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4408 N Miller Rd #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States Located in: Camelback & Miller Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Shaving Grace Barber Shop IN Arizona

David Mitroff

Love this place. If you want a good hair cut, come here. These guys will take care of you. If you don't like it, they'll make it right. Give them a shot.

Patrick Taylor

I've tried many different barbers, this is the only place where I have received a great cut every time. I won't go anywhere else now.


Best barber shop in Scottsdale. Great cuts, great people.

Ron Thomas

Great Job and wonderful treatment with the hot towel and shoulder massage I will go back again

Bryan Davis

Stan is awesome, check him out you will not be disappointed! Always hooks it up with a nice clean fade!

Nyck Duffey

Great barbers I've been going here for about two years not only have i been completely satisfied with every haircut I have had there but the atmosphere is amazing!

Kevin Warhus

Boris is the man! Always walk out looking great. It's honestly the only place I've ever enjoyed getting my hair cut.

Lance Stafko

Omar is great

Ryan Ouimette

Top notch shop, top notch barbers. Greatest barber shop experience you will find in the valley.


I figured I would post a review that better reflects on the quality of this shop, seeing as the previous reviewer was delusional. I just sat and enjoyed an hour of laughs while getting the best, most meticulous haircut I have ever had the pleasure of sitting for.

Brian Monks

Old school barbershop. A great experience.!

Bruce Hayer

Boris and Ruben were in today 01/13/15) , Alex threw out his back. Excellent experience. They take great care with each customer by asking specifically how each customer wants theirs cut- great communication. They exchange witty banter and comments, just like the barber shops back home in Chicago. If you're sensitive or require politically correct conversation (Ask about the midget throwing story.) Ruben did a great job with my flat top hair cut (hard to find a barber who can do that style). You DON'T need an appointment - just walk on in. Free wifi, TV, to pass the time if you have to wait. They offer hot towels and shoulder massage with each service. $19 for a cut. What a deal! I plan on going in for a barber shave - never had one...

Zachery Goguen

Just had my first haircut here. My hair was long for five years before cutting it a month ago while I was out of town, and I was looking for a local barber to call home. I believe this is it. Great, fast service. I was in and out in 20 minutes without an appointment. They know what they're doing and do it well. See you guys in a month!

Johnathan D Burnett

Tyler Owens

This place is awesome, never had a bad cut and they always seem to want to get you in opposed to other places that always seem too busy. I walked in 15 mins before closing and they didn't seem bothered at all. They run a good shop and I drive 30 mins to come here

Nicolas Sansone

These guys are true craftsmen! Its a true Barbershop feel with alot of banter. Best haircut I've ever gotten in Arizona.

lindsay williams

Highly recommend this place and ask for the amazing Rubin

Brian Hamm

great place to get an awesome haircut! It doesn't matter who you see in there, you can count on 2 things. 1) your going to have a cool conversation, 2) your going to walk out of there looking exponentially better than when you walked in. I won't go anywhere else.

John Segura

Not the cheapest in town but always get a great cut when I go. Worth is it you can afford it, do such a good job you gotta tip well too haha.

Yakov Shimonov

I recommend this shop it was an awesome experience! Loved my haircut and beard trim with hot towel shave!

Joseph Gillard

I live in Los Angeles and travel to Scottsdale monthly for some time in Boris's chair, best cut hands down, Mr. Boris is a master barber!

Alethea Fullen-Cartièr

I will not go anywhere else to get my hair cut. Exceptional, meticulous, and expert service! I am spoiled.

Barry Lewis

My first time going based on someone noticing the men leaving the shop with good haircuts. I was greeted and got the pleasure of a lady barber to cut my hair. She did exactly what I asked. Also the hot towel, shoulder massage and the real razor shave around my neck, sideburns and ears was a plus. I would certainly recommend the shop and plan to return to use her services again.

