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REVIEWS OF Antelope Lanes IN Arizona

barbara kearse

Just a great time. Pleasent experience

Falyn Macbeth

Super fun to go to for parties. Had some difficulties with the pins getting reset but other than that it was a great day.

Angel Holl

Fun place but score boards are never accurate. Still very fun atmosphere.

Steve Hernandez

Great way to spend a Saturday evening next time you are in the Prescott Valley

William Galloway

Had a blast took my family for a night out

Mario Ibarra

Good place, lanes break once in awhile but not a big deal... Had a great time with the big brothers big sisters fundraiser

Trish Sutherland

wonderful place.

Arizona's All Around Horses LLC Alice Irvin

Still a great place to bowl...good prices, clean, and fun place to spend with the family

Race Ryan

Very fun and good food great service!

Alex Daniels

Reasonable Prices. Best place in the area to bowl

Dana Gallagher

Fun fun fun good pizza

Munky GrayBevers

Great people

Susan Reynolds

It was good

Kendra Robertson

Really awful. Uneven lanes. Machines that don't work. Ball return is miserably slow. The kitchen SMELLS horrible so I didn't dare try the food. Paid for 2 games for a family of 6. Over $70. Didn't even play the whole first game. Couldn't get any refund.


Nice bowling alley with plenty of lanes and low prices. 2.50 games for the summer. Has a bar for drinks too.

Doodah Man

Went there tonight and was looking to bowl with the new ball I ordered from them. I ended up getting in an argument with a patron there that wanted to spend more time in the bar than with his child he left sitting on a bench outside who looked rather forlorn. Apparently that word is to complicated for most of their patrons. I was trying to be kind by offering to let her bowl on my lane, this set him into a rage and he had to send his friends over to threaten me. I will not go there again. The staff is great , the patrons are foul mouthed and violent. I definately reccomend avoinding this place if you are family oriented! Also was listening to the bartender talking to another staff member about the mouse that was running around in the ice holder, wouldn't reccomend the food !


Bad arcade and no like bowl and is old Yes

Chad Michael Trotter

Bowling is awesome for all ages! Great safe place to do it.

Frank Scherer

Rita and I just spent a couple of hours practicing our bowling. It's a older venue, but it's the home of our league, and practice makes perfect. Personnel there are great and professional. Reasonably priced


The good old bowling alley! Cheap drinks and food, pool tables, arcade games and of course some awesome bowling! Cant forget the black light nights!

Kat Cabral

Staff are always nice and fun

Samantha McCarthy

Good food and good bowling experience

Samuel Tsosie

This is the worst bowling alley I've been to in all my life, honest. I tend to think even the mini bowling alley at Freedom Station is better. The pins sometimes don't come back up after you bowl and putting the names on the board is complicated. The guy that is at the front desk is kind of rude as he did not greet most of his customers right. Also, they took a VERY long time to make us our pizza.


Fun and nice atmosphere!

Nikki Filiatrault-pierce

My son really wanted to have a Bowling Birthday party so I decided to have it there . I asked question when I booked it etc to know how it would work . well it was kinda a mess like there was no host I pretty much had to do everything which was odd to me considering if we have ever done partys anywhere there was always someone asking if we needed refills and anything we had to go up and ask of they could bring the cake and then we had to go back and ask for forks ... it just wasnt what I expected for the price I payed .

un known

Wonderful thank you for your support of our Fall fest. Acorn Montessori

J Ban23

Games messed up. Wouldn't keep track of score.

Takilia 99

Lots of fun!

Virginia Jones

Funky good time

Brittany tayon

Compared to prescott's bowling alley this place has it all including family friendly and just lots of fun with a DJ on saturday.

oak gameing

Good bowling alley place

Emily Krull

Fun times

Maya Guest

Supper fun! Lane glitched and it took a long time for someone to come help us.

CJ Martinez

Had great time

Djanice Azevedo

Love this place. It is always so much fun to do a bowling day and they are always so sweet and kind. The food is great and I definitley reccomend the french fries haha. I also know that they have great drinks and have been told by many people they have the best bloody mary's in town.

Shirley Stephenson

They need to work on there equipment. They raised the price of bowling so they could fix things and they are getting worse all the time. But they do change the oil all the time.

Raymond Simmons

After many years of being a league bowler it is truly amazing how rude one can be treated. Sad that Stormy being a manager was unable to remain composed when a refund was mentioned due to a simply misunderstanding. Matt I will always support your business but she is difficult to deal with and I believe she is truly a bad choice. Just imput from one business owner/league bowler.

