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REVIEWS OF Joe's Barbershop Chicago IN Illinois

Chris Rieser

Great neighborhood shop. Last time I was in it was full of guys with tattoos waiting for a cut but when a guy with two little kids came in joe put on a Disney movie for em and we all ended up watching it while we waited.

Michael Agustin

Jordan Kamps

Great place, love going here

Daniel Del Pozo

AMAZING love this place!

Mitch Hermes

Best barber in Chicago. Down to earth, great service, great quality haircuts.

Danny Heer

Great barbers and a cool place. There's beer in the fridge And whiskey to sip on while you wait. But be prepared, you WILL wait. It's definitely worth it though.

Christian Hoogheem

Calixto Marcano

Dave Mordis

Great place to socialize and get a solid hair cut with booze and shots

Peter Orozco

Sad to say.. Heug disappointment!!! I had read all the reviews which I think there fake cause the experience I had was horrible. I had told Joe it was my first time and read a lot of good reviews. I had asked him if he was the owners son and he said yes and I was relieved. I had brought a picture of how I wanted my beard trimmed squared and haircut style but to no avail.... Haircut way to short an crooked and beard rounded rather than squared and he nicked my face pretty bad with the razor it took a while to get it to stop bleeding even when l went home to take a shower it started bleeding again. Then I come to find out he lied, he was not the owners son his name was Joe Netzel!! Who does that??? How can I recommend or go back after that experience. Because of Joe Netzel, I have totally lost trust and have no respect of Joe's Barbershop. How do you treat a new costumer like that. Just don't understand that.

Vytas Degesys

Great place. Been going here for almost 2 years and refuse to go anywhere else.

Rajat Mahajan

This place is amazing! Perfect for a Saturday morning haircut with a local beer in your hand. The badass all-black clothing look of (almost all) the barbers and them facing the waiting customers is something hard to find these days. I struggle with finding and sticking to a barber, but I think I've found my spot now. It's a no frills place where you go for a great conversation while having an even better haircut. The barbers take their time and are in no rush to get to the next customer. It's hard to describe the subtle nuances of the culture in this barbershop - you have to go there to experience it. I can foresee that in the long run, this place will be one of my favorite things about Chicago!

Morgan Bates

Great palce to get your hair cut. Joe Sr. is a wonderful old world fellow with all sorts of stories to tell. A proud supporter of half acre, they are a great place to get your hair cut on their Hang OVer Sundays


Simon JC

Very friendly people! Safe place to do beard trims :)

James Holman

Brik Haus

Michael Blane

Genuine, real barbers. Changed to 5-stars. Best haircut I have ever.

G. Michael Ference

Jack C

Jacob Walsh

Maya is awesome at what she does and funny. Great price too for the quality and comfort of her salon.

Murad Suleiman_Pali Gang

Great people

Brad Wechter

There are two amazing things about Joe's right up front. The consistency in quality of the haircut you're going to get is so outstanding; you don't have to worry about whose seat you end up in since Joe's is walk-in only. Everyone of their barbers will give you a great cut. On top of that, they are all downright pleasant to talk to! Getting a haircut at Joe's is 100 percent a pleasant experience and that's why I've been frequenting the spot for the three years I've lived around the corner on top of the two years prior to that. I've never had anyone ask me in admiration "where I got my fade" before I started getting my haircut at Joe's, but its a regular occurrence now. Love this place.

Joseph Thomas

Cool place, good cuts, little pricey but not bad.

geoff ramsey

Had to get a quick cut before a wedding while we were in town. Got cut by the man himself. Got the best cut off my life. So good.

Evangelia Fotopoulos

My husband looked awesome, loved the cut and the shop is really neat!! Glad we found them would highly recommend this place!

Jason Brucker

Joe's has friendly guy's that are professional and give a damn fine haircuts.

Allister Laurel

Very skilled, knowledgeable staff. Very attentive to exactly what I wanted


Tom Peroulas

always a great cut, can't beat the ambiance and the Joe's

Andre Ramos

Great barbers, great customer service plus you get to watch some nostalgia TV or movie and drink a tall boy while you wait just give a donation...

Karl Hoffner

First time in here today and I must say this is my favorite shop I've been to in Chicago. Great cut and conversation. Great old school shop. Highly recommend.

Dominic German

These guys know what they're doing. They don't rush and they always get it right. They recently expanded their shop so the wait isn't nearly as bad as it used to be. $20 for the best haircut of your life. I've tried a lot of places and now I'll never go anywhere else.

Tom Wilschke

I only had a chance to go here once but it was a cool place. Laid back and knowledgeable dudes who are just fun to hang out with. Check it out when you have a chance.

