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1250 E Apache Blvd #104, Tempe, AZ 85281, United States

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REVIEWS OF Terminal Barber Shop IN Arizona

Hassan Fairoz

These guys are the best in town hands down.


Best barber shop in town

Irving Perez

Best place in Tempe for a good quality and inexpensive haircut! The barbers are nice and respectful. Don't be scared to explain any little thing that you may want done. The ambiance is modern and relaxing. Good music is constantly playing and there are TVs to enjoy while waiting. Recommend this to anyone. Only $16 for a cut!

Abdullah Aljarrah

Great barber shop with great barber skills. I usually hesitate to get a haircut because it is rare to find someone who understands the nature of my hair. Well that guy figured it out and gave me a hair cut in just 5 minutes! Well to be honest I waited for like 30 to 45 minutes for my turn, but it just happened to be a busy day because people coming back for school and stuff. Totally recommend that shop.

Eugene Mbau

Great atmosphere and friendly environment. You will definitely leave feeling beyond satisfied. Shoutout to Rudy for the fresh haircut.

D. R.

Abhorrent service. Jaggedly cut hair by the bald, bearded barber. Can't do fades right. Was distracted by the TV several times. If you're not of their culture/heritage or "look" like one of them, you won't get the service you pay for. Go to a different barber shop. All those 5 star ratings are misleading

Aaron Dailey

The barbers are good but GO SEE RAY! TELL HIM AARON SENT YOU. HE IS THE BEST! Good atmosphere. Great service.

Tony Pensiero

My favorite barber shop right now. Their prices have risen considerably lately but it's still worth it. Very friendly pros there.

David Tolulope Ayomide Benson

I’ve been here twice now, the first time wasn’t too bad but the second time was with a different barber and even worse and probably the worst haircut I’ve ever had. They don’t even listen to what you want done, can’t trim certain hair types and twice now have ruined my line up. The second time they even over charged me and had the guts to ask for a tip. It’s a nice looking shop but I would not recommended this place at all! Absolutely ridiculous.

alharbi rap101

i took my little brother to the barber shop and i made sure to ask for michael. i now see why everyone says hes great. he did such a good job lining my brothers hair.

Abdullah Dulaijan

I went couple barber shops in Az but to honest! I have never seen a good quality as I saw in Terminal Barber shop. All of the them are kind and great especially Micheal

Muntadher Mohammed

Great barbershop. Clean and good looking. Nice and Friendly staff

Julia Bolting

They have exceptional hold on doing all kind of grooming and that is why they always manage to do an exceptional work. The problem with my hair was resolved straightforwardly and the process was very smooth. They have won customer's faith by working in a professional manner.

Nameer Khan

This is a great barbershop, they have a good system of getting ppl in and out as they do see a lot clients.. my guy Sam gives a great haircut. Will def be a consistent customer here!

Brittany Welsch

They gave my 3 year old son his first haircut and did an amazing job! Did exactly what I asked for and was so patient with him and made it a fun first experience for my little man. Very pleased!

Raed Alghamdi

Best barber shop in Tempe. Shoutout to Michael.✔️

Ahmed Daghistani

They jump numbers and don’t update the screen. They get mad if you complain. There are better barbershops with better customer service.

Khattab -iv

Have been going there for almost two years now. Definitely best barber in the valley. My top 3 guys are: Hussain (the best) Ehsan Reda The rest are also very good except for the guy in the far right (Ali) he gives really bad haircuts in a rush.

Victor Xin

Great price ($20+tip) for the quality of haircuts they provide here. there will be quite a bit of a wait though so make sure you’ve got at least an hour to spare before taking a number

Joshua Cooper

Ihsan was great. Always quick and polite service. Most importantly great haircuts!


DOPE! Barbers. My guy ALI gave me the best haircut ever! Can't wait to go back. Awesome experience!!

John Henry

I went to The barber shop and ı got mıchael. At fırst ı was skeptıcal but mıchael Changed My poınt of vıew he gave me the Best haricut ıf you ask For mıichael

Naji Mosa

Handsss down,,, I swear best best best barbershop in the valley great cut , great service everytime, best team keep it up guys.

Jakob Roberts

This is the best barbershop in the whole valley. Couldn’t recommend a place anymore than this one. I love it. All the barbers are super cool and they are ALL great at their jobs. I love this place and always get the freshest cuts. Wait time is never very bad, and they always take good care of you once you get to the chair. Like I said all of them are great, almost all of them have cut my hair and I loved it each time, but if you had to choose someone in specific hit up my man Rudy. He’s a super cool guy and is an amazing barber.