Anthony Pennino

Absolutely amazing service!!! Rueben was like a psychic, I showed him a brief picture of what I was going for and he told me the exact length and clipper number I was thinking - I didn't have to explain a thing to him. Was not a simple cut either. I had a three inch all natural beard I had grown, mustache handlebars and all, and wanted to cut it down to a chiseled point. I also wanted it to fade up from sing at my ears to my long strip of hair on top. I showed him a Picture of a model with that style and said "I know you can't make me look like that guy," in jest, but he said he could. And when I was done, I did. He was so attentive to every little detail that I walked out of there emaculate. Never had a better cut in my life!!!! Thanks Rueben, see you next time!!!!,

Beau Citron

I have been going to this place since I was in high school. Boris is top-notch and his staff is right there with him. The place is perfectly clean and a friendly atmosphere. I have not even mentioned the hair cut which is the best part. It is consistent and Boris can adapt to any style. It is the true definition of a barber shop. I have recommended numerous people to him and will continue to do so. The best barber shop in town is Shaving Grace Barber Shop. -BC

John St. Thomas

I've been coming here for roughly 2 years now and no matter who the barber is they all do a great job. Everyone is friendly and very accommodating. I never call to schedule an appointment even though I probably should, they never complain and always get me into the rotation in a timely manner. Fun place and the conversation in the shop is always entertaining. As long as I live in south Scottsdale I'll be going there!

Cesar Sanchez

Nice service

Michael Mercury

Had a great haircut and the best shave of my life. The barbershop was friendly and welcoming. My barber is a master artisan of the shave. Highly recommend Shaving Grace!

Joe Serrano

Really glad i pick this barbershop. Very friendly staff

Michael Jover

Just had my first haircut at Shaving Grace and I would definitely recommend them. The vibe was fun and everyone was having a good time laughing. In regards to the haircut, it was one of the best I had. I was very impressed with my barber, who performed a great fade. Then he had his partner finished the top part of my hair because she was the best at "my type" of hair. He explained he wanted to ensure I had the best cut instead of just finishing and moving on. I was very impressed and will be returning in two weeks.

David Lindgren

Very classy place very busy but they take care of their people excellent. Friendly staff and fair prices.

Stephaniie Peterss

Amazing Place , I took my kids In there and definitely will take them back every single time they need a haircut.Great service Five stars , Nice people , best haircuts in Az ,positive vibe .Good Job ! KEEP up the Good work.

Brian Walsh

I've always gone to a high end salon to get haircuts costing me $40-$50 a cut. I reviewed a few places close to the house and came across this place, with great reviews. As talented as these barbers are, I come out with a perfect cut every time! Not to mention a nice hot towel, a tv dedicated to each chair for your enjoyment, and hilarious conversation, I would highly recommend shaving grace for someone looking for a fresh look for $20!

Bill Mansoor

Hands down best shave and haircut, thanks Boris and Mike!

David Pierce

Great haircut every time no matter whose chair you sit in. Cash only.

David Dresden

Boris is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is so nice to me and gives great haircuts. He runs a great shop which I think is the best in the area. If you want a great haircut, give them a try!

Robert del Rosario

Borris runs a great shop. He makes sure every customer is satisfied and leaves happy. Best barber I've ever found by far. Give the shop a try

David Reyes

I went in with a full set of hair and came out with almost a buzzed cut when I asked for a trim off the top. It took him 15 minutes to cut it. Other barbers take twice as long and not cut as much. 2nd time going there and both bad experiences. He knew he did a bad job and that I hated it, if he would've offered to take care of the cut, maybe I wouldn't be rating them. It's been a month and it's almost to where I wanted it from when I went in for the trim

Christian C

Instant regrets on coming to this place. I'm going to be wearing a hat for the next three weeks. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. As you can see from the responses to the poor reviews, the owners and barbers I saw are rude, stuck up, and classless. Keep up the awful customer service!

Jason Gershowitz

Awesome cuts and shape ups. Best Barbers in Buisness

Fuzzy Interval

Recommended by a friend. I called first to see if I needed an appointment or could walk-in. The guy that answered (I have since learned was Boris the owner) said, "Either one. Come in and we'll take care of you". Went there and,well, the atmosphere and vibe is great. The banter between Boris and another barber made it feel like I was home, listening to my own family tell each other what's what. When the first F-Bomb was dropped, I knew I'd found my new barber shop. Angel did a great job of figuring out what I wanted for a hair cut vs what I was saying.

