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356 Domer Ave, Laurel, MD 20707, United States Located in: Laurel Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Bart's Full Services Barber Shop IN Maryland

Ralph Brian Paradero

nagisa kawi

I have been going to Bart's for over 35 years and I can honestly say I have never left unhappy. They have always done a really good job. The staff is very friendly and you get a personal touch that most places seem to miss these days.

Bryan Del Moral

Redskins 400

They sometimes don't cut your hair well but they have good service

victory oluwajomiloju


Vicki Leja

Stephen Radosevich

CompSolvers CompSolvers

Sherry Chase

My husband gets his hair cut here great job

luis diou

Love this place. Great service.

Nelson Villatoro

Mediocre, hit or miss, and you better hope you get someone who can speak English. I’ve gotten so-so haircuts here before, but my goodness... somehow I had the absolute worst haircut of my life at this location yesterday, all thanks to Rose who just decided to do whatever she wanted to do to my hair, ignoring my requests. I specifically asked for a little bit short on the sides, and LONG ON THE TOP. Instead, for whatever reason it is that compelled her to do so, Rose decided to give me practically a buzz cut on the sides and back, and cut my hair SHORT ON THE TOP. In addition, she decided to just trim and shave my beard how she wanted before even asking me what I wanted... and even after telling her what I wanted, she still ended up doing what she wanted to do. So disrespectful. If she had the skill to pull off the type of haircut she attempted to do, then this wouldn’t have been as bad as it turned out, but her lack of experience was blatantly apparent in her execution. Fades had no transition, cuts were messy... I now have random parts of my hair that just stick up and look horrible. It was obvious that Rose did not understand my words... so why hire someone that clearly isn’t prepared to engage with the customer in order to communicate and provide the service the customer wants??? That’s unfair to both your employee and your customers. Your mileage may vary. Not worth the risk of getting someone who can’t speak English / does not want to respect your requests. Never going back here, that’s for sure.

Donald Dalphonse

Great place to get a haircut. Very reasonable prices.

Nick Allen

Leon Johnson

Shoutout to Zach!! Great customer service!!

Dinesh Panicker

Kirk Dodson

Great Haircut. $14-CASH ONLY. They use warm shaving cream and a straight razor to trim around the ears, neck, and sideburns. Lots of parking, easy to find, and a Citi Bank ATM with 2 drive up ATMs at the front of the shopping center. Definitely going back.

Jakob Martin

Excellent hair cut! It was sharp and professional but easy to maintain.

Akash Abraham

I go here twice a month, all the barbers here are really great! It took me a while to find a good barber in this area, and they're better priced than everyone else as well. Just watch the ladies in the back, I was disappointed with my haircut both times in that back "salon". I eventually learned why everyone waits on the barbers up front, they do a much better job.

Matt Branham

Nesia Baker

Bart's barber is best barbershop in Maryland, and Laura is the most customer oriented person I've met in a life time......thumbs up.

Brandon Bissett

I couldn’t say enough great things about this barber, every stylist that has cut my hair in here was precise and took their time getting it done right. They were gentle and made it a great experience and the prices are unbeatable! I will continue to go back as long as I live here.

Brian Langlois

Andrew ONeil

This is an excellent place to get your hair cut, everyone gives great cuts

Stephanie Portillo

I came to Bart’s for some highlights and retouching and to say I was beyond happy with my hair would be an understatement. I had the pleasure of having Ms. Rose preform MAGIC in my hair she is truly an amazing stylist/barber who has perfect her craft throughout the years. I am super happy with my hair and have gotten plenty of compliments and am more than happy to provide my ladies with rose’s information. Ladies if you are new to the area or need someone who will get the job done and get it done amazing please be sure to check out Ms. Rose you will not be disappointed.

Kimberly Kingston

Steven L

Top notch value and service

Andre Jones

Neil Casey

Vanna is the best

tony tyre

Truck is the man

Rhonda Craig

My husband has been going here for about 12 years now. ALWAYS gets a great cut, they also cut ladies hair. For the guy who commented on Mario, he speaks great english... he american and always has people lined up for a cut. So sorry you must have your people confused. The lady that right next to Mario at the end does an awesome job as well. Its defenitly a family place with the old time barber shop feel. An added bonus the prices are even good. I recommened them to everyone, male and female.

Scott Schroth

Laura does the best hair cuts!!!

Jason Carcione

I've been going to Bart's for the last 6 years and couldn't be happier with the quality of their service.

