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REVIEWS OF Beards and Beers IN Kentucky

Hope Cash

I booked an appointment for my fiancee as we were having pictures the following day. We waited over 30 minutes after our scheduled appointment. Very disappointing. Honestly, we were about to walk out when the 30 minute mark came and passed. We figured we would wait a few more minutes to give them a chance to redeem themselves. He was wanting just a shape up to the sides, but ended up having over 2 inches taken off the length of his beard. Not happy. All in all, we won't be back. Furthermore, we were told to "help ourselves" to the beer fridge. Yeah. No thanks.

Becca Triplett

I absolutely love this place! Lindsey has been cutting my hair for almost a year now. She's the only one who can cut it exactly the way I like it. She's also very nice and sociable. The price is decent as well! If you've never tried this place out before, I highly encourage you to do so!!

Allen Boone

Catherine does a great job. I very much like their online scheduling access- and very convenient to my office.

Telly McGaha

Being new to town, I had to Google where I might be able to get my beard maintained. I found this place and am glad I did. Mike was on point. He definitely is knowledgeable when it comes to beards and took his time to make sure everything was right. Everyone there was friendly and outgoing; I was welcomed as soon as I walked in the door (and offered a beer). Speaking of which, they have some amazing craft beer choices here. I will go back and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a haircut or beard trim. I plan on checking out the head shave next time.

Jeff Watts-Roy

Nicki rocks!

Calvin Myers

I really enjoy my visits

Jeff Currie

Staff is friendly and have a good repore with each other and the clients. Good choice of beers, both local and regional


Good experience! I'll be back again.

Blue Brazelton

Meh, asked for a haircut and beard trim, and he removed 90% of my mustache and 60% of my beard. Don't recommend.

John Gronotte

Fun a friendly atmosphere. The team is busy and "chat" with the customer and one another freely. I plan but walk-in's appear welcome. The frig is packed with local fav one day I may actually enjoy one. Cut was clean neat and to my liking. Melissa took my criptic wish list and applied her creative touch.

William Johnson

Good place, people are friendly

Alex Kah

My Dad purchased a gift card to this barbershop for me because he loved it so much. While it is hard to get me out of any sort of routine, such as getting my haircut at the previous place I was getting my haircut, after about 10 months or so of promising him I would check it out I finally decided to see what it was all about . Beards and Beers has turned out to be the best barbershop I have ever gone to not only because the service they provide is top notch, but also because the staff is super friendly and the environment has a old school barbershop feel which is really cool. I have had two different barbers give me a haircut here and both have been way better than what I was getting previously. I recommend Beards and Beers to anyone looking for a great haircut in a relaxed environment while drinking a beer if you feel like it. It is funny because I kept thinking why does my dad think this place is so great but after my first visit I totally got it and understand what he was talking about. All I can say is after your first appointment you will get it as well.

Sean Warren

Had a haircut + beard cut and was very impressed with the services. Coming from the world of $10 dollar haircuts I felt very pampered here. The craft beer was a nice if tropey touch, and the prices were on the higher side - but you definitely get what you pay for. Warning: No walk-ins here. Make sure to schedule online as they are booked solid otherwise.

tim lemons

Was in town on Business and received the best looking haircut from Adam! Very professional!

Dean hard


Michael Griffioen

My hair was taken care of with great care. I was also able to drink a beer while being serviced. What's not to like?


I always get the perfect haircut from Charles. If I have a big event coming up and I want to have the perfect cut and look my best. I'll go out of my way and drive the 20 miles to downtown Louisville to get a cut by Charles.

Erica Kibbe

If you know what kind of short hairstyle you want - Beards and Beers can make it happen. If you're looking for stylists who will sculpt your head based on their artistic vision - look somewhere else. This is a great barber shop, with a knowledgeable staff and a good selection of beers. I don't plan on going anywhere else for a haircut for a good while.

Paul Moeller

Mike Hack gave me a fantastic haircut. A nice place to grab a beer while you wait for your appointment.

Blake Steenbergen

Staff was super friendly and accommodating since i didn't have an appointment. Their beer selection is top notch. I just started growing a beard and Mike was very understanding of my simple and obvious questions and cleaned me up to look much more professional. He gave me good upkeep tips and explained why he did things he did. I will definitely be back.

