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168 Rollins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rollins Avenue Barber Shop IN Maryland

Francis Feingold

One of the two or three best haircuts I've ever gotten, for a very reasonable price for this area ($14). Wish I'd discovered this place before my wedding rather than shortly after... Will be returning here as long as I'm in the area. I had Lee, if memory serves, and he was definitely a perfectionist, even though I had just asked for a medium haircut; used scissors all the way through, worked incrementally (multiple rounds on each side of the head) to make sure everything worked together. So don't expect this to be a quick job (I was in the chair a good 20 minutes); but it's worth the wait. Also don't expect conversation; the only words we exchanged were him asking about half-way through whether I was happy with the front. (I told him to take more off the top, which he executed perfectly, unlike other barbers from whom I've made the same request.)

Dev B

Samuel Neff

Stylist didn't listen to what I asked and first thing buzzed through my long hair above the ear before I could react. I'll be wearing a hat for the next few months.


I get my haircut here once every couple months. Lee does a fantastic job, and he’s my go to barber!

Arthur Norwood

Great barber shop, very friendly staff, good prices. I go quite out of my way to come here, because they always do a great job.


I have been going here for 8 years now, faithfully. They do an excellent and consistent job every time. I recommend them.

Steven Curry

Charles Choi

Quick service. Cheap haircuts

Gary Morin

Lift Tow

The guys here know what they are doing

Andrew Gonsolin

Very friendly staff who go above an beyond with their service. They make every attempt to ensure you are happy with your cut and are comfortable throughout.

Qahar Hossini

I showed a haircut style and they cut my hair different

Jeffrey Schmidt

Great haircut, good deal. No wait.

Andrew Chang

Cesar Serna

Excellent service. I was in town for business and was in dire need of a haircut. I looked at the reviews from the barbershops in the area and saw the great reviews for this place. I went in and was not disappointed at all. Suh did a great job. She won't let you off that chair until you're happy with the cut. I'm not easy to please when it comes to getting my hair cut and this is a place I would make it my home barbershop if I lived in the area.

Malhaar Nair

Joe Kurdziel

Always good for a quick haircut at lunch.

Mark M

Andrew Y

Kenneth Davis

Incredible price, especially for the quality. I've received more attention to detail here than any barbershop or salon I've ever been to.

Ari Daniels

For the area, especially, the prices are fantastic. And the haircut was great! She had such attention to detail and took great care. One time recently, in a pinch, I got a haircut at one of the high-dollar places, and though the cut was great, it cost me three times as much. Any time I'm in Rockville/Bethesda and in need of a haircut, this is my new go-to. It's likely impossible to beat this cut for $16 (at time of review). A $20 bill covers the cut and a respectable tip!

Abhijit Ambegaonkar


Always do a good job!

sai sunil

Vinnie Warlock

I went there after reading the reviews and they didn't disappoint. Got a nice haircut, very professional, and the barber even used a vacuum to suck it up the cut strands from my head. The place is really clean and organized, and the price is not exorbitant like some other fancier barber shops and salons around the area. Second visit update: they kept the standard of service, and I'm satisfied to say that I found my barber shop in Rockville.

Michael Lee

James David

Sindhukumar S

Good Service. But accepts cash only ($15)

Sang J Park

Max G

Rodney Pearson

Pavlyuk Anatolyevich

NtRodgZioN Experimental Electronic

Great service, great price, clean and professional. Love it.

Jefferson Wiltshire

This place is fantastic. The wait can be a while if there are a few people in front of you and it is CASH ONLY, but the haircut is worth the wait and trip to ATM

Jorge Luque

Great cut, great price!

Matt Maloney

Igor Bezugliy

rafik ben

krishan sood

Alex Torres

Elena Torbenko

We love the work of Mr Lee. He is very professional talented barber with a special touch. We always satisfied with his work. Two my boys and my husband going there for years.

Stephen Erhart

been going for over the last 10 yrs

Johnny McGrew

I Ms Lee is my barber and she is awesome! I highly recommend this shop


Erick Quezada

Yev Galchevskiy

Excellent quality, low price!

