it. We will never come back to this location.

Rick Flores

Company outing was a blast and fajita bar was great!

Thomas Sapp

Great staff, great prices, and they always keep the place clean and well maintained.

Myron Klevens

Very well run but expensive by any standard

Christopher Szopa

Nice place to go bowling but the front desk staff is slow and it takes a while to get checked in.

Michael Roth

Great time for a party of 10 or more. Family favorite.

Anne Calvin

I have belonged to leagues here since 2015. The people are nice, and problems are usually resolved pretty quickly. I recommend Brunswick if you are interested in joining a league.

dillon brand

Busy and decent overall ok

Brodee Wood

Our lane broke down 2 times

Russell Cleverly

This place sucks. It used to be a Brunswick and it was a lot better then. Staff not very nice, prices are not very reasonable, and they have ridiculous policies about groups. They refused to let me have 3 lanes for a group of 14 because technically you can fit 6 people per lane, but we didn’t want to do that we wanted 4-5 per lane. Not a very fun environment

Zach Masch

Awful! Slow service. They don't turn the AC on that much. Can't rent a lane. Have to pay per player per game. No heavy pours at the bar. The food is gross. Not to mention if you want a mega mule... it's only for 3 people - 2 people can't order it. The lady will point out at the bar that it serves 3. But they will pour you two single shots instead. Worst places ever. Will never go back!

Bernard Henrissat

Played bowling and pool with friends last week. Nothing to complain. Perhaps a bit pricey

Greg Palmer

Went with family & had great evening, Lilly was the best host.

stephanie moceri

I mean, it's a good bowling spot. It was like pulling teeth trying to get a kids ramp though. The mixed drinks are truly horrible. But the bowling is good and that's the reason we went. Nothing broke down while we were there.

Sean Ohagan

Way too expensive for bowling. Girl at the counter looked like she couldn't be bothered. Never again

Doyle Fletcher

Not bad place to go.


We went here with our big family. They got us in quickly and the shoes were newer. It's clean and the staff was friendly. We ate burgers and they were good. It's not fancy but it a great and affordable place for a big group

Ryan C

First off, I’d like to give a shout-out to Keon, the nice young gentleman at the check in desk. He was more than welcoming when I walked in the door. He was also very informative on a lot of questions we had including the new and various specials that are available for the facility. When seated at my lane, my server, Nadia was quite nice and referenced what the most popular items on the menu were. We had the pretzel dippers— very tasty!! The setup of the new bowling alley is clean and spot on with the “old fashioned retro” decorations. Yes, it is very modernized but they took into accountability that bowling was a popular activity to partake in, a while back. The arcade is on the smaller side but it’s jam packed with awesome games to play. I would definitely recommend this Bowlero location to all of my friends not only for the space itself, but mostly for the incredible customer service they provided to us.

Shannon Bloom

Overpriced and incredibly rude staff. With such exuberant prices, bowling lessons should be included. Also, why are the shoes more expensive than one game of bowling? 2/5, would not recommend.

Chase Westrum

Expensive food and 5 dollars a person for shoe rentals. Horrible service and broken arcade machines. The prices we paid were for high quality high tech bowling allies, this was the exact opposite. Avoid and drive somewhere else.

Antonio Roca

Since when did bowling become so expensive? Also ordered chicken tenders, which came maybe 30 minutes later. I seriously doubt the food was made using gloves and I definitely don't want to see the kitchen.

Rick McGee

Had not been bowling in say 25 years, and went on a whim. Enjoyed the outing. Though music and videos are geared to a young crowd (I'm 71). Bowled two games. Prices were reasonable. Equipment worked well. I intend to do it again.

God's For You

Nice lanes and great customer service.

Riyad Kalla

Ok so it's a run down older place because no one bowls anymore, BUT, if you feel like a classic bowling alley experience, it's great. Food is actually pretty dang good, beer is great, prices decent and lanes in good shape. Very 90s vibe with the style and equipment though, so if you are expecting newer stuff you need to reset expectations.

william henderson

Friendly helpful staff. Completely remodeled recently. Nice upgrade from previous look. Still old style flip up bumpers for kids though, but.... Won't knock them for that.

