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REVIEWS OF Famous Hair IN South Carolina

Bill Tennant

Kassie is wonderful and does a great job cutting our sons hair every time we go!

Marcia Landis

trish rarick

I've never had a problem here. Jill is awesome. I won't go to anyone but her. My daughter goes to Shannon and loves her too.

bbslaystheworld beauty

Kathy slayed the hair game. She recently cut my boyfriends hair and he looks so handsome! Thank you Kathy.

kimberly weatherholt

The manager Cassie does a great job. She is very pleasant . Runs behind but worth the wait. Dont let her hair scare

Jay Davidson

Fast, friendly service as always. Shanti did a great job and I highly recommend her for a men's cut. I was in and out in less than a half hour. Thanks again

Laura H

Lisa paid attention to detail, took her time.. When I fixed it the next morning, it could have been a bit better on the top. (I have short hair) my style is a faux hawk, and it's very pointy and not even on the top... but it's not terrible. For $17.00, I'm okay with it... I am sure they would fix it for free today, and I'd get it the way I want it. My girlfriend on the other hand spent $55.00 for a blow-outx and it was awful. Her hair at the end was waivy and damp. . I'm sorry :/ just nothing like it usually looks like when she gets it blown out. ***this was done by another girl. She asked to fi ish it, but because they're "corporate", she was told she wasn't allowed to. Moral- Just from my knowledge with short hair, go to Lisa. She's good... and never get a blow out here.

Westley Ormsbee

Terrible...they don't listen to the customer, just cut you short and push you out the door. I told the woman to leave most of the length, now I'm almost bald. I was in and out in less then 10 minutes. Also the person giving me the cut was really ruff, jerking my head around without a care like I was a rag doll. The woman also smelled like cigarette butts and breathed like she was on a respirator. Never going here again.

Asa Witte

David Deen

Terrible service at both locations in West Ashley. Walked in on a Sunday afternoon, 2 stylists, 1 other customer getting a haircut. The other one tells me they can't fit me in for a haircut. She was sitting on the chair, listening to her phone with headphones. What a joke. I won't be back. Ever.

Darshane Hines

Didn't have a good experience here. I'm not sure if the stylist forgot she had an appt or what, and no one else went to tell her I was there until I waited 25 minutes and I had to ask someone to please find her. She arrives after another 5 min wait, doesn't acknowledge me or give a simple "hey let me set up and I'll be with you in a minute" I'm sitting there wondering if she's my stylist and only got talked to when I go to walk out. She never apologizes for the wait and seemed irritated the whole time, which is ass backwards. The haircut wasn't bad, just a plain cut with no style. I'll have to go to a real stylist to get something more flattering, but at least she didn't mess up my hair - the only positive thing about this visit


Sheron Simmons

Trystyn O'Haver

Claudia is an amazing hair stylist. She listens and does exactly what you want.

Lindsey Hatcher

Everyone is super nice and knowledgeable. Everytime I go the ladies do a great job on my hair!

Kassandra Mayle

tanjin taher Toma

Patrick Gallagher

Sometimes it's busy but it's worth the wait because they all do a great job

Alexandra Sophie Kadner

Good prices compared to upstate NY where I was before, and conveniently located. Then again, their work with hair color is sloppy, the salon not well kept, the radio and the trash talk give you brain rot.

Brian Geissler

I've never left a review on anything in my life, so you must know this is a strong review. They claim to be open until 8:30pm, however, if you are not there by 3pm, you might as well wait until the next day. For those of us with careers or still in school, don't even bother with this place. While they have approximately 10 chairs, they will never, ever, ever have more than two people working. These people, as a product of being under-staffed no doubt, are always moody and lash out on customers asking questions as simple as "How long is your wait?" No thanks. I have seen few businesses in my life deserve to go under more than this one. They're not even particularly great at cutting hair, since they try to spend about 5-10 minutes on each customer. Ignore the convenient location, and go somewhere that knows how to run a business.

Alex Sparra

Good men's haircut from multiple stylists

Cooper Leonard

Rude, disgusting people. All of them smell really bad because of smoking, had to hold my breath for the entire session. Go some place else downtown!

Weiguo Liu

It seems the lady did not interest to give me a good hair cut. All she wanted to do was finishing it as quick as possible. I found my cut was even not symmetric when I was home.

Elaine Bell

Friendly staff went out of their way to accommodate my haircut. I asked to have my hair cut very, very short. I was very pleased with the results.

Briana Simmons

Breanna did a great job on my haircut! I will be returning!

