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REVIEWS OF Dane's Barber Shop - Biloxi IN Mississippi


Ask for JOE. You will not regret it!!! The best cut ever!!

Aaron Woodard

Donald Tarter

Professional barbers with classic feeling atmosphere.

Leonard Brownless

The worst!

Anthony Martinez

Angel Gloria Davila


Great haircut, no issues but do y'all take card?

Cody Jenkins

Tadayoshi Kiriyama

Lee Sorells

Its a really great barber shop. Everyone is really friendly and cuts good to me.

andi nicpon

Joe is amazing he really knows how to cut hair.

Jonas Kvale

Super nice people, great quality haircuts, and a cheap price - I usually tip $5 for their amazing service. Thanks guys! I'll be back.

Todd Madden

Best Barber Shop on the Coast!! Yall need to hit my boy Joe up on Boosky App. If you just need to walk in Dean is my man for a walk in.

aaron braswell

Jeremy Toepp

The quality has really gone down in the last few months. Joe now has a separate room in the back to cut in, and is an "exclusive" barber. Dane rarely cuts there anymore, and my other favorite barbers have all left. Renee was the best one, but now works at All Styles barber shop down the street. I followed her over there, she's worth following. Renee is the best barber I've ever had. Oh, and a side note. NEVER go to Jane. She is hands down the worst barber I've ever had, especially for the price. I'd rather get a cheaper haircut on base than waste the money on her. I went to her three times even to make sure it wasn't just a single occurrence. She's also quite rude, and glares at you when you say you're waiting in another barber. I wish I could go back to Dane's the way it used to be. Unfortunately it's changed, and not for the better.


Great little baber shop priced right. I will go back to Mickey anytime I'm in Biloxi for an extended period of time.

Donn Mills

Talented and fair prices

Cory Lashbrook

I think all the staff do a good job. Of course, some better than others. As far as you clowns go saying you had to wait so long...keep in mind its right outside a large air force base....and you can make appts.....morons....

Randy Ball

The only place I will get my hair cut. They have well educated barbers and stylist. They are very nice people and they try their hardest not to make you wait. BUT the wait is worth it. Prices are very reasonable. They deserve tips as well.

Durell Smith

adam rabil

Best haircut I've ever had in Mississippi. Would highly reccomend to anyone. I appreciate the time and consideration the barber took, I wish I got his name. This place is worth the wait.

Tamika Meka


Be very specific how you want you hair cut and your face shaved. Missed half the face. Gave a military haircut when I asked for a 3 blend.

Collin Chambers

I stopped by Danes barbershop while staying in Biloxi after picking up some groceries. Not only did I get an outstanding haircut but I also managed to leave my bag in their shop and walk out without it. The wonderful employees of the shop took it upon themselves to track me down to get me my groceries back. That tells me not only are they good at what they do but they’re amazing people as well. If I could rate them better than a 5 star, I would.

Jim DeLoach

$15 haircut plus tip. Worth every penny. Been getting sh@!!y haircuts for a year and trying places in Biloxi and Gulfport qith no luck until now. Go here and get a great haircut. Oh yea. Cash only.

Andrew Barstow

Great place for a haircut!

Stephen Kruso

Brian Mapes

Clean modern facility with real Barbers. Shave-and-a-haircut $12! Sometimes you have to wait but it's well worth it...

Master Marksman

Adam Pepin

If you're on base and need a haircut.... don't go on base... they straight jacked up my hair!... luckily Dane's was able to fix it! Always going back here!

Christian Lopez

Shane Rice

Taylor Windham

Went here today to hopefully get fixed what sportclips destroyed and JP turned it into an amazing hair cut for way cheaper i highly recommend booking him

Tat Cubb

This is the best place on the coast! Jane and Pat have always done me good! Be prepared to wait a bit, these are sought after barbers and you will wait for excellence!

Mathew Cook

BENJY Balooga

Quality haircut and a great price! If you need a shave they do it too

brad williams

How the hell are you located next to a military post and have no idea how to cut a flat top?

Adam Starnes

This is a good old fashioned barber shop.

Steven Capobianco

Awesome service. Of course it depends on whom you get. But they do a great job

Sy Atkins

Chris Hess

They pay attention to the details and do a great job. For $15 plus tip you can't beat it.

