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1668 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD 21113, United States

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Here you will see the reviews of real people who use the services of B Gate Barber Shop (Barber Shop) in the state of Maryland.

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REVIEWS OF B Gate Barber Shop IN Maryland

Patrick Landis

Beau Bryant

Best place to get a haircut in the area

Matthew Menendez

brian johnston

This place has gone down hill. It used to be the best place to get a haircut. Then it changed owners and most of the staff left too. The new folks just don't have the quality of the old. I know change is always hard and I have given them a fair try but I won't go back anymore.

Breezy Finley

The only place around we've trusted to get my husbands haircuts, as well as our toddlers since we've been in Maryland. They're so sweet and patient with him, even though he hates haircuts.

Vince Paul

Excellent cut and service. The massage was also an excellent surprise. I will be returning regularly!


Best place for a skin high fade.

Janet Marie

This Barber shop does really great men's hair cuts! They are super fast, so even if there are a lot of people waiting, the wait won't be too long. I went with my husband the other day & the only problem I had was all the hair on the floor around the chairs. I'm not sure when they clean it up but it wasn't in the 45 mins that I was in there. And they don't seem to clean it up after each cut.

Jeffery M

Lamont W

The hair cuts and prices are excellent. Also received an outline shave with hot lather, a hot towel, and a short shoulder massage!

Stephen Metz

Very friendly staff great prices and nice haircut i will definitely be returning here from now on

Jaymes Matteson

Jacob Rainer

Jerrin Neal

Robert Foster

If you are in the military and not getting your hair cut at this place you are wrong. The prices are cheap, the hair cuts are on point, and the ladies are awesome in here. This is a top notch barber shop.

Robin Warden

Best barber near Ft. Meade

C Tino

Fast and efficient they do a great job!

Zachary Arzadon

Best place to get a fade hands down. Even if it's a little higher than I wanted it I'm still happy cause it's a good fade. I always get a hot towel and they'll use a razor if you ask for a skin fade. She even trimmed my unibrow for me when i asked. All of the ladies are great and I wouldnt mind getting a haircut from any of them 10/10 would get a fade again.

Gladys Rock

Excellent service!

Chris Parker

Joe Hathcoat

I love this place. Haircuts are very professional. They take the time to do it right. Plenty of seats and barbers. The longest I've ever waited is about 5 minutes. When you want to look your best, come here.

Arthur Richardson


Overall GREAT, but that new barber is not good. My wife asked me to get my money back on that one, but I didn't have time.

Tyler Lawson

Have been coming here for a few years now. The place is so cool and the barbers are very professional. Excellent service.

Christian Andrews

SK Divers

Not only for men. The owner Soon is very knowledgeable, experienced and creative with women that have short hair. My girlfriend previously paid $70 for a short clipper cut from her now "former stylist", Soon gave her a much better, even, stylish short clipper cut that is feminine and not butch for $25.00. It's your $$ but it's only hair and it will grow back. Give the owner a try and you will be a customer for life.

Catherine Vera

They are so friendly and are great at cutting hair! Priscilla is the best! My husband and sons love getting their hair cut by her!!,

Collin Finley

Great place for a hair cut! Does great military styles as well.

Gary Frye


A Korean run barber shop near Ft. Meade. They have given me consistently high quality cuts at very competitive prices. As of now, their haircuts prices stand at $13 for men and this includes a shoulder rub and hot towel, services which run $25 or more at larger, inferior chains. I'm a latino male with african heritage. I go there for a medium fade. They've done very well and I always go out of my way to return to this location. It's very clean. Many of their clippers have vacuum attachments so your head isn't filled with clippings. When you ask them to cut to the skin, they use straight razors and still go over with clippers to make sure no hair is left untrimmed.

Kevin Munro

Great place to get a hair cut. They even use a straight razor on the sides and back to get a very smooth fade. Once they are done they put a hot towel on your neck and even give you a short massage. Very quick haircuts, great quality, and very relaxing.

Time to Play!

It is hard to find a good barber when you first move to an area. I found one right away and this is the place. If you want a solid military style, go here. They do it right, give you proper attention and leave you feeling good about your fresh haircut. 6 Stars if I could give it.

