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REVIEWS OF Faded Barber Shop Santa Ana IN California

Richard Prado

abraham gudino

Never again I will go to this barbershop I had to attend a pharmacy right after for all the skin burn and cut on my the back of my neck

Christopher Figueroa

Daniel Garcia

Great atmosphere. It's good place to get a quality haircut

Ahmed Shawki

Can be a better service, not welcoming new customers much.

Edgar Flores

I'm from Illinois staying in California. This was the first barber shop I have been to and last one. They are hands down great barbers. Carlos does a fantastic job!

Yesica Herrera

Nice people but need to make an appointment

Marcos castellano

Good, quality, traditional haircut. Hard to find a barber shop that every barber can do what you want. I believe this is the place. I will return, and recomend.

Jazmin Avila

Omar Alyazidi

I couldn’t make to 3 appointments canceled 1 but couldn’t cancel the others they said we can’t take you anymore when I got 4 haircuts before with them.

Joel Ahumada

They get faded

Love connection !!!

Great place


I didn't like the way my hair was uneven on the top he cut my hair on one side and not the other side. I told him to take an inch off the top he takes it off one side and doesn't touch the other side. I recommend faded barber shop in Santa Ana. Fountain Valley not so much they did a bad job not going there again he did whatever he wanted.

Yehosua Cardona

Eli Curtis

Love it

Jasmine Mendoza

This is the only place that has never messed up my son's hair. I'll be bringing him here from now on.

ferni ceja

2jz Gabe

Honestly one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. They take care of your and they are very nice.

Miguel Medina

Danny Lopez

Alex a Chris give good fades

Eddie Cruz

David Ortiz

The barbers there do whatever the f*** they want with your hair. Not only that, but they're real smug there. Like get over yourself you're a f***ing barber, overpriced and overrated. I hope no one has the same experience I do. The worst part was that after he messed up my hair he still acted like I was gonna go back and tip him!! Ha!!! This place sucks and the barbers suck. I rather go get a seven dollar haircut and actually get close to what I was looking for. SMH worst spot ever.

Eddie Alejo

Great Barbers, great customer service, great haircuts. Will definitely be coming back.

Max Salas

It’s not cool for you to skip some how has appointment and even when there is traffic you should give them Leeway For there appointment not cool at all if I had to choose I would give no stars. You lost a costumer

J Chavez

Jesse Hurtado

Aiden Espada

Dope cut

Nana Yaw

Jiovannyy Amaya

Niggas get down ! And good spot to kik it

Guinivere Clark

My hubby got his hair faded here and they did an amazing job. He'll be back for sure. Thanks guys

Benjamin Sanchez

5 STARS! Always on point! No complains at all.. Walk-ins and appointments available! Shout out to Julio S. always got me never have been disappointed!

james esquivel

Everyone here is so nice and professional, Carlos, My sons barber is an awsome dude and does a great job with my son's hair and all his crazy ideas for his hair. Carlos has patience and creativity that can not be aquired anywhere else. He is polite and knowledgeable in his field that includes maintnence and hair care products. Due to his knowledge and expertise, my son's hair always looks sharp. Thank's Carlos!

Jorge Alvarez

Best spot to get hair cut.

Freddie Zenteno

Aonthony Flores

Eric Carranza

George is the Barber I cut my hair with. He's good. As soon as I arrived the guy at the register offered me something to drink while I waited.

n8tvbrn ed a

Once again thank you Jeff

Rob Castaneda

Great customer service!!!!! Arnold did a great job thank you

canaan johnson

chris reeves

Been here 5 times and had my hair cut by 5 different guys and 5 times I got my hair cut exactly the way I expected. These guys know how to cut hair.

Rodrigo Jimenez

Left very unhappy the barber that cut my hair didn't know what he was doing. Never again

Paco Jerte

Jeffrey Rhoten

Adonay Larin

mikel brito

Everyone is cool


Threat you well, Great barbers and chill atmosphere. My son and I normally go to Alex. All in all good Barbershop

Socorro Sperati

Clean, professional, efficient. No frills, just good barbers doing their thing. Call to book appointment.

Tom C

Good cut

Mo Tyby

If your looking for Quality cut great environment and good service this is the spot 5 stars across the board

Justin Hobbs

Johnny Bonami

Authentic barber! Straight razor and all! I am a customer for life now.


Lori Encinas

Love this place they get down on hair cuts. Especially my boy Alex

Manuel Garcia

They take too long...too much chit chat. No consideration for people's time.

Eliseo Perez

Johana Castillo

Jesus Gutierrez

Not a place for kids hair cutt $20

Claudia Vizcaino

The atmosphere is cool, the barbers are great!

Sergio Contreras

Good but pricey in my opinion.

