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Killian Malone

Excellent bowling establishment. Plenty of car/truck parking, but I rode my bike. They don't have a bike rack out front that I could find, but thankfully nobody gave me any grief for bringing my whip inside. We ordered the fried pickles, they are chips, not spears, so there's another thing this place does right!

Torsten Leibold

Pricey but the highest quality lanes in town. The Pro shop is excellent and also provides 1st class coaching.

angelique crisan

I work for the YMCA, and Jeremy and his staff have been so great and helpful and just so flexible knowing how chaotic a summer camp can be haha. I highly recommend this place 100%!!!!!

Kimberly Crowson

They closed everything early

Andria J

Fun bowling great chili cheese fries!

Christopher White

Antiquated, but still functional bowling alley.

Randy Turner

Great place super clean

Kendall Gosage

Great place to bowl and customer service is really nice too!!

Donna Sabosky

Best onion rings, Jenny knows how to make them perfectly!

Julia Gallardo

Extremely busy. My family waited over an hour for the 8 of us to share 1 lane and then this old gentleman came in and immediately got 2 lanes...

EnchantedGamer Nick

It's a bit noisy and gaudy, but the prices are fairly reasonable, and the games are not affected by any technical or mechanical malfunctions.

Andrea Mejias

Robert H is an outstanding employee. Whenever i need help he's at attention and ready to serve. A+ customer service, very kind and always and always in a fantastic mood!

Timothy Mark

Fun and great energy!

Jeffry Gardner

Employees were not very warm or friendly. I went to order food and the man preparing food behind the food counter rudely rolled his eyes and sighed before telling me to order at the shoe counter on the other side of the vestibule. You know, as is customary. Later I watched as he fiddled around on his cell phone. I decided I'd spend my money elsewhere. The kids enjoyed bowling, though. Next time I'll probably drive further to bowl at a friendlier place.

Jeffrey A Blair

All the staff are friendly and professional, the place is clean, maintained well, and the prices are decent. Overall a good experience.


This place will forever be Camino Seco Lanes, I don't care what you say..... CAMINO SECO LANES FOREVER!!!!!

Michael Miller

Its a very nice bowling alley, but the lanes are particularly oily. I had to clean my ball here more than I usually do at other places, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Rebekah Galante

Very fun place

Nissa Majuta

We played for garnes, had a pizza and some drinks. We had a wonderful time.

Vanessa Lopez

Clean, polite and friendly!

Mark Steinberg

Nice facility. Our group had a lot of fun. Personnel very helpful.


So, my family and I came in a couple 2 weeks ago and have made this place our new family fun place! Every single time we come here we are treated like family! The GM/staff is so friendly and it's so clearly authentic! I absolutely love this place! The food is good, the atmosphere is family friendly, also good for a date night! This place has become a new staple for my family!

Charmagne Hohl

Clean and fun! Prices are great and the staff always helps right away when needed. New Year's bowling is fantastic!

raymond colon sisco

Fun time, friendly and helpful staff

Paula Zidel

What a fun place!!

Kathy Davis

Nice place to bowl but the food price is to high.

Carrie B

Visiting family in Arizona and had a birthday party for my grandchildren. The alley was clean and accommodating. We had a great time together!

blue huskey

Great time with friends lots of laughs and competition between one another

Rylee's videos

Amazing but the the pretzel got me sick for a day


Overall overpriced. Good service in the bar at least. I would stick to lucky strike or bedroxx

Reo Davis

Great atmosphere, drinks are little pricey. Some of the arcade games are broken or don't otherwise function.

Kaitlin Preble

I just started a league here everything here seems pretty laid back which I LOVE the ONLY reason I gave this 4 stars because their food is outrageously priced some people like me don't have alot of money or no money I can't drive across the street to McDonald's and have her being that in because it would be rude, but it was $10 for one large drink and one Medium drink first time I visited... anyone else think this is a little high?

Kristofer R

I wouldn't go for the food but a great bowling experience.


Fun place, Good Atmosphere. I have not been

Ashley Miles

Super accommodating staff, up to date equipment, good bar, food appears decent, lots of events and specials, and half size shoes!! :)

Chance Spradlin

Overpriced for a lane built in the 90’s

Kenpo University of Southern Arizona

When we Bowl here I still remember my old friend

Amber Lee

We had such a great time little pricey but lots of fun

MT Kessel

Good place for a quick getaway with kids. Lanes work consistently and staff is polite.