Andres Mtz

Great place! I was in town for leave and needed a haircut. Joe’s an awesome barber and has great customer service! Really nice place, good location and ample parking. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great hair cut for a good price. Also, I have to say I love their online appointment system!

Marc Sims

Fantastic place to get your haircut,from simple to the works with a straight blade.Joe is the man.


Hair cut took way to long. I have a high and tight with a 1.5 on top. So not a difficult haircut. They gave me a shave and absolutely murdered my face with a dull blade as the barber proceeds to tell me it's not about the blade. Well it is, dull blades cut you. Plus I never saw any of the barbers sterilize their equipment once for the 10 people in front of me. Never going back.

Shaun Fisher

I've been to a couple of other shops around the Pass Road gate and this is by far the best. One of the few places around that still incorporates a razor upon request. The down side is that this place has sometimes very long waits. Sometimes you will wait as much as 45-60 minutes if you go around lunch time. A couple of the barbers are extremely slow and take time to answer cell phone calls during your haircut. Good to give yourself plenty of time if you get you haircut here!

Daryl Bennett

Great place. Have been going here everytime during my keesler stay. Highly recommend

Diego Ramos Falcon

Started going here after bring recommended by an employer. Scary as always when moving to a new area but Joe did a great job on me and my son. You better make an appointment or like any good place, expect to wait for a seat.

Keith Fogg

Great haircut and everyone is so nice.

Tricia Knowles

My husband and son ALWAYS see Pat. They absolutely love her. I took my son somewhere else out of convenience and they made him look ridiculous. Won't leave Pat ever again!

Michael Sullivan

This place is solid. Definitely recommend if you're looking for more than just a quick cut. They also do razor shaves and a couple other things. Just awesome

Daniel Burton

Service staff is great. Sometimes takes a while but the quality and price is great

Tyler George

Went here today, JP put a ton of time and care into my cut and made sure he did it right and for an incredibly affordable price. I had no idea what to tell him when I got in his chair except that I wanted it short on the sides and long at the top. Watching him work on those guidelines was like telling DeVinci that you wanted a painting of a girl and ending up with the Mona Lisa. Great value, great service, great haircut 10/10. The only think is that they might be a little busy, but it's certainly for good reason.

Nikolas Mckenzie

Great cuts always

Jakeman 64

It’s was great! My first experience there was awesome and I will definitely come back again.

Gary Crossland

My favorite hair cutter Renee Roberts doesnt work at Dane's Barber Shop anymore but she is right down the street from there at All Styles Barbershop....St Francis Plaza 1654 Pass Rd..located next to Exotic Nails...if anyone wants to know where she's at. She's been cutting my hair for years and does an amazing job at it, just letting some of her regulars know where she's at if they don't already know. Also for the best straight shave Mr Joe knows his stuff. Thank yall and God Bless

Jeff Crane

I’ve been active duty for 19 years now and have had my fair share of bad haircuts. Decided to give this place a shot while visiting in town and unfortunately, this shop will fall into that category. They are expensive too ($15) for a place located in a low cost of living area. Let me put this into perspective, paid $12 in San Diego for a razor fade and that included a shampoo afterwards (sometimes before your cut if you had product in your hair) and full access to their “style bar”-every American Crew product available for use. Currently paying $12 in North Carolina-similar cost of living as Biloxi. My opinion, just taking advantage of the majority of their clientele which are the Kessler students that don’t know any better nor want to venture too far off base to a barber. Great place if you want a cliche “boot” haircut; not sure why that’s not on the menu (faded too high on the sides-aka, a “high and stupid”). If you have longer hair on top and want an adult hair cut, try somewhere else or someone else than the Hispanic lady-second to last chair. Asked for a medium skin fade and either got what she felt like that day or what her abilities limited her too considering I have longer hair than most military folks. Ended up with a high fade and not shaved to the skin. Had hair on the side I could part; that’s gone. I comb my hair to the right, that was cut straight up and looks odd now; so much for the fade. I asked for the back to drop down, that was trimmed with the clippers the same length all the way up to where my scalp begins to curve. I asked for the top to be trimmed; that happened but with a razor. I’m not sure why most barbers these days are scared to pick up some scissors or shears and give a proper trim. You know you didn’t get a great haircut when you walk through the door, and the first thing out of your wife’s mouth is “yikes.” Enough said. And to think I drove over 30 minutes to give this place a try based on the Google reviews. I’ll try somewhere else next time.