Christina Ramirez

They are convenient but not great.

Young Kim

The new owners provide very polite and professional services hardly seen around this area. the barbers' skill is one of the top. The cosmetologists were all trying to make me at home. The free cold drinks were a plus. I strongly recommend this over any other barber shops.

Nathan Sanchez

Robinson Doyle

Best value for haircut you can get in the Fort Meade area.

Harry Ferrari

Did exactly what I asked for.

Arn Heggers

Came out with a great haircut!

Mike C

Friendly barbers

Levi Patterson

Best place to go for a good and quick haircut (Depending on what time and day you go) They do a great straight razor shave and the prices are reasonable.

El Niche

Roommate Seeker

I come here all the time and all the barbers do a great job every time. No complaints! Highly recommend

Ms Vee

My son went to get his hair cut. He showed this lady a picture and she said she could do it. But, she couldn't after she cut his hair wrong she refused to fix it. She left out before I came to see her, and was very rude. I would not go here if you looking for a design haircut.

Jeremy Barnett

Very fast and nice ladies. They do a great skin fade, with hot shave cream, and hot towel. Will definitely go back.

Shahaf Aharon

Jeffrey Stokes

Cheap and great haircut. Very nice barbers, they greet you when you arrive everytime. Been going there for years.

Ben P

Best haircut in Odenton PERIOD. Quick, courteous, they use a razor and give you a quick shoulder/neck rub when you're finished. Awesome!

Val Thakore

I've been bringing my two sons since pre-teens to present and the staff here is great & gives you the "snip" (lol...) that you want. At one point they were the cheapest barber shop on 175 / in the area, since then inflation has ensued, but warranted and still today the least expensive barber shop, but quality is still superb!

Maurice Cornish

Very clean and fast service. Great location and operation hour's. Not the best or worse haircut I have received. It's just ok

James Kelly

This is absolutely the BEST place to get a military style haircut in the state of Maryland! Friendly, fast and expert service for a very reasonable price. These great Korean ladies have given the best high and tight I ever had in my life. They will do the same outstanding work for you!

seon st bernard

The staff was very friendly when I came in. She was very thorough with my fade and cut. Price wasn't high like most. Will definitely repeat.

Dmitry Landy

$13 haircut includes great haircut, shave, and warm towel. You dont get a deal like this anywhere else

Cody Von Burg

Stephen Young

Great military cut with razor fade.

Thomas Lindsey


Hands down the best barbershop I've been to in my nine years of service. Everyone who has cut my hair has done a great job here, not to mention the straight razor shave and massage to finish it off!

Wyatt Bloom

They have gone downhill over the past year. Had 2 different barbers/cosmetologists and it's as if they only know how to do one type of haircut...military. The former management used to listen to what you wanted. Even though brief, they gave better shoulder massages. Now it's a couple rubs, if that, and done. I retired from the military a year ago, have asked to keep my hair longer (just a very light clean up trim), instead I get a very short haircut. Once it's cut, how do you say it's wrong fix it? Have been searching for a decent barber that's a decent price and listens. The price is difficult to beat, I will say that.

Troy Kim

Orden Beron

Patrick Hopwood

Soon and her staff are the best!

Adam Meston

Really enjoyed my haircut there. Her blending is amazing


Robert Neumann

Great barbershop with fair prices. The ladies take their time to get your lines straight and finish with a refreshing hot towel. Will come back!

Stephen Nicholas

I have been going here for the better part of the past 2 years. They never disappoint and I have always enjoyed the experience. Hot towel and razor shave is amazing. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a reliable barber.

Elijah Harmon

Alex Rababah

Great place for a haircut early in the morning, with some skilled barbers.

Nick Molino


Excellent customer service. Pretty sure a hot towel and razor are standard here. Not much to say, just tell them how you like your haircut and then they will verify what you said and cut away!

Alexander Yim

Barbershop is spacious, clean, and hairstylists are polite and courteous. They specialize in military hairstyles. The parking is free. Update: This barbershop is under new ownership, and some of those friendly hair stylists are no longer working in this shop. Do not expect to receive complimentary services, such as shoulder massage, pomade hairstyle, and proper cologne application.

