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REVIEWS OF Jack's Barber Shop IN Indiana

Ken Lockamy

Great haircut, in a relaxed but upscale shop.

Eric A

First went to Red’s. 5 empty chairs. 3 barbers standing around doing nothing. They couldn’t take me for an hour. Walked into Jacks. Sat down and was done in 8 min. Thanks Jacks. I’ll be back.

Shaun J

Best group of Barbers I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They still do traditional barber work (which is rare these days)and do an outstanding job of it. In addition to that, these guys are young enough to keep up with the latest trends in male grooming, from hair and beard styling to offering top shelf products. Hands down the best Barber shop! Jack, Kevin, and Jordan are an amazing team. Whether you are an existing customer or never been here before, I encourage you to make Jack's Barber Shop your one and only, go-to.

Nick Bennett

Brenda (and her adorable dog) are the best. I actually enjoy going in for a haircut.

Matthew Griles

Brenda is the best. She’s been cutting my hair for 15+ years

Christopher Lecureux

John Overwine

We scheduled a trip here before a nice dinner during the week of Gen Con. We came for a variety of services; full shave, bear trim and full haircut. All three staff members were friendly and did a great job on the four of us. Will likely come back during every Gen Con from here on out.

Thomas Niebler

Walked in, waited 5 minutes and got a really good haircut from John, all during a nice talk with him! My fiancee absolutely loved it! I'd come here again and again, if I was from the US!

Cliff Brown

I give this place five stars! They got me in right away...they gave me a good cut, good advise, and also went to check my meter because I didn't know that there was one! What else could a good establishment do for you! I will say that it could have better decor, but it is service with a smile! Thanks so much you guys! I could not be happier. Prices wont deplete the wallet either. CLIFF BROWN APPROVES!

PJ Humphrey

Brenda and staff are awesome! I've been coming here for 3+ years and always get a great cut and shave.

Jordan Lascallette

Shane Wheatley

Just moved into the area and Brenda is amazing. She very knowledgeable and has a knack for her craft. Found my new home barber. See you soon!

Tyler Ciszar

Guillermo North

I need so bad an haircut. I went to Brenda .it was perfect .A professional hair cut.

Tyler Noble

Michael Dawes

Kevin Clevenger

Great service and people!

Devin Rose

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! came here the day before an interview to get cleaned up and I have never been more disappointed in my life. Old man did such a pathetic job trying to line up my beard. It was completely uneven. Left and right side did not match at all. Didn't even trim my neck. Had to clean up this mess as soon as I got home. I would never go back to this dump.

Jason Brown

Best barber around!

Andrew Suy

Brad Chandler

Chris Dolan

Brenda provided one of the best hair cuts I’ve ever received! Not only did she do an excellent job, but she did so quickly & inexpensively

Jake O.

Didn't know quite what to expect going in the first time, but every time I've been extremely satisfied with the conversation, the cut, the advice, and the atmosphere. All the barbers are extremely good to the point where I don't even particularly care which one cuts me! It's a quaint little shop, not a high capacity place by any means, but you won't regret trying em out. Only complaint is parking can be rough, but that's hardly their fault.

Brad Peace

Best Hair Cut you can get, not too mention they make you feel comfortable, like you're getting your hair cut by a friend... Sincerely, Brad Peace

Abhishesh Regmi

John Stringfield

Besides the fact that she's great at what she does, Brenda always makes a point to compliment everyone who comes into her shop and make them feel like they've been coming there for years. She has always been so nice to me and sensitive to my specific requests (she has a very great memory). Everyone who comes in seems to love her upbeat and positive outlook on life and it really translates well with the haircut/ experience.

James Ammeen

Brenda is a

Isometric View Design

Brenda just gave me the best hair cut I have ever gotten. My hair has been thinning and she made it look fuller. She has cut my hair for tv and my wedding. The best.

Donald Morton

Good guys....quick service and my barber more than earned his money, was shedding my winter

Thomas Rosario

A great locally run barber shop, quite timeless with the decor and the people stopping in to catch up. I felt that I was transported back in time. They do free neck shaves between your cuts. Stop by take a look and get a shot of indy culture. Awesome

Bryce Hullett

Christopher Riggs

Great value and service

Jim Hodapp

Friendly, clean and very personable. Got a great haircut that I'm quite happy with with great attention to detail and style. The massage at the end was pretty relaxing too. I highly recommend this place. When you're done with the haircut, enjoy their location right in the City Market with many great places to eat at.