Max Hernandez

Really great price. The barber was quick yet did the job great!

Christopher Catanzaro

Great price! Great cut! Cash only!

Li Song

Kumar Listo

Great quality of service and attention to detail

Oon Ree

Forrest Miller

Very nice haircut. It can get pretty busy on the weekend so come early!

Hector Marin

Cash only.

Robert Adams

Excellent hair cut, reasonable prices!

faizan hadi

One of the best haircut services I got. People here are the most friendly and take their own time to give you the best cut.

Ky Jo

Great service, great prices, & skill!!! New to the area...Honestly, I was concerned with shop cutting Afro-American hair, but they did a great job! My son loves it! Returning Customer

Bryant Yung

somnath sar

Good and reasonable hair cut in the area.

H.D. Allick,DDS

Great cut always...can't bday the price

Frinz Calusa

Jeremy Friedman

Joshua Baron

Joann Lee

Great hair cuts at cost effective price. My son loves Rollins Barber Shop! His friends love going there, too.

Leonard Krause

Excellent service, great haircut, friendly barbers.

Travis Pugh

Adam Sumner

Cheap, but you get what you pay for. I tried this place because of the good reviews; after being there I suspect they are mostly from old men or people who aren't particular about their haircuts. Maybe even flat out fake. The rundown - small shop, cash only, barbers barely speak English. I wouldn't mind that it they were to cut my hair right and have the slightest sense of customer service, but they didn't. I went in and asked the lady (named Su) to fade my hair a specific way. I really emphasized it and even showed her pictures with the fade exactly how I wanted it. Several times, I reminded her not to go up too much on the sides and to remember what I pointed out in the pictures. I'm very cautious about this because many barbers seem to do it by default and ruin my hair. She did what I specifically asked her not to do. I politely told her that and she started to get agitated, saying things like "oh my God" under her breath. She told me "this is the only way." It's clearly not the "only way" to cut hair lady, I showed you a damn picture and told you specifically what to do. If you're bound to a specific haircut for all men, I'm out. What kind of nonsense is that? Will look elsewhere. If you're particular about your haircut, stay away!!

Live for today

It was close to me at the moment,checked out the reviews and its all true.All good and proffesional.I like that they vacumed my left hair so it didnt fell on my shirt.The place looks looks good.I will go again.

Taylor Wood

Fred Hurwitz

Great place!! Great quality haircuts for a really affordable price! Cash only! But well worth it for how much you would be spending at other barber shops

V Kolli

Taj Caterer

Tyler Weader

Fantastic haircuts at a great price point. All of their barbers take pride in each and every cut. Great service and friendly staff. I get the best haircuts here!


Good haircuts

Raymond McCarthy Bergeron

I had my haircut from Ms. Shu and she was very attentive and great! I was very satisfied with the cut. Only $13 - so I gave a great tip. Glad I found a new place to call my barber for as long as I'm in the area!

Fahim Ahmad

Good and cheap

aayush thakur

pretty decent shop .. quick and cheap .. tip well !

Andrew Mitz

No frills barbershop. Very able hair stylists waste little time. They ask for your direction then get to work. Works great for me. Deserves 4.5 stars.

RW Kim

Sunny is my hairstylist and understand my needs. Very skilled and kind. This will be the place I will go for a long time. Requires appointments and sometimes they don't have available time slot during the weekend if not make appointment soon enough.

Artur Abdullin

Carol Lewis

Awesome haircut and great prices, too!

Isaac Aronson

Great haircut, great price. I really felt like my barber/stylist was taking time to pay attention to detail. I loved the haircut I got, even though I was a bit vague when describing it. They gel your hair, vacuum it clean, the whole nine yards. I'll definitely go here again for my next haircut! The staff is very friendly, too, and the atmosphere is nice.

James Erice

I go for a high and tight hair cut. They do a pretty decent job considering they don't use a straight razor. And they take cash only. Oh and they have little vacuums on each station so that could be entertaining or some getting used to. Nice folks.

