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REVIEWS OF Hawaii Institute of Hair Design IN Hawaii

John Sarcedo


David Villaman

Patiently waited a few hours for my turn & right before my turn I told my hairstylist (bald blk woman) I was going to the bathroom.....came bk to a women sitting where I should have been getting her hair started on even though she came in about 2 1/2 hours AFTER I did! My hair WAS 12+ inches long, I needed split ends cut and braids put in. Walked out with my entire head of hair less than 4inches long and braids that didnt even last 7 days!!

Larry Wong

Been here a few times. I guess it really depends on who you get on your visit. I had good hair cut a couple of times and terrible ones a couple of times. Okay for guys but ladies might want to go other places where the hair stylists are more experienced. Can't beat the price, though.

Samuel A Fullmer

I showed Yuki a photo of my previous haircut. She made some suggestions I wouldn't have thought of..the results were a phenomenal hair cut and beard!! Amazing work!

Mary Wills

I had a great cut done by a student here. I brought in a picture so she could see what I wanted and I explained (in pretty vague terms) how I hoped the style would look. She took her time, which I appreciated because it meant she was being careful, and she asked if she could straighten my hair so that she could cut it on an angle as I wanted. The only reason this isn't a 5 star review is because another student came over and they started gossiping about who I presumed to be a friend or another student, and I thought that was a bit unprofessional, especially since a fee swear words were said.

Diane Evans

Great job! Very thorough.

Primo Asis

This is the place you come to when you 1) have a simple haircut you want, 2) can’t afford the high end places to color your hair, or 3) want to try a new style that you’re not sure about. The name says it all... Institute... it’s a school so the stylists are “in training” but they are customer ready. The reason I love coming here is because they don’t get to take any short cuts... no pun intended. They have to do each snip, clip, crop, and twirl to the top quality because someone is watching them and grading them. The same reason I used to go to the University Dental School, the students in training do the basics better than the pros in the field. At $10 for a basic cut, this is the best quality you can get for the money. Street or paid parking may put a hinder on your visit. Instead, make it a day and be a wanderer. When the sun is out, Downtown has a lot to offer!

TJ Roberts

horrible did the opposite of what I asked and I'm bleeding

Kenneth Kenizov-Richardson

Awesome good the price .the students are very good skill also friendly neat btw not care about crossroad towns

Monique Villanueva

Wouldn't go here again if someone paid me to. Came here for an undercut clean up, pretty standard stuff. The guy who did it asked what length and i requested he leave a little bit of hair. He shaved me down to skin, and said it was because that setting usually works for men. That's fine, hair grows back. But at the completion of my cut, CHUNKS of my hair started to fall out, and have been falling out for the last hour. I complained to the individual checking out, and no apology was given whatsoever. Bottom line, they don't actually care about your experience and are just trying to turn it out.

Billy David

Girls are cute AsF..

Ken David

The students are very careful when cutting hair and they do really good work. A knowledgeable supervisor comes around to provide guidance and to make excellent suggestions.

Roy Faamuli

Horrible experience. I slept on whether I would leave a review or not for two days. So here it is; I am getting married in six weeks and my hair is awful. I went in with brown hair with highlights that had grown out a bit and my gray hair was popping out. She died my whole hair a reddish brown and cut off five inches! Once they make that first cut there’s nothing you can do. I told her I didn’t like the color, she said it looks nice. So I left and couldn’t handle the color. I went back and the instructor said he would fix it, and he tried. Dying it back to my brown and trying to salvage highlights. Not to mention when I went back I stood at the desk for 30min while they sorted out the students and existent clients. The lady at the desk said, he’s busy teaching and he can’t do everything. While in the chair getting my corrections the gal that originally messed up my hair approached me and was demanding an answer as to why I didn’t tell her. I did! No empathy. Just attack. So now I have short brown hair which I have to have fixed. And I will have to wear extensions for my wedding. If you need a cut or blowout then go. Color? Safe yourself the grief.

Jessi Hoenes

In reference to the 1 star review : I attended this school 15 years ago. I am extremely successful, and I owe the majority of my success to the teaching I was provided by this great school. To an outsider, it may look hectic, and unorganized, but there is method to the madness. Not every student on the floor is at a level to cut hair, only about half of students you see on the floor can give you the quality of hair style this school strives for, many of the students are observing, reading, getting used to the caos that is in every salon. The student that was eating, they get 1/2 hour of a 9 hour day, which they clock out for, to eat. If she could have taken you, which she is not allowed to clock in any earlier than the 30 minutes, she would have, because learning is better than eating. There is more to learn about the cutting floor, than just hair, for example, appointment making, product knowledge, staff scheduling, and much much more, hence the 6 students at the desk. In my opinion a wait is a good thing. A long wait means the students are busy (gaining the skills to be out in the real world), busy means a lot of clients, lots of clients means workmanship good enough to come back for/tell your loved ones about. You got a referral right? The school might not be as well of an oiled machine that pofesional salons may be, but it's a school. It's the place you make the mistakes that get you to that will oiled machine. Hair styling is a creative craft that doesn't fit inside a neat little box.

David Dillon

It's cheap and most of the time I get a good haircut but if I don't they are students and still learning.


Best place to get a fresh cut no lie price is too good its low guys go their good people

Julia Diaz

This location is a school with a variety of students with varying skill sets and instructors not to far away to help.

Rodney Davis

Some times great sometimes ok but always worth the price. Spent over $500 for the same time at the mall.

Barry Simeona

RTastful food people friendly for direction and affordable places to eat.

Alan Loo

A great place to get your hair cut and shave. You help students get experience and you leave looking great.

Chevy Chevalier

Great Service!

nix maglente

JaKe PeLeN

Tracy Quiban-Smith

WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! It was my first time bringing my kids here. My son wanted some color and my daughter wanted a balayage. I explained what I wanted for both of them, and had my kids bring pictures of what they wanted done. Not only did they do a GREAT job, they were all friendly and did EXACTLY what both my kids wanted. I honestly don't know how this place gets bad reviews. I will definitely be coming back to do my hair here.

Laynah DeLeon

Michael Porturas

Couldn't let this one sit with a one star review, these are students, so sometimes it takes a little longer but I got a great cut by friendly people and it was super cheap! Would definitely return.

Jean P

Awesome place to get a cheap haircut, or get professional like work done by students who is wanting to learn all aspect of hair design. I'm happy to give a tips for great effort they put in there work. They continue to grow as a company, if you nervous about going there ask for a seniors who have more experience, as alway ask questions how you want it done and the teachers are always around to help, for detail or special work call for a appointment. been going there for over 15 years and still love coming back.

Aaron Tyra

students are cutting ur hair so it will take 3x's longer. but at the end the teacher fixes everything. so if u have time and looking to save some $$, i would recommend it.

Libby Defries

Great experience!!

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