Jason Sullivan

Literally the worst haircut I’ve ever gotten. The man there would not listen to me. I told him what I wanted and he said that’ll look bad. He didn’t let me see what he was doing while he cut my hair, then at the end when I saw that he did exactly what I told him not to do he claimed that’s what I told him to do. It was uneven and wasn’t blended properly. That being said, if you don’t care about your hair and you’re looking for entertainment, the man and woman working there are both characters.

Nawaz S

It's just a hype, she does it in hurry to take next customer

Ryan Helmick

Was able to walk in for a needed trim with Brenda. Fabulous cut (my wife is thrilled with the look) and hardly any wait despite walking in. May have to schedule trips back to the Midwest to make her my regular barber.

Casey Mccullough

Rob Trickle

Moving downstairs to the main market house in two weeks

Patrick He

Great environment, timely, and does a great job. Can't ask for more.

Garrett Campbell

Trent Brink

Always do a good job and I trust all the barbers.


Right there with one of the worst haircuts I've had.. my barber didnt know how to do my hard part so the shop owner brenda came over and unfortunately gave my head a slant.. see the pics for yourself

Brad Young

Brenda and George are great people and I love coming to this shop. Brenda is very talkative and energetic and always has something to say. I enjoy her stories and the time she takes to make sure everyone feels comfortable at her business. $20 (not including tip) for a hair cut, back of neck straight razor shave and a massage is a great deal.

AJ Palanki

Loved the haircut Worth it

Scott Thompson

Best hair cut in town. Extremely friendly staff

Jack Edwards

john mac

Old man either can't cut hair or purposely left it different lengths around my entire head. Do not waste your time and money here.

Jon Pope

Mike Sprovtsoff Jr

Brenda will make you look and feel your best.

Jonathon Norman PremierBank

I can't even begin to explain the regret I feel when the old man finished with my haircut, after reassuring me he would fix it every time he slipped or messed up. I left looking like a freaking raccoon, he realized he did such a poor job he even offered for me not to pay for the haircut. Take your Chances all you want with the rest of the barber's there but I highly recommend staying away from the old man's chair, I'm still recovering...


Really nice people, but I wasn't that impressed with my haircut or the price.

Chris Jones

I have had good experiences with Kim but the last guy who cut my hair is why I will not be going back to Jack's. He went on a rant about Chinese people and the way they pay for services. It was really uncomfortable to listen to his racist rant. I will find another place to get my haircut from now on.

David E

Brenda is the only barber in town I trust cutting my hair. Stepping into this shop is like stepping back in time. You’ll leave looking and smelling great.

Jacob Pearce

Great haircuts. They shave your neck when you need it. Haircuts cost $16 but they do such an awesome job that I and everyone should tip the extra $4 everytime.

Logan Williams

Great people and a great haircut! Always a pleasure and never a dull moment with this group. I highly recommend.

Daryl Hughes

A great place to get a haircut. Good quality and fast

Robert Makowsky

Just an awesome barber shop

T 4

Prejudice Barbershop actually very prejudice people that work there

Jerremy Jarvis

Great place, interesting atmosphere and they really go the extra mile to make sure you're looking good. Definitely recommend

Nancy Smith

Retro shop, nice barbers (friendly etc.) but the one that cut my young son's hair did his own thing despite my instructions, kid came out looking like he was from the 50s - and the back was uneven. For a shave & the basics I guess it would be recommendable but ask for the other barber - the one with the beard.

Dennis McCunney

Awesome place to get a haircut! I was in town for a conference and stumbled upon this place. What a find. And Brenda will keep you entertained and engaged with good conversation. Highly recommended!

NacAlpine Instructors

Great shop and great haircut. I had John - highly recommend

Gerald Lande

Very friendly!

Geoff Mastbrook

Derek Thomas

Robert Constant

Always very friendly with everyone! They only take cash though, but there's an ATM right outside. I always enjoy coming in here.

