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REVIEWS OF AMF Desert Hills Lanes IN Arizona

Mike Murphy

Great for date night. I am not the best bowler but its always a fun time.

Kent Cullumber Jr.

It's like Las Vegas here. "Give us all your money and get out". They are only interested in your dollar. They don't care about whether or not you had a good experience.

Kevin Pfeiffer

Enjoyed a friend's birthday party. Service was excellent, but a bit pricey.

Stephanie Chaney

Expensive but WORTH IT. Great place for kids too.

Chris Christiansen

Nice place staff was friendly. Had a great time. Will be returning

Billy Gillen

They were so nice to my family. It was a small birthday party. These wonderful people made it a very special day for my Granddaughter.

Ralphcampbellmobilewelding Campbell

Took my grandbabies there and the customer service was great and everybody I ran into was great

Michael Kaus

Nice clean place, service a little slow.

Erica Trocino

Immediate lane availability, clean facility, good drinks and prices!

Jerome Brooks

Desk service is great, needs a little more motivation at the bar area but other than that I have a great time every time.

Michelle Passmore

Really nice place, very updated and fun.

Viktor Kulakovskiy

Good bar selection and not to crowded alleys

Dawn Neill

Went bowling with the family. Prices were a little expensive but I think that it's probably that way for most bowling alleys. A couple of hours of bowling for four people was $50. The lanes seem to be well looked after and the place is clean


Great place friendly staff. Place needs updating soon

Caelum Newell

Bowling is decent here. Real reason AMF Desert Hills earns a 5* from me is the customer service! I had spoken with a lady named Dawn. Not only did she go out of her way to calm me down and fix my problem. She took into her own hands and called me personally to make sure my issue was resolved. 5*+ for dawn 4* for AMF (:

Dean Serrano

I bowl on their leagues, and try and stop by every Sunday for the $1.78 games! Great place! But if you are competitive bowler be warned a lot of the bowlers that ball on these Leagues play with urethane, making your back and reaction super-slick.

Mubeen Ahmed

One of my frequent visit to this place. Loved the ambience.

Anna Yirsa

Visited twice in the month of May. First time was for my birthday, and my friends and myself stopped at the Dutch Bros Coffee located in the parking lot of the bowling alley. We didn't make it 1 step in the automatic doors before a Manager walked in front of us and screamed "NO OUTSIDE DRINKS! YOU CANT HAVE THAT IN HERE!", and she walked off. After we finished our coffees in the parking lot, we walked in to set up our lanes. A friend had a coupon to pay for her bowling but the employess couldn't figure out how to use the coupon. We ordered drinks from the bartender, who was also lacking in customer service skills. They did have a nice container of water set up so at the bar we could get small cups of cold water along with our beverages. 2nd visit was today and I took my kids. They were thirsty because we aren't allowed to bring in water for them, and it's summer in arizona. It's hot. I go to the bar to get water, and the water dispenser is gone that was there last time. Someone from the kitchen asks me what I need and I ask for a pitcher of water. I am told that they don't do that, and the GM won't let them serve customers water anymore. If we want water we have to buy it or use the water fountain. This is the first time we've ever been refused a cup of water at a business, and were told to "pay up or use the fountain." We will not be back, we will not be bringing our friends, or our 7 hungry, thirsty kids to this establishment again.

Cristian Bonilla

Had a great time with the family here. The staff were very polite.

Rikke Gore

We will come back for sure we were a party of three

Ming Shih

Closest to my house, love it

Sujeet Karna

Reasonably priced, clean, and was able to easily get lanes on a Saturday night.

Linda F

Needs some updating, shoes were worn out. Had to keep getting help, didn't always work right.

Wilyen Lee

My son went on a field trip with the boys and girls club today to this bowling alley. He purchased some ice cream with a $20 bill and the person at the register took his money and did not give him his change. Then they lied about it and Brittney the manager covered for the other employee and produced a last minute fake receipt. Really, AMF? Stealing from a seven-year-old? Believe you me, your corporate office will be hearing about this. So will news Channel 12, 3 on your side, and the AZ Republic!!

