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REVIEWS OF Gent's Classic Barber Shop IN Wisconsin

Nathan Corroy

This is what a man's cut is supposed to be. No gimmicks, no frills. Just an excellent quality cut with great conversation in a classic, polished setting. I've been searching for a place like this for years, and wouldn't consider going anywhere else!

Dwight Maness

Got my hair cut here when on the road. Job ended, bit I haven't found a better shop anywhere else. Great conversation, atmosphere, and styles your hair superbly when finished.

pete casper

In 3 visits Nick the owner has yelled at me each time.. After he screwed up my appt. time he said he would have called me but didn't have my #, I started to say he took it when I made the appt. he threw his arms up and yelled " HEY I DON'T HAVE IT". Later I asked in his professional opinion of my hair length in back. He yelled "I'M NOT THE ONE WEARING IT". Told me I have a bad attitude. There's more to tell, but why? In 63years, 26 yrs. in business I have found yes sir/ma'me please and thank you work very well. No stars if I could. OH, haircut, so so.

mike ireton

Nice guy. , knows how to cut hair

Andrew Swessel

christopher french

Tony Stanislawski

Gent's is quite the place in downtown historic Menomonee Falls. Takes you back to when get haircuts and shave was one of the great pleasures in life. Nick the owner does a wonderful job and always has a tale to tell. Frank, Dino, and Sammy would all approve!

Amy Hu

Nathan Westby

Great barber shop. Clean, crisp, classic. Cool conversation and a cut you walk away happy with. Nick is one of the best.


Paul Oberg

Hidden gem. Classic cool.

Matt Henry

I've never been to a legit barber before and I couldn't be happier at the results. Fantastic service and a great cut. It becomes apparent almost immediately that these guys know how to cut hair and cut it WELL. Give it a shot, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Edward Collazo

Blackstone Creek HOA

Gents is truly a classic as it states! Nick provides the best service that you can ask for. The barbershop has a little twist of the classic old school barbershop just with a little bit of what today expects. Nick has been cutting my hair for over 9 years and is the only person that has ever cut my hair that I can honestly say knows how to cut Men's hair. I started taking my 8 year old son to Nick and quite honestly, he won't go anywhere else now but to Nick P's...Not to mention the classic shave! You don't know what your missing if you don't give Nick the chance.

Christopher Pirkey

Best barber in Menomonee Falls. Ask for Nick.

Timmy McClellan

Great atmosphere, excellent service. Will is the man

Peter Odell

If you don't read my whole review, read this: "Come here for exceptional service, a great atmosphere, and incredibly reasonable prices." After years of terrible experiences, I have been cutting my own hair for the past 5 years. This has been a tedious process I wished to discontinue, but could never find a shop that could do a decent job. I was surprised with a work opportunity yesterday that would require a visit with some upper management individuals in two days and was desperate for a haircut I didn't have to do myself. I found Gent's online and liked the reviews, but they were closed on Monday. I sent a message anyway, hoping they would get it in time to squeeze me in on Tuesday. I got a message back from Nick within 2 hours that said he'd be happy to talk to me Tuesday morning. I gave him a call as soon as they opened and was greeted by a cheerful Nick, who informed me that Will had an opening today at 12. I happily booked and showed up. Both Nick and Will were very pleasant and friendly as I walked in. I was greeted immediately and treated nicely. We chatted about a few things as Will got set up and Nick got ready for his next appointment. I informed Will of the terrible issues I've had in the past. He took one look at my hair and described what he thought would be a good solution, touching on every single point I was about to make about the ridiculous nature of my head of hair. I was already impressed. Long story short, Will did an amazing job. For the first time ever, I actually enjoyed my time at the barber shop. There was good conversation, a friendly atmosphere, and the exact feeling I was searching for with a real barber shop. They secured a new customer today, as I will be coming back every time I need something done. I would ignore every negative comment you read. It has been my experience that, when you treat people with respect from your first interaction with them, they will do the same to you. I couldn't be happier with my experience, or the suggestions Will made for my first time there. These men are professionals, and will treat you with the same courtesy and respect that you treat them. Come here for exceptional service, a great atmosphere, and incredibly reasonable prices.

Adam Chamorro

Fantastic service and haircut!! Will & Nick are awesome and do a great job. I highly recommend having an appointment because it gets busy. Also a great place for a beard trim.

Shane Staiduhar

Had an appointment scheduled...on the day of my appointment my mom who is terribly ill from spinal cancer needed me to run errands for her since she could not drive. This being said i forgot about my haircut appointment since family comes first. Nick calls me rudely and told me i missed my appt and "do me a favor never call this shop again for a haircut."...then he hung up. Ok nick i wont and i will make sure none of my friends continue to go to you either. The only reason i went to you was because men's hair house was booked.

Dave Loderhose

This was my first time and was not disappointed If your looking for a traditional barber shop experience very good hair cuts and good prices I don’t think you will go wrong.