Anthony Costabile

PRICE CHANGE! Haircuts went from $16 to $20 as of ealry 2018. For comparison, the barber across the street is $18 and ASU Barber Shop is $14. Response to owner: This review is not an insult but a statement of fact, brother.

Skyler Morgan

Rudy is an amazing barber, definitely my new go to spot!


As I said in my previous review this place is such a hit or miss, the bald barber who is usually in the middle is the issue and so I will not be taking anymore cuts from him if I ever come back here, the guy went too far up in the line up on the right side, making the haircut uneven to the point where I can't even fix it myself at home. Maybe he just can't cut Black Mens hair??? His attitude doesn't help either. I only went back for the convenience of it being so close by my dorm, but at this point I'll be going elsewhere from now on.


First time coming in was great, the vibe was different good taste in music and style! I showed the barber a few pictures of a haircut and beard style that I wanted the hair was picture perfect and the beard which I am EXTRAMLY cautions about was flawless ! I mean flawless great work definitely coming back

Banien Alhadad

My boyfriend and I were new to Arizona and my boyfriend Alex wanted a haircut. We found the barbershop from one of our friends. When we first walked in it was very neat and the workers there were very kind. We got Michael and he gave my boyfriend one of the best haircut . From now on we are gonna ask for Michael because he knows what he’s doing.

Roberto Luis

If you’re African-American, give this a read. These guys are skilled barbers, and when they cut some people, it shows. Also have a good deli number system that helps keep track of who was there first and so on. The reason I won’t be coming back is because I just don’t believe they can cut my kind of hair. I’ve had 3 differnt guys now, and showed every single one of them a picture of what my barber back home used to do. I asked for a skin fade and to clean up my high top. Not only was the cut bad, but I don’t even know why I showed the picture, it came out nothing like it, and none of the barbers asked to see it twice. 2nd and 3rd guys did me absolutely dirty with bad, VISIBLY uneven line-ups that I know if I can see, the barbers could see too, and didn’t use a blade either time, just clippers. And if I wasn’t so non-confrontational, I’d have refused to pay, it was just that bad. If I’m paying 20+ for a haircut, you gotta do better than this. Had to call up my friend in college who cuts hair on the side and have him fix my cut each time, and from now on I’ll just be going to my friend, because the cuts have been that bad. Great at cutting white guys, but if you’re black, think twice.

Abdul Shakoor

The best barbershop in town

mrutyunjaya lenka

Awesome, friendly and not-greedy folks. Even if you are not sure about the style you want, they make sure you get the best cut that suits you. Keep that factor up guys. Definitely coming back.

Mushtaq Alazzawi

one of the best barbers in town very professional courteous offer drinks and soda will be waiting I guess you the haircut that you want. definitely coming back

Ultra Gaming

This is the best barbershop In the world I love there relationship between the costumers and they give free drinks to th costumers

Soupman Campbell

Best haircut ever!!

shrey Sesh

Barber shop was great, overall experience and vibes of place were slick, they finished the haircuts quickly, and you can tell all the barber guys have experience and they know what they are doing with their customers, also the mood and personalities of the workers cheer you up, and they have nice little conversations with the customers. They guys are hard working and dteremined to their job, and that’s what make this place great .

Matthew Register

I live right in the area and after getting a few bad cuts in a row, I decided I wanted to try a new shop out. From the moment I walked into the door, I knew they would have my business. The place is clean and modern; the barbers are courteous and friendly; the prices are outstanding. The most refreshing thing about Terminal is their attention to detail when cutting hair, it is absolutely unmatched. A perfect example of what the 21st century barber shop should look like. And they take credit cards...

Joel Duval

My son and I drove 35 minutes 1 way to come here, and it's well worth it, this is my new Barber Shop. These dude's know what's up and are very fast and efficient.

Murtadha Albaqali

I love this place is feel great every single time I come in and I feel even better when finished.. the atmosphere is great free soda is a plus and the prices are perfect.. definitely recommend giving this place a try

E Greensly

My Barber Had 18 years Experience. And I have the haircut to prove it.