Dominick Nordin

Go here for your military cuts guys, a whole lot better than I've received on base.

Wade Gettle

Joshua Suckiel

Great barber shop! Clean, friendly and skilled barbers.

Darren Winter

Bret Bothelio

Sang Nguyen

Always come here for monthly haircuts. A quick minute massage after haircut was awesome.

john lamirande

I’ve been getting military haircuts since 1986, this place is the best value hands down. Best hours, best service, and great location.

Chris Washburn

Good haircuts, great service, in & out!

John L. Davis

I have been getting pretty much the same haircut for the past 30 years. This is the ONLY place I have ever found that consistently gives exactly what I want, for a great price, and you don't have to worry about "your person" not being there. How many times have I found a good barber and then eventually your person is not working that day or has left for another shop. I have had my hair cut by pretty much everyone here at B Gate and everyone does the same great job with the same great attention to detail and service. I love this place.

Kshitiz Karki

I loved my haircut. The staff was super friendly and it was cheap. Mandy was very nice and polite. She gave me good suggestions for my haircut and I look forward to coming back soon!!


Scott McQuade

I've had my hair cut by 3 different barbers here. All did a very good job. That coupled with the price makes this my go-to barber shop in the area.

Doug Huffman

Best haircuts I ever got... Perfect close cut every time! Very friendly and professional... And unbelievably less expensive than any of the joint bases in the area. My highest recommendation.

Jessica Dougherty

Super friendly. They dont have gift cards.

JonSebastian Andrade

Great service. It helps when you have to get a fresh haircut every week and it's inexpensive too


Cohen selph

I have been coming here since I got stationed here and it has been overall a good experiance but you need to train the new barbers to at least be able to do a fade before they start cutting hair.

Gregory Hooks

Great barbershop!

Kyle Lyons

Perfect low cost haircut with hot towel, shoulder massage and straight razor close shave.

Don Means

I've gone here for the last few years, but it isn't what it used to be. The staff is very friendly, but you never really know what you are going to get. Mandy is great, if you can get her. Priscilla is also very good. I'd wait for one of them. You used to get a hot towel and a short shoulder massage, but they don't always do this any more. All things would be forgivable if you could get a consistent cut. I just got a bald fade, which is their hallmark, but one side is higher and shorter than the other. I didn't take the time to have her correct it. I'm done training. I'm giving 2 stars because of nostalgia. Unfortunately, I'm done with this shop.

Kevin P

Unfortunately they’re not good with fading or giving you any kind of urban cuts the worst haircut I’ve ever had

Joshua Thibert

Great cheap haircut with razor shave and no lines

Murewa Jaiyesimi

Good customer service

Corbin Dreymur

They did such a good job on my fiance's hair, but they messed mine up. The top of my hair was cut two different lengths and it doesn't look anything like what I asked for. Moreover I am a man who asked for a male haircut and was charged for a women's hair cut. With getting such a bad cut and being misgendered I am not going to come back for another bad experience.

jason lee

Been coming here for 3 years. Hands down better than base haircut and the barber uses a straight razor and warm shaving cream to finish off. If you are looking for a basic high n tight, this place is ideal, but if you are looking for something more complicated, I can't commet based on personal experience.

Tonepoet Music

Great group of people working here. Korean owned, and everyone is not only super friendly but also really great at what they do. Before this place opened, getting a haircut was stressful as it was always hit or miss. I really got sick of my wife complaining that my haircuts were so terrible. Not anymore. Very competent and attentive haircut specialists (is that a thing?). I've been going here for a good bit now and have not had a bad haircut. Good price (and I tip well!) never a long wait, a hot towel on your face after a straight razor to take the hair off your neck. And THEN a massage. That doesn't happen everywhere. I always make sure that when I travel I hit this place up beforehand so that I can avoid rolling the dice with any other barber shop. 10/10

Zack Krocek

I've never had a bad cut here. The service is very good and the staff is friendly. The razor skin fades are great for military and the hot towels are an added bonus. This is my go to for my weekly haircut.