Arvinder Singh

Boris and his place are amazing. We were from out of town and treated as if we came there all the time. I would highly recommend Boris and his team.

Cathy Hodges

Very professional. Listen to what you want. Bought my partner in crime a haircut and shave. He loved it and will go back again. He's very picky, so that is quite the compliment.

Lucas James

Boris is the best Scottsdale Barber in the Whole Wide World.

Sarfraz Mohammed

Good people, great service! This is my 4th haircut and it's as fantastic as the first time!

jesse allen

Crispy Fade and Good People!

Steve Ledyard

Jacob Thompson

Been here twice because it it close to my house. Nicked my neck both times when shaving the back. Not giving it anymore chances.

Michael Morris

Came here on the morning of my wedding to get hot shaves with all my groomsmen. All the barbers did a great job and made us laugh the whole time. Great idea and a great time

Brian Miller

Best barbers in town. Clean. Quick. and always come out looking great. I am always greeted with a smile, and was made to feel like a regular from the first time I went.

Michael Carta

Best barbershop...anywhere

karim jreije

This is the absolute best place to get a haircut. Boris is amazing...from day one, i totally bonded with him. I had been going to this place for years now, and he knows exactly what I like...and he knows who i want to cut my hair. The prices are completely and totally reasonable.

luis aguilera

Very cool guys frendly guys very entertaining lol

Stephen Verbil

Had a great cut and shave here! I travel a lot and I have to say this is one of the best I've had on the road. Is it as good as Dimitri's in Fairfield, CT? (My home)... Well, nothing's ever as good as home, but if I lived here, this would be my home barbershop, hands down. Friendly barbers, good work, nice looking results. Hot towel at end is a plus.

Joseph Bieret

Tightest fade I've ever gotten.

Iqbal Harmeet Gill

Went in for a fade and beard trim and line up. Shlomo took care of me and had me looking perfect. One of my best haircuts

JD Lawson

The biggest thing for me when looking for a barber is giving a great cut consistently. I have been going to Boris for about a year now and he never misses the mark. Great atmosphere, great barbers, great shop!

Kristos Roshi

I've been getting my haircut with Boris (head barber) since 2010. I will not let anyone else cut my hair. This is by far the best barbershop in town.

Stephan Merkens

Lives up to its reputation. Got a great beard trim from Alex - solid barber. Great old school shop. Will return again - thanks guys.

colby walters

Best shop in all of the United States in my opinion. My 2 guys there are Borris and Alex. They know their stuff and you come out of the shop every time looking top notch.

ella Rabon

Jake Pendarvis

1st beard trim I've ever had and (Solique? Unsure of spelling) went ABOVE AND BEYOND!! Took my wild beard and made a masterpiece of it!! Very reasonably priced and great atmosphere! I live in Avondale and work all over the valley.. I'll go out of my way to come back!!

Jovan Geary

They're the best in town for the price hands down

howard sturgeon

Quality hair cuts from all of the staff there. After haircuts people always comment on how good my trim looks!

Brett Lox

Stopped in while on work. Phenomenal services and a fantastic haircut. Many regulars cycling through while I was there, and it’s obvious they take the time to know their customers. If I lived here I would make this my place!

Jesse Cohen

Great spot if you're looking for a fresh and affordable cut with a fun atmosphere

Axel Fischer

I would highly recommend this place. They know how to cut hair well and are very thorough!

Aaron Cantrell

Was in town to see the family and needed a shave. Will come back everytime I am in town.

Phil Zucker

The best Barber Shop in AZ

Brent Bradford

When I say this is the real deal, it really is. Any time I travel I get a straight razor shave to experience different shops. This one blew me away with the speed and precision detail that was taken. They use multiple hot towels throughout the whole process and various creams that just make your face baby smooth. The men of the shop have some humor as well which makes the experience very enjoyable. I would come to Scottsdale again just to get a shave from this shop!

Leonard Green

Great service!

Samantha Truscott

Outstanding Service & Quality work My boss was impressed. Thanks for making me look good Shaving Grace.

Matthew Keefer

This place is top notch, all the guys are awesome, beautiful shop, and truly the best haircut and shave I have ever had!! Thanks guys! See you soon!

