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REVIEWS OF Warfleigh Barber Shop IN Indiana

Drew Tharp

While I love the haircuts, this place is ridiculous. I would say there is a 50/50 chance when I show up I can get a haircut. I showed up at 4:30 - an HOUR AND A HALF before they closed, and was sent away. I left work early, to get a haircut. Their hours are erratic and they don’t even honor them. Makes me think there has got to be a more convenient place to get a haircut. Maybe somewhere where they take reservations, or honor their hours, or I don’t have to pay for parking to get turned away.

Samuel Capouch

Great shop to get a haircut. They are walk in only and always pretty busy, but it’s worth the wait. Show up when they open if you’re in a hurry. They ask plenty of questions to make sure you get the right cut you want. Nice group of guys, highly recommend it.

Cameron Bailey

Joel Reichenbach

Matthew Pumphrey

Francis Mihm

Super friendly guys plus a great cut and a reasonable price! The atmosphere of the shop was great as well! Definitely will be returning for future cuts!

Curtis Sattison

Greg Gennaro

Great, full-service cut. I will be back

Daniel Sanders

Robert Keller

Although it says they close at 6:00 PM on Mondays, I showed up at 5:30 PM and they said they stopped taking customers. If you say you close at 6:00... close at 6:00; otherwise, change your closing times to the point where you stop taking customers. It's a common courtesy not to waste peoples time.

Gary Myers

Look, I bring my 16 year old son Kolton there and let me tell you if you haven't been there you're missing out. The Warfleigh is where every father should take his son, if he cares about a great haircut. The Warfleigh reminds me of my fathers and uncles barber shop in Muncie,IN in the 1950s and 1960s. Old School at it's finest.

Brian Stage

Fantastic place for a haircut. Very friendly; many of the customers who came in were greeted by name. Very hipster vibe. More expensive than your Great Clips type places but not as bad as upscale salons. Also, they don't cut long hair - short cuts only.

Brandon B

Awesome dudes. Awesome cuts.

Nate Martinez

Great atmosphere and customer service. Came here for my senior prom, and they gave me one the best haircuts I've ever received. 5/5 definitely recommend.

Jake Shewey

John Phalen

Chad Frazell

Great service and a phenomenal experience. Highly recommended!

Alex Trueblood

Great cut, free beer, only $25.

charles worsham

Nathan Harling

Dustin Zimmerman

Literally the only place I even consider getting a haircut in Indiana.

Lindsey Claxon

Westin Williamson

I have gone here a couple of times for beard trims. They do a pretty good job. It's a very cool shop.

tyler muir

Rob Walters

Great shop

Ben Breman

Best haircut and beard trim in town!

Karl Cook

It was my 1st time here and I am definitely going to make this my new barbershop. Staff was awesome and the hair cut with a straight razor finish was 2nd to none.....I definitely recommend.

Erik Wentz

Wish the waiting wasn't so long but always good hair cuts

Chris White

Finally, a men's - men kinda place in Broad Ripple!

Brent VanHyfte

No matter who it is, I get a perfect cut every time. Good price for the quality cut. Well worth the wait. (And free beer)...

Ryan Laswell

Emmanuel Wilson

Eric Newton

Wonderful place

Dustin Rea

Thomas Peterson

Matt is my go to guy. He is a pro that listens to what I want , then makes suggestions to get me there.

Casiquire Ziphonium

I got a decent hair cut from here once and the atmosphere is great. One thing that bugs me though is they should really change their closing time to 5, and then stay until they're finished with those clients, rather than advertise being open until 6 but then effectively being closed at 5. It would be different if you could schedule an appointment, but since you can't, the walk-in hours should be...the hours during which you can walk in.

Jared Snell

The only Barber shop I go to. Beyond the amazing hair cuts, the atmosphere is super chill. All of the barbers are really talented, but my favorite is Casey. :P

J.W. Rice

Love this place. I always leave looking and feeling better. You’ll wait, and that’s ok because they have free Hamm’s and it’s worth it. Relax, try to have a good time and be respectful. It takes 30 minutes to get a cut, so be there with time to wait and get cut. Love this place. Highly recommend .