Jesse Langford

Cool guy, good haircut, I didn't mind the speed of the cut he was very focused, however there was a lack of detail in the trim so I'm going to have to shave the areas that he missed when I get home, it took about 15 minutes & cost $38

Dave Kuether

These guys know what they are doing. Great stuff

Jonah Bodmer

$20 for a quality and quick haircut. Moved here from Los Angeles for ASU and needed a place to get my hair cut. Been coming to terminal for over a year now and so are my friends after I told them about it. Staff is very friendly and patient with what you want done.

Nohra Bello

I've been going here for close to 2 years and it's my favorite barbershop! The shop itself is nice and has a great atmosphere. There's several barbers and they're all friendly, but my favorite is Ali. I'm willing to wait for him everytime and he is simply the best. I typically do a combover with a taper on the sides and back. He has very quick hands and great stylist in general. Highly recommend this place and especially my man Ali.

Ian Silva

I told the man what I wanted done and by the looks of it, it seems like he didn’t listen. And after I talked restated what I wanted done the guy just continued to give me a different cut than what I wanted.

Zachary Fenner

Walked in without any idea of what I wanted and simply told him to do what he would think looks best. The result was certainly not what I was expecting, but it looks great! Highly recommend

Alex Tarnow

Awesome dudes, ask for Michael!

Christopher Roberson

needed a haircut on a sunday, when not many other places are open. walked in about 45 minutes after they opened up. pretty nice place. clean and classy looking. 1 chair open, no wait. wanted something specific, told the barber exactly that. he had a couple follow up questions, and went to work. dude was as quick and nimble as edward scissorhands. did a pretty good job for as fast as he worked. i was in and out in less than a half hour with pretty much exactly the kind of cut i wanted. got a complimantary soda, too. like arnold, ill be back.

Andre Unsal

Always got my haircuts with Michael! He's a great guy and has traveled the world. If you go there and need any sort of fade, styling, or beard trim just ask for Michael. This shop always impressed me. They charge such a competitive price and dish out the best cuts in Arizona. They're also super clean, have a strong work ethic, and offer free drinks if you're friendly enough ;). Trust me, I've tried a lot of places and I keep coming back to the Terminal.

Ross Sanzari

Did the complete opposite of what I requested.

Astrid Olafsen

So after waiting 25 minutes for a cut, i asked for a flat top. Among the 4 barbers there, none does one. And to then insult me, one said " no one does flat tops any more, and the other followed up with "flat tops are so 70s". The ignorant men were wrong on both counts. Actually, EVERYONE but they do flat tops, and all sorts of young men wear them. Perhaps they were speaking of their country of origin, or their isolated peer group, but they are flat wrong. Time to widen their horizons.

Alex Chambers

Clean shop. Great cuts. The barbers know how to cut hair well, plus it's located near campus (long walk or bike). 10/10, this is my go-to barbershop

Mike Jones

Raymond the King gave me a great fade.

Lex Byrd

The guys here are super professional and give great cuts. I've gotten consistent compliments on my hair since visiting.

Bash Kittaneh

This shop is A1! Free drinks portable chargers great staff CLEAN HAIRCUTS and the best beard care I have ever had ! My beard has been getting me complements from guys and girls non stop ! what else to want from a barbershop. I highly recommend this place to anyone trying to look good this place is definitely worth the try

Wamix Don

Best barber at town. They use scissors, they so good at all men styles

Tyler Hanson

Awesome place! They know how to crank out great haircuts.

Hudson Sessions

Want to like this place but despite giving explicit instructions not to cut my hair short and showing a picture in which the sides of the hair were not short, the barber immediately cut the sides to a half inch (number 4). Seemed very rushed and disinterested in what I was looking for. I ended up cutting the top on my own in my apartment. This place seems good if you want short, faded sides and long hair on top. That’s not what I’m looking for. I’ve gone 4 or 5 times and have only been able to get what I want twice (guess I should’ve learned my lesson by now). Maybe I’m not their target market. I have a series of job interviews coming up and am left with an odd haircut and no time to grow it out.

DeWayne Smith

Sam is the head barber and owner. His staff is good, but he's the best. Sam cut my hair for years at another location and I followed him to his new shop. Whatever you need done, Sam can do it! I already miss him dearly since moving to Seattle.

Mohammed Hamkey

I came here 3 times, every time I asked for my hair to be cut they would trim it. They will also ask you to give a 5 star while they are watching and ask for a tip.