Eric B

Went for father's day and it was pretty busy. Nice lanes, fun arcade, and has pool tables.

Dasha Dial

Barely 5 minutes past close and they cut us off without warning in the middle of my roll. Extremely rude. Just needed a warning.

Erez Yaron

Just ok. The bowling equipment needs to be updated. The place smells old.

Scott Ehrlich

That arcade was pretty damn fun.


Cool bowling experience.

Andre Early

Great place as it's newly renovated, staff was awesome, food not bad. All in all, I'll be coming back.

Rory Mullan

Many lanes open great service.

Lee Fisher

It was a fun time. I have not been bowling since I was a kid..... I forgot how much fun it can be. Great staff and a great facility!

Shon Parsons

Old and run down bowling alley. Nothing special, but it is at least available. Prices are too high for what is offered. Food and drink is comparable to an old theater. The hours are limited. Usually it is filled with retirees. The only reason we go here is because bowling spots are so limited.

Brett Berry

Sure it has a fun name, but that doesnt really help make it feel any better than an AMF when you walk in the doors. I prefer the location in North Scottsdale, which has a great game area. The associates all seem friendly, and the lanes are nice. A soda will run you around $4, and they have a menu of apps, entrees and libations

Isaac Monson

Great team with friendly, attentive service for events and casual bowling. Jennifer and her staff do a wonderful job

Nick Wittenrood

Worst lanes I’ve ever bowled on.

Sean May

They have great deals here. The only issue was it seemed like there was almost no oil on the lane. Still a fun experience though. Edit: I have been back multiple times since my initial review. The oil on the lanes has been great every time since.

Michael St.louis

Fun place. Clean, Well kept bowling lanes. Took a group during Discount Mondays and had a blast, with lots of laughter. It's guaranteed fun!

Sloan Merrill

I play in a bowling league every Friday here. its a great place to bring your family or friends to have lots of fun. The food is also pretty good here. Every time I go there is a lively crowd and I never leave without a smile on my face. I definitely recommend this bowling alley to anyone who is interested in having a good time.

Jana T

Just to be clear, I have nothing against the place and the other staff, except the cashier, ALEX. My family went there today so my son can practice bowling for his birthday which we book in the same center. Alex is just odd. He speaks as if he’s only talking to himself in a place filled with loud music. I had to stretch my neck so my ears can catch what he’s saying. It was our first time in the said center so we dont know how we get charged. When we got our shoes, he already swiped the card so I thought they’ll just charge it upon check out. When we check out we got to the counter and I asked him, “Are we good?” He then spoke something impossible to hear and moved his hand as if saying “go” so we left the line. I asked my husband, “Is that it? are we just gonna be charged?” Feeling something was wrong, we went back to the counter with another customer in front. I waved at him and asked “Are we gonna get a receipt?” He just told me, “I have a line and another customer” in a loud (thank God!) voice. I told him yeah but we were here before them and I’m not sure if we’re done. He then told me, again in a loud voice “Yeah, but you left!” That’s when my inner alarm came off. This guy is just impossible! I wonder why he’s there in front of customers when he clearly has no customer service skills. When we left the line thinking we were already charged and was not, he could have called us back to let us know that we’re not yet. And when we came back to ask him again, he just brushed us off and tell us he has a line and another customer. He kept speaking to himself at this time it was again impossible to hear. I asked him what he was saying. He just told me, “If you want to speak to my manager, you can.” I told him with a loud voice to just get it done and over with. With a simple transaction as checking out, Alex can send a customer’s blood pressure soaring high. This Alex shouldn’t be in front of customers, coz he clearly has no customer service skills. I just hope my son’s birthday won’t have the same experience.

Michael Wurtzberger

Expensive. Slow service. Still had fun with the kids.

Wendy Downs

Great place to hang for a fun night in the town

Ed Manfredi

A great place lots of fun

Camille Hendrix

Love the new renovation design, updated menu and the staff are always friendly!

