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REVIEWS OF Classic Barber Shop IN Colorado

Kevin Farley

Christa is great!

William Nolen

I live downtown, but drive across town because I know from experience, that the staff here will give me a good haircut (every time). I have been going here since about 2014. I really wish they were downtown or on the west side. I also love that it is locally owned, despite being in the vicinity of chain-businesses along the Powers highway. I have tried a handful of other places, only to be disappointed every time - either by price or by results.

Eric Kaiser

Great place, always quick and the cut is right.

Robert Lewis

Best military cut barber on the Northeast side of Colorado Springs. I've been going to the same barber here since it opened. Reasonable prices and great group of barbers.


Came in as a walk-in and was seen in less than 15 minutes. I’m a girl with a buzz cut, and appreciated that they charged me the same as everyone else. Great service, very decent prices, and got a great haircut. I will be returning, and I would recommend this place!

Steve Wells

Don’t come if you are in a hurry. Saturday morning and they had only three barbers. Decent haircuts. Slightly better than on base.

donald abbott

Great price and an outstanding haircut. Walked in, there was no wait, and the lady who cut my hair was an exceptional barber. Knew exactly how I wanted my hair cut and was quick. Not every barber can cut military hair, this one can and does one of best. I will be back for my next one.

Geneva Amaya

Maureen is the best! My son and husband only go here for a great cut.

Julia Warner

I was not actually here, but Google keeps insisting I was. No matter how many times I click DISMISS or I WAS NOT HERE, Google insists I was. Google needs to realize there are numerous businesses in these shopping centers. So to shut Google up, I'll give this business 5 stars.

Kandace Perry

Horrible..waited for over 30 minutes to find out they obviously dont know anything about ethnic hair. A barber should be able to service all hair types. She said "I have other people waiting and his hair will take me too long!" God forbid you use the word fade, they are clueless and poor customer service. The owner even wasnt helpful. Dont waste your time.

Casey Copeland

You have to take a number but don't have to wait long. They are quick and professional. If you love BBQ, the restaurant next door floods this barber shop with the smell of smoked meats.

Jim Palmer

Good, fast barbershop. Barbers are all very friendly. Decent cost for a regular haircut. My go to barber when I'm in town.

John B

Decent hair cut above super cuts or any other chain, I wouldn't consider the cut being a barbor style due to the fact I have never been cleaned up using a shavette, (new style straight razor), the customer service isn't the greatest but considering the fact that most of the people coming in are military and don't really have a personable personality it makes sense. You come in get a buzz cut and get out. That's always been my experience the two times I'I've been here, plus the price isn't bad at all, $13 and you definitely get a military style and approved haircut. Would recommend based on the positives in my earlier statements, wouldn't recommend if your looking for an authentic barbor style haircut.

jasmine poblano

Incredibly rude staff. I have taken my family here on multiple occassions and have had rude encounters and subpar hair cuts. Will be taking my business elsewhere from now on.


I followed Chelsea here from her last barber shop. The girls here know how to cut hair well...nothing fancy, just a good haircut.

Michael Lovato

I don't know how they can call themselves barbers. A barber is suppose to be able to shave necks. All they are is stylish.

Kerry Warren

Great little barber shop. If you want clean cuts at a reasonable price, this is your place.

Rich Zarate

A great place for a military style cut. I have to ssay that my haircut was better than the one I get back home in Texas (sorry Kim). Good price too. Loved the banter between the ladies.

nick joachim

horrible, unfriendly place - the ladies there are outright rude and don't listen to what you want - if you want a military style buzz razor cut you might get lucky -anything else - don't even bother. My son wanted slightly longer on the top, shorter in the back - what he got was a razor cut that was so bad and uneven that my wife had to fix it at home just so he could go to school the next day - when I remarked on the uneven length the lady gave me attitude, rolled her eys, blamed the thick hair and the kid - and charged me extra for having to use scissors ( which only made matters worse) - unbelievably bad service

Joseph Klennert

One or two can give good haircuts. Just got a fade so uneven and blocky I had to buzz my head. In addition to the poor haircut, the woman was careless with the buzzers and hit my cheek, taking a chunk of my beard out of the left side of my face and requiring me to shave as that too was beyond repair. Maurine was solid for my cut last week but she isn't in on Mon, Tue and Wed. Beware the rest.

