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REVIEWS OF Max's Barbershop IN Colorado

Derrick Migneault

Max is fast, and knows his craft. Great clean cut. Razor clean up. Make sure to call for an appointment. He's busy for a reason. Cash only.

Todd Griffith

Max is a great barber with a great personality. His shop is professional and clean and I have not been disappointed, my son referred me and he can’t wait to get back from college to see Max.

Raffi Kotikian

Dino Nugs

Very nice people

Chris Barry

Terrible customer service and rude.

criag list

Max is a really talented barber, I’ve been a client of his for many years. He always gives me a great cut and now that my son is old enough he cuts his hair too! I’d absolutely recommend him!!!

Mark Wiggins

Max does a crazy good job on fades. I’ve gone to barbers in the past who when asked to give a “low cut fade” or “skin tight fade” basically just give you a high & tight with a comb-over on top no matter what. Max does an excellent job listening to what you would like and making sure you get it.

Joe Nagel

Always good service n quick. Good job.

Brandon Thomas

Great barbershop excellent barbers

David Gilman

Max has been cutting my hair for years, and he always does a meticulous job. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a nice clean haircut. And now he has his own shop!


Quick and good quality. They even trimmed with a straight razor.

Isaac Corman

Ryan Fenton

Rude people! !!!

you tube user

Horrible service there!!!! 1 and done!!

Tim Harp

Jay D

WORST BARBER IN COLORADO......... Just moved here from Phoenix, walked in and a guy named Max walked by just to stare me up and down, after I said hello, he just stared at me and kept walking by, at that point alone I knew what kind of customer service I was going to be getting and was hoping I wouldn't get him specifically. Of course, the same guy (Max, looks like either Arabian or New Yorker) came out and eventually asked me if I was ready, I told him that I had an interview the next day and was very worried about keeping my hair simple and bareley touching the fade. I told him I liked my hair to be cut without wetting it as my hair is very fine and once wet makes it harder to see any errors when cutting it. Of course first thing this guy does is spray down my hair, he flew through my fade like he was in a rush and completely killed my hair. I was humiliated in my interview and are still trying to grow my hair out a month later. Please do not go to this joke of a barber. I'm not sure how the rest of the barbers are there but don't take a chance. I've truly gotten better haircuts when I was 13 in some of my buddy's garages when I was young. Joke........

Cade Herlihy


I am so happy with my haircut! Max did an amazing job and very quickly as well. I feel like the price was beyond fair and he deserves a good tip! This is the best fade I have ever gotten :)


Alex Belitskiy

Max did awesome one of the best haircuts places in Colorado so far

Kyle Hewitt

2 of the 3 barbers there are the best I've ever seen especially the woman. The younger man with the thick accent is junk and because of that I'll never be going back. I've been going in monthly for a while now and today was the 3rd time I've been stuck with him. When I was there my hair looked like it was good since I was only having the sides cleaned up. Later when my hair had a chance to settle and I was able to look at it closer I realized I have a shelf of hair on the right side of my head that he had completely neglected to fade and he had cut an ENTIRELY NEW PART into my hair about half an inch lower than my natural part. Once my hair dried and settled it is very obvious that I now have 2 very distinct parts and uneven hair in the space between them. This was the last straw I'm not even going to bother to go back in to have them fix it this time. Until they get rid of him I'm never setting foot in that barbershop again.

Troy J.

Steve King

Phing Yang

Max and knows how to clean ya up and keep ya lookin fresh. Best cuts around!

jose zuniga

Habib Fareed

Best in town!

Denver Dabbing

Rude people.

Mike Hart

Max is the best regular barber I’ve ever had. Shop is spic and san. He’s a hard working guy with a great personality who can hook a fade up like few others. He also does facial hair and straight razor work. Prices are more than reasonable too. I literally can’t say enough good things. You won’t be dissapointed!


If you want a "real" barbershop experience, and an outstanding cut, go visit Max! You won't be disappointed.

Elio Espinal

Great cuts at good prices

Stephen Encinia

I've been there there four times, Twice I have gotten cuts from Max and twice from the other guy. Max is without a doubt the best barbershop i have ever used.

A Wence

Melissa your favorite bondslady

Great service, my boys are picky with their hair and will only go to very few barbers and Max is one of them, he is highly skilled at fades and men cuts, his staff also does really good work when Max isn't available. They even have a shoe repair service and fixed two of my name brand purses perfectly for a really good price. I highly recommend.

