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REVIEWS OF Ollie's Barbershop IN Colorado

Jason Williams

Great barbershop. All men and a dog named Ollie. Great scheduling online. Straight forward pricing. Book ahead. They’re busy and can’t normally accommodate walk-ins.

User Name

Great haircut, and the guys who work there are very nice. Highly recommended.

Reis Galvan

Great haircut and a super fair price.

Chase Cameron

Mason does a great job and the prices are totally reasonable. I always get compliments on my haircuts - my new regular spot for sure.

Jay Sorensen

I've seen Luis at Wash Park a few times now and couldn't be happier. The new place is really nice and easy to get to - tons of parking, easy to find. Scheduling an appointment online is super easy as well - seriously, it takes 2 minutes and you can schedule it literally any time of day for all the folks complaining about being turned away because they are booked solid. Plan ahead, these guys are worth it. Great shop, great guys, great cuts that are well worth the money. Check them out if you're looking to look good and be at a comfortable, cool place.

Matt Anderson

Granted I was 9 min late for my appt and they couldn't take me. The level of service and quality of the job is not worth the effort or money.

Sean White

Caldwell Smith

Booked my first appt online. Ended up with Luis, and have gone back to him every time since. This place is awesome. Best barber in the area.

Rafael Calderon

Jesse Gihr

Michelle Shamis

Austin Jackson

This is the best place for a guy to get a haircut in the south Denver area. Classic barbershop with old school feel to it. Mason is the man!

Mark Westhoff

Keenan Prouty

Cannabis Chef Jetton


Ryan Guilford

Best place in Denver for a haircut. Ask for OJ.

John Messner

Great it this afternoon. Max was fantastic. Exactly what I wanted. Hair was really long, so needed quite a bit of attention. Nice people and they serve refreshments....

Andrew Bennett

Awesome haircuts and cool staff.

John Mackin

Eric Basco

The best haircut. OJ is the man! This place has a classic barbershop meets modern times feel to it. Make an appointment.

Andrew Zaleski

Tyler King

Been going here for a few years now. Can take a while to get in, be sure to schedule well ahead of time. Staff is friendly and professional. Derek has always done a great job and I've been very happy with the haircuts I've had from him.

dillan fagan

Really cool barbershop with great people and a very nice atmosphere. However, I’m a little upset with the haircut I got. I came in with long hair, roughly down to my shoulders. I showed the barber a picture of what I wanted and was very clear that I don’t want to use pomade, any styling products, or do anything to my hair in the morning. Well, my hair is way shorter than I asked for, looks nothing like the picture (which was a picture of me), and now requires me to blow dry and put pomade in my hair every morning until it grows back out or I just look like a mushroom. I got what the barber was comfortable doing and none of what I had asked for. Not very happy

John Guiney

Jay Lee

Alexander Hope

robert mccurdy

These guys take pride in their work but they charge 25 dollars for a 20 dollar cut

Amanda Mogab

An old school vibe with great staff

Lucas Clarke

Great friendly vibe, awesome barbers and the best place to get a quick haircut and shave in Denver.

Daniel Rubio

OJ hooked me up with the best haircut I've ever had, and in very reasonable time too. Sweet shop, awesome people, will recommend.

Robby Caseria

Can't recommend these guys enough. Went in once and will be a repeat customer for sure. Clean shop, laid back atmosphere, and Cameron was excellent. Finding a good barbershop can be one of life's major pains in the ass. These guys make it easy. Go in.

Austin Vaillancourt

No frills barbershop. Jeremy does a great job.

Mac Shields

Alec Cotner

Always a great haircut from these guys!

Oj M

Open 7 days a week!

jose moreno

First time getting hair cut here, great experience from the moment i made the appointment, n finally found a barber shop were every one is qualified to cut hair, awesome experience.

Kaylor Peratt

Vincent Scott

I've been going here for a while and quality/service is top shelf.

James C

Have a beer while getting a great haircut

Mark Cossin

Great no nonsense haircut. Great crew!!

Matt Brutscher

Really nice guys! Classic barber shop feel! Great job on the cut! Plus they have a beer fridge for you while you wait. Won't be going anywhere else from now on.

Thomas Stevens

Trendy barbershop

Kolby Dickens

Luis is a badass, that place is 100% legit and I'm so stoked to have found a place that I can go back to regularly.

Samuel Saldana

Terrible like a child cutting their own hair

Seánan M

Best in class. If you get trimmed up elsewhere, you look terrible.

