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2622 Chamberlain Ln, Louisville, KY 40245, United States

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Here you will see the reviews of real people who buy the services and products of East End Barber Shop (Barber Shop) near to the state of Kentucky.

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REVIEWS OF East End Barber Shop IN Kentucky

Brent Tate

Ian S

This is the best barber shop around. As others have stated, no gimmicks, no frills. Quality haircuts at a reasonable price with a traditional touch. I won't go anywhere else.

Brooke Keen

Awsome people.

Jermey Lyles

Great place and people

Mitch McCoy

P Raymer

Corey McGalliard

Nadine Jackson

There are great and wonderful barbers that will you treat respect and you would leave nice haircut

Isaac LaFond

Little guy got a great haircut from Brad! Also helped that Brad took a little time to make him comfortable at first.

Jordan Clutter

Jimmy Shaw

Great trendy haircuts

Joe Mayton

Great cut, thanks Brad!! This will be my go to Barbershop for now on. The guys there are all great. Friendly environment too.

Darrell Spurgeon

Great place to get a haircut

Paul Vale

Eric, Ryan, and their whole team are talented. They provide consistent, high quality service in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. For my money, the best barber shop around.

Jared Ferko

I've always thought getting a good quality hair cut would cost over $50 and I've been proven wrong. After going here 1 time I've never gone anywhere else. For less than $20 you get a high quality hair cut and the barbers are the friendliest people.

Todd Hudgens

Good cuts and a cash discount.

Logan Hull

Whenever I moved to Louisville it took me five years to find a place to get a good haircut consistently, but this is the place I was looking for. I've been going here three years and haven't received a bad haircut yet.

Michael Scott

Great old fashioned barber shop

Christopher Bolden

Watch out for the older lady. She forgets to clip the other side and even it out. 2 stars because everytime i go in there she is the available one and now i see why. 1st and 2nd time i just thought was a mistake. Now 3rd time i realize this happens every time. Very forgetful lady. 20 dolar cut been costing me 40 bucks because i got to get the other side of my head done elsewere.

Jim Stickler

Great management and staff, very friendly. Great cuts. Recommended.

J Valentine

Being an black guy it is hard to find a place to get my hair cut here on the East End. Went there Brad and Eric do a great job with my hair. I've been going there since August or so of 2011. The conversation and atmosphere of the barber shop is great until politics or UK basketball talk comes up ;-). Yes I am a Duke fan, and I know they got beat in the first round this year, but we will be coming back!

Steve Jaggers

Nice clean place , Great barbers !!!

Isaiah Parker

The best place for men to get their haircuts. The barbers take their time to make sure your cut is clean and precise. Not too expensive, but you definitely get you money's worth here.

Justin Morris

I was visiting from out of town so I stopped in just on the reviews and it didn't disappoint. They took their time, gave me a great cut and great conversation. I will be back next time I'm up that way, thank you guys.

Nathaniel Aranda

Wonderful freindly and welcoming staff, Chistian based owner who goes to my church actually! I have outstanding haircuts every time, I have had great expeiriance with them all but the person who dose the best job for my hair type is Debbie. It's worth giving them a try and they always go the extra mile to make their cliants happy! Absuliutley recommend 100%

Jonathan Janes

Eddie Couch

I was so happy when I found this shop. Fantastic cuts, good atmosphere, friendly conversation. But when you start changing your hours for your employees needs, what happens to the customers that need those hours?

Alvin Varughese

Gary Milby

This Barber shop gives great hair cuts!!!

Dianne Moore

Owner is a Master Barber and does excellent, precision work.

Craig Patton

Best hair cut I've had in recent memory. I just got my hair cut over lunch, and the staff was nice and courteous, really took their time to give me a great hair cut. Over conversation the barber said today was kind of slow for them, and with hair cuts like this I can understand! I definitely will be making this the Barber Shop for my son and I. Can't recommend them enough! Thanks for the great hair cut!

bryan williar


Great and can get an old fashioned shave as well

Yousif Alwan

I love this barbershop they are so great and friendly

Jacob McRoberts

Jimmy Martin

In and out quickly, quality cut.