Ethan Purinton


Ian Robertson

I just left Max's Barbershop with one of the very best shaves I have had in a long time. Very focused and dedicated, Max is great at what he does. Will definitely be going back in the future.

C Bird

This is a barbershop and not your dad's lap. I've seen a lot of nasty reviews, and it comes down to communication. If you don't like your cut, say something instead of running away to complain on the internet. Popcorn might be a good idea.

Greg Gallegos

The haircut was great, they did a excellent job on a hard part for my son. If you want a franchise haircut that's 12$ and you never know what your going to get quality wise that's fine, but they take their time here make sure it's right and you don't look worse than when you went in. Max is great he is passionate about his business and cares. I am not seeing what the negative reviews are about. The prices are posted and in this day and age what doesn't cost more. Quality or quantity. I will be going back, it is worth a try.

Sahar Khalaj

Justin La Gra

Max is great! Excellent barber!

clue 30hthird

Max is the best

David Brunelli

Annette Cote

Dean Zou

Max is the man. He truly is an artist. You can vaguely explain what you want and he'll take that and run with it.

Tony Pennuto

Love this place. Don't listen to the folks talking bad about Max and his shop. They are artists at their craft. Just because they are fast does not equal poor service. If you want someone to fawn over you and ask you a million questions go somewhere else. If you are looking for a no nonsense great cut that comes with a reasonable price, this is your place.

Issachar Israel


Joseph Livolsi

Valerie Fallon

Max is quick and does a great job on my son's hair. My son age 16 is very picky. Cash only place but priced well so it's fine. On street meter parking or a parking lot across the street. We will be a regular customer moving forward.

Marco Cavaness

Anthony Linares

Worst experience ever! Max of max's barber shop rush through cutting my hair and messed it up. After asking him to fix some obvious issues that I shouldnt have had to point out(not leaving hair even and leaving spots) I didn't wanna ask to show me back with mirror, since he's usually trustworthy on haircuts. I got home and noticed completely uneven and not faded. WORST FADE I'VE EVER GOTTEN. I called to see if I could come in tomorrow to get it fixed or how does it usually work and in no way did he try to help a client out. I'm disappointed in how this barbershop turned out from beginning getting awesome haircuts to now worst haircut and service. Service has been getting worse and worst and finally I'm done. After all he did tell me to find a different barber for trying to get haircut fixed. Mind blowing.


I had heard great things about Max, so I decided this was where to go for my 1 year old son's first haircut! We stopped in without making an appointment first and wasn't necessarily expecting he could take us. I was beyond impressed! My son wasn't too thrilled with the process, and even with him sitting on my lap...crying and squirming quite a bit...Max was incredibly patient. He gave my baby boy the most perfect haircut, SO MUCH BETTER than what I had described to him, and the price was shockingly reasonable for what he does. He was very kind to fit us in between a few other appointments, and while waiting I was able to witness his quality of work. Max is very talented and I was happy with our experience overall. We are now loyal customers!

Steve Wise

Max is rude and only does one style of haircuts. If you use the style he's comfortable with, he's very talented but if you try to mix it up and do something outside his comfort zone, not only does he not give you what you wanted, he's rude and defensive when you politely call him out. Max even had the nerve to come outside and shake my hand to tell me to please come back but when you do don't ask for me. Trust me Max, that will be easy to do. In my opinion he's overpriced and for that kind of money, I'll go somewhere that actually has good customer service...


High quality cut! Excellent service! You get what you pay for! The guy that cut my hair,not max, did an excellent job really took his time and gave me a outstanding cut! Well be back

moore murillo

(Translated by Google) They cut the hair very well (Original) Cortan muy bien el pelo

NP148 .

He is my go-to guy for haircuts. Shop is clean and it's a great environment. Easy guy to talk to. He'll always remember your usual, but is great with really any hairstyle. He's fast, but always is precise. He's also great when doing facial hair. Prices are good too

Rala Brubaker

Johnny Trujillo

Want a good haircut? Go here. That is all.

Cam Kessler

Robert Goddard

Best barber I've ever had! Once I discovered his talent many years ago, I knew he would be my barber for life. Always a superlative experience at a very competitive price! Good job, Max!