Katie Sorenson


I was looking for a place with great atmosphere and I found it. Cool people and great haircuts.

Stereo Clone

Derek Davis

Great place, great price. Was in and out real fast, will definitely be going back

Matt Sturdy

Jorge Gutierrez

I loved it on my way their i asked around and all o heard was great things once there i got everything the way i wanted

James Hall

Cool shop with cool people. The apprentice cut was better than where I normally get my hair cut. I liked the low key atmosphere and they knew their stuff. Definitely will go back to this local spot.

Andrew McElroy

I will be taking my business elsewhere. This was previously my go-to barbershop. 10+ haircuts here and had good experiences. I booked an appointment online for what I thought was 1:30 for which I showed up at 1:20 and they notified me that I had missed my 1pm appointment. Up until this time, I’d received a confirmation email with calendar invite through the booking software but not on this occasion. So I can’t even confirm if in fact I did book it incorrectly. They have a no-show policy... so I owed $30 and they wouldn’t cut my hair. Won’t be back. Found a great new barber just down the street.

john s

I always go to Brandon. He does a great job. Not sure what all the complaints are about regarding appointments. If you call in the morning you can almost always get one for the same day.

Timothy Tella

The staff is great. Never a bad cut. Prices are just right.


Max is awesome as well as the rest of the shop

Paulina M. Leon

Very down to earth neighborhood shop. Consistent quality professional service. Never any issues.

Ross Leugers

The cuts are ok and the owner is rude, not really worth it.

Derek Etheredge

Matt Morello

These guys do a great job. I have never been disappointed. I have had problems in the past finding a good barber but these guys definitely meet my expectations.

Paul Woebkenberg

Great people great service!

Ian Sylvester

Paul Smith

Went for the first time today. Definitely going to be coming back here. Luis is the man. Online scheduling is super convenient too

Connor Smith

Denver's only TRUE to old school barbershop, exclusively used Derek and he always does the perfect fade. Great Guys and great atmosphere

Daniel B

Good place, good service. Id recommend them.

Decklan McGee

Jeremy cut my hair. He stayed late, took his time and really knew what he was doing. Definitely going back!

Connor Walberg

These guys are awesome. Always fast, on time, consistent and high quality. Thanks!

Yovani Carrillo

Peter G

Jonathan Baker

Johnathan Sullivan

Great barber shop. I am happy that it is so close to my house, but I would go quite the distance to get my hair cut there.

Big Flave

It look cool but they only do appointments and that sucks

Thomas Bray

Have never gotten a bad haircut from here and the one I got from Dennis yesterday may be the best haircut I’ve ever gotten. Thanks a lot y’all!

Evan F

Good cuts. Good costs. Good people. Unless you need a cut and color, or a “experience” out of your haircut... the only place I go.

john henry wade

danny ramos

I lucked out and moved right up the street from Ollie's when I moved to Denver from Florida last summer. Since then I've only gone to Ollie's to get my hair cut and I will go there for as long as I live in Denver. Brian and the guys are great, they do an excellent job, and the shop has a homey feel you can't help but sense. Highly recommended.

Muchun Niu

Roosters and Ravens Ministries

I went in at 12:40, Brian and another barber (I'm assuming, he was playing w his phone) were in the shop. No customers. We discussed a cut and I did my best to solicit one. I hoped for the best, but for the THIRD time was denied. Apparently he had an appt at 1:00. I double checked the clock on the wall, 12:40. Screw this dude. I'm not the only one that has had to manipulate his way into a cut w these cats, you'll see too. These wannabes don't want to work. This just in, I just got a legit cut at Proper Barber Shop up the street. I walked in, waited 15 mins and got hooked up. Imagine that. They also carry Suavecito pomade at a better price than Brian

Alex Hedrick


I looked these guys up online. Found the Wash Park area to be best fit for me locally. Set up my appointment online and was given Luis T. I just moved here from Florida and was 5 weeks overdue for a good cut. Its always hard leaving your Barber you have used and rely on, so was happy to have met these guys today. If I could give this place more than 5 STAR's I would. Great shop, clean, professional, and fun. Thanks guys for a great first experience and you know I'll be back again! Would recommend any of their staff. Top Notch!


Friendly service, good atmosphere and high quality haircuts, I recommend it.

Carson Miller

Tried getting a cut at 9:20 on a Sunday. Doors locked, no answer on the phone.