Paul Weeks

Too expensive, especially the food.

Kim Salyer

The cosmic bowling is great the service was just as awesome. They have really made some awesome changes to that place. Loved it!!!

Jimmy Brockman

The lanes and machines are a little older than some other alleys in town but the place is clean and the people are friendly. Had a birthday party here and they went above and beyond to make sure everyone was happy.

Amelia Verdugo

Excellent place to bowl play pool very chill and bar tender Kim was awesome. Definitely will go back ..

Teague Sherlock

Fun had by all, concessions a bit pricey

Darryl S

Went here because they brag about their arcade room. Thought it would comapre with the likes of dave and buster's...NO WAY. Arcade is tiny and most games werent working. Go for bowling....nothing else.

Andre Walker

Great place ur o bowl. Fun and good prices.

Jeremiah Markes

Had a good time here

Jeremy Mowery

Nice alley, way too expensive at $5/person/game

Ash Palmer-Whyte

The bowling alley itself is nice, but I was underwhelmed by the food and overwhelmed by the incredibly overinflated prices.

Glaceon Chan Palma

This is the latest open bowling place, and the arcade is super fun.

Adam Baird

Bowling is cool, arcade is cool, standard fare. But what really shined for me was the staff at the snack stand. Two women, one with pink hair and her coworker (forgot their names, but it was Sat. night, 3/2) really showed great customer service and understanding with a problem I had. They listened, and made an effort to make it right...and it's the little acts of care in the seemingly most unlikely of places that can really count. Five stars for them

Heidi Brawley

Played fun music...the food was good....the employees are very friendly too!!!!

David Prince

I really don't have enough good things to say about our recent birthday party at Bowlero. We had our daughter's 9th birthday party there and everyone had a great time. Usually it's a bore to sit through kids' birthday parties but the kids and adults all had a blast with bowling, the arcade, and dancing to the music. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly and made sure we had a great time. The kitchen staff even double and triple checked to make sure some of our food was gluten free per our request. Thank you Bowlero Tucson!!!

Armando Rodriguez

Nice place, good video games

Matt Mishko

Cheap fun.

Brian Vana

Was a great visit, however, was odd asking for two lanes for them to say no at first and then yes after us not being sure if we wanted to stay and bowl off of one lane.

Loretta Zangri

Great service! Very nice employees!

Summer Paige

The quality of the actual bowling lanes have gone down in the past few years. They have added TVs for those who wants to watch games while there. The bowling shop is fantastic, and I will buy from and trust my bowling balls to be drilled by no one else. The staff at the bar are usually friendly, but they are often understaffed for the need, but they make it rarely known that this is a struggle.

Bettyann Villasenor

Cosmic bowling was a thrill, you have a choice to bowl without the neon lights. I enjoyed the music. On Sundays it's $2 a game & $2 shoe rental, the electronic scoreboard is easy to operate. There's plenty of lanes, bowling ball choices, seating, clean, spacious, friendly staff. They have a separate bar with 3 pool tables (2 tables had some tears)a bathroom in the bar as well as in the bowling alley & large screen in bar to watch games, snack bar menu is decent & affordable. The location is a bit hidden behind the shopping plaza but good parking. Leagues available.

David Mckale

Not too modern. Not enough people working. Yet I enjoyed my self in quant enviroment.

Gustafsson Eric

They do birthdays for a decent price. The food menu is pretty good for a bowling alley. The beer is cold and not too expensive. The staff are helpful and nice. Good place for a Friday night with friends!

Mystik Haze

Had a lot of fun. Was really disappointed in the arcade part though because online it said it had lots of games.

John Belobraydic

Awesome wait staff and exceptional food.

Betty Vanallen

Fun and they give military discount

JMAN Fighting Co.

Bowling is my life.

R. Craig Burton

Good place for a Saturday night family bowl. The kids enjoyed the cosmic bowl ambiance and the place was clean and the employees friendly. Decent food, though nothing to write home about. We noticed after we left they'd charged us for an extra shoe rental; though such things will happen now and again, it would have been better if it hadn't. Overall a pretty good experience.