John Paul Lavery

Rick Lalli

Best cut ever

Slawomir Bakalarski

Went in to get my 12 year old a haircut. When we arrived he said we would be next. Waited about 20 minutes and called someone else who was already seated there. No big deal maybe he forgot someone was ahead of us. While waiting another twenty plus minutes my two year old was getting a little restless. He points at something behind a glass display I look over it's a glass pot pipe. A place of many trades haircuts and pot pipes. We decided to leave. To bad Floyd's barber shop is closed on Sundays it's way cleaner and better priced than this place.

Amaliaa Saucedo

My boyfriend tried tipping max and he threw it back in his face saying you need it more really disrespectfully. He then cussed at my bf and then yelled to never come back. Then followed us out yelling at him to never come back cussing.

Danial Roe

This was the best shop I’ve ever been in!!!

Adam Vang

Awesome service, friendly, and professional. Go to Max for a fresh cut.


Max is the only good barber here that I would go to however it is very overpriced with very inconsistent hours. Several barbers here told me they open at 9am on Sundays even though the sign says 10. So I go in at 9 and wait until 9:30 with no luck. Max is an amazing barber but he cannot run the shop by himself especially when he has a line of 10 customers waiting for just him while his employees sit in the back on their phones.

Fernando Dal Moro

Quality haircut barber shop. I wouldn't recommend if you are looking for a budget haircut. For budget haircuts there are plenty of chain barber shops available.

Montoya Orlando

Killer fade very professional I will definitely be going back

Mark Kishell

Harold Holman

I think Max does an excellent job . I've always taken my son to a family friend for his hair cuts but not anymore, he loves his hair cuts from Max and I think My Son's haircuts look awesome.

Dejay Falcon

Horrible haircut Most expensive place I've seen. Max the owner needs a lesson in customer service. Great place of you like a thug environment!

Tom ladtkow

I read the earlier views and while I have not experienced any level of " rudeness", I would like to say that Max, the new owner, has an air of New York or New Jersey attitude. That is not negative, it is just different than most of us in the west can get appreciate. I have had haircuts from Max, Alla and one other female barber. They all take their time and really work to make sure you are happy with the results. So many of the chains make everyone look the same and their focus is on volume..Not so at Max's. If you want a good " Barber" cut, this is your place in Thornton..

Ali Yeyinmen


Beth Mclaughlin

Z06 Farrukh

Wow,I am just surprised the way Max does his job.He gave me a nice haircut that I was so happy about it.Normal prices and great haircuts.Recommend Max for anybody,He is a professional barber and knows what he is doing.

Phillip Valdez

Went in for a hair cut from Max, sat down then he told me he was going to charge me $25.00 for a haircut I told him his prices are listed on the board for $21.00 he told me to get out of his place if I didn't want to pay the price he quoted me. Poor very Poor service nobody go there you will get treated poorly!!!!!

Manuel Roldan

These guys sure know how to do a proper fade. I went in for the first time and got my hair cut by Ella (sp). I was very impressed with the quality of the cut and the attention to detail. Fast too! Will definitely be going back.

Malahni Baldessari

When I read on google reviews about the prices being affordable, I told my husband to take our 3 boys over there. My husband calls me and tells me that it's going to cost $20.00 per kid. Granted my oldest is 15, my other two boys are younger. I couldn't believe just for a haircut how much it was going to cost. I told my husband to walk out, and I called around to find prices for haircuts around my area. Thankfully I found one that was much more reasonable, for all 3 of my boys.

Justin Stiles

Alvaro Perea

Tim Yesaulov

Dustin J. Hardin

Cody Matlack

BEST BARBERSHOP! I don't about $29 for a haircut, but they charged me $19 for taper fade, and he shaved me up, lined with me with a razor. This is my favorite barbershop around.

Jim McSherry

What a great place to get a haircut! Max is a great guy! Stop by during the weekday and there was no waiting made it even better!

Robert Burger

david D

It's a real barber shop. A hair cut is a little pricey but the service is good and they actually list to what you want so I'm happy to pay it.

Julie Frindethie

Best hair cuts!

amber richard

WARNING! DO NOT GO TO THIS BARBER!!!!! I would give 0 stars if I could! My son went in there and asked for 1 inch off the top, keep in mind his hair was roughly 5-6 inches long. The "barber" took clippers to his head and he walked out with barely an inch left! This "barber" never checked to even make sure the cut was even! So my sons hair is shorter in the front, longer in the back and one side of the fade is much longer than the other. This "barber" was more concerned about talking to some guy about how another barbershop had taken all there business, than making sure that the guy in his chair was getting a decent haircut. Used to be good there, but not anymore. I can see why you are concerned that you business is going else where and shame on you for even charging when you clearly messed up on a cut! I know that it is just hair and it will grow back but this is just bad business! I will continue to post this anywhere I can to make people aware!