Anthony Henry

Michael H

Jane and Joe are rockstars. They are the only ones I let cut my hair!! Jane has cut it for over 10 years and I've never been disappointed!!!!

Millie Brown


They did a good job with my hair and beard. I wasn't disappointed.

Ryan Haws

Lost my business today. Won't be returning. As someone who visited this business at least 5 times in 4 months, I will say that its a very unprofessional establishment. Some of their staff give decent haircuts, but I've witnessed some older lady jack up my brother in laws hair really bad so you should be careful who cuts your hair here. This is not the reason for my 1 star rating, however. The owner and most of his employees do not care about their customers. Every time I go there they tell you it's not busy, so not to take a number. Yet you'll still sit there for over an hour waiting for your haircut. Why? Because every single person who walks in after you that is best pals with the barbers working will jump ahead of you in line. Now as someone who is quiet and not that sociable in general, I'm still very polite and tip at least 4 dollars on a 12 dollar haircut. To be regarded as less than important than another customer is a sure way to lose my business. I work in transportation in the area and don't have time to sit for an hour because others that walk in after I've already been sitting for 30 minutes have priority over me. This is a barber shop, not a salon. An hour wait is unacceptable. If you're not going to see customers in order, have more barbers working. If you think its too dead to schedule more barbers, "because you won't be making enough money," then perhaps you should do something to increase business... like, say... not shun customers who would gladly give you their loyalty if treated respectfully. Welcome to the world of business, guys... friendliness does not override professionalism, something Danes Barber has none of. I'll be sticking to Buddy's down the road, by Shadys restaurant. They gave me a much better haircut then I've received at Danes today, they were much cooler, and I literally walked in and was seen right away. I'll be recommending all Keesler that I drive around each day to go there instead.

Brian Smith

great place, always happy with my cut

Nupe Ellington

Great place...

Jyran Jordan

n G s

Joe is the master barber. Best cuts on the coast.

Kyler Fields

Victoria Ashley

Frankie Salas

Been getting my haircut from chirs (the white guy near the wall) for almost a year now and this guy blesses me with a perfect haircut every time i sit in his chair. Highly recommend!

Danny Hilton

Great place and great cuts

Mike Perez

Dane is awesome his cutting skills are better than any shop i have went to

David Carpenter

Riding With Dave

Great friendly barber shop. Great haircut. Only complaint is they only accept cash which I didnt notice until I was in the seat. Had to use their ATM with fees associated. Only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5.


I had a great experience with a really friendly barber! Great cut at a very reasonable price...can't beat it!


Jovan-Gianni Lee

Jeff Herrera

Great place to get a haircut, especially if you want a good old-fashioned, highly detailed one. Don't care for the other reviews complaining about certain barbers - all of the staff is friendly and fun. Definitely a better cut than Sports Clips; cheaper, too, though not by much, but I understand that we all have to make a living. I'd rather be paying these guys than big business.

Kyle N

I loved my hair cut experience the lady who did my hair was amazing and knew how and what I wanted if I need to get a haircut before I leave I’m going to her I just wish I remembered her name!!!!! AHHHHH

Brian Lamar

Can't go wrong here. The barbers are much more professional than nearly anywhere else.

Brian Hart

the ONLY shop that cuts my hair

Chad Nabinger

Shelby Vulgamore

Andre Thibodeaux

My one and only spot to get a good haircut.


Joe is always on point with his haircuts!!!!

Katarina Ocelot Glover

Hard to get a Barber to listen to you when you're a lady looking for a short cut, but Joe is excellent! Have me exactly what I wanted and couldn't be happier. The attention to detail was great, and he made sure to communicate with me throughout the cut. Thanks for keeping me sharp!

patrick grimes

Clean and very nice staff and customers.

Jesse Gomez

Im sure the others barbers are good but Victoria is def. fire. She can give a good fade haircut. I'm new to town and only here for a few months but I got to say shes been my barber since I arrived and I wont just let anyone give me a cut.

Steven H.

Friendly barbers, good haircuts, didn't wait too long. Minus a star because they raised their price to $15 for a simple haircut and don't accept cards.

