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REVIEWS OF Bowlero Christown IN Arizona

Richard Miller

Great cool place to bowl with nice prices

Christine Arellano

A great experience the workers were friendly and very knowledgeable and helpful. The facility was clean and exciting atmosphere. Overall great experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for fun for the whole family, put down the phones and tablets and share the fun with the whole family.

Tim Ohare

Great place. Big fun

Studio One Graphics

We took a large group (seven) of people bowling. We played two games each and rented shoes. I needed to take out a mortgage on my house when I got the bill, plus, a seperate bill for all the food!!! The food was nothing special either. Definitely not worth the high prices. To add to it, the kids then wanted to play pool and other games with all the drug addicts and homeless people who come in off the street to find shelter (bad neighborhood). They too, kept hitting us up for cash. The staff weren't to friendly either. Ask the young girl behind the counter for anything, and watch her roll her eyes. She can't control it.


I love bowling and this place was awesome. The building and outside structure brings you back to memory lane of the era 50s. But everything inside all modern and fun atmosphere. All the servers and staff were friendly.

John Disney Dork Cardona

Great bowling, good drinks and was a bit pricey for 4 hours on a Saturday night for 2 people...I would go again but on a cheaper night...or maybe buy a summer pass...

scott Britton

This place has changed since I was a kid, all updated and stylish.

Sarah E.

Good value when purchasing a package through Groupon. Food was ok. Tons of lanes.

Vickie Williams

The balls are really beat up. We enjoyed our time here. Bathrooms need to be updated.

Art Loks JBC

Nice atmosphere. Kinda pricey pool table... And no bartender on duty. But the guy that served us was cool, as he did his best to serve us

Anthony Cockrell

Great place to bring friends, family and groups. Clean friendly & fun. Come check it out. I did.

Jeffrey Lang

Pretty average bowling alley... It's a fun place and the pizza wasn't had bad either.

Shaunda Mcfalls

This place is so nice. Great atmosphere, pretty bowling balls, and great music

A Blain

Lanes and balls are super oily. Pool is effin' expensive. Other that that, standard bowling alley.

Michael Castro

Expensive price, dirty bathrooms, ok service.


This place has CHANGED!! It has a warm nostalgic feel, yet - because of modern twist on wooden furniture - feels FRESH. I’ll be having each and every one of my B-Days here from now on. I just wish I would have found this earlier. Although, like I said - I have been here before (as a kid), but now 30yrs old, I feel like this place matured/evolved. Just “come and see” because pictures and video don’t do justice to the atmosphere. This might be a horrible analogy, but it’s like stepping into an retro bowling shoe.. Yep, that’s a horrible analogy.

Danny Zamora

The best experience I've had for a bowling alley, and this is my first ever time visiting a bowling alley in my life. The employee's always go around asking if you need help or want something. Overall the best place for bowling and food, keep it up you guys and stay awesome

Felicia Padilla

We had previously found a Groupon for another place but there was a league . So we went here and we ended up paying triple the price. You dont pay until the end and each game is about 9 bucks. With 3 kids ... the games added on until we reached almost $ the rental of the shoes.

Varghese Mathai

Great bowling alley with delicious food esp. Wings & wraps. But area is a bit dicey with lots of street dwellers (some of them are suspicious looking). So be careful.

Javier Solano

I went with my gf thinking I had been charged one game each but after the first game was over, it gave us the option of starting again. So we thought they might of given us another game. As we finished the 2nd game again same option so we pressed it again and at the moment I thought to myself "what the hell is going on" so I went to the register where the young guy was working and, I told him how many games did it charge me and why wasn't I told it would I would be paying as I go? So he just charged me two games each instead of 3 each.

Jonathan Roeder

They did a fantastic job with the remodel of the bowling alley. The bar is awesome and a great place to hang with friends and grab some drinks. The lanes are nice with a fun party atmosphere. My only complaint is the prices. It is not cheap to bowl here...especially on the weekends. I easily spend a hundred dollars or more with my family of three when we go.

Roland Vasquez

The employees were great! Was also nice how they would keep checking up on you if you needed anything. Location is pretty sketch as there are a ton of homeless outside.

jay key

Very fun expierence definately will return.

james thomasson

I couldn't believe how big this bowling alley was when I walked in to it. Definitely a cool place to go.

