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2501 W Happy Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85085, United States Located in: Happy Valley Towne Center

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REVIEWS OF Men's Lounge Barbershop IN Arizona

Kent Cullumber Jr.

I love this place! The staff is very friendly and are meticulous when cutting your hair or trimming your beard. They don't rush and they make sure that you're happy with your haircut. Although on weekends are can be a large wait, it's generally less than an hour and the time they take with you it's well worth the wait.

Dawn Jones

Excellent cut loved my ‘stylist’ and great service~ I was a walk-in and seated instantly. Showed a photo of what I wanted and he went above and beyond.

Steve Hamilton

Disregard everything Devin Finn wrote about this shop! This is by far the best barber shop in town. I am there every 2 weeks, I often bring my 3 year old son with me, and I always have my hair cut by Izzy. He is a great guy and an awesome barber. There is always open and friendly conversation throughout the shop, and the common topics are sports and news (things normal guys talk about). The only potential downside is that the place is very popular, but I assure you, if you have to wait for a is well worth the wait.

Jess Burns

Arsen did a great job. Go in and ask for him by name.


you want perfect haircut every time? don't waist your time with anyone else ask for Adrian

Serge Tikhomirov

Great cut. Great service. Great environment.

Tyler Berleen

I've been going here for years and before that I've tried several other barbershops. Overall no complaints because they get my hair the way I want it, they are nice and friendly and prices are fair. Overall happy with this place. I also travel out of my way 20 minutes each way just to go here rather than traveling 2 minutes down the road. I'm particular about my hair and when I find a great barbershop, I stay loyal. Great job guys, everyone of you do a fantastic job!

Anthony Luna

Jill Thiessen

Blake Smith

Very unprofessional!!! Walked in at about 1:35, one barber said hi that was it I had a seat nobody else was waiting. Within the next 15 minutes 6 other gentlemen walked in and were warmly greeted like they knew the barbers. I continued to wait being ignored. A barber walked in, went to the guy he knew and started his haircut without checking to see who was next. I called earlier and they told me they don't take appointments so this confused the heck out of me. Apparently I'm not in the clique so no haircut for me... Going across the street to V's! Update after the response by the arrogant owner! This is exactly why google reviews help the consumer. This is clearly a horrible business and potential customers should beware. Clearly the owner of Men's Lounge Barbershop needs to take a course in customer service. Furthermore, the haircut at V's was very good and I have given them a positive review. Here’s some free advice tough guy, never badger a reviewer, you’re the one who ends up looking bad. Also, never badmouth the competition, this also makes you look bad. Good/successful business owners understand this, clearly you have no clue! Good luck with your business that will inevitably fail with this behavior!

George Shpak

I’ve been going to the shop since 2013, and I have never experienced a bad haircut by any of the guys. I used to drive 2 hours to Phoenix for a haircut sometimes when I lived in Tucson for college, but it was worth it because I knew that the “bros” will get the job done right. Everything about this place is professional, and it’s a great atmosphere. The only negative is that there can be a long wait on the weekends, but it’s worth it.

Daniel Gray

terrell pickett

Nice barbershop

Michael Bradley

Oso The German Shepherd

I loved this barber shop because it gives you masuage and a hot towel on you're face after you're hair and leave no hair on yore body

Terry Haugen

Visiting from out of state and checked out reviews online for mens haircuts. I decided on Men's Lounge Barbershop and am happy I did. Great atmosphere, barbers have fun at what they do and are very professional. Prices were very competitive and Stan who cut my hair was awesome! Understand that I am from out of state and have had the same barber for the last 40 years...So initially I was a bit nervous at first but Stan did an amazing job. It also looked like all the other customers were happy as well. You can't go wrong here!


Brooklyn style fades love this spot best barbershop

Thom R.

My son who’s in the Marines asked if I knew a good place for a have cut so I recommended MLB. The “take a number” system seems to be a suggestion and not the rule. I was told they don’t take reservations so was a little surprise when my son got called and a was bump’d for someone who came in after us. No excuse for bad service. Even if the skinny dude with gray in his beard next to the bathroom doesn’t know his numbers so well, I guess....

Travis Roberts

John cut my hair and did an amazing job. I will definitely be back!