Sebastian Giraldo-Castano

From my experience when you want a haircut you ask for it and they're supposed to do what you ask for. I asked for a haircut and the lady didn't listen to me and told me she was professional and she knew what she was doing. She did what she wanted with my hair and I am very disappointed with the results. Also, she seemed more focused on finishing me quick rather than listening to my request and giving me a quality haircut. My brother went after me and she literally gave him the same haircut as mine, yet we each asked for different style of haircuts. Meaning she will give you the haircut she wants (very conservative) and not what you as the client wants. Other barbers did seem to listen to their clients and actually take their time.

Dan Stark

Haircuts for days.

Jake Glodek

Boris! My man! Best damn Haircuts in Scottsdale. Love this guy and his entire Crew. Guy is straight CLASS. I am a very satisfied customer, and I have and will continue to refer anyone I know to your Shop. God Bless, and keep up the great work!

Nick Lemon

Excellent hair cuts

Mark Moody

Great haircut everytime.

Maher Kirmiz

Seriously the best barber shop ever! I'm from California and here for business and got lucky enough to find these guys. My boy Ruben did get a great job. I wish they would come out to CA. Definitely have my business. Boris was super nice and service was unforgettable! I will definitely be coming back when in town and recommend this place to locals.

Charles Culwell

Bad ass

Benjamin Sutton

So long as I live in the valley, this will be my place! Good people, providing great service. I get the skin fade, and I was accidentally scratched. Gina and Boris were very concerned, more concerned than I was! They offered to comp me, I refused, it was a scratch, and I love the service. I was impressed that they took ownership of a simple accident. The jokes and trash talk is always impressive as well!

Ashley Davis

Before I even walked in the experience was amazing! I called to make sure I didn't need to make an appointment and the man that answered had a good sense of humor and very personable. I walked in and he knew that he just talked to me. It was my son's first time in a real barbershop and he loved it, walked out saying he can't wait for his next visit! He even got a hot towel and massage. They gave my son a big tootsie pop, not dumdums like other hair cutting places. It's a little more expensive then what I am used to paying but DEFINITELY worth the price!! My son will most likely be a forever customer! I know I will be taking him there as long as I am paying for it! They make sure you are satisfied with your services before you even walk out the door! My son and I walked out with smiles on our faces. Definitely the best barbershop for an amazing hair cut. You can tell each one takes pride in what they do. Ok enough rambling. See you guys in a couple weeks.

Brian Arkin

Seemed like a really nice shop when I went inside, that is until the guy sits me down to give me a beard trim. I asked the guy very politely, you take credit right? Nope, cash only ! Might be about time to step up to the times! Picked them out online amongst nany other highly rated barber shops, then proceeded to drive all the way down there on my dime. And what happens I get disappointed! I would never go back to this place. What a waste.

Rusty Gage

Great place


Wow! I travel a lot and get my hair cut in different cities all the time. Never in my travels have I gotten a better cut. They took the time to ask what I was looking for and proceed to deliver it. I wish they were in Atlanta where I live because I wouldn't go anywhere else. Dont miss out on this place!! The best!!!

Grant Quezada

Went in was greeted alright. Pretty busy day. The woman who cut my hair was nice but after explaining what I was looking for she preceded to turn me away from the mirror and cut my hair when I turned back it was substantially shorter than what I wanted. No rinse after and no real blow dry to get hair out or off my head. Just a quick in and out not a bad haircut it was Just a basic haircut.

J Zimmer

Best in the business!!!!!

Harry Engel

Great cut

Enri Dalti

I moved to Scottsdale a little over a year ago and this has been my go to place since. Boris, Mike and Stanley are masters of their craft. They know what they’re doing and they have fun while doing it. It’s always a good time at the shop and you will leave looking fresh AF! For as long as I live in Scottsdale I will keep coming to these guys for my haircuts!

Tony R

By far the best I've found. These guys are professionals

Ryan Garrison

Alex and Boris are the BEST! Great haircuts. Best fades in town. My Father, My Son and I all go here... and we drive from North Scottsdale!

shawn kelly

Joseph Cosgrove

Unbelievable service from Boras. In need of a haircut, I stopped by the shop an hour and a half after closing and while many shops would turn you down, Boras gladly cut my hair and did a hell of a job. Great neighborhood barber shop and the only place I will get getting my haircut from now on. Boras, thank you, you gained a customer due to your service and ability to go above and beyond!

