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REVIEWS OF Hollywood's Barber Shop IN Colorado

Jason Strong

Great staff and great cuts... Been going for years and wouldn't change it for the world.

diane allen

Great shop to get haircut....Jon Jon was my barber.We made an appointment and he was ready ten minutes early....unheard of... Will definitely be back and sure to tell friends

James Visor

Its the only place I've gone to get my hair cut since I've loved here for 10 years. Very few places in town I can get a REAL fade I don't need to question or have touched up. Nothing but love for this venue and its employees.

Shamel Jefferson

Robert Willie

Good barbers

Shant'a Johnson

They were so rude to my sister and young nephew yesterday! My sister is a single mother who works hard long hours for her and my 5 year old nephew. They arrived to the shop at 5 because it states their hours are from 9am- 6pm. When she got to the door, they weren't even kind, they just said "We're closed". She needed my nephew's hair done for his first day of Kindergarten! If people should book an appointment, that needs to be why stated. I dont get why we as black folks dishonor one another so easily in Denver! This was for a little black boy's first day of school! I'm very hurt. Such a disgrace!

Rodolfo Rivera

Cris and the gang of Hollywood barbershop are a awesome staff plus always great music.

John Sacco

Awesome, friendly dudes. Great space and atmosphere! Master P hooked me up with the best cut I've had outside of New York. Highly recommended.

Keitron Williams

Mr. Mike cuts like no other. Keeping a kountry boi fresh all day all the time

J'mila Harrison

No one can cut hair here. I seen everyone walking out with bad hair cuts. Line ups be fu#%*d!!!!!! My son had picture day the next day after the cut and I was not happy with his cut

Grace Mallory

I have been to this shop as a walk in and I didn't have to wait long to get some service. But it is best to make an appointment. As a woman I don't expect fancy styles. This shop is about barber cuts, touchups, and short easy female cuts. Different races can go to this shop, and the prices are reasonable.

Alexandra P

I initially set up an appointment with Shelly two weeks in advance. The day of I couldn't find her around the shop, I finally track her down and let her know I had an appointment and she tells me she had me down for an earlier time and had me as a no show. Now I am 100% sure of the time and was frustrated that she shrugged it off. Terrell, the barber next to her was available and he decided to take me on. I have very long curly hair and have only had women even work with my hair. I was there for a side shave. He seemed unsure at first in parting so much hair but once we figured it out and he shaved off a good junk - he got down. He gave me a super cute side shave and was very considerate the whole time. He communicated well with me the entire time, checking in on how I wanted it. Then at the end of it all only charged me $10! Honestly he saved the experience.

mark Richardson

Great place for family and just you to get a great hair cut

thadude 1

Great barbers. Fun atmosphere. Clean place with lots of space. I usually go to the same barber but in occasion have gotten a great cut by at least 3 others. I drive all the way across town to go there!

Wafae channel

I went for my son haircut. this. is. amazing friendly barbershop Sam he is pro my son very happy recommended

Doug Rovello

Best fade I've ever gotten. Edge is perfect they are legit here these guys know what they doing


William Hampton

Great barbershop in an unassuming spot. Real barber shop feel and the owner is also a barber who works everyday. There are a ton of regulars, myself included, so don't try to just walk in. Call ahead and make an appointment! Weekends are only walk in but will be crazy busy. If you want graphics, a full cut or a crisp fade, this is your barbershop.

Demetrius Parker

Really, good cuts & customer service! Prices have gone up to $20.00 FYI but, they're worth every penny, dime & nickle!

Ian Curwen

Had me waiting long. Even people that came in after me left before me. Fat light skin dude just looked at me when i asked him for a kutt. No worries, my guy on the 16th street mall got skills.

Stagger Lee

Dont know

Martino Gruelle

Way to expensive

Michael Seymour

Lokei Kip

shellie martinez

Rubin Turner

Cool cuts

Jameel Rashid

Marvin Washington

Brittany Price

We love Miss Shelly


Mayowa Adelugba

Gotta see Shellie!

Dj Erickson

One of the best barber John, very professional. Will recommend.

Blaise Wabo

Ben McKee

Phenomenal barbers, with most (maybe all, actually) specializing in fades, designs and thick / curly / black / ethnic / diverse types of hair. Don't do what I did and waste your time going to Floyd's across the street -- these guys know how to make any dome leave with a fresh cut and not a monstrosity (I speak from experience). Felipe is my guy -- great conversation and never had any doubt about what I would be walking out with. I'll be back.

Troy Dismel

I do enjoy getting my haircut at this awesome and laid back barber shop. Mr G, has been only true barber. I find it to be a nice and clean place for those whom wish to kick it while weather is cooking each other.


