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7701 Hampson St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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REVIEWS OF Modern Men Barbershop IN Louisiana

ThatGuy Typing

Best place in town. Only the most wonderful people working there.

Paul Badeaux

Great place for a hair cut. Great staff and freindly service. Highly recommend a visit.

Jeremiah Burkhardt

I went to Modern Men after making the mistake of getting my haircut at a shifty Supercuts. Sarah did a great job of fixing the abomination that was my cheap haircut. Unfortunately, Sarah was not available for my next appointment, but fortunately Meghan is great too. The cost for a cut is a little on the high side but still reasonable, and the quality and experience are unquestionably worth it. If you're looking for a new barber/stylist in New Orleans, this is your place.

WilliamMunny FromMissouri

Go to the nearest military base and get a good ol high n tight for7 bucks. There was only one highlight and the simple act of fate of a walkin has yet to have any benefit.

alex stevens

As someone who lives in the neighborhood, I was initially hesitant to pay a visit to this shop at first although I have passed by it on a number of occasions. However, from start to to finish, the staff was friendly and I was immediately impressed with how courteous and responsive the staff was to accommodate me. Sarah, my stylist, was very helpful and friendly in assisting me in finding the right hairstyle that I was looking for as well as making my first visit to the shop pleasant and enjoyable. This was honestly one of the best haircuts I have had, not only in the styling and trimming done but in the service and professionalism displayed by staff. I will be certain to visit again and will encourage others to visit. Thank you again, Alex

James Robertson

This is the best barber shop in the city. Don't bother trying anywhere else.

Joel Bein

Consistently pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Meghan is very good at her craft and attentive in taking care of me.

Brian LeBaron

Derek Edwards

John Olivier

David Pigott

Ed Purcell

Just right for a man in all regards. Friendly, professional

Will Monson

Francesca is amazing

Ben Ross

Modern Men Grooming is a wonderful place to get a haircut. I always feel very comfortable and welcome there. Meghan is an AMAZING hair stylist!

Johann Palacios

Andrew Troenkrasnow

Amazing and friendly staff, Sarah is an especially great stylist, I never understood why people cared to stick with one stylist before my first cut with her

Nyni Wilson

I brought my boyfriend in for a haircut today and I showed them barber a picture of the hair cut we wanted to get, after sitting in the chair for about 45 minutes his hair looked nothing like the picture, she gave a decent haircut but we were pretty disappointed that she cut his hair nothing like the picture we showed her, as we went to pay for the haircut the African American cashier, I believe her name was Jade, asked if we would tip on the card and I said no, she then swiped my card and asked again if I would tip in cash and I said no, she got very upset and said "but you just received a service and you like the haircut so you should tip", she acted as if she would not let us leave without tipping. First of all she was very much out of line and that was very unprofessional, she said we had just got a service and should tip as if we were not already paying nearly $40 for a haircut that was nothing like what we wanted, she should really be reprimanded or taught better customer service because that was awful, bad enough we were paying for a haircut we were not even 50% satisfied with but on top of that rude service, judging from the other bad reviews and no responses the owner nor management cares enough to even apologize for rude employees, we will not be coming here again ever

Rick Stedman

Chris Dietrich

I have to say this place is amazing. Great quality cuts and a wonderful, happy friendly staff! Meaghan was my barber and is the best!

Stephen Russell

Stop reading these reviews. Congratulations, you found the right place. Now immediately call and make an appointment, because they stay pretty booked with all their happy returning customers.

Jude Boudreaux

I've been going to Sherie for haircuts for years, and I naturally made the transition when she opened her own place. It's a warm and comfortable space, with great people who really care about you looking good and having a relaxing time. The hot towel shaves are incredible, and if I ever need a real relaxing time I treat myself to one of these. It's an incredible place, and I can't recommend it highly enough!

jeremy miller

One of the best haircuts I've ever had. A laid back, friendly barber shop that offers a beer during your hair cut. They even offer beard trims, which I highly recommend.

Joseph Morand

Best cut in town

James Wilson

Best haircut I've ever had. Amazing staff and fantastic atmosphere. Very highly recommended.

Air Jourdan

Paula and th gang are awesome

Casey Allman

I was looking for a haircut that was better than the average barbershop cut, and I wasn't disappointed by this place. Meghan did a terrific job, and showed me how to put some work into styling it in the morning. I'd say the only complaint that I have is that It was expensive, especially with buying product. It was worth it. Sometimes, you just have to treat yo' self.

Chan Ho Lim

Jaime Lopez

Love this place. Now my new haircut/barbershop. These ladies are the best!

Jeffrey Berniard

I have been searching around for a great barber shop in the city for some time. Modern Men is the best. Great haircuts by all of the staff and a very nice friendly atmosphere. You won't be disappointed.