Stay away!!! These guys can't do a fade or a taper if their life depended on it. For $16 dollars I expect a decent hair cut. I went their only because I was in the area. The owner himself messed up my son's taper. He rushed his taper and within 5 minutes he was supposedly finished. Trash. For two haircuts $38. What a waste. Never again.

Ryan Sperrazza

Sam gave me a great haircut. Cut about 8 inches of mane off... feel like a new man!

Hector Gonzales

Read a few of the reviews before going and being mixed raced I know that some barbers struggle with cutting curls evenly. But I thought I'd give them a try... my fault. Showed the barber a picture of the type of fade I wanted and it was decent. But I told him I wanted an inch off the top and to even up the back because it's not even (another barbers fault). After he combed it out he began hacking at it with scissors and a comb... I was so in shock that by the time I realised what he was doing he had cut half my hair off... Even my friends said it looked like he was rushing and just trying to get me out of there. My curly haired brothers, please stay away!

Mirza Ramiz

Lack of professionalism. Poor service. They’re over charging for the service they provide.

Catrina Shade

Best Barber in The WHOLE city !!! My husband has went to dozens of barbers who did mediocre jobs but this place !!!! His hair comes out amazing every time!!! The prices are fair and the staff are very sweet guys. I will take him here forever!

Mikhail Miller

Great barbershop!!! I get always taking care of and leave very happy with a nice crisp haircut High reccomend it to anyone looking for a great new barbershop!!!!!

Evan Purcell

Can’t say I would ever go here again. I showed the guy a picture me right after my previous hair cut, he then just said fade and took my glasses off started buzzing. I could not see what was going on and the fate of my hair was left in the hands of this man. Well if you can’t already tell by my rating I didn’t like my hair cut. It is uneven and half of my head is cut shorter than the other side by a whole inch. Now I have to wait another two months till it is going to be grown out enough to to be fixable. This is hands down the worst haircut I have ever gotten.

Michael T

Best hair cut I've had in a long time. The eyebrow threading was a nice addition. Deffinelty going back!

David Mejia

I've been coming for the the past 3 months or so. So far it's been great. I've tried pretty much every barber present, due to just going to whoever is open next. This last cut by Sam, it was really nice. Just showed him a pic and a few modifications to suite my needs and bam, came out great. Note, pay attention to the times Google says it's busy. It's fairly accurate and can lead to a wait of 30min or so. You won't be disappointed coming here.

Christopher Magennis

Good clean cut, not too much chat. Perfect.

Hilda Youkhana

Michael a Great barber

mustafa aljishi

Best barber shop in town , check out Hussain he’s the best .

Thomas Rosario

Great staff, in and out pretty quick. Prices are reasonable and they are opened on sundays

Alex B

Gives a great haircut every time and also very quick/efficient.

david guzman

I have gone to a few barber shops and I have finally found the one that does EVERYTHING right! Hayder gave me the most fresh haircut and also threaded my eyebrows. As a guy, there is nothing more dissappointing than having them messed up or done over the top. Hayder did both just right and is a complete pro! Would definitely recommend. 5*****

Aziz Alrashed

I never regretted coming to this barber shop and I have been coming here for the past two years. Best barber in town.

Food Ink

I saw the reviews for this barbershop and decided to stop by, this was my first time coming in. I had a terrible experience here. When I arrived nobody explained the number system but the barbers acknowledged I was next, 5 minutes later about 7 people walked in and the barbers still acknowledged I was next. When one of them finished with another customer they decided to just skip over me like I didn’t exist and started helping everyone else out. This was extremely rude and unprofessional, I felt completely disrespected by this place and just walked out. Again this was my first time here and I will 100% not be coming back to this shop. They lost my business and a potential longtime customer.

Yasar Alyosha

The best barbershop i have been to in the area! And great staff too!!!

Johnathan Almazan

Merry maids barbershop. Very nice and cozy lots of seating area. All the barbers are really nice especially Ray who attended me. Fantastic hair cut he did. Next time you guys go ask for Ray’

Jason Burgad

Skilled barbers and modern hair styles.

Fermin Salas

Great place to get a hair cut. Compared to most, its fair price.

Talha Abid

Terminal Barber Shop is just amazing. Go in there and ask for Sam. He goes the extra mile to make sure that you have a superb haircut and a comfortable visit. Easily the best barber shop in AZ. Definitely coming back!!!

