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601 E 2nd Ave B, Durango, CO 81301, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Bookcase and Barber IN Colorado

Darilyn Vale

Great little hideaway

Durango Family Photography By Gary VanDenBerg

Love Pedro for Haircuts and love a sophisticated drink from the BAB every now and then!

Salome Erasmus

Really good food and service was great, just a bit pricy

Sophie Zaleski

Fantastic cocktail spot hidden to the standard tourist just walking on main avenue. Drinks were creative and tasty. Great selection of different vase liquors and flavors. The bartender was one of the best parts of our visit both from a personality and friendliness perspective and from a knowledge of alcohols, ingredients, and cocktail history perspective. We will be sure to visit when back in Durango!

Jessica Smith

This place is the bomb. Its nostalgic with a little modern twist. Strong drinks, beautiful atmosphere and a password is needed to get in. What an awesome concept, one I wish was in my home town. I highly recommend this place

Francisco Hernandez

Big surprise after they open the door was a bar behind the barber shop, very nicely done

Robert Lampert

Speakeasy atmosphere and amazing cocktails. Love this place.

Morgen Wright-Pfeifer

Always one of my favorite places when we visit Durango.

Gretchen Anaya Quiroga

Adorable speakeasy. Really fun atmosphere and delicious drinks. Password is on the front page of their site.

JJ Silva

Awesome atmosphere, loved that they text us when our table was ready!!

Russ Andler

The Space Cowboy was good

James Bowkett

Tasty cocktails, you’ll need the password. Shhh...

Marc Blasi

Best place for drinks in town.

Jeff Anderson

Favorite spots to hit while in Durango, CO. If you're into craft cocktails, they're history, and speak easy space, you'll love it. Not an establishment for binge drinking, sports bar clientle, and clubbers. Take your time, enjoy the atmosphere, and chat with the friendly staff.

Angela R

Really neat place nice drinks awesome theme just took 45 minutes for a finely crafted cocktail.

Nicholas Fortier

Best city in town... If you have hair, go here!!

Alex Finley

Love it here. Great drinks, super cool atmosphere, the staff are amazing. Won't get my haircut anywhere else. It feels like a place you would go to just hang out, and then happen to get a haircut while you're there. Their barber's are all great and the website is super easy to navigate and book an appointment. I always bring visitors here.

D Steed

Interesting place. Drinks a little pricey, but fun and cozy.

David Luna

One of my favorites, shave and a haircut with a free beer. What a deal. The guys are all super professional. Bringing back the ole time barber shop for men.

Michael Shawhan

Fun place.


Pedro is a wonderful barber. He listens to his clients and is always kind. My son will only get his hair cut by him.

John Paul Swope

Cool vibe, great haircut. You get a free beer with your cut! Pedro is a fantastic barber.

Joshua Ludy

This place was very fun!! They have an extremely impressive drink list with homemade recipes and some awesome ways to serve the drinks. They also have several infused spirits and the owners are top notch. There is a barber shop in front and they have a true barber doing cuts. When asked where the bar was he said "sorry man, this is a barber shop" Beware, you have to have a password to get in to the bar. (Usually the first sentence on their website) Totally fun and will definitely be back.

Brock Mrdjenovich

On vacation from Wisconsin and booked online. Was skeptical because I’ve never been there but Pat cut my hair put my mind as ease. That dude is easily a top 3 barber on my list and is easy going. 5 out of 5!!

Samantha Mitchell

I liked it better when it wasn't as well known and had less tourists and more locals but still a great place for a unique drink.

Kevin Klein

Cool little speakeasy. Fancy drinks

Joe Wilson

Great atmosphere and staff super loaded drinks pretty pricey but you get what you pay for

Jed Sanford

Pat is great. First hair cut and he nailed it. I highly recommend him.

BLee Fun

Excellent drink recommendations

Jesse Villanueba

Best in town. No question

Jill M.T.

Bo & Jenna u r the best. Home away from home bar. I have found my Durango "porch pounder" place!