Donald Nielson

Craig Besa

Best in town!!!

Guy Levin

cali elizardo


I’ve always had a very positive experience with this shop. Each barber (especially Stan) who cut my hair has always paid a lot of attention to detail and never rushed. It has been well worth the wait! However, I did not have this type of experience when I last visited. The woman who cut my hair was consistently texting/on her phone while I was in her chair. I do not know what was going on, but I though this was very unprofessional. There were parts of my hair that were left looking choppy and uneven. Perhaps this could have been avoided if she spent more time paying attention to her work than texting. I don’t want one experience to reflect this shop as a whole, hence the 5 stars. I will continue to come here, but I will not be seeing her again. Update: I spoke with the owner was offered a refund and a cut on the house. A respectful attitude goes a long way with them. The owner also helped clean up my cut as much as he could at no cost, and it looks MILES better. Thank you Men's Lounge - you all are the best!

Michael Aminov

Eddie is the best barber in the world I travel all over the country from Dubai to Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan to get my haircut his previous military an awesome go see him he's the guy with the red shoes

Steven Alexander

Great barbershop

Dez Alex

Defintely get an appointment if you can. They will take you as a walk in but they highly recommend appointments because, obviously appointments get priority. This place is popular. When I went in every chair was full. It's a very informal atmosphere which I know some people dont like but I think that's what makes it welcoming. And their haircuts are very good. I had to give very little detail about what i wanted and it came out exactly as I wanted. The wait can be long but once you're in the chair you're getting what you came for. Highly reccomend.

Allan Sabo

Best hair cut I've had in a very long time


Benjamin Ratiu

Very good place to get a haircut and a beard trim. Highly recommended!

Terry Halmrast

Irina is incredible. Highly recommend her to anyone that's been searching for a proper barber. Beard trim lines were solid as well.

Thomas Herdman

The best barbershop I have ever been to.

Matthew Johnson

This place is always busy, but worth the wait. Who wants to get their haircut at a place that has no one waiting, it must say something about the place. I have been getting my haircut here for about two years and never disappointed with Stan or Isaac. Stan always takes his time to cut your hair and make you look good even when you don't know what cut you want. I take my son in here and we have our favorite barbers. Great atmosphere, excellent service and worth every penny!

Speak Freely

My wife took me there to get the works as a surprise and it was awesome. Such a great Barber Shop and I will be back.

Robert Amo

Hands Down Best Barbershop In AZ. I Have Been Coming To Mens Lounge Barbershop For 4 Years Now & I Never Leave Disappointed. Great Atmosphere, Great Barbers. Thanks Isak & Thank You To My Extended Family At Mens Lounge Barber!!

Jason Styles

Great service , great guys who work there . Will keep going back

Tracy Watson

A great environment, and the guys do an excellent job cutting hair

Devin Finn

I'm certainly not impressed with this barber shop... I tried Men's Lounge because my normal shop was busy and my personal barber was on vacation. The barber who cut my hair was nice, but very quiet and awkward. Almost made me feel uncomfortable at times because I was having to lead the conversation for the majority of my visit. I could barely hear half of what he said because he was speaking under his breath for most of my duration. When I sat down, he didn't seem enthusiastic or happy to be working. When I told him what I want done, he really didn't seem excited at all. I didn't ask for anything crazy, just a razor fade. This immediately made me feel uncomfortable. I ended up with a mediocre cut, quite a few spots where I can see small uneven hairs on the top. A bald spot on the back of my head in the middle of my fade which I didn't discover until I was home, and hair all over my face and neck when I had left. The thing that really bothered me about my service was at the end of the massage, the barber said don't get too comfortable... Isn't that the point of the massage? The atmosphere was nothing special AT ALL. I'm a young, fun person but very very respectful. The way these barbers talked was shocking. They were cursing, talking badly about people, talking about women sexually, all while the shop was full and there were 3 children (of different customers) in their shop. Not cool at all. They seemed to play too much, were concerned about when someone came in and left because it was too busy. One of the main barbers would run outside after potential customers who came in and saw it was too busy in effort to have them come in and wait, while in the middle of cutting someone's hair. It seems to me like they only care about their regulars and were only focused on getting you in the door. All in all, I will not return and will be looking for a more professional and legitimate shop where I will be treated like a regular instead of an outsider. If you go here constantly, I hope you enjoy it. If you are looking for a new place to try out, I would suggest you keep looking. I will be also.

