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REVIEWS OF Fred's Reel Barber Shop IN Idaho

Alan Fontenot

Adam Janot

Awesome barbers. Great service. Great haircuts.

WestKoast Raiders

I've known Fred for over 20 years and he cut both my older boys hair and along with my little 6yr old now. Aaron's been working there for a long time and love both those guys to death. A great place to take your kids to get a haircut in Meridian. We keep it local because we are Meridian. The guy over there are awesome so go over there and check them out. No complaints here and I've been going to those guys for the last 20 years. So put your name on the list along with the barber's name also. Guaranteed you won't regret. Joseph from Meridian

Ty Palmer

Best. Barbershop. Ever.

Clarence Schlag

Great haircut from a real barber!

Adam Clark

James Barrett

Great barber shop in Meridian Idaho. Can sometimes be a wait, so make sure to call ahead. I’ve been going here for the last 15 years. Have tried others in between, nothing compares. These guys have their skill and craft down. Also sell pomade, combs, and other products. Great business for your haircut.

Jaydan Urwin

Dillon Porter

I've been getting my haircut there by Justin for a few years now and am very happy to have finally found a barber who can consistently do a good fade. Other barbers actually compliment my hair when I'm out in town. The shop does get busy but you will not get a rushed haircut, you definitely get your money's worth every time. Justin also cuts my sons hair and is the only person whose been able to give him a hair cut that my wife is happy with.

Chris Zieglmeier

I've been going to Fred's since 2003 and have been geting my haircut from Justin for the past fee years. I have always enjoyed the experience and atmosphere, they are a top notch Barber Shop so I usually pick the times they are not busy so I do not have anything negative to say about their customer service. Traditional style with a straight razor neck shave finish.

Justin Highfill

For a real haircut, head to Fred's!

Creg Steele

Great hometown barber

Jason Steel

Good quality haircut great customer service if you have a minute to wait and get your hair done right

B Richardson


Zack Rodriguez

I always have a good time at Fred’s ! I saw just for a hard part comb over . Attention to detail is amazing. My wife always loves the cut. They don’t do shaves but I don’t care. Best haircut in Idaho.

Linn Sue

Gave my son a bad hair cut and had to take him somewhere else to fix it. Also was unfriendly to us but seemed friendly to everyone else, guess having darker pigmented skin is highly frowned upon here.

Jeremy Brown

Found this place from a google search when I moved here from Texas about a year ago. If you’re looking for a true barber shop experience, then look no further. My “go to” is Justin, but I’ve had my hair cut by every guy here, and while they all have their specialties, they are all masters of their craft.

Josh Ostyn

It's been hard for me to find barbers that actually know what they're doing and also listen to what I want. I'm feel like I'm pretty picky and hard to please. My experience at this place was awesome! Justin cut my hair and he listened to what I wanted and actually did it well too! I'll be going back for sure. I'm very happy with the end result and Justin was awesome, professional, and GREAT at what he does! Thank you!

Sean Ward

Fred's is by far the best shop in the business. All four barbers are a king of their craft and very knowledgable. This shop is like a second home to many people around the valley.

Ted Pacheco

Not good.


Once month. I get a number 2 all around, including my beard. Really great atmosphere, a mans, man place to get a hair cut. Worth the wait, when they are busy. Head in on a weekday and miss the the weekend busy time.

Doug Morgan

Russ Wheeler

Been going to Fred and the guys since they opened up. No one else will ever cut my hair. Great group and atmosphere. No one has ever been disrespected or not been taken care of in the order you show up, at anytime me or my boys have been there. Past "Bad Review" is purely fiction!!!

Jacob Tattersall

Fred and the rest of the barbers in the shop are the best barber hands down!! Plus if they're busy just go in the back and play a game of pool!

Joshua Espinosa-Pimentel

Fred Barber, is one of the best barber around to my knowledge. It can get busy at time but its worth the wait to look good. All the barbers are good at what they do so if you just tell them exactly what kind of cut and exactly what you want they will cut your hair exactly how you asked.They are very friendly and patient especially when it come to children. I take my 1 year old toddler in all the time and he is one that cries and moves around a lot, but they never get annoyed and do an awesome job keeping him occupied while he gets his haircut ,unlike other places they will roll their eyes and be rude. I highly recommend them.


