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REVIEWS OF Aguilar Barber Styling Inc IN Colorado

Jesse Sprowes

It was very evident that the lady cutting my hair did not want to be there. My haircut was uneven, especially the sideburns. I will be giving my business to Faded Times.

John Hewel

Great haircut. Walk-ins have a long wait during busy periods. Best to get an appointment. Barber did an excellent job.

Jason Dawson

Colorado Legal Marijuana

Nick Vasquez

Great cut

BTB Music

D Smith

Andrew Westhoff

Great place, lots if different barbers. They can cut small kids, teens, hipsters, parents, and grandparents.

Karl Resendez

If you don't have appointment your Sol I waited two hours for haircut

William MORGAN

It's a good place to get clipped. Lol

Casey McCown

Always a great cut. I won't go anywhere else. Downside, they can get super busy if you don't time it right. Always good to make an appointment even though walk-ins are welcome

Izzy Armijo

I've been going to Jolene for a while now. She is very personable, friendly, and always does a great job cutting my hair. She takes her time, and makes sure it looks perfect! I highly recommend making an appointment if you need a great haircut! :)

Jolene Gallegos

Very professional Barber's and Stylists

Charles du Preez

Great barber shop/salon. The barbers use a lot of care and time. The cut was finished with a straight razor on the edges and a bit of aftershave. Highly recommended and cost effective ($14 for a men's cut). Support this local business; you will be satisfied with your haircut.

Matt Whatley

Good for kids that don’t have a sense of hair style that they want but other than that they have maybe one barber who knows what he’s doing dont let the lady barber cut your hair you will very unsatisfied.

April Sepulveda

Josh Ehlinger

These guys definitely know what they are doing!

David Vigil

Great Cut!!


One of the better barber shops in town.

Raeleen Pino

Went as a walk in. I was in the mood for a haircut and Lucinda ended up cutting my hair. I needed a new person to go to all the time. My girl left town and I haven’t had anyone I want to keep going to. After Lucinda cut my hair I was …

Nate Maes

Great cutz

Steve Sanchez

Without an appointment I had 30 min wait. The guy who final cut my hair was great. The only problem is they officially welcome walk ups but they are really not accomadating without an appointment.

Terry Trujillo

One of the worst haircuts I have ever had the stylist Connie did everything I told her not to the ladies at great clips on Hwy 50 are awesome never had a bad haircut there aka sal

Paloma Deadstar

My son liked it there. Going for the second time soon, hopefully with the same satisfied results. The wait way very long though.

Richard Gallegos

Had a great experience at Aguilars.. Rian cut my hair just how I wanted it, freshest cut I ever had. Rian and everyone in the shop were very nice!

Tad Salazar

Pueblo's best Barber shop!

Amalia Rojas

I waited for almost an hour and got skipped so I just left without saying anything because stylist were taking a sweet time talking and not focusing on the haircuts

Jim Archuleta

Excellent service and great haircut

james baird

Great place! The only place I go to get my hair cut. I always go to mike but I trust everybody there to do a great job

Angelina Estrada

Elaine Sapeda

The lady was very helpful she cut my girlfriend's hair just the way I asked. Nice place for hair cut

Debra Farris

Will never go back. Sat for almost 40 min 2 of there female employees sat there ate, text and didnt really care that people needed hair cuts. Yes i was a walk on, a new one at that but it says walk in's. Really disappointed. I love the aguilar family sad that they have people like that working for them. Gives them a bad name.

Kirk Crespin

caleb 1 sisneros

I waited a hour to be skipped multiple times

Jordan Smith

vlone stays blunted

Rick Sena

They take walk in

Brian Montez

Michaela Geiser

The staff is amazing and they cut my little brother hair right

Carter Smith

Alejandra Palma Vazquez Reyes

Scott Potting

Great and friendly place! My stylist, Miranda is an excellent barber as well! Took me from a full beard to a goatee... LOVE IT

Betty Derr

I would to thank Trinidad and Dawul for helping a fellow barber adjust my trimmers. And taking a look at my Oster 76 blades. Thanks a bunch guys!!! Love your cuts too.

Michael Paris

If you like to hear the women who cut hair here gab among themselves and stop cutting your hair to answer their cell phones and talk, then this is a good place for you to come for a hair cut!)

Ramon M Gonzales III

Janice is amazing I would travel 100 miles for her haircuts. In style and state of the art!!! They are lucky to have her. Thanks Janice!!!!

Chantelle Sem

Mike cut my son's hair and did amazing!

Steven Smith

Excellent service!