Joseph Weber

I loved the atmosphere. It had a very big Lebowski vibe. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Ryan Anspach

We had a great time at our catered party, and the food was very tasty

Brian Webb

Love this place, did my first Pro-Am tournament here. The only downside is the new remodeling and lighting makes it hard to see the lane markings. If you're just bowling for fun, it won't matter... But it's tougher to practice for competition here.

Anthony Phillips

Had a very good time their! Staff is very friendly and out going. Definitely a place I will be visiting again soon.

Kyndra Mays

They changed from an AMF to bowlero and hiked up the prices. We usually bowl 2-3 games but we can't spend $80 just to's no longer affordable for bigger families to go regularly.

David James

Fun atmosphere! Great place to hang with friends and colleagues!

Missy Keke

Thank you soooo very much from the bottom of our hearts Bowlero for being so amazing to us tonight and we can’t wait to have another event with you all soon ❤️ From the servers who helped us tonight to the manager Chris Dancer, you all made our even so special! I can’t wait to host another event soon

Chase Lancaster

Good food, friendly and fast service, and fun atmosphere

Keysha Ray

While playing multiple rounds and consistently asking the servers to come over to my #47 not once did my party of 2 get our food or beverage. Unfortunately even with multiple requests (actual face to face with the employees) no one showed up. Thanks for a unpleasant date night

Scottie Stevens

The place is huge. I was in during the day. Wanted something to eat and a drink. The place was dead, no one in sight, not even an employee. So we left.


Clean environment.. Family friendly... Great place to take the family for a night cap..

Tina Gore

Food is slightly pricey, but good. Bowling prices are very good. This place should be historic since my parents bowled here 30 years ago. Now I bowl here


It is nice but you can tell it is a old place and kind of run down a bit

Casey Allman

I've been here multiple times, and each time is great. It's as clean and modern as bowling alleys come these days. In addition to the bowling, they also have an arcade area and an area with pool tables, air hockey, and a full bar. They also have great promotions like $2 Tuesdays. $2 games, tacos, and other eats/drinks. It's a great place to relax and spend time with your friends & family.

Kimberly Anderson

Every time I go there I think I should be bartending that place. The bartender last night was 100% better than the bartender the first time I went. I've had 13 years experience bartending and I could make that place come alive again like it used to be back in the day

marcel Ludlow

Bowling was fine. The bar staff was atrocious.

Gabriel Medina

Fun for a date or take the whole family. Food was ok but the waitress was on point.

Louie Cruz

My daughter loves this place. Will be there soon for her birthday.

Rachel Straube

I came to the pro shop here to buy a ball and have it drilled. I got a fair price for my bowling ball and the guy there was very awesome about taking his time and making sure that my ball was measured and drilled correctly for my hand and how I throw the ball. The time he spent helping me to make.sure everything was right has definitely helped my bowling average. I plan to buy a ball with more curve and will definitely be going back here to get it and make sure it is drilled correctly for my hand.

Kim Spittle

Food was good price was decent

Jennifer Falis

Biggest most cool place to go for fun and good food!


I have been trying out a few bowling places with a friend. I have found Bowlero Christown to be the most update to date design and facilities. It makes a difference. You'll have to get familar with the times as calling or looking online is not always accurate we have found. You can order food at the lanes. This is both good and bad. Good you don't have to worry about going anywhere. Bad when you want something like a refill quickly.

Matt Hakes

Went to celebrate a friends birthday. Had a great time with my wife and friends, 4 total, but as was expected, spending around $150 for 2 rounds of bowling and some food, 3 appetizers and 1 pitcher of beer, is hard to suggest for most people. The service was good and attentive and would go there again, but it will definitely not be a common thing and probably not anytime soon.

Gabrielle Chavarria

Air went out waited 25 min at the bar both bartenders ignored my group filling ticket orders only went to bar because couldn't find a waitress! Rude staff

Jeriesha Elcock

Great new set up since the last time I been here. Great for family fun, date night, or get together with friends.

Alexandra Montanez

They make you have assigned seats now.

Arnold Vasquez

It was ok the bathroom was flooded but great staff

Patricia Williams

The drinks(alcohol) were watered down but I still had a blast!

frank timoney

It was a great place before it was bought out by bowlero corprate cookie cutter places suck I prefer glenfare lanes and let it roll bowl

Vanessa Amaya

Best place to have fun with the family.