Very good customer service real nice people but they have trouble fading ethnic hair mainly use combs to fade it not my thing straight haird people have a good time there but if u want a fade with ethnic hair I would reccoment balderas the hook ups or even 208 fades

Spencer Pond

Great real barber! Great place for men and boys to get a haircut.

kenneth weekes

Amazing service

Jermey Wineky

In town on leave. Cool shop. Went here as a kid hasn’t changed in 15 years. Same barbers Justin gave me marine reg high and tight. Fade was flawless ! Tired of base cuts. 5 stars gents

Jonathan Smith

I've been going to Fred's barber shop for nearly 20 years. Great service and great haircuts.

Barbarian Artist

Thank God there is still a place to go to get a haircut that women haven't completely ruined.

Lindsey Jones

I took My son there for his first real Barber Shop experience and Fred's did not disappoint. Mark was wonderful with my son and they all made us feel so welcome. My son had not had a hair cut since losing his hair to chemo and having it grow back and the whole staff could not have been more kind and generous. The haircut was top notch, we will definitely return in the future. Thank you!

Matthew Klinger

I moved to Meridian 10 years ago from Cleveland hoping to find a place that felt like "Cheers"... "where everyone knows your name!" At Freds Barber Shop I have always felt welcomed and it's a great "man hour", I leave with a great haircut and good time ! #ClevelandKid #littleOffThetop #sameAsBefore

Ryan Mason

Best barber shop in Idaho!

Ryan Cave

I honestly refuse to go anywhere else to get my haircut.

Tyler Bruns

Excellent spot for a friendly haircut, clean banter and great staff! Fred was extremely patient with my 2 year old and gave him a great cut! We will def be going back!

Chris Audens


This is a real Barber Shop! love this place. I go every week (because my hair grows fast) and everyone is always nice, and wants to talk. They give quality, and money well spent haircuts, unlike sports clips and the others like that. They are very well trained at using a razor as well, props! 5 out of 5 stars!

Riley Talbot

Love going here for a cut. Fair prices and great barbers

Steve Escobedo

A place for men to hang out with men. My son and I've been customers for 12 years and never had a bad haircut.

David Egbert

Aaron does a great job, and the environment is way better than a salon.

Mike Bernard

Great haircut

Sean McDonald

Jarvis Garcia

This is a great place to get a men's haircut. You won't find any frilly stylist in this joint!

Hung Louw

By far . Best barbershop I have been in since coming to idaho. Barber kick out child molester when I was in shop. Now I know my kid safe. Thank you for protect community. 5 star 10 if I could give.

Tim Hildbeck

I’ve never had a headshave before today. Best barbers in the valley. Justin made me wanna sleep. I felt so relaxed. Definitely , worth the money. Just get in line and wait. I will be back very soon. Thanks Justin.

Scott Wilkinson

Best barber show in the treasure valley - and best I have ever used - even while in the military (and i used a lot of barbers across the US!) Great atmosphere, great prices, good hometown feel. They know their customers, and will remember you - even with how busy they get. Have been using them for 7 years - even had all my groomsmen go there for a cut the night before my wedding. I can't say enough positive things - 5 stars all around!

Bob Faraday

I've been getting my hair cut here for 15 + years. No matter who cuts your hair (Fred, Aaron, Mark or Justin), you are sure to be pleased.

Dennis Whitmer


Randall Gross

These guys do a great job. If you have a special occasion and want to look your best, this is the barber shop to use!

Tony Ytuarte

Not even sure why you would go anywhere else great service, great haircut and awesome conversation. I drive all the way from downtown Boise just to get a cut and know that it's going to be an enjoyable time with a nice cut every time.

Keith Mott

Love this barbers in town. Great conversations and top notch sevice. My dad, brother and I have been coming for years.....won't ever change! Thank you!

David Dayley

Justin is great at what he does and will take great care of his clients.

JB Tedders

I love getting my haircut here! They always do such a great job!

Ian Bloomfield

Seriously one of the best haircuts I've ever gotten! They are dang good at beards to and would recommend everyone to go here! Justin and the rest of the barbers are incredible! Definitely plan on going whenever I'm in the area again!