KD Tift

If you are looking a for quick haircut at a great price this is the place for you. The are fairly consistent with the haircut quality and will even give you a swift back massage after your cut. They are always friendly and looking forward to seeing you in two weeks. Thanks B Gate!

Brent Reitze

Great haircuts with a light neck massage.

Eric Lorenz

Best bang for your buck! Haircuts are always top notch. Plus, they'll shave your neck and give you a quick shoulder rub. They've never given me a reason to be unsatisfied. Love this place!

Cleveland Wise

Robert Anderson

Very friendly love the haircut and shave The massage at the end is fantastic. Fantastic people

Someguy Withalastname

Screwed up my hair... horribly. Probably won't be back. Sorry

Noah Petramala

Hunter Frees

The barbers here are highly skilled and the service is awesome.

Jason David

Jacqueline Bouvier Jones

I called and they were extremely rude. I asked to speak to the manager and the woman on the phone said the manager was not there, was on vacation and she did not know when the manger would be back. I asked for her name and she refused and hung up. When I called back, a different woman answered and said she was the manager. I told what had just happened and she said she just walked in, or maybe I called a different barbershop, I said no, I just hit redial. She said it was a misunderstanding. It wasn't a misunderstanding, I just called a very rude barbershop and I don't recommend anyone going to a business that is rude for anything. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! DO NOT GO TO THIS BARBERSHOP, THEY ARE RUDE!!!

Diego Flores

Very clean Fadesand line ups with clipper followed up by Straight Razor and alcohol wipe! Hot towel to clean up all the hair and finish of with a massage. Can't beat 13$ price so I suggest tip them the rest of what you would normally pay!

Kim Arzadon

Amazing price for the amount of work they put into their haircuts. My husband comes here every week and they ALWAYS do a good job cutting his hair.

Fuji Mori

Great barbershop. Normally every time I ask for a medium fade I end up getting a high and tight. But here, when they ask you what you want they actually listen and give you exactly what you ask for. Pair that with an incredibly friendly staff and you have the makings of an awesome barbershop. Very clean as well.

Matt S.

Nathan Gockel

Cody Moliterno

Joshua Hamm

Only place I'm willing to get my hair cut in the area.

Jose Otero


Been getting my hair cut here for years. Fantastic establishment.

Roger Crawford

They do a great job for a reasonable price

Randy Pierce

Short wait times

Tony LoCastro

Great shop to deal with, prices are very reasonable.

Kiattipong Inkornwong

Paul Farley

Kevin Edelmaier

Excellent high and tight. Probably the best cut I've ever had. They know how to do it right.

Emily Chandler

Jim Rogers

Open early. Straight razor neck shave. Affordable. Great job.

Britten Keep

Kyungseok Bang

I tried different barber shops in the area and this is the place I keep coming back to. Fast and convenient. Great service as well.

Debora Tuthill-Rusinko

Matthew Wolfe

Place is amazing! Great haircuts each time. Super friendly staff. Great prices. Love coming here. Won't go anywhere else.

Ryan Smith

Amy Street

My husband was visiting around that area and got lost. To ask the direction, my husband got into that barber shop. He tried not to be rude so he waited for the barbers finishing their jobs. Then he noticed they were very attentive to do their jobs. So he ended up having his haircut over there. Great hair style and service. They are very patient to customers. Since then, my husband schedules his visiting that area with his haircut. We lives 4 hours away. It's been more than 2 years. Now, my son is asking the address of this place. He went once with his father. He liked his hair style so he wants to go back this place.

Kyle Martinez-Ramirez

Very hit and miss the past 6 months with the new people. Mr.Han is really good and the lady 2ND from the right as you face the chairs is always good. I still get a medium skin fade.

Paul Mic

I always come back here for my hair cut. I get a great fade for a fair price + tip.

Umer Hassan

Awesome price, awesome haircut and services, the extra massage and being taken care very well deserves a good tip as well!

Samuel Woo

Derek Petersen

Quality haircuts, care taken even when it's busy

Brandon Lee

Great for military style haircuts. Razor fades for no extra charge. Love this place.

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