Art Panzer

Great place the staff is very accommodating willing to go beyond so the kids have a good (great) time

Derek Deutsch

Camino Seco Bowl has plenty of parking and the inside is generally cleaner and better lit than expected. The staff and service were typical for bowling alleys. The food was astronomically priced, and if you ask for water in a cup bigger than the dental spit cups, they try to charge you 3.49 for the cup. It was good to get reservations because it can get busy on the weekends, however the mostly elderly league players bring their hellions and get them unsupervised lanes so the children run amok. I overpaid for the reservation and when I noticed asked for a nominal refund, they said once you've paid nothing can be done. Our party spent around $400 total on the visit, but won't be back with that customer service.

Adam Gilbert

Nice lanes

Susanne Reddoch

We come here because its close, and its family friendly. GREAT food! Really great place to bowl. They need new bowling balls though.


It seems like there is always a league going on here and they don't leave any lanes free for open bowling. I decided to try them again because somebody posted one of their flyers on social media advertising an all you can bowl early bird special. I went there on the advertised day with the flyer, they had copies of the flyer hanging all over. The flyer had no end date, but when my date and I asked for the special they said they discontinued it the previous week and refused to honor it. I didn't want to seem like a cheapskate so we played 2 games and the total was $48. But I haven't been back.


A lot of changes. Very strict. Brought a drink in for my daughter and would not let us bring it in. Still bought 40 dollars worth of food and drinks. A little uptight for a bowling alley. Be more like the dude.

David Cardinali

Great place for a party.

Kaleb Dashkiwsky

Place was clean and we went on cyber bow night on accident but it was really cool haha.

Lindsey Esparza

Fun and comfortable environment.


Great fun for the whole family at a great price. Not many open bowl hours in my opinion. Check for yourself!

Junna Hayashi

This bowling alley us clean, has good service, is spacious, and fun!

James Schultz

Nice place. Pretty expensive. 3 of us bowled 2 lines, 4 had snacks. $75.00 bucks.

Ashley Sankey

Clean, friendly and helpful staff, good food!

Edward Davis

Was there Sunday, the place hadn't been cleaned up from the night before. As far as the bowling lanes, there terrible, to many call in for ball returns and the prices for food, drinks and bar drinks are outrageous.

Joel Esparza

Very helpful and friendly staff

israel mejia

Good place to take your kids. They take care of u.

Julio Arias

Hi. Me and my Son love to bowling here. It's just the food we ordered was wrong 10 days ago. No biggie.

Suzanne York

Need a new popcorn maker!!!!! The quesadilla and Krazy dough were delicious, but I paid like $5 for burnt popcorn. They can only make one bag at a time which is also ridiculous.

Kenneth Scherer

Fun bowling alley with a variety of drinks. The seats and tables are not updated like other bowleros, it still has standard tables and chairs from the previous bowling alley


Really fun bowling alley, didn't think much of it from the outside but the inside is different a fun, plus there's blacklight in the night.

katie fessler

Prices are ridiculous! Way too expensive and the lanes kept breaking down in the middle of our game.. There are a million other bowling alleys in tucson that are way better priced and won't break down several times... I would honestly never reccomend this place..

Frances Barber

Awesome place to hang with friends and chill

Dan Baca

Love bowling here.

Cheyenne Ramirez

The people at this place were so nice I love it . I would definitely go back

Dawn Bennett

Snack bar is a little pricey but the bowling alley itself is pretty great.

Angelica Lopez

So fun here!!

Kevin Kramer

Had a blast

Mindy Barnhart

This place is great. I haven't been here since it was Brunswick Bowling. I love all the changes they made. The seating is conducive to all body types which is kind of neat. The staff is friendly. The bowling balls are sized for all hand types which is cool. Only downfall is their arcade room. It's quite expensive and their claw machine malfunctions some but they don't give back what was lost. That's why the 4 stars. The arcade room needs something, not sure what, but definitely needs something.

Terry Kutej

I'm visiting from Waco,Tx.,...I guess you could say I'm addicted to bowling. I brought two bowling balls with me for the first time travelling. I have bowled at 5 bowling alleys surrounding the Air Force base here within the past 7 days, including the one on base. The Brunswick lanes are the best by far in the area. I received bowling tips from the lane guy, great service from the bar, and felt very welcome by the manager and the staff. I am only here for a 11 day business trip. I wish I would have found this bowling alley sooner. Thanks for the enjoyable experience! I have a couple of days left in Tuscon and plan to visit this bowling alley at least one more time.

cjade sable

A nice, traditional, yet with a modern touch, bowling alley. It is always fun, even though I am a terrible bowler, and the AC is wonderful this time of year, go once a week, start a tradition!!!

wendy palmer

Great relaxing family time, good prices, not crowded but should be. It's cheap family fun when you don't feel like seeing another kids movie or you will tear your eyes out.

