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REVIEWS OF Derby City Chop Shop IN Kentucky

Maxwell Becker

Troy is awesome!

Earle van

Well I’m from close to philly & I usually go to Spanish barber shops so maybe it’s a little different here but no straight razor, when I got out to the car & looked under my beard was EXTREMELY Crooked, where my beard ends & fade starts has no fade just bald to hair without any fading. I’m used to fine line, clean shape up, & straight razor. Plus it says haircuts are 20 so I’m thinking that includes to the beard but it doesn’t so it came out to 28$ plus a tip. It’s like a super cuts. Just get the hair cut, & spend no time lining the edges. So now I have to go buy razors, & clippers to finish / fix the hair cut. If your an old white man who just needs a basic hair cut your good. If you want a nice clean line, or bald fade DONT GO !

hello random person how are u doing

Great store

Eric Clark

I come here solely to get my beard trimmed. It's affordable. My barber, Joey, knows what I want better than I do. I can't verbalize it, but he makes it happen anyway. The atmosphere is phenomenal. Ever wanted to get your hair cut inside of a tattoo parlor? Well that's exactly what this feels like (I say, as someone with several tattoos). The only downside is the wait. People LOVE this barber shop. I came mid-day once and it was a several hour wait (they do not take appointments). Your best option is to get there before they open. On the weekdays, 15-20 minutes should suffice. Just queue up outside the door (please do queue, because you won't get a spot if you don't). Weekend? Well, bring a lawnchair, and come an hour early. Joey has told me that people have been known to camp for quite some time to get in on a Saturday. I came 20 minutes early and only got right in because the family of three ahead of me were waiting for a specific barber, and Joey said I got lucky because a line that small is an anomaly on Saturdays. That's the price of going to the best barbershop in town.

Ernesto Ricardo Ojeda

They are realy, great, I have been several times there, and always I get awesomes hair cuts.

Michael Kloby

Excellent barbershop! All of the barbers are friendly and it is a great atmosphere. Yes, the wait time is a little long, but that is to be expected when you're looking to receive a quality haircut. If you're looking for quantity over quality then go to supercuts. I have recommended this shop to all of my friends and do the same for whoever is reading this.

Allie Filley

Best chop shop and bang for your buck!

Joel Jones

I have been here 3 times and the haircuts were good quality. Wait time is long. Won't be going back again though! My main issue was when I recently went that the barbers began having a highly inappropriate conversation, very sexually perverted and filled with expletives.They did this right behind me for several minutes while I was getting my hair cut and around all the other guests, with no apparent concern for professionalism. The barber by the window in particular was very loud, obnoxious, and unashamed to talk about highly sexual and inappropriate topics with the other barbers. The barber who did my hair then began doing sexual gestures towards the other barbers to make them laugh, right behind me. The music also is uncensored. I saw little kids getting their hair cut there before me, but this would not be a place I would want to take my kids to get their hair cut! Hope they can learn to be more professional on the job!

David Paller

The wait is really long, but they do such a good job that makes the wait totally worth it.

Frankie Mason

Cost me 25 for a hair cut and beard trim asked dude to shape up my mustache and trim it which he didn't do asked for a clean shave didn't get it the Barber seemed more interested in talking to the other barbers about smoking hash then giving me a good hair cut will not go back

Alex Brunetti

These guys give excellent haircuts and beard trims. I've even had a straight razor shave here for the novelty of it. There can be a bit of a wait but it's always worth it. So, grab a magazine, sit back, and enjoy the tunes. They'll be with you shortly.

Caleb Burke

Troy is the only person that will ever touch my hair

Jacob Matheson

Awesome barber shop. The guys are real chill and take their time to make sure you have a god hair cut. If you are on a time crunch or impatient, you might need to go to a quicker, less-detailed barber; but for once every couple weeks, definitely worth the wait. Side note: More of an adult atmosphere, they play great music, although SOME of it is not necessarily child-approppriate.