Matthew Cosgrove

Good haircut, barber took her time and made sure everything was the way it should be

Ryan Konz

I was new to the area and needed to find a place to get my hair cut... couldn't have lucked out more by finding East End Barber Shop. These guys know how to do it right when it comes to hair. It's nice to just walk in and see real genuine people doing what they like. Highly recommended

Adrien Kooyman

Most thorough and clean haircut I've experienced in years. This is one place that can rest assured they just got new clientele.

Tiffany Thomas

Eric Henderson

Bryan Williar

Best there is

Katie Rose

Brad did a great job on my fiancé’s hair cut right before our wedding! He paid close attention to detail and we could both tell he cared a lot about the work he does. We will definitely be back!

Sam Hall

They really care about the haircut they give you

John Bossle

Patrick Ryan

These guys are great! It's pretty much an old fashioned small town barber shop! Love how they support (and are) veterans! Great haircuts!

William Jarvis

Best in town

David J. Ladwig

Two thumbs up from the wife on my beard trim by Matt. I no longer look like a homeless wino mountain man. Good work done at a fair price. Also good to know the joint is owned by a fellow Marine.

Andrew Spargo

These guys are great. The wait time can be lengthy, but the haircut is worth the wait.

David Byrd

Abd Al Harash, MD, FACP

Very nice attention to the details...very recommended

Parrish Tooke

All barbers have been great for over past several years, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Adam Cochran

First time customer today. Brad did an excellent job. His attention to detail was top notch. I would definitely recommend it to those wanting a well done cut.

Matt Killion

Best cut in town.

William Alyacoub

New to the area and very picky about my barbers. I found this place after reading the google reviews. I decided to check it out and I can't say enough positive things about this place. As I said before I am very picky about my hair and the barber that cut my hair was very detail oriented and got it PERFECT! Not to mention all the employees introduced themselves and were friendly as could be. Best Barber Shop I've ever been to and very affordable. HIGHLY recommended

Michael Buchberger

This was probably the best haircut I've ever had. Everyone is very friendly and pays careful attention to make sure you're happy with the results, even if it means taking an extra 15 minute of their time. Prices are slightly on the high side (I paid $17 and tipped $6) , but to be honest you buy so few haircuts that an extra few dollars for excellent service is completely worth it.

Sid Austin

Been frequenting this establishment since it opened. Owner and staff, are great at their craft, courteous, polite, genuinely all around good people. Prices are reasonable and comparable to other establishments I live 20 miles away, but I still go to Eastend Barber Shop. "ONLY"

Jared Weisheit

Wizard with a scissors! Good cut. Will be back.

Brandon Garland

john kirk

Austin Stephenson

Its like everyone is your friend before they even meet you. Plus the give great cuts!

Elijah Williams

Jon Meadows

Great place to get a haircut at. Highly recommended.

Mo H

Good place, good ppl. Ask for Brad

Zachary Haggard

Great group of guys! Great haircuts and great atmosphere!

Nima Asgari

Great people great haircuts !!

Sean Walker

D Thomas

Matthew Warren

My fiance had the worst haircut here. His neck was shaved with trimmers repeated in same spot so close that he had razor burn for two days and scab up. We won't be back!

Jared Lau

This place is great! They knew what they were doing, did it quick, and did it at a low price

Tim Smith

Great haircut!

Kenneth Day

Great people never had issues.


These guys do a great job at haircuts. The staff is friendly and fast. The atmosphere is cool and different. It's owned by a former military person so some of the decor reflects that. After I found this place I haven't gotten a haircut anywhere else.

Kirk Smith

Walter .Cronin

Nice people, good prices.

costume maker

Hezekiah Chhan

After two years looking for a barbershop to call home, this is the one. After the leaving the military, its hard to find a someone who can give you that haircut you want. I'm really picky about my hair. I hate how most barbers I go to don't listen to my order and do something totally different. At this barbershop they listen and they ask before going with what they think is best and I like that. Plus its own by a Marine, so that's a big plus for me. I always try to support another brothers business especially if they do a great job. Brad was my barber and he's a chill dude he basically listen and gave me options, now I know it isn't burger king where you can have it your way, but this place gives you that option and they don't force products down your throat, so I will be going here from here on out. Oh and it's definitely worth 18 bucks. They will tale there time. After leaving the place I felt like I grow wings and take off into the blue sky searching for the nearest gym and bench a house, that's how awesome this place was. I honestly will recommend it to all my friends military or civilians. They will go and get their haircut there. Yut

Kyle Noland

New number and business hours. Come check them out!