Mark Jackson

Bare bones average haircuts. I asked for short on the sides and messy on top. I left with short hair combed to the side. 100% what I didn't ask for. On top of the low level barbers, all the employees yell "Bro" the entire time you are in the building. So be prepared to hear "Bro" about 175 times in a 30min span. As unprofessional as it gets! Good grief, I'd rather shave my head next time.

Richard Taylor

perfect! wow...coming here to phoenix for snowbirding and found this to be very unique place and a GREAT service ever in my life!

rosemary deorio


Keith Laskay

Re'al Fontaine

These guys are awesome

Carrie Gibson

Stan is the best!

Lacy Cazarez

Love this place! I am extremely OCD when it comes to haircuts. I take my son here and I have never been disappointed. Have had a few different gentlemen cut his hair and each one has exceeded my expectations!

Uncle Bob

Awesome spot and great barbers, went there for my first time for a beard trim and a hair cut and was very pleased. Also have reasonable prices. Will recommend 10/10.

James Finnerty

I love this place and have been going for many years now. Stan is my Barber and he is like family to me. I don't know what I would do without Mens Lounge! Issac and Al are awesome and friendly too! Thank you guys for not only being my Barbers but people I can consider family.

Dolores Damian

My brothers love coming to this barbershop! It’s a bit pricey then the one inside Walmart & super cuts. But they do a really good job.

Jake Fessler

Fresh Cut, Fresher Takes.

Mark Moore

This place is awesome, I have tried many different barbers in Phoenix, mesa, Glendale, and then I found this one 5 minutes away. Professional people, do a professional job thank you

Stewart Willis

Men's Lounge is a top notch place! It is a place where you get a great hair cut and are never rushed.

Valentin Miculit

These guys rock! Highly recommended.


Amazing people and haircuts, highly recommended.

Ted Kempf

Love this place

Andrew Murphy

Phenomenal place to get a haircut weather you make an appointment or just walk in.


Paulette Savino

Great haircuts every time for my four year old son and husband. Stan has been great with my little guy, really makes him want to behave well so he can keep coming back. Definitely a men's shop, but I've never felt uncomfortable hanging out there while we wait. These guys are real deal barbers and work together to make sure everyone leaves looking sharp. Thanks, guys!

Lauren W

I've been going to this barber shop over a year now and it doesn't matter which barber I see, they always do great work!

Andrew Lambert

I’ve been coming here for a couple years now but unfortunately I’m not going to be heading back. The barber I used to see left and ever since then it just isn’t worth the $40 for a haircut and beard trim. Don’t ask to set up an appointment on the weekend, it’s a real sore spot for the owner apparently (if the owner reads this, I swear on my life the old barber would take an appointment for me. Next time just be a little kinder saying you don’t do that). Never had a complaint about the haircut itself, so that’s great and why I can’t give it a lower rating. But just keep in mind the cost and the unfriendliness of the owner.

Tyler Hall

I absolutely love this place ! Al , Stan and the team are champs. I don't get my haircut here strictly for the haircut. This place is one of the last great vestiges of mandom. If I have the time I am happy to wait, that's half the fun. A few curse words on occasion have never swayed me from taking my children there . More cursing can be found at pop Warner football practice . To the guy that had his girlfriend hold his hand through the entire haircut...the 1000 views are from people like me laughing until coughing from owners response , not that you had a valid concern. Great people great haircuts!!

Jackie Duncan

Ashish Sharma

I wish I could give this place zero stars. I have been growing my hair out and needed a trim to maintain a professional appearance. Despite me telling the barber to leave the length alone about 300 times during the haircut, he immediately chopped about half the length of my hair on the first cut. He told me he knows how long my hair should be, apparently better than myself. He also cut the front shorter than the back. As a result, my hair no longer sits properly and it will take months to grow back. The customer's request apparently means nothing and they will cut your hair however they see fit. Avoid at all costs. Edit: thank you for demonstrating how unprofessional you are with insults and frank dishonesty. I will not stoop to your level nor do I need your well wishes. Good luck and good day

Deryck Lewis

Always a great haircut, enjoyable environment, professional barbers.