Matt Fein

Jon Schmitt

$35 haircut (not including tip) that wasn't anything like the picture I showed the hairdresser but the staff were enjoyable and friendly.


Literally the first haircut that I’ve paid for and liked! Claudia did an excellent job!

Austin Kent

The best! Only place I trust to handle my gnarly cowlicks...

Senor Martinez

Let down. The girl who cut my hair was nice but was very disappointed for a barber cut. No sheers even came out and no straight razor!! I went specially for my beard and it was trimmed with clippers. No razor and no sheers.... I thought I was seeing a barber ? Very let down won’t be back.

zachary fessler

Honestly I never leave reviews on literally anything, but I just had a pretty exceptional haircut. Meghan did a great job, the environment is super nice, and you feel extremely comfortable the whole time. I’ll definitely be returning!

Juan Salvatierra

Came in for just an undercut, I showed a picture to Claudia of said undercut . We get to talking as she’s buzzing away and asked why it took so long for a haircut . I told her I got through the awkward phase with the top , but now I just wanna get rid of the sides .we moved forward with the cut . I love the undercut . She then untied the top and started cutting away . I assumed (I shouldn’t have ) she was trimming split ends until I started seeing chunks of my hair falling down . I told her to stop . She did and said she would fix it ( her words) . At this point I’m furious but held my tounge to the end . Her argument was that I didn’t tell her to stop sooner, even though I explained I wanted the sides gone . We never talked about the top of my hair. She tried to say you wanted it exactly like the picture but I thought at this point it was worthless to argue (it’s not even close to the picture I showed her anyaway.) Took me a year and a half to grow this hair and she messed it up .

J Web

Todd Gaspar

I highly recommend Modern Men Barbershop and left my previous hair stylist after trying this place out almost a year ago. They’re extremely friendly and welcoming from when you call, walk in the door, and leave. Paula does an amazing job with styling and you can even buy your hair products there. Great place and staff!

Brett Lox

Stopped in for a haircut and a beard trim with Sarah. Great atmosphere and a great cut. If I lived here it would my spot.

Darko Sarenac


Avery Dubois

Christopher Cordero

Worst haircut in my life they say it’s a barbershop well they lied the lady that cut my hair was someone named shari and I told her to give a hairline on my forehead and she gave me round line it’s like Supercuts.


Chris Greening

This place is fun, great conversation, and a great hair cut. I will be returning.


Stephen Douglas

The best haircut experience I have had in New Orleans.

Jordan Brock

Went in for a quick neck cleanup, but they only do one price haircuts. So i had to go somewhere else. More of a salon than a barber shop. Staff was very friendly, but I was surprised they didn't want my business.

Jeffery Jones

Thomas Freeland, V

Rene Dupre

No more boring boyfriend. He used to have a mop, but now he looks HOT~!!!!

Spencer Stingley

Franz Kafka

Fine place if you're an Uptown Lawyer looking for a $95 (with tip) hair styling "experience" and a place to put your $350 shoes up for an hour. By appointment only. A "barbershop" this is not- it's a young urban professional men's beauty salon complete with a well stocked boutique hair products department. Students, artists, blue collar workers and everyday guys looking simply for a haircut suited much better elsewhere. I'm surprised there wasn't a cover charge.

Alexander Bernard

I've been coming here for over a year now and I honestly have never had a better hair cut. Sarah has been my girl since day 1. She's funny, courteous, flexible, and down to earth. I drive from the Westbank at least once a month to get a cut. I don't know what I'll do if I move out the area.

Jeffrey Robert

trent thomas

Paula is the best!! When I got stationed in New Orleans 4 years ago I must have gone to 10 different barber shops until I came across Modern Men Barber Shop. The staff is amazing and the beer is ice cold! They are extremely professional and military friendly! Best haircuts in Town!!

Cobb Casey

Ian Alicando

Harry Morse

Great haircuts from good folks in a good environment.

dustin warren

Great place

Octavia Jones

I am very disappointed in Modern Men. This afternoon they messed up the time on our appointments and then charged me for it. I know I made the two back to back appointments for this Thursday, the only day of the week my sons don't have lax practice directly after school. Max, at Modern Men, claims I made it for today but I never received anything confirmation for me to let me know we were on the same page. So then, after sending my older son many texts (while he is in practice), they just charged my card. When I called to discuss just now they didn't care a single iota. They had already charged my card. No apology or "let's split the cost". Honestly, I am bewildered at their inflexibility to work on a solution. I have taken my sons to MM before and would go again if they had at all nice about their mistake or accommodating. But no, I understand Max believes it is a better business call to get my two charges now than forge a lasting relationship for years to come. A remarkably short-sighted business decision. I really like Bearded Lady Barber, a fabulous place on Magazine St, super friendly, cheaper and give everyone I've ever seen in there a great haircut. Sara the owner rocks- 5 stars for The Bearded Lady!!