Frank Gamez

Great barbershop with positive vibes. Nick was incredibly helpful and hooked me up! If you need a cut, don't hesitate to stop by.

Matt Hofmann

The wait is long, but totally worth it.

Tyler Watkins

Reed Swisher

Second time I've walked there in last 2 weeks for a haircut- closing early despite what website, Facebook, and the operation hours on the door say. Closes at 8, I came at 7:10 both times. Unreliable.

Dan Dark

I have usually just gone to one of the chain barber shops whenever I needed a haircut, but I found myself with some free time so I decided to check out Warfleigh. I will go back time and time again. The setting, the stylist, the atmosphere and everything was great. Loved it and I felt like I got a good haircut for the first time in forever.

Austin Nash

Great overall haircut! They definitely know what they’re doing. Staff was super friendly and pricing was very reasonable.

Alexander McDaniel

You’ll wait 2 hours waiting in line and pay over $30 after tip to get a haircut you can get at sports clip. Not worth your time or money.

Conor Lee

It's worth the wait. Cody is friendly and gives great recs when it comes to hair products, cuts, etc.

Tucker Cox

Awesome place to get a haircut and fairly priced. It has a great atmosphere and the employees are fun to talk to and down to earth.

Derek Summitt

Marines Gonzalez DeJesus

Everyone here is awesome. Most laid back barbershop I’ve ever been to. Garrett is the man, been super please with every haircut he’s given me.

Kyle Hobbs

You get what you wait for here.

Thomas Janson

Zachary Allmand

Awesome experience. This was my first time at this Barber and I will definitely be going back. Great atmosphere and conversations going on. I had Cody cut my hair and he did a solid job. I had a bad haircut from a previous experience and he talked out how we could fix it and explained what he wanted to do. Love that there is a place like this close to work and invested in the local neighborhood.

matt crowder

Great atmosphere and quality, be prepared to wait.

Joseph Do

Matthew Bender

Great service from talented barbers at a reasonable price

Jen Beadles

Brought in my 13 yo son for a hair cut. It was quite a wait, but so worth it. Nick cut his hair and best job ever. I enjoyed the conversation and atmosphere. We will definitely go back.

Josh Matlock

Nick is the best barber on the planet. An awesome atmosphere and the conversation never fails to entertain.

Josh Eads

Nailed it!

Danny Lynch

Cody offers a friendly environment for a relaxing haircut, they provide a drink for those who wait and has a lower cost for a trendy style than anywhere else in town.

Joel Helms

Francis Neric

Best haircut I've ever gotten. Walk-ins only kind of sucks, but at least everyone is in the same boat. Brew while you wait. What else could you want.

King Butter


Colin Poling

Jose Najera

Ike Jones

Shaun Purk

Voz Anderson

I dig it! Laid back and positive environment, with friendly and knowledgable staff. There can be a bit of a wait, so be prepared for that!

Dave Morse

Love the decor and awesome hospitality (free coffee, beer), but most importantly the barbers are superior!


Jeremy Goldsmith

The guys are great. Service is awesome. Conversation never dull. Check it out.

Wesley Graves

Sherman Be

Proper old school barber shop.

Jonathan Neese

I cannot recommend this place enough. Best in town by far.

danny knott

Great service

Jon Gonzales

brittany tinney

Jason Senetar

Charles McIntosh

David Waldman

Great cut. Cool spot. Would definitely recommend.

Cagdas Cimbom

Amazing place! Everytime I go, I leave happy!!

Drew Kincius

Amazing. Went into Warfleigh’s as an overgrown fuzzball from abstaining from buzzing my head for a month. I left a man. A sharp, lovely-scented man. Thanks Justin for the fade.

Eric Straub

Love the atmosphere and the barbers who work here. Got a fantastic cut and can't say anything negative. I live about an hour away but will gladly drive back time after time for a cut.

Brian Gibson

Amazing barbers! I walked in and was able to be seen right away. Described what I wanted. Matt was able to execute what I asked. I walked out of the barber shop looking and feeling good. Would definitely recomend. Thanks for the friendly and amazing service.