Bill Hodge

Didn't have to wait for more than 5 minutes, although none of the 3 working (2 barbers and 1 stylist) acknowledged my presence until the stylist (Renee) asked if I was ready. She did a nice job and checked several times to see if I liked it and even touched it up before I left. I had an unusual request, in that I wanted just a beard trim, not a haircut and beard trim. VERY reasonable pricing.

John Mckee

These guys are the best!! Fast, affordable, and friendly. Patrick is the man.

Michael Oddo

Excellent barber shop! Owner is very professional along with his staff and they are great at what they do. Definitely recommend!

David Claybrook

Nicholas Burke

Awesome job on my fade today, got me in quick and out as well as making sure everything was good to go. Fixed up areas I asked with no indication I had upset them. Overall went above and beyond to make sure service was amazing. I’ll definitely be stopping here for my cuts from now on!

Barry Morrison


Bad fade, didn't listen to what I wanted, left my hair looking lopsided, didn't spend time on the haircut, it was just in and out and onto the next one. Waste of $20

Byron Theriot Sr

I've been going to Dane's for quite a while and Yvonne has become my go to barber. I usually rock a different style haircut every few cuts and she always cuts my hair to the look I want and NOT to the look she wants. "Most important part of getting a haircut". She always give me her opinion on what look she thinks would be best for my hair. However, Yvonne always cuts my hair exactly how I ask her to cut it. She takes her time being very detailed and her straight razor/line-ups r always on point. She always gives me the mirror to ensure I am satisfied with my haircut and if I see a blemish she fixes it with no problems. The mood is always light & conversations are great in Dane's. What barber shop can U got to where the barbers are super friendly, watch several TV stations at once and get a snack&drink? Also, I've been bringing my 10 yr old son to Yvonne since he was 7 and he refuses to let any other barber cut his hair. She is very patient and always keeps my son laughing while in the chair! Yvonne always has a smile on her face and is very professional. If you're looking for a new barber/ barber shop Yvonne and Dane's is definitely the top barber shop on the coast.

Sonny Barker

Had many hair cut here, really nice shop. Too bad i don't cut my haur anymore

Guadalupe Gallardo

Sam Joe

Man I've been here 2 other times so far and it's been great but today I came in and was greeted by a white guy working the chair with the American flag cover in the back... That guy has single handly given me the worst haircut I've ever had, I'm talking worse than even mastercuts beginners. The fades, if you can call them that are completely uneven, different sizes, and not even fades, they are more like cliffs. The dude handed me the mirror like "oh I am done" and it was a mess! I had to sit there and correct and correct until I just gave up and said it's good. Everytime I asked him to fix something it's like he made it worse on purpose. Now I'm stuck with a haircut that is literally just buzz cuts on the side with maybe half an inch off the top. I've got long hairs sticking out randomly all over unfinished areas, uneven fades, different size fades, hair that's not even really cut on the top, it's awful. DON'T go to the white guy who works in the corner with the military cover if you want anything other than a buzz.

Adolfo Osorio

Joe is a great barber. I'm military and need a good fade and he certainly accomplished that. He's skilled with the straight razor and clippers. The prices are insanely reasonable, 12 bucks for a cut and the straight razor. I walked in and waited an hour, worth it for a good cut. But I will make an appt. Next time.

Junior Duran

Fabrice Yahve

Blake Migues

Martin Huizar

Great barbers!

Denton Dresser

No appointment needed. Walked straight in and was in Erika’s chair within minutes. Top quality cut and beard shape, friendly and comfortable environment too! I most definitely will be back!

Chris Billeaud

Michael Blanton

This is the only place in town that I'll get a haircut. I've been coming here for nearly 4 years and I'm always satisfied.

Devin Voyles

Calvin Radcliffe

Sam Barna

Love the atmosphere, seems to be always busy there but you can make reservations online or just pull a number.

Dennis Duval

Jean Paul Carrasco

Awesome barber shop. Really get that old fashioned barber shop feeling

Lester Thompson


great people here fast and easy

Debbie Zuber

Took my Grand son there. The lady did a fabulous job! And trust me it wasn't an easy task! She was super good with him. Will definitely go back.

Matthew Marino

This is my favorite place to get a haircut.