Mark Lopez

Writing for my husband Mark ... This place was awesome... out of town on vacation with a man who does his own hair every 3 days ... Walked in and instantly was impressed with the atmosphere and ambiance of the shop .. When I say old school .. I mean quality customer service well worth the time and expense... He was impressed with the straight edge razor .. the only REGRET.. He shaved BEFORE the appointment... The Barber who cut his hair was a YANKEES fan just like him .. you can't go wrong with that!!! Thank You the Money was well spent!!!

Kyle Vahjen

The best barber shop I've ever been to. Good guys, amusing banter, and a hot towel. I have never been one to give detailed instructions, but they don't need much here. They get the job done and the results speak for themselves. If you've been here, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't been here, just give them a shot and you'll be glad you did.

Daniel Cloud

First and foremost, there are some great barbers here, if you find someone you like, stick with them. That said, I’ve had some bad experiences and exclusively from the barbers who don’t ask where I like my sideburns (I don’t know why some barbers take it into their own hands). I recently had my hair cut by one of the young women there and I had to go back less than a week later to get it cleaned up but the state it was left in was so bad it necessitated a whole additional haircut to fix, charge and all. I spent $50+ on my hair on 2 haircuts over 6 days and I’m not 100% happy plus I usually stretch one $27 haircut (tip included) over 4 weeks. Most the older guys there can do you right but I’ll be turning down seats from anyone other than who I can trust from now on because I’ve been burned by two of their younger hires in the past and it’s sucks to have to pay for another haircut to fix the mistakes from the previous one when you give the same instructions you always give

Arizona Printshop

Yuri is a very talented barber. He gave me the "exact haircut" I asked for. Very cool and relaxing atmosphere. Very upbeat and I will definitely go back again. Well worth every penny!

Ony Boboescu

Stephen B.

Amazing haircut, great value. 10/10 recommendation.


Very professional and really good cuts. I'm very picky about where I go for a cut. This is my new number one. Fast too

Chian Ma

Been going to Boris for over 10 years and always receive the VIP treatment!

Ryan Carrico

The short story is I've been going here for well over a year and it's been great. The longer version goes like this. During the one year I have been going here, I have had my hair cut by Boris, Ruben, and several others. The experience and staff interactions have been consistently professional and friendly always showing attention to detail and overall great service. I strongly recommend giving Shaving Grace a try.

Steve Skojec

Good service, clean shop, nice haircut. A little pricier than some other barbers in the area, and cash or Venmo only, but worth it overall.

David Kluz

This shop has an amazing set of barbers who can give you a really good quality hair cut that can help you in looking good and relaxed. I am really glad that I took my friend's recommendation and went ahead with this shop. They are here to stay for a really long time.

Ethan Golf

Are you kidding? What's not to love! Great haircut, great shave, hot towel, a quick massage and your ready to hit the road running! PLUS these guys are entertaining. The only thing better is if Seinfeld and Groucho Marx were giving you the haircut. And yes they take pride in their trade. Mensch's all. :) And it's worth the drive from Troon.

Trejion Burgard

Best male barbershop in Scottsdale, Arizona. They also give shoulder massages with their electric massager.

Dean Knuth

Great place with a cool laid back atmosphere. They get down to business and give you a great cut.

James Kim

I rarely write reviews on Google, but I had to write one because of my positive experiences from Shaving Grace. This is the only place I will go to for a haircut. Other places I have been to do not know how to cut 'Asian' hair (thick/coarse), however, the staff from the Shaving Grace always do a perfect job. Boris and his staff are very genuine people, and we always spark up some good conversations. I HIGHLY recommend them. Be sure to call in advance to make a reservation because they can get busy at times.

John Kester

Exactly what I needed. Came in town for a work trip and needed to clean up my beard and this was the perfect spot. Easy going atmosphere and professional barbers all around. Highly recommend!

Sean Romero

They make you feel welcomed. Great full service shop with the best staff.