Martha Defrayne

I enjoy my visits every time. I see Kassie because she is always receptive and kind. I adore her work because she is meticulous to not only my wants but walk ins as well. I'm sure all the staff follow the same customer friendly ideals. They handle people on personal level every day and if you have worked with customers to this extent, you know it can be challenging. I adore them.

Uzer Khan

Fair experience with haircuts. Inconsistent, but I never waited for whoever cut my hair the last time to get free. Very convenient location but I have since moved on. If you're in a pinch they will get the work done satisfactorily. Usually pretty well stocked with patrons so they must be doing something right.

Gabbriel Masias

My experience at famous hair is always a pleasant experience! Rachel can really do some hair!!! I am mixed and my hair is very long and kinky but she's never afraid to tackle this puff and try something new. Rachel works really well with all types of hair and that's why I can refer anyone to her. If you're looking to go to famous hair on magwood definitely see Rachel!

Jessi Red

It was a fantastic first time experience. Mariah was very friendly and professional. She did a great job on my brows. I left very happy.


Famous hair is a decent place to get a haircut in Morgantown. I've been to Famous Hair a couple of times. My last and worst experience was with the older lady. She was hostile, impatient, and very unprofessional. Didn't do half of the things I asked her to do. I was literally done in four minutes, go figure if you'd get any decent haircut in four minutes.

Chris James

Convenient location, definitely a little inconsistent in the quality of haircut depending on who’s working. Seems to have relatively high turn over. Overall I wouldn’t steer anyone away from it.

Corbett Foy

Quack, give good cuts.

Pamela Montero

Hated it! the worst place I've been. So unprofessional doing their job, I went there and almost left because the person who was doing my haircut didn't seem like she knew what she was doing. In the end, I got the haircut and the regret--I hate it! My hair is so messed up and I'm gonna have to go to another salon to fix it. BAD EXPERIENCE.

HeelFace Dynamic

Been my regular spot for years now. Awesome staff does a great job even when short staffed.

Janice Myers-Jackson

Ashish Maradapa

John Goodwyn

Maher Alayal

I've never given a review online but I feel that I should say it now. There are always unskilled, moody and disrespectful laborers working in this place. To be fair, I believe there is only one girl has some experience in her job.

habibul hasan sujon

Cleanliness is the worst. Price is much higher comparing their service.

Sylvia Aguilar

DJ Jones

Rhyan Bredlau

We took our 16 mo son here for his first haircut, and our service was excellent! From keeping him happy and entertained to giving a fabulous haircut, this place has it all! This is also where I get my hair done, and I have not had a bad experience here ever.

Sepehr Roshandel

I've been there and didn't get the best service, people just want to get done with you as fast as they can, don't spend time and effort for the money you pay.

jake canny

I went yesterday and actually enjoyed my time there while i got the best lightening and color I've had in a while. They were able to bring my hair from being almost black to being completely white just how i wanted and without even causing my hair to be brittle like it's gotten at other salons before. Then they put the quartz pink and it came out like they cut it off the swatch they showed me of it. I will definitely recommend them highly and will be a return customer. Also the staff was well informed, polite, and very welcoming environment for a relaxing day getting pampered. 10/10 rating

Dr. Aries Singularity

... I travel a lot and get hair cuts in many different cities. I was in Famous Hair yesterday (11-28-2015) for a trim. They are fairly typical of other such places. Not once have I had a hair cutter part my hair and have it looking like when I came in. They simply do not pay any attention if someone's hair is parted or not. I always have to tell them to part it on the left. Last few times I've been in the salon the young women working there seemed to have an attitude. They are not genuinely friendly, cut too fast and are sometimes rough and not careful with the comb and scissors. Never the same woman working there either. Must have a lot of turnover. The cut I got last weekend was hurried and sloppy AND she was rough with the tools. Still, they always want a tip. Famous Hair was a good place to go a few years ago. Not any more.

Christina McAlpine

I walked in and one of the stylists immediately turned around with an irritated look on her face and said they're not taking anyone else today. An hour and 45 minutes before their hours say they close. I'd understand if they were busy but there was one customer and the rest of the stylists standing around. Won't be back.

Sarah 'Sadie' Basem

After going to a salon that gave me a bad cut, I came to Kassie and she fixed it, made it look amazing, it AND showed me how she styled it so I could do it at home! I've been going back to her ever since!

Saeed Alnaqbi

Fast, friendly staff, not very crowded, although I recommend booking an appointment first. Always satisfied by their service and their recommendations for my hair care.