Lewis Boxford

Oh Boy. Where am I going to start with this one. Like other reviews on here, I can agree that Fred's Reel Barber Shop does provide high quality haircuts for a pretty affordable price. However the Customer Service provided was absolutely horrendous. Why is this? Other people have said that their Customer Service was AMAZING. That may be true for them, but as a Male Asian walking into this establishment. I was not granted such a luxury. I walked in and then somehow the conversation eventually led to a talk about WW2 Veterans, and then to casualty counts. Somehow from that it trailed onto a talk on the Japanese Nuking of Hiroshima, and someone said that if they compared the casualty counts of everything else they have done then bombing 100,000 people was "Ok". WHAT!?!?!?!? After that I tuned everything out waiting for our turn to go up to one of the 3 available barbers at the time. It was a pretty busy day since we had about 5 people in front of us, but when it was finally our turn. He pointed at what we could assume was a regular of the establishment who had clearly had been sitting there for only 10-20 minutes while I had been sitting there for an 1 hour. The guy that got picked to go up when it was clearly my turn even pointed at us saying that we had already been there when he had already arrived.The barber then made a weak excuse of how he "thought" he was behind someone else when they clearly weren't. I had enough of it at that point and continued to leave. All in all, Great Haircuts if you can get one. If you aren't White, expect to be served last since "friends" and Regulars will probably take your spot instead of you!

Norm Ops

The best place in the valley to get a haircut

Jason Whickam

Best barbershop Ive been too. Justin did my beard awesome for wedding Now I don’t look like a bum. I would sit with Fred or Justin if you want look fresh.

Lee DiViesti

Great haircuts by all barbers. Not a barbershop for the workin' man. Hours are tough to make during the week and Saturdays can be a zoo. If you are retired or get off work by three this is your place.

Chad Hallberg

Basman Sabah

The best!

David McMenomey

The boys at Fred’s always deliver a clean cut. These barbers know what their doing and you can’t beat the price! Go see Justin in there, he is the best kept secret of the shop.

Bradley Bigford

Been going here for years. I drive from Garden City because they are so good.

Ron Poulin

Good barbershop. A bit pricey for the location. Always busy.

Kelley Ann nock

Fast and Friendly Service. Gave my son the best haircut ever. We will never go anywhere else! Thank you so much for running such a GREAT BUSINESS!!!!!

Matt Kingston

C Rowe

These guy's are awesome! Great haircuts.

Kevin Jernigan

I have been getting my hair cut at Fred's Reel Barber Shop since I moved here in 2006 and have never had a bad hair cut yet. Great Man Cave type atmosphere and great hair cuts. None of the that pathetic hair salon stuff here.

James Kaufusi

This place is great! Been a client of Fred's for the last several years. Great atmosphere and excellence service! I highly recommend Fred's!

Nicole Howell

Love this place! I take my 2 1/2 year old here to get his hair cut.... the only place I have taken him and the only place I will take him.... plus I love sitting there listening to all the guys talk and wish girl salons were like this barber shop lol. Can't remember the barbers name that's done his hair but he is all the way to the right when you walk in and he does great every time.

Greg Manship

Great haircuts and awesome conversation! Been going there for years.

Trevor Vaughan Cornett

My normal barber is out of commission, so I decided to try Fred's. The service was good, the cut was fast, and he did a great job. This place reminds me of my hometown barber shop growing up. If you are looking for a walk-in barber, Fred is your guy. I will likely make this my primary spot, and I will recommend him to everyone.

Mark A. Dillon

Excellent men's Barber shop, they are real friendly and it is a great atmosphere. I had Justin and he made me look good.


Fred has cut my hair for at least the last 15 years, he's cut all my boys' hair for their first time (ages 11,4,1.5) and every time since. We actually just left, and the experience was the same as always... great atmosphere, great cuts and awesome treats for the kids! Thanks Fred, see you soon!

Tyson Brown

Trevor Smith

Freakin the best barber ever. EVER. Drop the Mike, walk away!

Daniel Ramirez

Wow! This was hands down the best haircut I’ve ever had! Justin did an AMAZING job! I’ve been bouncing around from different places for a while now, and no one has ever been able to give me a decent cut. I think I have finally found my barber! Thanks, Justin! I’ll be returning for sure!

Larry Calhoun

Ron Hayward

4 great barbers with quick professional cuts. A pool table in back room. If they're busy you put your name on a list at the front door. Best cuts in the valley by all staff!