Bobby Patricca

If there was a proper way to score this bowling alley, it would be -300. Went on a decently busy Saturday night. Our lanes kept skipping turns, not counting shots, randomly resetting the pins for the wrong player, and any number of other problems. We told them multiple times and they didn't seem to care at all. They got our money, no big deal I guess. The bartender took 10 minutes or more to get one drink for one in our party. Then the owner/manager got into an argument with a customer and they were shouting at each other. Not very professional. We had fun as it was a casual night out and we weren't taking it too seriously, but the people running this place have no business running a public entertainment place.

Jeremy Rohde

First time here. Waited forever to bowl but looks to be a tournament going on.

Matt Droste

I hate writing bad reviews. I always try to give places a second chance if I have a bad experience. I also do not over react when things aren't perfect. But this place has had some of the worst customer service I've ever seen, and I've been there 3 times now, and tonight was the last time. The staff has been flat out rude every time. This happened tonight, my sister's birthday: 1) They had an attitude when the pins stopped working and they had to walk down and fix it. I'm not sure how this was our fault. 2) They close at 11pm. At 9:45pm my party of nine was told if we weren't done by close, he would have to shut the game down. 3) He changed the radio station from something our whole party was clearly enjoying to something heavy and obnoxious. 4) When we were still having a good time, he turned it up to a slightly uncomfortable setting. 5) He turned it up a second time to an almost unbearable setting. I'm not exaggerating when I say I could barely hear our family talk. Overall we felt rushed to leave during business hours, like we were an inconvenience. Mind you, none of us were drinking. Completely inexcusable customer service.

Nicole Shearer

The staff is wonderful and the prices are reasonable. My kids enjoy going there for the bowling than playing the arcade games...

Linda Collins

We watched my nephew bowl and played pool. It is a good place

Milward Bell-Bhatti

Awsome! Staff is great! Had our holiday party there, everyone had a great time.

Deborah Thieme

Feels like home

P McKinley

Always a great time!

Tiffany Ep

We have fun every time we go bowling. The front guy who helps us is always nice. It's a great way to spend time with my kids during the summer at decent price.

Topher Yeah, I said Topher

I love to bowl, although I am not really good. The environment at this bowling alley really helps to enhance the experience. It has a small area with arcade games for the kids to play while I am setting up other things. I was pleased to see a wooden bench made by YEI Airpark in the main area, as well an area to play pocket billiards. I was impressed with the way they helped with the Fundraising events.

Louie Guevara

Lane malfunctioned a couple times, nothing serious. All in all, a nice alley. I would go back.

Romona Ogburn

Not that expensive. Very clean, great staff, thank you Matt, great job.

Rita Bivens-Scherer

Fun place and good food.

Chad Castigliano

These people are friendly and great to work with! We did an event for a nob profit there and they are happy to give back to the community!!

Meghan Sturgis

Um they were supposed to close at 12 and I'm very irritated. They closed at 10:30

Jennifer Fausett

My son wanted his 8th bday party here, and he loved it. We got 3 pizzas unlimited refills on 3 pitchers. It was perfect for us because we didn't want to bring everything. And honestly for a bowling alley the pizza was delicious. My husband never eats the crust but actually did here! He loved the pizza and he is super picky. My son wants his party Herr next year too. I do wish like tokens were included cuz of course the kids wanted to play games so that was out of pocket money, but it wasn't to bad I guess considering. How much other places charge for a party. I mean kids bowled for an hour got food and drink and I barely sent 100.00!

Kris Bollingmo

Big, modern, industrial. People seemed to be having fun. Great sports bar

Alan Wichert

Always busy and great fun

Freedom Tech

Lots of fun Arcades too!

Diane Erickson

Great fun!

Tom Liuzzo

Lanes are good oil patterns are hit and miss


Poorly managed with no customer service.....

Rita Lohman

The manager wasn't friendly at all. I had my daughter's birthday there and when I went to have the soda pitchers (note that I was carrying the soda pitchers back and forth!) he told me that the soda was only for the birthday guests. I don't even drink soda! I had nine 10 and 11 year olds and...well...they like their soda! I also noticed that he proceeded to take the soda pitchers and dip them in the ice machine to refill the ice. Mind you that children were pouring there own drinks touching the pitchers! I was unhappy with the lack of customer service and hope that they can turn it around!

rick lemire

Good food, drink and bowling is great fun. Recently remodeled and clean. Great staff.

Austin Bihlman

Great place to have fun

Jeanette Arlene

We went for Booing for books event. It was ok. Wish there was a little more of a turn out.