Dan Billings

Good haircut, but the shop has no class. Josh has cut my hair twice. Excellent both times. I love the way these guys take their time to do good work. However, this shops management style is disgraceful. On my second visit, the 105 minute wait had me ready to scream. Good barbershops take reservations and greet customers when they walk in. These are worldwide, undeniable rules of being a good barbershop. There really is no excuse for inconveniencing or snubbing people this way. It's pure arrogance. I'm sure the shop is always busy because of the great skills of barbers like Josh, but the management sucks. Not going back unless I hear things have changed.

Brandon Haycraft

These guys know what they're doing, the vibe is great and who doesn't want to get cut in a speakeasy atmosphere.

Luke Block

Best place to get haircut but the amount of time they are off on there scheduling on a busy day is extremely aggravating especially when they don’t get to you in time and of something important you need to do when originally the schedule time said I would have time. No appointments which is also not very efficient

John Klem

I like my barber, but life is too busy to wait 3 hours for a hair cut, twice a month. I wish they took appointments.

dr luck

I couldn’t agree more with Eric

Courtland Grangier

The only con about this place is the wait, but I believe that speaks for its quality. Besides there's much to do while you wait, as the shop provides a small but very cool atmosphere. I got my hair cut by Dakota. I had been going to a salon for a while and getting a basic haircut with no idea how to cut it. He saw my hair type and cut my hair to a hairstyle that suited the style I wanted and my type of hair perfectly! He was also a really nice guy and most of the other barbers seem the same with their customers. They carry a large supply of products too, always a huge plus. I recommend this place to any guy who wants a solid cut to match their style.

Josh Romans

I have been in multiple times and have always had a fantastic experience. Being from Indiana, it can be a bit of an adventure due to the travel and wait time. However, over the past few years, every time I have tried to go to a different place because its either closer or has appointments I always leave disappointed because they did not do as good of a job as Derby City. They have never failed to give me a great haircut and beard trim. And the atmosphere is awesome as well. Keep up the great work, dudes.

Logan Hurley

There's a reason they're universally regarded as the best in the city. I jump around the barbers, and always leave with a haircut that I think is the best I've ever had.

Austin Turner

Explained and even provided a picture to be explicitly clear of what I wanted. However, the hair on the side of my head is too long and the top; way too short... The only reason I'm giving two stars is because of their friendliness. But I'm not returning to get my hair cut there again.

Joe Mayton

$17.00 for a haircut cool. An additional $17.00 just to straight razor the top line of your beard...Bahahaha yeah right!!

Edwin Breton

A bunch of cool dudes giving great haircuts and beard trims/shaves. fun music, funny conversation.

Bradley Vance

I’ve been cutting my hair for my entire life as I just do the typical buzz cut. I would occasionally go into the barbershop when my hair needed a reset and would regret the poor results every single time. Now, I decided to grow my hair out a bit and wanted to find a legit haircut place that wouldn’t screw my hair up. I heard great things about Derby City Chop Shop and decided to give it a whirl. Yes the wait times are long but i get an exceptional quality cut every time. Well worth the wait. The prices are amazing too. They prefer cash tips but will accept credit card receipt tips. Highly recommend!

Adam Pruitt

The attention to detail is outstanding. These guys are craftsmen. The store has a cool atmosphere. 17 is reasonable. The wait can be irritating, but I've never regretted it. Best haircut in Louisville.

Jesse Owens

These guys do a fantastic job! The only problem is that they do such a great job for such an affordable price that the wait is usually a minimum of 30-45 minutes. But worth the wait.

Eric Caldwell

If you have 1.5 hours to wait and finish a cut I still wouldn't recommend it. I have seen three different barbers between the two locations. The haircut is never what I asked for. Some reviews say the long wait indicates a good job. I say it indicates incompetent barbers.

Travis Waters

Great haircut. Little pricey, usually a bit of a wait, but worth it to me. Great atmosphere too.

Austin Hammond

Great service and great cut. Glad they take walk ins.