Matthan Filice

Sam gives the best cuts, hands down. Been seeing him since before he opened this place, over 10 years!! He hires and trains the best guys in Tempe, hands down. Get yourself a cut from Terminal Barbershop ASAP. -Ti

Alex DaKing

Place is really 50/50, as half the barbers are nice and half are rude and rush through your cut. Seems like they use good quality clippers but no one fades good, and some are really bad at it. You get a standard cut for a high price. Would not recommend if you want a good cut it's only convenient for students in tempe

David Barragan

This is the best barbershop in AZ. Sam is the man when it comes to cutting hair. Excellent service and always friendly!

Milad Moodi

Michael does an amazing job! Have been going to him for a year and it’s always a pleasure for me.

Alexander Fournier

Nice dudes. Honestly seemed like they were just way to crowded and don't have enough guys. Sat for an hour to get a 10 minute hurried cut. I don't think they are unskilled barbers but that experience sucked


Sam is a great guy. Every customer gets treated amazing when they walk in the door. The haircut came out awesome. Love the detail this barbershop has. Def check this place out.

Dakota Kildoo

This place made me look good for my wedding, I'll be back to keep me sharp lookin.

Abdulwahab Almulla

Best ever. I came all the way from WV to cut my hair here. You must try it

Mary Madren

I am going to recommend your saloon to everybody I know. In the present time it is difficult to find a shop with the features like services in a effective price and superior time management. Your devoted workers are your real assets. Would recommend them highly.

Alireza martin

Best barbershop I always come here for Rudy because I found him in the Instagram for the barbershop and I find great hair cut all the time here

Andrew Sullivan

I have no doubt that the people here are capable of giving good haircuts. However, I wasn’t listened to or what I wanted wasn’t even worried about. Just trying to get me out as quick as possible. Showed a picture for reference and asked to follow that as closely as he could (which didn’t have to be exact). However, didn’t even come close and just ended up with a standard undercut (which wasn’t what I wanted). Honestly, very disappointing. If he would have needed clarification I’d have happily given it, but none was asked so i assumed he knew what I wanted. This was not the case. I won’t come back here, but I recommend you find out what they want, not what you assume they want.

mohamad hamad

I recommend this place to everyone. I am always satisfied with my haircut. He is one of the best in the valley. The price is great and you can get new look every time you go there. He has very experienced crew.

Free Welly

This is my first time in the states to finish my bachelor degree, and the first time I visited terminal barber shop. My hair cutter Sam hasoon is by far one of the best hair cutters I ever witnessed in all my barber shops experience. I highly recommend you guys to give this barber shop a try and see yourself, you leave disappointed!

Jeff Jefferson

Outstanding cuts but be ready to wait for the quality. Minimum wait time of 20 minutes even on the slowest days/times

Jake Wolff

Great place. Aloosh paid attention to the small details and took his time. Great haircut overall and the place was very clean. They offered up a few drink (water or soda) for the wait. Definitely coming back.

Milad Mosalman

they are really expert and friendly barber with nice middle eastern atmosphere.

Eyad Alzahrani

Great place with professional care of the clients. Very nice hair cuts with a very reasonable prices. The guys who run the place with overflow you with their generosity offering you coffee , tea and nice conversation on the barber seat. Just name it and they will do it the way you wanted to be.

Saleh Alshilash

First off I’d like to start by saying this is the best barbershop I’ve been to in Arizona. Great haircuts and service even greater. They have numbers for customers to track who came first and it’s very organized store. The barbers there are very professional and highly trained and on top of that they are nice and welcoming. I always get my haircut with “Michael” The first guy to the left when entering the store “bald guy”. Highly recommended. The guy is very skilled and has very light hands. He always meets my expectations and even more. I have never left the store unsatisfied honestly and I will always go back.

Brandon Yazzie

This is my place to go to get a clean up or a nice fade guys here know their stuff and are always super nice try it you won't be disappointed but there is a wait so go right in grab a number and sit down I always do

Josh Martin

Been going here for 5 years all through college. I’ve always gone and received very good service and seen great work. Ray does a fantastic job and genuinely cares about the people he works with. I’ve been growing my hair out for awhile and today I had Sam. Now, I’ve seen him do some really good work so I thought it would be a good experience. I was highly disappointed with what transpired. If he is in a good mood you get a good cut however for some reason he seemed over the day. He didn’t listen to what I had asked or wanted and just did a super quick job to get it done. I was looking for a high fade having a smooth transition into my longer hair on top. He went with a zero and did it all the way up, did not make straight lines around the top and have crooked out place spots. Some of the sides have longer patches of hair. Then continued to make jokes about the haircut he gave me. I hope that giving someone a bad haircut really made your day better, obviously you needed the haircut more then myself.