Kelvin Gicovi

If I could rate this place a zero I would. I came for a a haircut during tech school and came out looking worse than I walked In. The only barber that can cut is Dane. If you are a marine and want a high and tight fade go here it’s affordable. For every other person stay away. !!!!

Adam Vieth

Cedric Anderson

Best barber in town

Michael Panabaker

Danny Renauld

My hair was cut by Anne and she did an excellent job. She has a great sense of humor and is very intelligent. The shop was clean and had a relaxed atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and will return from my next haircut.

Ben Dahlberg

Excellent! :)

Damien Skrmetta


Victoria is the best!

James Alexander

Laura Chapman

Excellent job on my husband's hair. I have never liked a haircut on him up to this point. I always kind of look at him funny and say "well at least hair grows back." When Joe did my husband's hair my words were "Oh my god you look sexy as h***." No joke. Anyway, I decided a few weeks later to talk my 11 year old son into finally getting a haircut. Despite how reluctant my son was, and how quiet and shy he naturally is, Joe did an amazing job with him. He spoke to him like he was his own person, and did a great job accommodating his tastes while making me happy too. We will definitely be going back!


Nestor Rivas

I had a Hispanic lady cut my hair, I asked for a low razor fade and for her to leave some weight on the side of my hair. She ends up trimming my whole side all the way to the top and cutting me head several times with the razor. The only reason I went to a barber shop was so I wouldn’t get the military cut but honestly the BX did a better job. UPDATE The owner got in contact with me to schedule a time for me to go in and fix my haircut, I was a bit hesitant, but I obliged and I was not disappointed. He was very accommodating and cut my hair just how I wanted, would definitely recommend Joe to anyone looking for a clean haircut.

Jonathan Roberts, Broker Assoc. C21-BMP

I was excited to get a real old fashioned haircut. Drove over and sat down for a shave and haircut. Ended up walking out because barbers were going slow. I will try again next time in area. They’re famous for old time haircuts and shaves.

Sal Izzo

Sub pare haircut and charged me $15 for same haircut that they charged $12 to others. I get the same haircut from the bx barber! Theres so many others to chose from!

John Owens

I have tried to give this barber shop a chance for 6 months. Today they lost my business forever because I made an appointment for 9am and when 901 came and went one of the other barbers told me that the barber I made an appointment with was on the way and was on HWY 49. Hwy 49 is 10 or 15 minutes away from that shop. An appointment is made for a reason. This shop cuts hair ok depending on the barber but when it comes to time and store hours its all over the place. Door says 9am for most days but if you show up 15 minutes early the door will already be open with a line. Also about half the barbers show up late so it's a getting a consistent haircut on a certain day by a certain barber is a crapshoot. Disappointing to say the least.

Kevel Felton

Randal Blanchette

I have been going here for a little over 4 years and will really miss it if I ever move. The crew are always happy to see you, there are a bunch of flatscreen tv's around, magazines to read, and usually some music playing. Joe is a master of his art and if you can get him at a good time for you on it! Prices are awesome and the quality of the cut is second to none.

tim guernsey

I've been to this barber shop 4 times and had a different person cut my hair each time. Every barber is great! I drive from New Orleans to get my haircuts here. I'm a very satisfied customer!!!

John Swingle

Best cut in town. Thanks Jerry

Dillon Nn

My man chris is a legend, he can do it all, nobody else is cutting my hair, thanks again bro

Bradley Gray

Grate place to get a fade

Neil M

Joseph Januchowski

I have been going to see Joe since 2015, and now I’ve moved away.... I make it priority to come see him when returning to the coast on vacation. Traveling all around with military and haven’t found a better barber.

Angel Arana

Joe is the only barber in the state of Mississippi that I will go to no matter what. He's very attentive and is never sloppy. He takes his time to make sure your hair is the way you imagined it. I don't even bother to check my hair anymore since I know it will be perfect!

Brendan Manley

They know how to cut your hair well and provide a clean shave if you ask.

John Doggett

Eugene Douglas

I'd give it less than one if I could! Renne is a judgemental lady, as most of Danes business is military based literally right out side of Keesler Air Force base. They need to remember that homosexuality is recognized by the U S military and treat there same sex couples accordingly. Pat was very judgemental and I will never go there again for a cut!! She's a BIGOT!!! But after talking with the owner who was genuinely interested in what my account of my visit was I will return but only to let him cut my hair

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