Elmoctar Abderrahmane

Mateen Ahmed

Disgusting whatever you tell them they will make the style they know,not taking any card cash only,cheeper then others but don't know hair cut.

scott graham

Well, I walked in today and all barbers had clients so I had to wait... no big deal, it's expected. 3 men came in after me and 2 were taken in front of, they didnt have appointments. One lady Tina looked right at me and then looked at the white man that came after me and told him, you're next if you don't mind waiting... wow. What a slap in the face seeing that I was waiting for at least 30 minutes at this point. So now here is another slap... Asian guy that came in after me was waiting maybe 20 minutes gets approached by Asian male barber...he gets up and sits in the Asian barbers chair... Now I grab my stuff and walk towards the I guess I'm not invisible... Now the older white man (maybe the owner) asks me if I'm waiting??? Really, no I am walking out. I had never been so insulted...wait, yes I have. It's no surprise I guess my skin is way too dark to be treated like a human. I will spend my money elsewhere. To respond to the owners reply: There was a misunderstanding in that I should have never been treated like that, not by 1 barber, but 2 in the same visit? Regardless of how qualified your barbers may be, there is no excuse for for their behavior. They both were aware that I should have been before those other 2 customers as the male saw me as I walked in past him at the register and he looked right in my face. Tina kept looking at me while I was sitting almost directly in front of her station. I spent 24 years in law enforcement and I feel pretty good at reading behavior. So no, Mr. Owner, I will not give a snake a second chance to bite me. Mistreat me once, shame on you... mistreat me twice, shame on me.

Michael Kear

men's haircuts

Charles Crouch

Daniel Weimer

Great haircut and awesome prices.

Steven Gower

If you don't like waiting to get a haircut this is the place for you! Usually in and out real fast. I've tried different hair stylists there but if you want a superior cut you need to see the older Asian lady named Mary. She is awesome! She takes her time and doesn't rush through on your hair. She takes to fine detail when it comes to cutting your hair. Even offered to trim my eyebrows real quick! She works for her tip!

Paul Caron

Decent cut, decent pricing.

Jorge Fajardo

The best.

James Hill

Mike Eder

They took me as a walk-in on a Saturday right away and did a great job. Finally found my go-to local barber.

agustin jose oñatez medina

I have been a regular customer since moving in. I would normally go every three months. I have always been a happy customer. Last Saturday there was some minor confusion with my appointment, but it was resolved quickly.


Nico Salcedo

Everyone is very friendly


Started going here about a year ago after moving back from school. Finding a for life barber is hard for me as I have trust issues. However, I can confidently say I have with Laura. She always does a great job each time. Prices are affordable and the customer service is always good. I will always go back to her even if I have to wait for 4 people. Highly recommend!!

Patricia Larry

Olivia Mills

Nice people, great prices. The only place to go!

Norman Gross

Sunil Mohammed

I have been going there for years. Staff is great.

Nacho Yoshy

Nice people, Helen is the best. My respect for the guy who Clean the floor good job A+


Been going here for 30 years. Nuf said But bring cash.

Barbara Ann Santiago

Timothy Brockington

Kick It With Khaleel

NIce, Fast, Clean.

shehzan dahya

jeremy lewis

Fatima Jatto


Gregory Norris

Been getting Vannah to cut my hair for a decade. Excellent spot.

Sean Goerling

I've been going to Bart's since I was a child. Excellent service!

derick lovett

Luis Hurtado

Have going here since I was 11 years old. I've now moved out of state but every time I'm back in laurel I get my hair cut from them.

Andrew Delatos

I recommend everyone go to Laura, she gives the best cuts.

Billy Mills

I have now had my hair cut at Bart's about half-a-dozen times and I have walked away pleased each and every time. I have had someone different cut my hair each time and they all do a great job. Their prices are also incredibly reasonable. As long as I am in Laurel I will get my hair cut at Bart's. Be aware, CASH ONLY.

Loel Jones

That's the only place I go I live in Delaware Maryland and Virginia I'll make the trip because Laura and Bart are the only ones that can cut my hair and I don't have any questions when I leave excellent job excellent service

Dave Self

A great traditional, local barber shop. Great service and prices.

Matthew Branham

Danny Gonzalez

I have gone to Barts for over 20 years my kids love it The service is always excellent. .

luciano alarcon

Stan Madero

Great service

Eric Riley

It's a nice and friendly shop every one is so happy and friendly. I wish they can installed t.v;s and have some kind of snack/vending for customers

Chris Gregory

I have been coming to the shop for over 12 years. Laura takes time and makes sure your haircut is the way you want it to be.

Matt Barnett

Great place for everyone to get a good cut for a great price. Fast and friendly place.

Patrick Sickman

Old school barber shop with all the right modern amenities.


Thank you Laura for a great haircut and shave, I was able to make my new license picture look definitely more professional.

David Palmer

Great place, but cash only.

Rhonda Leonard

Needs diversity, at least one minority

David Makowski

Have been going to this shop for over 50 years now. Has always been a Great shop an Great people, feels like family when I walk in the door. Just try the shop, an you will fall in love with it an the people.

Paul Childress

Been getting my haircuts here mainly for the better part of 25 years. Friendly fast staff, I don't get anything fancy but the old school barber feel and straight razor shave is fantastic.

