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REVIEWS OF Legends Barbershop IN Colorado

Pedro Valle

Very clean, welcoming business. Great service and prices! Quality haircuts! Very impressed.

Anthony Speer

Great people. The first good haircut I've got in Colorado. Adorable too!!

m Arguello

As a former employee and customer of product this place shines. Melissa, Andres and Johnny kill the game. I will continue to recommend people to them in the Denver area even though I do not work there anymore.

Harvey Guerra

Been going to Mike for a while now and just love legends

Echo omni

Average cut but A true

Jon Mann

Sasha did a great job with my cut! Very satisfied!

Carl Ortiz

Got a great haircut! Friendly staff.

Courtney T

Disappointed in customer service. In the past I have been really satisfied -- the barbers tend to give great cuts and it's a fun and friendly atmosphere. But today we went and the place was super busy -- and they didn't seem to be keeping an order. At first I thought there were appointments being taken first but then....... Going some place else. Yes, appointments take precedence over walk ins But the barber told me they just rent the space......

adam peterson

Fade was good but the guy didn't do what I told him to do with the length on top. Cut all my length off and now I have a crew cut/flat top. I'm sure other barbers there are better, but Idk if I'll go back.

Chris Loffelmacher

Been going to Mike for years one of the best in Denver.

Kim Payetta

Great place. Old barber shop feel. We usually try and see Johnny but we've never gotten a bad cut, ever. The prices are awesome. 17$ for my teenager!

Richard Levine

I started going here about 14 months ago and I will never go any where else. I even drive about 30 min for my house to come here. I always go with melissa she def knows what shes doing. She truly takes care of her customers. Evey one at this shop is very good at what they do. I def recommend this shop. Over any in the area.

Loc Martin

One day over one year ago I was passing the Legends Barbershop. Out of the barber shop came Michael, the owner, who provided me literature in regards to his shop. Within a week of that conversation with Michael I tried his shop and a haircut with Michael. As a result I have been going to Michael for haircuts ever since. His haircut are GREAT!! Not what you receive from other Barber Shops. The shop is extremely friendly staffs always Hello, goodbye. The shops hours extremely accommodating, open seven day a week and even great shaves are offered. For all to now with hair on their heads it is the place to GO! Jack Martin Sr.

Robert Barrera

The best place in the area for men and young men’s haircuts, Hands down!! Always a good experience at Legends

Jason Escalera

I switched to this shop because it's close to home. Turns out they do an amazing job every time. Thanks Luis, as always!

RJ Saenz

This is the only shop I go to since I moved here two years ago and it’s because I always ALWAYS get a great cut! The customer service is amazing too, good people with good conversation and not to mention that the prices are really good for a barbershop in the middle of Denver. I definitely recommend.

Greg Cook

Most wonderful indubitably! I’ve lived in Denver for over a year now and been single the whole time. Meeshelle cut my hair and transformed me into Thor: Lord of Thunder and ever since then my super pretty neighbor girl has been hanging out with me daily. I finally asked her out on a date for Thursday and she said yes. I’ll definitely be letting Meeshelle: like a seashell, know how it goes, and down the road you can bet she’ll have a wedding invitation hand delivered by us personally. TLDR: been single forever, Meeshelle cut my hair and now I’m dating a girl.

Michael Vidmar

I am new to the area. I have been getting my hair cut by the same barber for the last 3 years. I am always very nervous when visiting a new barbershop because I am very picky with my hair cuts. I was lucky enough to get my hair cut by Mike. This guy is very professional, polite, and gave me an outstanding razor fade. The rest of the staff was very friendly and knew their customers by name. I have found my new barber shop and I am a very pleased customer. I highly reccomend Legends barbershop for anyone looking for a good, authentic cut.

Mia McCurdy

Such a great group of people working here. Felt very welcome and the cut was fresh.

Steve R

I've been going here for over 5 years with my son. The last few times I've come in I've been over looked for customers who came in after me. Today was no different. I've been a loyal customer tipping every time I come in, even when the rookies give me a bad haircut. So today I walked out and went to the barbershop down the street call New Gentleman on Galena. They gave me good service and a good haircut. I will not he returning. Waiting over an hour for a haircut to be overlooked is ridiculous.

Todd Nelson

Awesome haircut and beard trim! Found my new spot. Thank you!

Thomas Longnecker

This is a great place to get a combo cut and beard trim. $25.00 with tip. They usually have pretty good talent working there. But I got some bad ones too. Most people just wait for cutters they like. The place can be busy. They take credit cards.