Rosenda Anaya

The girl who cut my husbands hair messed it up really bad. It looks like a 3 years old cut his hair. And it took her 1 hour to cut it well mess it up. I think walmart did a better job the last time they cut his hair. Then i call to let them …

Faraon Vazquez Reyes

I went there to get a fade. The guy butchered my hair. He blended my fade with scissors. Yeah it sucked. If you do decide to go make sure you know who is cutting your hair

Andrew palacio

Heather rocks

thing 1

I'm sitting here just watching the hairstylist just play on their phone...when there is a lobby of people waiting for a haircut.

Michaele Aguilera

Went with my son to get his hair cut she did a very nice job he loved it

David Olson

Great cut the first couple times. Then she got lazy w it. Going somewhere else next time

Megan Pakenham

The only barber shop I will go to!!

Kaci Rodriguez

shadow Ballejos

Kylie Ludahl

These guys are the best and very family oriented. Just call ahead an set an appointment they are so ooo busy.

Ben Roth

One of the best cuts I've ever had. Also offer shaves with a straight razor, classy at.

Maximino Cordova

Alma Diaz

First of all the lady made me brush my son hair out bcuz it would take to long for her to do!!

Nick Alvarez

I have never been so dissatisfied with a service that Ive felt I needed to leave a review. I sat with the young female on the right side in the very back, I'm not sure is she was high or not. I asked a simple request of having the sides of …

sharon stout

Very courteous service

Stephanie Elizondo

Always wonderful service!! Ask for Lucinda. She won't do you wrong. Not long wait time, kind staff and always a fun time. Keep up the good work!!! :)

sharon Garcia

I love the Aguilar family, and workplace. You're only a stranger once. Skilled barber's!

Paulliver's Travels

Jennifer provides the best cuts at a great price and the best customer service.

Monique Moreno

Took my Son in today for the first time we are new in town. Did a great JOB. THANK YOU.

Res Santistevan

Suzi Q

Thank you Mr. Aguilar for keeping your word. My husband looks great.

Nessa Wisthoff

I got a good haircut except some lady named amanda was being really rude and rushing me other than that it was good

Mike Romer

Great hair cut

John Roldan

Best stylists in town!


Great local business. Immediately got to a seat and was very pleased with my cut. Overall great atmosphere.

Sarah M

I showed the lady a picture of a haircut for my little boy where the top was longer and curly and the sides were faded and I sat down as I always do there. Once she told me she was done and i walked over there and she had scalped his whole head. NEVER again.

Krissie Aldretti

Professional stylists here. Always eager to PLEASE. WONDERFUL GROUP OF PEOPLE HERE. Keeps me coming back.

Devin Sammon

Long time customer always satisfied

Ryan Nance

Nice staff, always great cut when I go. Ask for Jay if you have a beard

Levi Mccoy

Never had an issue here. Always leaving feeling fresh.

Cassi Byard

Thank you Harvest!

Terry Ogden

Get an appointment

Coronakilla Tecatekilla

Been sitting here for almost an hour now. I did not have an appointment but was told at the door the wait was not very long. I'm watching barbers just standing around while people are waiting. To top it off I get a free drama show . The girls on one side are bad mouthing the guy on the other side. And to boot while this guy is getting his hair cut the lady is doing more talking than cutting. The only reason I'm here is because my regular barbershop is closed . The quality of the haircut is great if u dont mind waiting all day for it.

joseph perea

have been coming here for years, and never had a complaint till now, went in with my 3 boys got charged $12 for my 16 yr old, $14 for my 13 yr old and $17 for my 12 yr old, they couldn't explain why the difference in price , i wait for a hour to get my haircut as i got skipped over on the waiting list, don't know if i want to come back after this treatment


Good n fast service. . was only the 1zt time i been there. .

Whitney Chavez

The Best color specialist in town Victoria Palma

Janice Archuleta

Anastasia Jordan

Just took my 2 year old (almost 3) to Aguilar's Barber Styling and Harvest, his barber, did a fantastic job with his hair. She cut it just like I wanted it cut and he looks like such a handsome gentleman. He was pretty good in the chair, but she definitely countered his head movements, gave him a fresh fade with a cute part and lined him up perfectly! Thanks Harvest!

Adrienne Hermida

Victoria does an awesome job as always. Amazing color work.

Steven walters

I called to make an appt and the women told me to just walk in, there is no wait. I showed up 10 min later and signed in. 2 hours later of waiting I check the list, they marked my name off like I had already gotten a haircut. I brought it to the attention of the person working and he said I would have to be put back on the bottom of the list, with another hour wait.

