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7709 W Overland Rd Suite 100, Boise, ID 83709, United States Located in: Boise Spectrum Center

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REVIEWS OF Boise Barber College a d.MARTiN Academy IN Idaho

Erica Jeanett

Nathan Sipes

Elisha Garrison

Molli Hayes

The environment is always clean, happy and busy. Workers take their time to make sure every one is happy and the cuts always turn out great! If you go their, ask for Josh!

constance harris

The stylists are very nice and do a really good job

Mrs. Arnold

I took my kids there for a hair cut. The people are very nice and professional. We had a wonderful experience. The cost for the hair cut 6$. I only wish they did more for the women. Women can go get a haircut too but that is about it. Yet at 6$ I would go to this place anytime.

Joseph Conner

First of all I love the atmosphere here as everyone seems to be enjoying their time. Second you cant beat their prices. Third I have always been extremely happy with my service. Due to them being students and not master barbers dont expect a quick in and out. Sit back, relax and enjoy. I have gotten 3 haircuts and 2 facials so I go there anytime I can.

Mike Severtson

Rodney Marks

I had the opportunity to go to Ash today. I asked for a shave. She did an awesome job and was very friendly. I will be back !

D. Perkins

I attended Boise Barber College in 2006. I was taught well by the Instructors and the owner was very attentive to the student's needs. I returned 3 months after graduating from the Barber course to take the Barber Stylist course. Again, I was taught all I needed to know by Instructors that had a vast amount of experience and knowledge. Within 1 month of working in the field, I'd already obtained a loyal clientele, some even leaving their old barbers or hair cutters, because the skills I was taught were more proficient than theirs. I highly recommend this school. We were taught to work on all types of hair, women and men. The students I attended with all have successful careers in the field. I'd honestly say if anyone doesn't, it's of their own making and lack of applying themselves, than on what is taught at the school.

Yo_Boii _J

It's a great Atmosphere with good people and great mentors.

Randy Wiggins

Sadly the new owners have raised the price from $5 to $9. I've been going there once a month for quite some time. My last experience was not great. I have nothing against smokers but the least they can do is wash their hands before they have their hands are in my hair or even close to my head.

Billy Jacob

ATTENTION TO FUTURE BARBERS CONSIDERING THIS SCHOOL FOR EDUCATION: I've chosen to write a review on this school because I wish, along with other past students, that I had read about the ins and outs of this school before attending. When I first toured this school I thought it was amazing and well done, the staff seemed friendly and inviting. After enrolling I was quick to find out I was wrong and it was all a front that owners and head instructors play. First of all, the owners of the school are both cosmetologist that have very little knowledge of barbering and the differences cosmetology and barbering. They will try telling you that there is little difference between the two and will push you to learn a more Cosmo teaching rather than Barber education. True, it is all just hair, but the business behind Barber and Cosmetology are completely different ball parks and require a different business strategy and approach, a lesson that the school simply does not offer. The owners of the school own their own salon next door and there is not a full barrier between the two establishments so you will hear them working and chatting all throughout the day, even when you are right next door trying to take a test. The tuition fee is not terribly expensive but you will soon find yourself asking, "What am I actually pay for?" The only good thing that comes out of the school are the kits they provide. But being a good barber is much more than having a good pair of shears and clippers. Another huge red flag that I should have seen from the start is the turnover rate of the schools instructors. They can barely keep the them! And the instructors will gossip about you and your fellow students, making the environment almost hostile and uncomfortable being judged be the people teaching you. The favortism is very evident within the first few weeks of enrollment. And they always favor the students who are self taught outside the school and already have a steady clientele. They will put these students up on a pedestal while leaving the students that are just trying to learn and get a hang of the art behind. They do a horrible job getting walk-in clients in the door for students, if already have a handful of friends/family to continuously cut, don't expect more than 1 client a week and that PUSHING it. I confronted them about the lack of hair cuts while I was enrolled and they told me "We're basically training you to go out and get your own clientele." A horrible excuse for not spending extra money to get clients in the door. Any professional will tell you that one of the hardest things to do is build clientele when you're not even confident in yourself. The only way to learn the craft is to continually cut hair. If you're planning on relying on walk-ins and a small number of your own clients, only expect to learn the very very basics of Barberimg after 6 months and $11,000 later. Nikki and Sarah (the owners) already do not have a good name with the many of the working Barbers in Boise, they have problems with so many professionals and it's evident. If you're still considering this school, go there, look closely. Pull one of the students to the side (out of earshot of the instructors) and ask them how they truly feel about the school and the experience they've had there. The answers will truly back up what I'm saying. If I can avoid at least one person from giving these sharks their money, I've succeeded. Thank you for your time and good luck with your journey in this amazing career, dont do what I did and start it the right way.

Scott Harvey

Awesome people. Tons of personality. Killer haircuts. I've never had more compliments on a haircut in my life. It's a simple cut, but they did it perfectly. I appreciate when people are passionate about what they do, and don't settle for mediocre. My coworkers, random people, friends, and family have all mentioned how sharp I look. It's super fun to get compliments when you aren't used to getting them. Ignore the complaints of $9 being too high, or people smelling like cigarettes. Tons of barbers/cosmetologists smoke. It's part of the culture. They don't stink, they're clean, and they wash their hands and equipment. Thanks ya'll. - Scott.

April Zenovich

Heather Chapman

They're AWESOME!

Lisa Eckersley

Ron Ancell

It's alright, have gone there many times. It's a school. Most of the time it's been good. Sometimes just ok. Can't compare, as this is the only Hair College I've been to. And I go back. As a matter of fact today is my day. My grade is a solid "B"

Ashley Miller

Best service in town. Always have a good time when I go in. The staff is so fun yet they keep it professional.

Giovonnye Ross

They genuinely care and $9 is cheap for a haircut.... Don't believe the grumpy, practically bald old man on here... The price of everything has gone up over the years so.... He has no point

Aaron Williams

Great price and the supervisor inspects the cut before they're allowed to finish.

Richard Buckham

I had my head shaved here once a month for several years starting in their previous location. The last time I did was my last I let one of the instructors convenienc me to let the student shave my face as well. I usually don't let them because I have a blue beard which means I have 5 o'clock shadow after I shave due to a deep hair follicle. I explained this to the instructor and she said we can work with that and they (the students) could use the experience. Long story short the instructor made the student go over my face so many times it was raw and then proceeded to reprimand the student when I said my face is sore do not shave it again. I did have several spots on my face scab over.

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