Samuel Adams

Is the best place to get a haircut if you're new in town and you're looking for something different that most Barbers don't give you Brandon is the best barber ever find city Louisville

Kiefer Hillerich

Been coming here for two years and just one phenomenal experience after another. I think every barber is extremely talented but I tend to stick with Joey and shawn (keep someone who I work with consistently). Getting a haircut there is my "me time". Go put in for a cut, walk across the street for lunch and a good craft beer, come back, then leave looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Kyle DeMasters

Outstanding service. I've gotten a cut from a few of the guys here and I always walk out a happy camper.

Ashley Fabel

Took my little one in for his first haircut ever! Momma was sad but Joey did an AWESOME job taking care of my little guy and gave him a rad haircut. We will definitely be back!

Doug Roberts

No Nonsense, no frills. Just guys cutting hair and trimming beards in a retro style barber shop with hipster vibe and cool music.

Travis Sawyer

Great place to get a cut. Staff spends the time to do it right the first time. All of them are very knowledgeable and skilled at their craft. Just be ready for a wait. I got there 30mins before they opened and there was already a wait.

Steve Riesen

The best haircut period

Matthew M

I just got the greatest haircut I've ever had from these guys. Not only did I get a great haircut, but they also took me near closing time (I took care of the guy). Derby City Chop Shop has a great environment as well. If you live near the Highlands, get your haircut here.

John Smith

I went inside and waited ten minutes standing by the front desk and was never even greeted, so I walked out. Indeed, they were busy, but someone could have at least said hello, signed me in, and offered me a seat. No one even made eye contact with me. It felt like they were deliberately ignoring me, because I was not their typical social demographic. I walked out rather offended. I would have also liked to see a menu of their services (which I did not see posted anywhere). I see my complaint is rather common. Everyone who actually gets a cut seems to love it, but there are a number of us with this exact same experience. The customer services is terribly lacking. They need someone at the front. Notice how the last two reviews are low, with similar complaints, and the shop isn't even responding.

James North

If you want a real clean cut, only place to go

Moses Wynn

They used to be great, but my last few experiences here have been meh.

Drew Brown

Excellent hair cuts. Every Barber there is skilled and attentive. The wait can be very long. Would be ideal if they changed online system to allow check in from home or to set an appt. Nonetheless world class place and people

Logan Sears

This is my go to place in Louisville. They get it right every time.

Junior Tomes

This is easily the best place I've been to get a haircut. Sure the wait time can be long sometimes, but I think that is evidence of the quality you receive. The atmosphere is unique as well. I like it so much I drive from 45 minutes away.

Ethan McCoy

You'll usually have a long wait, but they provide the best haircut you'll find hands down.

Jody McDonald

Great Haircuts! Friendly dudes. Convenient registration system.

Joshua Grimaud

It's a dope barber shop. They got you, fam!

Adrien Kooyman

Be prepared for the best haircut of your entire life. Be prepared to wait the longest you've ever waited for a haircut as well. But once seated, all the barbers in DCCS are so experienced, they can do anything. They take their time with you (another reason for the drastic wait times) and make sure every single hair is properly groomed. Also check out the straight edge shaves. It's a worthy addition to your bill. It takes about 30-45 minutes depending on your beard but it's one of the most relaxing experiences you'll find as a man.

Matt Coddington

Very cool, yet very professional place! Serious barbers having serious fun! :)

Adam Mescan

Definitely will be back! Nice to see how much these guys care about their work and are super knowledgeable. Thanks for the cut!

Balee Riley

Fantastic cut, service and price. Well worth the wait.

Anthony May

This is by far the best place to get your haircut in Louisville.

Ganesh Raja

Definite place for a perfect hair and beard cut. Amazing guys provide custom cuts based on each person requirement. Missing facials packages . No complaints but would love it if possible

Dan Henderson

After searching for a new barber for two years, I finally happened upon Derby City. The guys here are cool, music is always solid, and the atmosphere is perfect. The wait, at times, can be long, but I also wait for one guy. They also got a new check-in system that texts you, so I usually hit up the local shops while waiting. Bottom line: if you give a damn about looking good, skip the superclips and gimmicky places, go to a REAL barber shop.