Chris Jones

Great traditional barber. Had a great haircut, and nice detailed shave, old school! This is the kind of men's grooming service you just don't get very often these days. Knew my military style cut without me having to explain it like I do at strip mall bargain cutters. You feel confident they know what they're doing.

Conner Farquharson

I drive out of my way, roughly 30min, to come here because I know I am going to get a quality cut from all the great barbers. They listen, take care of you, and while having fun and interacting with everyone. I highly recommend.

Tony Gallardo

Finally, a place I can get my haircut knowing that it's gonna look good every time. You can tell these guys love what they do and they look at being a barber as a craft not a job. More people should take pride in their work like Shaving Grace. Keep up the good work!

Michael Clack

Yes they can cut African-American hair. They do it well.

Doug Sheehy

These guys are awesome! Came here to have my head shaved for my GF who is having breast cancer treatment and she is getting the full pamper treatment by Boris and making her feel amazing! Great service and conversation and laughs!

Wayne Collignon

I had my first haircut by Boris yesterday and was the best haircut I have had in 20 years. I have a lot of hair and is not easy to cut. Masterful!

Chrisanne Zwicker

My husband just had his hair cut. Worst cut he has ever had. Awful.

Ryan Bertram

The first cut was perfect. The 2nd cut will take me about 1.5 years to recover from. I went from a faded undercut to a long mohawk. I'll be wearing a hat for a long time.

Lanny McNie

Craig Jensen

Great place for a cut

Derek Bohlen

Boris. I am giving you a 5-star review for your response to 1-Star reviews! That alone will earn my business in the next two weeks. I am in a wedding of one of your regular customers, never been, but will trust your old school, cash only style. If I have a problem, I’ll make sure to tell you in person. Not on a keyboard like the rest of America hides behind. Good for you, you got my business by simply calling them out.

Timothy Linamen

If I could give this place 6 stars, I would. Incredibly friendly paired with outstanding technique. The gentlemen are all phenomenal and personable; they clearly enjoy what they do. I was getting a haircut for my job in the Army, and they wouldn't charge me, even after I repeatedly insisted. They now have a customer for as long as I live here. Massively impressed.

IV390 RTO2-

Very talented crew and affordable haircuts. Just 20$ for men's haircut.


Ask for a fade get your entire head shaved up. I honestly could’ve asked a child to cut my hair and at least felt better that they had fun doing it

Ava Kinsey

They treated my hubby very well

Juan Alvizo

To begin the first 2 visits were great But this last visit the barber that cut my hair last time was already leaving out the door so I had my hair done by the chick that was there not the older lady but anyways she asked what I wanted done told she had no clue so dude that cut my hair explained to her but yet she couldn't understand I'm highly disappointed never coming back to this shop

Benjamin Butler

Last time I went to a barber shop, I had a poor experience and did not get the haircut I was looking for. I described in detail what I wanted and didn't get it. Not today! Shaving Grace barber shop did it for me! I was really happy with their service and how they did exactly what I wanted. I will definitely become a regular customer there. Worth the price, worth the wait, worth a visit! Thanks guys!

Matthew Long

the best (period).

Arron Reynolds

From out of town and needed a beard trim. Great place and very clean. Will definitely stop there next time I am in town.

Scot Wendorf


Tyler Robles

Love that they are open on saturdays and always have alot of barbers working so kines arent long and you can pay with venmo

David Grove

I was at this Barber Shop a couple months ago and they treat customers very well here. Boris and his staff are absolutely great barbers. They offer hot towels, shoulder massages, Boris even offered me a water bottle from his fridge during my haircut. I was very happy with the job he did during my haircut but it was just also a great environment it was just like a barbershop you see in movies. The people talking bad about them just because they speak Russian to each other that's absolutely idiotic, it's their culture and heritage they aren't going to change that just to appease you so don't be slamming their culture. This would be my everyday barber shop if I lived closer, Boris you and your staff are absolutely excellent and exquisite barbers and professionals. Keep up your amazing work.

Jordan Muscarella

This place is flat out the best barber shop I have ever been to... Do yourself a favor and go here. You won't be disappointed!

Rob K

Tell me a joke BORIS!