Erik Kislesky

Walked right in and immediately into Krista’s chair, was done and walked out in about 10 minutes, I will definitely be back.

Stephen Green

The disappointment comes from the idea that barbers (I thought this was the case), actually do a straight razor to the neck to clean it all up. Its actually my favorite part of a hair cut as I like the sides high and tight. These guys are just doing the vacuum clipper over the head then thanking you as you pay them walking out the door.

Jason Schmerse

Very disappointed with the rude lady who wanted to cut my hair when I was trying to wait for another. Arguing with me over a haircut. Seriously. Very disappointed. Plenty of places to get a haircut besides here and better pricing. Very disappointed.

Daniel DiCenso

Fastest cheapest barber shop in town! Don't have to sacrifice quality for the price either.

Cole Heideman

Awesome shop, best haircut I've ever had! They've definitely got my business for good! Ask for Leo too, he is hands down the most thorough and clean cutting barber I've seen.

Pauline Arruiza

HORRIBLE customer service. My son and I were not even greeted at the door. We stood there for a good 5-10 minutes waiting to be told something/anything and not a single word. They weren't even busy! All in all I don't know how they expect to run a successful business with horrible service. We walked out and didn't even get a hair cut for my son. You guys suck.

Chris Morgan

Walked in for a haircut with my daughter and was refused service. Waste of time.

Aaron Ruse

Great place to get a haircut. I think they are 12$ here. You get a better 12$ haircut here then you will at Floyd's paying 25$.

Justin Batzer

Chelsea is legit! Glad to have her up in NE Springs. Always a great haircut with her, and she's super cool to bs with.

MissM T

$13/each for my two teens to get their haircut. Fast and efficient. They cut my boys hair exactly how they wanted

David Pryor

Pretty quick service and good barbers

Chris Ortega

Best place to get ur fade all the ladies hook it up military style

Crash N Burn Racing

You get a really good hair cut at an awesome price. I used to go to sports clips which was almost twice as expensive and the hair cuts I got were terrible.

Drayven Heisenberg

I have searched long and hard for a great barber shop where they do a great job and a haircut does not break your wallet. They are fast and friendly there and do a great job. I would not go anywhere else.

JT Fugere

Cheap, solid haircuts. No salon feeling BS. Cut my hair and sent me on my way. Perfect.

Jarrod Rayner

Cheap and fast, you’ll look like it too

Archie Johnson

A lot of the barbers here (mostly ladies) have base or post barber shop experience. They seem to be at a level that they were better than the normal px/bx barber, which is desirable. Both times I got my hair cut here was fast, through the door and in the seat. I will return because of the schedule (open on Sundays) and the fair prices. No additional military discount on account of their every day lowered price. They said the discount is accounted for in the lower price.

D Johnson

In and out good price

Shawn Hansen

Awesome service. Opens early, which is one of the best perks. Definitely recommend.

Jay Cessna

Great place, not much of a wait in my experience. Have had multiple barbers all do a good job.

Sean Chase

This place looks like a bit of a throw back, in a classic barber shop sort of way. They had great service, friendly staff, short wait, and an awesome cut. All for a price that won't break the bank. They may specialize in classic cuts, but they can style too. So try them out.

meli love

Its the only barbershop my guys go to.

Patricia Bland

My husband has been going here for years and has always tipped at least the cost of the cut. For a place the “serves the military” you would think they would be kinder and more accommodating to those with disabilities. My husband like many that have been overseas is now hard of hearing. While waiting for his number to be called and looking up to see if it was called he overheard the receptionist say to another customer “I don’t know why people come in here and just look at their phones, he has been sitting there forever and didn’t get up for his number.” My husband clearly upset that the receptionist would be talking about him to another customer approached her and said I am hard of hearing and if you knew I missed my number why didn’t you walk the 5 steps, tap my shoulder, and let me know? We will not be returning ever again.

josh hayduk

Best place to get a really solid military cut and all of the staff is great and friendly .

Her Virtuoso LoL

I love this place !! always meet you with a smile, They legitimately know what they are doing, clean space, friendly staff and you get much more for what you pay for. I used to go another barber shop thats not very far from there but it was $20 haircut and consistency in getting the same haircut was my problem. Now this is my third time going there and every time I walk out the door with full satisfaction. Highly recommended to anyone especially those in the military ! I will keep coming back for sure.