Cesar Martinez

All of the guys here are super friendly, professional, and amazing at what they do. The free brews and VHS movies make the fast wait even faster. The “first come, first served” basis is a refreshing break from appointment and app overload! Cash only place, so hit the ATM before heading in.

Chris Spicer

Best place in Chicago to get your beard trimmed

Evan Wallace

Fantastic barber shop. Love the cuts, and LOVE that there's up to 8 barbers working at the same time. Been there twice after work and never had to wait more than 10 minutes either time. I'm happy to call Joe's my go-to barber shop.

Wesley Gibson

My choice for haircuts

Chris Miller

Great haircut. Everyone there is good, and it's usually not a very long wait, even on weekends.

Tanner Shaffer

This place is awesome

Marc Epstein

Lived in Chicago for years, and even used to live around the corner from the place, but only started going there 6 months ago, and can say this place is solid. Dominic is great, gives a nice high and tight, but now that he’s gone, Vinny certainly doesn’t disappoint either. Friendly family run business, free booze while you wait, reasonable prices, always leave happy.

Carlos Garcia

One of Chicago's original Barger shops,... great cuts

Brendan Walsh

Solid walk in spot. All good barbers, can do modern hair or standard older cuts.

Justin Frankenberg

Great great great


Joseph Yasalonis

3 generations of barbers

Steve Reese

Best place in the city for a quick in and out haircut that doesn't break the bank

Brandon Wielgus

Best vintage haircut ask for chuck

Blaise Lehmann

Not a bad experience since first visit 5+ years ago. Hands down, best barber shop in Chicago. Cash only. Gluten free.

Paul Arabie

If you're not going here then you probably have a bad haircut. Go here and get a great haircut at this classic old school AND modern barber shop. There's a line because it's worth it but the line moves fast with 6 barbers.

Ryan Ayers


Pastor Hector Nunez

Jimmy V

Great guys. Grab a Half Acre brew for $2, get a great haircut and/or shave and off with ya to enjoy the rest of your day feeling great. Worth a visit if you dig old school barber techniques.

Tyler Peterson

Very cool old barbershop. Around since the 60s with the same owner and he still cuts hair

Scott Raileanu

Great spot to get a cut. Papa Joe is usually in there and his Son Joey Jr. runs the place with him now. They're no nonsense guys that are down to talk shop and get you looking right. Been going here for the last 2 years and very consistent cuts from everyone on staff. Joey Jr isn't afraid to go the extra mile, like helping my out before hours on a Holiday weekend just to look good for my wedding.

Beau Blacklaw

James Lewis

I’m really happy with their customer service and they’re very professional and well organized. I will continue to go here in the future.

Peter Steszewski

Dope, Joe Jr. hooked it up! Highly reccomend!

J Lis

Got a great straight razor shave for a reasonable price, and with a short wait.

Sean McCann

Art Sky

So bad

Jim Sheppard

Justin Somerville

Been coming here for 5 years now, great shop, great people.

Ben Andes

A great barbershop. They excel at clean, classic cuts. I used to have to grow my hair out some after a haircut to get it to work how I liked. The first time I came here, they finally got it looking spot-on right out the door. They've even helped me learn better terminology for the cut that I like, so I can better tell barbers in the future what I'm looking for. Definitely recommended. The wait can be longer in the evenings or weekends, so try to swing by during the week if you can. If not, bring a book, grab a beer from the fridge, and bide your time. You'll walk away looking better for it.


Joe Jr. Is the man. Not only is his shop top notch but Joe Jr himself is a true professional. I moved to Wisconsin and drive in to have him cut my hair and will continue to do so.

Asiya Hussain

Nick Judycki

Matt McCabe

Nick Leonard

Consistent, no frills, traditional Barbershop

Tom Carbone

Best barbershop in the city. Been going here since 2013 and I will be going here until I die (or, uh, move)

Adam Tramposh

No fuss haircut every time.

Towi Diaz

Great barbers and great free beers. Win win.

John Doherty

You won't find a better spot around here. Got a cut and beard trim. Missed the guys name, but he's from Minnesota. Top notch quality, stellar service, and pops while you wait.

Dominic Lynch

Kevin Dixon

Great spot for a great cut from friendly barbers. Reasonably priced,

Mario Gonzalez

Been coming to this barber shop, and only this barber shop, for 4 years for a reason. These guys REALLY know what they're doing. It's become a safe haven for me. The environment, music, and conversations are the best

Joshawa Roberts

Andrew Hasdal

I've been coming here for 5+ years with no complaints whatsoever. This is a man's barbershop that offers high-quality haircuts and shaves. They're laid back and stick to what they offer. Come with cash, be patient, and walk out with a solid cut. Tired of the entitled whiners with their bad reviews. This is a business and you should follow their rules, not expect them to bend to your every whim. I trust Joe Jr. to give me the best cut possible and he knocks it out of the park every time.