Cesar Lara-Rocha

Great service 7 days a week, YES SEVEN DAYS a week

Denny Jasper

My son and I went there for a couple of years but then the owner copped a really bad attitude, won’t be back

Jay Lemay

Walter Hackett

Max does the best fade in colorado. Dude is good

Jorge Sandoval

$29.00 for a haitcut & beard....without a hot towel, definitely overpriced! I come from Miami (where things are expensive) but for $30 any barber will give you the works. I know I got there 30 minutes before close but not a smart business move to treat a "new" client as if he's a bother (i.e. Owner turned off all music, locked door, sat down impatiently...I understand you wanted to leave, BUT still, make your client feel welcome)....was looking for a new barbershop but obviously this isn't the shop for me.

Sharon Watkins

Simply the best barber in town!!! Would never go anywhere else!

Henry Washington

Awesome fade and great cut! Would be a regular here!

Cynthia Kangos-Baker

Max can do great short haircuts for women! He is friendly and the shop is clean. He very speedy; walked in on a Saturday, out in 30 minutes. Highly recommended.

David Tesla

Was sick so closed but didn't feel it was necessary to let his customers know? Wasted 2 hours planned around my trip to Maynard as I live 20 minutes away. Finally made a new appointment for 2 days later... I text and let him know I'm running a few minutes late, which meant I'm around the corner dont give my spot away! Walk in and he gave my spot to someone else. Bad bad business from a good guy and a good barber. But he needs to learn the business side now that he has a business.

avishek bhattacharya

Kevin Belmonte

Carolyn Urban

Not just for men --- Great for a woman's short cut, too! Saturday walk-ins very convenient. Waited 10 minutes. Super!

T Martinez

Greg Calvo

Worst experience getting a haircut in my life, if I could give max zero stars, I would and that might even be generous. When I explained to him what kind of haircut I wanted he Didn’t even acknowledge That I was even talking to him. I got a 5 minute hair cut at most and the length throughout my entire head is extreamly uneven, I have pieces of hair from 1 inch to 3 inches in length all on the top of my head. I would not recommend wasting your time and your money even giving this shop a chance based off this experience. Will not be coming back.

Jamie Moore

Matthew Hodgson

Always walk out with a good fade, which franchised shops always fail at.

Joseph Raschi

Max is a down to earth good dude with great barber skills. Shop is clean, cool atmosphere, plenty of parking nearby. Highly recommend Max!

Antonio Medina

Best barber shop in Denver, the barbers are true artists. Excellent service y, good atmosphere

Kidd Fazø

This barbershop is by far the best i have ever been to. They left my hair lookin amazingly fresh, and max was super respectful. I shook his hand, and it was a great experience after all. I will be coming back here again for sure!

Damon Lee

Used to be good, but went in this time asked for Max (I was the only one there) and he had a rook mess up my hair because he was "Doing paper work..." not going back

Nick DiStefano

Great barber shop in downtown maynard. Well priced and Max does an excellent job. Shop is very clean and welcoming. Definetly will be back


Will not return or recomend. The hair cut portion done fine and done well. When asked to trim the beard its like he didn't listen or didn't know what he was doing. He had me tilt my head back so i could not see what was going on. He cut it way shorter than i originally asked and it was cut super uneven. I could live with the shortness but it looking like i sneezed trying to cut my own beard was not going to fly. I asked him to even it up and he went to town making it even shorter and still uneven. At this point I told him it was fine and to stop. My wife was amazed I even paid. The hair on one side of my face is a 3/4in difference from the other. If you don't know how to trim a beard don't do let alone charge the price you charge. At least the hair will eventually grow back at least.

Kevin Wagner

Joe Snowdon

Max is an absolute artist disguised as a barber! He's modest, humble and tremendously talented! It's great to get a haircut from Max! Everyone is welcome at Max's shop.

dan hurley

Payton Valdez

Great fade and open on Sunday morning .

Fuck Tim Her Little bitch boy

Dude can’t cut hair. His proportions are off big time. I ask for a inch off the top and he ends up cutting 2 inches. He’s also a bit rude too. Don’t even try here, you’re going to be disappointed


Rick Horvath

Best barber in Massachusetts

Kenneth Moore

Tom Smith

Got a great haircut. They take walk ins.

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