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REVIEWS OF The Great American Barbershop - Fresno IN California


Robert Requina

This has been the best haircut I had since coming to fresno.

Kevin Carothers

Friendly and did a fantastic job

Guse S

Great place, everyone is so friendly and kind its just a great place. All their locations are great and they always do an amazing job with their haircuts.

Alejandro Farias

Michael Bouskos

Mike is a genius with a straight razor and the people are talented professionals. I recommend this place to anyone with facial hair.

Kris Reimer

Bryant Zapien

Visited about a week ago the look of the barbershop was great very clean this is why I gave it 2 stars however my haircut was awful left harsh lines in my head wasn't much of a blend there , also the dude cutting my hair wasn't even a barber but a cosmetologist had I known this before sitting down I would've walked out , the attempt at styling my hair was sad to be honest I had to comb it myself , I hear there are good barbers there but their write in system makes it difficult to request them price of the cut was average not too bad but it wasn't worth the money

Luis Garzon

Always a good hair cut. Nice folks.

Danielle Romero

Paul Bowman

This place is a joke Shampoo and cut $27 they couldn't bother to cut my hair they were to busy trying to sell me hair products. I would no recommend this to anyone. Had to go directly to another shop for a haircut !!!

Stephen Dean

Great people, fun place, and of course a perfect hair cut. Thank you gents and I will definitely be in the Barber Club!

Chris M

Idalia Morales

Lisjean Lisjean

marcial prieto

Joey Miranda

Great cut

jose perez

Went to this shop told the girl I wanted a tapper and a trim. I guess she didn’t understand what I wanted she cut my hair way too short. Didn’t blend my tapper in right and left my hair choppy all around. And when I told her if she can blend my sides in right she cut my hair even more. So now my hair is long from the front and reallly short on the sides I even have patches missing in my hair because the hair thinner she used. Over all I am really not satisfied at all with the experience and the overall haircut it self don’t get me wrong it was a nice shop but was not worth the 22$ I paid. Very disappointed and now my week ruined great.

Chin Seah

Billy King

Immediately felt uncomfortable like I was being judged right off the bat. The lady covered in tattoos was one of the rudest people I have ever come across. It was early in the morning and she clearly didn't want to be there . Every time I would try to ask a question she would shoot it down immediately with a quick one word reply then when I said I was leaving because of how rude she was the other hairdresser started giggling and laughing instead of asking what they could do. Horrible customer service ! Very very rude and I will never be coming back!

Whitney Harris

Took my 6 year old son to get a hair cut last night arriving at approximately at 645pm . After a long day and waiting for his time at AFTER 8pm they declined our service because " they can't cut kids hair if they are unwell". My son was up after his bedtime waiting, he was tired not sick. Thanks for the giant waste of our time. Don't waste your time here.

Cara L.

They did a pretty good job on my son's hair. We called in to see what the wait time was and the guy said 20 mins. When we got there it was actually a 56 min wait. He said that it was going to be less than that. We waited 30 mins and all the barbers were full with new people and we still had 2 people waiting next to us, so we left and went to a different one. Don't go here unless you check in on line before hand and show up a few mins before you're up or if you don't mind waiting.

Chris Jarboe

Great cuts and a cool place.

Thomas Corona

charles chan


My hair speaks to me. And it says it loves getting cut at this place almost as much as my Auntie Bertha's mustache loves jelly filled donuts. CAUTION: GO TO SUPERCUTS INSTEAD, only if you want it to look like that one time in the third grade you grabbed the teachers scissors and cut 3 inches off the middle of your head. This place is so good, getting your hair cut here will make you look and feel fergilicous!

Michael Gaskin

Priced too high...Cuts are too short even after I've said something. (Yeah, I'm too nice, I should be more forceful) and the wait is too long.

christ abraamian

Great haircuts, beard work not so great. Hair came out perfectly and even, my beard came out completely uneven.

Jordan Mader

I'm not sure where these negative reviews are coming from. I went in on three different occasions before dropping a review and every occasion was pleasant and I was pleased with the service. This last time I went Adam did an outstanding job with my fade. Not everyone does the correct trimming around the ears, & it's difficult to fade from the skin, but this guy did a good job with it. Highly recommend this barber shop quite pleased.

