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REVIEWS OF Song's Barber Shop IN Colorado

Jason Pell

David Gonzalez

Only place I go to get my hair cut.

Alex Ferguson

Fastest haircut I've ever got. And a close to the best quality as well! Price was $20 and the haircut took literally 5 minutes with a razor neck shave. Don't listen to the bad reviews, they all say they've been going for years and they drop the place after 1 bad experience, that's kinda childish... My first experience was amazing and I'll definitely be coming back

Tiffany Mccoy

Does a great job on my husband and sons hair. They do quality work and are very good with my kids when they come in.

Patrick Carver

Great new barber shop with great prices!

Roy Decker

Emeric Romero

Love getting My haircut from Song Herself!!


Derrick Hill

Robert Holquist

Friendly, efficient, skilled.

The idiot doing stuff

Worst haircut I ever got! And even worst shave! Don't even waste your money like I did at this Barber!

Nick Nak

Luis Ortiz

Haven't found a place like Song after leaving FT Hood. Always have to settle for the PX barbershops. Song is now, the only place, I go for my hair cut. I use to rent about walking distance from Song, now after moving about 15 minutes north, I still return here every other week for my haircuts. Number 3 on the top with a medium fade and stray razor to finish it up.

Jacob Schall

Song can shred a wig.

Joanna Stout

They are always so friendly!

jason trant

William Whittemore

Absolutely the worst experience I've had for a haircut. It doesn't matter when you walk in, they just let their favorite customers cut in front of you. Treated like second rate customer. Song even stopped in the middle of cutting my hair so she could finish cutting the person who she let cut in front of me. Then she charged him 19$ and charged me 21$ right in front of me. Told me that since I make decent money, I could afford the extra dollar for the haircut. Garbage service. Will never go again and recommend it to nobody. Got to be in her inner circle for decent service and prices. Very disappointed.

James Machado

Very friendly

Angel Boessen

Staff always very friendly. They do a great job on husband's hair cuts and Song does a great job on waxing my eyebrows. Always recommend to friends. Very military friendly.

Pat Lavigne

Bob Matulovich

Good price. Good cuts.

ernesto valenzuela

Worst barbershop I been to in my life honorable way to cut I didnt like my hair cut they provided I refused to pay and walked out she followed me to my car this is the worst place to go to cut ur hair not recommended for small kids or adults..

Brian Nail

Absolute best barber I have been to in Colorado! She genuinely seems to care for her customers while focusing on providing a quality haircut and experience.

Here today Gone tomorrow

I have been coming here for a year and I always get a great haircut. Very friendly staff that will leave you satisfied.


Devin Boots

Very friendly staff. It was a great experience. The cost is very reasonable.

Matt Marshall

Love the haircuts! Love the ladies! Love the environment!

Matthew Jenkins

Jon Felts

Absolutely the worst haircut I’ve recieved in my adult life. Not much more to describe it than that..It seems they let the new girl try on my haircut, I could see the rest of the staff giving her tips out of the corner of my eye. After a closer look in the restroom, I could that the fade was poorly blended at best. After another lady fixed the blend, I had to describe that my sides were cut too short for the part that I wear, and needed the top brought down to match. Paying 17$ for the cut, and then being told on my way out that I must’ve described what I wanted wrong was interesting to say the least. I will not return here, and it’s a shame because i live so close.

Celeste Chance

Husband won't go anywhere else

Victor Rodriguez

Luke Lynch

Its good if you want a high and tight, but get something longer and the quality is dependent on who does it. Beware who cuts your hair. Not all perform the same. 80% great, 20%...really!!!

Drew Sidles

A little more expensive than other barber shops, but they do a great job.

Miller Fitness

Best hair cut I've had in a while. Very friendly

Mario Rodas

Good haircuts all around just be weary of the newbies never anybody's fault but the newbie's resume.

andrew jones

Great service and great people

Kacey Aguiar

Ivan Roque

Frank Costa

Great place to get a really good hair cut. Very friendly and nice staff. Highly recommend.

Matthew Castaldo

Grear haircut, but very overpriced.

Aaron Ewert

Very friendly. Small town feel. Always remember you when you come in.


I came in for a quick haircut and was not disappointed. Chun cut my hair and was quick, did exactly as I asked, and was very kind. If the service continues I will be a loyal customer. Price was acceptable. I do recommend them.

andrew richardson

Love getting my hair cut here. Great place great people.