Raleigh S

Archit Muchhal

Kamil Markowicz

Eleanor Franklin

David Sneed

Jimmy Smith

Jessie Dowell

Best place to go by far. Best hair cut, best price and best atmosphere anywhere.

Jamie Scott

Came in with my fiancé, he was going to get his beard trimmed while I was going to get my undercut trimmed. This Indian lady snapped at us, stating that she did NOT cut WOMENS hair, that she was a barber. Okay lady, all you had to say was that you didn’t do undercut designs, did not have to bite our heads off. My fiancé didn’t even get his beard trimmed because he was so off-put by her behavior.

michael fox

It could be so much better if they actually give you what you want versus what they want to give you. I don't like being rushed in and out and if I pay extra for a beard trim that's what I should get but haven't.

Rebecca Herndon

My son will only go to Jacks Barber Shop to get a haircut!! Great service and you’re in and out pretty fast!! Thanks to Kevin for taking care of Ashley!

Ben Peters

I have been going to Jack's off and on for years. Working downtown I would use it as a last resort or if I need a cut on a quick notice. The thing I have always noticed is there are a lot of suspect things said in this barber shop. I have always just put it off as some "old school barber shop banter" but there have always been things that have been said that would cross the line. They seem to go through barbers quite quick and it is hard to lock down a solid barber there which makes for a tough time to stick with the same barber. The last time I was in there I was waiting with a friend getting a cut and I was also going to get one. They have a newer barber (younger guy) in there that I have not seen in there before. Anyway, while cutting my friends hair the newer barber was saying some pretty racist stuff that I do not think any business that does a service for the public should be saying. Like I said I have always heard some suspect things from the barbers in this shop but this just took the cake. This shop seems to breed this kind of banter and it is something that should not be tolerated in such a diverse market in a downtown location. I get everyone has their own opinions/beliefs and that is fine but when you are being openly and outwardly racist this goes from just "old school banter" to just being a terrible person/business. If that is the way they want to run this shop that is fine but I cannot come into this shop anymore. People may laugh it off and think its funny when stuff like this has been said for years in this shop but something has to change and these kind of attitudes should change in a business serving the public. The cuts have been going down hill for a while now and sometimes they just don't listen to you when you tell them what you want. If you want a pretty mediocre cut and some racist banter then sure go visit Jack's Barber Shop but I would not recommend it.

Brent Ingram

Fast and friendly staff that takes time to ensure each customer is happy. Cash or check only*

Jeffery Stawikowski

Ask for Brenda. Great cut and she knows how to respect the banter

randy black

Jim Steward

Andy Howard

Best place in Indy to get your hair cut. Brenda is the best.

Justin Chow

I moved to Indy in July and had a hard time looking for a barber I trusted to get my hair right. I have thick black Asian hair, so I like to have it trimmed every 3 weeks or so. I've tried a few different places around town, but this place was good enough that I've been coming back regularly for the past 3 months. My barber is Greg, and I intend to continue giving him business until I run out of hair. They charge me $15, but I always slip them a $20. Cash only, so make sure you have enough on you.

Garth Campbell

A solid, simple barber shop with friendly staff and a nice location

Brandon Warren

Mariaelena Rossi Cortez

Mark Doyle

Wes & Kelly Stewart

Mud Hole

The best place I've found in Durham.

Anuj Sharma

Rough handling. After a quick rapid cut was just trying to adjust my hair nervously left to right.. right to left.. Cut my ear and trying to wipe off blood with unhygienic cloth.. Not going again. Barber: AfricanAmerican Handicapped person.

Jose Casasnovas

I've been a customer for a few years now, service and atmosphere is great

Devin Sipes

James Alhand

$25 is a lot to pay for a low fade when you aren't even gonna fade the lines in. I got my hair cut by the older gentleman.

Kenan Alibegovic

Delight cast of hair-cutting personalities; always a lovely experience at Jack's

Anthony Palma

Felipe Reyes

Got a great shave, nice guys, retro shop, very cool.

Chad Jackson

Very friendly ,very clean ,very polite

Jorge Rangel

chad Parker

Jonelle Chalmers

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