Saumitra Tanmoy

Daniel Abdo

Great service, great price! $15 for haircut, $10 for clean up, $11 for beard. I got my hair cleaned up and beard done. Great attention to detail, very good at listening to instructions and executing. She sanitized everything before using it on me, cleaning me up sanitizer wipes as well. Vacummed the loose hairs, constantly cleaning the sheet off with hair. Great overall experience! Will go again. I had the stylist named Kay.

Joel Schadegg

The Rollins Avenue Barber Shop is my go-to barber shop. Sometimes I wait much longer than I should to get my hair cut, so it gets a bit wild. This isn't an issue as there are multiple barbers who do a great job! The staff is always friendly and efficient. It's usually not a long wait; they keep busy but not so much the place becomes over crowded. Overall no complaints!

John Calvin Williams

Young is fantastic! Always very friendly, great conversation.

Timothy McDonald

This place is great! I got a fantastic haircut and they were very attentive and took their time with me. I highly recommend them!


A lot of attention to detail.

John S

Cheap, and quick. This place is great $15 for a standard cut. Make sure you bring cash!

Debasish Paul

ManyTime Keren

Dilip Kumar

Good hair cut with descent price

Jerry J

Russ F

William Kim

Great friendly staff and does Asian hair well

Deepak !

Quick service, warm and friendly staff and for that price it’s unbeatable. Got few compliments for the haircut as well, will recommend this for everyone.

Min Ho Rim

Kind people. Reasonable price. I like here. :)


Kshitij Srivastava


My barber "Lee" literally couldn't follow simple directions. I said I needed a 4 on the sides and he gave me a 3. I said I wanted to just clean up my hair and he cut off an inch of my already short hair. It smelled like someone forgot to flush the toilet after eating rancid cabbage in there. Not a great experience...


Very nice and polite but the quality of the haircut isn’t the best. Was disappointed to find long hairs overlapping my ears, neck hairs and the barber went in too high on one side and tried to fix it but wasn’t very successful.

satish lavangade

The hair cut was awsome. staff are friendly.

Surendranath Nair

Chi Wa

the lady did my son hair did a terrible job. When I asked her to fix, she got really annoy and retaliated by digging into my son scalp with the machine. My son was flinching and moving about so we left. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE CHILDREN CUT. Don't go.

Pinaki Bose

Excellent haircut for a good price. Best in the area.

Chien Wang

Super nice staffs. Just about all the staffs says hello and good bye. Very nice people with great skills. Been going there for little over a year now and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend ANYONE there. Price is super well priced, even though cash only and sometimes maybe a little inconvenient, but they are very understanding that not everyone carries cash. So they let you go to a atm (even after the haircut). To grab cash! Win win!

Omar Chaudhary

I had my haircut from Mr. Lee. I appreciated he spent a good amount of time with me and made sure I was satisfied. And only $13

Jason Zhang

Excellent hair cut. Very reasonable price!

Jesse Robles

Rajeshwar Reddy

Experienced barber

Phillip Perelas

Suh was exceptionally helpful and kind! She gave me a great cut and was quick as well as precise. Great pricing and almost no wait time. Definitely am coming back for my next cut!

Juan Montenegro

Very friendly staff, i took my first hair cut on Maryland in this place.

Canhui Wang

Thomas Jacob

They don't listen to your requests! I got a haircut here before a date and very clearly described what I wanted. They went against my requests, gave me a terrible cut, and I had to cancel the date. Not sure how they have 4.5 stars average, very rude and terrible customer service as well. I will never return to this place.

Shawn Gee

Decent barber shop.

Thomas Larsen

Friendly, good

Akash Rajput

Excellent hair cut, reasonable prices!

Luis Gomez

Excellent service for old fashioned traditional hair cuts

rahul kashikar

Bob Chev

Amazing service, attention to detail, and inexpensive. Tip VERY WELL!!!

Jun Lee

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