Hosam Mansour

doug fitton

Juan R.

It's hard to believe that current Famous Hair hair cutting personnel do not know how to do a fade. I used to go here all the time when Sarah was there. But since she's been gone, I have not gotten a good haircut there. Today I went in for a fade, I left with a high and tight. When I brought it up to the hair cutting person that she didn't give me fade, she said "it'll blend." I tell her she cut too much of the top and that my hair was going to spike up she said, "it looks like it's lying good to me, you have good hair." News flash, when you give me a bad haircut it is I that has to wear it. If I ask for a fade, I want a fade; if I say don't cut too much, don't cut too much. When you don't listen to your client, the result is the worst haircut I've gotten in my life. Will not be back. Time to find Sarah.

Connor Akers

Don't go here, older lady completely screwed up my hair. Pretty sure she had her eyes closed the whole time.

Kristy Moretti

I had my hair colored and my hair has been falling for weeks.....I am wondering if I can sue them...this is not normal, they left the chemical on my hair for a long time before washing it off.

Eric Small

Kayla Hamner

I was suppose to get an up do and not only did they not do it, but they never even called me to tell me they couldn't do it!! Very very unprofessional place!! I will never be back!! Thank god for Toni's hair!! They saved the day!!

Julia Tomago

I went here to get my hair done. I hadn't made an appointment and they had time to get me in for a hair cut and color. I highly recommend kassie. She made sure I was highly satisfied with what she had done. I will be returning.

Joshua Foster

Dylan Covell

Ask for Cassie.

Truss Johnson

Taylor Fetty

Tonight I took my grandma to get her haircut here. She has some very special needs: psoriasis, a trache in her throat, she’s very small and fragile, and she does not get around very well. With this being said, we were worried that we might encounter some serious issues with taking her out to get her hair done. The ladies at Famous Hair did an absolutely amazing job at caring for her, just the way those who love and care for her would! They took very special care of her needs and accommodated her in every way they could. I can’t thank these women enough for all that they did to care for my sick grandmother. Not to mention how much better she feels and how great of a job they did at cutting her hair. I strongly recommend their service!

William W

Seriously, do yourself a favor and don't come here. I made a reservation for 1 hour before closing and then when I get there they say they won't have time for me. I even called them before I got there, but apparently the employees don't care about anyone else but themselves... Go to K-Style, it is a 2 minute from Towers (close to McDonalds)

Moe mckinney

Great service

Srihari Bujji

Got worst of the haircut. The lady was not at all interested in hair cut was so much into conversation with her colleagues she turned to wards them and started didn’t understand what I asked. Now I have get another hair cut to correct what she did. Not going here again.

Janice L.

Each time I am here I get a great cut and nice customer service. The area inside is clean and uncluttered, and unusually roomy without the stylists bumping into each other as they work. I enjoy coming here. They offer excellent coupons via email. If there is a wait, you can sign in, then go next door at Baroni's to eat a "slice of the day" pizza.

Michael Kearney

They close at 8pm. Not 8:30pm. Poor customer service.


Quesa is amazing!!! GO SEE HER!!!


Had to wait a good bit so I would suggest an a nice hair cut, nice people

John Willams

Kayla Pepelea

My boyfriend and I had a pleasant experience here. Kassie cut my hair. Not only did she do a great job, but she was very friendly. The girl that cut his hair was friendly, and his hair looks good.

kirstin karczmarczyk

Lisa was excellent all around. She waxed my eyebrows and they have great shape. But my hair she transformed! Thank you again!

Vivek Saini

First ever hair cut in United States and I am extremely happy with the service.i found my hair stylist kassie a very professional and nice person .she was constantly interacting with me and did a great job.will definitely visit again this place in future

Rachel Legg-Fields

Ehab Akkary

Nice, friendly and efficient

Rebecca Krueger

Tried getting return appt with Kassie..took 3 months for her to call me then I had found another salon but miss famous hair but wont go back due to the bs I had to go through

Karen Masullo

I needed a quick trim before going out of town on business and contacted Famous Hair, specifically Jill, based upon a recommendation. I was able to book an appointment quickly and at a convenient time. Jill really listened to what I wanted and was pleasant and helpful to work with. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and thought "That's exactly what I wanted." Thanks for a very positive experience and I look forward to my next visit.

Erica Ray

My stylist did a great job here I will be back!