Liliana Chacon-Arballo

It was my first time bringing my almost 2 year old for a cut/fade since I had last taken him to a place that totally messed up his hair. I wish I could remember the girls name, very mellow & sweet voice. She did such a great job on my boys hair & I truly appreciated her being so patient because hes a squirmer! I will definitely be coming back again :)

Mikey Archibeque

I loved this barber shop. Awesome staff, real talented. I will be going here regularly.

Christina Chagolla

Melissa did a Great Job on my Grandson!! Thank you he said he looks Handsome now! Very clean and nice people..

Ellie Velasquez

Friendly people

Alex Saldana

I like these folks a lot here. Generally there's always someone available or a short wait.

Sean Mangelson

Great haircut. Jonny did great. I will be back

Jennifer Popham

Love the early hours

phil lobo

I find it difficult to make time for appointments these days so I just go with who is available. I found this spot and have been about 20 times. I've had my hair cut by quite a few different barbers here and have never been disappointed. I'm impressed to see so many talented barbers in one place. The attitude and service is always great.

Keith Barnett

Awesome Barber. Great price.

Devin Lee

I almost never leave reviews. Something has to be incredibly terrible, or absolutely awesome for me to spend my time leaving a review. Well this place my friend, is definitely worth the time. I've gone to this shop 8 times in about 6 months. I've had three different barbers, three different style of cuts. I'm usually pretty dissatisfied with my haircut at other places. I've just come to accept it. At Legends though it is the opposite. These guys will listen to exactly what you want, make professional recommendations for styling and products, then give you a fantastic cut. The 2 times I've went in I've sat with Vaughn, and unless he is absolutely unavailable he's made a lifelong customer. I've just recently transitioned to a job where I must keep my hair professional and my man Vaughn has styled me way above par. Everyone in this shop is awesome, and I highly recommend it!

Bradley Cook

So I went in to get my beard trimmed and cleaned up before my wedding. I used the words "straighten the top edge and take care of the curly hairs that are sticking up so they are not standing up above the others". So how the guy took that to mean I wanted it shaped on my cheek to a full inch lower towards my jaw line and cut an additional two full blade guard sizes shorter then I wear it is beyond me (I typically wear a full trimmed beard mind you). My soon to be wife was REALLY upset because now I don't even look like me and this is what I'm going to look like in all my wedding photos. I tried really hard not to be upset by it because it's not like you can reattach the hair but when I got home and took a closer look he didn't even cleanly shave where he shaped it. I've got stubble over 1/4 of an inch long all over the place. I had to reshave where he messed up his mess up. Talk about 100% failure. If you are not going to listen to your customers why are you even in business!?!? I have to try to fix the problem he created and now I'll probably have to shave myself clean and I have not worn a clean face in many years. Do not go here if how you look matters to you.

Stephen Sandecki

Hands down the best barbershop near the DTC area.

Clifford James

Great cuts, good ppl

Joshua Richardson

Great place for a haircut and beard trim. I walked in for the first time last week, and Kevin greeted me and called me over to his station. Kevin gave me awesome service and even recommended a different cut for my beard than I was originally going for, and after taking his advice, I'm glad he did!

Hamza Khalid

Great experience! Awesome staff, everyone was pleasant and accommodating and did not seem overwhelmed despite how busy it got! Mike did a good job. I had a head shave and beard trim. They take appointments as well as walk in

Nyk Zukowski

I just stopped in Legends for the first time. I lived in a different part of town before and Legends is closer. I am very glad it is because I just got a great haircut directly from Mike Gomez, the owner. When I walked in, every chair but Mike's was taken so he called me back. The shop was clean and tidy. All of the cuts his guys were working on looked good. When he asked me what I wanted, he was VERY particular and detail oriented. After talking with him for a few minutes, it was very apparent that Mike takes great pride in his work and his crew. A couple times during my cut, one of his guys would ask him a question and he was very attentive to making sure his crew was on point. The phone also rang 3 times during my cut, which is a good sign that they are doing the barber game right. Between that and the packed chairs, I can tell it was a good shop. Now, the cut. I usually get a short cut (about 3/4ths on top with about 1/2 on the sides). Some barbers jump on the opportunity to "turn and burn" these easier cuts and get on to the next client, but Mike was extremely meticulous and made sure every single hair was cut just right, including all of the rogue hairs around my ears and neck. When he asked what I wanted done with the back, he had recommended a taper. I usually just square it off but was open to his suggestion and glad I was. The taper looks great and the rest of the cut was very good. I will definitely be back the next time I need a haircut or to get my neck trimmed up and would definitely recommend the shop to anyone who wants a good haircut. I can tell Mike takes a lot of pride in his work, his crew, and his clients. We had a good conversation and overall, the experience was very pleasant and my hair looks great. 10/10, would return.


