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813 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201, United States

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REVIEWS OF Baltimore Barber Lounge IN Maryland

Thomas Higdon

I moved to the county a few years ago, but I drive 30 minutes into the city so I can continue getting my hair cut here. That's how good they are.

Keith Bennett

Simply the best

Yacob B Tewelde

They are all friendly. Once you arrive you need to sign up and you will be served accordingly. Service was great and fair price. I still remember my first hair cut there. He was a good listner and also gave me advise on the cut options and styles. Street parking is available. You can park also accross the street at PMI parking.

Nima Hafezi Nejad

Cj Gertner

Chetan Pasrija

Showed Barber a picture of the hair I wanted. What he cut was nothing similar to it. Cash only and don't publicize that until you try to pay at the end. Won't go back

Matt Quan

Kyle and his other barbers at the Baltimore Barber Lounge are who you should be going to if you're a guy looking for an amazing place to get your haircut. This barbershop has modern decor with old fashioned great service and charm. Kyle, the owner, is very friendly and takes pride in his haircutting craft. He'll work with you to find what style you're looking for and really succeeds in making getting your haircut an experience, rather than simply an errand that needs to get done. After your haircut they also use a straight razor and hot shaving cream to clean up your neck line, which is great because it keeps it looking sharp longer. It's the kind of place you know you'll get a top notch cut by people who will actually remember who you are. For all this at a very affordable price, why would you go anywhere else? Personally, I also find that many barbers struggle to work with my asian hair, it's really stiff and thick. But Kyle was able to get it looking great and it turned out way better than your average buzz the sides / clip the top cut. You could tell that he cared about the quality of his work and wanted to build a good relationship with his clients. This barbershop is one of those great places that makes the normally mundane, an experience worth your time. Yeah, everyone needs to get your haircut, but that doesn't mean it has to a chore that you don't look forward to. Getting a cut at the Baltimore Barber Lounge is like hanging out with a good friend who happens to be an excellent barber!

Marshall Lilly

Ashwan Lewis

Mohammad H Yarmohammadian

Not stylish and professional. The staff just do simple work with machines no4-8. Don't expect professional and competent work. They Don't understand haircut styles. Just go under machine in five minutes then pay 18 $. That's all.

Nitish Harid

Joseph Goble

I get my hair cut here every three weeks and it is always a welcoming, relaxing experience. The barbers are extremely professional yet I feel completely at home and comfortable knowing my hair will be cut exactly how I want, each and every time.

colin mcadam

Manoj Modi

Great place to get cuts, wait can be a little long sometimes. Close on Sunday

Mustafa Iftikhar

Anuj Mehta

Gary Vornheder

Love this place for my haircut. Even though I moved from baltimore, I still go here to get my ears lowered!


Peter Liu

Aleko Kontos

I was quite happy with my haircut

Merrick Moses

Friendly service. Barbers give great cuts

Dave Bolte

Best cut in 5 state area. These guys rock. Cash only btw.


They cut hair. They do their jobs well. The place is clean.It's a good price. What more could you want from a barbershop?

Ryan Brennan

It's a nice place. However, my opinion is that they are only competent in basic haircuts. I wanted a simple fade, 2 to 1, but it was only half completed with on part of the back of my head untouched. I would say, do not expect a high quality hair cut.

Julian Sanchez

Nice hairtcuts

Johnathan K

Great haircut, friendly staff.

Keken Chhetri

This place is great. Every of the barbers can really really cut here very well! I love coming back. You know how much I love this place? I live in the county about 45 minutes away..I still go here to get my hair cut. This is one hot spot for a quick barbershop. I really love this place and highly recommend their cuts at a great price!

Frank V

Dave Dallas

er!!!ccc b

Liang Shen

Jamie Mick

Best haircut i've had in years!

Anthony Sanchez

I went to get my haircut today and it was quick and expertly done. Kyle is great at what he does and I really liked the vibe of his shop. I will definitely come back and would highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks, Kyle!