Karla Barger

Found the best hair dresser I've every had.Thanks Kassy

Gloria Colebank

Austin Henry

I didn't schedule a appointment when I first arrived, but they took me right away and got my hair cut fast and got it the way I wanted! My hairdresser was named Kassie and she was a great hair stylist and kept up a good conversation. She was able to get my hair the way I wanted and even helped me find the right product I needed to get my hair worked out. I really appreciate the time and customer service that they provided. Overall it was a easy and awesome haircut! I would definitely come again!

Kayla England

Awesome experience, Rachel was amazing

A Thompson

Always great service busy sometimes but worth the wait

Johnny Castle

Easton Thewes

Great place to get a cut at a decent price

Randall Moore

They were able to get me in pretty quickly. The cut was decent. It was my first visit. I may be back.

Omar Mozahem

Hit and miss, i asked for a fade but got a crew cut...

Bryan Whetsell

This place sucks. Terrible customer service. I waited for 30 min and someone walked in 10 min early for their appointment and I got skipped. Never going back.

Suzie Marks


I wish you could leaves zero star review. Had a terrible experience and choppy cut. Hair looked worse when I left and I had to book at another salon immediately after to correct. Do NOT recommend.

Cindy Avant

Bert Axson

Did not have to wait long and they were very curtious and professional

Devesh Kumar

Nari Soundarrajan

Great for Simple haircuts

Sridhar Reddy Kaulagari

Kathy Casteel

Great and friendly stylist and very good at what they do.

Tee Maxx


Thor Piano

If you're planning to come, abort! Just like some other people, I called them days before I needed a haircut but when I arrive during my appointment, somehow they don't have time. Happened a couple of times now so really dissapointed and that's why I'm giving them 1 star. Also, if you're a student, don't come here. They use really nasty methods to make you pay extra, especially if you're not from here.


Great cut at a great price

chakradhar reddy

You will find professional hair stylists here and good service here. But, get an appointment rather than walking in and waiting. Weekdays are best to get a quick haircuts

Kara Kosterman

Monique Ballier

Lyle Matthews

Had a good experience, all of the ladies that work here now are trained well. There was a change in management a couple of years ago with Kassie and this place has gone up with hospitality and their haircuts. I was extremely pleased with my fade that I got here one of the best I've had I went in 15 minutes before they closed and they took me with no issues. I will be returning

Leslie Howard

Jo did a great job! My hair looks awesome!!!

Harold Newton

I love coming here to get my haircut. Rachel is back and she is awesome. I have a standing appointment every 4 weeks.

Danny Zahidi

reanee viliran

I got the haircut/style I wanted. Lisa did a good job. And she was very nice too.


Lauren is AMAZING! She did my balayage and I am obsessed with how it came out. She is my new hair stylist...

Jonathan Jacks

Good haircut

Seth Vandever

Great service, staff, and hair cuts. Was in and out before I knew it.

Dan Carder

Great service

Jill Kerns

Great salon

Jack Starsick

Kassie does a great job


jami sue

Allison Connors

The manager Kassi is awesome. I got a complete highlight and eyebrow wax for $71!!! Great stylist and awesome prices!

John Gregory

Faisal A

Worst haircut ever!!

Danielle Rochester

Great service the stylist did an awesome job and the price is very affordable on a tight budget at 15.50

Kaylie Wheeler

Came here for my eyebrows to get done. After asking how well they knew how to do eyebrows and was reassured that I was in good hands, half of my skin has been ripped off under my eyebrow. Not only that but a chunk of my eyebrow is missing. Don’t get me wrong the service was exceptional and very friendly but product was terrible.

Abdulrahman Almansour

The worst place to get a hair cut. The shop is clean but the staff is horrible I swear to god they DONT know how to cut hair. I visited the store three times and I have never been satisfied for the hair cut. Believe me, even if you inform them how you want your hair cut they will ignore you and do what they like. Plus, they will strongly shake your head just to cut some hair because they are unprofessional, bad, poor, miserable staff. I won't even call them "barbers". I HIGHLY RECCOMEND YOU TO AVOID THIS SHOP EVEN IF THEY OFFER YOU FREE HAIR CUT !!!!!

Haley Gallagher

I got my hair done here a few weeks ago by Chel and she did a fantastic job, my hair was super long and frustrating, she suggested that I go with long layers, so I did and I am in love with my hair now! I will definitely be back to see her next time

Natalie Moore

Amazing staff!! Never disappointed when leaving my kids and I all love the atmosphere here.