John Caminiti

Best cut in town!

Jerome Patterson

Smh just didn't feel comfortable off rip didn't seem like the barber knew what she was doing no crisp line up not even faded right..I wouldn't recommend it

Stephan Harrington

I wish I could place negative stars! Didn’t give me a line up, my child could have done better he’s 4 months old. Literally walking around with a zig zag

Ky'Ky Blas

Barber inexperienced....needed help from owner and cut my sons neck up with clippers!!!


Rob Miller

Very nice ladies in there..cut my hair nice and quick

Hugo H.

Since day 1, this barber shop has provided great service with a great attitude and commitment to customer satisfaction...

Tyler Thomas

Jeffrey Blackmon

Friendly neighborhood barber shop. Military friendly.

Isaiah Garcia

It's not a real barber shop. The employees only do standard hair cuts. No designs, no sharp fades, no straight razor line ups.

Heather Pace

Overpriced for children's haircuts. I was very surprised with how much they charged for my son to get a trim when I could have went across the street to kiddie cutters and got the same trim for much cheaper. Won't go back.

Nicholas Sugg

James Edwards

Jon Dawson

Always a perfect haircut an very friendly staff.

Donald Raver

Misty Kay

Frank Garcia

Get in and get out and a great cut, my kind of place!

Noella Young

Robert Duquette

Moved here about 5 years ago and have been trying to find a great barber. Finally!!! After 5 years of bad haircuts I found Song. She cut my hair in like 5 minuets and at first I was scared. I was like what, your done? Noooooooooo!!!! another bad haircut. Then she turned me to the mirror and I was like wait....... this is the best haircut, ever. I mean perfect. Thanks Song.

jerry ditter

I wanted to let you know how inconsistent a visit may be. The first Sunday morning I came in at 8am, SONG cut my hair, gave me a straight razor neck shave, a hot towel on my head, some great smelling product, and a very quick but forceful massage to end the experience. I left elated and went and told people how great the cut was, the price was right, and I had no problem tipping good. Now, yesterday I came in on a Sunday at 5pm. I was seated with a gentleman to cut my hair. He seemed nervous and took WAY to long to do a very poor job. SONG herself had to come over and fix his bad cut. I got NO HOT TOWEL, NO RAZOR SHAVE, NO MASSAGE, NO PRODUCT, and I left feeling like I was cheated. I had to pay full price, even thou the man behind me got $1.00 off for NOT being a civilian. I tipped $4.00 for SONGS work, and the rest of the $14.00 went to KARMA for enduring a very crappy experience. Not sure if I will be back or recommend unless something changes.

Charles Cordova

Ok but barber demanded tip

Jeremy Manson

Best place to get a haircut

Wm White

Walked in and got a great haircut with almost no wait time. Very kind and funny as well. I have been trying different barbers in the fountain area over the last 3 months and I think I will be sticking with Song's. Great price and excellent haircut. 5 Stars: Couldn't be happier.

ashley Lemarr

They are awesome

autumn reneau

Tim Stout

Raymond Mutchock

My 3 boys and I go to songs every other weekend. We always get great haircuts. Mrs. Song and her staff are always super friendly and you get a great haircut no matter who you see. The prices are comparable to any barber shop and they are well worth it. I'd recommend anyone who wants a great haircut to come to Songs.

cell celly

best and fastest place to get a cut in the fountain area

Logan Crutchfield

Josh Genzer

chase burgin

Every visit to Song's Barber Shop has been wonderful. The ladies are friendly and give a great cut!

Lloyd Park

Not that good of a barber shop! It was good at first when they opened, but over priced and expensive now!

Jake Warkentin

One of the only places I trust


Stephanie Brazzell

Awesome little shop.

anonymous 1zx

Great service

SvnPoint SixTwo

Chris Redman

Great Haircut! I have been looking for something this good for a long time! Very quick, friendly, and they know how to give good haircuts! I’m a lifer now!

tyrel miller

Clayton Allensworth

They saved what Sports Clips messed up for me! Great quality haircut at an affordable cost. Clean facility with a very friendly, professional staff. Highly recommended! Being that they are a great barbershop, of course you will have a little bit of a wait, especially on Military paydays, but it's worth the wait.