Joseph Burns

Best Barbers in town. Great location, atmosphere and attention to detail. Ask for Suly

James Bishop

Always quick and professional. Best place for a Mens cut.

Dave Schott

Absolutely a 10 out of 10, a man's barbershop, a throwback from a golden age. Man talk great accents and attitude!


Love this place

Tim Wood

Hayden Cook

Hands down best cut I've ever gotten. No joke I'm actually considering making the drive from Tucson every few weeks just for this place. I promise you, wherever you're getting cuts isn't as good as this place. Also, they have an ATM with no charge, but cash will save you time. $20 for a mens cut.

Brandon Nelson

Wouldn’t go anywhere else never received anything but the best. Bella cut my hair today and she did an awesome job! Thanks!

Brian Morris

Above average cut, friendly staff. Don't get the hair wash.

Louis Craig Dranbauer

Great place to get a cut in Scottsdale. I got my haircut by pretty much all the barbers there and they are very skilled. The majority of the time Stan or Mike cut my hair and they always did a great job. You won’t wait super long for a cut too. I moved to San Diego so I don’t go here anymore, but when I visit Scottsdale I for sure will hit these guys up.

Eric Hubbs

Exceptional place. Much differentiated and superior to your standard hair cutters. They are truly barbers with a much higher standard of service.

Alin Sarbu

Great place to get a hair cut

Robert Armola

Best barbers in town. They keep me looking fresh with a great haircut and beard trim.

Jordan Walker

Boris and company are the best barbers in town, hands down. If you want to have a great experience and leave looking as sharp as the straight razor that trimmed you up then you owe it to yourself to go here.

Rene Molina

shaving grace is the only place that gets it. Great atmosphere and awesome service

Gavin Harvey

The man whom cut my hair gave me a hot towel treatment, back massage and he made sure every once in a while that I was happy with the haircut

Stanley Meher

Love this place

Diana Irma Gaston

MY BARBER IS ALEX & He Is GREAT!Boris is Awesome!!

Cole Ruffcorn

I can honestly say this is the first time in my life I have walked away from a haircut appointment genuinely satisfied with the end result to the core. These guys are not only a hoot, but have a trusting nature to them that allows you to seriously relax– completely free of worries– while they work their magic. They somehow manage to banter with one another and cut the hair multiple of multiple clients with precision at the same time. Before today, I have never had the experience of someone cutting my hair the exact* way in which I requested. Stanley nailed it, and I know the others would have as well. I have finally found my spot here in town, and will remain a loyal client to Shaving Grace as long as I'm here. Thanks guys. Я люблю своих русских евреев.

Carl Engleman

Best barber I ever had

David Ngo

I have been coming to Shaving Grace for over 3 years and the quality of service has been spectacular since day one. Genuine and talented barbers who make you feel like you are family. Thank you Shaving Grace!

Evan Ferrero

Great place. If your from back East this is the barber shop you need in your life. Also if you haven't go get your hair cut righttttt.

Robert Longfellow

Pretty close to the perfect barbershop. They offer every type of service and you won't leave until your completely satisfied with it. Never rushed with a great environment.

Ankur Gupta

I'll start this review off by saying that this is not the place for you if you need to be politically correct or can't handle a joke. That being said, I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the back-and-forth conversation everyone was throwing around. I felt like a regular within 5 minutes of walking in. It made me think of the old school barbershops where everyone who walked in was a friend from the neighborhood, albeit maybe a Russian neighborhood haha. I walked in around 4 pm and it got crowded soon after but they had no problem fitting me in without an appointment. I was a bit concerned about my cut since I haven't been to a barbershop in a while, however, I told the guy cutting my hair roughly what I was looking for and that I'd trust his judgement on top of that. The cut I got was shorter than I expected but he took his time make sure everything was perfect, even using a straght razor to edge up the lines all around. They finish up with a hot towel and shoulder massage as well. I'm happy with the cut and have gotten compliments on it from friends used to my normal cut. I do regret that I had already shaved that morning since they do shaves as well and I would have like to try that out there. I'm not from the area, however, I'd definitely go back when I swing through Scottsdale again.

Paul Davenport

Just got into town and immediately treated like a regular. Best straight shave ever. Thanks Nurlana!

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