Nathanael Ryman

A great place for guys to get a hair cut. If you go on off peak times you can be sat down immediately. Staff is friendly but not too talkitave.

Matt Van

Great haircut at an affordable price. Thank you!

Ryan Ferreira

The wait can be long depending on when you go, really wish they allowed call ahead or appointments. But hopefully when they open the second shop that will help. They do a great job so I keep coming back regardless of the wait.

Matt Sullivan

These guys are my favorite around. The atmosphere at the Bardstown rd is super lowkey. The music is good and your barber will thrill you with conversation or if you'd rather not talk they'll just talk to each other...which usually ends up being more entertaining anyway. I'll definitely recommend this place to anyone in the future.

Brandon Ferguson

The best place in America to get a terrific Barber style haircut, if you're a man and you're not get your ear's lowered here and you're truly missing out.

William Mardis

Best barber shop I have been to in the city. Great cut, great guys, and great price. They have gained a loyal customer today.

Charles Hickey

Best place to get a haircut in the city. If you don't mind the wait you'll look a hell of a lot better on the way out.

Dean Harris

If you go to the Highlands, ask/wait for Brandon. He listens and is consistent in giving good cuts. The other dudes - hit or miss. I've had good cuts and downright atrocities from the others.

Brandon Gaddie

Best haircut in the city... Great atmosphere and awesome staff... The wait can be long but it's worth it

Jaren Cooley

Nice atmosphere. You'll always leave with a good laugh and an even better cut.

lewis barrett

Brandon does amazing job on my haircut. T y

Chris Gill

Amazing service. Excellent quality shave and cut. Place is top to bottom cool. Prices are spot on as well. No matter how long you have to wait, it's well worth it.

Stephen Peterson

Great haircut in a relaxed environment. Stays busy, but for a good reason so be ready for a bit of a wait.

Ryan Burt

Good hair cuts for $20.

Eric Green

Been there twice...2 different barbers. Both did a great job. Nice environment, very reasonably priced.

Ted Ratzloff

Best barbers and very awesome service!

Ben Vittitoe

Great place to trim up a beard

Cory Kappesser

The best barber shop in Louisville. I never have a barber preference because all of them are so focused on quality and attention to detail that I come out with a great cut every time. Great music/atmosphere too!

Jeptha Rose

Skilled barbers in a relaxed atmosphere. No complaints here.

Mitch Thomas

This is a MUST TRY! All the barbers at the Highlands and Germantown locations of Derby City Chop Shop are on point! Bonus.. They have a check-in app that allows you to go run errands if there is a wait.

David Casale

Great barbers I have had. I love their attention to detail.

Joshua Walters

Decent haircut on par with fair price. Get in early enough before they open to get churned through quickly like a regular or else youre in for a long wait. Nothing special overall tbh.

Russell Willis

Your hair is your head-suit. These are the best head-tailors in town.

Raspute 10

I love this place. always get a good cut and a beard trim.

Martin Fawbush

My go to spot for a great haircut. Very cool environment, great staff, and reasonable prices.

Elden Ford

This was my second time here, and it was the same experience as the first! Excellent. Today, even though there was a line of about 5 people in front of me, I only waited about 10 min. The guys there are really good about keeping the line moving. I have been in the area for about 3 years and I wish I had knew about this place sooner. They will continue to get my business. Great atmosphere, great barbers.

Victor Malone

Awesome vibe, especially considering I’ve received my best cut to date from this place.

James Mullins

The slowest service I have ever witnessed at a barber shop. There is no reason to be waiting for over an hour if you are the next person in line with 4 barbers cutting hair. There just comes a point when you believe the barbers take extra time on one client to avoid having another. If they wanted, they could serve twice as many clients a day and give the same quality of haircut. Avoid going here.

Steven Hewitt

They give good haircuts. What more is there to say?