Sam Dunckhorst

Inconsistent quality. Don't let them know you're "just" a Reservist ($17 because you're not really in the military). And if they have an issue with you, they'll haggle over what to charge you and talk about you in korean, expecting you not to understand. I used to like going, but cold shoulders don't equal good customer service. I have to find a new place.

jeffrey williams

I love this place the people here are great and best straight razor shave in town.

James Sykes

Friendly staff, and I like the straight razor neck shave. Very quick on the neck and shoulder massage though

Robert Hayford

Steven H.

I got a nice high razor fade from them this morning as I scrambled to find an open barber. Will be returning.

Arlene McMillan

Andy Costello

Anthony Bailey

I'm not exactly picky when it comes to how my hair is cut, so I don't normally make a place my "regular" spot unless it stands out for me. Mrs Song did a great job, and was extremely friendly and personable. Great haircut and great customer service. I might have to make this place my "regular" spot. Super convenient location as well.

Damian Apgar

The only place I ever get my hair cut . Song and the rest of the staff really know how to connect to soldiers and make them feel at home. Family and soldier friendly and amazing quality work. I Love coming here every week for a haircut.

Rani Almuti

Jake Briden

Very friendly, great cut. They take their time instead of just rushing you through


Reasonable prices for military haircuts. Friendly female barbers.

Victor Godinez

Very kind and professional. Great price for what you get. I got my haircut, straight razor, hot towel and a relaxing shoulder rub.She can do any hair style, any ethnicity, and the service is exemplary. I have found my new barber shop. My hair looks AMAZING!

David Scales

My go to barber. Been going there for 3 years now and have never had a bad haircut. They give military discounts, so always a plus.

Bree Prairie

My husband and son Have been going for a year or so, I took my son and asked for a hard part, didn’t get one but it’s not a big deal he is 6. At the end of the buzz cut, Song checked us out and said his hair was extra long (he goes to military school so it really wasn’t very long) and said because it was long she needs to charge $20 instead of the $17menu price. Then she asked for a tip. Haha. I wish I hadn’t tipped but I was caught of guard as they ask and put in the tip for you. Honestly didn’t care about the hard part, it’s just hair but to makeup a price that isn’t advertised for a buzz cut is absolutely bad business. Also idk why they have a dog peeing and pooing in a baby pin right next to the seats while they cut hair, instead of training the dog but it’s whatever.. but it makes me wonder how sanitized they are all together. Idk , I really liked going cause it was close but not cool to charge off menu pricing on the spot. We haven’t gone back and won’t be going back. Also read other reviews saying if you look like you have money she charges more. I parked right I front and so maybe she assumed I had money to charge whatever she wanted. Also military and did not get a discount, song cuts hair good , she does that’s why we’ve been going but it’s not okay to makeup prices. If you look at other bad reviews most say the same thing.

Anthony Evans

Very time I come here they give me the best hair cut no matter what even if I get straight out of work great staff very fun and fun to have a conversation with

John McKenna

Was far from impressed. Will not be going back.

AJ Coleman


New place, I'm glad I tried it out! Great service and friendly atmosphere, I'll definitely be going back.

Alex Higgins

I absolutely love this barber shop, the staff was very courteous and friendly. My 3 year old hates getting his hair cut but they made him feel very comfortable, not to mention it was by far the best hair cut he's had.

Nick Robinson

Tyler Lague

Good haircuts, cheap, can be very busy at times

David H

Best barber shop I have found in the springs, amazing staff and a great atmosphere!

Michael Whitmire

Skyler Brucher

My son and I showed up 15 minutes before closing time. And they were already packing up ready to leave. They gave attitude and surprised that I wanted a haircut 15 minutes before they close. I understand that you have working hours but when there is two of you in there I believe one of them can still tend to a customer anytime they walk in while the door is unlocked during business hours. I haven't been back since and am currently still looking for a good Barber in the Fountain area. And also I'd like to add that song definitely doesn't know her limits in topic of discussions, saying that I can't afford money and this and that when she has no idea who I am or what I do, just save your time and go somewhere else. I don't have a recommendation anywhere else as I'm still trying different Barbers out

Robert Hix

If I could I would give 10 stars. Came in the shop at about 1740 and was out by 1800. Haircut and face shave were finominal. Probably the best I've had in a while. Thank you Song.

jj jj

No wait. Good cut..

Jay Alto

Amazing experience....great barbershop and always have fun. Been getting my haircut here since it's opening. No need to go elsewhere. I truly trust her with my haircut needs.