Jess Hubbard

I called to get pricing and was placed on hold for almost ten minutes. I called back 15 minutes later and the woman who answered told me with a nasty attitude that 'she's super busy right now and you're going to have to call back later.' She promptly hung up on me.

david gould

We had a fun time here. This was our annual bowling tournament and we usually hold it at the old Thunderbird location. I had multiple people say they like this location much better and that the food was even better. The microphone did not work very well while we were announcing winners to various drawings but overall it was a fun time for the group. We will definitely be back next year as long as they do not raise the prices like they did this year. It is hard to make money for a charity in a bowling tournament and raising prices makes it even more difficult.

Phat Ass Mexican

Somehow my friend cheated in this game Good time tho 5 out of 5

Kathi Jo Selbst

We love penny and Vicki and the whole team...they treat us like family. Always have a great time!


Nice place. Could use some modern touches. Decent pricing

Jesus Cabrera

They have special deals everyday which really helps out and makes it better!

Shandon Sullivan

Nice bowling lanes, clean interior, good service and friendly people.

Kerry Martinez

Went on 2.22 Tuesday. It was not a bad price and the place was clean. The food was over priced for the amount for you got and the quality was just ok.

Kelly Zenna

Good place. Food in the kitchen took awhile but the older guy was the only one there, he was so nice and I felt so bad for him. Went there over the summer


READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO BOWLING! The service was absolutely terrible...they forgot our order, after about an hour of waiting my girlfriend went up to check on our food, our slices of pizza were just sitting food was cold and the pizza was stale. Half way through our game they made us switch lanes and interrupted our game. One of the staff members slipped and hurt herself, everyone rushed in to help her, EXCEPT the staff. I felt terrible and notified the staff that one of their employees got injured, STILL no action was taken, and no one seemed to care ...At the end of the night, when we went up to pay they had charged us for an extra game, and the manager named CHET tried to lie to us. We ended up paying for an extra game we didn't even play. This is one of the worst bowling experiences I have ever had, and wont be coming back.

Janice Waterworth

Great time with the kiddos. Ate some dinner, bowled and played some games. Food was good, lots of choices, friendly staff and not too crowded on a Friday night.

Gary Bettencourt

Clean, fun environment, but service for food and beverages was slow. The food was also mediocre, frozen fried food mostly. Straight out of bag. Not sure I will return but overall a decent place to bowl.

Ken Smith

Nice clean place


The lanes aren't perfectly flat (that's probably my friend's fault

Joanna Haynes

We had a great time.

Krista Morris

The service and atmosphere was not very good. Ice teas and sodas taste like dirty water and very pricey

Jacqueline Slater

I had a very nice time nice drinks bowling and pool it was great

Christine Eggers

Absolute fun. Went for grandsons Birthday, haven't done this in years. Will definately be back.

Team Goodloe

My son went on a field trip with the boys and girls club today to this bowling alley. He purchased some ice cream with a $20 bill and the person at the register took his money and did not give him his change. Then they lied about it and Brittney the manager covered for the other employee and produced a last minute fake receipt. Really, AMF? Stealing from a seven-year-old? Believe you me, your corporate office will be hearing about this. So will news Channel 12, 3 on your side, and the AZ Republic!!

Philip Guevarra

I wished they changed their cosmic bowling music playlist... Regulars have to listen to the same 8 songs every night they come. I've, against my will, memorized the lyrics to "party rock anthem" and "hey Mickey". My group had gone to other bowling alley just to avoid cosmic bowling playlist.

Asha Musico

They have completely remodeled this location, so much nicer and comfortable now. When getting our lane and shoes we were informed you don't go to the snack bar nor the bar to order anymore that someone will come to you. We get to our lane and wait for someone to come for about 10 mins nobody came so we went to the bar and asked, he also said someone would come to you. He finally got to us and was great... about an hour and a half into being there we noticed some lanes had these red lights on by the scoreboard screens and some didn't, needless to say we finally figured out there is a button you have to push to get service for drinks/food. They should definitely let people know when checking into a lane versus just saying someone will come to you.

