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610 E Roosevelt St #152, Phoenix, AZ 85004, United States

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REVIEWS OF Roosevelt Barber Shop IN Arizona


David DeFord

Ruben Leon

Very nice shop, great customer service, and the best barbers in AZ

Ross Klocke

juan gonzalez

artie brewer

Paul Owner

They will cancel or change your appointment if the owner walks in and needs a haircut. Unbelievable. They were able to get at least one star because the guy at the counter was polite. They just lost 3 customers.

James Miller

Great haircuts. A REAL barber shop


Good cut, loooong wait

Chad Lecki

Not a good haircut. Guy did some strange technique, took forever but still missed some obvious spots, couldn't really understand him, and really there's no excuse for a bad haircut these days. Avoid this when there are so many options

Derek Ryan Blancas

No parking. Don't even think about trying to walk in without an appointment.

Jason Hunt

Brandon Boren

Good price for a nice touch up!

Nin10do_ freak

Best barbershop in town! The guys there are great and their service is too! Highly recommend!

Irving Ruiz

Andrew Duck

Really great barbers! Mad beard skills as well!

Francisco Carbajal

Millennial Finance & Motivation


bi d

Literally the best barbershop not only in Phoenix, but all of Arizona. All the barbers can give you a nice haircut. They are very talented with beards as well. $20 dollars for a haircut and $10 for beards. Well worth it. Excellent customer service. The staff here is super friendly and makes you feel like you are apart of the roosevelt family!

Jordan McDonald

Made an appointment several days in advance. Told to wait as they are just finishing up. 20 minutes went by and they told me to wait another 5 minutes. That time went by and no update. If you are 15 minutes late they cancel but nothing if they are late. Left without getting cut

J. W.

Good experience. Beard game is nice. I will return again. Nice spot, local, and setup.

Thomas Mantegna

Chris Guzman

Marco Pumar

Nice haircuts. Good service.

Adalberto Arellano

Good barbers

Adrian Hernandez

If you want a fresh cut come here!!!!! Juan and the whole crew are super dope!! It's true barber shop, with great customer service and laughs. I love how easy it is to book an appointment online. So next time your looking for a fresh cut, stop and see the boys at Roosevelt.

Daniel Scott

I’m from the UK and was calling by Phoenix after travelling the west coast, and needed a hair cut before I flew on to Toronto the next day. I came across this place late on in the day and thought I’d try my luck. As I didn’t have an appointment the guys told me to wait in the front of the shop and someone would be with me. 30 minutes or so later I was called through to the back and was in a chair. They had the World Series on the tv and the whole vibe in general really was great. I didn’t catch the guys name who gave me a cut, nor did I get any pictures but if you happen to read this then I want to say thank you so much you did a great job and I highly recommend this place!!

Andrew Zambrano

Great experience their, good vibes like the environment they cut in the back secluded from everyone where no one will be watching and waiting. They played great music and the style of cuts was on point. I recommend this place for those who like the original feel of a barber shop

Sam Gastineau

Excellent barbershop, provided a high quality hair cut in a timely manner and pricing is decent. Staff was very courteous and helpful in figuring out how I wanted my hair to be cut. Best part about this barbershop is the straight shave they give. One of the cleanest and closest Shaves I have ever had in my life.

Dee Carn

Miguel is very attentive to detail and always keeps me soft and feminine.

LunaLaker 24

Anthony Landren

Some kool Kats in there

Jarvis Jones

Jake Thompson

Very comfortable and relaxed environment. $17 for a haircut and neck shave. Great haircut, great service, and quick.

Orlando Zapata

Completely butchered my cut. The lines all choppy. Asked for a part, you couldn't even tell where it was. Told him just a tiny bit off the top and cut off so much I can't even comb my hair too get the look the hair cut is supposed too have. I never write bad reviews but this is not a place I will ever go back or recommend to anyone. And not too mention piles of hair on floor with 4 barbers not doing anything.