Jacob L

Its pretty good

Sandra Berry

Lots of fun. Food good too. Enjoyed alot.

Sean Allen

Summer bowling deal is where I'll be this summer

Liz Jara

We had so much fun here... inexpensive and not crowded


Very nice place with decent food choices. I'm not a pro though and I don't bowl very often. I did a league there once and that was a pleasurable experience as well. Except when that guy threw his ball at us, but that wasn't their fault.

Tracy Orton

Staff was excellent - very friendly & helpful. Atmosphere also great. Food... nor so much :-(.

Erik Aguilar

Fun times

Betty Perkins

Too stinking expensive!! Cannot afford ANYTHING at the cafe or whatever called!! No free coffee anymore for bowlers - sandwiches & all food is waay out of sight!!!

Jason Prock

Took my kids with me. Had a blast. Bit pricey, but worth it having them smile and enjoying it.

Michael Leach

Had fun here with the grandkids

Ryan Dougherty

On the pricey side, about $5 per game per bowler plus $5 for shoes, and the lane we used kept getting caught up. Food and drinks are pricey as well, mixed drinks are weak, and it's about $16 for a large pizza (twice the price as a similar pizza from Pizza Hut). Pizza was good tho and overall a good time. We'll have to come back on a tuesday night when they run specials.

Tyler Rohrbaugh

Never try to walk in and bowl here, if you're not in a league they don't want your business.

Marva Lance

Actually it is ok,I have only been there a few times but it is growing on me a little bit now. People basically stay to themselves.

Iniese Umah

Very simple and not complicated lanes

Angelina Hewitt

Went with husband, also with son and his date. Comfortable, inexpensive. Even on league night they keep lanes open. I don't care for in dining prices or drinks but we had a blast. The staff are very helpful . And there are coupons

Tracy Titus

This is the best bowling alley on Tucson. My Dad has been on a league here for 20 years, my brother was from 2007-2017 til he moved to Chicago, and both my brother and I were in Saturday morning kid leagues til we were 15 and we started at 4 years old. The recent remodels and new Cafe really classed the place up.

Scott Banaszak

I took my family here, when they came into town to visit. It was a pleasant atmosphere, when we went. The kids had a blast. The staff was friendly, and super helpful at getting the kids shoe sizes right. The price was pretty average, I'd say. I'd go back again.

Terry F

Once this place got a 4 star review now, not so much A group of people who have been bowling here for 9 years was treated like an annoyance today. We packed up and headed to Tucson Bowl and ended up having a great time Bowlero has lost business due to the lack of loyalty shown to consistent regulars. Too bad this won't change a thing for their business practices. Hopefully this will serve as a good indicator of the type of service that you can expect there

Joey Mascareñas

Pretty good bowling spot. They've got decent food, a full bar with pool, and a decent arcade. Oh, and you know, bowling. It's definitely a good time with friends. Would recommend!

nicholi grimm

Had excellent service, polite and friendly staff.

Kelly Hargrove

Horrible service

June Hatfield

Its a nice bowling alley, good but a little pricey food, and reasonable deals for bowling. I go because the owner of the pro shop also gives bowling lessons. He's rated as a silver coach and for our area that's very good. Cory is great!

Apex Husky

A nice bowling alley hosted our small party. Hopefully we'll be back with a larger group. Decent pizza.

A. H. A.

Staff is great and the pro shop has always been a great spot for a few pointers and new gear. I'd have given it 5 stars, but the lanes were a little dry and had a few minor delays that a reset couldn't fix.

Curtis Judd

Awesome place for league play! My girls enjoy it!

jerry levitski

Even though they were busy they took care of everything and were very attentive to everything

Estella Moreno

Fun place to hang out and bowl plus play pool.

Laura Parra Frazier

Cool Friday bowling, a little pricey

Trudie Beestrum

Lanes are decent, air does not smell like smoke. We had no trouble with the auto scorers like some bowling alley seem to have.

bennie gatlin

Had our daughter's 8th birthday there,it was great!!! Food,service, arcade, was great!!!!!

Steven Olsen

Good bowling alley the nachos suck though

Brian Rigolizzo

great place to bowl. friendly staff.