Elvis Kelechian

Been going to Sam for 10 years now! Great barbershop. Great service. Perfect haircut.

Mohammad Rasheed

Best barber shop in town A+++ very welcoming staff are nice and very entertaining energetic. Always offering free drinks water soda tea and coffee while your waiting your turn. Very clean and you don't wait a very long time for your turn I really recommend this place.

Emigdio Esquivel

I have been going to Sam for the past 8 years or so. I have never been disappointed in any of my haircuts. He has many employees that know what they are doing. I go in, get a haircut from one or the other, and come out satisfied nonetheless. They always make sure you are comforted and exceed expectations. I highly recommend this place to anybody.

Kevin May

I called and they said they take walk ins. I arrived, waited 2 minuted for someone to come out from the back room to tell me to take a number and sit down. No one was in a chair for service but there were 4 other guys sitting waiting. One guy came out and started talking to someone sitting down. (Not a customer but a friend) finally the first guy went up to the chair to start the haircut. Only 1 guy working on actually cutting hair. They talked about the hair cut for another 5 minuted and that's when I left. Had to sit here listening to loud foreign music for 18 minutes for nothing. Just walked out.

Javier Vazquez

Ask for Ray, wait 2 hours if you have to. Favorite one so far. From LA and this dog gets down cutting hair. Skills is his middle name. He eats hair magazines for breakfast. Get the point, this dude is good.

O Alenezi

Professional barbers Good services Great place 5 stars

Kyle Preston

Very clean and modern barbershop. The Barbers are nice and waste no time cutting customers hair. They offer a variety of styles at an affordable price. The exact definition of what a barbershop should be.

Kyle Long

Michael did a fantastic job cutting my hair and trimming my beard. If your a guy looking for a trim I would personally recommend him.

Jose F Frausto

Amazing barbers, they really know what they're doing!

Liam Walker

One of the best barbershops I've ever visited. Thank you so much for the fantastic work.

Sonny Arzaga

I have received an awesome fade by every barber every time n I go every Sunday, great customer service, very welcoming and very affordable. Love this place.

Michael Bryant

I was in the market for a barbershop which some people may know is a daunting task. I found Terminal online and read the reviews and they did not disappoint in anyway. They did a phenomenal job and now I have a new shop, whew what a relief to know you have a shop that you can trust!!!

Josh P

Pretty awesome group of guys. I have ADHD, am pretty effeminate for a guy and I'm not talkative with strangers (and even with guys I know, I'm far less talkative than with women). I didn't feel nervous or too out of place, which says a lot. I left with a slight change in style that's been needed for years. My cost was $20, I tipped $30, total $50—well worth it. If you're looking for talent with actual culture, this is a good fit. If you're looking for another stale experience, there's a Supercuts around the corner. They'll save you $3 and leave you rockin' that Kate Gosselin mom-jean swag for two months. Or you can give the $3 more to these guys and leave looking like a sharper version of yourself. Your choice.

Jorge Vengoechea

The worst cut I've had in a while. Asked for a taper and got a high fade. Dude asked to out a tap in my hair I said I was cool with it and then he did his own thing. Only other person in shop had a buzz cut. Don't waste time or money here.

Shawn Ronakov

Went to Terminal a few weeks ago at the behest of a friend. Let's just say that I was not disappointed. The shop is brand new and immaculate. All of their services - cuts, shaves, threading, etc. are well priced and the staff is comprised of professionals - not some rookies fresh from barber school. I'll be using Terminal Barber Shop for my haircuts and shaves from here on out.

Ugochukwu Nsofor

Nice place, good customer service

consider done

The barber who greeted is was nice. However the barber who cut my son's hair in a rush and carelessly. Next time we'll stick with A Cut Above barbershop on University! ✂ I would not recommend this place.:(

fahad jassem

I come to this barber twice every week They are all incredibly friendly and they will let you definitely looking clean michael is an amazing barber he will make you looking fly and ready to go ray is the one that cut my hair last time he's also very talented when it comes to cutting hair and if you want a fresh haircut go to ray he will hook you up

Jeffrey Russell

Went here with my son, who has been getting his hair cut here for years. It's an awesome barber shop.