Best barber shop in Denver

Jeanathan green-lockhart

Didn't care for them at all. Whiles waiting looking at the TV I guess on the Barbers thought I was looking at him. Finally he asked me and the other 3 guys sitting next to if was here for a haircut. Duh? anyway he sent us upstairs. The Barber that took care of us was cool, no the best cut but was nice. When sitting in the chair I could hear his convo, basically saying that he didn't have his Barber license, and since he got out they are trying to hook him up. Well I knew what that conversation was about. Even if he did give me a great cut I wouldn't see him there long. This place is unprofessional. I and I haven't been back since. Its cool only if your "Homeboy" is the

Erica Murphy

Son love it here

Audra Davis

Shellie rocks!!!

Paul Escobedo

Arabia Sharif

They really didnt know how to cut hair at all! They messed up my cut and didnt care. Still had to pay as well.Worse experience ever. Never coming back again.

Lovell Keenan

Great service at a reasonable price!

Rico Baskett

My barber is excellent

Michael A

I’ve been coming to this barber shop for almost 20 years, since I was a kid and my mom had to take me lol I read a lot of these reviews and I’ll be honest it does get busy in there. But that’s because their providing quality cuts!They don’t accept appointments on Saturdays!! I repeat no appointments on Saturdays so you will be waiting 2+ hours even if you get there early. If you’ve never been there before and every barber is cutting hair you need to ask the barbers how many cuts they have and if they can get you in, not just sit there. I highly recommend this places if your looking for a barber shop in Denver, if not there’s a Floyd’s across the street!

kelly ford

Jon Jon the Barber amazing. Just amazing. He has the Good Hand. Clean Professional Image. Master Barber at its finest.

Travis Britt

Barber cut me during my line up And pushed my line back smh

Vanessa Turja

Miss Right

John Harrington

Better prices than the surrounding barbers. It has a mostly African American clientele and barbers, but as an Anglo it is my place to go, because they do a great job on all hair and treat all customers with respect.

Troy Horne

Love this place! Best cut in town! Take my kids here and they love their cuts every time.

Frances Sanchez


I find this place a bit pricey for a neighborhood spot,but the barber l use , Robert Johnson is a maestro of the fade game.

Regina Gayton

It was terrible the second time I went to try to get my sons hair cut I called th were y said I domt need appointment we was ignored the whole time seating then it was closing time and we didn't get seen are did we hear anyone say not one thing to us wen we was sitting ther

James Finder

I get my cut by Chris. Great cut & great price.

Cassie Hamilton

Lawrence Jackson

Every barber here is A+

Joshua Spears

Always a great cut

sharnell williams

Black barbershop with great barbers!

Rashad&sabrina Taylor

SKTV Channel

Being from L.A., Hollywood Barber Shop was my choice from the start, it was the cool atmosphere, great service from "Teddy" and music that keeps me going back.

Matt L

Best black barber shop in denver. Dope urban setup.


This place was recommended as a good barber for black hair in Denver. I went in, noted that there was no desk to be greeted at or put yourself on a waiting list so I just sat down (right next to about two barbers and in all of their eyeshot). I watched as, over the course of an hour and change, every barber there continued to take customers who just walked in after me. To steal a chair, I would have had to mad dash to it. I shouldn't have to steal a chair or dash to one to get a haircut. I dreaded every time someone looking like "a homey" walked through the door because it meant, regardless of how long i'd been waiting, I was not going to be seen ... again. Finally i made long enough eye contact with a barber who had just finished up. He comes over begrudgingly and tells me he can't do my hair because I have locs. I hadn't even said what I wanted done. I wanted an undercut and fade. It would be as simple as cutting off the locs on the side/back of my head and buzzing it. He gave me a spiel about how this couldn't be done. I left after spending about 2 hours watching other people get their hair done. I immediately went to a different black shop further along E Colfax. In that shop I was greeted the second I walked in (by a barber doing someone's hair. He greeted me despite being busy). I was told it would be a few minute wait. I tentatively told one of the barbers what I wanted, thinking that I sounded absurd, given Hollywood's dismissal of my request. He was like "no problem!" . I was seated in 10 minutes and it only took about 20-30 minutes (shorter than/just as long as cuts I was seeing people get at Hollywood. So time couldn't have been a reason for turning me away). It was done amazingly ... mainly because it was not a crazy request). Long story short. The guys at this barber shop laughed at Hollywood's conduct. Told me it's common....and seemed flabbergasted that they wouldn't take me (and by their customer service). They weren't sure if Hollywood was lazy or just genuinely incapable of figuring out how to execute my request. I suppose the latter is the more reasonable choice...but not really because most people want to go someplace with capable barbers. Bad reviews won't hurt Hollywood. It's a big place with lots of regulars....but they are unprofessional in my opinion, and as I've come to learn, It's best not to ignore the bad reviews on yelp. My experience mirrored so many of the negative reviews... My business and 90% tipping is going to the other shop now. I want to keep supporting as many black businesses as possible in Denver...but only the ones run professionally.