Joe Smith

I set out on a mission to find a good straight shave and haircut, and found a place almost 900 miles from home. I have been out to see Brian twice, and have greatly enjoyed the atmosphere, service, and quality of work both times. I highly recommend Ollie's if you are looking for a good old fashioned Barbershop, the way they were meant to be. Men, make sure you get a shave while you are in, you will be happy that you did. My fiance has been in to seen Shanna, and we were floored at what she was able to do for an updo. She does beautiful work. Both Brian and Shanna have put the time in to be amazing at their craft. They are also wonderful people. I only wish they were closer to home.

Tony Hunt

I was a littte surprised today. I went in for a haircut. Brian was busy texting and someone else was sweeping. One customer was leaving. I asked if they'd have time for a quick cut, and was told to come back in a week or so... a tad rudely, I might add. Perhaps I wasn't hipster enough for him to cut my hair... I'll keep looking for a good barber.

David Wilson

Friendly barbers who know what they are doing.

tony bylski

Miguel Ponce

Casey Brown

Mike Williams

Ollie's is an awesome neighborhood barber shop! Prices are great, the barbers are friendly, and they give you exactly what you want. I'll never go back to a chain.

Ralph Mendez

Great friendly vibe, professional barbers and the best place to get a quick haircut and shave.

Adam Rothweiler

I've now gone to Joe three times, most recently as of this morning. Great traditional barbershop giving a fantastic cut. Every time I've gone in, I showed up looking like a mess because I'm guilty of waiting months between cuts and Joe cleans me up nicely and consistently every time. Talented, friendly barbers and an eight star experience. Well done, Ollie's.

Brandon Dietz


John D

This is the best barbershop in Denver hands down! Derek is the best barber I’ve ever had in my life. Also the staff here is amazing and great conversations. Everyone that I saw leave here had a great cut. Thanks Derek for explaining the process of how my hair lays down so I can keep it looking the same as when I left your chair!

jonathan Yost

I had been getting my hair cut at the Floyd's near me for the past few years. Do yourself a favor next time you need a cut and go to Ollie's instead. The atmosphere and the quality of work were far far better than Floyd's and any other shop I've been to.

Kyle Corbett

I've had 2 good haircuts from this place before. But the last Haircut I got was is not what I asked for. He showed me how much he was gonna take off the top then cut twice the amount. When I finally saw the mirror I asked him to shorten the sides. I was told that he didn't have time...... Not once have I ever heard the barber say that. There was no one waiting for him. He didn't listen to what I asked for and couldn't be bothered to fix it. Could go anywhere for that kind of haircut. This place is supposed to have a higher standard.


wendy nickel

Nicholas Bruer

Eric V

Fantastic Barbers at a great cost!

justen keesling

I got the most righteous cuts today here perfect skin taper and hard part cut in, 10/10 would recommend.

Kris Timley

Do not try to walk in on a weekend...No flexibility with these guy's.

Nick Boxler

Awesome guys that work here, no nonsense haircuts at a real barber shop. Attention to detail that most other places don't offer. I'll always recommend them to every guy I know!

David W. Miner

Awesome Old School is new and cool neighborhood Barber Shop! Easy online appointments; with respect ladies, this is a "man's" barber shop at fair price for a great quality styled cut and beard trim. (I'm sure ladies are welcome...allow me a little chest beating for a minute. :) ) You can always spend $5 or $8 less and take your chances at Sooper Clip Cutters etc. I won't. OJ took my receding, thinning front hairline and made it work to save my pride and vanity. CASH only. Don't think you'll be disappointed. Easy street parking in heart of West Wash Park.

Damian Burford

Dan Worrell

Finally a barber shop that knows how to cut a proper taper cut. These guys pay attention to detail and take the time to do it right. Do yourself a favor and schedule your next appointment at Ollie's. Remember cash only.

Zac Lesniak

Like The Chappelle Show, this place is keeping it real, but it never goes wrong. As real a men's barber shop as you will find, and every member of the staff is extremely skillful and they take pride in their work.

Austin Evans

Moved out of state and miss the quality cut I got at Ollie's, Adam is an exceptional barber

Matt Egleston

Always a great cut. Cam, Adam, OJ-- all great!

Rob VaLeu

Best shop in Denver

Anthony Santos

Been going to this place for about 4 years and I won’t go anywhere else. Zook is a pro and I haven’t tried anyone else since. The shop is super laid back. Highly recommend.