Joshua Levin

I absolutely love this barbershop and all the guys working there are awesome BUT they're getting so busy which makes it annoying having to wait 30 to 40 minutes. I just wish they would allow BOOKINGS either online or over the phone. Please please please

matthew moffitt

It was first time going to the Terminal Barbershop. I had seen amazing reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The atmosphere of the barbershop is welcoming; people were friendly and you could tell that they truly enjoyed what they do. There were about 8 people in line ahead of me but I only had to wait twenty or thirty minutes before my number was called. I got Sam. Best haircut I've ever had. Sam was kind, fast, and most importantly, detailed in his work. You could tell he is dedicated to his craft. Will definitely be going back.

Brandon Calderon

Have always been extremely satisfied with my cut every time. It's a really nice place and they treat clients excellent! I live up in Scottsdale and the drive is worth it every time

rayan gh

Great job

Olu David Gbadebo

This place is one of the most friendly barbershops I’ve ever been to. It’s always clean. There’s always good music playing. And the cuts are always on point for me.

Daniele Bolton

Boris very good with all hair types! He has GREAT costumer service!! Great atmosphere and prices are great!

Mario Robles

Really good service definitely coming here more checking Rudy

misael lizarraga

Consistency is what they master.

Rick Abels

Fast service and good barbers. First time there but will be coming back

William Brizzee

Recently moved to the area. These guys do a phenomenal job. You can tell they take pride in their work and I left with a top notch cut. Definitely going back.

Kebrab Mehari

If you ever have to go to this place don’t have the guy with bald hair cut your hair... this guy doesn’t really care about the cutting part he really just speeds through the process and don’t care how your hair comes out! He messed up my hair line, I showed him a picture of how I wanted my hair but it didn’t come out anything like it! He needs to learn that cutting a mans hair is important it’s not just going through the motions! I will never in my life go back and I suggest none of you go back either unless you don’t care about your hair! This place is unprofessional and needs to be out of business at this point because I don’t even think they properly sanitize their equipment!

Abdullah Alfairouz

Best terminal shop for a decent price you get what u asked for :) , would suggest .

Alloush Al Jamal

Everyone is friendly, I always get a nice sharp haircut every time . Everyone is good . You should see Asaad, the first guy on the left . He is awesome .

Mona Alharbi

I went to the barber shop and asked Micheal to do my eyebrows. So I showed him a picture of eyebrows and ..... HE DID A BETTER JOB then the picture! When you walk in you will see a bald guy his name is Micheal he does an amazing job on anything you ask him to do! Also when you first walk in the smell is.. AMAZING. And the music is soo nice and calming. The guys there at the barber shop are soo nice. Micheal is so nice and so gental when he does hair or anything else! The place is so neat and everytime they are done doing hair they always clean up after themselves. The service is so nice, like soda, tea, and water, ect are all free! LIKE WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU ASK FOR, FOR A BARBER SHOP!!! The parking lot outside is soo nice as well! I totally recomend going there if you ever need a GOOD haircut or if you want to have anything else done, I mostley like Micheal because he is always soo nice even tho all of the people are nice as well! So like I said I totally recomend going there they have the adress linked on there website so you can go there and it will link you straght to the barber shop. The barber shop is located on tempe so if you want to go, you will come back to GREAT RESULTS! Have fun over there and if you do you will NOT REGRET IT!!!

Bill Wanick

A little longer wait than I expected. It was Sunday and I really needed a good cut... they guys were really nice and took extra care styling my odd looking head. I'll be back again.

Nathan Soudani

Best babershop in tempe. Perfect fades and line ups. No one can beat Rami skills. He is the best fing baber around

Hassan Almobarak

Best barber in town

Anubhav Jetley

Terminal barbershop is probably the most professional barber place in Tempe. The place is always clean and nice. They have four professional barbers who enjoy their work and always put in their 100% to meet customer needs. Ihsaan is my favorite. What I like the most about this place is that they have beard trim, shaving, eyebrow threading services too. A one stop for every grooming service you need. Excellent place, highly recommend. - AJ


Literally worst haircut ever by some guy named Sam, dude pushed my hairline way back,also felt very awkward as he didn’t talk to me or anything the whole time, fade was okay lol you can still see the guidelines he used which is okay, for a rookie

Adam White

Mediocre experience at best. I gave this place two opportunities with two different barbers to do a simple beard fade, nothing fancy or difficult. I always request that my barber does not use a razor just fade the beard to make the matter more simple. Both barbers butchered my beard, the second time my beard was so awkwardly uneven and crooked it resulted in numerous individuals at work, and friends pointing out how bad it was. I honestly have no idea on how they have so many positive reviews , that I question the legitimacy of the current reviews.