Brandon Tate

Best barbershop I’ve found in town. Fred is an awesome guy who gives a great haircut with a friendly service. If you’re looking for that old school barber shop haircut experience, this is the place to be.

Matt Connor

Great barbershop environment and top notch service. Went in to get a tune up on a beard I have been growing for almost 2 years. Mark took the time to figure out exactly what my desires were for this trim and nailed it. Been to other more known beard specialty places in this valley but this experience has convinced me to never look back, Fred’s is the place to go for the best beard tune!! Thank You Mark!!

Parker Sorg

Christopher Roberts

I had heard of only great things from this Barber Shop. I stopped by and had a seat on the bench and waited my turn... No appointment necessary. I was third on the list and while I waited I observed a few things. They had a pool table and frames on the wall filled with police, fire, and EMS patches from all over the US. Customers were loyal to their barber... The Barber Justin had finished with a customer and even though two men had been waiting longer than me they stated they were waiting for a particular barber. It was my turn and I explained what I would like and Justin got it done! I found my Barber Shop. Even though I believe every Barber there is well trained and capable of doing a great job I too will be waiting for my original Barber. Thank You!

Keith B

Been going to Fred’s for over 2 years now. Always have great conversations, family friendly and just an all around great barber shop.

justin stibrany

Best place in meridian.


Fred and the guys are always available when nobody else is. I just go straight to them now. Good conversation and a great cut.


James Fiske

Every one of the guys at Freds are great guys ,I've had every one of them cut my hair Great price and fin to talk to.

Barb VSG2014

I have been going to Fred's for years now, and will continue to always go there for the customer service and the awesome cut I always receive! Highly recommend you visit this establishment!

Krystal Hawkley


Expensive barber shop...20 bucks for seniors

Phil Agnew

Christopher Crawford

I found out about Fred's Reel Barber Shop by simply searching google for barbers in Meridian. I needed a hair cut and not only were they close, but they had great comments/reviews. Every one of those reviews was spot on. I had a great experience. Aaron cut my hair, and he did a terrific job giving me exactly what I was looking for. All of the staff was friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed, and there was plenty of good conversation - just the way a man's barbershop should be. I'll recommend Fred's to all of my friends. Thanks for the good work guys. Keep it up!

Wayne Withers

Walked in and the place was full. No one greets us, but I see a clipboard with names on it so I put our names on there and go sit down in the back room. Wait for about 45 minutes then one of the barbers ask a guy sitting there if he was there before us. I walk around and ask if they are using the sign in. He says no. I look around the room, and I can't remember who was there first. Walked out. WASTE OF TIME! If you have a sign in use it. Otherwise tell people to pay close attention and be willing to fight for your haircut.

James Stewart

Fantastic service. Hot lather and strait edge neck trimming is the man's equivalent of pampering.

Cord Palmer

Best place in Meridian to get a men's haircut, these guys are all professional and down to earth. They will remember you and your entire family, it's quite impressive

Bricelyn Towne

Real barbershop, if your looking for cheap and quick this isn't the place. Quality is the name of the game here!

Rich Chaney

Fantastic old school barber shop. I've been using Fred, Mark, and Aaron for over 12 years. They all do a great job. My 9 year old son has never had a haircut anywhere else. The folks that complain about how busy the place in on Saturday should figure out how to call ahead -- they'll put you on the list and cut your wait time.

Sara McCaryk

My husband and son get their haircut here regularly and they have always done a great job. Suggest calling ahead to get put on the list on weekends because they do get busy.

Randy Vannoy

Great place for haircuts.

Robert Longshaw

Great Barbershop!

Matthew Wheeler

You'll feel like a local, and you may have to be to watch for a time they're not busy. All the barbers do a great job.

Bill Williams

Best haircut I have very had. Justin told me things about my hair no one ever told me. Thankful I found a no frills manly barbershop. Will be back for sure. Haircuts are 20 but I tipped 10. It’s worth it!!!!

Kevin Miller

Great haircuts and good conversations.

Joshua Loudenback

Best barber shop in Idaho!

Gary Haltom

Been going to this shop many, many years. A first class barber shop with excellent barbers, great conversation..Many father and their sons come here. Also, local firemen, police and sheriff officers... Fred, the owner always makes you feel welcome! This shop is well known and has a great rapport with the surrounding community...I Highly recommend it to anyone needing a great haircut...