Jazzy Jazzman

I wouldn't go here just for the owners comments on the shop's reviews. Very petty and unprofessional. Not the way to handle a business. How old are you? 5?


Finally a great haircut! Irina did a great job. Place has a good vibe and great customer service.

simona simona

Kathy Crane

Best haircut in years!

Sandy Chavez

Best cut ever every time for my teen.

Zorbabel Leon

Awesome place, they all do excellent work. Would recommend to everyone.


Great barbers. Great service very professional and family atmosphere.

Daniel Carlson

Awesome place. Nice atmosphere, friendly welcoming people and great hair cuts! Will certainly be returning

AL Matatov

Shaun Helms

Charles Knight

Fresh haircuts from skilled barbers, never had one issue with these fellas, they are all great barbers.

Thomas Foster

They did an absolutely awesome job. I need a simple haircut (I'm a 4 on top and 2 on the sides kind-of-guy), but they still spent time and made it look better than the "big-name" hair salons. I'll be going back!

Craig Hamilton

Expect a long wait. I was told to expect a 30 minute wait, but I ended up waiting 75 minutes. While I was waiting 3 people came in after me and were serviced before I was. It seems they treat regulars very well, but walk-ins are treated poorly. If you don't have an "appointment" or if you are not a regular I wouldn't recommend going here.

Matt Damon

Love this barber shop, been going here for 4 years now and lots of the same barbers still there. Great work and weekends are always busy. Strongly suggest setting an appointment during the week to avoid waiting over an hour to get in the chair.

Summer Stanley

The only place I will take my son for a haircut, they are the best!

Rich Williams

Fantastic shop, clean and well-kept, with skilled barbers who take time on the extra details.

John Doukas

raghu vardhan

They screwed up my long Hair Not second thoughts I can say that this is bad saloon in valley, I been their for a adjustment but they trimmed my hair to the point. All my 1 year struggles ended in a bad way because of these guys They don't know anything about hair styles, all are trained to cut hair one or other formats and finally it looks like same way no matter what how many instructors you provide. I will never suggest to anyone

Jeremy Ringer

They look out for your best interest, and even though it was busy when I was there they quickly got people in and out with still great hair cuts and even better customer service.

Erik Hug

Great hair cut, great place. Nice and relaxing, and the owners and barbers are all great!

Justin tooley

Russ did an awesome job. Will be my new zpot.

Chad Empfield

Great place. I will definitely be going back.

Brett Eller

Had amazing service and results from your lounge every time I go!

Mel Metcalf

Best cuts in the Valley. By far. Service is great, barbers are awesome and got mad skills. I recommend this shop to anyone local or out of town visiting

Nathan LaBarbera

Best place in the valley! Friendly and excellent work.

John F

Vatodabs710 G

Everyone was welcoming and helped me decide on the right haircut . Love the shop and everyone there cuts hair great .

Ghassan Shammas

Clean place, friendly & most of all great hair cut

Michael Melwicks

Got a great haircut from John, serious attention to detail and a fantastic job. I am very particular and these guys are on point.

Albert Reach

Always give a great cut and great service! Highly recommend.

Alyssa Armijo

I have been taking my oldest son here since they opened. And refuse to go any where else. Never once had a complaint, and my son loves all the barbers, although Al and Jesus are his go to guys. They do a great job with my toddler as well. They are kind, professional and all around good guys. How busy they constatly are speaks for itself! Good job guys!

Mike Grengs

Love this place, friendly stylists beyond professional service.

Phantom Physics

Isaac is the best!!! He really took care of me after a bad haircut!!! And did a fantastic job trimming my crazy out of control beard

Jerry Ball

Great place to get a top notch hair cut. It is a very popular place. So you need to make an appointment. Walk ins are welcome but you will wait for awhile. Top barbers are really good and pay a great deal to the little details. Prices is 23 bucks and well worth it. You certainly can get a cheaper haircut but you wont get one with this quality or attention to the details. I drive over 30 minutes and it is worth it. It can be hard to find barbers that are this good in Phoenix.

