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REVIEWS OF Living Proof Barbershop Ltd. IN Colorado

Ryan Flynn

Living Proof Barbershop and Tiffany Taper just came in clutch! Saved me from traveling with a hack job razor fade from another shop. Thank you again Tiffany for salvaging that cut haha. Will definitely be back!

Joseph Crisp

If you knew me, you’d know my hair is a big deal because it’s glorious! I moved to the Springs about a year ago now and tried other barber shops and experienced the same sickening feeling as you watch them butcher your hair and you just have to sit there and take it. Well I finally had enough, I found this place by accident after Floyd’s ruined my hair (which took 3 months to fix FYI) but I came here and the customer service was outstanding, I sat the barber chair, explained what I wanted and they understood! And fixed my hair. I have been coming here ever since and no matter who you sit with they will take their time and make sure your hair is perfect and done to standard. So if you want to get a cut and leave having great looking hair and having to wait a few days for your hair to grow out so you can look again...go here

Cory Taylor

Honestly probably one of the coldest line ups I've had in a good 10 years! Great hair cut, great atmosphere, and a central location.

Gary Piche

Great barbershop, friendly staff and open on Sundays!

Eric Disney

They know their way around a straight razor and I always leave looking great, definitely recommend giving them a try

Darius Davis

Fabian been doin me right for about 2 months, he always make sure I'm satisfied with his work. I've never been disappointed, everyone in the shop is super welcoming n friendly

Brian Wright

Nice barbershop, clean and updated. Barbers know what theyre doing for sure

Chris Parish

Been living in the springs for a while and just recently found this place. I finally found a place that I'll be going back to. Tiffany did a great job cleaning up my beard and fixing the mess that another barber made. Thanks!

Anthony Farina

All I can say is WOW! I needed to find somewhere to get my beard tamed and in order to grow into a proper man's beard and Robert V is the guy! Robert listened and worked with me to figure out what I was going for and the execution was PERFECT! I will be going here regularly from now on to get my beard handled! There are not enough good words in the Dictionary to describe this shop! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY GO HERE AND NO WHERE ELSE!!

pablo terrazas

Great atmosphere and amazing haircuts.

Erik Dawson

This shop is legit. Robert is a gifted stylist and one of three people I trust to touch my beloved beard. Love the hot towel as well as the straight razor on my neck piece. The shop is typically busy so I recommend calling and scheduling your appointment. Plenty of nearby street parking make this spot even better.

Keith Keith

Best place in Colorado to get a cut

Wolfgang Weber

Have had a couple haircuts from Fabian and they’ve all been 100% spot on! Highly skilled barber that listens to you as a client and executes perfectly! Really appreciate how much time he takes to get to know me and learn what I’m looking for. Very happy military client. Highly recommend!

Jimmy Sanchez

Just recently moved from California, and have had a tough time trying to find a spot that is consistent with good cuts. I came in to fix a butchered job i got at another spot and Tiffany was able to fix me right up! Most definitely will be coming back, highly recommend this shop

Joseph Meeks

A little expensive but definitely worth it. Everyone is laid back and chill.

Steven Shedd

Fabian is the man! If you are looking for a professional, and I mean a real pro, at a terrific price you have to check this place out. Fabian listens carefully and delivers a premium haircut and a great experience overall. He is flexible with his schedule and always finds time for me even when I'm calling last minute. On top of that, this place contributes to the community by giving the homeless and single mothers free haircuts and shampoos on certain days of the year. Locally owned, community oriented, and a true group of professionals who have a passion for their craft. You'd be crazy to not give them a try.