Lee Falk

Tyler Wynne

Jeremy G

Very inconsistent with prices. When I first started going here about 2 years ago, haircuts were $10 for students and $15 for regular cuts. Then they removed student discount. Then they increased the price to $20.... Then as I was going to make an appointment today, they now charge $25 for a cut. And they expect tips.. can't expect tips when you guys increase the price $10. You can't blame minimum wage because I'm HIGHLY doubtful the barbers were being paid minimum wage to begin with.

Brandy Jones

max veloz

Hands down the best! Juan, the owner, has been blessing my hair for about 2.5 years and couldn’t be any happier. Convenient online appointment booking make for a more pleasant and relaxing experience much rather than a chore. It’s an awesome group of guys there that are passionate about what they do, and you couldn’t go wrong with anyone.

MurderValeWS602 KinGEnemy

Indrid Cold

I had a crappy barber. The other guys seemed cool, but the dude who works at the back corner just had an attitude and was very sloppy. I ended up getting cut by his clippers a few times and had to tell him to ease up. I pray they sterilize their equipment between customers.

Michael Cook

Elliot Dohm

Great haircut.

nate Spurgeon

Camelback Recovery Admissions

A little over a year ago I went here for the first time.. I had just got to another Barber in the area and after getting home, it was brought to my attention that the 'fade' I requested looked more like a straight line on the back of my head. No blend whatsoever. I immediately got on the phone and started calling barbershops in the area. Roosevelt was the first one I called and Juan answered the phone. I explained my situation and he told me to come immediately and Louis would take care of me. They had to do a high fade to fix what the other guy had messed up and let me tell you it looked so good, I haven't gotten another style haircut since. Great atmosphere, awesome guys, and there's always a game on. Every time I go in I am greeted with daps and nods. I always feel important and heard there. Couldn't find a better barber in the area!

Tino Romero

Great barbershop. Every barber cuts good just make sure to book an appointment before going

Brad Koman

Made an appointment for 5 and after left after waiting until 530. They allowed me to sit there without notifying how delayed it would be. Pretty pathetic customer service

Will T

anthony landren

Cool crowd

Mi Ke

I've been here 4-5 times now and have never had the same barber twice. Each time I've gotten a great cut at a reasonable price. I've also never felt like anybody has rushed through the cut. They take their time and it shows in the end result.



jodi cruz

Very clean and friendly they cut hair the best

Michael Bedore

Fernando is awesome...I started going here six months ago to update my appearance. I couldn't be more pleased.

Alfredo Hernandez

Christopher Erickson

This place is hands down the best barbershop in Des Moines. Super friendly staff that really know how to provide a quality haircut for a reasonable price.

Lilbossyma CARTER

Great service

Gordon Street

Albert cuts my hair and does a great job. Albert is a very skilled. And personable barber . The rest of the barbers there are great barbers. They make you feel welcomed . Great atmosphere and cool vibe. Love being able to make an appointment online.

Sam Kreamer

I've been going there for over 55 years. Great professionals, great price, great location. This is a barbershop which would not be confused with a beauty salon.

Roger Ceilley

Chris Olaguez

Bryan Bazley

All the guys a great with clippers. Usually a bit of a wait


Barbara Isle

Anthony Marino

ruben duran

Great prices great energy inside. Barbers are talented and overall awesome people, highly recommend.

Chad Leit

Excellent cut, fantastic shave, and great conversation.

Chris Sanchez

Sarah Plum

I have been taking my son here for a little over a year. Last time, after we had been waiting for almost an hour, they took someone who came in after us. When I pointed this out they said I was wrong and were rude and dismissive. Additionally this is a very expensive place (17 dollars) for a so-so haircut that usual takes them about 10 minutes. No shampoo, no styling. We will not be returning.

Noah Enerson

Great service, walk ins only but wait times are generally decent ( 10 minutes or so)

Dan Aston

Excellent barber, would highly recommend.


Stephen Greer

Great haircut and service.

Dad2 DaBone

Says “walk-ins welcomed” sat in the lobby for 20 minutes to have and tell me their booked. Befor that I sat there and saw 2 barbers walk out and didn’t even bother to acknowledge my kids or me. All I have to say is that they have terrible customer service. Should remove their “walk-ins welcomed” sign. Wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

Claudia Balcazar

My boyfriend gets his hair cut here. Let me say these guys do a great job hands down best place he has been to.

israel Cammacho


Great cut average price.