Andrew Carroll

My favorite barber shop. I'll keep going.

Susannah Coltri

Absolutely loved the Down the Rabbit Hole

Ben Desoto

Great spot and a great haircut. Thanks!

Rusty Toolman

A true wealth of quality used books. The owner is a very helpful knowledgeable person. This is a must stop for anyone looking for that special find in used books. Thank you.

John Lee

The staff is great, the atmosphere is cool, and the drinks are amazing!

Tom Riffle

Very neat idea the drinks are awesome and I had a great time also the costumes make it that much better check out their website

Alex Flanders

This place is so fun and so different it takes you back to the days man!

Philippe Faucon

So. Damn. Good. You enter through a small barbershop where presumably you could get your hair cut (we didn't). After providing the password (rotating, check their site or facebook page) you are let into the speakeasy that opened last year (2015) on the anniversary of the end of prohibition. The drinks all have literary themed names (the bar was a bookstore in a past life), and are seriously awesome. Drinks are about 10$ but well worth it, I would highly recommend the bar to anyone in Durango

Kerri Murdock

Everyone needs to go here! Its like stepping back in time! Its fun and exciting but laid back and relaxed at the same time.

Casey MacNiven

Quality everything.

Elias Caress

So much fun having to speak the passwords to get into the hidden speakeasy! And what a classy-looking place to, best cocktails in town that I could find

Wesley Mendel

Great drinks and fantastic barbershop.

Pat Collman

Best cocktails in town, hands down. Easily one of the best speakeasys that I’ve been to, and I’ve seen a few. The seasonal cocktails are always super-creative and a pleasure to drink, the setting is exceptional and holds true to Durango’s history. The barbershop is small but the service and quality of the cut is outstanding - hard to beat drinking a beer while getting a haircut that will last you at least a month. A guaranteed stop anytime I’m in town, for both a cut and a cocktail


Really loved how this is a true running barber shop, while hosting an entryway to a trendy speakeasy style bar! Upbeat, classy atmosphere. Make sure that you know a secret password if you come across this spot at night. Space is limited, as the bar is pretty small in overall size- not tiny, just limited room. Highly recommend.

Miguel perez

Great place to get away and have a great drink!

Winton L. Smith, Jr.

Fun little concept. If there is room for a quick drink stop in and enjoy a throwback to another era......


Give this place a try for their drinks. You won't be disappointed.

Garan Shaw

The atmosphere and the drinks will keep you coming back for more. Craft cocktails at their finest but you have to know the password to get by the secret bookcase. It's worth the wait if there's a waiting list!

Lance Gollihugh

Wouldn't get a haircut anywhere else. Hemmingway Daiquiris, my personal fave. No one else in town serves it!!


Place is a fantastic. Great haircut by po Pat and amazing drinks. Get the Metanoa it's not on the menu.

Kp Frasier

Best haircut I've ever had.


Really cool atmosphere with great spirits and great people...

Luke Gulbrand

Fun and unique. Wander through the bookcase and you enter a bar space reminiscent of a speakeasy. Enjoyable with great service and delicious drinks. Easily worth the $$ of the drinks.

Kirsten Runstrom

You have to know the password....amazing atmosphere, experience, knowledgeable bartenders, wonderful drinks, great hang out spot.

Devyn Miller

Cant explain how fun this place is, though it is not needed, but being 21 improves the enjoyment of the visit, be warned, You will need to look at there website and find the password before entering!!

Craig Unrein

Loved it. A great motif for the old book store. A must stop for drinks.

Charlie Grice

Great guys. Great barber. Fun environment.

Kendel Teran

What a beautiful place, what a surprise, I got here at least once a month!

Erin Brandt

A favorite spot for a quiet drink. The best cocktails in Durango!

ian horn

This is by far my favorite bar and cocktail experience that I've ever participated in excellent work and what a bonus for Durango

Jeff Ludy

Such an awesome bar.

David Yang

Very hipster cool place. It's nice and dark inside.