Damien Ryan

Sasha Borodovsky

Kareem Kenawy

Evan Hess

A small, friendly place. I've always had fantastic haircuts here.

Tim Wang

Great place with many local regulars. Really pleased with how every haircut turns out!

Mohamed Shabayek

Poor to average quality haircut

Adam Zoellner

Quick, simple, and fairly priced with cool lounge chair area.

Thomas McPhaul

Keegan Donlon

Great haircut. I look sharp

Cody White

This is the only place I get my hair cut.

siddhant vyas

Justin Quick

Best haircuts of my life so far. Ive been going here and only here for years.

David Castillo

Please never do your beard here!

J. David Gatz

James Schmidt


Jay Vaidya

Neighborhood barber shop. Friendly staff, comfy lounge area. Do not accept credit cards.

Austin Patrick

I usually come here and have a great experience. Today, one of the Barbers was clearly in a rush. While doing the fade, he trimmed one side too far. You can clearly see how uneven it is. Then when finishing up, rather than using the straight razor (the best part of going to a barber) he used an electric foil shaver and then faked using the straight razor on my neck. I’ve been going to a barber for years, and you can tell when a straight razor is cutting your hair. Moreover, my side burns weren’t even either. I won’t be coming back.

Frank Henry

It's the Buzz of Baltimore!

ItsAllBlack Gaming

Ralph Carroll

Been going here ever since it open. Guys are great and friendly do great jobs cutting hair. Many more years coming to get a haircut.

Tavon Smith

Ryan Colburn

Randy Randleman

I give this a 10 on the Randy scale. Amazing spot

Shiou-Fu Lin

David Hartman

Reasonably priced but usually a wait

Colin Wu

Mohamad Aghaie

Alan Picard

I traveled 1200 miles to Baltimore to get a haircut it was that old type feeling .... Really liked the cut

Max Davidson

First Time and Last Time. I walk in sit down, they don't tell me to sign in. I make a comment when I see others come in after me signing in and they say it's fine. I wait 15 minutes and they have other people go ahead of me. First and last time I'll ever come there.

Prashant Sharma

A great place to get a haircut. Efficient and good quality. For me it's hard to find people who do a good skin fade, but these guys do it perfectly. Even though it gets busy on the weekends, these guys keep the pace moving and wait times aren't bad at all. It's my go to barber shop in the city!

asar bajaj

William Sharp

k man

friendly service... Great group of guys offering professional cuts with a smile...

Alex Nic

Silver Bullet

Walter Daniel Fernández

C Cobane

Excellent cut for an excellent price ($16). Walking only but it definitely helps to get on the book early by calling in and letting them know you're coming. Wait for me at 6:15 was 25 min. Great place!

Nate McBean

I have looked and haven't seen any other local barbershops. This is exactly what the area needs. The owner is friendly, and the place is nice (and the cut is good). I'll be back.

Justin W.

They do a GREAT job. I only trust them to cut my hair.

Shaun Adkins

Always get a great haircut whenever I go. Staff is friendly too

David Lahey

Great place. Barber is very friendly.

John Schimek


Abnoxious little place, I guess the barbers there think they are so special. They have their favorite clientes, if you are not their favorite, they hardly talk to you. And if you call, they don't answer the phone. I go there only until I find some place else. I hope they go out of business!

Yaz Ali

Shervin Badihian

Great place, reasonable price, friendly barbers.

Muhammad Waqar Akhtar Tarar

First time visiting the Barber lounge. Nice hair cut by Mannie. I will visit again in future.

David Black

Talented, consistent, easy-going at competitive price

Kristaps Bezbailis

Jordan Matelsky

Gordon Steen

Always a good hair cut. Very popular, but worth the wait.

James Dotimas

محمد الحربي

Pavan Bhat

Omid Hayden

One of them are very unprofessional ! He cuts left side of my head shorter than the other side . I said that to cut my hair as same it like but he cut all of my hair with number 4, one part shorter than the other one !!! First and the last

Mitch Mayfield

I have lived all over the US and Australia and I got my best haircut in Baltimore, MD at the barber lounge.