Ronnie Harris

The bowling was great

Rebecca Janke

Lanes need an “Extreme Makeover” but we still love because of the wonderful friends we make during our “Tuesday Social” bowling league

Monica Salem

Awesome place for family fun and everyone was helpful that worked there. Wish there food and drink light was more helpful when wanting to order instead of having to walk up to the counter but not a huge deal. We spent our sons 10th bday there and we will be back


The staff is really rude. They just want to make you hurry and get you out as soon as possible. Wish it was friendlier.

Willy P

Service was horrible and slow. The computers at the lanes didn't work, so I had to go to the "help" desk to have the lane reset. Prices were extremely and ridiculously high for a crappy place like this. You have to pay for water with ice, not free specially since I was buying a lot of alcoholic drinks. Restrooms were a mess. Will not ever go there again. Plain horrible.

Jessica Henning

Very fun but kinda pricey for a whole family of 5.

Aisha Clark

Accomodating, but not enough staff.

Philip Viyagappa

Cool place. Food is expensive

Jon Hanson

3.5 stars. Average bowling alley. Nothing special except the pizza is actually pretty good. Prices for everything is typically a bit steep unless you get the bowling specials, which are actually a pretty good deal.

Dan Mercado

Been bowling here for years; leagues and night bowling are always fun. Ms Vicki does a great job running the place; food is better, remodel inside came out great, staff is helpful and genuinely nice.

Joseph Endler

Great place to hang out. Bowling Lanes, bar, pool tables, arcade, food. Nice atmosphere and friendly peeps. Looking forward to going again. :)

Michael Wilkinson

Good time with coworkers

Mad Arteest

Good pizza and customer services. However the bowling lanes were malfunctioning too often.

Purnesh Gangrade

Good place for team building activity

Robert Palomino

GM was rude

Ashley Buckner

Donovan on the pro shop is awesome! Very informative and helpful picking out a ball

Yesenia Vazquez

Loved how the personnel was with our party,! They came and offered us to take our orders , they were easily helpful at this location, wil be definitely coming back

JD Donado

Great place to bowl. Staff is friendly and helpful.

WAYNE Godfrey

A great family place seem very busy has great food an great employees love the guy at the bar (Greg) seem like he is really now all different kinds of drinks. Just a great place to visit.

Tommy Johnson

Friendly staff, good food just an all around good time

Chelsea Chartrand

Great service, a bit dated

Mary Kwast

Nice friendly staff very helpful. Place was a little busy but we got right in and got our bowling in

SP Poudel

Sunday and Tuesday nights are real cheaper and you can have more fun if you are bothered with crowd. Not a bad place to be. Be careful about the surroundings though, i have seen police multiple times.

Dustin Lawrence

Great place for a family day!

Mekenna Wilder

The manager was completely rude and racist. I forgot my id and my husband brought the alcohol. She saw him hand it to me. I didn't drink anything. She sent an employee over to take the drink and didn't refund the money. Because she said on the cameras she saw me drink it. She completely lied they didn't even have cameras. It was kids that were 17 drinking next to me. I didn't say anything. I just called the police. Please if you are any mind if race other than white, DO NOT GO HERE. THEY WILL FIND ANY REASON TO MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE TERRIBLE!!!!

Kelsey Bilodeau

So much fun and close to home. It's a nice, clean bowling alley and it's affordable. They also serve food and have pitchers of beer available which is great for going with a group of friends. I forgot how much fun bowling is!

Scott Davis

Eh, it's okay. I like the quality of Brunswick and real wood lanes over AMFs synthetic lanes. Oil moves to much and to easily, hard to get a consistent read on lane condition.

Michael Augustin

Great place for fun

Mike Lake

Used a Groupon with my wife. We went during the day and had maybe a 10 minute wait. Had fun and enjoyed my date, even though I lost badly.

vignesh srinivasan

Nice place for the Bowling experience and one of the best places to spend time with kids who love the Bike / Car Racing Video games. they have a nice food court attached that serves you eateries / drinks whilst you bowl. They provide shoes too for the bowling but unlike other places, they dont insist you on using their shoe inventory. you can bowl wearing your own shoes if that suits you!!