Brandon Chism

Never had a bad haircut from here. Laid back, no pretense, but professional cuts.

Joshua Owens

Awesome place! They gave me a beard trim and straight shave and it was a friendly service. Excellent experience. I will definitely go back them next time.

Billy Thompson

This barbershop is cool and nice. I won't go anywhere else for a haircut ever again. They are the best hair stylists!

Ryan Yepsen

Look, on, um, "other" review sites, this place gets a lot of hate. But those people are stupid for several reasons and it's usually a vast misunderstanding of what this place is. This is a place for *men* to get *haircuts* (not hairstyles) for *cash* **without an appointment**. Walk in, first-come-first-served. Come on a Saturday? Prepare to wait an hour or more. Show up in the middle of the day during the week? You probably won't have to wait much longer than 15-minutes, in my experience. I've never left here with a bad cut. This place is a straightforward, old school shop. Want fancy? Want someone who pretends they care about how much you secretly love Sex in the City? Want to pay a bunch of money? Go to Halo. Otherwise, come to Joe's, wait, get a great cut, pay in cash, and go home looking dapper. Done deal.

Taylor Dodson

Matt Rosin

Joe is the man. Decades perfecting a great set of skills, plus he's a sweetheart of a guy.

Brenden Wenberg

edward santiago

I have been coming here since Vince(barber) has relocated here! The shop is pretty awesome! Love it!

Thomas Carlin

Best barber in Chicago

Victor Fernandez

Outstanding service, I drove 40 min cus of the review's and I'm another satisfy guest

Henry Bowman

Excellent service, cool atmosphere and priced well. 5 stars!

Demian Reyes

Best Barber in Chicagoland.

Andrew Collett

Jamal A

ian phillips

Great cuts, great people. If you want a stylish solid haircut in an old school barbershop then go to Joe's. The employees are friendly and keep up the conversation.

Mauricio Alvarez

Fernando Ojea


Jose Espejo

Good service but at least the positive no appointments required

Primary Account

Terrible phone service

Michael Frost

Jesus Palma

Hands down understand why they are number 1 barbershop in the country

Steven Matz

Joe's is really great. Each time I visit is better than the last.

Alexander Giarmidis

Traditional. Clean. Professional.

Steve Kroodsma

Taylor is the best

Jerry Morrow

I've been a customer here for over ten years. Im happy about the recent expansion!

Joel Buchanan

I've been here twice now and the service has been efficient and of very good quality. They offer beard trimming and shaving along with the haircuts.

Arthur Blachno

Michael De Runtz

Ched Edenfield

Awesome place! Joe gave me a beard trim and straight shave. Excellent experience. I will definitely go back the next time I’m in Chicago.

Matthew Hayes

Jason M

Best barbershop in the city, no question. Joe and his son are at the top of their game, the shop is spacious and waits are generally fairly short. Prices are creeping a bit high, but still worth every penny.

Daniel Stanislawcyk

John O' Neill

yegs YT

I had to stop going after the new owner wouldn't cut my kids hair. He was putting a priority on hipsters


Great, fast and cheap!

Ryan McAlister

Evelyn otano

Joe Netzel the best

Brett Nelson

Great neighborhood spot

Patrick Targun

Hands down, best shop in Chicago.

Tyler Jefford

The only place worth getting your hair cut in Chicago. Respectable shop with a gentleman’s agreement about the order. Beer and conversation is on the menu. I don’t think I’ve had one bad haircut in the 5 years I’ve been going to Joe’s.

Azim M

Got my head shaved and beard fixed by Vince. Did an amazing job and spent great attention to detail. He understood exactly what I wanted and facilitated my request. Worth every penny. My only regret is that I couldn't tip him appropriately and I won't be back for a while due to not living in Chicago.

Chris Grenier

I always enjoy going here for a haircut.

Michael Carlson

Went in today for the second time. Got an awesome hair cut from Pedro. Dude is awesome at what he does. You can tell all of these guys are the best barbers around. For sure this will be my spot from now on. The place reminds me of the old italian guy my dad took me to as a kid, where every hair cut ended with a dollop of grease. As I said before I wont go anywhere else for a haircut ever again, these guys are top notch.

Eric Chmara

Alexander Bandukwala

Nice guys who know how to cut hair

William L.

Joe been on Fullerton since i was a kid... Great guy and very friendly

Mateus Carneiro

anthony quiroz

Racist. Poorly treated.


I get good haircuts by nice people. Good beer good cuts.