Dusty Zabel

Best barber in town and if you know what to say the best bar too.

Marcus Martinez

Skilled barbers and a speakeasy, what better? Just book an appointment sooner rather than later, they're busy for a reason.

Matt Kiszka

We were highly unimpressed by this place. Getting laughed at by three unwelcoming locals in barber chairs because you don’t know the “secret password” (which you can apparently find on their Facebook page, a move that couldn’t be less enigmatic), is unacceptable. When you’re looking to spend money at someone’s establishment, I think you can expect a modicum of hospitality and customer service.

Missy Sarnow

I love the idea of the speak easy!!! The atmosphere is FANTASTIC and the voodoo drink knocks it out of the park!!

Richard Warrilow

Great Drinks & Great Atmosphere

Dave McKenzie

Drinks are awesome. Beau, Jaycie, and the gang know their stuff!

Keith Dunning

Short review. Awesome. Seriously though, the barber shop and the bar are great.

Ethan Scott

Great beard trim and haircut, better company and hanging with the barbers.

R sr

Worst barbers in town... Bar is okay

Alex N

If you know what you are looking for in Durango, this is the best place around. They are very knowledgeable and will provide a quality recommendation based off your tastes.

Margaret Galia

This is a great place to enjoy an old fashion drink. The atmosphere is amazing and brings you back to the Prohibition era.

Tracey E

Everything I hoped it would be! Awesome, knowledgeable staff.

Matt Brandt

The drinks, the atmosphere, and the staff are wonderful. This is a fabulous place to have a quiet drink before heading out for dinner.

Linnea Barnett

Best cocktails in town. It's as simple as that.

Alex Schermer

Authentic speakeasy. Great barbers.

Brady Gates

Fantastic in every way.

Quintessence Whitfield

"What you may not see, could still be true."

David H

Awesome bar and great knowledgeable bartenders

Wyatt Lewis

Yes, the ambience is great and the secret door is super cool, but honestly the real treat here is the staff. They are exceptionally creative, thoughtful, and most of all nice. This is Durango's not so secret gem. It's a must visit.


Great place to visit. The drinks were creative and delicious.

Taylor Criswell

Amazing bar. Best drinks in town. Unlike anything anything else in the area.

Buena Vista Builders Inquiries

We had our Christmas Party at the Bookcase & Barber last year and it was very enjoyable. Even though we had a small party, they accommodated us and made it a special night out for our company. Thanks Jenna for hooking us up with a good time!

Dusty Schau

Fun place to grab a delicious cocktail, but definitely not a "neighborhood bar" with Busch Light on tap. If you're looking for that go somewhere else, but I implore you to give it a try if you like mixed drinks. There's something for everybody and the bartenders are very conversational if you're at the bar!

Ethan Skinner

Strong drinks


Great cocktails .

Sonny James Santistevan

This is one of Durango's best kept secrets. I'd recommend a drink and shave with Pedro. If you have the password...slip on in for another cocktail you will not be disappointed. The bartenders here keep up well with the bartenders who are in fine dining here in Durango. Well done!

Cory Roman

Amazing mixology!!! Don't forget to find the password so you can get in. Not joking

Logan Hobson

Best cocktails in town, fantastic atmosphere and great haircuts!

Alessandra Ragusin

This place is so cool. It’s an actual functioning barbershop, and you enter through the bookcase to get to the speakeasy hidden behind. Super creative drinks. It’s expensive, but it’s fun for a drink or two. Dark, shadowy, behind a bookcase, and writer themed drinks. It’s way fun.

Keith Mazur Real Estate

Thanks Pedro you da man.

Dr. Rodrigo Silva

Awesome little place with very friendly staff! The cocktails are superb! And the atmosphere very 20's! Love it! We stayed in Durango for five days and went here for a nightcap every night!