Katie Mae

Customer service is severely lacking. The general manager does not possess high levels of customer service skills and has NO interpersonal skills, which I do believe are part of the qualifications of a general manager position. She was rude and vulgar to several customers and employees. She actually swore at one of the employees. Her tone was less than welcoming and she gave me the feeling that I was inconveniencing her. She turned this, once thought to be, enjoyable bowling experience into a very unpleasant one. One bad apple spoils the bunch. FYI, if you treat employees with dignity and respect and create a positive work environment, it will show in your employees work. Which will create a positive experience for your customers.

bill vallejo

This place was totally awesome everybody was so nice and so friendly. The environment was awesome it had everything we needed.

Paul Harwood

It's an oldie but goodie, it is nice to have a bowling alley in our neighborhood, we will be back.

Ryan Teeter

Depending on how you like your lanes this could be a great spot. My opinion is that there is way to much butter on those lanes. Either way you cant beat going bowling. The place is clean and friendly with plenty of beer for everyone.

Natalie Granberg

Been there a few times and ive always enjoyed it. A little bit pricy for food but that's with most bowling lanes. There are free refills though.

Asia Shull

Hadn't been here in awhile came to hang out with family for a birthday. Very clean lobby menu was impressive and cost didn't seem to be affected by remodel

Adam Williams

Went there to play Wii bowling. Nice place

Tracy T

Great experience. This is one of the cleaner and more updated bowling alleys. Service is friendly. They no longer have a real food/snack bar so it is a bit strange having to order food from the little bar window. They had several staff member walking around cleaning off tables which was nice because the areas were always clean.

Kevin Astrop

Nice place to go to. Not expensive at all, Sunday night is a great place to be. Good deals, PBR beers cannot beat $3.00.. good music to as you are bowling, clean and cool.

Heather Schroeder

Pretty decent. Nice staff. A bit smelly, like old beer and vomit. Food is very over priced compared to quality. Lanes are nice. Bathrooms were clean.

Craig Castleman

Very nice, clean and modern onside. Friendly stsff


Good bowling alley. Went on a Sunday night and it was pretty busy. They could have used some more staff

Patt Brown

Great time with family!

Renee Dennis

Great atmosphere! Friendly people as well. Food is too pricey!

Siegren Corbin

It was fine, but the lanes are super warped.

Michael Mitchell

Fun place but has leagues practically every day

ariel antonini

This place sucked. We had to play 400+ dollars for 7 people. They charged us twice as much as we were supposed to pay. I would never reccomend to go here.

Jeff W

Better than most that I've ever been to and it's been a long time

Todd Richardson

Great little place first time here. Did a renovation. And it is absolutely amazing. Nicely done had a really fun day here with some friends. Would definitely come back nice and clean and good friendly atmosphere. A good place for nice clean fun for the family.

Karthik Kumar

Nice place for hangout with friends

Nick Boor

Awesome time! Great service. Very reasonable lanes and deals on food and beer. Six of us went and we all agreed it was a really fun time.

Stephen Carmichael

Very nice game with my son and grandson.

Randy Sorenson

WAs a great time stayed open an hour later for company party thanks guys you Rock!!

Nick Maydanis

Way too far. We now have a new place we go bowling at.

james Debernardis

Nice big alley love the couches at the lanes food just little to pricey

Chris Canelake

Nice place. Like the music videos playing not too loud. Lights could be a little brighter.

mouncif belbaraka

Easly got over charged for 5 games instead of 3. I had a hard time fihgting it because the guy in charge made me feel like i was lying or steeling. It was 2 of us adult my neice and my 4 year old son first time bowling(super slow) The guy made it sound like 3 games for 4 ppl in 2 hrs is not enough. He left in the middle of the transactiona left le dealing with the little girl first day on the job. She was nice and professional and didn't charge me extra at the end. That experience ruined all the fun we had!! 3 star was for the new employee!!

Jeff Hinson


Jessica Diaz

Terrible customer service, I waited for over 30 minutes to get a lane when most of the lanes were available. Dawn the manager didn't make it any any eazier with her horrible customer service.

Wanda Day

Summer is over...we had a great time bowling. Thx for offering the Summer Pass!