Allan Antunez

Great place! Great service! Very professional! Got an awesome fade! Taylor is a great barber!

Kevin Lada

This place is great. Fast, quality work and free beer. It's cash only so be ready for that.

Zach Harris

The best shop around. Period.

Press Starters


Great haircuts but they aren't accurate with their hours. Get there over a half hour before closing and they wouldn't let me in, even though that's their policy. Frustrating as I know they have great barbers and I drove through a lot of traffic to get here.

Josh Bartlett

Richard Piwowarski

The best

Joe Kramkowski

Daniel Austin

I've never had a bad cut here. Talented staff. Good conversations and drinks. Cash only and pay attention to who is there when you get there cause there is no reservations.

Donald Fox

The hair product my barber sold me was not a good product and was crusty, something I told him I did not want in my hair.

Ethan Rivera

Joe's Barbershop is extra amazing. It's extremely clean and the staff is friendly.Last weekend I took my son there and they did a great job..Thanks you.We will definitely come back.

Brian Smith

Angel Gonzalez

My first professional hair cut and love it no complaints. SECOND REVIEW- since my first hair cut in this place (home) have continued and never will stop coming. never disappoint. 8-31-19

Jeff H

Mike Carusiello

Good haircuts, terrible shaves. I had to go home and shave immediately since barber cut my skin and left uncut hairs everywhere, not to mention completely uneven sideburns from the shave. Very unprofessional straight razor service for $40. Will not be going back

Elijah Edmunds

Been coming here for years, all the barbers are top notch. A great old school shop, fair prices, and always good conversation while waiting.

Dave Blei

Alex Wrobel

Hands down best barbershop I've been too and when the weathers nice you get food and beer and a haircut last Sunday of the month what more could you ask for.

Matt Maenke

Bryan Emer

Clark Kays

No frills haircut but super skilled barbers. I started coming here instead of Art + Science. Much less snobby.

Ernesto Castillo

Best traditional Barbershop that I have been to

Paul Jordan

Let me tell you…I got here at there shop at 09:00 sharp. The Father & Son & there three other barbers had customers in the chairs. Plus another dude & myself waiting. Best cut & shave I've ever gotten to date. A+!

Rob Anderson

Don't go to this shop unless you want the best hair cut and beard trim ever. All the barbers at Joe's do this really weird thing... where they actually have a great meaningful connection and conversation with their customers while providing A+ service. Seriously that Joe Jr. guy is the king of the weirdos. He actually takes the time to make sure your cut and trim is perfect before leaving. On top of that he suggests things to help your beard stay healthy, like how unprofessional can you get it. Bullet Proof tips to be the best Joe’s Customer. 1. Call in to ask how long the wait is. 2. Arrive at the shop 5mins before close. 3. Proceed to “Hang” your coat by dropping it on the floor near the rack. 4. Refuse to drink the tasty free beer while you wait. 5. Ask for a razor part. 6. Ask for a shave on your sensitive skin face after the barber suggests that a shave probably isn’t the best idea for your sensitive skin. Then demand they do it any way. 7. Once you’re done and the barber asks how everything looks… lie to them. LOOKS AWESOME. 8. Try to pay by credit card. 9. Don’t leave a tip. 10. Write a terrible review on Google and or Yelp. NOTE: Please do the exact OPPSITE of the 10 tips above for an actual amazing Joe’s experience. Go to Joes because those in the know drink with Papa Joe!

Carlos Omar Espinoza

First time here. Cash only. $25 for haircut. My barber was papa Joe and it was the most rewarding experience ever. I felt like I was in a classic barbershop back in the day. Watching dances with wolves, drinking a beer and getting a quality cut. Can't beat it!

Zach Peterson

My first and probably last Chicago barbershop. Great location in Logan with free and easy sreet parking. Cool old school asthetic with a first come, first served model. You might have to wait a minute or two, but just sit back and enjoy a refreshment while you take solace knowing a good cut from a seasoned and friendly barber is in your very near future.

Josh Blain

Ian Woodbury

Nice simple Barbershop

Michael Scotta

I immediately became a regular after my first visit and have yet to receive a haircut that I was unsatisfied with. The shop provides classic men's haircuts, shaves and beard trims and has a stable of barbers that, in my opinion, are well trained and engaging. They had expanded the shop a few years back, providing more chairs and, therefore, quicker turnaround on a first come, first served basis (no appointments). Despite being packed at peak hours, the wait is worth it. They have their Hangover Sunday event once a month running from late spring to early fall and, for additional charge, you are treated to freshly grilled sandwich/burger to the sounds of an outside DJ, perfect for socializing with regulars and newcomers alike.

Robert Hoffman

Awesome place for awesome cuts

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