Richard Darnold

Awesome experience here, I was a walk in and was seated within minutes. They are quick and know exactly what to do. $21 for any cut, straight razor neck shave and a neck massage. I would recommend them to anyone that wants a expensive styled cut at half the cost.

Paul Barney

Cool place, nice cut.

Wally Carter

adam avila

Everyone was very friendly. The shop decor is very trendy and vibe of the shop seems like it wants to honor the barber culture popularized by the Scumbag Barbers. I enjoyed that very much, the cuts however are a different story. I sat anxiously waiting to see who'd draw my name from the list. I don't want to drop the name of my barber. But his skills were very poor when it came to barbering. I asked for a skin mid fade, and told him I comb a contour. His fade was atrocious. I have very visible steps and there are some parts of my hair that were left uneven. It honestly looks like a 2 week on the job barber cut my hair. It might as well have been a super cuts haircut. When I asked him to style it, he didn't comb it in a way that even remotely resembled a contour! This left me convinced he didn't know what he was doing. My barber there might be good at some typical suburbanite haircuts, but when it comes down to true traditional barbering, not even close. In short the great American barbershop left me thinking it was anything but great and definitely lacking in real barbering skills.

Tristan On The Track

I liked my haircut and the price is hard to beat. Would give 5 stars but they were understaffed the day I went and had to wait a really long time. I would go back though.

Anthony Camacho

This location is a lot more mellow compared to the Clovis and Herndon location. Great service & I love their check in service online that is posted on their website and gives customer a heads up on wait time for all three locations!!

Brandon Martinez

Nothing beats a straight edge cleanup.

Joe Benitez



Matt Hill

Absolutely the best! I used to go to great Clips and supercuts. Then I decided to go here. I met Ty and showed me what a proper haircut was. I will never go anywhere else again. I have had 4 different guys cut my hair and they all have lots of talent. Best money you will spend.

Chandel Perkins

Friendly staff and great haircuts! Our son has special needs and does not do okay getting a haircut, but the professional staff at GABS is always willing to take on the challenge of cutting his hair and it looks good even though he's a mover. I do not look forward to haircut days but GABS gets it done!

mykal powell peterson

nice space with plenty of light & room to stretch out, six+ chairs, tall ceilings with glass front windows

karanveer cheema

they remind me of London hair salons. They know their stuff and a very chill environment. Keeping it classy and authentic exactly the way it should be. Eduardo is the man, ask for him next time.

Steve Silva

Daniel Knowles

I always leave satisfied with my haircut

joe Martinez


The lady cutting my hair didn't cut my hair how I told her and basically refused to look at the picture I showed her, on top of that she was very harsh and cut my ear. A refund would be much appreciated.

Paolo Aquino

I have been here 4 times now and have left with an excellent haircut each time, even with 4 different stylists. The place is clean and open. There can be a bit of a wait if you walk in. I suggest getting on the waitlist on their website before driving in to get an idea of how long your wait would be. Highly recommended.

Daniel Starrett

Always get a good haircut. You can call 30 minutes ahead to book a spot.

Miss. Lilly

Went in to have my boyfriend get a haircut for fathers day, I was referred from barbers to wait to be seen by manager Roberto, as he would be the one to give the best haircuts, as we waited there was a customer return to get his haircut fix as it was not right so we waited even more and we thought that it might have been just a mistake of communication or something like that, well as my boyfriend clearly communicated and showed the image of the haircut of preference and none of it was done, we walked out to think of what had happened and to go back as we tried to work with the haircut and started to notice the several mistakes, we walked in and had to wait then to have it fixed by another barber as the manager had to take a break and completely ruining the experience and completely dissapointing us as far as his work ethic went, as the other barber was trying to fix his mistake and admitting that it was not done properly and at that point just doing what she could Roberto walking by and not acknowledging our presence and his mistake, I did not get a chance to talk to him there and did not wish too, I called and left a message asking to speak to owner to explain situation as I wanted him aware of this situation and have not received a phone call or email since fathers day, very dissapointed as I had left a substancial tip and was absolutely dissapointed with services and experience hope that this message can get to owner and something done, I appreciate attention and regards to this.