Mike Carlborg

We bowl here every Sunday. They've spent a lot of money upgrading everything but the alleys. Last 3 outings we've had to switch lanes 2 times because ball return or pinsetter breaks and major delay last night bc of broken ball return. We bet and play for money so this stinks. If it wasn't for the staff we'd find a different alley.

Lance Reynolds

Tha center is ok. The lanes are awful, run down, they constantly break down and you can see separation and bulges in the heads. The gutters are all busted. One of the worst centers O have ever bowled in.

Donald Rohde

The equipment is failing,eating balls, planes are buckling,wait staff is slow. Lanes need to be replaced!

Justin Cluff

We called ahead to make sure there were no leagues and when we showed up the told us that there were leagues and that we had 30 minutes. Management horrible, corporate needs to look into.


Had balls, a big plus

terri reichenbacher

I visit my parents who are on leagues. Wish I could but I have bad arthritis in both hands and I can't lift a bowling ball. Everyone is so nice there.

Daniel Jackson

Great lanes well waxed on Friday night. But lanes 26 and 25 had issues with the ball return, 3 games each and had to ask for help 5 times. Bar service is a bit slow too...

Karley Piercy

The bowling alley is very clean very organized everything works perfectly fine. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. For two rounds for my husband and I cost almost 40 bucks.

John Ryan

Very excellent 5 star Pro Shop. Thanks for the strikes!

Michael Carlin

Bowling can still be a great time. The lanes aren't fancy. The food isn't amazing. Yet the bar offers a wide variety of drinks and the atmosphere is quite good. the equipment is in good shape and prices are reasonable. Actually, the drinks at the bar were literally half the cost you would pay at a restaurant or bar! I would recommit and check it out

Jini Hancock

It was great but really cold.


Clean fun bowling alley - staff very nice and helpful

Nolly Polly

Grand opening was Awsome

Russ Paperman

Nice alley with friendly staff. Food is good except the pizza. It's a contemporary set up with regular tables and chairs instead of the old uncomfortable built ins. Bowling is super cheap on Sunday mornings. Their phone line is almost useless, use the website instead. They have a bar and a video arcade.

Lisa Steele

We came to gang out and visit with our young adult children. The shoes were like new and after a false start on one lane that seemed to have to many people around we restarted at a new location and had a grand time! We had come from a large breakfast so we didn't order any food but was politely provided ice water. Since we spent $50 for four of us they sent us a $5 off coupon for next time!

Alexa Stewart

Logan is awesome!! Wish they did more song requests though! Rhonda is amazing too!

Brenna Perez

Great fun, excellent customer service and affordable !

Rex Martinez

Friendly staff, not an overcrowded venue

Rocky stcyr

Always available lanes, even on Saturday night. Nice service and crowd!

Jane Dobos

Better than Tempe's AMF. Its soooo much cooler inside temperaturewise. And the food is great.

F Mata

Bowling lanes 25 & 26 were Broken off and on. We had balls come out of the lane like crazy one fell off the machine and hit my ankle. I told a worker he said nothing much. Later I moved the chair and it made a hole in the floor almost fell over. Told them again. The girl said oh, ok. I went in afternoon time on a Sunday. Wasn’t really good service or help.

Chris stratic

My family loved it. Great place!

csey run

New shoes to rent! Great atmosphere!

Kathrine Lynn

We came here this evening for a friends birthday. It started out pretty good, we were having a blast. However, by the 2nd game, our lane kept freezing and holding the bowling balls. We had to ask maintence to fix it 3 times. The first time wasn't a big deal, but we spent more time in line waiting to ask the cashier to call for it to get fixed rather than bowling. The manager was pretty understanding, and he gave us a discount when we asked. But when we went to pay the cashier had no idea what she was doing and had a serious attitude. Yeah machines break and that's fine but I was so tired of dealing with her crappy attitude that I kept asking for the manager. Not to mention after they fixed the lane the first time, all of our bowling balls were then sticky and greasy. Bowling alleys aren't the cleanest place but this one is just run down and trashy. We all love bowling but obviously won't be coming here again. Also, side note, food was cold.

Dan Griffin

Poor lighting, music way too loud, a big screen TV over every lane, no lane arrows...It would be ok if it were a sports bar, but for a bowling alley....nah. Won't be coming back.