Mike S

Good haircuts and great prices. There has never been a wait for me. Their hours are convenient. All around a good place.

Epic C

I've been going here for a long time in half had good service but to day the oriental lady barber (I have not seen her there before) was very rude and very rough with my head. I didn't even realize once I got home she had cut my neck. Also on top of that when I ask for a couple lolly pops for my kids she gave me attitude and said something like they had too many chips (they're are free and there were 3 of us and we ate 3 small bags, while we waited) What business is it of hers, anyways?? Just very rude overall. Everyone else has been very nice so I don't hold it against them. That's why I gave it 2 stars. Will not have her cut my hair ever again! Also on top of it she didn't even say thank you for my business when I left.

Anthony bujak

Great little barber shop with extremely affordable prices. I love this place because they have vacuums attached to the shears and catches almost all of the hair. Very quick to get in and out.

A.J. Holbeck

I moved up here from FL and this barber shop was right down the street so I gave it a shot. Best decision I made because I haven't received a poor haircut from anyone at this barber shop. They are all excellent.

Joseph Bianconi

Great cut and cleaned up beard for interview.

Shane Dalley

Place to go, easy fast and friendly.

roscoe moore

Best hair-cut I've ever had seriously. Great service and attention to detail and at a price that's better than anywhere else.

Helen Forti

Fast service affordable.

Steve Walker

Great experience!!! Easy in and out, affordable and a great cut!

William Pellegrino

Best barber shop in town. I have been going there for 2 years. No frills just a great cut at a good price.

Paul Berumen

Asked for a fade, it came out crooked with lines all around. 6 people including myself with only two barbers. One decides to take a 15min smoke break.... all around disappointing

Daniela Schreckengost

My husband always comes home with a great cut. No matter who he sees there. Keep up the great work!

James Welborn

Great place! I've been getting my fade here for years..all the barbers can cut a great fade!

Kyle Alley

this place is good if you get the right person but the asian lady with braces messed up my hair big time. i told her to trim it and make the top longer then the sides and she gave me a bowl cut. would love my money back

Joseph Fraile

Services performed by Stefanie are always done on professional matter you are finish and out the door

Byron Brownfield

Great people. Great cuts. Short waiting period.

Nik 93

Friendly employees, reasonly priced haircuts and the haircuts are exceptionally good! This barbershop

Ryan Sherman

Decent haircuts at a semi reasonable little bit overpriced cost. Fast service and great that you can get a haircut and return to work cuz you're not covered in hair

Robert Green

Quick service with friendly barbers

Luis Trujillo

Sit in my barbers chair, she asks same haircut, I say yes, she is done in five minutes, don't even have to look at the mirror, just the way I like it everytime. I moved from Colorado Springs at the end of April and miss my barber Christa.


Nope. they only know one cut Military.

Michael Monaghan

Basic barber shop, formerly quick and good. Now each visit is an amazing display of how slowly they can work with customers waiting. The hair cutters are more interested in chatting than in cutting hair.

Shawn H

Quick fast barber shop. My go to spot...

Erik Vainu

Tiffany is the person to see!

Eric Valenzuela

Awesome barber shop. Been going here for years. Everyone is skilled and friendly. Great for adults, kids, whoever's in need of a fresh cut. Great prices.

Aaren Mortensen

Worst haircut in my life, I took my brother there and we both left looking like trash

Colter Trovik

Place blows

Gary Vanderpool

My husband took my son into this establishment to get a haircut- I don’t dictate what my children want to wear or how they want their hair done because this is part of their identity. We let him choose his cut and when he told the lady who did his hair what he wanted she wouldn’t let up on her opinion of how it looked and kept making comments about how he looked like Jim Carey in “dumb and dumber” and “well I don’t have to walk around like this..” I’m sorry but this was my CHILD and I’d appreciate if your comments about his choice in haircut be left to yourself instead of making a child not feel confident in themselves. We honestly shouldn’t have even paid for the experience and we will not be back- I’ll be informing all my military friends and family of how this establishment cares for their clients of all ages.

Derek Rose

Good service, great haircut. I like that they keep expenses low with simple decor, while still providing the basics like magazines, TVs, etc. Even some bonuses like free chips and beverages! I've never had to wait very long for a cut and have always been happy with the results.