You want a Dope cut, come here!

Brian Radford

Did a great job on our 4 year old's haircut. Nice, clean shop and family friendly.

Tron Villalva

I had the pleasure of getting my beard faded by Mike. I believe he is the owner. This wasn’t just a beard trim but an experience. You see, if you get to talk to Mike you’ll Very quickly learn that you’re not in just a barbershop. You’re in a place that’s trying to make a difference in the community. A place to go and feel positive energy and vibes to carry you through the upcoming week. A place where individuals are striving and aiming to please but also get better. The beard fade came out nice as well. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work.

Victor Brown

Not enough words to explain what a great barber shop and I would recommend it to any and everybody.

Aaron Banks

The atmosphere is special, This barbershop is wonderful. They are respectful and make reservation.Fully recommended.

Matt McCormick

Walked in for a beard trim which was perfectly done for a great price.

Cory Lees

I do not trust people with my beard. I trust Legends with my beard. Enough said.

william leahy

Best barbershop in Denver! If you need a Flat top there is no one better than Mike!

Justin Highland

Best barber shop in Denver hands down, and I have been to just about all of them. It's a drive but always worth it. Some shops charge twice and even three times as much as Legend's. The price for a top notch men's haircut? $20, which includes a neck shave. Mike the owner is very professional and a really cool guy. My barber Beto has given me the best haircuts I've ever had and I'll never go anywhere else. They never rush you and take their time. They always make sure you get exactly what you want. If you're looking for an awesome and modern men's haircut I recommend Andres or Beto, they do an outstanding job.

haroon hasanzada

Very poor customer service even 1 star is to much for them

Andrew Smallin

Great place to get your hair cut, it's my new go to place.

Joseph Valtierra

I'm sure ol dude had to be fired or something by now, whoever he was.. but I went in there and one of the barbers was just unprofessional and rude to the customer getting cut ahead of me. Barber literally asked the customer so smug, "can you just let me do my job?" That fade was clearly uneven.. I left without a cut because that's wack. That was like a year ago though, didn't know I never wrote a comment, until now.

Darold Burnett

Experienced with attention to detail barbers

Mitch Jolly

Been going here since I moved to Denver in July. Everyone is super competent and you won’t be disappointed with whatever cut you get. Recommend for anyone that wants to look their best.

Stephanie Adelman

Aundres is AMAZING with my son. My son won't see ANYBODY ELSE!

Arick Rangel

Meesheel is an amazing barber I got a great cut today along side great conversation....thanks meesheel!!!

Humberto Martin

Best barbers in town. Go to Johnny

Emmanuel Sanders

Great fades


Great cuts, Johnny is the man

Dennis Majewski

I highly recommend Legends a great cut and overall experience.

rooster illusion

Boris is the man. Thanks for a great hair cut!

Caleb Donian

great service and fair prices

Robert Godinez

This is a pretty laid back neighborhood barber shop. My wait was about 15 minutes. My barber was very nice and willing to style my hair just to my liking. The only reason I didn't give this place 5 stars is because I thought it was overpriced. A men's haircut is $20. I have always been willing to pay about $14 to $16 for a haircut and then usually tip about $2, so you can pay for it all if you have a $20 bill. I had to keep my $20 bill in my pocket and pay with my credit card.

Molly Oakley

Meeshelle was great at coloring my hair:)

sherry duran

Sooooo, I have to say this place went above and beyond! I brought my son in for a kids cut and a line up- I had no idea they would treat him like a grown man lol. I believe his name was Jason- the only name on my receipt when I paid. He was great! My son got pampered! They took the towel to his face and lined him up nice! The atmosphere was inviting. Michael, I believe to be the owner and master barber (which his face matched their website) went following a potential client with a card. The place wasn't busy for a Sunday but with the Broncos playing who would be there? I would return and this time with more clients. Easy to find- parking is a little crammed but is close to everything you need!

Sean Elliott

Excellent haircut and beard trim, they took there time and genuinely cared about there work! Best barber in the Denver metro area yet!

Ran Hailco

Sasha was great! Great hair cut, great conversation. Was very personal and she made sure I'd love the result 100% before letting me go. Definitely will come again!

Big Flave

They are simply the best

andrew chess

Dad and son haircuts, well done!

Christina Benavidez

We chose this shop because of the reviews, drove over during rush hour and they had no problem cutting all three of my boys. They were done by 3 different barbers and they were all perfect! This is definitely our new go-to!

Ryan Sween

Great barbershop! First time in today with Caesar, won't be my last! Go check them out, best haircut I've had in years!