Bert Yerke

Brawler King

Really nice haircut! Wish the people would talk more tho.

Paul Bateman

Stopped today to get haircut. Not happening. Sat for 45+ minutes, two barbers present but very slow. Left...

Donald Krikorian

Josh rocks. Great cuts!

Josh Costa

Robert French

Love this place! Gotta drive a bit. But my buddy Jacob is amazing! Great atmosphere as well!

Alex Martin

Thought I would give 4 stars only because you're to commercialized, sorry I'm old school, but just couldn't. Staff are friendly Matthew was great. Gave really good shoulder rub with the vibrator. Something you don't have with barbers anymore. (Old school).

Matthew Cameron

Enjoyed this barbershop and David was great, friendly, and helped tell me info about the area. New to Fresno and definitely going back to this place again!!!

Raymond Delgado

Money Mike hooks it up!

Daniel Harren

Great prices and great haircut.

Dylan Holmes

Great shop, old school approach but with a modern twist. Very clean, nice shop. These guys know what they are doing, great hair and beard products too.

Chase Taylor

They've always done me right. Check in system is a bit cumbersome for me, most people probably like it. Never had a bad haircut there.

Brian Bateman

Natalie Derderian

The staff is beyond skilled. they sure know and love what they are doing. great atmosphere


Haven't been there yet. However i was refereed by a friend (who doesn't have a beard) and I'm curious on how well they do beard trimming/shaping there? Only did the 3 stars becuase my friend spoke so highly of it and it just looks like a cool place to get a haircut.

John Lyle

Great service. Very friendly. Great haircut for my son and me! Short wait. Love the feel of this place! Solid wood wall at the back adds to the stylish appeal!

Charles Salanitro

My son recommended I give it a try, and from the moment I walked I knew this was the place for me. The atmosphere is great, and the staff know what they’re doing. No cookie cutter haircuts here, they are true pros at what they do. This is the only place I’ll be going to from now on!

Ty Brewer

Michele was great! Very professional, attentive and did a great cut. The Owner let me in it of the cold, so I guess he's cool too. Ha ha

William Bowlin

Player is AFK

Anthony Barajas

Bad experience, the guy that cut my hair had a bad attitude i did not likd my hair cut. So disappointed..

Antonio Jr. Araiza

Charles C.

Noah Eachus

tom amico


Harrison Spencer

Amazing people. Amazing cuts. Amazing prices!

Jonathon Barton

Great haircut, great price, great atmosphere. Despite the chalkboard sign prominently portrayed in the Photos of this place, there is no wifi - but Starbucks is right nextdoor, and the signal's great, so your LTE won't weep. =)

Jeremy Moore

I absolutely love this shop! The people are friendly, the atmosphere is comfortable and they give Great Haircuts! Mattew is officially my personal barber I’ve decided lol he does a great job and is fun to converse with! I highly recommend him! Only thing about this place is they NEED to put one in Oakhurst so they can replace all the crappy hole in the wall looking places we have. Seriously please! Lol anyway you won’t regret coming here! I promise!

danny Kim

Erik Hanson

Alexander Gonzalez

David Meza

My son liked his barber.

adam clarke

Great, down to earth staff, low wait times, and quality haircuts. What more could you ask for?

Ken Smith

Fantastic place and quality work. I was looking for a good barber shop since my old barber retired. I tried the big chain shops, but they never were consistent. Each time I come here I get a good quality haircut, and I'm always treated very respectfully.



Lorynn C

They don't give their best effort/attention to every one of their customers for the money they charge, however, they were courteous, clean, and have a pleasant atmosphere.

Christian Power

Best consistent barbershop I have found in Fresno, and with competitive prices ($21). Though I have been unable to have the same barber in the three times I have gone, I have been highly satisfied with each cut.

Sean LaBonte

The best barber in Fresno - super cool staff. Samuel is the man if you are looking for the best cut. Ask for Samuel when you set your appoinment unless it conflicts with my schedule, lol jk.

