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REVIEWS OF Supreme Cuts Jessup IN Maryland


Carrie Dawes

Angie is our favorite barber! My boys are extremely picky about their hair and they will only see Angie. She is friendly and courteous and always gives a great haircut.

Karena Broadus

Love the ccut I receive from Abdul. Me and my son get our hair cut here.

Mark Broadus

Come all the way from D.C. To get cut

Ricky Beville

Jonathan Hebron

I've gone to Supreme Cuts for years, the atmosphere is friendly. There is a helpful staff that respect their customers and do a lot to help out the community.

Eugene Tetteh


Kelly Sykes

San, Abdul and the team offer first class haircuts, spirited conversations and an outstanding atmosphere. Come for a haircut and receive much more!!!!!

Chris Jackson

Al Richardson

The best


Damon McTavish

Supreme Cuts, not just a name but a way of life with each and every cut is consistency and preciseness which is why I've been a happy customer for many year's. Kid friendly and versatility make this the only barbershop to patronize in the DMV area!

PJ Clyde

Tony Jackson

Been going to supreme cuts since they opened wouldn't go anywhere else.

Ronald Brooks

Family friendly shop also very professional barbers who are very considerate of others and to top it off they can really cut

Zachary Herrera

They gave me an excellent cut and beard trim - exactly what I was looking for ,and great attention to detail. I can't recommend this place enough.

Jordan Wagner

Got my hair styled on the salon side. The ladies treated me very nice. She did a great job on my hair.

free 2 b me

Mykel does a great job.

Truth Thomas

This shop lives up to its name: "Supreme." Lex Gough, who is a barber at this shop, is highly skilled and highly professional. Whenever I need a haircut, I head to Supreme and to Lex. My experience at this Elkridge establishment has always been warm and welcoming.

Mr Nice Guy

David Crump

Friendly environment, good barbershop conversation, and great haircuts. A diverse group of professional barbers specializing in all hair types. Abdul has cut my hair for over 15 years so I am definitely a satisfied customer. They do appointments (a must for me) and walk-ins. Two thumbs up for Supreme Cuts.

Brandon Spears

Really good make sure you make an appointment so you don't have to wait

Barry Cobb


Willie Contreras

The ambiance of the studio is second to none; the wait time is very short; the friendly vibe is appreciated, but the service is on point. I'll return to this barber shop.


Friendly people great hair cut!!


The hair salon is the best! They're on point!

Nathan Snell

Great shop, Great guys, known them for a long time, watching them grow to be good men. I always keep them them in prayer. Keep looking up - Big Mike

Kofi Agyemang

Nate was my barber out there and that man cut me clean all the time big kudos to him. I don’t think I’m going to be going there no more to get a haircut because after Nate left I went there to see how the other barbers but I wasn’t all that please with the service that I got. I told the barber what I want and he was like “oh I get it” but he totally gave me something different.

sterling davis

Friendly environment and always a good haircut for good prices.

Joseph Speaks

I had a very good first experience here. I was seen quickly, the cut didn't take too long but he seemed to also take his time. The price was fair as well. My only complaints are that I wasn't asked before certain decisions about my cut were made and I found my cut to be just a little uneven when I went home. Otherwise, good first cut here.

Jon Street

It was ok

Rondalph Taylor Jr

The shop is truly professional, prompt and expert at their craft. Appointments are easily made and kept, and there is usually no waiting time. All of the barbers are very skilled, I prefer use Abdul and Chase. Go there now you will not be disappointed.

Michael Durant

I've been going to this shop for years! Great shop, barbers are some of the best in the area. Highly recommended!

jay maguire

Had Angie as my stylist did a great job on my hair will be back in the future.

em Jay

Nice environment and top barbers for all!! Highly recommend.

E Llacer

Angie Parise

Angie is great- I take all 3 of my boys there and it's quick and easy and always looks good. She lets you book online as well.

John Cook

Great shop. I drive up from DC to get a cut from Angie.

Ray Lee


Go to Jack! You will not be disappointed! He is always sharp and clean with his cuts.

Rhonda Saulsbury

Great facility. Large, clean professional setting. Excellent barbers. Ronny is GREAT!

Thaddeus Eley

"Been going there for years. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a great barber to check this place out. Very professional and great environment ".