Matthew G

I'm a big fan of this place. Barbers are 2nd to none. They're always friendly and patient. They track what they've done in the past for you so that you don't have to try and explain it all. Great location too. I love that I can just book an appointment online. I hope the barbers are treated well! The only place that I know of that still uses straight razors too! Great experience all around.

Paul Kuhman

This place is awesome! Met owners and they told me John Candy and Bill Murray have been in this building. Good ass local beer. And good people every time I'm in Louisville I will stop by. Good job ladies and gentlemen

Nick Schlenk

Totally uneven hair cut, didn’t follow the contours of my head, lines uneven, he cut the hell out of my neck with the clippers, beard was very obviously uneven. He turned me to the mirror and when he saw the blood running down my neck he had a look of panic on his face and HE GRABBED HIS BARBERS BRUSH AND BRUSHED THE BLOOD OFF WITH IT! I’m so used to awful barbers any more that I just pretended everything was fine. My search for a fantastic barber continues I guess. Response post owner response: It's really totally irrelevant how long ago it was, or what kind of tip I left. Neither of those details change the events that have transpired. It's astonishing that you think those details matter. Won't be back. Don't care for your lack of understanding. Oh and, I don't know what the proper temperature is for the hot towel, but I believe I'm pretty tough. The high temperature of the towel was hardly bearable.

jace willets

Best barber shop I have ever been to. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend and definitely worth the drive.

Alex Germany

My Turkish barber in Germany can’t keep up with her ...-Hipsters paradise :-) ... awesome service, it is my wellness get away for the week - ask for Catherine she is a diamond in the dust - real barber skills - she gets you a tight haircut and she has a warm and friendly attitude- making you feel welcomed and relaxed while shaving your hair and beard ..

will frailey

Had a great time getting my hair cut and beard trim/colored. Sean was wounderful and has a great personality. I'll be back again and again.

Toby Northen

AWESOME place! Professional!! Fun!!

Jason Burt

Best barber shop in town. Get a beer while you wait and then get your haircut and or beard trimmed. Mike is the best.

Wayne Sartin

My first professional beard trim and it was a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!

Ashley Isaacs

Such a cool place with a great concept - bridging the gap between a men's barbershop and a women's salon. A good beer selection, rustic, yet polished decor. Beautiful building. The owner is a 3rd gen barbar, and her daughter also works there as a 4th gen. The people were friendly and fun, and can trim even the most serious of beards!

Alan Barnes

Mini facials, beard trim, haircuts, an you get good beer to drink during? Yes! Go see Nicky!

Ranjith Radhakrishnan

This place is trash! I went in with a full handle bar mustache which I have been growing out for the past 4-5 months and asked the stylist to get it cleaned up over my lips and give it a fresh look. This great man snipped my handlebar on one side and acted like he finished everything and asked me if it looks alright. The lady clearly saw what was wrong and started to apologize and told me that she will have to trim the other side to make it look even. In summary I walked out of there with no more stache. She said she is having a discussion with the guy who gave me a trim and was telling him how he should be trimming a handle bar. For a place that calls themselves as beards and beers I would assume they do two things right, beards and beers. Or at least beards coz it was my life for the past 5 months taking care of this beard and stache and the countless money I spent on oils and balms and finally wanted to make it looked groomed and here is what I got! This place is trash!!! Update to your reply: I appreciate you apologizing. Saying that it was a miscommunication is utter nonsense because even if it was a miscommunication how do you justify the horrendous job he did of trimming one side and leaving it asymmetrical on both sides? Clearly he didn’t know what he was doing or maybe he thought it was funny to do that to a person of color considering his first question when I sat on the chair to me was where I was from. Why? Do I not look like I belong from Louisville? Plus it’s very easy to wash your hands off when it comes to a person of color with an accent by saying it is miscommunication. I might have an accent but I know for a fact that I can communicate. There is also no way it’s miscommunication when I tell a stylist I don’t want any length to be taken off, all I want is to clean up the hair over my lips and give my beard a trim. Now if he cannot understand those instructions then he probably shouldn’t be working there or at least ask me every question he has until he feels like he has understood what I was looking for. His technique from the beginning was terrible he never used a comb to assist with brushing my hair and just went freehand on my beard. That shows over confidence or carelessness! Getting up from that chair was the most humiliating experience I have had in a long while!