Scott Osborn

Excellent service.

Ronald Horst

Nate Daniel

Good place for a haircut. Large parking lot since it is in a shopping center.

Kyle Myers

These barbers will absolutely take the time to make sure that you leave looking good and clean as possible. The barber shop s always clean every time I visit.

Oliver Wood

I've been going to Bart's for over 3 years, and their quality is always consistent (see picture)! Amazing haircuts, barbers, and atmosphere... all at a great price! This is a REAL barbershop. Also, the authentic retro chairs, and memorabilia give it s nice ambiance.


Where did Helen go? If someone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Mignon

I’ve been going to Bart’s for over 25 years! Best haircuts I’ve ever received!

Tommy Laduca

Wow Helen is not only the best but i will only go to her,the best haircut i ever got very nice lady as well.

Mujtaba Erum Ali-Khan


Needs to accept cards, it’s 2018. Besides that they do a good job.

William Schaefer

I was very happy with my experience. Didn’t have to wait, the shave and haircut was fantastic, and the owner took the time to say hello. On top of that, it was clean and there was plenty of parking. This is definitely my go to spot for beard and hair trim

tenille wagoner

Great staff. You feel like family when you go there.

Richard Sheltra

Been going there for 15+ yrs. Mario can most definitely speak English, clearly you must have him mixed with one of the Asian men in there but still they speak well and do great cuts as well. Helen is the woman at the end one person spoke of and does a great job too. I personally go to Laura who always does a fantastic job for the last 10 yrs or so but if she is too busy I always use Mario or Helen. Very down to home and old school Barber shopShop where they use straight razors for shaving sides of ur head, neck and face.

bun heng suong

Great people Great Haircuts

Terry Heslin

Great place to get a haircut

Kenneth Moore

Place is awesome!! My sons and I have been going here for years. Not sure what the Mac guy who gave this place a 1 star is talking about but he obiviously hasn't received a haircut from this place.

Philip Simmerer

I always get a great cut from every barber at Bart's

Damian McDonald

***Three hours wasted after leaving without any service*** To preface this review, I have been a loyal customer for 29 years - YES - 29 years. I have been a client of many of the barbers beginning with Bart Jr. and most recently Mary. This morning I arrived with the expectation of receiving my two week hair cut. Typically, I arrive and wait for Mary and she advises how many she has ahead of me, which is a normal expectation (first come, first served). I have never been concerned about the inner workings of the shop until today. Rather than using the ticket number machine directly adjacent to the door (which is covered and not in use), Laura decides who is next to receive service (while cutting hair) and does so in an extremely discriminatory and prejudicial manner, seemingly based on outward appearance. I say this with confidence as people received service who arrived some time after myself and at least one other person. This was my last visit to this establishment in the 29 years I have been a loyal customer as it is clearly obvious the ownership condones the discriminatory and prejudicial treatment as there is one other comment citing this exact complaint, and nothing has been done to correct this. The worst part - the F-ing tool to ensure there is no preferential treatment is sitting directly adjacent to the entry door covered and unused. The barber service provided is clearly above average as my 29 years of loyalty would suggest. Unfortunately, it is apparently Laura's discretion with regard to your outward appearance whether you receive time in the chair or none at all.

John Wagoner

Bob Burke

Been getting my haircut there since 92.

Duran Doran

Jose Castro

Gods Plan

Iimraan Emails

Family owned barbar shop. Bart Jr and the staff is very friendly. I was their customer from last 10 year's. My barber was Helen. Ever since she left I tried 3 different people and didn't like either one. Able to find out and going back to Helen who now works at barbershop somewhere else.


Biggy Bambam

David Howell

Best barber shop in Laurel by far. Excellent customer service and perfect haircuts every time. They have experienced barbers and stylists that specialize in all hair styles at good prices. Don’t waste your time and money anywhere else!

sam oladeji

Service excellent!

David Goodison

Vanna is great!

Meg An

Great boys hair cuts

D Harrris

No appointment needed..the ⌛wait is like 5/7 minutes

Ed Star

Love this place. A real down home hair cut with neck and side burn shave. This is the place that can handle you head

Chris Glesner

I asked for a fade, something I've never gotten before, and Mario did an exceptional job. He isn't much of a communicator but if you tell him specifically what you want, he'll get the job done. I was skeptical of him at first due to the other review about Mario but, he proved me wrong. He took his time which may bother those who are in a rush.

Suwan Yi

Best haircuts ever. Nice people too. Shoutout to Rose for my perfect lineups

Rajarajan Rajamani

Going there for the past 15+ years. Quiet comfy mom n pop barber. Would greatly recommend to anyone.

Todd B.

Shelvin R. Floyd

carl heeralal

Best barber in laurel.

Dejan Zec

Great place, not expensive, good service. You can go in and out in less than 30 min.

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