Don Permian

I found out I had an interview and needed to find somewhere to get a haircut quickly. I walked in and David hooked it up with a classic styled cut. I wasn't sure exactly what I needed but he knew what the haircut was for and did a fantastic job. Afterwards, I ran some errands I've been putting off just so I could be seen with the new look. 11/10

Colin McBroom

Absolutely the best. I've never had a better haircut in my life, and ESPECIALLY for the price. I've been going to see Melissa here for about a year, and I've never once been any less than extremely satisfied. I'd highly recommend Legends Barbershop to anyone that truly wants to look and feel their best.

Audencio R.

Except one the rest Great barbers who know how to take the time to listen and give you what your looking for and great customer skills

Zack Withrow

Got a haircut and beard trim yesterday from Priest. It looks good, the shop is clean, and everyone is extremely friendly.

Mark Hernandez

Great service


So glad I got my taper cut by Tim. I'm a picky guy on my taper/fade and he is patient, listens and delivers what I want. He is a good man and tries hard to make you happy.

David Madrid

Got an awesome chop by Sasha. Will definitely be back.

Danny Aguirre

Good barbershop with good barbers. I go to Luis always reliable. Call and make an appointment so you don't have to wait.

Jose Cabral

Gary Booton

Wonderful Haircuts And Excellent Barber's! Great Service And Great Prices.

Thomas Slade

Michael (Mike) Gomez took care of me. I mean that. From parking and seeing him waiting out front for me to arrive I got the feeling he's used to treating people like they're more family than customer. The whole shop had that vibe. Like, even though I'd never been there before I was treated like close friend. The conversation between chairs is lively but that's never an expectation to be anyone but your own genuine self, relax and get a great service.

Taylor K

Go see Johnny

Titan Ritenour

Just wanted to let people know this is a great place to have your hair cut. I've had my matt cut here by two different people and they both did a fine job. The conversation was on point to I like to talk about sports and sometimes I'm really quite you'll get both types here. Best cuts I've had in Denver!

Stephen Tobin

Come see me Mon/wed/fri 9am-7pm for tight line ups, beards, low/shadow fades, taper fades, flat tops, hard parts, hot towel shaves, royal shaves ,designs, long hair is no problem either... you name it I can do it all!

Isaac Martinez

These guys are great. Mike the owner is an awesome guy, always makes you feel welcome. Andres and Johnny are amazing barbers as well. Everyone here is great!

Bryan Castro-Bello

great place to get clean cuts

Brittany Wilbanks

Jason did a great job on a head of hair he never seen before. Glad I made the stop in.

David Howard

First time there with Johnny was the BEST cut I have ever had. Not to be confused with this time with John. This was the worst cut I have ever had. Was excited to go back and get a trim. Unfortunately for me, and this establishment, Johnny wasn't there. Being the only time I had, I gave another guy a whirl. Huge mistake. He gave me the cut he wanted, not what I requested. My, "just a trim. Three on the side and blend it in to the top." Turned in to a shaved head with bangs. Would be great if I was in the military or 15. Unfortunately I am neither. After reading other reviews, looks like a common trend. Hopefully they fix this. My entire office has been using this establishment up until now. Have a feeling when they see this cut, that will change. (When getting a trim, your hair should not be cut shorter than it was 4 weeks ago. Just saying.)

Ryder Girl

Horrible service the fade on my hair was uneven my haircut was not worth what they charge and they are not kid friendly they also charge $17 for a baby hair cut the Chinese lady cutting hair can't cut any ladies hair she will straight up kick you out of her chair she also has no respect for married men she definitely will disrespect your wife and family by trying to flirt and purposely throw her self at any married man very rude disrespectful people never will be be coming here ever again

Damon Durham

The only reason I went to this barber shop is because it was open hours before my regular shop, so I decided to test my luck. I'll be honest, as the only black guy in this shop I was quite concerned I was going to get an awful cut, but I'm a gambling man! Annnnnd I'm glad I didn't let my ignorance get the best of me. I sat with Louise and I haven't been more satisfied with a cut since I moved back to Colorado over 5 years ago. So I have a new barber now.... See you next week!

Robert Mixon

Not a better barbershop in Denver!

Jim Villhauer

If there is a wait, it's worth it

John O'Boyle

Luis was my barber when I went and he is so friendly and professional. Listened to what I wanted and executed it perfectly. Jason is also an excellent barber as well. All around great shop for hair cuts or beard trims!

Jesse Romero

Cuzin cuts excellent fades named Ivonna you will be back for more.

Rodney Jones

Louise did an excellent job understood what I was looking for and gave me just that! I'll definitely be back.