Joel Heckman

I've been coming here for cuts for about a year and have had five different barbers cut my hair. Every single one of them did a great job cutting my hair. Every time I've gone in ive been greeted and helped. I have no idea, as stated in other reviews, where and why these one star reviews are coming from.

Scott Roberts

Tony Martinez

Freddy Rodriguez


Absolute nightmare! A local recommended I try this barber on vacation. Huge mistake. I ended up going to a sports clips to attempt to fix what they did. The staff has no reception so be prepared to sign yourself in if you're a walk-in. There was no explanation who I was waiting for or how long I could expect to wait. Two employees finished with clients and smoked and joked then disappeared into the back or on break at 4pm while I waited. I should've walked away then. The person who cut my hair didn't understand basics about how to give a clean modern men's haircut. The fade was sloppy. My hair was blatantly uneven by the time I gave up and just wanted to escape. It got so bad I was at the point where I had to say "I want you to take scissors and cut here," as I pointed at my head. And the person cutting my hair just went to town with clippers instead of doing what I asked. I don't think they understood the difference between thinner and shorter. Seriously, I had a better experience getting my hair cut in boot camp. Go elsewhere. Now.

Blaine Smothers

Mindy Smith

All three of my boys come here. My oldest used to like Sports Clips, last week he got the best haircut ever here at Great American. He is converted.

Daniel Sanchez

Amazing place really chill, good vibes here love it i got my first haircut here and it wont be my last i will be back soon.

Ryan Iam Mayhem

Ask for eddy dude knows his craftsmanship! The atmosphere is nostalgic mixed in with rebel without a cause great crew superlative service All they need now is a full service bar in there!

Suky Chima

Steve Baca

Always a great time! Professional but down to earth in the right mix. Staff knows their stuff and always willing to answer questions regarding the cut, beard trim or products. They made a lifer outta me, to the point that I buy all my male friends gift cards from there on their B'days. Highly recommend

Prime Recovery

Best barbershop in town. Ashley is awesome. All the employees are awesome. Cool environment, clean and friendly.

La Chona

Decent place. Quality of hair cut depends on who is cutting. Have had excellent and poor cuts. Long waits at times. Stylists take up to 40 minutes on a single cut! Even a a child's cut! Overall a good place though... just have to know who to avoid.

Carson Beaty

Great cuts went here with the lads


Ken Swanson

Cool place to Cruise in for a trim..

Benjamin Hensley

Christian Perez

Great atmosphere! I recommend Frank.

Shaun Kalpakoff


Walked in to buy some shaving accessories. looked around, stood at the counter for 5 to 7 minutes making constant eye contact with the barbers. No one said a word. No one said,"be with you in a minute". I eventually walked out. Pretty damn frustrating.

Gannon Best


mel toros

Great place for hair cut. coming here for 3 years now. Good team of barbers. Entertaining to watch them working in mechanic shop like hair cut saloon.

Chip Norris

This is the place to get a haircut and/or shave! This isn't the kind of place where you sit down and the stylist gives you the 1 size fits all haircut; here, you get what you want! The atmosphere is on point for men, from the wood slab bench tops and tool boxes to the cool motorcycles they usually have on display. The barbers are just as cool as the shop itself, usually the owner is hanging around rapping with all the customers. If this place sold beer, forget about it! I've been to tons or barbershops from the raggedy old school places to the high end salons, just looking for someone to cut my hair the way I want it cut. No luck until I found this place. Been coming here for about a year now and refuse to go anywhere else. Thanks guys!

Ysidro Duran

Been going here for haircuts since they've opened and I have never got a bad haircut. Every barber does a great job. I recommend the shop to all my friends and family and they have nothing but positive things to say.

Mohammed Ishaq

Garrett Pack


Great place for a fresh cut

Roberto Coronado

Great place for a haircut and shave. Ask for David.

Tropic Fluid

Nice cuts and quite clean but one of there barbers cut my hair WAY, too short when I specifically told her to keep the top long and sides short!


great haircuts friendly staff but you should call and get your name on the list or you could have quite a wait.

Matt Vietti

Gabriel Zavala

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