Travis Menard

Paula was a joy and the haircut is great, I'll be back again!

Vince Hayward

You want a great haircut? Friendly staff? Good energy? A cold beer or hot coffee? Prompt service at appointment times? Fuggetaboutit, just go here and call it a day...make America have great haircuts!

T-Rex Ona

I am a french non immigrant student and thins was my first experience in a barber shop in USA Let me tell you something : I wasn't disappointed Very nice people, aware of what you want, very careful too. I highly recommend this store if you need a haircut. Good work to everyone . You've earned a customer



Jeremy Arnold

Barber Jeremy is skilled, funny, and professional. I'm super happy with my cut and will continue coming to Modern Men, as I've done for 2 years now. Thanks Jeremy!

brandon vicknair

Zach Gorres

I've been going to Modern Men for about 2 years and it is by far the best haircut I've ever had. Everyone that works here is great and they give you a drink of your choice while you're getting your haircut.

Thomas Hallinan

Ryan Herringshaw

Paula has been my barber for three years now and I couldn't be happier. Not only offering fantastic service for all of my grooming needs the entire team is friendly and personable on a higher level. Regardless if you're looking for a clasic era cut or something modern or even laid back just bring in a picture and give this team a try. Everything is by appointment only - don't be late!

Jonathan Fadok

Great cuts and service!

Cody Scott

Best haircut in town. 10/10 would recommend.

Ray Martin

By far the best place to get a shave or a haircut in the greater New Orleans area. The treatment you receive here is hands above the rest. All of the barbers that I have used Paula, Sherie, and Sarah have me looking like a million dollars when I walk out of the shop weekly. Well worth the the trip uptown and the whole staff treats you like you are the only customer that they are seeing that day. If you have not been give it a try. 6 STARS!!!!!!

Natasha Clement

Love haircut people. I suggest Paula

Mark Ranatza

I've been coming here for years, and wouldn't think of going any where else. Relaxing, laid back, and convenient location in a wonderful part of town.

Dan Schilling


Great cut and fade, razor lining too. Good people very nice and professional. New go-to barber shop.

Reid Sabo

I've been seeing Paula for like a year or two now and she's fantastic. I think they are all pretty great actually. But Paula is quick, professional, and I always leave happy with my haircut (as opposed to hating it for three weeks until it grows out). It's not the cheapest place, but tattoo logic holds true here as well: "If it's cheap it's not good, and if it's good it's not cheap." I've paid more for much worse work elsewhere. Plan to schedule an appointment at least a few days in advance because they book up fast. (It's $35 for a cut, I don't know where that other guy got $95 from)

Rigo Oczeus

Fuego Hernandez

luke mears

Great haircut and even better service

Lucas Rifkin

It's decent and I had no issues but my girlfriend hated a haircut I got there, and I found better prices and quality at least as good if not better at savage beauty. I live closer, like the personality of my stylist, and prefer my girlfriend like how I look, I switched to that and I'm happy. But modern man seemed fine also and I'd probably have kept with them if nobody criticize the haircuts.

Matthew Raffa

Great service. Great haircuts.

Julius Teichmann

Daniel Long

Thoroughly overrated and overpriced ($140/hr; $35/haircut of less than 15 minutes). Staff has inane and long (10+ minutes) conversations over your head and get very defensive when complained about. Then some shopgirl has the temerity to berate you over the phone.

Christopher Brooks


LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! If I had only one sentence to describe this place that's what it would be. But if you're interested in a further review then keep reading. This was my first visit. After reading a few of the comments I was somewhat concerned one of them being price. It was definitely no where near $95 like someone had posted. I don't know about you but when I'm trying to locate a good place to get my haircut I'm looking for a place that makes me feel comfortable and welcome. The girls here at Modern Man Barber Shop went above and beyond I felt like I had known them for much longer than just a few minutes. I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Paula she great has a wonderful personality easy to talk to and I love her accent. Then there is Francesca....Wow... she was amazing she did a wonderful job on my hair.. and I couldn't stop staring at her huge tah tahs;) But seriously these girls are awesome and I will be returning here for next visit to NOLA... Words to describe this place: friendly fun clean Charming authentic beautiful ladies cold beer affordable Thanks for reading!!

Andy Thomas

Great place. Been going here for almost 2 years. It’s always a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Tim VanDerKamp

First time here. Had an excellent experience and am extremely happy with my haircut. Also enjoyed the straight razor neck shave! Will definitely be back.

John McCann

The first time I went to Modern Men, I joked to myself that they liquor you up so that you can't tell they've given you a bad haircut. By the following morning I'd sobered up, and I was glad to see that Sarah had, in fact, given me a fantastic haircut. The great cuts, the cool vibe, the fun people, and the drinks have kept me coming back.

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