Joshua Love

Best of the best

Joshua Schara

Phenomenal talent here forsure. 10 outta 10 cuz

Benjamin Sandoval

I wasn't going to leave a review because of an uncomfortable experience, but after the co-owner made it worse, I decided to do so. I scheduled an appointment online. Showed up on time and had to wait for a bit. I don't mind waiting, but while waiting the banter between the workers in the shop made me uncomfortable. I'm sensitive to strong language and after the 3rd F word, I decided I was going to leave. I left the person I had the appointment with $5 for booking the time slot and politely stated I was going to leave because I wasn't comfortable. I feel I acted appropriately with the way I left. The co-owner came outside and found me ready to leave and asked why I left. I professionally told him that the language made me uncomfortable. I work in Career Services and hope for a certain level of professionalism when I go to a place of business. If I don't find that, as a customer, I feel it is my right to remove myself from a situation that makes me uncomfortable. When I told the co-owner why I left, he pointed over my vehicle and said "Why don't you go find a salon down the street, a woman. It's a barber shop." (as if to imply that type of language is to be expected and I need to see a woman to be comfortable) This, to me, was a highly offensive statement. All he needed to do, as a business owner, was apologize that a customer felt uncomfortable and leave it at that. I would have been happy and went on my way. He decided to do the opposite. Just because I live my life in a way that keeps me sensitive to strong language, I shouldn't be put down with sexist remarks for acting on it and removing myself from the situation. I didn't ask them to stop, I simply left. From what I could see, the work was great and from all the other positive reviews, I don't wish to deter others from going and getting their hair done. I, however, will not be back and hope that, at the very least, the owner and co-owner have a discussion about professionalism when new and potential customers are there. RESPONSE TO OWNER FEEDBACK: I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my concerns. I realized they were discussing movies and the atmosphere of the banter was fine. I have no qualms about the playful nature of the conversations between the barbers. However, only 1 of the curse words I heard was them quoting a movie, the rest (several more) were not direct quotes but them just “carrying on.” Either way, the cursing wasn’t even that big of a deal, that’s just what prompted me to leave. It’s what happened after my leaving that forced the review. I’m not sure what the owner said when he came back in, but he did not “KINDLY” explain anything. His tone, words, and nonverbal communication conveyed that his opinion was more of a “whatever man, this is how men interact in a traditional barber shop, deal with it.” And YES, he did say that I needed to go and get my hair cut by a woman by pointing down the street and stating “go to a salon down the street, this is a barber. Go see a woman.” The last part was an afterthought to the previous statement and maybe he was hoping I didn’t hear it because he lowered his voice saying it, but I did. We can argue the specifics of the encounter and you’ll believe what you want and I’ll remember the truth. The fact of the matter is that the situation was handled inappropriately once I left. I have always gone to salons because I appreciate the atmosphere and professionalism I’ve experienced. I am new to working in Springs and needed a haircut, so I googled men’s haircuts and yours was one of the first that showed up. I decided to go because of all the positive reviews. I believe you guys do great work, I just didn’t like the atmosphere and exercised my right as a customer to leave. I only wrote the review because of the way my leaving was handled. It was unprofessional and I, as a customer, did the only thing I could to hopefully effect some change. Your response thanked me for the review and stated that the concerns would be addressed, that’s all I was asking for. Thank you.

Payton Symonds

Great little place with excellent customer service! Don't let the construction scare you, parking is in the back. Definitely worth the trip

Diego Moreno

Highly recommend this place to any Military/LE bros who are looking for a damn nice place to get a haircut. Daniel hooked me up with a medium- skin/razor cut and had the fade on point. Daniel made sure to make the haircut perfect and as short on the sides as I asked to keep it looking fresh. I highly recommend Daniel as I have nothing but good things to say about the barbershop and his skills. Looking forward to being a regular in the barbershop.

Rick B

Great service and very good work! I have had two cuts from Rob and Daniel and both have been very well done. These guys work hard to try to get things just right - a testament to the aims of any small business. And the Suavacito Pomade they recommended was the bomb! I will be back again and again - the best endorsement for any business. Thanks guys!

William cornine

Stopped in early on a Sunday for a cut and they were a little busy Fabian asked if I would be ok with coming back a little later so that I wasn't waiting for awhile. I didn't regret it Fabian really took his time making sure he was giving me the cut I wanted and took his time to make sure we were on the same page. I got probably one of the best fades I've had in along time. You won't be disappointed

Brittany Trausch

Wow!!! What an amazing job!!! Went to get my hair fixed from a different barber. Shout out to shoog definitely did wonders! Would highly highly recommend them.!