Eric Salinas Bernal

Best in southern cali

Marco Flores

Been going to this shop for the past year and I love it. Turned my brother onto them.

Anthony Hernandez

Barry Vincent Butler

Some may know a true Fade. Mine didn't.

Anthony Gonzales

These r my boys right here always respectful got the best barbors in the oxc greatest hospitality group of good gentlemen

Taylor England

Walked in clean cut and totally loved it!

Jose Candelas

Great atmosphere for guys that need cut, cool to get a free drink while you wait. Need to make reservation to get haircut. Sometimes when making reservation not so nice or would get five stars

Joejoe Bean

This place knows how to cut my hair perfect every time. My wife is very pleased.

Jay M

Just like another reviewer posted.... I went in asking for a cleanup, told the barber to clean up my neck/sides and follow the haircut I had. I made it clear it was a very low fade but, the barber did whatever he wanted. Cut WAY too high up and my haircut looked NOTHING like it did before I went in. So annoyed but what can you do besides not go to this place ever again. Beyond the barber doing whatever he wanted with my hair, he was nice and yes, I was offered a drink... but I rather my barber be rude and not offer me a drink and instead actually cut my hair the way *I* want it. Oh and in case the owner says he doesn’t have anyone by my name, I checked in under the name “George” on April 30th.

Juan Escobar

Good service!

Cristian Espinoza

Clean cuts all day.



Got good beer. Everybody has great positive vibes! All talented barbers. Dope name.

Manuel Jr Lira

Make your appointment and be there on time that's it

Deshaun Alston

I do not like this place at all I came in for a fade it was 4 barbers and two customers they told me that I had to come back in two hours so I did that I told the barber that I needed my beard trimmed and shaped up he told me I needed a whole different appointment for that what type shop cuts your hair and don’t do the face. Automatically.. A-unique barbershop is completely better and at a lower price also

Cynthia Vargas


Robert Ochoa

loncho luis

Dmetri Stratton

This is an awesome barbershop where they treat customers with love and cut really well too. The prices are really fair and they never waste your time. Always get an appointment or you will wait because they stay busy!

jorge perez

Terrible place. Bad service. -5

Respect Grace

They rule

Lucia Ahuatl

Daniel Solano

j Avila

Sebastian Juarez

Cesar Porras

Jacinda Williams

Alejandro Garcia Ruiz

(Translated by Google) The place is very bad is expensive and also are not good. I recommend others for barbershop for less price and better attention (Original) El lugar esta muy malo es caro y ademas no son buenos. Recomiendo otras por barbershop por menos precio y mejor atencion

Enrique Ramirez

This is the best barber shop in Santa Ana. I 100% recommend you guys come here.....dont forget to ask for Jeffrey Lemusu! His work is above excellent!

victor Trezic

Been going there for years, and Alex always lines me up right!!

Gilbert Vargas

Gustavo Ayala

They are higher priced but in tje end the amou t of work an skill they put in is worth more i always give 5-10 tip

Eduardo Flores

One of the best places in orange county to get a haircut. Mens barbershop.

Desiree Alvarez

Great place to keep my baby boys hair on point!

Diana Luna

Mandelyn, Laticia Gonzalez

Dot to love this place

Michael Sanders

Jessie Lezama

Beto Cervantes

Best place to get a haircut, they always offer something to drink everytime I go there.

David Ramirez

Top notch cuts


May Tor

My son absolutely loves this place. He said he won't go anywhere else. He always gets compliments. he looks great and I love their haircuts. He said they have a friendly staff


This place is great. Kind of pricey but it’s worth it because they know what they’re doing. I have no problem with paying more when I am getting better quality. Rueben faded me up and man he’s good. My cut looks crisp and the fade is really smooth. (Not many people can blend in as good as he does) I’ll definitly be back.

Antonio Conde

terrible service

dave rave

Bryan Ceja

Awsome the best place to cut your hair trust

Edgar Nava

I'm really disappointed in this place. For $20 I thought I would get a great haircut but I received the opposite. I asked for a Mid-Skin Fade and showed the barber a picture of how I usually get my haircut and still got a bad haircut. My lineup was crooked and pushed back on the sides and on the lineup, the fade was really high, and the top was cut way shorter than I asked for. I would not recommend this place.

crystal Rodriguez

Ray Ray is a great barber

SANx Films

It's cool customer service really good and they cut good

Richard Bravo

Got exactly what I asked for! I have not been happy with a haircut for a very long time! Jose is your man! Recommendations 1. Find what you're looking for (preferably a photo) 2. Schedule your appointment 3. Show up 5-10 minutes early 4. Show the barber the photo and explain what you want thoroughly and the barber should know exactly what you are wanting to do with your hair 5. Always tip the barber!

angel 278123

Alvaro Martinez

Best customer service everyone is really great

Vadim Kaz

Everything was very well done! For a good price! Guy name Ray is knowing what to do! RECOMENDED!

jose manzo

Erik Castaneda

Ray the barber is the biz...he'll make you walk out of the shop singing..."Ain't nobody dope as me, my hair is so fresh so clean (So fresh and so clean clean)"...