Sitton Locksmith

This is our favorite bowling alley to come to, it is always a great time. The staff is so friendly and their customer service is top class. The food and drinks are pretty good as well. Definitely recommend coming here and trying it out! The prices are pretty good and it is pretty clean and tidy, they do a great job keeping it up. Thanks for the great friendly service and awesome times!

Collin Ross

Lanes are okay but service is horrible and their website and hours of operation and pricing is infuriating! Every time I look online, it contradicts what they say on the phone which usually contradicts what they say in person. I do not understand why they even have any prices or hours posted online because they have always been not correct, and then their phone recording refers you to the website. I can't figure why the bowling centers change their prices and hours so drastically so often. Unbelievably confusing.

Elizabeth Sequeira

A lot of fun bowling, however the manager over at the Scottsdale location absolutely should not be in Management! We had a coupon on our phone and it wouldn't go through the system. The woman that was helping us called the manager over. He then told us that we had already used the coupon and couldn't use it again. We told him this was not possible as we had never bowled here before His response was maybe will use this at another location Again that wasn't possible as we have not bowled in over 20 years Needless to say, he walked away and couldn't care less about our happiness and our experience bowling I will never ever go there again. That manager should not be working in that location.. He does not care about the customers and walking away from his customers during the conversation is unacceptable!!!! I wonder how the owners of this establishment would feel knowing that they lost a customer and knowing how this manager treated them. I would hope they wouldn't have him working there much longer.

Dan G

Great bowling lanes. Just a little over priced for the 70s feel. Enjoyable experience though hence 4*s.

Liz Oliverson

Very clean facility. Had a blast on date night during one of the late night specials. Bartender was a sweetheart.

Liffy McLiffice

I always have fun here but they really need new size 13 and 14s. Maybe I'll just throw them away next time I'm handed a floppy pair of bowling shoes. And consider it a service to everyone that wears size 13 and 14

Valeria Reader

There was a decent wait time for a lane (nothing too bad for a Friday night) and then had a couple incidents in which the lane messed up and miscounted our score ect. However, it's a nice place and I had a lot of fun

Tanner Gwinn

Enjoyed the food, lanes couldve been oiled a little better and the restroom needs a severe remodel, It has that forever urine smell. Otherwise great experience.

Melissa Buse

Had a great time! Only wish the bar was either staffed better or trained more....there was a such a long line to get my drink and the girl didn't seem to really know how to prioritize what she needed to do.


Pool room Bar service was good.

Kelsey Garner

Great alley but slow service

Lisa Reid-Johnson

Nice place, good food

Kay Varns

Nice place\prices for eats are high

Alexandria Garibay

The bowling is fun obviously because that’s where the staff doesn’t come in. It took about an hour us to finally say we should go to the front desk to get someone to take our order. Then they did and we ordered the cookie skillet. We waited about 30 minutes for an almost totally raw cookie with completely melted ice cream on it. This is a Monday night as well so there aren’t many people here. Really poor service but at least the place is clean.


Seems like a excellent place; however. My experience here was mediocre the lane we were put on (15) kept breaking down till finally it just shut down. I would be willing to give this place another shot but I will never use lane 15 or 16 again.

rad nun

Fun. It was senior day.

Laurie Jones

Since changing ownership, there has been a lessening of interest in maintaining the league base. Food service has declined and lane maintenance is lax at best.


The facility is okay. The issue was the pricing. Saturday evening - 7pm. 2 of us. 5 games - which is about an hour - $75!!!! Seventy Five Dollars!!! I couldn't believe it! I told the cashier there must be a mistake. She said, nope, but she hears the same complaint all the time. She said most other bowling alleys have adopted an hourly rate, but they still charge by game/by bowler there. No way I'll ever pay that much again to bowl.

Amy Wilson

Very clean! Loved the lights, music and scoring graphics. Pizza was great! Went to a birthday party and they give a party host who keeps things organized. It was awesome!

erica hendrix

Clean, newly remodeled bowling alley. Great service. Lots of new arcade games and food service.

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