Jake Steimer

Very nice and clean bowling alley! Good food, good bar, and nice arcade area as well as 3 pool tables. The lanes/equipment are kept up very nicely. Most importantly, the staff there are VERY friendly and helpful! This is definitely the only place I'll be bowling in Tucson.

Faith Blain

It was fantastic wish there was more music though ❤

Valerie Smith

For a bowling alley it's a nice place. Pretty clean. Just always a little too busy and understaffed. The wait for anything is quite a long one. But the atmosphere is nice. There is a bar with pool tables and a bowling ball shop as well. Lots of lanes. Just note that there are often tournaments for the bowling leagues held here so be sure to call ahead if you want to bowl in the daytime.

Frank Jones

Not the place to go to have a good time. If your looking for a spot with a good vibe look elsewhere. Pricing is $20 per person for cyber bowl. You can barely hear the music. 1 star for me and that’s being generous

Daniel Tuggle

Modern and clean. Kinda pricey for bowling but my kids and I had a blast. Food was surprisingly good and priced as expected at a bowling alley. I will be back when we can afford it.

yvette tomasetti

It's really fun

David Napalm

I was pleasantly surprised by this bowling alley, much cleaner than others around town. The food is exceptional, I came expecting the average bowling alley pizza and found creative pub food (get the Wild Style Fries). A full bar with friendly bartenders, with a decent pool hall. A large game area with tons of games and prizes. Do yourself a favor and check this place out.

Steven Johnson

Miss informed by staff and what time bowling started for the unlimited bowling that according to the employee was from 8 to 11 which in actuality it was 9 to 11 so I had to stand around twiddling my thumbs for an hour and basically felt like I got ripped off for an hour so unlimited bowling was actually 9 to 11 15 minutes after bowling started they closed the snack bar and the bar when they still have customers in their building for another hour and 45 minutes before they actually close so while I'm there and bowling I have to get my food within the first 15 minutes of getting there and then if I need a refill on my drink then I'm basically out of luck for an hour and 45 minutes bowling alley was much better when it was Brunswick this is the first time I have been there since it is now bowlero and was not happy with my experience and not sure if I will go back or recommend this place to anyone

Anuhamut Ross

Been bowling here since i was a kid great place

Mr J

Great food for cheap, bowling was off the hook as well

Kelli Hartley

Fun place, busy on Wednesday nights arcade for kids, bar for adults and great food

Victoria Leon

New look, great staff, delicious beer and food. Fun place to let off some steam.

Jacob Clonts

Horrible service couldn't even get an order of fries before we were done bowling

Luzmaria Stuckey

Food is good. They are awesome at night.

Karen Nelson

The entire experience was outstanding. The cleanliness of the facility, the quality of the food, and the friendliness of the staff made the entire experience outstanding. I will return.

John Amos

Bowling lanes were fun but didn't care for the food.

Natattack02 -best

It was ok food was bad

Jim Rowland

Your basic bowling alley. Nothing fancy. Food service was slow and game pricing was a bit over priced

Paulette Seay

Went to the Pro Shop. Purchased new bowling ball for my grandson. Great experience.

Alvin Watson

Excellent service and personal is experienced and take their time to meet your needs.

Nick Cosentino

Started back up again with a bowling league. Great Alley. Very modern equipment and extras.

Steven Thompson

Started bowling in a league at this facility a couple months ago, noticed alcohol was extremely overpriced. I did find that good old PBR 16oz can was available for $2.50 which was more reasonable even though I have seen it cheaper at other alleys. Started purchasing PBR and since I have it has gone through 4 price jumps all the way to $4.00 a can. Now I understand supply and demand but PBR at $4 is just disrespectful and inconsiderate. Not to mention the mechanic at this alley is completely horrible at putting oil on the lanes. After this league is over I will not be participating in any leagues they offer.

Delzog Izme

Sub par arcade. The bowling, which we didn't do that night, looked fun. And they had loads of specials that we will go back for another time. I'm only rating the arcade.

brittany olson

Just had my son's 8th birthday party here and it was amazing! The staff was super helpful and friendly they did all they could to make sure everything went smooth. Thank you so much!

Tom Kay

Nice place, wish the pro shop was opened earlier.

Mike Schaub

Great bowling house for leagues good people working there lots of fun

Angel Santiago

1st time here. Very nice set up. People of all ages bowling. Went with co-workers and had a ball laughing at each other! Fun place, nice staff.


Very much overpriced. Brunswick was great, friendly employees, snack bar was decent price, drinks were okay. Bowlero

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