Richard Tompkins

Xenia Baranova

Shawn M.

Best cuts in the neighborhood, been going to kyle for years!

Bryan Dunn

Best shop in town!

Justin Barclay

Wonderful barbershop, great atmosphere.

Andrew Larsen

Rodolfo Tortolero

Hector Carrion

Doesn’t matter who cuts your hair it will turn out great. It can get busy but it’s never a long wait. Meter parking outside.

Nicholas Mehrle

Behnoud Baradaran Noveiry

Brent Ita

Sriram S

Alex Carlson

Best haircuts I have ever had. The guys here really care about every cut they make. Symmetrical, even fades, very good sense of what the customer wants. Plus, they use warm foam and a straight razor on your neck to clean up, and it's awesome.

Parham Mosayebi

Chris Sap

Yash Prajapati

Cheap and friendly

Jose Vargas

Justin Bunton

They took their time and gave me a great hair cut. I didn't realize it was cash only and they trusted me to use the atm next door. I will definitely be going back.

Farhan Thura

Benjamin Gerard

James Cocks

Chris Beach

Best barber shop I've been to. $18, great haircut every time.

Adam Smallow

I've been getting haircuts at the Baltimore Barber Lounge for several years and it is the best place in Baltimore. Kyle and his team are friendly and courteous. Most importantly, they all give great haircuts. If someone else is cutting your hair, you need to make the change to Baltimore Barber lounge!

Leonor Castel-Branco

Sean Wu

Arsalan Nazir

Great haircut, reasonable pricing, great staff. Got exactly what I wanted, do keep in mind that when it's busy sign in on the pad on the first side table closest to the door by the chairs. Otherwise they'll keep tabs on who came first if it's slow and just call you up.

David Bartee

Daniel Tward

Robert Naugle


Benjamin Keating

Speedy. Reasonable prices. Fun environment. Nice guys. Quality haircuts.

Jay Jay

I love this place, I've been going to this establishment for a couple years and have never walked out disappointed. Kyle is amazing!

R Anders

Jonathan Silberman

Dropped in for a cut and wasn’t disappointed; will be back

Micah Mysiuk

Comfortable. Short wait and great cut.

Shawn Soviak

I have never had a bad cut here, and the proprietors are the friendliest. One of my wife's co-workers still comes in from Odenton just for a haircut here. Reasonably priced and excellent service. What more can you ask for?

Jarhead Sully

Elie Dass

Nick was fantastic. Easy going, friendly and he gave an amazing cut. My wife loved it! The shop is clean, it is classy, there aren't pictures of beer and naked ladies all over the place and I would feel comfortable bringing my little boys there. The decor is tasteful and comfortable with a nice lounge and wifi so I could work while I waited. During my haircut, it started pooring and Nick invited me to wait the storm out in the shop. I saw him give a haircut to a frankly "dificult" pre teen and he did a fantastic job with the child. When the rain eased up enough to dash to the car, Nick offered us umbrelas with a cheerful "just bring them back sometime". Bottom line, great barber, great shop, great price and great cut.

James Wojtanik


adam khedr

Best barber shop in Baltimore , I like towards canton and pay for ubers both ways just to get there and back so an extra $20 every other week ( totally worth it ) i have lived in lots of places and always have my go to barbershop and my go to barber but for the first time I don't even care which one of these guys is ready because they are all the best , never a bad haircut at this place

Chris Price

A great spot for a quick haircut. They do all hair textures.

Mike Klein

Great price great hair cut great staff

Blu Skyz

Took my sis..they did great. Very engaged and cool to talk to..beasty on The hair cuts

Elliott Koch

Great cut for a great price. Really took the time to do it right. Would gladly go back.

Charles Arthur

Dqzja Freeman

Tsalagi TheReaperWolf

Andrew McGoff

Eric Kowalczyk

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