Aaron Demar

Had a great experience here in a Saturday afternoon. They offer cosmic bowling the whole day and prices are very reasonable. They have a small selection of video games along with pool tables and foosball tables as well. The staff was friendly and very attentive with any requests. All in all, great experience, had fun and the place was very clean

Britbrat Bruh

Nice, modern alley with tastey food. However, the whole thing was so expensive! One game of bowling for 3 people was $30. The food was overpriced too, even though it was pretty good. Long gone are the days of $1 hot dogs and burgers at bowling alleys since all of them in Phoenix seem to be owned by the same people/chain.

Tammy Valenzuela

Great vibe. Great prices too.

Mike Owens

I had contacted this facility a week ago to inquire about specials. I was told about a Sat special, we were holding a small birthday celebration. He said that special was all. Got to the bowling alley, the special did not exist. Thankfully they had kids day that helped a lot. Then the lane they were on was defective and needed reset after each of the four bowlers completed their turn. Could not finish last two frames, staff refused to reset. Glad this was a free game. Food is $ and not good.

Pink Bones

Love to take my kiddoa here.. It helps them come out of their comfort zone and learn new experieces of fun..

Kedric Roper

So while I like the videos and movies on the big screens across the lanes, I also didn't like them at times. Could not see the arrows on the lane from the glare of gigantic tv. Had to spray own shoes as the girl didn't have my size. Found a pair that was checked in. She was more into the french fries she was eating than helping people. Sorry to disturb your snack time at work.

Zombie_B8 gudz

Its so cool but slow service

Margie Garay

Great place to go bowling. The atmosphere was fun and relaxing and the service was great.

Nikki Soger

Very fun place and extra friendly staff. Had holes put into new bowling ball at the pro shop.

Carrie Shultz

We've been wanting to come here for a while but were kinda disappointed when we finally made it. We arrived around 5:30pm on a Sunday night for a child's birthday outing. I was shocked and appalled at the pricing. The five of us played one game and with shoe rental it was nearly $60! There was no cheaper pricing for children and they considered a Sunday night "weekend pricing." The bowling alley was not busy at all yet there were so many employees standing around. Is that why the pricing is so high because they cannot figure out how to staff accordingly? We wanted to play video games but they are all run by a card, not quarters or tokens, and you have to pay an additional $1 just for the card itself. This place is a total ripoff. I will not be back.

gabe thorne

had a blast. fun as being a kid again

Maggie Garcia

If you go here use cash.. I have so many unauthorized transactions from here and the manager doesnt call me back. This place is very unprofessional. The girl that works behind the front desk has a horrible attitude as well. I can see why she has so many bad reviews. She literally rolls her eyes at customers.

William Gay

Great time excellent service. Amazing staff

David L.

Fun times and good atmosphere

Cathy Reeves

Had a blast was fun. Very very expensive, customer service for the bar was extremely horrible. Took a very long timento get drinks. The food and drinks are way over priced. The price for bowling is over priced as well. Had fun but we will not be back. We will be going to Main Event from now on.

Tata Ray

Family had a fun night out food was good to

John Cascio

Nice bowling alley. Large tv displays on every lane to watch various programs. Staff super friendly. Recommended.

Daniel Grieves

Had a good time what you pay for is what you get.

Trey Robledo

My first time bowling and it was real fun!! The place is clean and everyone working there was very friendly!


Had a good time. Restroom was pretty bad and the balls need to be replaced but it was fun. But also a little expensive. $40 for 2 ppl, 2 games on a Sunday night is not welcoming.

Edward Wager

Good price and great atmosphere

Monique King

Friendly staff. Clean. Nice lanes.


Fun place to be with loved ones and friends

Abigail Silver

Clean lanes with decent prices. However, tried to order food and after the initial welcome our waitress never returned. I also hoped that they staff would ask people or their kids to not be in the lanes when they aren't bowling.

khadijahs Kreations

I always have a great time

Rich Meek

If you want to have a fun time for any occasion check in with Shane, he will take great care of you.

Derek Mendoza

Good wings but they where not saucy

Joshua Armstrong

Great bowling alley, always have specials running. Staff is friendly and fast you just have to make sure you're ordering the right drink specials otherwise they'll give you ones that are more expensive. Besides that great place to go!

Btchn247 So

Fun! Dont go on Friday nights unless you want to pay a lot.

Karla Riod

Great spot to go with the family

Kelsi Sharp

It's a nice bowling alley. Had a lot of fun bowling. Played some pool afterwards in their game section which has some other fun games as well, like air hockey and skiball!