Erik V

We had a great company party here and the Bowling for Kids Sake charity event was a blast. Clean rental shoes, no busted laces and a nice selection of loaner balls. Some are pretty chewed up but still roll right. The lanes are always spotless and waxed perfectly.

dean Hendrix

People there are friendly and when needed offer plenty of assistance

Ed Matthews

Things were changed to Quick you don't ever do that. Business

Mark Muster

The General Manager Matt A. Has change the food MENU and most of the good food is no longer on it. and the price of a burger, come on who is going to pay $10.00 for a double burger. Get real Matt.

Layson DeHart

My kids and I had a great time, played pool, bowled, ate pizza and mini corn dogs. Prices are reasonable, they also have a full bar, we want to try out rock and roll night, where they use black lights and play rock n roll.

Rita L Bivens-Scherer

Could be a little cleaner. And updated.

Joe Bommarito

Great time except for lane#2 had score keeping problems but the girl working there named Stormy was right there to fix it. Good times good times. Pizza was good.

Jennifer Kinnamon

Went tonight with a family night coupon I won in an auction. We went for dinner and was pleasantly surprised at how well the food was. The er vice was incredible!! Stormy greeted us and helped us anytime we needed it. She's very attentive and seemed to keep an eye on everyone. The entire staff seemed to be working hard abd well as a team. Thanks for a great time with the family(8 yr and 3 yr)! Id suggest going at night for their rock n bowl. We'll be back!

David Collins

The pizza was very chewy and doughy in the middle on 5/25/2019

Marie Vadnais

Greatplace blowing

Al Szerlong

Smoke free and very clean☺️great staff Staff was very good and helpful. But the equipment and the score computer messed up, ball return was not working well. Staff helped. We have had this happen before at this location.

Garrett Ottoaz

Nice time with friends

Jeff Baumgartner


Tristan Brock

Average little bowling alley,the food is nice

Ron Henderson

Enjoyed 3 games of bowling.

Brenda Davis

Had loads of fun


not sure about the bowling but the bar has a great happy hour and bartenders are some of the best.

Kim Romero

Nice place nice people !!

April Rockhold

Ben the karaokehost is awesome and funny and has the most AMAZING. Voice!!!!$

Dave Rodgers

Good pizza nice people

Abigail Waddell

Very retro and groovy

Joshua Derickson

Good equipment, good food and plenty to do.

Darryl Seals

Great place to have fun.

Stephane McCaslin - Leon

A fun, clean, family friendly place

Maria Harlow

Great for the whole family

Michael Gilbert

Love taking my 8yr old here she loves it!!

Wendy Dyer

Great place for family bowling or a quick bite to eat.

Tempestt Miles

Nice clea bowling alley, nice and open. The lanes dont feel like they are on top of eachother. They are pretty reasonably priced and the building can need seen from the main road, actually you cant miss it!!

Petite Cactus

Awesome but lane 4 is broke as hell. Strikes for days!

Hunter Jorschumb

Can't go wrong with bowling!

Michael downer

Always a great time. Been going there for about 13 years now. Good prices, great food, great drinks in the bar, and excellent service.

Derek Dains

Bowling is fun

pyrojosh pyrojosh

This place has been damaging bowling ball left and right

Al Herman

.Went with the 5th and 6th graders from my school, about 70 kids. We had the management hopping!

Crystalblue S

Thank you Antelope Lanes from Big Brother/Big Sister!!!!

Mark K.

Haven't bowled in some years... Had a great time with my 4 year old. The only downside is the score machine would keep score incorrect, but oh well, it's not like we are good anyway. Lol

April Pehl

Great atmosphere! Rock/pop music. Good for people of all ages. And, cheaper than expected. Summer rates were going on. $2.50 games & $2.50 shoe rentals.

Molly Nunn

Very nice bowling alley. Had a blast shooting pool. Bar is awesome with an amazing bartender. Music the night we went was okay but could've been better as it was all country. Nothing wrong with country but a mixture would be better. Maybe different nights are better.

Kristina Davis-Thompson

Love love love the bartenders!!!


Was my first time here had fun with my friends

T Brennan

Staff is great, the machinery leaves a lot to be desired.

Johnnie Perry

Little bit of an older alley, but good pricing. Just check the website to avoid the league only times.

Adam Bruce

Excellent place to bowl. Very genuine local family runs the place and it makes it that much better.

Samantha Fournet

Love this place!