Bobbi Sheridan

"Best ******g barbershop in town, no one comes close; I won't go anywhere else!" –my husband. Last year I took my 9 and 11 year old sons there for a fancy barbershop haircut… and now they too will go nowhere else. My families favorite barbers: Sean, Nick, and Troy (in no particular order). The atmosphere is awesome, the customer service is excellent, their snazzy sign-in system is convenient, their publicly shared waitlist makes it easy to plan, and they never make my sons feel like they shouldn’t be there because they're kids.

Tobin Sio

Dakota did a great job on a Men's Haircut. Great prices as well. At the most busiest of days there can be up to a 6 hour wait list so get your name in early.

Chris Knaffle

Crazy busy, long waits, and won't take appointments. That being said, it's because they are the best barber shop in town. A great man's barber shop that even does straight razor shaves. Nicely decorated and clean. The guys have great skill. Worth it to come when you have a couple hours to burn. Show up before 8am (an hour early) on Saturday if you want to be one of the first ones in.

Matthew Berchiolli

I wouldn't go anywhere else. They take the time to do a great job every time. The energy and environment is on point too

Joe Castle

Great atmosphere, great price. Went in for a hair cut and beard trim, Troy did an amazing job. Very satisfied with the results. Lots of comments about long wait times but all depends on when you go and you can check live updated wait times for both shops from their website. Go in, sign in and enter your phone # and they'll text you when it's getting close to your seat time, plenty to do around both locations, go grab a beer or something to eat to pass the time. Good music and an awesome shop dog greet you, will definitely be returning.

Luke Baker

You can never go wrong here. Everyone I've had cut my hair is professional, nice, and gives an excellent cut and style.

Evan Adams

Interesting place, definitely a spot for the modern gent tired of hair salons and cheap hair dressers. A haircut will run you about 20 bucks, but it will more than likely turn out perfectly, and the barbers keep up a lively shop with some great banter. My only downside was the cost, but I thuroughly enjoied the experience. Highly recommeded

Niki Jackson

Awesome place for the man!!

Chris Palmer

Can't get in. Tried twice and they had 45 min wait each time. I am sure they cut great hair, but I don't have that time to wait around. I will try again when they take appointments.

Todd Gruenig

The barbers here are talented, cool & friendly. The place has a great vibe with edgy music, good magazine selection, and even a Boston Terrier that freely roams the floor most days. The $17 price tag on a haircut is very reasonable given the quality of the cut. The problem with paradise is that it tends to attract people, lots of people. There are no reservations here, so you sign in when you arrive and wait, and wait, and wait. The best strategy is to see how many people are ahead of you on the list when you sign in, note how many barbers are working (there are 7 barber stations, but typically only 4-5 barbers working when I visit), then duck out to grab a meal or go window shopping to help absorb the wait time. I've had pretty decent luck estimating 30 minutes per haircut when calculating the wait time. Overall, a great experience if you can deal with the wait.

Casey Adams

This review will sound like nearly every other review of DCCS. Will there be a long wait? Without a doubt. Is it annoying? No. Not if you plan accordingly. Bring a book, grab a coffee nearby or explore the Highlands. Is DCCS the best haircut in town? Absolutely. The prices are great. The entertainment is second-to-none. Brandon is my go-to barber. If he isn't available, then Brendan is the way to go. All of the guys are funny, friendly, great at what they do and they're all intelligent. I always look forward to DCCS day.

Eric Gresham

Best barber shop in the city!

Ben Cox

Tried and true. Parking sucks and they are always packed. Very inexpensive. Can't wait for the new location in Germantown to open.

Ashlea Ramsey

Took my 6 year old yesterday. Some people reviews complain about the wait. However, we waited an hour and a half and it was WORTH it. Troy cut my sons hair and it was legit the best haircut he has ever gotten. This will now be our go to for my sons hair.

Austin Lopesilvero

Have always liked the cuts I’ve gotten here. Great crew. Affordable price. Cool environment.