Rocxy Lemmon

Nice place and great people...

Ted Laun


Kenderick Maybee

I discovered this barber shop online while shopping for beard products. I couldn't be happier with my experience. Everyone was polite, professional, and fun. They take a lot of pride in their work and in their shop. My barber was Lindsey Doogs she did a great job on my haircut and beard trim. She was very helpful about offering advice and answering my beard care questions. I will definitely be returning in the near future.

Todd Burks

If you want a great haircut & a cold craft beer in the same place, there is no other place to be than Beards & Beers. Ask for Mike Hack to split your wig!

Ben Neal

Great family owned shop with friendly service and excellent talent.

Beverly Michelle

Beards and Beers is one of Louisville hidden treasures. The owner, Melissa, is so attentive to making sure an authentic, fun, and memorable experience is always delivered. If you are a local looking for somewhere to get a good haircut or someone from out of town looking for a fun experience... Beards and Beers has it all!

Feministe Wynn

Great place to sip a good ale n get a short ladies cut!

Neal Johnson

Great experience for my first visit. Adam cut my hair and took his time and did a great job. Competitive prices. I'll be back.

Branden Miller

Love this place. The only people who touch my beard with a razor other than me.

Ben Keeton

Great haircut. Love the feel of the space and the staff are all characters. Well worth the trip downtown, even if you don’t work down there.

Justin Foster

Professional, prompt, friendly, and highly skilled barbers; transparent and swift to resolve any scheduling conflicts if they were arise. Easy to book/reschedule appointments in advance online and frequent reminders about booked appointments. If you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere that abandons the "boys club" mentality that you may get with other barber shops in the city, you can’t go wrong here. Oh, and you can drink beer!

mark Scott

My visit today 2/26/19 was definitely the most enjoyable experience getting a haircut I've had in years. Adam McCubbin is the nicest, well trained, conversational Barber I have ever met. This young Barber is a Master at what he does, Adam was professional from greeting and professionally detailed throughout the haircut and conversations. This guy definitely deserves the nickname *Fade King*! Thank you Adam McCubbin, you have gained a loyal new customer if you will have me. Thanks again Sir!! Master Barber, Mark Scott

James Briley

Nice folks, got me in at the last minute as they were closing.

Jase Robinson

Man-pampering. Awesome.

Drake Durham

Worth every penny+

Olivia Lewis

Enjoyed our stay!!!

Dustin Gleitz

Great concept

Jonathan Poffenroth

Pretty good, but not great value, for me at least.. The concept is really great, and the barbers all seem to know what their doing. But my barber cut my hair in less then ten minutes and that was it. In comparison, my friend who occasionally comes here was in his chair for at least 30 minutes. His barber seemed to take a lot more care and attention with the finer details of his cut. Not sure what the rush was with mine.

Matt Van

I've had my hair cut and beard trimmed by Nicky and Shawn and they were both fantastic. This place has a solid beer selection too.

Brandon Floyd

Great location, I will be a returning customer in the future! Very warm and inviting, with friendly staff.

Jordan Lake

Appointments mean no wait. Everyone is super friendly and obviously the beer is amazing!

Lee J. Lemond

One of the best haircuts I've got. Fast, friendly and he squeezed me in on a Saturday.

Ryan Simpson

Love this place

josh starr

Let me start with the positive. The ease of booking an appointment was great, and the branding is well done. The negative: I booked a haircut and shave. The haircut wasn't bad. But she cut my face multiple times for the shave. More than I've ever been cut in my whole life. I'm not one for ever leaving bad reviews for any new business, but I feel like the very poor shave coupled with the fact that they didn't refund me or apologize warrants one. Hope it get's better, but I won't be back.

Jason Phillips

Cool place, cool vibe. Felt at home immediately. Evan took his time and made sure his work was what I was looking for. I appreciated being in a place where service truly was the most important thing. He knows his craft. Great place and worth the price if you are wanting professional work and true customer attention. I will be back.