Clare Rowley

One of the best experiences of my travels thus far! A speakeasy bar with secret password, hidden bookcase entrance, the BEST cocktails, served by cocktail Chefs as they like to be called who served an education with your drink making this very unique delightful drinking experience even more satisfying. The menu is based on authors and being a writer myself, I felt I was served much more than spirits, I felt connected and engaged. If you want to feel special and part of the"in" crowd, this is the place! #meetmeattgebookcase #thebookcaseandbarber

mickey garza

A very clever concept...a speakeasy inside the barbershop. Love Love Love! Great drinks and very kind and knowledgeable staff... ('potus inebrius' is the password for entry..)

Kris Van Houten

Been going here for a few months now and absolutely love the staff, the quality, and the environment. Never thought I'd see the day where I'd be drinking a glass of beer while my hair is getting trimmed, but alas, it has arrived. This was one of the first establishments I came to after my family moved to town and now my wife laughs because I anxiously look forward to my monthly haircut (instead of putting it off for three or four months like I used to do).

Josh P

After many visits to Durango, I finally found the time and the password to check this place out. It is a small bar so it is best to go with smaller groups to ensure you are allowed in as everyone must be seated. It is a cozy little place and for sure unique. The bartenders are very welcoming and knowledgeable when it comes to the drinks. The menu is pretty extensive when it comes to the cocktail creations they have, some of just fancy names for common drinks, but others are truly unique and delicious creations. The bar seats probably 25 people, there were only 2 people working, one making drinks and the other serving the tables. Since this type of place has some time-consuming cocktails when it comes to making them it can take a while to get a drink, we were there on a slow night, it would be nice to see another bartender to speed things up.Aside from the wait for drinks this place is hands down the best bar in Durango and a true gem when it comes to speakeasies.

Doug Spencer

Definitely love going to see Pedro! Does the best work I have had!

Brandon Albright

Awesome! What a personalized and unique experience. If you like great mix drinks and want a very personalized experience you have to give this place a shot!

Stefan Dieterik

Great place for a haircut and a drink.

Jordan LeMay

Such a fun experience! Amazing drinks and excellent service


Where a gentleman gets a haircut. Classic , yet 'trying a little too hard' barber shop. Great beard and dome cuts, plus fun atmosphere. Make sure you get your free drink, they often forget. Early morning seems to have best availability on-line.

Brian A Paniagua

Find the secret word and go! There's a Mac here that twists up some tasty giggle water. Before long he'll have you out on the roof!

Kurt Kraemer

Great Bar Atmosphere Killer Drinks awesome staff

Christian Graham

An amazing little speakeasy that has a great atmosphere, an even better drinks list, and a great barber (from what I hear). Don't forget to find the password before you visit or else you won't get to see the best parts!

Mary Beth Clancy

The BEST cocktails ever. Their employees are always kind and super knowledgeable. They seriously have a cocktail for everyone. Super cozy environment. I love that you have to know a password to get in. Truly a "speak easy"

Brian Gelhaus

Password to get in is on their website. Awesome strong unique $12 drinks. Totally recommend.

Robert Hornbostel

An absolutely fantastic establishment.Their large and sophisticated drink menu covers all the prohibition classics, with plenty of twists and variety along the way. Being a speakeasy, The decor of this small establishment fit the period very nicely, from bent wire edison lamps to 19th century books, an excellent hardwood bar and swanky jazz playing in the background. I went on a Saturday night where there was a wait list (its small so call ahead) but was seated at the bar with a lovely Bartender, Bridget. I asked her to give me something Gin based but off the menu and without hesitation started working on Colorado take on a Southside. She was able to explain the history of most drinks she was making, while maintaining a full bar of happy customers with ease. Everything was made from scratch, with an excellent level of detail going into every drink. Drinks range $7-12, but are absolutely worth every penny. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a classy, adventurous and tasty night out.

Alex Dappen

Best haircuts in town and more. Be sure to book an appointment.

Justin G

It seemed like it would be a cool place for a drink, that was until the bouncer at the front asked us to spot him some cash so he can "get us a seat". Apparently us waiting 40 minutes didn't cut it. He asked for cash a total of three times. We eventually just left. Bummer because we really wanted to try this place out.