Alwaleed Zyad

We were having fun but while we were playing the game stopped and we still have about 4 turns, they said that we have to pay more even if we didn't finish our second game

joaquin mota

Very nice open layout

Tyson Speck

They literally charged us double what it was for our food, said that our cards didn't work but they took all the money off of them, and said that they would kick us out of we didn't quiet down when we weren't even loud!!

Scott Trezise

Friday night unlimited bowling for $10. Shoe rental is extra. Staff were polite. Dos Equis pitcher of beer was flat and food is unimpressive, but its a bowling alley. Go with domestic beer, kegs are fresher.

Robert Haynes

Food was good, but kind of pricey. Bowling was a blast with friends.

Rachael Batchelor

We love this bowling alley

Mark Vladuchick

Solid place to get some bowling in. Good deals if you go at happy hour or college night

celeste boucek

Love it and our 4 year old plays with bumpers up . Good food and drink menu but obviously very pricey. But it's fun to eat and bowl all together sometimes . They have leagues and some days are cheaper than others to bowl . Friendly staff and clean . Busy on Friday nights

Mike Johnson

Reasonably priced, and one of the nicer bowling alleys I have been to.

Chad Dane

Had a great family bowling day !

JoAnn Ottman

Very clean bowling alley!! Rental bowling shoes were close to new, and laces in place. I went there around midnight on Saturday night and they had awesome music playing. I will definitely go again!

Kevin de Szendeffy

Great bowling alley with nice happy hour deals every night of the week and good prices on games and shoes.

Chuck Rash

Great time. Went with a group (15) and had no reservation and they got is in without any issue. Only complaint is fountain drinks have free refills but you cannot refill yourself. We were waiting for drinks to be refilled the whole time we were there.

Monique Torres

My family and I had a blast!!!! Great place to have fun and go bowling!

Sam the Man

Great place to go have fun

Miranda Wright

Great place to come and have fun with the family -food is great for it being a bowling alley and the adults drinks are also good. They must have gotten rid of the old staff which is good because they were all rude!! The new Manger actually came by our lane to check up on us and the server Stepanie did a great job keeping up with my kids demands !! Don't recommend coming on a Monday afternoons cause they have leagues and thesee bowlers are ignorant and really use a lot of vulgar language so not a good environment for kids. They place is always clean now, even the parking lot. Would recommend this center !!

Nathan Woodard

Great place to spend time with family. The staff is really friendly and more then willing to help you out if you have problems. Good pricing for the area. Great music is always playing both modern and older music. The down side is it took a long time to order some soft drinks. Once I was finally able to order took a long time for her to run my credit card she looked like she didn’t know what she was doing when it came to running the computer system.

Linz D

Great staff but some of the machines are getting old and need a tune up. They are great with kids. My son bowls juniors there and they are always really sweet to the kids. Also really good party packages and the bar is awesome.

Adam B

Always friendly and clean

David Blankinship

First time bowling in forever! My friends and I had a great time. Nice atmosphere, very good service, our server was attentive but not pushy at all. In all, it was a very affordable and fun night.

Francene Ramirez

Great atmosphere. All the employees were friendly and provided excellent customer service.

Barbara Washington

The bowling was an enjoyable experience. The servers need to work on remembering to bring out food ordered. After 30 minutes, a patron had to go retrieve his order.

Bobbi L Stell

Always a good time.. great bar service

James Garcia

Had a blast staff was very helpful

Mike Ruiz

I was really surprised. It was nice inside.

James Reed

Awesome bowling and great prices Easy to use interface and helpful friendly staff!!

colin murcia

Excellent bowling alley.

T Moizo

Very busy bowling alley. Always has rock and bowl going on.

William Hiney

A horrible experience right from walking through the door starting line briefly to get a lane the lady at the counter said there were no lines available and that there was a waiting list she put me on the waiting list as I was looking around there were eight lanes that were not in use the group of people that walk through the door after me from coming out of their cars and into the facility the lady at the front desk gave them a lane and when I asked about the waiting list she said they were on there I said why you didn't scratch them off let me see the waiting list so I know how far I am down the list and she told me that she doesn't have to show me the waiting list so I honestly believe that there was no waiting list whatsoever as an avid bowler and Veteran taking my daughter there for the first time it was a terrible experience for both of us I will never go to this place and I do not recommend that boy with a lie AMF bowling has always been good to me with the exception of this one

Nick Ortiz

Good food great environment little pricy for bowling but had a great time and great staff.


such a fun AMF! We went out for date night and had an amazing time but were saddened when the $52 bill came for 2 pitchers of beer, fries, and 8 wings. Groupon on a lane and show rental saves a lot of money

Nick Wood

No one said what the prices were up front. At all.