Robert Matia

Great location and service. Angie is always willing to work with me when scheduling an appointment, esp since I'm usually coming from Montgomery county.

Jamel Lee

detail orientated babershop with excellent staff. Definitely recommend!!!!


I would never intentionally try to steer people away from a business but please avoid this shop if possible!! I went in with clear instruction with what i wanted and left mortified and humiliated. First of all the veteran was telling my barber everything he was doing wrong while i was being cut which made me feel very nervous and uncomfortable. Also after i was given my sloppy cut i was sat down back in the chair because even he realized he messed up without me even having to tell him. The only reason this was given 2 stars is because as soon as i walked in i was seated pretty quickly. This just reminds me a cut a mom gives a child in their kitchen to save the extra dollars. Have a nice day. Edit: Returning to this review to say unless you’re heading into the military and are getting all of your hair cut off anyways, (respect to all of our troops) don’t go here. These people cut hair so disrespectful!!! Most likely with the intent we wear hats 24/7. I’m better off strapping a pair of clippers to my ceiling fan and letting it clip me up then letting these clowns ever do work on my head again. And to everyone who has gotten bamboozled by these barbers. Keep your head up. It will grow back in. And if anyone asks you who gave you that horrific cut. Say you got it for free from a friend who’s learning.

John Mackall

Been going to Angie for a number of years now. Always look great walking out. Best barber ever. Wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.

James H

This place is the best barber shop I've been to in recent memory. It's open, has comfortable furniture, and the price is right. The staff are quick, focused, and GOOD. Ask for Ronnie, this shop is legit.

Randy Bernhardt

I was a random walk up customer and got Angie to cut my hair. I keep going back to her. She does a great job. She is very friendly and very professional.

JeffShar Chavis

Great Barbers!

Styves Exantus

Nathan is nice with fades and sharp line. Definitely coming back.

Cameron M

Very professional

David Creagh

I finally found my barber and the artist is Angie. Since getting out of the military in 2008, it was very difficult to find a barber who excelled and is expert in military cuts and beards. Angie does not "cut" any corners per se. Her precision cuts and trims are spot on and will not disappoint. She takes pride in all that she does and her face glows when her clients are awestruck when they see her craftsmanship as the chair faces the mirror.

Sean Gant

Kalei Hayes

Alexis Gough

John Chambers

Best Barbers by far!!!!! Ronnie will keep you looking fresh!!!! If he's not available Mark, Ms. Loretta, Malcom or Kevin will hook you up!!!

Crandall Williams

John Leishear

I have been getting a flat top cut for 20 years and have had many very good barbers, but none have pleased me when finished more than Angie. She is simply the best I've ever seen!

Nadia Herron

Ike Kyei

Alexis offers fantastic service. First of all he is a quality barber. But equally important is his customer service and how he treats his customers. I will certainly be going back.

Felicia Lawrence

Yaa Addo

Have taken my son here a couple of times and Jerry always does a fantastic job with his hair. I grow his hair out in the winter and cut it in the spring and each time, Jerry cuts it in a waythat suit his face and he always looks great. The shop is clean and my son gets to watch his favorite TV show while we wait. Everybody is friendly, you always feel at home here.

Kia Saunders

Popped into Supreme Cuts after moving to Elkridge a year ago. Abdul has been cutting my sons hair ever since. We are both pleased with the quality of service received and my sons cuts are on point. I recommend both locations if your in search of quality barbers.

Jared Tipton

Angie has been cutting my hair for years. I drive well over 30 minutes past numerous barber shops just to get my hair cut by her. Definitely a great place to go, friendly environment and professional.

Purnell Clark

Chris Woodard

Came in from GA. I won't come back. I asked how long the wait was since only 3 barbers were cutting. A apprentice barber showed up and asked if i was waiting for someone. Didn't know he never was a master barber until after reading his paperwork om the mirror after he turned me around. He stood in the way so i couldn't see it. He should have announced it and le me make my decision. He messed my hairline up and was just going to let me leave once i saw it in the mirror i had to tell hem to fix it. His clipper outliners cut my neck allnup and the front of my hairline. Have some respect for people from outof town coming to service a black owned business. Keep It 1000!!

