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7284 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045, United States

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REVIEWS OF Warren's Barber Shop IN Maryland

Benjamin Adekunle-Raji

Gave my barber Dre a lot of chances to do right by me, but he just kept getting more and more unprofessional. Ask him for a slight trim, he cut off half my hair. I scheduled a 6:30 appointment with him and when I arrived (6:40) he said there were 2 people ahead of me. Came back the next day, he said there was one person before me and that I could come back in 30 minutes. Came back waited for the guy on the chair (different from the man I saw 30 mins ago) to finish. When he was done he let another dude sit down before and said there were actually 2 people in front of me. That was strike 3. Plus, he spent more time than I would've liked moving around, talking, and doing personal business while I was on the seat the times that he did cut me. And speaking of cutting, homie cut me on my forehead on several occasions. I have the scabs to prove it. Don't waste your time with this man. He homies over customers.


Friendly family atmosphere. Plenty of barbers so the wait isn't usually long. Great location.

Dj Seahawks

Donald Bell

Great place to get haircut and shave


Customer service is awful. I put my name on the waiting list but it was never checked to see who is next. The barber only wait on friends. I had to go up to 3 different barbers to ask to cut my hair before receiving service. I would not recommend this barbershop.

James Herring Jr

Decided that I was going to save myself some time and try a new shop closer to my job. Walked into the shop. There were a few people waiting as expected. Didn’t get acknowledged or asked if i needed a haircut or if I was waiting for a specific barber. No sign in sheet. Nothing. One barber was cutting his own beard with his friends around the chair. The barber who cut my hair told me he had me next. Waited a full hour and as i was about to walk out, he finally got me in the chair. He proceeds to get me set up for the cut and then disappears for 15 more minutes. Then comes back and uses the bathroom. By now I’m all the way over it. So he starts my haircut, and then takes a phone call in between which took another 15 minutes and then after he got off the phone, started to trim his beard in the mirror with the same damn clippers he used on my head. After i got cut, i didn’t even care i just wanted out. Oh yeah... $30 for a cut that wasn’t even that good? Hairline all types of crooked. Never ever ever in life going back. Ill stick to what i know.

Shshsj Zhshshsh

Erda Pap

wanted to check out a new barber shop. The shop looked like they give good cut but it had a terrible service with customers. I went in for the first time and sat there and they did not even recognize that two people were behind me. To make it worse they did not even ask who I was waiting on. In all, I will never go there to get a hair cut. If you are in Columbia area visit Christopher barber shop they are the best.

Thelma Davis

Duane Harris

Ask for Malcolm or any of the barber they will get you so fresh and clean

Michael Alli

If you build a bond with one of the barbers at this shop. It'll go a long way. They're friendly people. Who make great conversation.

ayesha ward

I get my hair cut here akk the time by jeff. I've been natural 5 years. And just recently decided to cut my hair. You name it Jeff can do it. My fiancee think's he does too.

David Afforo

Showtime Jay

Christi Frazier

Tyron James

In need of a lifetime barber, walk in and ask for Omar, he carries himself in a professional matter 24/7 and goes over the top with customer service. Word is bond with him, he says he’s going to be there he is there on time. Cream of the crop barber.

Vladimir Y.

Walter Maddox -SBE-

Great shop get the great cut

Charlie Thorne

Best haircut ever. Love this place!

Sherri Rollins

Great service! Nice atmosphere! Dre cuts my hair he is the best!

Matt Kramer

willie farmer

Good service

Harland Abraham

My consistent go to barber shop for over a decade.

kcavon edwards

Byron Herbert

Sometimes there is line. The barbers do a great job

ignacio jung

They cut good, clean environment, I guess im the lucky one because I never had to wait. A little pricey for my blood, but the staffs are friendly and professional.

Terrance Lyles

John Carlton

Worst haircut I’ve ever gotten. Told the barber I wanted something longer on top...first thing he did was cut the bangs down to stubble level. Looked like a bowl cut. Will not be going back.

Coleman Lewis

Veryne Lawrence

Cool barbershop in Columbia. . Only went once because I found my barber to be slightly obnoxious and my shape up wasn't as shape as I would of liked it. Still the shop itself seemed nice.

Jack Johnson

Imma Teflon don

Best cuts in Columbia see Lamont

Christopher Brown

Left a Barber who cut my hair for 8 years, to get my haircut by Omar and never look back. Great conversation and great cut as long as i keep getting compliments by wife we good.


christopher acevedo

Got a decent haircut but i wish it was a little cleaner on the part

John Daniels

Excellent barber Jay. Place is friendly and clean. A lot of barbers.

Deborah Macauley

Styves Exantus

My Barber Shop since I was in middle school. So 10+ years of loyalty should speak enough of the quality and service here!

Lionel Layton

Rarely open on Monday's

Charlemagne Marc

Best Barbershop in Howard County

Nancy Goll

Very professional barbers. Serve me with curtisy. My barber Malcon.