Michael Geraghty

Cool barbershop. It's nice to have a new generation reinventing an old school product.

Seiler Smith

The wait is worth it, I promise

Joel McRennary

Always satisfied with these guys. Super friendly (but not in an annoying way) and they give a great cut every time.

Nick Hanjorgiris

Great place, great music, stellar cuts. Go see Brandon.

chris miller

Yes there's a wait but they are the best in the state hands down!

David Foster

Not Impressed. I went there a few times based on the reviews and the line out front in the mornings. But, I dare anyone to count the number of passes with a pair of clippers or scissors to the place down the street, across from Wick's. Just count, that is all you have to do.

Jonathan Burton

I came here once on a whim and they gave me the best haircut ever. I see Nick whenever I go. It's a real chill environment with super cool tunes always playing. I highly recommend this place for a great haircut at an awesome price.

Thomas Otto

If you're a man, and you have hair on your head (or face), you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't go to the Chop Shop. There is a reason they have been voted the best Barber Shop in Louisville multiple years. Each barber has their own unique style and each is great. Sure the wait times can be a little long, but that just shows how great this place is. People line up on the streets waiting for them to open, have you ever seen that at a barber shop before? I've convinced a few of my friends to go there and now they won't go anywhere else. The atmosphere is great, it's got a cool punk rock feel to it. The only thing I can think that would make this place better is if they sold beer while you wait. If I could give this shop more stars, I would in a heartbeat.

Lara L

I was there for 1 hour and 20 minutes. When I walked in a boy was getting his haircut. I left after the barber cut his hair for literally over an hour. There were at least 10 other people waiting. I understand the quality, however, they should take into consideration the wait. Before spending that much time on one person's hair. Very rude to the customers in that regard.

Andrew Milburn

Yeah, the wait may be long at times, but boy is it worth it! These guys are definitely talented at what they do and truly take their time with each and every customer. I can't imagine going anywhere else. I guess that's why I drive almost an hour and 45min everytime I need a shape up.



Breeana Rhodes

Had a great experience! Brandon cut my hair way better than I even imagined! Highly recommend!

Lee McWhorter

Great place for a nice haircut.

Patrick Duttweiler

I've been coming here for years. I haven't been to many barber shops in Louisville, but DCCS has never given me a reason to go anywhere else.

Phil A

Great attentive shave and haircut. Kind staff, quality work

Nikita Sleptcov

$20 per haircut and they are good

Kentucky Mental Health Care

Troy has been cutting my hair a couple years now and he’s great. Everyone else I know in town that goes here loves it as well, no matter who they get. Highly recommended!

Derrick Rogers

Awesome atmosphere, great hair cuts and the music is usually on point. Been going there for years.

Bailey Pietrowski

Because they're giving you such a great haircut, they're very popular and prepare to wait. Being on Highland you have plenty to do while you wait and they will text you when it's your turn. I don't go anywhere else

Steven Coomer

Best barber shop in louisville


Parker is 4 and his usual hair cut place went out of business. He said he wanted his hair cut like mine. So I took him to DCCS where I go. He loved it. He was digging the music and the atmosphere. He will be a return customer. We posted pics

Truman Tyrer

I consistently have to wait 2+ hours to get my hair cut at this place. The haircut you’ll get is good, but nothing spectacular. Don’t go here unless you have time to waste, and who really does? I liked this place in the beginning but it’s slowly turning into a deep hatred after how many afternoons of mine they have wasted. Probably won’t return.

Donald Taylor, Jr.

Things you need to know: the wait is usually long; there's a reason; it's totally worth it; bring a book or iPad and sit back, relax and enjoy known you're getting the best cut from the best barbers in town. We're loyalists and won't go anywhere else, this is not a chain with quotas to meet, this is a local shop with standards to exceed. And exceed they do !