Jon Frias

Took my son to get his haircut at this place for the first time, since our barber in Laurel was unavailable. First guy on the right was who our turn was with. I ask for a "Skin Fade" and that was it. Went to sit down and when I looked up, it was to late. He gave my son a boot camp military cut. No where near a skin fade to begin with and never asked me about the top but decided for himself. The fade alone was horrible, definitely can see the lines and where he messed up not to mention left long hair by his ear. The shape up/outline was just as bad. After a brief discussion, he said don't pay for it. Not that it was worth paying for to begin with, but that was the best thing he could do and I respect that. I took my son to get his haircut fixed at Warren's, like I should have to begin with. Very disappointed and my son is very upset. This can only compare to the Vietnamese place that jacked up my son's haircut years ago. I will never be going back nor will I recommend this place to anyone. Horrible.

Passion Kitchen w/ Kissa

make a appt to not have a wait

Sylvia Aklikokou

Anthea Eccles

Courteous staff and they took me without an appointment

Jewell Payne


Patrick Doan

The best ! Angie is one of those rare people whose excitement and passion for their art comes at an affordable price. She is, and always will be, one of the best Barbers I've ever been to.

John Rossomangno

Kimani Smith

Alexis G. Has been cutting my hair for years! I've switched to 3 different barber shops with him!

James Aikens

Best barbers in Maryland! San is the best barber in MD has been cutting my hair for years!

Joe Mano

This place is top notch as far as customer service, cleanliness, and their cuts. They take pride in each and every cut and haven't seen a style that they couldn't knock out with perfection. Abdul is my personal barber and I couldn't ask for a better stylist. The shop is very kid friendly, so if your in the area and want a great cut look no further. I would recommend making an appointment first.

Will Gonzalez

I have been going go to Supreme Cuts for a few years with Abdul as my barber. It costs a little more than the average male haircut does but Im willing to pay the extra money for the quality cut that I get.

Matthew Crepeau

I got Brian and he did a fantastic job! Easily the best cut I’ve ever had.

Feraz Bhatti


Stephen Smith


Kevin Carroll

I could not imagine going to another barber shop. Abdul has been cutting my hair for 25 years and I would recommend him to anyone. All of the guys are friendly and professional. Whether you or your children need a cut, this is the best place around!

Anthony Roberts

Clays Health

The guy with the dred locks cut my hair mess my hair all the way up didn't blend my hair and he knew he did he ask for $25 for my cut didn't come professionally like barbers in the past who have messed up told men it's only $5 . Its unprofessional as a barber to ask for a full price of the haircut when you mess up someone's hair. He cut me 2 times in the front and 3 times in the back. I ask for my sides faded mess them up. I would not recommend this place to anyone for a quick cut. Unless you are try to take your chances on rolling the dice for if your cut will be good or not .

Kevin Evans

I have been bringing my family to this barbershop for over 10yrs - the Barbers are professional, courteous & and work together like a family. Best in the area by far. Top notch in the community

Verna Proctor-Thomas

Great Barbers and the business is clean!

Jean-Pierre Vassor

THE atmosphere of professionals, the lure or friendship, camaraderie, sports talk, politics, music, and the latest happenings! Always feel at home, and always receive courtesy, great insight, and most of all the professional hair cut. Skilled, professional barbers who care for your well being and will always enhance your look with a phenomenal haircut to your liking. HIGHLY recommended!!!!

Sherise Johnson-Omar

Awesome love the business

T Fam

Aaron Smith


Best hair cuts ever!

Jacqueline barry-sow

Lex is my sons barber and he is great, he has a craft of hair cutting that I have been looking for since I have lived in Maryland which has been 17 years. He brings that New York style and is very professional. My 18 year won't let anyone cut his hair and he comes all the way down from school in New Jersey just to see Lex. The Location is great and the shop is very clean and the environment is very friendly. Where every Lex is we will follow that is how amazing he is.


Excellent service and professional attitude.

Matt Smith

Awesome people. Very friendly and will get the work done as fast as they can. They love to socialize with their customers and make sure that the customers have a positive experience and that there's always a place for them to go when in need of a hair cut. 5 stars for awesome!

Corey Woo

Fantastic team. Angie is amazing. Her style, knowledge and expertise is incredible. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a great haircut to see her. Always make an appointment. She uses Booksy.

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