Andy Massey

Having recently come to Colorado Springs, I decided to check out Living Proof, based on the amazing reviews. I found out that Sundays are usually by appointment, but Fabian was really chill about it and squeezed me in. Being in the military, I've gotten a lot of haircuts. Like a lot, a lot. Fabian gave me the best haircut I've gotten in as long as I can remember, I'll definitely be coming back, and recommending to my friends. The shop feels like being home, and the guys make you feel like you've known each other forever. Thanks for the best experience I've had in a very long time!

Paulo Mendoza

Fantastic Haircut, Great atmosphere. Very friendly. And great prices. Definitely worth to check out

Dillan Oakland

Will never go anywhere else! So talented!

Michael Martinez

New to the Springs. Never was a fan of getting my hair cut on post. After finding this place I’ll never have to. Very comfortable and extremely professional. If you want your hair to look the best it ever has, then you can’t pass this place up. Came down as a walk-in and got my first cut from Jordan. Was extremely pleased with his work and that of the other barbers as I sat waiting for my cut. I definitely consider myself a regular from now on.

Utumoeaau Tuimalealiifano

Check out my man Shoog... dude does wonders! #LookGoodFeelGood

Jesus Deleon

Walk in 2 get my sons hair cut had 2 give them my number never called me back was rude about me just walking in

Clayton Martens

I’ve been getting my hair cut here for almost a year now and it’s by far one of the best barbershops I’ve been to. The barbers actually listen to what you want done and cut your hair that way unlike most places that profile you as being in the military and give you a high and tight. There also very accommodating with making appointments.

Alisha Smith

Local cuts always feel right !Fabian hooked it up !

Pia Hildebrandt Young

I have been in that place maybe 5 times in the past because the person who cuts my hair rents a space there. Every time I have entered, I have always said "good morning" or "good afternoon" and I have never been greeted in return. That is NOT an issue, it never has been, but I am mentioning this because of what happened today. I had an appointment (that I booked days ago) today at 4 p.m. I showed up at 3:45. At 4:05 the co-owner told me that my stylist was unavailable and busy. He didn't apologize in any way; he only informed me. Wow. I was upset: my schedule is crazy, I live far away, I am a mother, etc. However, the only thing I said to the co-owner was "why didn't she tell me in advance?". And I left. As I was leaving, the co-owner followed me and started yelling at me accusing me of opening and closing the door too strongly. Well, I didn't do it. I was upset, obviously, but I didn't do it, I didn't yell, I didn't say anything offensive; I only left. He kept yelling at me saying that I "disrespected the building". I just read another review from a guy who didn't like the offensive language used in that barbershop (personally, I have heard it every time I have been there, but it has never been a reason for me to leave the place; however I respect the other customer's point of view and sensibility) and he was told by the co-owner to "go to see a woman" (and read his response to the customer!). I don't know if it is the same person who yelled at me today, but it wouldn't come as a surprise. Who is really "disrespecting the building"? Finally, I expect a rude and furious response to this review. It's fine. It will only support and confirm what I stated here.

Delilia Cisneros

Robert did my daughters undercut with a design and omg it is on point!!!

Steve Witte

I enjoyed my experience. Staff was very nice, attentive and helpful. Atmosphere is what you would want and expect to see from a happy, social, open, non judgemental barbershop. Robert was my barber and found him to be very personable.

Terany Nicole

Nothing but great experiences every time I’ve taken my son for his hair cut. Nice feeling walking in being welcomed in and respected. Not to mention how good his cuts turn out. Highly recommended!!!

Patrick Richardson

One of the best haircuts I’ve ever gotten for a very good price. Daniel (owner and barber) did a fantastic job. I will definitely be coming back.

Nayib covarrubias

I’ve been looking for a good barber for about 6 months, I’ve been to 6 of them around the city. I’m glad I found this place, highly recommend Fabian.

Phil Ty

Fabian is the man, hit him up. Cool laid back shop.

Jonathan Fisher

Great haircut, awesome prices. Highly recommended.