Thomas Elliott

Great place for a haircut! Exactly what you'd expect from a Barber shop.

Deborae Harrison-Hall

My husband didn't enjoy his hair cut


Love this barber shop from head 2 toe, to the new guy in the corner how many followers you got now?

Jesus Pulido

(Translated by Google) Very good place ... excellent customer service (Original) Muy buen lugar... excelente trato al cliente

Mark Buckley

It's a barber shop!

Mo Fon


Kendall King


Just an amazing environment.

dylan ashton

Go see Omar. Gives the best cut and great outlook on life! Hardworking hustling mindset!

Brandon Abraham

Accurate in precise

Cedric Burgess

Omar who commutes from DC is loyal and professional with his customers. He always greet you with upon entering the shop. Little things go a long ways. I always keep a tight haircut with Omar. I highly recommend him.

Rashari Sharp

So my husband went to see the barber Dre at this shop. He got his haircut by Dre, but when he came out afterwards I automatically didn't like it. Then he even told me that Dre was eating, while doing his hair. To the point where the other barbers mentioned it. He also said he stopped cutting his hair to go and talk to other people. He even left the shop twice in the middle of cutting my husband's hair. At that point he still needed to get his haircut fixed. So we googled and found Floyd's 99 barbershop at Columbia Mall. The barber at Floyd's automatically said that he did mess my husband's hair up. She said the hairline wasn't sharp, the cut of the hair was uneven, it wasn't blended in or faded in well, and that it was just all bad. So she fixed my husband's hair for free!!!! Warren's was all bad...never again!!!

Kyle Colliver

Noah Nesbitt

Pricy, but worth it.

Maurice Johnson

Great atmosphere and barber's !

Columbia City Groovers

If your looking for a good haircut. Go here....

Daniel Lascola

Worst haircut I have ever gotten. I asked for my hair to be a little shorter and the barber almost shaved all of the hair off of my head. They used vulgar language around children in the shop.

Randi c

-AllStar Playz-

The best black barbershop in columbia

Jasmine Willis

Jonathan Williams

Marquel Johnson

Don’t book an appointment with Malcolm. He’ll give you a designated time to pull and stroll on in 40 minutes later, smacking on a McDonald’s chicken sandwich off the dollar menu. Then you’ll ask him what’s up and he’ll hit you with a “My bad” and continues to eat the sandwich but if he would have cut my damn hair maybe he could afford to buy 2. I just don’t understand how you can afford to skip appointments, but you’re phones? Then from there you’ll go to another dude there to take care of you (Big mistake). Now this dude just blaintly ignored my clear instructions and pushed my beards line up lower than I wanted but hey it is what it is, I chose to go.

Corey St. John

Probably the worst haircut I’ve ever gotten, it’s been about 2 months since I’ve been there and my hair still hasn’t recovered.

a f

Best hair design....

Phil Julien

Eric Kirksey

Dewan Reaves

Joshua Satterfield

Kyle Walker

Great service, I totally recommend lamont

Justin Burton

Very professional barbers. The service was fantastic. The atmosphere is always awesome. Recommended.


Melvin Garrison

ALCapone Show

Horrible place 2 go if your a person who is organized and structured(basically have your life in order). Perfect place to go if your a person who don't mind chaotic situations. Don't believe me, go 4 yourself and I promise that will be the last time u ever go N your life. Here are a few facts that occur in the shop that I swear on my children are true. -No sign in sheet, so basically if you are a walk in you will not be addressed. -Because these guys pay Booth rent & they don't give two s**** about walk-ins they only care about their appointments. -By the way their appointments don't pay security deposits so it's no guarantee that their appointment even is going to show up. -The independent contractors(The barbers) talk more than they work. -Professionalism, demeanor, presentation and language doesn't matter with these guys because they have no self respect. -They feel as if in qoute "as long as I pay my Booth rent I can say and do what I want". -There was even a barber who showed up to work. Cut 8 to 10 members of his family first for free. While other customers just looked on, and he does this just because he pays Booth rent. This happened Saturday morning 2/10/18, he's a overweight fellow, he's a lighter complexion, he's the third seat when you first walk in to the left. See I'm a business owner myself, my business is located inside the mall. I know for a fact these actions hurt the overall business. These guys don't give two s****, only thing they care about is their money and paying their Booth rent on time. -Sad part about it is I try to support other black businesses, but you get treated far worse with your own people then with the caucasians. -So here's my advice to Warren the owner. Anyone that diminishes your shop fire them without hesitation. It's not about what's in the best interest of your pockets. It's about what's in the best interest of the business, long jevity is key. An when you need replacements just simply go to a beauty school or a barber school for your replacements. You still collect your booth rent from them as well or Commission. An they will be more loyal to your shop because they're fresh and new in the game. If U ever need business advice, I live in the Metropolitan apartments(near the Cheesecake Factory) and own a small franchise True Religion in the mall.

William A. Conway Pulido

Tara Jackson

My boys love to go there and get their hair cut. Always a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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