Ryan Walquist

Not open when they claim to be


I’ve been coming here to see OJ for haircuts since I have moved to Denver and he does an exceptional job. The time and detail he puts in the haircut is top notch. The atmosphere is welcoming and overall a quality establishment. I highly recommend them, especially OJ!

Christopher Kosicki

Dennis did a great job, he was right on time with the appointment, spent his time getting me a nice fade. Very relaxed environment.

Robert T

First time out- booked randomly with the online scheduling, ended up with Adam. Good thing too- he was good. I had a perfectly good experience right from the open door- welcomed, chaired, cut, out. 5-star across the board. Thanks for the cut Adam, I’ll be back in 4 weeks.

Kelly Gold

Its been a long time since I have had a haircut I walked out happy with. The attention to detail here is amazing. First thing you will notice is your haircut takes twice as long for the same thing, and they spend a lot more time on each section of hair. Barber offered suggestions for things I was not clear on. Definitely my new go to

Eugene Starner

Best Barbershop in Denver!

David Wilkinson

chris swearingen

Most of the complaints on here are about how someone couldn't get a quick haircut. They stay pretty booked and every time i go in to get a cut it takes 30 40 minutes, it is quality stuff, no clipper butcher jobs. I have had the best haircuts i have ever had from here. If you want some crappy 15 minute cut, i'm sure sport clips can fit you in. If you want a quality haircut with real skill and craftsmanship make an appointment and go here, Ask for Cameron, he is the best.

Mike Klopot

My go-to place, but I only get the buzz cut... Some barbers are better than others, so you will just have to find who you like...

Jeff Hoffmeister

Recently moved to Denver from NY. After months of terrible haircuts, I found Ollie’s on google and decided to give them a shot. I booked an appointment with Adam and got there a little early. Adam was on his way back from lunch at which point I was offered a beer while I waited. Adam arrived right on time and gave me exactly what I asked for, a Crispy taper and on point edge up. Highly recommend you make an appointment with him, cool dude and excellent barber.

Adam Mikolaj

Joe always does a great job.

Robert Bush

Laid back people and a vintage shop. I gave super basic instruction and said the rest was up to him. Cameron styled a way I hadn't done before...this is the first time I've had a barber do their own thing where I liked the result. I'll be sticking with them.

Tyler Scott

Cool atmosphere, but usually busy after working hours. Book an appointment!

Jeremiah Dixson

Excellent haircut I got. I definitely recommend this place. However, it is a cash only establishment. I was directed to the bar across the street to retrieve cash from an atm that charged me $3. And then the bar owner charges you an additional $2.75 for using his atm. Be prepared.

Bailey King

Seth Merrifield

Best shop around, great barbers.

Cody Kerstiens

Don't read what any of these haters say about Ollie's!!! MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!!!! I was referred by a friend and was told they're the best barber shop around and after my experience I would agree 100%! Travis a young but excellent barber was nothing but professional and I would refer him to everyone I know! Excellent service... Fair price... Couldn't be happier!!!

George Washington

I paid 20 bucks for a lousy haircut. I would have been better off putting a bowl on my head and cutting around it myself. You could get a better haircut from a monkey over at cost cutters. Do not go here.

Patrick Cunnien

Jarred Harris

Awesome barbers, quality cuts, and all at a great price!

Aaron Varcasio

I was referred to this Ollie's by a member of my gym. This place in on point! IT is hard to find a quality spot to tame my beard, so excited to have found this spot. Jeremy had trouble cutting my hair at times because my bum ass was laughing at jokes. Great spot get in there!

Patrick Duffy

Matthew Hebert

Great guys, good pricing and easy booking.

Jonathan Cole

I'd been searching for a good barber shop in the area for a bit and couldn't be happier. Staff likes to chat and there's always fun convos. A much more welcoming place than some comparable shops and the cuts are top notch. Luis does a great job every time. First time I've had a barber that I insist on going back to every time in the four years I've been in Denver.

Jeffrey Youel

A great cut by great guys


Unfortunately I had to change my rating after my second visit. My first cut with Cameron was fantastic and I was very pleased. However, my second cut was not with Cameron and I was pretty unhappy after getting home. Very uneven and I even had to redo my neckline to make it straight. Long story short, if you find an individual that does your hair right, stick with them.

ChrisTopher Johnson

I've been getting my hair cut by Cam for a little over three years and have never had a bad cut. He's given my son Ollie his first two haircuts of his life and and did a great job- squirrely toddler and all. The atmosphere in the shop is that of a bunch of friends hanging out that just happen to cut hair. There is always good conversation that's jovial and thoughtful. The shop puts off the manly vibe without being chauvinistic. Its the barber shop experience that every gentleman needs in their life. They take walk-ins but Cam is usually booked out a week or two or three. I've only ever had my hair cut done by Louis once when I needed one asap and he did a damn fine job as well. Best 25 bones I spend every three weeks.