Alejandro Gamboa

Terminal barber shop is by far the best barber shop I've been too. Sam always knows what type of haircut fits me the best and makes sure I never leave not liking my haircut. The only barber shop I visit and recommend

Kingsten Banh

My favorite barber shop. I’ve been in many places but I found this one is the best as the barber listens and pays attention to your individual needs.

Joseph Thweatt

I used to get really good haircuts from this place but the past three have been very disappointing. They have started hiring a lot of younger kids that only cut hair on weekends, and it shows. Last time I went there I told the guy how short I wanted the sides of my hair (just the sides) and proceeded to begin cutting my entire head, didn't even ask any other questions! Unsurprisingly, it was not what I asked for and I resolved to never come here again. This place used to be worthy of its rating (4.7 at the time of this writing), but now its just bad. Sorry

Ahmad Zaitoun

I love getting my hair done by these guys, great service, clean atmosphere, and cool music. I leave looking fresh every single time I step in this place, defiantly the place for trendy haircuts. My hair game changed since i tried this spot, am very happy that i discovered Terminal Barber Shop.

Nassir Alhajri

Great place and great people

Esmat Saad Aldeen

The service there was very good all the barbers are amazing and do there job very well there very nice and welcoming i got an amazing haircut by Michael the barbershop is very clean and there music is amazing as well i would most definitely recommend going there

Jaber Jaber

Best place to get a clean cut

Eisher Saroya

They have no clue how to cut long hair. I asked for a half inch trim and they messed it up. Srsly, don't trust ratings. Hair salons are always better if you have long hair Edit: there is a way to comb long curly hair. You don't comb straight from the roots while the hair is tangled, and push to get through tangles... Also, you don't use a trimmer on the shorter hairs in the back...

Haider ALezzi

Sam has been cutting my hair for almost 6 years. Terminal barber shop service is excellent, the stuff are meticulous in the way they cut hair and I really enjoy that. They take the time to make sure everything looks neat and tidy, also the shop itself is very a comfortable and also in a great location. Terminal shop is absolutely outstanding not only you got a big screen TV but a drink if you want one and a great big comfy chair. I would recommend it to everyone.

Ahmed Ochoa

This is my go to barbershop! The guys are always super friendly.... i became a regular last year and highly recommend it! Prices are very reasonable.

Mohammed Abdullah

The best barbershop in Tempe. Clean, good stuff and an amazing atmosphere!! Always happy to be there!

Ammar Alnattar

Best barber shop

Javier Porras

Ouch! The bald barber seemed to be in a rush and forgot to use shaving cream to line me up. Had high hopes as this place came recommended to me but will likely never return.

Edward Coveyduck

Been going to this place for a couple of years but the service has been getting worse an worse, after a bad haircut awhile ago I've been going elsewhere but after my errands over ran on Sunday and needing a haircut I returned. Unfortunately I recieved my worse haircut yet, shaved right up to the top of my head, limited to no blending and much shorter on one side of my head than the other. After a long wait and barely 15 minutes in the chair it's testament to the fact they don't care. Avoid this place if you are getting anything other than a simple buzz cut! I won't be returning even if I'm in desperate need of a hair cut, long hair is better than bad, lopped sided hair!

Amaera Luca

I always bring my grandpa, cousin and boyfriend here for their haircuts. They do an amazing job and have such a clean aesthetically pleasing environment.

Saad hollywood

Great work, experience guys and very nice vibe. I always go for Husain but tried other guys and all awesome. If you growing beard and mustache and meet somebody to be diligent and experience to deal with it this is the place

Kyle Zambie

Expedient service but it comes at a price. There was absolutely no attention to detail and my barber did not take his time-- all they cared about was getting their money quicker. Turns out he missed a couple spots in the back which I had to have my roommate take care of after the fact. I should have gone back for a refund. Not recommended.

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