Robert Withrow

Wow! Great haircut, great beer, great people. Had a outstanding experience.

Glenn Profitt

Very cool place...laid back and friendly...they were super busy but I only had to wait a couple minutes and had a beer while I, you can't really beat that...Melissa has an awesome personality and is truly an artist when it comes to turning a very furry dude into a well groomed human...I will definitely visit these fine folks again...5 stars for sure...thanks again Melissa...I feel like a million bucks...

Ryan Maynard

Best place for a haircut downtown.

John Haselden

Been going here a year now. Great haircuts, friendly people, and I always thought I should be able to drink a beer while getting my hair cut

James McCann


Aaron Osborne

Best haircut I've ever had

Will Creasman

Only place that touches my beard.

max pachl

great place for a beard trim, love that they were opened on a Sunday.

Tim Behunin

Great service!

Rob Casey

Amy Larsen

Made an appointment for husband for a straight razor shave for our anniversary. He was very excited for it. Unfortunatel, the razor blade used was dull so the shave was painful and his skin was extremely raw for the rest of the day and into the following. His barber only went over once with the straight razor before switching to an electric razor. Needless to say it was a terrible experience and we won’t be back.

Beau Amos

Perfect cut every time

Doug Rasmussen

Totally stoked I found this place. I was in town for business, and a little shaggy. Arrived at 20 til closing and they took me as a walk-in and hooked me up! I wish I had these guys in my hood in Htown.

Ben Cox

They do good work. Just a little pricey, but worth the pampering.

Live Fit

Its really nice. I loved my haircut, it was just so expensive. Which is cool, I just cant come every week like i want to...

Thomas Thomas

Had very high hopes reading the reviews only speaking about my experience... only way to describe it was VERY painful...Melissa G was perhaps having an off-day but the sheers caught my ear and neck several times.. I asked her if she was in a hurry and she said no but clearly she was... my hair on the sides was uneven I asked her to taper it she seemed offended when I asked her to clean it up a bit and said it's not uneven you just want it shorter.... I knew at that point I needed to get out of this chair ASAP and get to another barber and get my hair fixed before it was to late.... I was listening to the other Barbers they were talking with their clients and looked like they were doing a great job... I would recommend calling in advance to make an appointment with one of them..

laszlo lukacs

Excellent Experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Just wished I lived closer to use on a regular basis.

Wade Reilly

Spent a great Saturday morning with my boys getting hair cuts and beard trims. The crew at Beards and Beers were very friendly and took care of us. It was pretty cool to sit and have a beer and bs with other customers while we waited. Mike and Charles did a great job. I will definitely return.

Sean Guthrie

Still getting compliments on my haircut and beard, and its been a few weeks since visiting. Great place, great service, and an impressive selection of craft beers. Found my new hair place, for sure!

Brandon Miller

Great place and great experience. First timer going to get my beard cut by a professional barber. These lady's are amazingly upbeat, sociable, and talented at their trade. Will be a customer for life.

Patrick Carrico

Very friendly staff and very competent barbers. A little pricey, but the services and cut was excellent.

Scott Payne

Best straight razor shave I have ever had.

Debra Adams

Went with my husband today and really enjoyed the atmosphere.The building is lovely.Gives you that historic downtown feel.The staff was extremely inviting and attentive to anyone who came in.Was busy when we went so some did not stay to wait.Very professional and polite when arriving and leaving.The music they played too was awesome to listen too! Nothing like Tom Petty and some 70s rock to please the ears!

Michael Davis

Not only is the concept of this phenomenal Barber Shop one-of-a kind, it is by far the most intriguing and interesting environment I have ever encountered while receiving a haircut and beard trim. The staff is not only 100% friendly they are also kind, courteous and highly professional. I give my full recommendation to their shop for any man in need of a relaxing and good haircut. They are officially my new Barber Shop.

Andrew Yeager-Buckley

I always feel at home when visiting Beards and Beers!

Tyler Werk

Adam was great. Very personable and professional. The cut was fantastic. Hope to go back soon!