Douglas Martinez

$10 dollars for a Coke and chili dog. OUTRAGEOUS. TERRIBLE. I WON'T GO THERE AGAIN

Lynette Marshall

Was fun for the kids today but I thought they could of done better to schedule events differently so that the kids could of bowled more instead of being one on to of each other in just a few lanes

Jack Wilkinson

Still makes you wear bowling shoes - so old fashioned.

Timothy Wynne

My grandson Jack has Autism and loves bowling. Wish I was as good as him!!

Lucas Medrano Project

Bit of a regular, all the folks there from the cooks to the staff and bartenders are amazing. Good lanes, proper set up.

Lisa Krietenstein

Loud, crowded, lanes are not level and keep jamming. Also tried to say they delivered 4 pizzas to our party, when they only brought 3.

vanessa garcia

Nice person at the front desk but our lane kept glitching and the computer panel would skip or go back to the previous player.

abby nelson

Fun place, sometimes slow service.

Phyllis Jiacalone

The staff was very nice and informative. When I was in there it was very busy, but they took the time to inform me about signing up for a summer league.

JD Miller

Really tough to find a lane Friday through Sunday. They schedule their leagues on the weekend rather than weekdays. This is a bad move by them because bowling is a great date/get-together sort of things for youngsters on weekends. The bowling leagues really shut everyone out on those nights. Too bad.

idk Tyler

Great fun for the whole family

Elizabeth Staege

Good place to hang with friends and family

Will Wagner

Had a Wonderful time with my wife. Bowling for big Brothers Big Sisters Association.

Kingdom Builder

This place is a horrible place to go if you're looking for good service. The main lady there was very rude and not hospitable AT ALL. The prices were ok, but I'd rather pay more and get good service. Bad service is definitely a pet peeve of mine. The rails have to stay up or go down you can't choose either or. Can someone say system upgrade? I will not be coming back to this place or recommending to anyone.

Mike Craigson

Prescott Valley's only bowling alley. A nice place for family bowling. Great beer prices for tall ones or a pitcher!

Jeff Anderson

Great place to bowl, staff is great especially Ally

B joy

Bowling is always fun!

Terry Goacher

Nice place seemed a little warm inside.

Ernie Cottrill

Freindly atmosphere. And great cocktails


Fun noisy place to get your game on.

Rusty Shakelford

The bowling team License to Chill needs to take a look at their name. Threatening to punch someone because they were standing too close to the lane instead of just saying there’s a league happening is pathetic... License revoked. PS the bowling place is amazing. These jackwads just need to find real jobs to take their stress out on and not people trying to relax around them.

Bill Sprague

Lots of fun

Joel Babcock

The bar is pretty cool. Horse racing. Happy hour. Good people. Taco Friday.

Patricia Robinson

Its Okay but Need More Activities for Kids and Adults

Karen Gendusie

Friendly staff clean

Delaney Reeser

Always have fun here yhe atmosphere is great and there's a lot to do

Stormy Hanson

Great family fun place with amazing staff they go above and beyond expectation. Fun place for any age birthday party's or any company/holiday gathering. Reasonable hourly rates for large groups. Only place in town for teens to come play pool ...

Tom Tomasek

Nice family place, good prices

Sean Keating

Guy at front desk is rude

Jerry Miller

Food terrible. Overpriced on everything.

Ann Kohl

There was a mouse that came out of the ball return.....GROSS

Jonathan Van Steinburg

Scoring system was glitchy and the lanes are dated. We only had to call attendant about every 4 frames because it would random reset or a ball would get stuck etc.

Tom Flores


Jesse Ragan

We had a blast with my granddaughter !

Steve Kent

Very nice lounge.

paris lover

Very funnnnnnnn

Dee Grantham

Fun clean great pizza

Michael Campbell


Nona Jurgens

Had a great time, but the lanes were dirty and trouble with some of the machines.

Purple Mink

Machines suck, and they are too expensive. The machines could not do SIMPLE math! Don't come here if you are looking for fair competition.

Eric Lavelle

Alot of lanes with an arcade and basic bowling food to order. Has a local kind of bar where they do karaoke. 2 pool tables. Always have fun when I go here

sean smith

So much fun. Great place for the family year round

Erica Crowley

The food is always delish!! The entire fascility is always clean.

Erik Hart

Kind of a grungy bowling alley, not always a kid-friendly atmosphere, certainly later in the evening. The bowling for a larger group is pretty reasonable. The food is nothing impressive.

Tiffany Blackford

The bartender wrote in the tip on our credit card receipt. Beware!!!!


Nice place

B Barnett

Great little place to get your bowling on and it also has pool tables and a bar

jenn all

Fun time

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