Rita Kalman

Tianna is the best massage therapist with the best prices . Discounts for medical staff. Offers 2 hour massages. Has us spoiled.

Mitcheal Root

Called to schedule an appointment and the guy who answered had no interest in scheduling me. Acted like my business was a burden...

Poler Wolf

Jeff was a champ! My hair cut looks amazing

Lallo Vigil

Great haircuts and a lot of different barbers that will get you in and out quickly.

DeJanee Martin

Recommend Dawuud for toddlers

Jeremy Navarro

Staff is super helpful and got us in at the last moment despite our having been late coming in. Top quality cut at a fair price. Thanks!

Ashley Langoni

Kenneth Black

The staff is very pleasant not a long wait time I highly recommend this place

Angelina Munoz

Every time me and my mom go there to get her hair cut they don't really know what there talking about and one of the girls messed up my moms hair so bad that it was crooked

Vixon Wolf

I absolutely loved the atmosphere. Dannielle did an amazing job on my aunts hair cut and bleaching my hair. I highly reccommend then next time you think about switching up your hair style, check them out!

Anthony Beise

Great haircuts but very expensive...

Desiree Valdez

They were super busy but they still let us walk in and did a great job. It didn't even take a long time. Will definitely go back again.

Jason Esquibel

Cool people good haircut probably the best fade I've had in a long time.

Henry Brooks

Carl Guzman

I highly recommend this baber shop the service is great the staff is friendly they won't let you leave until you're happy and if your not they will make it right I personally love it Jolene cuts my hair and she is great so if you go in ask for Jolene she the best

M Cumbee

My kid good to this place & he always looks great. just as the others say the wait is freaking brutal. Doesn't seem to matter of you've got an appointment or when you go, it's gonna be a while. He thinks it's worth it though.

Mike Fisher

Jenifer did a great job at cutting my hair, I will go again.

Danny Boy

I just finished 13 years of advanced schooling. Had lost so much hair with the stress and had really kinda let myself go. With a little help I feel like myself again. Thank you Jolene!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better volumizing hair cut, highlights, style, and overall care.

Noah Eurioste

I have always been going there since like 08 and it seems like nobody there except for one exception is able to gel and style a young mans modern hair style.

zombie buddha

Shawn Goodman

Eric Cannata

Great place! Great quality! Ask for Trinny and you won't be disappointed!

Bob Moore

Ask specifically for Victoria Palma

felix ballejos

Carlos Avila

Good friendly

Pueblo West

This family has been in business this long for a reason. You can see that respect and work ethic are always maintained. The door opening and closing all day long with customers coming in and out is proof enough that this place does excellent work. Seems like a ton of long time customers, so make an appointment if you can. I had to spend almost 8 hours with Jolene at Aguilar's to fix what another salon did to my hair. Do not make my same mistake; it cost me $500 and 12 hours of my life to get the hair I wanted. If I went to Jolene first I could have saved myself so much pain and money. I came to Jolene 2 days after I had gone in to the "best" salon in Pueblo West. I asked for blonde highlights and got some blackish-orange fried heap of straw. I now have beautifully toned blonde hair with highlights, made silky by Olaplex. Jolene is a color genius. She saved my hair, and probably my sanity. I cannot rate her highly enough. Don't waste your time going anywhere else in the area. If you want beautifully toned blonde hair Jolene is the stylist for you. Beware of online reviews that make it seem like other places could possibly be better, and especially beware of local awards because the Best of Pueblo doesn't require enough authentication in their voting process to ensure that their system can't be gamed by dishonest businesses.

Shane Fields

The only bad thing about this place is that there is always a long wait. If you don't want to wait, make sure you have an appointment.

Vanessa DeHerrera

Barbers are amazing!

Will Review

Every place I go I get the same haircut, this is the only place that has literally impressed me with the service. Trini the Barber went all out and really hooked it up, the guy is a major pro. I'll definitely be back when it comes time for the next cut.

Anne Charles

Lucinda was awesome!