I walked in and out of visiting three barber shops they fit me in right away with no wait. Being in the military I'm used to getting my hair jacked up but they did an amazing job. I'm definitely coming back to get my hair cut here. Best haircut in awhile


It has been a few months since I got a haircut here. I wanted to wait to see how it grew out and what I really thought about it before I wrote a review. In 32 years this is the best haircut I have ever received. I went in with three requirements: 1. It needed to be short and manageable without too much fuss. 2. It needed to be professional. 3. I didn't want to look like a dork. They provided all of it and so much more than I could have asked for the price. I will definitely be returning and tell everyone I know to get their haircut here. Quality people, Quality cuts, and affordable prices. If you continue with this business model I hope to see more shops sprouting up. Thank you.

Jeff C

My son and I went in as first time customers today and were linked up with Tiffany. We both received an amazing haircut and even better service! Friendly sports themed atmosphere and kid friendly! My Broncos were on the big screen and my daughter wasnt bored! Great experience!

Kay St

Great hair cut but they never answer their phone so don’t even bother calling

Ayesha Aj

Nephew got his first cut here. Everyone was friendly and good at cutting


Absolutely love this place! Love the environment. Love the stylists. My son does not want to go anywhere else!

2ndGen RamCam

By far my favorite barber shop. Robert really does some good work! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone. They also do really well with kids

Carlos Wallace

Don’t go here if you don’t like compliments. I never ever write reviews, however this place is an exception. This place is amazing in talent. I recommend this to anyone who wants a top of the line haircut. Worth every penny and now they have a loyal customer. Love the atmosphere and the friendliness. 10/10

Garrett Becker

Usually get my cut done by Robert but if I need a cut done and he’s not there I’m confident in Daniel or any other barber to perform.

Olivia Maddox

Very satisfied! Not only did she take her time with my hair but she had great customer service! Definitely will be back!

Alvino Sanchez

Awesome barbershop...head into living proof for a awesome cut you will not be disappointed

Deven Merriman

Fast and a decent cut. Cheaper than some of your typical spots in town.

Joey Mayo

Breezy, is absolutely amazing. I showed her a picture and she nailed it , she was professional, clean and fun to hang out with while she cut my hair and lined up my beard. definitely recommend her.

chaz earp

This is where ya go players if you want the look to back it up this is the Barbershop to go to

Zacharias Visitacion

Great haircuts since Ive been coming! Breezy did a great job giving me highlights and she has great customer service! I recommend her!

Joseph Jimenez

So honestly i was looking to go to the Paul Mitchell school on a Tuesday after work and was told that they did not cut hair after 4. Also was told barbers do not usually cut after 2 pm. So i sat in their parking lot browsing multiple barbershops looking for any option. Found several with high prices but not super promising. Then I found this shop with awesome reviews. I looked to book an appointment for Wednesday at opening on Booksy with the only available artist at 10 am. Fabian Alcaraz. I remembered seeing an awesome review saying Fabian gave him the best cut they ever had on google reviews so i instantly decided to make the appointment. Showed up Wednesday morning a bit and was let in. I showed the barber Fabian what i wanted from a pic on my phone and this man got to work. This barber put work and time into giving me the best razor fade i have ever had. He was so personable and easy to talk to. I really enjoyed the conversation and clean cut he gave. I can tell this barbershop takes pride in their work and barbers and it shows in the care and result they give to their customers. If you are looking for a clean and precise razor fade, Fabian Alcaraz is someone to consider!!!

Michael Lawson

Would give more than 5 stars if possible. Best barbershop in town easily.

William Lenzini

Good cuts, Good service, Good barbers, not much more you could ask from a barber shop. In my personal opinion, it's the best in the springs.

Cody Teagle

These are my boys! If you want a bad a** haircut, Wash, Trim. This is the place to go! Got video games, lounge and music playing while you wait. They're usually appointment only. They have events you can attend sometimes and even some merchandise. The parking isn't the best and dangerous in the winter.the service and the job they do how ever is top notch! Always will recommend.

Trevor Faas

Barbershop did excellent, my barber was Fabian Alcaraz! I recommend this place to everyone!

miguel collazo

Simply the cleanest cuts in all of Colorado Springs. If you trying to get a fresh fade for Friday night Fabian is the man. #FFFF Professional barbers who exceed the average hair cut. They take there work seriously and they are artists.