Bradley Brauer

Fun time with some good service. Well maintained


Slow service, under stocked bathroom, pricy drinks. Good music.

Marri Martinez

Had so much fun and they have great customer service

M j.K

Friday nites are busy, Saturday nites more family-friendly.

Torian Smith

always have tuns of fun but they did steal money from me i feel $90 for unlimited wings which werent good

Jay Velazquez

After the remodel deff brought this place to life. Drinks are a little pricey for their quality

Fern Chav

Good times just shop Groupon before you go

Dre Loc

Too expensive nothing special rent for the night no lights or anyting

Jordan Waibel

We came here for a work team meeting this morning. Inside was so fun! Great music, great atmosphere.

Mark Hawkins

The remodel concept is cool. Bowling prices are a little more but what isn't now a days. Caution though be sure to tell them you are their for unlimited bowling when it is the time they offer it. The staff the night my party went tried to charge us per game and it would have been $25 more.

laurie deist

Kept up,clean,drinks were awesome,food was typical bowling alley fare,bowling shoes weren't that comfortable,employees were nice tho


I'm surprised how nice it was inside. The waiters were fast and friendly and good food.

lucinda montoya

Went on date night. Was fun once we were able to find the right balls.

patty suppa

This place was fun, we had a great time. I didn't give 5 stars because the bathrooms need bleach down the sewer drains

J Nicole

Great bowling alley had a ball beer is cheap but the time there priceless

Amy Moceri

Best bowling alley in town. Re-done inside and good lanes. Huge food and drink menu.

Anar Dadashov

Music is little bit high, other than that is very great place.

Danny Ruiz

This place is legit! Fun for all ages especially the grown up kids in all of us. Definitely gets the thumbs up. Arcade, pool tables, bowling lanes for days. And lots more

Ann Robinson

Not a place to go if you are a serious bowler. Lanes are dirty. Server walked by several times and never asked if we wanted anything.

john matos

Great spot to take a date and enjoy time

Jesus Miranda

Fun place, price is kinda high. The adult beverages are good, overall a good experience.

arthur green

Had a small game selection but ended up gettin free games of basketball so I was good. Lol

nicholas m

well I don't know about this place. I can't believe this place is kid friendly there are homeless everywhere asking for money, drunk basterds bothering me and my friends and the lady at the booth isn't really capable of doing a thing, my food was expensive and not nothing to die for So unless you don't mind bums expensive food bad service this is the place for you and your family!

BMindful Everyday

I've been here twice for a family get together. We all had a blast. Great for kids too. They have a ramp like unit (lol) that makes it easy for children, so they don't have to throw the bowling ball. And the can block the gutters so, "No Gutter Balls" which means, "No Frustrated Kids!" I can't wait to go again soon. It's a great place and its clean too! Bonus! Check it out definitely! Enjoy!!

James Edelstein

Great place to have a beer and some good times with friends and/or family. Atmosphere was exceptionally good. The music is a little too loud for my taste, but still a great experience. Waiters are sent to your lane to take orders for food or drink.

Robert Haynes

Cool bowling alkwy, thogh $4 for a Coke seemed a bit high.

Jennifer Larrow

I have been to several bowleros around town and this one by far is THE nicest!! Very clean, HUGE open bar and arcade, smoking area enclosed outdoor patio! Joined a league here!

Gabriel Barriga

My daughters have been here multiple times, and each time is great according to them. It's as clean and modern as bowling alleys come. In addition to the bowling, they also have an arcade area and an area with pool tables, air hockey, and a full bar with great alcohol choices and mixes. They also have great promotions like $2 Tuesdays. $2 games, tacos, and other eats/drinks. It's a great place to relax and spend time with your friends & family. The area outside isn’t the greatest due to the homeless issues and the area, but don’t judge this book by its cover. The manager was excellent and his staff even better. Thank you for the time we had

Hector Bocardo

Fun place hit the jackpot with my son like 5 times on the little side games they have it was fun

Jeff Anderson

Nice updated bowling alley

Robert B

Great place. Fun time. Little on the expensive side.

Kristin Harris

The lanes are nice but the kitchen took forever.

Michelle Dumas

Coming along good with the remodeling! Nice family place to relax and enjoy each other from a long week of work.

Lorriea Gentry

Awesome, first time and we had a BLAST. Can't wait to go back....

Ronnie Prejean

Fun place had a great time.

Richard Grimes

Bowling was fun, they were just way understaffed so any problems we had took an excruciating amount of time to get solved (we ended up taking care of a few of those ourselves). Other than that, food was good, lanes were nicely oiled and staff was friendly.