Arturo G

BEST BARBER SHOP IN AZ. Clean cuts each time I go with the best customer service I have ever received from barbers. Scheduling an appointment is super convenient and at a great price! A genuine authentic barbershop that makes you feel good. I recommend this shop to anyone who wants to have the freshest cuts.

Robert Valdez

I was a new customer and they took care of me. All really cool guys and with all the cuts that walked out that day, you can tell they pay attention to detail.

Phil Clark

Rakatan Lord

Jameson Petrochko

Mnyemu Ishibwami

Gabryel Valenzuela

Frank Rose

The shop is my favorite place to go .

Freddie Arvallo

Excellent Service.

Juan Cebreros

Michael Jessup

Great cut and attention to detail. You guys should have beer though

Caitlin Brown

Granted this happened about a year ago but I’m still upset and saw another reviewer had a similar experience with her daughter. I needed a refresh before an event so I dropped in and asked them to cut my hard part back in and shave the sides. They told me to go to the salon next door (presumably because I’m a woman) - said they couldn’t help me. Go to Paramount Barber or Dapper DSM instead. They are friendly and inclusive as opposed to these guys.

christopher heo

Brenda Camacho

Loved that they have appointments, because of that wait is short and cuts are clean. Definitely worth it

Todd Epstein

Been going here for quite some time now. Great atmosphere, great cuts, all around great place.


Had an appointment was told it would be near 40 minute wait when I arrived on time... "im running behind and a guy is late. If he shows I will let him do you..." do they know what an appointment is? 1230 means 1230. Walked out and went to another barber down the street. Barber was dirty had open sores on face.

Emilio Terrazas

Best barber shop in downtown! They mainly work by appointment, so try to call ahead or book online.


Worst hair cut I've gotten in years, or ever Asked for a fade 1- 3 with a taper in the back even showed a Picture of how I had it before. Yet walked out with a high one guard all the way around (no fade) and botched pineapple on the top. Then to top it all off I got horrible razor burns all around my neck. The pain is horrible I couldn't even drive I nearly got into an accident on my way back home. All my focus was going to the pain on my neck that kept getting worse At the start of the cut The barber next to the barber who cut my hair even suggested he buy some of the clippers he was using because they are great and they don't leave razor bumps. It seemed liked small talk but Now I know why he said that, dudes probably been cutting people for a mintue. I should of booked with Chris, but I wanted the early cut, I guess I learned patience is key. I'm about to buzz my head and call it a day. I had plans for the weekend but they seem to be out the window, or any plans for the following while, I don't even want to be seen right now.

Alexis Canava

Joe Montano

Josh Witmer

Eduardo Arzate

Good Reviews. But terrible haircuts at this place. Unless you want a buzz cut this isn’t the place.

Chris Nava

Don’t honor appointments.

Rachel Stark

My boyfriend got a haircut here. Great customer service and a great haircut!

Cody Bitsilly

Shelby Judd

JT Vigil

Gabriel Ruiz

Great Prices and great haircuts! Everybody there is so talented please take the time to stop by if you had a chace you will be very pleased (:

Julene Perkins

My first experience was great. Awesome job. Fixed my line up that another barber shop messed up. Thank you

elizabeth chawla

They said they wouldn't cut my daughters hair, because she is a girl. Not cool.

Michael Apodaca

Best cuts around. Best service.

Hardy Whiteman

Always a good cut

Dakota Mason

I was scared to death. An old disabled man who had a horrible shake was my barber here. But I'll be damned if it isn't one of the best haircuts I've had in a long time.

Reggi W.

Attentive barbers, laid back and cool atmosphere ... as a female who likes to keep her hair short, finding this barber shop - and my barber - was worth all of my research. Gil is awesome! He listens to what I want and is able to make it happen. I walk out of there with a nice feminine cut. That ability is incredibly underrated and I appreciate his work. I was beginning to think AZ didn't have the talent to make this possible and wondered if I was going to have to travel home to the East Coast to get a cut. Lol.