Carlos Luna

This place was recommended to me by cousins husband. I stopped by for a haircut, great staff! My haircuts have been on point and haven't changed barbershops since I first went. I have been going for over a year now and I highly recommend it.

John Von Tilius

Best hair cut I have had in years.

Robert Beard

I will be back. It a laid back atmosphere and all the barbers were welcoming.

r w

VAN HAIREN is gone. I decided to get cut by someone else there. BIG Mistake. The guy was so heavy handed with the buzzer, he gave me a headache & shakes. Not only that he couldn't do a fade and use a pair of scissors. When the Butchery was done he thought he did a good job. I looked over and saw 2 other people getting their hair cuts. IT was like 3 Stooges were all there getting haircuts and I was one of them. I would stay away from this place. UPDATE VAN HAIREN is a juniors barber shop at micro Tech Center.

tim brooks

Nothing but professionalism and quality. Highly recommend

levelup king

Awesome. Shop and service mi'chelle gave me the fade ive had since coming to denver ,she had me looking like odelle Beckham jr. I would suggest you get an appointment though or you Will have to wait but everyone is very friendly and everyone seemed to do good work this will definitely be my official shop.

Mike Collins

Boris is the man!

Andres Gerardo

I had tried out a few barbers when I first moved here a few years back. I then came into Legends. Mike and his team have been awesome over the last 3+ years I have been going there. A bunch of genuinely good folks.

Jack Gallagher

I love this place. Ive been there just 3 times and had 3 different people which was just to be done quicker and i dont have 1 complaint. Everytime i got a perfect cut and i have annoying hair to cut. Awesome place.

Nadiyah Ziyad

Nice ambience.

Eric G

I liked this barbershop but the price went up and the quality went down, sad to see.

Blake Barnes

The value you get here is incredible. All of the barbers are diligent and talented and the atmosphere is what you'd expect from a small privately owned shop. Whatever your style, you'll find someone you like who can do it well

Ethan Goss

I absolutely love the 2 haircuts I’ve gotten here so far! I’ve never felt my 25$(+tip of course) was more worth it! I always just buzzed my head my self thinking haircuts would never be worth 25$ but they sure have proved me wrong here! Absolutely great work!

Thomas Faulkner

Walked in and was seated immediately by Mike. He did a great job trimming and cleaning up my beard. He was very friendly and offered some tips on how I can keep my beard looking good. Great shop!

Trey Andaryy

All I have to say.. is that Jason is the man lol. If you have a beard and you want a shape up, come to legends. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Kevin Howell

Great place. And open earlier than everyone else. A little expensive but worth it. Super friendly staff

Michael Schuman

Got a very good cut, first time. I'll be back.

Adam Hicks

Open early, fantastic shave and cut, best barbershop conversation I've ever had.

Fred Attia

Great cuts, very clean and nice shop. Staff is really cool.


Had a haircut a few weeks ago from them. Great haircut by the owner at 715 am, felt unrushed and attended! Then went back and got someone who wasnt the owner... he completly ignored my request for a part and just gave me a full combover.... candidate for worst haircut of my life. Asked for gel and he put palmade in, so now it looks bad and smells horrible. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE OWNER or you're making a mistake.

TJ Lopez

I love Michelles personality and she is also a good barber! Check her out!

def jam669

Faded up tight and right.

Matthew Matlock

Great local barber sure to support your local shop....first chair in has been a barber for 32 years and you can tell he takes it serious..highly recommend! They do it all.

Henry bobbit

Johnny hooked me up

Vitali Che

I was in here today for the first time. Impressions are excellent, I did not wait long, 6 hairdressers worked. All 6 hairdressers did an excellent job, I looked specifically while I was waiting! Andres tonsured me wonderful! What I expected was even better. Great job

Chris Semrod

Boris is the best barber in denver

Barbara Assadi

We always take our grandsons here for haircuts and have been exceptionally pleased with the work done by any of the barbers there. They are all highly skilled and great with kids. My husband now goes there too and is so happy with his haircuts!

Jason Ward

Classic barber shop, hot lather, straight razors. Uncheap prices are the only modern part.

Hunter Hulsey

Amazing haircuts everytime

D Nyagolova

Andres is incredible. My boyfriend has been doing his haircut here since 2013. All the barbers are ingreadibly nice and friendly.

David Orser

Hands down the best cut I have ever had. Jason is very personable and obviously has incredible experience and skill. I will be back. Thanks Jason!

Daniel Schaller

Great place for gentlemen's cuts and at a good price

P. Mark Alford

Opens at 7am. Thumbs up. Needed an emergency cut for an interview.

Kyle Faivre

Great cut from Becky and she was super nice

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