***DALLAS*** Cowboys

I can come and watch my Cowboys play and meet new people!! The bartender goes out of his way to make me a Cherry Pepsi because they don't have it there. Great place to come to.

Zoe Goebel

Games are broken alot here but the food is good and bowling is fun.

Maria Pineda

The experience was fun for the family, however they never disclosed the extra costs involved for bowling. I thought it odd they kept our credit card, but then figured because of the area they wanted to make sure they got thier shoes back. In the end we were shocked as it cost us $160.81 for a family night, that doesn't even include what we bought to eat and drink. The girl mentioned Friday is the most expensive time to go, wish they would of told us that on the phone. One of us even had our own shoes. Just wanted to make sure other families were aware to check out the additional hidden costs beforehand.

Mackenzie Savage

Nice bowling alley. Good lanes. Downside is the bathrooms are awful.

Caroline Barcena

Had a mega mule and it was really good. Came here for a going away party and it was fun and so busy, it took a while to get our fries but I guess with so many orders something was bound to get lost in the mix.

Cassianda Davis

I had an Amazing time and I love what they've done to the place.

Rosie Montoya

I love how big it is, the employees were helpful, only issue was the food was trash..

cherie toombs

Big place, great prices & lots of fun!

jasmine norush

Pretty cool spot for bowling that offers table service. I personally preferred the atmosphere before renovations, everything was original mid century vintage, it hurts to know it was ripped out and thrown away. But hey that’s not everyone’s cup of tea! Still a good location with fair prices. Subscribe to their newsletter online for lots of discounts and free bowling:)

Kat Raveling

This place has changed so much since the last time I was here. Great place to take kids to play video games or bowl.

Kevin McWherter

Very clean inside but has too many different smells in there, could cause headaches.. To each their own. But my issue is with the staff, i went 2 different times. One being a saturday around 1p nd the other a friday around 12pm. Early enough both times to where you could bowl and not be too bothered by anyone around you. Well it seems they could careless about that. Got our lane both times nd we were placed in a lane that was between people already bowling. I did not want that so i went to talk to the person at the desk. The first time i was told by the man working after i asked to be moved, " its guna fill up anyways" which i kind of believed with it being a saturday but only about 10 lanes were being used out of 47. 2hrs later when we are getting ready to leave, i notice it NEVER filled up nor were there any more people there then when we got there. The 2nd time i was told, "12 is the only lane i have with bumpers and the man next to you (to the left in the same bay) is leaving" i just turned around nd walked back to the lane. The man did end up leaving about 5mins later. Still had people to the right of us but we had our "own" 2 lanes to sit nd relax. Well halfway thru our frames a lady walks up with her 2 kids, maybe 4 nd 6, to bowl right next to us. When the first 10 lanes were free nd lanes 20-47 were free. I do not get why they MUST put you next to someone already bowling. When the place is practically empty!? Let the people have their space if 40 of your 47 lanes are open to bowl

Mistie Domen

Good food. Good drinks. Bad service. Left my guard down on my Lane for well over 30 minutes in the middle of my game until I finally gave up and left. They fixed it as I walked out the door. Thanks.

Stephanie Cruz

Its excitung and its all about having gun anf hanging out enjoying bowling anf listening to music

MsDimples AllNatural

Nice place. Drinks are well.. Customer service needs to be a little more friendly and attentive otherwise that nice place

Theresa Moreno

First time here for Neon Bowling. Good music, family had a great time

Ronald Thurston

My company had our Christmas party here a few years ago and it was amazing ... The service was awesome and we were able to get it catered by their kitchen so it cost less and it was really good food... I didn't talk much with the staff other than the bartender but he was pretty cool too

Laura gamboa, murray

Great time. Food and games were great

Steve Cockrill

We had a great time. Food is good but a little expensive.

Shar Bitsui

Bowling game is fun. Music is cool. Food sucks and the service is slow, even when you ask for help or use the help button.