Laura A

Jacob Kisor

Best place I've ever been for a cut. Great atmosphere and friendly people. I'd highly recommend anyone go and find the same experience!

John Von

Jordan is the man to go to!! All the barber's are awesome and professional. They take the time to make sure you get a quality hair cut. Highly recommend.

Tony King

P Stevens

Great experience. No frills place with good conversation with like minded people. Haircut was precise and fair priced. Great chance to give back to a good group of guys that have served.

Robert Schweitzer

BEST BARBERSHOP IN LOUISVILLE - they don’t take appointments. Usually busy. Best barbers in Louisville. Paying with card is more expensive, best if you have cash.

Mitch Snyder

Jordan Davis is a top notch barber. Always been satisfied with the service I received from him. Only negative is I wish he would take appointments as he always has at least 2 people waiting for him and not all of us have time to wait. If you like to talk about the Earth being flat and The Rapture/World coming to an end this is the place for you!

502FIT 502FIT

I am probably the most particular and meticulous person about my hair and I finally found someone that's consistently consistent on off the charts haircuts. I saw Brad and Eric in the 3 times I've been and they kill it. They take their time and pay attention to detail. They are schooled on the new trends like hard parts, undercuts, etc. If you want a tight fade with unreal blending this is the place. On my way now for my Super Bowl Cut! Yeah buddy

Karl Licht

Great cut, friendly staff, prices are a tad hugh for my taste

Amanda Wallen

Jordan did an awesome job with my nine year olds hard part haircut. He was thrilled with his new look. I was thrilled with cut as well as price!

Dylan Price

Love this place. Best fades in Louisville

Chris Kinberger

First visit, great place. Attention to detail, knows what they're doing. Good experience.

Douglas Shouse

Wesley Dyer

Farrah Faulkner

I have been taking my son here for the last two years and his haircuts always look great. Brad hooks my son up every time. If you want a real haircut with a finished precise look this is the place to go :)


I have been growing my hair and beard out for about 5 months asked Matt for a simple trim and shape up and not to take much off. Ended up losing 90% of hair and beard losing months of time. Sure the hair and beard looked fine if that's what I wanted but barber just flat out ignored me.

Jordan W

Great barber shop. Great atmosphere. The barbers there are true professionals.

c Woodard

Greg Boyle

these guys all know what they are doing, great crew and perfect hair cut every time. I won't go anywhere else in town, and that's a promise.

Brandon Kendall

I've been several times now, and the guys have always done a great job. Cash for services is cheaper than using a card, so use that to your advantage.

Matt Schutz

These guys do an amazing job. They're all very detail oriented and take their time to get everything exactly as you want it. I get a haircut, beard trim, and straight razor neck shave each time I go. I really love it. No one tries to sell you shampoo and there are no "stylists". Just barbers. They're great.

Kevin Lazich

Always a good cut at a reasonable price. I wouldn't get my hair cut anywhere else.

Brad Hooper

I had a great experience 5-6 times and then there was the one time my barber was upset about something. I was in a good mood when I came in. I was really annoyed when I got home and got to looking and his attitude reflected in my haircut. I won't be back.

Aaron Robertson


Professional, precision cuts! Great group of guys that know your name, and treat you like a friend. No frills, old school barbering at it's best.

Alah Chakir

All 4 guys are AMAZING , the lady tho ... She's terrible .

Matt Nasca

Real deal barbershop. No gimmicks. No theme. No packages. No overcharging. No cracked out beauticians ( I know there are some good ones. I mean no disrespect but I have recieved some bad haircuts over the years.). No hipsters. No checking in at the front counter. Polite, great hair cut and shave. Finally a great barbershop in Louisville!


Mark McNichols

This is a great place to get a hair cut! Very friendly, knowledge, and talented barbers. Also open convenient hours for those who work later during the week. Will definitely be back for my next hair cut.

Brock Boudreaux

Great friendly service, always love my hair cut.

Brad Settles

Best haircut I've ever had. For years I thought I just had a weird head or something, but these guys really set me up nicely. They do a straight razor shave as well, which was a nice surprise.

Michael Ouzts

Great shop opens early and great conversation and encouragement for the day!

Chris Graves

Great place. Wish they did appointments.

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