Tim Means

Neil Roy

Medium fade turned into a loppsided horrible haircut. Then she told me it would be 24 dollars, but since she hacked it up she would only charge me 17. Give me a break.

Shenba LiveOak

Fun little shop with great stylists. They can do a military cut well which stands out in a military town.

Joshua White

Wonderful and friendly staff. The owner is awesome, she gives chances to new hair stylist, and if they screw something up she is wonderful about correcting the issue and actually teaching them.


S Hood

Wife and I both got haircuts , hers was not cut evenly and mine - I'll just say I've gotten better on base.


Better than on-post

Craig Rodriguez

do good work and very friendly me and my son left happy

James Koester

Definitely a quality haircut for the money. If your looking for the perfect military cut look no further.

NJ Martin

Shaina Sparks

My husband looks so good everytime he goes

Bj Durance

An excellent place for a haircut! Prices are great! Everyone gets a little shoulder rub and hot towel! Song and her daughter Ariel are top notch!!

Sam Gregory

Unprofessional. Below average hair cuts and over priced. Steer clear of this place.

Terry Crawford

J Foxworthy

You lost me as a customer today. Worst haircut in my 38 years of life happened today at Song's Barber Shop by the blue eyed Korean lady. Took an hour on a medium fade. And when I called to complain after I got home and looked in the mirror, she said she didn't know me. I called 10 minutes after she cut my hair. I'm pretty recognizable. 2 years of getting my haircut with you guys. Never again! I'd get a better cut at Cost Cutters and they remember my name when I walk in the door. I always tip $5 or more and now it's not yours to have. Goodbye and good riddance.

Kelvin Burns

Nathan Noble

Song cut my hair Monday evening. My haircut looks great my wife even commented on the cut. The warm shaving cream and straight razor was awesome! Plus a relaxing shoulder rub.. this is the best place in or around Colorado Springs for a affordable haircut with the extra services that anyone else would charge extra for.

Joe Shanahan

brian walker

Great place

John Adams

First time and darn good hair a good time going for the facial straight razor shave also.

Ryan Mirick

My experience today, overall, was great. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with warmth and kindness. I remember Song's from New York when I was stationed at Fort Drum and I am glad to know they are now here in Colorado Springs. I have found a new barbershop now.

Chris Udey

Great haircut as long as you can tell them what you want.

James Kelly

Hunter Alley


Have been going to songs barber shop for over a year. I go monthly and I missed one month so my hair was a little longer and the owner charged me $3 more for long hair.BEWARE I guess she wanted me to pay for some of her gear and her new four-wheeler she just bought.

Michelle Perez

Walked in to get my son a fade we did not come out with a fade at all his hair cut was horrible we will not be coming back!!

Aaron Held

Amazing people thank you

Jake TheSnake

Josh Kinne

16 dollar 10 minute haircut... literally the worst cut I've had in 12 years, worst being Army Basic training! I'd say your better off saving ur money and getting a cut on base at the px it's the same quality and 5 dollars cheaper

Josef Malacka

At $16 for my haircut I can't complain too much. Song does a pretty good fade but dear god is she heavy handed... So if you have a sensitive scalp try another barber or even another shop. Another issue I had is when I asked for a fade just a little higher than a low, I ended up with a very high mid-fade. So stick to a low unless you like a high and tight...

Josh S

Song is amazing. I've been a fan since she moved here and worked on post. she gives the best military hair cut. not to mention she does a straight razor shave. I hope more people visit her. she definitely deserves the service.

Karlton Haloo

Michael Barnett

Showed up at 630 and they are closed and say doesn't closed till 7 supposedly

Lawrence Mcgarity

I have been going to Song since 2009 when she was in Fort Drum. I moved to Fort Carson and was looking for a barber and to my surprise Song was here. She cuts my hair along with my sons. She can do any hair style, any ethnicity, great with kids, and the service is exemplary. Everyone should try her out!!

Michael Miles

Great service and pricing great customer care

Kris Kellett

Best barber shop in town! Family-owned.

Wyatt Wallace

Keegan will give you a mean fade, no matter what kind of hair you have

alexander garcia

Too expensive, not consistent. Silly dog in a baby playpen. Barbers talk too much. These are distractions that are frustrating.

Francis Hibler

Very happy with my haircut here. Song's daughter did a razor fade for me and it was perfect. I'll definitely be coming back.

Melissa Neal

Great staff, does a excellent job!

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