Renee' Guy

I’ve seen a few different barbers here now and I can say they do a great job! Being a mother of a boy who wants a skin fade with a line up isn’t always easy in this town (most shops give a high and tight) but this shop gives him exactly what he wants every damn time no matter who is behind the clippers!! That speaks for itself if you ask me because I’ve been to countless places and still go back here because they do such a great job!! My boy is 6 and we have been going here almost 2years.

Zane Miller

If you are looking for a truly top notch haircut and customized style to your liking these guys do an exceptional job at making that happen. They treat you like family, and will always make sure you leave feeling and looking fresh!

Jia Ling

First, I have to start by saying that I did not get a haircut here. Judging by the reviews, they probably do give really great haircuts. I came in on Saturday morning as a walk-in. I got there and was asked if I had an appointment and I said no. A barber informed me that there will be a bit of a wait, which I did not mind, so I proceeded to sit down. During my wait, instead of giving clients their attention, most of the barbers were loudly joking with one another, yelling across the barbershop. The one heavy-set fellow in the corner was ranting about millennials, about how sensitive they are,how they cannot handle the truth, and how they are a bunch of pansies. Then he went on about how some guy walked in with some fancy shoes and continued to complain endlessly. They may give good haircuts, but there are some unprofessional and immature behavior going on at this establishment. For a Hispanic-dominant barbershop to make generalizations about other groups of people is really unfortunate. Eventually, I decided to just walk out and got my haircut at a different barbershop. It was very clear to me that if you weren't "one of them," you will not feel welcomed here. Again, I am not attesting to the quality of their haircuts, just their professionalism.

Kyle Daniels

Got my hair cut today by Jordan, he was great and gave me the best haircut I've ever gotten. Definitely recommend coming to this place to anybody and would 11 times out of 10 come here again.

Cornelius Jefferson

Tiffany Tapers is A premier barber, her service is outstanding. Regardless of location she is such a master of her craft. The location is currently under renovations, still doesn't hinder the quality of the service.

Adam Griess

Awesome place to get a quick snip.

Pam & Jason Womeldorff

Love that the shop is open on Sundays, Fabian is a great barber, awesome vibe and he made me feel at home. Will be back and recommend this spot for children too.

Robert Wright

Very inviting atmosphere, music playing, people who love their work. I had a really good experience and recommend them!

Daniel Williams

I've been looking for a barber for a long time. 3 years to be exact and everyone just sucks. I went to Robert and he was able to hook it up and was actually ON POINT! I was like, in shock. I'm a master stylist and I have had incredible luck with this industry and sold two very successful salons in Georgia. These are the kind of stylists you need in a successful barber shop.

Jeremiah Nordby

Great guys and great place

Anthony Henderson

Walked in the shop for the first time today and walked out happy. It's nice to go to a real barber shop and get a top notch haircut. The staff was laid back and professional, these boys are committed to their trade and it shows. I definitely plan on returning. Their prices are very reasonable considering the quality and attention to detail. You can waste money at chain places that claim to be "great" or "super" and get a lame haircut by someone who claims to know how to do a fade or you can check out Living Proof.

Jesse Villa

Really friendly barber's. give good hair cuts too

Macarius K

I. Can't. Even. Wow! I just got my first haircut from Fabian and it is undoubtedly, without exaggeration, the best haircut I have had in my life! He is a master at his craft, but is also just a real awesome person and excellent conversationalist. His daughters were even in the store with him today, and it was clear he is an excellent father! Fabian is good people. If you are considering a new barber shop, look no further and come and see Fabian.

Julie Segura

I love the service. Everyone is friendly.

Rachel Porter

Tiffany is the best and works very well with kids and special needs too! Turtle fam approved ❤

Michael Miles

Always a good job done here. It's your own local barbershop! If there is another barbershop movie to be made it should be here!

Rich Felon

Had to get a cut with my brother who is pretty picky about his haircut and found "Living Proof" after looking around. Place is legit and they cut hair how YOU want it, they know all the styles and and can hookup a fade better than any barber I've had cut my hair in the past. Prices are reasonable and they do an excellent job without rushing.

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