Clay Browning

I've been to quite a few barbershops, etc for haircuts in the past 5 years in Louisville trying to find a consistently good haircut at a good price. Derby City is by far my favorite. The quality of my haircut from Josh is the best I've experienced and the price is right ($17 + tip). The wait was about 45 min on a "non-busy" time of day but I think it speaks to their quality that so my people are willing to wait 1.5+ hours for a haircut.

Gerome Miller

Only place I'll get my haircut. They have a computer you can sign into that let's you know how long the wait will be and they text you when your turn is coming up. So no need to wait inside if it's too crowed. You can also select the type of service you want and if you'd like a specific barber. All the barbers are cool, great music playing and cool atmosphere. There's usually a wait but it's worth it.

Steven Mcdaniel

Long wait times, but worth it!


Awesome place with awesome people!

Killian Obenauf

The wait was incredibly long but it was clear that it was due to their precision. The barber who cut my hair was unsure of himself because he wasn't comfortable with the cut I wanted. He did an amazing job and I love my hair.

Ben Hibben

This place is great; it's worth going here and paying to not worry about how my hair or beard is going to look when they're done: I'll look great! The only place I trust my beard to.

Christian Mendoza

Every single barber in there gives some damn good haircuts, would recommend this place to everyone. The wait is well worth it!

Greg Samuels

Awesome place, however there is one barber who has the chair in the front (near the window) who apparently feels we are all here to be entertained by him. He talks LOUDLY non stop about very inappropriate topics (butt sex, banging his chic, just a few) He never stops. If you try to have a conversation with your barber he has to chime in dominate the conversation. He requires everyone attention everytime I've been here. This one barber sets a tone for the whole place, he pretends it's his stage and we are his audience. He definitely brings an element of Unprofessionalism and annoyance to the place. Everyone else is AMAZING and does great work.

James Conti

Lines are long, but they have a very good system for walk ins. They do good work, but the barbers seem to not want to talk to you. Great if you don't like talking to people, not so much if you like talking to your barber. Price is decent, not great but for the service and the atmosphere it's pretty reasonable

Brian K

Went there for the first time today. A co-worker recommended them and have to say I loved it. I got a hair cut and beard trim from Evan. The attention to detail and the feedback about what I wanted to do was excellent as were the results. After looking for a go to place the past couple years of bouncing around I've found my place!

Zachary Rich

Been coming here for 3 years and it's been stellar every time.

Scott Weber

A small shop in the heart of the Highlands does a great job with haircuts, beard trims and shaves. Get here a bit early as this is a popular spot and expect 30-45 minutes of wait time. The staff is very professional and friendly. They have a nice mix of the old school barber feel with some modern touches. They sell hair, beard and mustache products as well as combs. Stop in for your next cut or trim!

Thomas Baggins

Rare Experience - This was my fifth visit to the Germantown location. Waited 2+ hours for a cut. They should add more capacity to get the wait to < 30 minutes. The time commitment is absurd. My prior cuts were awesome. This time I drew their top barber, so I was stoked. Even though I'm not happy today. I will admit his technique is top shelf. The problem is that he cut the front of my hair down to the hairline. I have a receding hairline, so I asked him to leave what I have on top. I was really disappointed once I saw the result in my rearview mirror. It will be a couple of months before I feel like myself. Probably won't be back due to the long wait. Will stick with one of my former barbers if I decide to retry them. One thing I found irritating was witnessing my barber socialize for a long time with another barber while I waited.

Jeremiah Partin

Quality haircut. IMO, you get higher quality than you paid for. Everyone here knows what they're doing.

Chase Cadle

Went there recently and I have to say that it is honestly the best haircut experience that I have ever had. They were really professional and knew exactly how I wanted my hair to look. Highly recommend going here and I will definitely be returning.

Ric Fair

Great beard trim from Dave...

Vince Mease

Good cuts, decent prices, fun/funny crew of barbers and some good tunes.

Brent Vorst

It's a great haircut. Just be prepared yo wait 2 hours plus to get in

James Hatton

Great people doing their job well! Great environment, great music, great personalities, and artists in their field. Definitely recommend.