Absalom Shakur

In the year 1994 I attended Job Corps in Clearfield, Utah. It was there on campus where I bowled for the very first time. I learned everything I know about bowling at Jobcorps. I Learned to love bowling there first! Anyhow, Bowlero Christown is such a clean and tidy place. As busy as they are would make one think there was a huge staff that keep the place immaculate. I really enjoy how that every time I've visited, this alley the ambient temperature in the room was perfect. The restrooms (men's at least) are always clean and relatively uninterrupted by stench. For those of you who do not live in the North , the rail train drops one off less than a block from Bowlero Christown. This bowling alley is situated nearby Carl's Junior, Taco Bell, Target, Dollar Tree ,Ross Wells Fargo, Bank of America and much. I love the lights inside the bowling alley all of the big screens and the entire theme is on point with me. There is food, soda and beer, but of course when you go out to movies bowling alleys food is always little pricey. Bowlero Chris town carries no exemption. So I do encourage those of you reading my review to attend this wonderful place and have a wonderful time. My only regret is that you're good time can't be on me!

Kourtney Reynolds

It's funny how if one person(me black/female) brings in outside food or drink then management has an issue(Friday 11pm). BUT if the very next eve(Sat 5pm)some other people (two middle age white/males) do the exact same thing. Same floor manager(also white male) does not have a care in the world about it. Check my other posts and see that I never bring up race.NEVER. I have a summer pass and now that I see the apparent double standard you can rest assured I will be sure to spend my money (food/drink)at every other bowling chain except AMF. Could have been an oversight, could have been unconscious bias. Either way, vote with your money my friends. I won't be back, nor should you.At least its clean and there is a pro shop.

Charles J. Phillips

Great place for family entertainment. Decent food and friendly service.

Frank Romero

This place has been remodeled and is actually a very good spot to bowl and have fun. The bar has good drinks and the atmosphere is excellent!

Isaac Conchos

Came by to hang with some friends from work. Came on the perfect day on a Tuesday $2.22 Tuesday that is so games came out to 2.22 a game and had some little Long Island ice teas which came out to the same price i got some eats from here and they made me a delicious turkey melt. Bowlero was at half capacity so plenty of room to have fun and they have a awesome amount of arcade games and jumbo connect four pool tables foosball and a huge tv for sports events. The area I grew up in my whole life but one might say it’s sketchy but other then that a great visit

isaac adames

great atmosphere, and very friendly service for a large party. Waiters serve you and provide you with all eating accommodations. The unlimited all you can eat deal was amazing for a group of 15. The waiters were courteous and very friendly.

Cornelio Flores

The best fun I have had since I moved from San Diego to Phoenix.

ashley thomas

Lots of fun! I went with colleagues from locations all across the country and we were welcomed well! Had a blast! Food that they catered for us could have been much better but overall great experience

Vincent Rasas

Had a great time they treated us good good service good people

Perry Lund

Very nice and friendly helped me with a video game problem took care of it for me had a great time there

Natasha Brown

Had a ball. For my God sons birthday

Jose C

We had a great experience here & the staff is very friendly. You have too look for the deals especially when little kids are w you & want to bowl. I wish they had better prizes when it came to trading your tickets for prizes. Besides that good times.

Jess H

The change inside is amazing they really made the place look great.

mike wood

Very exciting, great place to take your family... Pizza, and game room, bumps up the price... somewhere around 35 dollars buys you two games of bowling so there competition is gonna jerk their heads... That's all I got on this place... Bad location in the valley of the sun... Can't determine if it was worth the four hundred I spent taking my family there the other night ..

Heather Rall

I was here for an event and as a first timer in the establishment, it seemed updated compared to other alleys its age with new arcade games and seating area while playing. The prices were reasonable and the staff was friendly. I docked a star for the fact the air was either not on or not properly working as it was extreamly hot and was told they would look into it, but never got back to me within those 2hours.

James Edmonds

Came with seven friend's. Clean. Great atmosphere.Synopsis: Management handled issues inappropriatly and treats employees poorly. Five us began bowling on one lane. When the other two arrived, we tried to get the open lane next to us. We were told it was not working, but we could sit there because there were seven of us. The waitress's boss then told our waitress that we could not sit there. We explained that that was not what we were told. Waitress comes back an hour later telling us the lane now works and we need to move. 1) why didn't a manager come speak with us. 2) why weren't we given the opportunity to use both if they were not broken 3) I watched the interaction between management and their employees, management is the problem. None of us will be back and may management have mercy on their souls.

Christopher Beyer

We took my 4 year old who loves to bowl here. The service was great, the alley was clean, there were lots of other families; just an all around good bowling alley. We also had great food and cocktails. The only negative is that we were asked for money or cigarettes more than once by different people on our way in; did not present as the safest atmosphere.


Cool spot to hang out with friends and drink

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