Hildreth Cooper

My favorite bar! However, had to walk out on the haircut due to Brendan's politics. "Teachers don't work hard enough." ☹️

Bethany Gleason

This place is just cool. And the bartender knows how to make some pretty fantastic drinks.

Jennifer Matthews

Fun environment with whimsical cocktail concoctions.

My little occult shop

Ok there's something I've got to say about this place it's was a book store turned into a barber/speak easy yea you read right a speak easy and the door man will want the password now this word could be a book or author and the answer must be in a form of a question once you're in just find a comfortable spot and get a drink and get lost in conversation.

Ward H

Their mint julip attains a level of perfection that inspires delight.

Mattlestar Galactica

By far the freshest and cleanest drinks I have had in a long while. A sophisticated establishment with great stories and atmosphere.

Brittany Baez

Such an unexpectedly fun place to have a real specialty cocktail. The bartender gives you the lowdown on the place if you have not visited and suggests drinks. I had the Burt Reynolds cocktail in honor of his passing, it was delicious!

Pete Hardie

Best barber shop in Durango. Pedro was friendly, easy going and talented. The barber shop has a great ambiance and feels very comfortable, even if getting your hair cut isn't something you usually enjoy. Thanks Pedro.

Kelly Marie

Amazing experience! My husband and i stopped into this amazing speakeasy tonight and were amazed by the decor, incredible drinks, and great atmosphere. Daniel was our bar tender tonight and we couldn’t take our eyes off of his skills and genuine love for his job and making amazing tasting and looking drinks! Definitely a must see in Durango!

Lexi Ward

Check out their Facebook page and look in the banner image for the passcode to get behind the bookcase! You have to use this word/phrase with the ACTUAL barbers out front for them to let you inside.

Todd Johnson

This place cannot keep their appointments anywhere near the time that you schedule so be sure to show up a good 30 minutes late or so (could be much longer or not at all). Better yet, blow them off entirely before they do the same to you.

Tad Beavers

Best cocktails in town, hands down. Such an amazing experience. Call ahead and be sure to look online to get the entry code.

Zachary Habrat

I can't say enough good things about the good vibes we get when we are here. I think Bo, his wife, and Enrique, the folks I have met here are some of the most hospitable folks I have met. They also make a mean drink. Cheers!

Jayce Lieber

Love this place I try to get my hair cut here when I'm in town

Jessie Smith

We had a wonderful experience. Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it came to what to drink.

Julie H.

Awesome place. Highly recommend this cool space, place. Super cool. Very secretive and romantic and fun.

Christopher Paquette

Best cocktail I have ever had. Thanks Daniel and Alvin for a fun night.

Jeff Sutherland

Creative drinks with a knowledgeable staff!

Roger T.

Pedro, the barber is great. I will not get my hair cut by anyone else. He's respectful and personable. Very awesome shop! The free beer is an added bonus!

Roger M

Awesome craft cocktails and excellent service, snacks if you don't like drinking without a snack - have to ask.

Dan Knapp

If you have a beard, this is where to go. Pat is my barber, hes awesome! Does a great job and hes just a great guy to spend 30 minutes with. All of the other barbers are nice as hell and people walk out looking good!

Chris Flynn

Excellent Drinks, worth the price. Both Pedro and Pat do a fantastic job cutting hair. Always comes out better than I hope.

Patrick Jose

Mostly here for a cut. Great staff and good times!

Chandler Garcia

If you want a different kind of experience go here! Since the first time I went it has been awesome! I will be returning forever!!

Donald Walker

Awesome concept, little pricey on the drinks

Ben Powell

Great haircut. Classic barbershop with a great atmosphere. Cool little hidden - speak easy bar. Nice selection of drinks. Best to make a reservation online for a haircut. These barbers are often booked in advance.

Bobby Piatanesi

Prices are kind of expensive but the drinks were great and atmosphere was really cool. I'll go back for another sample

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