Rob Vergeer

Nick Zwirlein

First time I went there he was very nice. After going several more times, I agree with the reviews that had issues with the demeanor of the proprietor. Wanted me to slouch down, tilt my head, show up with no product in my hair, would argue with me about what I wanted done. Would get pissed if I reminded him to do something, but if I didn't remind him, he would get 1/3 of the way finished and then suddenly take the apron off. Very talented barber with very heavy ego to go with it. Try at your own risk.

Brad E

Sam Cleveland

I decided to try this barbershop because I was looking for a local small business to get my haircut at and I saw this place had fantastic reviews. I was very disappointed with the demeanor of the man working. I was the only one when in the shop when I arrived, yet the barber continued playing around on his ipad for several minutes after I came in. I was not greeted at all. Furthermore, the barber was rude to me soon after I sat down. I had just come from biking to the barbershop and was a little sweaty. The barber tried applying the paper around my neck and it got wet from sweat. He threw it on the floor disgustedly and told me he couldn't cut my hair if I was sweaty and demeaningly told me to "sit in the corner over there for a few minutes and cool down". At this point I decided I would take my crappy $18 and tip elsewhere; somewhere where I didn't feel like a nuisance from the moment I walked in. I couldn't understand why anyone, especially in a service business, would be this rude with customers and treat them like a pest rather than an asset. If anything explains the anger and mannerlessness of this man, it was the Trump figurine proudly displayed on one of his tables.

Martin Fahey

No barber in the region is as good nor as consistent as Nick. He does an excellent fade in a classic, laidback barbershop atmosphere. You'll be happy you went.


Mark Servais

Jim Duffy

Great haircut

David Figie

The best haircuts I have ever had were from Nick at Gent's Classic Barber Shop. He is truly a master of his craft!

Alan Spiegel

Great place, great barber.

Charles Snyder

Gent's is a fantastic barbershop, and Nick is a fantastic barber. The place has a classic atmosphere and is very well maintained. Nick obviously loves what he does and is very good at it; I haven't had a bad experience here and I don't plan on going to any other barbershop in the Milwaukee area. Highly recommended.

David Braeger

Nick is a great barber and has his craft down to an art form. I've been here twice and will continue to make the half hour drive. I've received many compliments from friends, family, and strangers on his work. Great place!

adam beier

Sorry for the confusion on the rating. It must have done via pocket. I throughly enjoyed getting my haircut at your shop and look forward to going there again.

Dustin Pokorny

Great guys will continue going here

Kurtis Seidl

Bob Kafkis

Best Damn cut you can get!

Dean H

Great haircut and conversation!

Bruce Scott

Very cool old school type atmosphere barber shop. Friendly and competent service!

maxwell j uppercut

absolutely perfect. exactly what a barbershop should be, highly satisfied with the whole experience. will definitely be back.

Jacob Bennett

I needed a fresh cut being from out of town, found Gents online, hands down the best haircut I have had in a long long time. Anyone and everyone needs to go see Nick at Gents Classic Barber Shop.

Danny Mccanna

Awsoeme . Only place i will get my hair cut.

Kevin Myers

Awesome people make this a cut above the rest!

Chad Spitza

I have not gone anywhere else to get my hair cut since the first time I stepped foot into Gents Barbershop. Nick has delivered a flawless haircut time and time again. The atmosphere he has created is unlike anything else in town. I would recommend this barbershop to anyone, except those who are unable to understand what he has put together. It’s more than just showing up for 30 minutes and leaving, so if you cannot put down your cell phone or respect the environment - go to one of those other places that pushes you through like cattle. Thanks Nick!

Logan Ferrie

Went in for my first haircut today. Will knows exactly what he's doing. If you're looking for a new barbershop, this is your place! Great guys and good conversation! Will be back soon!

Rick Densing

Nick DeMarais

Great price for a solid haircut and great atmosphere

A google User

I forgot what a real hair cut was until I stopped in to see Nick. Iv'e been going to the "other places" and every time my hair cut is different and/or messed up. Do yourself a favor and stop in there just once to see what the difference is between the "other places" and a true barber shop hair cut.

Lonnie Mattos

Looking for a man's haircut and treatment, you just found it! Well worth any small wait. Make an appointment cause Nick's a busy guy.

Zachary Rosen

Best barber In the Milwaukee area. I trust no one else with my beard.

Judy Lutz

Husbands best haircut in years! Love it.

Jonathan Brill

Nick is truly a master and an artist of his craft. The hairstyle you picture in your mind, he delivers. He performed an excellent fade. A true veteran of a gentleman's barber. Very reasonable pricing!

Kevin Nguyen

First time here and he is what you call a real dedicated barber! He's the only one who got my haircut right!

Paul Ogburn

Mitch Stew

Marco Thum

Great Haircut. Great Guy. Great Price!

Debbie Boehlen

Jake Bachman

Great conversation, and best haircut I've had in years.

Chloe Rae

My husband loves Gent's! The interior is classic but with a modern twist and Nick is one of the best barbers is the greater Milwaukee area!

Josh Zahn

If you are looking for a great haircut, Gent's Barber Shop is the place to go. Nick (the owner), is an absolute stud! He treats everyone with respect and the atmosphere at his shop is second to none.