David Plotkin

Wes spared no effort to ensure my hair and beard looked great! His attention to detail is unrivaled and his skills are at a top level, in my opinion. Can’t go wrong here. Thanks Wes!

Bart Taylor

Great place, awesome cut. Thanks! Oh, but you need other options than just beer. Red wine, bourbon. Some of it's can't drink beer.

Jeremy Titzer

I had been wanting to go and check this place out for a while. Finally made it up in there. I'm glad I did. Catherine did my trim up, she did a great job. I will definitely be going back! Had a nice selection of beer as well.

John Jenkins

Got a great cut and hair care for a very reasonable price. I will definitely be returning to see Nicky. FYI, appointments are preferred here, but they still took care of me when I didn't have one.

Garry Adams

Perfect every time

Aric Hester

Beard and Beers did an awesome job taking care of us this past weekend! My brother was getting married so I booked the groomsmen package for 9 guys. We had a few hours all to ourselves at the shop with 4 barbers taking care of us. This included beard trims/shaves, haircuts, some beers while we waited, and souvenirs. We all were happy with the final outcome and had a blast spending our morning with you all! Nicky, Melissa, Adam and Charles were very accommodating and took great care of all of us while we were there. Thank you all again for making our visit a great one! Definitely will be back sometime in the future!

Robbie Lambert

Debated between four and five stars. Ultimately went with five. Super super SUPER personable ladies running this place. Excellent cut and shave. Only reason it might be four stars is the price. Cut and shave was 50. But the quality and personalities won out. Nice job ladies! I'll be back! Next time beer (their license had just come in).

Stephanie Green

Bought this as a gift for someone. They used it and enjoyed it. Apparently wasn't the best haircut they ever had, but his hair looked fine. I think it was a good experience to offer as a gift!

John Hardin

After hearing about B&B I finally made it in. I had a beard shaping by Mike. I will definitely be back!

Matthew M

Melissa and her amazing team take their time and truly care about the customer’s needs and experience. High expectations all around with a high level of personalization to fit your needs. Not every head or face is the same and this crew understands that. It is also nice to just sit and have a beer and chat with others or bring your laptop and work while you wait. That means you’re going to get all walks of life coming in and that (to me anyways) sounds like an awesome way to experience more out of this short life. Beards & Beers is the ONLY place I’m going to for all my facial grooming needs. Very well-earned 5 stars. On a side note, the first time I was here Melissa had her two dogs in there. They were totally awesome and added to the excellent vibe of the place but if you’re allergic you might want to call ahead & ask if they are visiting the shop on that day!

Tyson Straub

I have a super important day tomorrow and decided to stop in for a trim. Charles Spannknebel worked me in gave me advice on how to keep up with my beard. All while enjoying a cold one. Thank you guys

Charles Williams

Excellent service, perfect cuts, great beer.

Brian Cross

Great place for a haircut. Friendly helpful people. I loved it. My wife also got her hair trimmed, (she has a Mohawk)

terry lindsey

Mike gives the best beard trims

Matthew Berry

I've gotten my haircut twice here and I absolutely love it! The staff is so friendly, they know what they're talking about when it comes to hair, and they can give out great recommendations for beer! And speaking of beer, there is such an amazing selection here, from light lagers to stouts, you can find about anything you craving while getting a haircut!

Andrew Carroll

Good environment, great barbershop and good beer. What else do you need?

Brett Stallings

Excellent service and great beer selection!

Chris Gibson

Great job with my unruly beard.

Robbie Bolin

Did an awesome job, went in for my Halloween costume and Lindsey totally had me looking like Wolverine, was also the nicest shave I've ever had. They really give you the full service here and it is really nice inside with incredibly nice service. Awesome beer selection too.

Traci Lewis

My boyfriend loves it. I sit in the car.

Dale K Higgins

Great shave and haircut with a cold one. Couldn’t be better.

Bentley McBentleson

My beard was huge and then the wasn't. Mission accomplished!

D Keith Henderson

I was reluctant to pay the price, always used the cheaper cut. Adam did a very nice job and cleaned me up very nicely. I have never had my neck shaved, it felt awesome. I will return. Thanks


A really awsome place!!

Ross Galloway

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