Charles Bischof

The barbers here provide excellent hair cuts at a reasonable price. They're also very friendly. Even though they don't take appointments it never takes long for a chair to open up.

jason bourne

Jon Adams

Great cut fun environment

Christobal Delaporte

Awesome. Watching the World Cup game was a bonus. Excellent work!

Austin Penn

Great haircuts, cool atmosphere, and solid barbers. This place was recommended to me by my previous barber in KS, and they do not disappoint. I driver 30min to get my haircut by Juan and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

Tony De La Rosa

A-Rod is the illest!!!

Isai Gallarzo

Awesome barber shop, Great people, and great service. Anyone in the area looking for a good barbershop this is the place

Connor Paulson

$18 for an amazing haircut. Hot shaving cream and a straight razor on my neck and around the ears. Best looking cut I've had in years. No red bumps or raised skin afterwards, which always happens to me. Clean facilities. Staff was very professional and courteous.

Marcelina Pinedo

Jordan Francis

David Madrid

Brian Frederiksen

Michael Royer

I’m new to the area. Made an appointment for 1:30. Got in at 1:25. No greeting or acknowledgment by any of the four barbers in there. Another guy walks in after me at 1:45. They call him back before me at 1:55. What is the point of making an appointment if familiar walk-ins can cut in line despite arriving after you? I reminded them that I made an appointment once the walk-in got seated before me. Left at 2:05 without getting a cut. Bad service.

Mindy Cory

Paul Dobbertin

Excellent service and great hair cut. Just be sure to set up your appointment.

Diamond Cavern

I always get my haircut here, and prices are pretty cheap and when you get your hair cut, they have a game on. Pretty fast service except on the weekends.

Valerie R

Dane Larsen

Good quick and easy haircut

Tom Rothwell

Roosevelt Barber Shop has cut my hair since 1965. Always a pleasure to see smiling faces and a hear a personal greeting when I arrive. And always a good haircut...on my way there now as a matter of fact.


Jim Thomann

Christopher Ahart

Joseph H-H

Kevin Phillips

Great place to get a haircut. Super professional and highly skilled barbers. An added benefit is the great music they play.

Gabriel Rice

Jose Cuevas

Great barber shop highly skilled barbers with superb customer service

Carissa Topete

Horrible first experience. Won't be going back. Called Friday and made an appointment for Saturday at 9 A.M. Checked in at 8:50 was told my barber was finishing up and to have a seat. As I waited for what ended up being 30min. I watched people pull up and walk back countless times. After awhile the same guy who checked me in AGAIN asked if I had an appointment and looked confused as to why I was still sitting waiting. I asked him if the barber I had an appointment with just took ANOTHER person before me? And I was told yes. I was told it would be another 10-15 min MAYBE. At that point I got up and just left. The handling of the entire situation was completely unprofessional. Not once did anyone apologize for the wait or showed empathy. Sure this shop has stellar reviews, which made us choose them. But they will not remain where they are if they continue treating new customers in such a way.

Kathy K.

My brother and I went to this shop with a very unusual situation. The guys made us feel welcome and Mario even went above and beyond with what was asked. Thank you guys!

Becca Mendez

Lancer Black

enrique jimenez

Best barbershop I have been to in Phoenix! The barbers make you feel welcome and are always on their A-game when it comes to the clippers.

Jordan Timmons

Called ahead of time to check if the shop was busy, I was told that it wasn't busy at all, arrived at the shop for a haircut, waited 25 minutes before walking out.

chris Mendez

Best shop in downtown phoenix awesome haircuts organic vibes professional service I recommend to anyone looking for a real hair cut

Inger Medburg

Michael Hopkins

Go see Gil and the guys here! They may be young but the best shave I've had in a long long time

David Castillo

John Byron

Awesome barber shop, Great people, and great service. Anyone in the area looking for a good barbershop this is the place

Frank Medina

Great place good customer service..... Great hair cuts i highly recomend ROOSEVELT BARBER......

D Sombrero

Top notch barbers

Nikesh Bhattarai

Nice shop and great customer service .

moe Shaffer

Best barbershop in Phoenix hands down!! Great atmosphere and everyone is extremely talented!

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