Logan Gray

Fast and inexpensive. Love their early hours and the price is great.

bryan nikaido

Great price on "simple" cuts! I also prefer these places with vacuum shavers, too

Howard Jason

They were good on hair cut, but recently they got serveral new employees, the new person does not follow customer's request. Just cut hair the way they want

Marko Bahovec

Great prices, nice shop!! I got a great haircut from Crista! Be sure to ask for her, she's hot!!


Haircut sure, don't ask them to trim your beard unless you want a lopsided disaster.

Anthony Gallegos

My son and husband came in for hair cuts. Sadly, they were not listening well. The elderly lady took my spouse back. He expressed he wanted a one on the sides and an inch on top. She clearly only understood the one on the sides..... She buzzed him. I believe she may have made a mistake at some point and then choose to just buzz it all. How do you not show them the mirror as you go? The Chinese lady took my son who is age ten. My spouse asked them to just clean it up on the sides and to leave an inch on top. This woman buzzed him also. We have never. Buzzed our kids. Never! My son said a one Inch on sides and a two inch top. They then asked my spouse again and he said ok. Your employee did not listen to two people on this. How is it possible that they messed up two hair cuts in one 1/2 hour? Was it a prank or dare? I called to talk to the owner, I guess the older women is the owner. She got on the phone and said she remembers them. She told me she explained the legenths to them. My husband says she did but was talking about the sides because he said an inch on top. I explained to her that. Plus in 10 years this has never happened. She became super defensive claiming forty years in the biz. I then realized we would get no resolution. So, I stated continuing on the phone was pointless. She was not willing to understand or show compassion or admit any mistakes. It's too bad they don't have you facing the mirror. They have you face a wall until done. He would have stopped it. My son came home upset. It is wrong. *Great clips is more but you see the mirror the entire time. Plus they save your legenths in the system. They also communicate as they go and check at all steps of the way*

Chris Stark

Usually multiple barbers on hand to effectively deal with a large volume of customers. Excellent service, friendly people and reasonably priced. It may be sometime before we ever look for another barber shop!

Romeo Papa

Men's cut. Military style or not. Great staff. Mostly prior stylist from the air force base

Lee Hammitt

It’s not fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a simple, basic, no frills haircut, that is priced at a very reasonable rate. You’re not going to get a beer and a scalp massage, but you’re coming here for a haircut. Plus they are friendly, consistent, and I’ve never waited more than 15 minutes.

Riley Curtis

Really fast, great price, did exactly what I wanted.

Trevor Birdman

Best price, best cut! In the entire springs

Marcus Rogers

Great service and very fast. I will be back

Samuel Merritt

Just checked out this place for the first time and I enjoyed it. Can't beat the price! I was in and out in 30 min, my cut was just the way I wanted it and it's right around all the other stores that we all have to frequent. Which makes it convenient. Easy decision for me

Mark Pinckney

I recant my previous post, my wife likes Int cut and no complaints.

Dennis Hernandez

They do a really good job.

Brad Tucker

Great haircut there, they do military cuts too.

Chris Burdick

One of the ladies screwed up my beard and mustache and I want my money back.

Chuck Turkowski

Haircut 4☆ but the beard trim -1☆...If you're unsure of how to trim one just say so!!!

Aaron North

They do a good job!

David Wilcoxson

I have known the owner for many years and she is fair on her pricing and her skill as well the other barbers are great.

Dan Aragon

Always friendly, clean, and professional. Every hair care professional has delivered a Hollywood quality cut at a very reasonable price.

Joe Preiner

After getting my first haircut here was a great experience! They have early hours so I was able to get a cut at 7:30 am! And they did a good job w the cut! And the best part of the experience was that the lady cutting my hair actually talked w me! The last superior barber shop I went to the lady cutting my hair spent half the time either texting or talking on the phone while cutting my hair! She did a good job but I was appalled by this behavior of being on the phone while cutting someone's hair! I will be going back to Classic Barber Shop and continue to communicate my experiences w this business.

Caleb Mote

Great military cuts. Staff are always friendly and do a great job.

Christopher Taylor

Good haircuts at a good price. Hard to swallow the 'classic' part, since there are no old men cutting hair here.

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