Aaron L

Jerrid 1st floor left side all the way back best fade I have ever had in Denver #no hat, no wave cap

Marco M

Cynthia Pesantez

I usually cut my own hair because it's curly and I get frustrated with hairdressers who charge too much to give a decent cut. But lately I've been cutting it really short on the sides, and I'm tired of using the clippers on myself. So when I walked by this place and Xavier waved at me out the window, I popped in. I showed him what I was working with and he assured me he could take care of me. I came in almost a week later and the experience was great. Welcoming crew (even though I might have been the only woman there), clean cut, great conversation. I noticed some comments from the other barbers regarding my gender, but Xavier shut them down. I'm really happy with how my cut turned out.


Being from the East, my cut needs to be crispy and nothing less. I sat in this shop for almost an hour and noticed everyone walked out with bad haircuts. I walked out and never attempted to go back. If you don't know what a good haircut is then check out Get_Beamed on YouTube.

Darrien Cartez

Judge Jay

Mikey is and master Barber

Deniecia Denning

My poor baby was traumatized

Mitchell Bass Jr

Eddie Carter

Lockandstalk 810

Felipe Fademaster hooked it up!! Chill environment, great vibe and a man that takes his time to get it done right. Already have my next appt set. not going anywhere else. This is a REAL barbershop, men and women welcome.

Teyei Chollom

LaNesha Chase

There are good barbers there. But the atmosphere is weird for a barbershop. The owner acts like he is too good to take walk-ins. He literally said I can't take your son right now because I have an appointment. We got helped by another barber and I swear that guy was finished with my son's hair by the time his " appointment" even arrived.

Micaela L


these guys are real pros. loved the cut, reasonable price.

Jarell Wall

Great team, talent and availability. Best barbershop in Denver

Vincent Oletu

Great place for a cut.

Ross Exler

Great place


See Shellie upstairs! She is great and always does exactly what you ask for and then has recommendations to enhance the look! Awesome barber!

Nadiapeter Brown

Linda Tucker

Nice people there

Sam Ryckman

Gianfranco Clayton

Great service and good Barbers

Andre Mosley

Tyler Richardson

Been going for years. Mikes the GOAT

Get like Zee

The barber with the dog is really cool.

michael aremu

I've been going to Hollywoods for 13 years now same barber too.. Enough said

Timothy Smith

Best in town, hands down. Ask for Chris!

Aldair Cardona

Tyrique Daniel

Drae Mills

It's always nice to have a Dependable Barber that you can count on to be consistent every time.

Chutney Patterson

Andy Nessan

I didn't have a place to get my hair cut in Denver and I saw the reviews on google for Hollywood Barber Shop and decided to try it out. I was more than happy with the quality of cut I got. Filipe is my guy now. He's a great conversationalist and a master at his craft. But I could tell they ALL were top tier barbers. If you have any hesitation about who you let cut your hair, go here. They're perfect.

Jackie Adams

I didn't get my hair cut here, but when my clutch went out last year and left me blocking a lane of traffic in front of the shop five or so guys came out and pushed my 3/4 ton truck up hill into a parking spot. I've been trying to remember the name of this place since last July. Thanks guys! I owe you a pizza and a twelve pack for sure.

Vincent Turner

Great atmosphere and barbers. They give you great haircut.

demarcus dixon

Darrell Nelson

One of the best in town nice place to get a haircut

Cherisa Johnson

Anthony Burke

B AL Good

Awesome Barber's

Darren Stewart

Asheleigh Jones

All time fav shop in Denver been coming since i was a kid #Shelliedidit

Bianca Copney

Justin Evans

Mike always gets me together.

Jay Jackson

Super great

John Anthony Barefield

Hollywood Barber Shop is so neat .. Real organized . Very friendly .. I am so glad that I chose real hip barber shop .I will come back and become as value customer .. Thank you for the owner chose me to get an haircut.. I really appreciate it .

Charles Birdsong

Best shop I have been to in Denver

Afro King

Great place to get a quick cut

Matthew Fischer

Alikemal Akyildiz

Nice place to get a nice hair cut.