E Chacon

Great place to get a hair cut.

Ray Yehle

Indeed the best barbershop in Idaho! Great staff that all provide the best haircuts in town.

Joe Lake

Go see Justin.

shaad atnip

Fred's barbershop did fairly well my haircut, but for $17 there are a couple of things that could definitely be done a bit better. One example is when he trimmed around my ears one side ended up being much higher than the other, so he should check the height of both sides and make sure they are even. He also did not trim my bangs. These are small things that a barber should check. Other than that, they were quick and very nice.

Joke Unjew


Hans Crager

Aaron Proffitt

Best place to get a haircut and fade. It is also nice to have your neck shaved with a straight razor.

Bill Taylor

Cheri M

My boyfriend's been going here for years and they've done an exceptional job, consistently. Best Barber shop. If I could rate it 10 stars I would.There's nothing better than him having a haircut that doesn't look like a girl's.

Steve DAvanzo

Justin, Makes even me look good

Sam Carlson

Read the reviews, was excited to go, ended up spending a half hour watching other people get their haircut before leaving. Some people showed up after me, and waited less than 30 seconds before they were in a chair! Look like a great place, if you're a regular. If you're new, expect to be looked at strangely and have others slotted ahead of you. They've got some serious customer service issues.


You cannot get a shave here

John Osborne

Walk in, throw your name on the list and wait to be called up for a cut/trim/beard grooming... whatever you need. Kids to seniors they do it all. Both me and my son get our hair cut here and we have never been disappointed in our new dews.

Charles Ragsdale

They do decent haircuts here. Will never go back. Waited 30 mins in the shop to be told they are done cutting hair today. This is the second time this has unprofessional...done with it

Matt Grimm

A damn fine haircut from a seriously classy barber shop.

Steve Hunt

Brandon Morse

If you want your haircut by a "REEL" barber this is the place to go. I've had my hair cut by each of the 4 barbers and they're all awesome and experienced. If you have ever had your hair cut by an inexperienced non barber you know the difference. A good ole fashioned straight edge neck shave follows each cut. I've been going here for 8 years. They're classy, honest, and very reasonable. Ive been there when they're super busy -- they do their best to keep people going in order and are not the type of guys who would pass over someone just because they're not a "regular". Although sometimes I wish they would! ;)


Best barber shop in Meridian. All staff are extremely friendly and skilled.

Ivan Vancheskov

Solid, friendly, and skilled old school barbers. Would recommend to any man looking to avoid the salons. Haircuts are generally 20 bucks. Nothing else really like this place anywhere near Boise.

michael mcmorrow

They are great and they know what they are doing

Kerry L

A man's haircut for men. Others need not apply.


Good haircut at a reasonable price.

Eric Chapman

Best damn haircut you will ever get ...

Phillip Stucker

Always a good consistent place to get a haircut, and the pool table helps pass the time!

Dennis Philp

Fred's reel barber shop is a REAL barber shop. Have been going here since he and Aaron opened the shop, wouldn't go anywhere else

J. Colt Dickman

Hi I am active military and have been station away from home in Boise for over 15 years. I have been seen Fred and his crew since they were at The Desert Fox barber shop many years ago. They are always friendly and have some amazing customer service and are very skilled at what they do. I tried to come and see them every time I am in town. I would recommend them to family and friends anytime!

Scott Swanbeck

These guys are great. A true barbershop.

Zak Kerekesh

Best haircut in the Treasure Valley, hands down. I just went there for the first time, and needless to say they have another repeat customer.

Tyler Bacon

Ive been to several barbershops through out the treasure valley and nothing compares to freds great atmosphere and classic barbershop! Highly recommend justin! His attention to detail is perfection.

Larry Tyler

I personally fly a submarine through the potatoes just to get the slickest flop chop in the shop. Fred's head is on fleek. If you have hair he cut it. If it dirty he wash it. We go every 3 days to keep the perfect shape for our helmets. 5 star and 3 thumbs up!

Jabe Tattersall

A place where veterans, fire fighters, police and other great Americans go. Put your name on the list when they ask you to and pay attention, you will probably even get a history lesson while youre there! Best barber shop in the treasure valley hands down!

David Ross

This place is great. I've gotten haircuts from each barber here. Never had a bad haircut.

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