Aaron Sealey

Customer service here is terrible. Their hours listed online are all incorrect, they close earlier than all hours listed and claimed it's because they do not own their website. I still arrived 15 minutes before the actual closing and could have been served considering the hair stylist was standing around and doing nothing at all. She also rudely pointed out that the correct hours are posted on their door. Get your business straightened out, learn how to handle customers, and stop being lazy. My previous two visits were equally met without any courtesy and I was rushed out. The only positive is the cheap prices, but for the garbage service offered, they should be offering free cuts.

jennifer england

Great service here was greeted the moment I stepped inside. Ashleigh did a great job on my hair. I would recommend this location to everyone.

Maxine Finniss

I have gone to this salon for years. Recently, however, I had a bad experience..and with all the staff changes they've had over the past year or two...including management, I thought I would not go back. However, I had business at the plaza, needed my eyebrows waxed I thought...give another chance, and maybe one of my favorites Sara would be there. I immediately saw it was a whole new group of girls...worried me..but I went for it anyway. I only had to wait 15 mins, as it was mid afternoon (of course parking was great at that time of day!) Another lady came in, sat with me and we "gossiped" about the she was a long timer too and she basically had the same opinions...little worried about girls AGAIN...etc. But I watched the girls cut and work on the clients and saw a quiet group of girls, spending a good amount of time on their cuts, there was no blasting music., it seemed a little cleaner, and when my turn came up..within the 15 mins I was impressed with the gal who did my eyes. She did a great job...and I will return. And I will review again. I hope this group of girls can stick with it....I certainly would let any of them do my hair... I would say...its a quick place for guys to pop in and get a cut...(that's how I got started there...son's haircut.s.). It is very convenient for students since its in the Suncrest Plaza and so close to Evansdale campus,and many student housing area.. Gals...I don't do coloring or get too fancy cuts, so your on your own there. Trims, eye waxes-- your good. And a special thanks to Christina Snyder, (the new manager) who did my eyes, knowing that I posted a nasty review after my "bad experience"..she was pleasant, did a great job.

Chris Ilardi

rebecca horvwalt

Use to go there all the time and loved kassie..not nemore I tried for 3 months to make an appointment with her ppl took messages for her an she never called for 3 months then when she finally did it was to late I blew off her call...I went elsewhere to get hair done..but I wish I could go back to kassie but damage has been done and it's sad to I loved her she did great hair and I tipped her alot but her loss

A. Y. Terrell

Great customer service. As soon as you I walked in, I was greeted and asked if I could use any assistance. The workers here are so polite and professional, i would definitely recommend them for your hair solutions! #ayterrell

7mod Al-rby3


lizzy layfield

Ashleigh Scott

Love kassie she's amazing

Danielle Gamsky

I don't want to be "that" person but I really really did not like the the haircut and color I had!. I had Quesa do my hair (very nice and sociable....but also took smoke breaks while my color was setting and I noticed/smelled that she never washed her hands after her smoke break. That kinda bothered me). My cut was nothing like have I wanted it. I wanted a symmetric bob and black with silver highlights. I was told early on that the silver couldn't be achieved within one visit and I was fine with that. But she dyed my hair brown with some blondish highlights and gave me a 40s flapper bob, barely any difference from the back to front. It seems like she wanted to do what she wanted more then what I wanted. It's a good haircut if I WANTED that kind of style but I really really didn't. Wish I could get my money back but it is what it is.

Aaron Weaver

Harley Carpenter

Alexander Ludwig

Terrible cut, and took over an hour. Suzie kept answering the phone and signing people in while doing my haircut, which should normally take 15 minutes at any other barber shop.

Lloyd & Marlene Steele


Jason R

My stylist is Whitney. She is GREAT at what she does. if you can get her, i highly recommend it, she is one of the most talented stylists i have ever had my haid cut by and the best ive had since being in charleston!

Curious Wanderer

Donna Marie Foster

I've been getting my hair done by Cathy for about a year and she always does a great job (5 stars). I was a bit disappointed in the atmosphere of the salon this time. While getting my hair cut, the other two stylists set up in Kathy's space and were watching u-tube videos while Cathy finished my hair. She barely had enough room to move! I thought that was really rude. Also, I would like to remind the other two stylists that they should be nice to customers, its a business not a girl's day out. The new girl spent the entire 1.5 hours that I was there playing with her phone. She has no customers and it would have been nice if she looked around and cleaned up a bit...or maybe even smiled once instead of strutting back and forth.

amanda gomez

They are great there just love it so do my kids

Sandra Miller

Have been going there for about a year now. Jo does a great job for me. Knows exactly what I want. Thank you Jo

Rita Craven

Angel Johnson

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