Jakob Kramer-Jensen

Super talented staff, and I mean it's dog friendly. Not the over priced bs downtown.

Josh Fallon

Fantastic customer service! They were able to make time for me as a walk-in on a Saturday! The atmosphere was very relaxed and I didn't feel rushed at all. I walked out with a perfect haircut and trimmed beard. I have found my new barbershop.

Jack Gushen

This place was great! It was easy to make an appointment, I walked right in and sat down with a barber and was out in 30 minutes. Dennis was awesome. He was super down to earth, we had a great conversation, and he took his time. I am very happy with my hair cut and I will definitely be back.

Oliver Lawrence

Great place for men's cuts. They do a great job on my beard. I moved out of the area and still make the drive when I need a trim.

Dane Johnson

I went for the first time last Friday and had Max. He did a great job and cleaned up some problem areas I didn't even know I had and he was straight forward and helpful with ideas on what we could do different. I will definitely go back and recommend Ollies to anybody.

Steve Cureton


Never been. Just want to know.... CAN THEY THROW A FADE OR WHAT?

Vincent Moscardino

Old shop look, new shop feel.

Chris Beier

Top notch! The best gentleman's cut in town.

James W. Wilson

Great music and fun conversation. The haircuts were OK, kind of expensive for what you get.

Jake Sprecher

Cash only, no BS barbershop. They do a great job, and are never rushed - $25 is a good deal for the quality of the haircut. Consider that you'll pay almost $20 to get butchered at a cost cutters or great clips type of place where they'll rush you through as fast as possible... going here should be a no-brainer.

Andrew Gurule

A real barbershop. Classic place for a guy to get his haircut. Barbers see all good so if it's your first time you really can't go wrong with whoever you pick. You do have to make an appointment though.

Croix Caron

Sam Waters

Ollie's is a legit authentic barbershop west of Wash Park with a skater kind of vibe. All the guys there give great cuts and advice. They also carry the best men's styling products I've found, which I find indicative of their barbering acumen. Highly recommend!

Nick Fort

EJ Merko

Great service and extremely laid back place to get a great haircut.

Mark Nelson

These guys really deliver the goods: a great old-school barbershop for men's hair styles. Dennis fixes me up here - takes a lot of time and care to create a cut that lasts until the next time.

Core Viimeinen

I have received two haircuts from Ollie's now, and I'm sold. The quality you get for the cost is fantastic. The atmosphere is great. This is what a barbershop should be. The barbers clearly have good rapport with each other. They balance listening to you, and gently guiding you towards what they think will work best for you. What really blows my mind, is that they manage to get this all done in only 30 minutes! That said, I think the 30 min window is a double edged sword. Skilled speed should be applauded and rewarded. That said, it would be nice to relax a little more, and have more time. They can certainly accommodate you for a little more $$. Personally, I do not like that business model. It feels like that business model puts a little pressure on the customer (new ones in particular). So, for that reason I gave Ollie's 4 stars instead of 5 Stars. But I would give them 4.5 stars if I could. So far as the Haircut itself, these guys know what they're doing!! I've had success asking them to do specific requests, and giving them the reins. Either way, you will be in good hands. Overall, I would say this may not be the best place to begin a Hair Knowledge journey if you're looking for folks to speak details with, as they run on a tight schedule. But if you are the trusting type, or already know exactly what you want, then it is a great atmosphere w/ great Value!

Josh hager

This is the realest barbershop in Denver. Make an appointment and you won't be dissatisfied. Great staff and an amazing atmosphere.

Jeremy Ritchie

I have been getting my hair cut by Brian (who started Ollie's) since before he opened the place. I got my hair cut at many places in Denver before I found Brian. The guys at Ollie's are more than fair on their prices and appointments. If you dig deeper than the couple of bad reviews by the babies that can't be bothered to make an appointment like everyone else, then you will see they give some of the best cuts in Denver. Seriously, how do you get mad at someone for honoring their commitments? Do you get mad at the doctor or mechanic when other customers made an appointment? Sorry, but I get mad when people write poor reviews for a product or service they haven't tried. They wouldn't be too busy to fit in a walk-in if they were horrible at what they do.

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