Mickey Hall

The best place to get your haircut (if you're a guy) highest quality haircut and great atmosphere. I recommend it to all of my friends and I would never go anywhere else. The prices are higher that chain shops, but the price increase is worth it 10x. I love this place.

DerbyCity VetTech

Troy and Brendan are amazing barbers, they take their time and always give superb hair cuts. There is usually a wait but it doesn't bother me at all, I enjoy my barbershop experience every time I go because these guys love what they do and they put their passion into every cut. They also are up to snuff on barbershop history and love to talk "shop". For those who whine about long waits...go to supercuts. I will always support these guys and I always look forward to each trip I make there. And now that I'm thinking about it, I'll get my hair cut today. Support your local barber!!

David Crow

Good haircut, nice people, fun atmosphere and conversation. Little wait, nobody seemed to mind.

Josh Perkins

Russ gives my son and I a great haircut. He makes my son feel relaxed and comfortable with what's going on and engages him in conversation during the entire cut to keep him calm and still. He's a natural people person and a great barber also. Highly recommended!

Jason Fowler

Best. Cut. Ever! I have never been happy with my hair. It looks like a tazmanian devil lives on my head. But Evan at the Chop Shop worked with it and it looks great! The staff are awesome and the atmosphere is incredible. I'll come back for sure. Plus the price was really reasonable for the time they put in.

Grant A

Go there planning to have lunch before you get a haircut. If you sign in and have nothing to fill your time the wait will be a long one It will be a great haircut if you communicate what you want and the wait isn't bad if you go in knowing that you'll have some free time before the cut.

Tylor Thomas

They are super friendly and have great prices


Great haircuts and shaves at very reasonable prices. Nice sign in method so you can go run errands while waiting for a text message to return.

Matthew Iles

Everyone knows this place is the best place for a reasonable and fashionable men's haircuts. Docking one star due to the wait times and the fact it is always over run with hipsters.

Josh Mattingly

Best men's haircut around

Charlie Elder

I signed in and the the place was so full I went to sit in my car and wait for an hour and when it was my turn I came back inside and they told me to leave because it was was 5 min past close.

Kyle Ackerman

I have gone here a few times because I heard it's the place to be. The waits are long but it isn't terrible if you plan your time. The problem is that every time I have gone they have screwed up the cut. I've given them exact measurements of everything from the clippers to the hair length on top and it's still wrong. I tried showing pictures and that was no help either. No longer taking my business here.


My husband and my son went there and they loved it

Tunky S

The shear amount of time they take on a simple man's haircut is mind boggling. There is no reason that after 45 minutes and 4 barbers not one client has gotten out of his chair with a finished cut. While the atmosphere is nice, it loses some appeal when half the clients are standing and mulling about, and you hear the next guy up has been waiting for an hour. Avoid this place and support another local barber shop that wants your business.

Nick Hayden

The only thing I can criticize is the inability to take appointments. They only take walk-ins. They are extremely busy and usually the wait can be around 45min. You can leave and come back if you need to. Parking can be difficult, but I would suggest the side streets close by and walking to them. Allot about 1 1/2 hrs, so if you want a quick cut, I would suggest going elsewhere. Other than that, the staff is amazing. Its an at home barber shop and they all do amazing work. Prices are fair for what you get. I was referred here by a couple individuals seeing as I was new to Louisville. I would highly recommend going here, its worth the wait in my opinion.

Della B

I have taken my son here for a little over a year now. Shaun is amazing! I don’t trust any other barber/hair stylist. Local Shop > Chain Shop- ALWAYS!!

Live Matlack

Professionals work here. But a simple cut is $20 before tip.

Mont M

They are located in Highlands almost across from the mid city mall and down the street from burritos as big as your head. All the barbers are guys and really good at what they do. They are busy and you can go sign in and they have the texting service that will inform you when it is your turn in case you do not want to hang around the shop. They also offer beard trimming and have reasonable price. Evan trimmed my beard and did one bang up job. Next time you want a haircut or a beard trim, go here.

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