Corina Klein

I have now had 2 experiences at Aguilar's (both on a Monday around 5-5:30 pm). The first time, I was really pleased, I got a stylist quickly, I saw people working together to get things done well, and the place was bustling. I felt like my stylist listened to my concerns and tried to do what I wanted, and I was pleased with the overall result. Because of this, I took my boyfriend there yesterday, and it was a disaster. There was a long line of people waiting, and mysterious people that kept popping up in chairs that were never called or listed. At least one of them, I think was the stylist's child (most of the stylists had their children there yesterday). I am fine with people cutting their kids' hair, but I think it's unprofessional to do so when there is a line of paying customers waiting. By the end of our wait, it had been almost an hour (approximately 50 minutes). Meanwhile, I saw 2 stylists leave (one of them was doing who knows what, alone, for almost 30 minutes at her station before leaving). The person that seemed to be the owner, or at least the manager, spent 20 minutes cutting a guy's hair, then another 30 minutes outside talking to him about his car. Again, not terribly professional when there is a line of paying customers waiting. Once my boyfriend actually got called over, the woman seemed like she would be proficient enough. However, she spent most of her time trying to corral her children (one of them knocked her wallet down then wanted to play games about "stealing" her money). When she was using the electric razor on my boyfriend's head, she used it like she was running a crappy vacuum over even crappier carpet. I have never in my life seen this "technique," and it resulted in a poorly blended cut. She neglected to shave all the way down his neck, and didn't ask whether he wanted gel in his hair, she just put it in (without cross checking her work first). Oh, and did I mention that she could barely see what she was doing, because she was very short and only used a small box to stand on? When it came time to pay, I was faced with her and a flock of children as I pulled money out of my wallet, and I felt pressured to tip her. I definitely regret giving her anything extra. I will not be returning to Aguilar's.

Carlos Mora

Good cuts

Debby McIntire

Good prices for excellent customer service and knowledge of the stylists. Cheaper than the big chain shops

Frank Morales

The only barbers I trust to do my hair. Truly professional.

Ed Burkhalter


Alex Ramirez

Harmony LaSage

Very friendly and welcoming

Sandy Santos

Friendly people, great service and wonderful service.

Cynthia C

Amanda Allen did an AMAZING job on my hair. I am so pleased with the results.

Devante York

Worst service I've ever had they skipped my name and called the name after mine... after i waited 30 minutes Lost me as a customer go to ringside Barber way better customer service

Ben Pacheco

Great service no wait on a wednsday

Angel Palma

Donovan Duran SR.

I absolutely love this place they do really fresh Fades and every haircut they do is top shelf they are very friendly nice and respectful I will come here again and again and suggested to anyone thank you thank you Aguilars for making me look so nice!!!

Mark Medina

Not a very long wait and I got a quality haircut for a very reasonable price

Carlos Trevizo

Lucinda is awesome!

Gamer Technology

Expensive just for a haircut, nice workers but overpriced.


I live in Northglenn Co which is over 100 miles away and I drive down here just to get my hair cut by Trini. Definitely recommend this location.

MarLa C

@Micheal Garcia, thank you for the cut and style you did for my husband he looks even more handsome and he likes his do too.

Beatrice Salazar

Douglas Casias

A real barber shop. Hot towel shave and a trim. Lots of chairs and barbers to choose from. Local shop that's been in business in same spot for decades.

Sarah W

The girl was very rude with my toddler, who Hates getting his hair cut. She's said, is he gonna sit there...? I'm like, yea for a Lil but he'll probably be crying. Her response was, I can't do crying....I'll never step foot in that place again. Recommend steel city Barbers, they're awesome with kids!

Renaldo Gutierrez

Great place, great staff I enjoy the professionalism and the make you feel like family!

George Medina

Get haircuts

Justina Vasquez

They've never messed up any of mine or my little families hair!! Always satisfied.

mike medina

Always someone available, and friendly comfortable surroundings.

Travis Tucker

This place is a dump dive

Diego Bobian

Mike has been doing cuts for me and my fam for years... Wouldn’t go anywhere else but Aguilar’s! Nice friendly environment.


Todd Elsbury

Harvest gives the best haircuts and shaves!

Lonely Life

Great place for a cut. Friendly staff.

Barbara Martinez

Lucinda is awesome!! Love coming to her for a new look and new do. She did an amazing cut on me

Derek Martinez vlogs

Do not ever go here


Pete Ruiz

Anthony Leary

Best place around to get a haircut or a shave I know they do women's hair but I'm Male, totally recommend Danielle Leary, she rocks.

Ignacio Sandoval

Awesome family owned business


I come here to get my eyebrows done and they always do a great job. Wait time is super long at times though

Alyssa Klugh

Great most of the time depending on who you get to cut hair. Seems like they avoid cutting kids hair and all conveniently take a break when our kids come in. Hair cuts are always dapper when they're done. Tried to go on a Sunday when everything online said they were open till 6 even called before driving 45 minutes there getting there by 5 and they were closed. Overall great hair cut no matter what. Customer service and friendliness could improve.

Tim Vigil

Good hair cuts, go there when in Pueblo.

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