David Almazan

Give the best haircuts I ever had

Sergio Cervantes

misael Recinos



I wasn’t going to write a review but I thinks this may be helpful to some... You need to have appointment or they may not take you in. They may not answer the phone either. I called an hour and a half before closing and no one answered. I showed up 50 minutes before they closed and they were unable to cut my hair because they were all booked up. They had a barber with an open chair and he said he was waiting for an appointment who was already late. It’s now 6:24 PM and no one has walked through the door. I’m outside writing this review in my car and I have not seen one person walk in. If you make an appointment, they will hold your spot at least 24 minutes or so.

Juan Lozano

This was my first time here and these guys get down for sure. They welcome all and give much respect. For sure I will be coming back.

Tuufast 23

They have good barbers

Nicholas Priebe

Great cut

Andy Cortez

Scott Lahr

Best hair cut I've had in awhile. really nice people that know how to cut hair and line up a beard, I haven't stopped going back, it's a great place go check it out!

leha valencia

Jesus Gallardo

Cool people

Eri Ka

Nathan Mondragon

Awesome barbers! Anytime I’m in Santa Ana I try to sneak in for a Razor Fade.

Rudy Torres

There is not too many old school barber shops like this anymore. Recommend to call for appointment, they are always busy and for a good reason. They are all talented stylist there. For myself George is the goto guy. They have music, T.V. and drinks if you like. Did I mention hot towel. Everytime I leave here I feel good and that's thanks to their awesome staff. Keep up the good work.

andrew 35

BEST BARBERSHOP IN Sa ! George is my barber he cuts good

Moises Rodriguez

Amateur barbers.. customer service wasn’t the greatest.. Went to get the beard trimmed and faded.. didn’t fade it too good so i asked for a better fade and to no leave a square...... couldn’t even get that right. Gave him his money and saw a smirk on his face like yeah chump easy money... never again... Main Cave barbershop is where it’s at. They use better trimmers and offer you water.

Jose Saavedra

What can I say, these people can cut hair ...

Kimlong L

If you aren't Hispantic, don't even bother with this place. You can definately tell/feel the racism in here with the service and attitude.

Rodrigo Marquez

Awesome barbershop. I got the opportunity with Arnold. He did a great job. Really nice and professional. I will definitely return with him at this shop.

Graciela Ruvalcaba

(Translated by Google) I love what profecionales are all q work there, and all are very polite and friendly. (Original) Me encanta lo profecionales que son todos los q trabajan ahi, y todos son muy educados, y amables.

Fermin Rodarte

Faded Barber Shop is an excellent establishment. First time I went there they treat you very well, give you a clean haircut, and had exceptional customer service. But after that first time, they didn't seem to treat you the same, haircut was very well done, but usually you go for the customer service. If you're going to pay $20-$25 for a cut, they should at least treat you as if it was your first time.

Bart Simpson Ponce

Ted Soler

Best fades ever good barbers

Google User

Didnt want to cut my hair because i was black

Kevin Bumpers

First time going to this barber shop and they made sure that they get me in and greeted me did a great cut will be back

Robert Roybal

Moises Escobar

Margo Ramirez

israel balleza

Price is about $20ish, I could give them a 5 star but they don't welcomed you or let u know u have to check in, that's if is your first time which it was my first time there. Other then that you'll get a $20 hair cut. The barber that cut my hair was very professional

Ricardo Valencia

I like all barbers here because they always make you hair cut the way you want. also they always give you good customer services

Dustin Pennington

Good job and clean

Juventus Of SC

Good prices

Felicia Gatewood

Good vibes, able to get my son in last minute for a haircut for his 1st day of 2nd grade tomorrow :) Alex did a great job. Son is happy. Mama is happy

Jazmin Davaloss

Gonzalo Reyes

Good barbers grate hospitality just call in advance to make an appointment

Tederal Glover

Yazzy is the truth! Only female barber in there. Came up from the bay and she saved my life.

Letsmake Usagr8again

Best place in town. I asked for unique haircuts and brought in pics even -got what i wanted 100% everytime. Great barbers with patience and passion


Talented barbers!

Jr builds

take too long

Okechi Kwem

A Beltran

30 bucks plus tip plus they dont offer you a drink like other places.

jesus santos

Francisco Alvarado

Always satisfied.

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