April Metoyer

It's a cool place

Gabriel Dubz

Calvin Burns

Customs service was on point. Nice atmosphere. I got a relatively new barber (Xavier) and his skills were on point. Music was clean and conscious.

Sherri Davis

I ❤

Senora Pryor

Nubain Natara

Hollywood very nice cut very nice hair

Robert Newbins

Best place to get a hair cut. Been getting my hair cut here for 20 plus years with no complaints

Joe Manjarrez

The coolest the best Barbershop I've been to in Denver Colorado since I've been out here for 16 years.

Lu LoCoco

Great shop with great barbers! We walked in after getting a recommendation from a stranger, I'm so glad we went!

Brian Maniga

New in town and went in based on other reviews. They were spot on. I was cut by Xavier

melchor jasso

Walked in from the reviews and no lie. When I'm denver this is the place. Thank you Jerrod.

Michael Haldane

I got a haircut here and it was really bad. I'm not gonna put dude's name out there, but I hope he considers the situation. Messed my head up with razor burns and cuts even after I discussed with him how to avoid it. Totally ignored my requests and I had to deal with a sliced up face and neck for days. I won't be back.

Jessica Redus

James Beverly

One of the best barbershops in Denver!

Dominick Scafidi

kyle francis

Best barber shop in CO

Rueben Pulce

Gregory Skinner

Good Barbers. Great pricing. Relaxed atmosphere.

Oakley Krahenbuhl

Great shop. Great price. Great cut. My son is very particular and loves this place. We had been to 4 other barbers in denver and he finally found one. Short wait. Fast cuts. Love it.

Kristin Hulinsky

darrell johnson

Great barbers giving the fresh cuts

TJ Lopez

great ask for chris

Devon Williams

Darryl K-M

Recommend having an appointment; we sat for over 2 hours to get my sons hair cut. No one even asked if we needed help, I understand being busy but to just ignore patrons is a little disappointing. I remember coming here as a kid and the service was much different.

Roderrick Jackson

Dope cuts!


Went to get a cut at the end of the day about 2 days ago and probably worst barber I've ever had. My barber was a young dude who seemed like he was just cutting to get a Lil change. He literally kept one hand behind his back the whole time he cut my hair. I asked him to make it low even boxed up. He just started cutting. I said leave my beard alone he cuts it. I say I want thin chin straps he goes me this weird I can't even explain it had to go home and use my trimmers to make it look remotely nice. I try to give these guys up here the benefit of the doubt with cutting hair but they honestly are no good.

Lucien Hollywood

Haircut by Mike. Done well! Definitely recommend.

Chico Dimas

amazing staff


Omar Haygood

alexandra rodriguez

The best place to go

Kenneth Lovelace Jr

Christian Theuer

Had a terrible experience with barber named Mike. Total bully who ignored requests. Will be wearing a hat all week!

Kim Scott

Been coming here for 13 yrs . Best hair cuts in Denver good vibe, barber's are a cool as can be Saturdays are the best you get the true feel of unity

LaTonya Dixon

My 6 Year Old Son Was Sitting Waiting For A Barber For Almost 2 Hours We Had Walked In Before Several Customers AND They Took Them Ahead Of Him And These Are Grown Adults I Highly recommend not Coming Here They Are Very Unprofessional To Let A Child Wait That Long For A Simple Cut We Will Never Come Here Again!

Jay Penny

So rude to me when I asked for a specific barber. Find some where else.

Christian kNOX

Horrible experience at this place. Was a walk in and had to wait at 2 hours before someone even approached me for my haircut. By then my two hours was up and I had to leave. Customer service on par with Walmart. No pprofessionalism is this place. I dont recommend this place for no one to get a haircut.

Mye Names

I called and asked if I can get a cut. They said yes as long as I arrived by 5:30. I was there at 5. They booted me out. This place is trash.

Dexter Calis

Sylvester Taylor

Good place for a haircut.

Jesse graham

Mark Harper

Great barber shop for black men hair. Rob (upstairs) is awesome!

Charles Mackey

Pretty much everyone can cut.. gets kind of busy tho

ill est

Never waited so long for a haircut in my life.

Cheryl Slaughter


Dillon James

The dude with dreads, Terrell... SWORE he was the truth. Truth is, you shouldn’t be cutting hair. I told you how important my hair was and you didn’t listen. I use to sit in the chair for a good hour and a half with my barber in Michigan. You’re the first one I gave a chance to because you told me you could handle it. Took you what 15 minutes? I’ve wanted to come back in there so many times, but I don’t need a charge. Everytime I look at it, I become more angry. You know long it takes to grow? This is not a game and you need to put the clippers down. Do you know what a straight line is? Clown!

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