Lynn Carter

Bowling with the family with music and lots of fun

Gabriel G Salazar


Dominic Goshert

Great bowling alley with helpful and friendly staff. I just wish they'd mix up their playlist more often.

Chelsey Hunter

They actually use their fans and a/c so you're not breaking such a sweat after 4 rounds. I came during specials so the price was decent. I would return!

De' Von Gyimah

Staff was really rude there was 5 of us and they messed up 4 of our orders...

Tank Goodwin

This place has horrible service do not go if you want to loose money then go ahead but dont go horrible service no one at the front counter had to go find employees to fix lane multiple time there service sucks very bad service do go if dont want to loose money

Howard Breen

AMF always means fun

Michael Johnson

So we have a group of us that go bowling regularly, and this night there happened to be 7 if us. There were so many open lanes we asked the Manager Dawn if we could split up our group so we could rotate bowling faster as the lane next to us was open. She just became some broken robot “unless you have more than 8” it’s just key strokes to you, why can’t you just split up the group? Or pretend we didn't come in together? It’s not like the lanes weren’t available, what happened to customer service? You have 20 unused lanes what’s the big deal? So after waiting for an hour on her “waiting list” for unused lanes we were forced to slowly wait for all of us to take our turns, we were there for a total of 3 hours and we were only able to bowl 2 games! Thankss Dawn

Justine Russell

Food was good, redesigned and clean

Nadia Ramirez

Really good but food is kinda expensive

Josh Patton

Oh my god I don't know where to begin. First off I'd like to say that the new GM is totally awesome. Like hands down the best ever. I don't think there's anyone else more qualified than her. But yeah. So this bowling alley is really nice. One of the best I've ever seen.

Jb Todd

The staff is friendly and the bowling is bowling. There is a bar and some food items that are pretty good.

Brandon Hovland

Could use a little more oil on lanes. Always a good time tho

javier gutierrez

Friendly staff, awesome place but the 5th star id say is im not sure if the shoes need grip or something...i nearly slipped. Ive bowled in many other places and never had an issue. I'm not the best bowler ever either but im pretty sure something was off there.

Pratikkumar Patel

Good place for bowling. Also provide separate place for group of people. Also assist for corporate team activity

Katherine Maldonado

The bartender and employees were so nice and attentive. Had a good time celebrating our company Christmas party here.


Best family I've ever had loved it

Monsoon Film Productions

I walked into this place and yes they were busy the lady at the counter said that they did not have any lanes available the guy in front of me was supposedly the waiting and was last one to get in available way I counted eight empty lanes and the people that walked into the door after me coming from their cars walking inside they got a lane after I was told that I had to wait with my daughter who was excited to go boy I will never go to this establishment again and I will do nothing to help Market this company no matter what kind of specials or how good they are. The customer service sucks and I am a vet and I'm not looking for any special treatment of any kind but don't tell me you don't have any lanes available when there's 8 that are available and you put me on a waitlist just so that your friends or whoever they are that were outside coming in from a vehicle with their gear and you give them a lane after telling me that does a waitlist and as I sat there and watched the the lady at the front desk take their money give him a lane she never scratched anybody off of a waitlist and then she tried to tell me that they were on the waitlist. So as far as I'm concerned if this company treats their customers that way that are new to their establishment I will never ever go back to that place even if they're the last bowling alley that has lanes available I'd rather wait somewhere else and walk into an establishment like this

Mathew McLean

Definitely a great place to go bowling. Close by and good price. The food here is good too.

Howard Gauthier

Nice staff and plenty of quality monitors to enjoy. Superbowl Sunday was enjoyable even though Brady lost.

Christina Spencer

Pretty good. They charge per person per game so be prepared for that.

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