Dillon Buescher

To continue what Andrew below has said, you will only be getting your haircut if you are unemployed, retired, or taking a personal day simply to get your haircut. The hours of operation are listed from 10am to 6pm. However, when I arrived at 4:45, I was told they were no longer accepting clients for the day. Apparently, the 8 year old in the chair was going to consume the remainder of the afternoon. I would say there were scheduled appointments ahead of me, but they make it very clear that they are walk-in only and accept no kind of slot saving. For ratings such as "great conversation", I found them a little stand offish, but I would probably be touchy too if I had to constantly defend a stupid business practice. I was told to come back at 10am, but sadly, I do not enjoy the luxury of such a light schedule as these gentlemen do. As per the cut quality, I can't say. I will never go simply because of their horrific scheduling. The kid's cut seemed fine, but hardly worth the hassle and pretentious tones. Do yourself a favor and run up to 4:59 by the fashion mall. Infinitely easier and same cut.

Samuel Satterfield

Joshua Marschke

Justin Gregge

Great atmosphere, great people, great cut, and all at a great price. Matt hooked it up with a nice fade, will be back.

Evan Costas

Bradley Thomas

Nickolaus England

Jakob Pringle

Mikelis Kreilis

Sonny Mcelfresh

I've never been to a better Barber shop. The guys there do great work and really cool to chat with while getting your hair cut. The shop is nice and has a nice old time feel. They can be very very busy though so expect to wait unless you get there at the right time. If you have to wait, ask em for a beer! They would be happy to get you one!

Vinh Thai

Awesome guys, they give great haircuts and are really fun to be around. Matt gave me my haircut and he’s good. Just a note, they only take walk-ins, no appointments. Sometimes it can get busy and the wait can be 30-45 minutes, but they’ll give you free beer while waiting. But the most important part is that they do give great haircuts. $25 for men’s.

Thomas Schneiter

Brian Coppinger

Great atmosphere, pricing, and quality services. Nick gave me a fantastic haircut and even walked me through how I should style my hair and apply product, which I really appreciated. These barbers are willing to go above and beyond, and I'm thankful I happened to stop in today because this will definitely be my new regular spot.

Ashley Cutter

Sasha Blevins

Good stylist, fair price, sometimes can be a long wait though.


Michelle Craig

Sarah Gale

Matt Strickland

First cut with Nick Bev today and it turned out great as I knew it would! Hard part is awesome and it has a very neat and clean appearance with a tight finish...I even look a little thinner and younger so Thanks!

Branden Wilson

hendrik wong

Tony Anderson

The only shop I trust with my hair and beard. I am here religiously every 2 weeks. Always greeted at the door. Always a beer or coffee waiting for you. Fantastic cuts, good conversation, Great atmosphere. These guys are awesome.

Dr Pamela Reilly

Awesome environment and great hair cuts. It's a win-win!

Bryan Trager

I popped in for a shave and I must say that they did a great job and the environment was amazing. I highly recommend checking out Warfleigh!

Mike Eicher

Andrés Arango

Jones, Bill

Great place for a haircut in Indy. Super cool vibe, good music playing, free bottled water, soda and beer. Walk-in only, no appointments. Can be really busy, especially on Friday afternoons. Closed Sat and Sun.

Seth Lucas

Best haircut around and the new shop hardly has any wait at all.

Evan Williams

Matt Jewell

Very busy fun place to get a hair cut. I did get a not so great cut but I'm hoping it was just an off day? Went back and got another cut and it was not to great. The guy cutting my hair didn't seem to understand what I was asking for and just cut my hair the way he wanted too. If you looking for a crew cut or something simple this is not a bad spot just keep your expectations low.

Andrew O

Great place, never going back. Of the 7 times I've attempted to get a haircut here I have been unsuccessful 4. The first time was on a Saturday; they're closed on weekends (crazy, I know). The other 3 times I showed up and they said "we're done taking customers today". Recently I left work early, arrived 90 minutes before closing and I was still denied. Wonderful haircut, awesome guys, great atmosphere, and fair prices. If you are determined to get a cut here, you'll need to re-arrange your whole schedule.