Frank Snopek

Jason Mallon

The atmosphere is fantastic, Nick has done a great job with the whole place. Personally I have Will cut my hair and you cannot find someone better, I searched high and low for a place that understands and knows how to cut men’s hair with a modern style. The prices are super reasonable so be sure to tip well! Go and give it a try, it’s worth it!

Aaron Lawonn

Nick has been cutting my hair nearly once a month for the past two years or so. I've always meant to write a review about my experience at his shop and just hadn't gotten around to it until now. Make an appointment as they are usually pretty well booked! The service and atmosphere in the shop are top notch. Nick has been nothing but accommodating, friendly and professional and the haircuts are spot on each and every time. I went in a couple of years ago to give him shot and haven't been anywhere else since. As a side note, I noticed some of the negative reviews on the page and I have to say I'm shocked at the claims made in them in them. In more than 20 appointments at Gent's I've never been nor seen other customers be treated with any disrespect.

Konrad Tendera

Dave Haefemeyer

CT Kaupp

I pass this place everyday on my way to work & sadly, didn't know it existed until this past weekend...& boy was I missing out. I don't plan on getting my haircut by anyone else! You get the real barbershop feel in here & Nick/Dave are extremely nice/easy to talk too & of course, give an amazing haircut. I can't wait to come back!

Christie Peterson

Matthew Erickson

The picture of the shop on Google shows a sign that says “Walk Ins Welcome”. Very strange to be asked to leave without an offer to even make an appointment.

R Pete

Matth David

Terrible place. Several times trying to be a walk in. Should really post “no walk ins welcome” Very arrogant after I️ was finally able to get in. and felt like was unconvincing him just by opening the door to see if they are open.

Ed Plumb

Excellent haircut and atmosphere. You have a lifetime customer!

Josh Wenthold

Great classic barber shop, superb haircut and great conversation. Highly recommended!

Sutherland Wallace

Saw Will several times while he was finishing up classes in Madison. Congrats on his graduation! He did a great job and would recommend him to anyone looking for a regular barber who's easy to yak with, no attitude and does a very thorough job.

Kristopher Ahlsted

Nick is fantastic! I cannot thank him enough. It is difficult to find a barber that puts so much passion into his craft. Nick is more than your average barber. He treats his customers with respect, understands what they are looking for, and then provides professional advice based on his years of experience. Gent's Classic Barber Shop will provide you with a great haircut, professional service, and an overall experience unlike anywhere. Do yourself a favor, and have Nick provide you with his will be glad you did!

Dustin Collett

Great haircut, great atmosphere. I've had both Nick and Will cut my hair and both will make you look good. I drive from West Bend and accept no substitutes.

Alex Zank

Brian Karthauser

John Bergs

A true REAL barbershop KEEP IT GOIN GUYS

James Cunningham

Gents is the best! Nick really knows what he's doing and really has a passion for being a barber. Great classic barbershop feel, great conversation, and a top knot I haircut every time. Would recommend him to any guy I know.

Erin Dillard

My husband was in the hospital for quite a long time, and was feeling really depressed about his condition. I suggested that a nice haircut and shave might make him feel a little better. He agreed. I went into Gent's and explained my husband's situation (my husband had gone in there before for a haircut and explained that he liked the place), and Nick Papageorgio was more than happy to come to the hospital and give my husband a cut and a shave. Not only was Nick prompt and courteous, he made my husband smile for the first time in a while. Nick even brought doughnuts for us, which we shared with the hospital staff. Nick's generosity and kindness of spirit does not come along every day, and everything he did was truly appreciated. It is rare for a business to go out of their way to do something of this nature for one of their customers. Gent's is an A one business in my book and gets my everlasting gratitude.

Dave W

Nick always does a great job and I always enjoy chatting with him while he cuts my hair. Will has also been a great addition to the place. I have been going there for several years now, and they take care of their loyal customers. I moved to Slinger a couple years ago, but continue to drive to Menomonee Falls for my haircuts.

Michael Ulicki

Thomas Thomson

If you're looking for a great barber, then Gent's on Main Street in Menomonee Falls is the place. The owner, Nick is truly a master at his trade. Very friendly, very professional. Great haircut. Gent's has another loyal customer!

Thomas Fabian

Great place for a haircut. Call ahead for appt. You learn lots about the community here. Good conversation.

Tim Baack

I've been with Nick for a couple of decades. He listens to what you want, is very customer focused, offers suggestions and is a great "hair guy". Very competent, friendly but won't talk your ear off and reasonably priced. Go see him!

Jacob Kornetzke

Awesome barbershop. Cool atmosphere, phenomenonal haircuts, good conversations. It would be very tough to find a better place to get a haircut. Both Nick and Will do great work. I'd recommend calling about a week before you need a cut. There's a reason they are busy.

Keith Janosch

Found the one barber to be very dismissive when I wouldn’t take a business card (note to barber-all the info is on my phone!). I guess walk-ins are not as welcome as advertised.

Jaden Bertoni

Great experience. They make you feel at home with there hospitality.

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