Casey Miller-Bock

Sara Frizzell

My lil man, Ferris comes here and I have never not loved his haircut. Great staff and great location

Brian C

Best cut I've found in town. Appointments or walk-ins and a team of guys who know what they're doing.

Craig Dragoo

I love it hear!!

Nancy Suydam

Daughter wanted Barber cut. Cody worked his magic! She is thrilled with the whole experience. Dudes! You should come here for your hair needs. They will treat you well.

Seth Kuleff

One of the best places to get a haircut and shave


Great atmosphere. Everyone here does fantastic work and they are always entertaining.

Kyle Brown

Brandon Zimmerman

Great place, competitive prices, and wonderful hair stylist!

John Schuman

Clayton Barns

Always worth the wait.

Zach Handlon

Awesome shop, awesome haircut, and amazing atmosphere. If you’re looking for a good barbershop this is the place.

Taylor Williams

Best haircut ever. Worth the wait.

Kory Parris

If you're looking for a great place to get your hair cut or beard trimmed this is the spot. Great people great atmosphere.

ill communicvtion

Best barber in the city. Coolest shop in the city. Great products. By far the best barber experience you will find in the city.

Steve Davies

Really cool spot and really nice job! Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Mark Wilder

Best place I've had my haircut! Walk-ins only so go early. I'm so happy I decided to go here, and it will be the only place I go in the future.

Ted Hampton

Best cut in town. Awesome atmosphere as it feels like a bunch of friends hanging out cutting hair. Owners are great. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a proper haircut.

Kolby Smethers

Never get a $9 haircut again. This is the best group of guys in the city, offering the best cuts available. You get what you pay for! Laughs and beers guaranteed with every cut.

Brad Irvin

My new goto. These guys are awesome. Really laid back barbershop with a great decor. All the guys are pros.

Jared Overman

They give a great haircut and the atmosphere is pretty good, but understand that this place is not practical for the normal person. I have had my haircut here around 8-10 times. Each time, I liked the result. I understand it's first come, first served and this last time I went, I put my name on the list and planned to wait my turn. It was busy and there was only 1 seat available. It was in the middle of 2 people and there was almost no room. Instead of cramping everyone, I decided to go sit in my car right outside the shop. This way I could wait comfortably and see how many people were coming out so I would not miss my spot in line. There were at least 7 people ahead of me and 3 chairs running. I knows from my many visits that it would take at least 40 min-1 hr. I was perfectly fine and understood. However, after I came back in after 30 minutes from sitting right outside in my car, I noticed 3 people that were in there before me were still waiting. Upon re-entering, the guy at the desk, who knew me from several previous visits, said he needed me to sign in. I said I had already done so, and he said we took you off because you left the store. So, after waiting 30 minutes, it was evident that I was wasting my time because my spot in line was lost. Now I understand the first-come-first-serve policy and I was not trying to take advantage. I was simply trying to facilitate the circumstances and wait right outside in my car. I did not want to make an argument but I did feel disappointed with how they treated the situation. As a regular customer I felt unvalued, which is why I am writing this post. Unless you have 2 hours total time to sit in the shop (including haircut time), then I would avoid. It's not practical for those with a moderately busy schedule. You can find a nice haircut elsewhere. Maybe your business will be valued somewhere else.

Akshay Sanwal

Best fades in broad ripple with hip setting

Aaron Day

Best place to get your hair cut! Perfect place to get away-get a great haircut, and have some killer conversations. I've already recommended many friends and others as well. The guys run a great business, and I couldn't be happier for them.

Colin Manring

Ian Hawk

Travis Wright

Awesome atmosphere! Great haircuts! Been coming almost two years now

rob thompson

Best place to get a haircut in the area. Hands down. Excellent staff, excellent vibe. If you go elsewhere, fine, but then try out Warfleigh. If you don’t see the difference, your friends will.

Tim Tasker

Well taken care of. First come first serve so get there early

Cameron Campbell

Camden Vanover

They real ones here

Naveed Riaziat

Great cut from a really authentic, no nonsense type barbershop

Jake Sweeney

Kenan Abbaszadah

Poor customer service experience with phone call. The guy just yelled 'I'm busy' and hang up.

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