Cory Simons

Chad Wuollet

Ali Khalifa

I came here couple of times and keep coming back again! These guys are funny, know what they are doing and the barbers act like family between each other which is a good representation IMO. I have to admit I am an indecisive person sometimes and like to ask for the barber’s opinion or like to hear the barber’s opinion about the length and cut style and these guys GIVE THEIR OPINION WITH CONFIDENCE. Not because of my bias but because I’ve never walked out disappointed after the barber telling me “ I think this would look much better that way.” The atmosphere is sporty, testosterone charged and very engaging. If you are the sport type this place is for you. But if you are the opposite “like me” and have no knowledge on who’s the top NFL player or whose the top NBA player or whatever you won’t feel left out because jokes are part of the conversations; It’s entertaining and full with sense of humor. Can’t lie I learned a thing or two so win-win. Regarding the wait, expect one sometimes. But everyone has their busy times I guess. Over all, great barber shop, great atmosphere and funny people.

Edgar Rodriguez

Great barbers.


chase scholtz

I have to say this place is now going to be on of my favorites. I hate getting my hair cutt because the encounter is normally awkward and it's never what you want... well it has changed. Today way my first time going to Men's Lounge Barbershop and it won't be my last! The employees are super friendly and the place is amazingly clean for how many people were there! I was very surprised on there being father and sons but the atmosphere is perfect! Thank you guys for being friendly and I will be back again.

Michael Phillips

Great hair cuts

Christopher Elsberry

Paulenski Lucian

Fantastic barbers, highly recommend, been going there for over 2 years.

Kevin Rogers

Great service! I moved here from New York and have had trouble finding a reliable haircut. I highly recommend Irina, she paid a lot of attention to detail.

Man Sugathan

Great place, great staff!

Jeff Hodges

Stan was my barber today. I felt very disrespected on several occasions when he turned off the clippers and walked away to converse with a customer in the adjoining chair. Very unprofessional and rude! I will definitely not return.

John Campbell II

Florin Muntean

The best Barber Shop in the west all the way from AZ to NY , nice guys AL, Stan , Isac keep up the good work.

John Stafford

Jason Thorne

Went there with my son. Arson did an excellent job cutting his hair. Arson took his time because he had to fix mistakes from another barbershop. Arson cut my hair and Trimmed my beard. I recommend anyone to go there beacuse they take time and make sure the job is done correctly.

Jeff Sawyer

Great experience

Albert Northrup

They did a great job! My hair looks amazing.

Colt C

Nice place. I don't live in this area but my work occasionally sends me up this way. If I know I'm heading this direction I wait to get my hair cut here. They do an awesome job.

Sunny Wescott

OK, so I read the reviews before suggesting my husband go here and I was torn. The owner seemed like a real douche based off his responses to negative reviews and I was pretty off-put but I know sometimes the owner can be rude but the staff can be amazing so we did a walk in on a Monday about midday. There were a few people ahead of us and I heard some of the discussions between barbers and ya it is pretty annoying how they stop cutting hair to talk to someone behind them or around them and sometimes cut without looking, I gaged that and hoped that maybe their skill was still above my opinion of the environment. My husband's time came and he had just began growing a beard after we both finished military service so he had no idea how the fade should go from a typical Marine haircut, that I'm fond of, into his beard without having his beard touched in this new grow stage. The barber was attentive to his initial requests and made suggestions that my husband wasn't sure of but figured it was best to let experience take the lead. The hair cut was was easily better than the barbers at Camp Pendleton or any air force base I had been to, we were both shocked at the results and wondered why other locations couldn't do this kind of quality. So the result is most definitely worth pressing against the negative reviews, because the actual result is really what matters in the end. Their military discount is honored for veterans, which is great, and we left a 7 dollar tip because of how stellar the results were. I took my 4 year old down by Playgrounds to some barbers and they butchered his hair, I left them a 1 star review a few days prior, so I know the fear of a bad haircut for guys. Hopefully that helps some folks in the future

Zack Thrasher

Great haircuts, friendly service can't ask for much more from a barber. Jesus did a great job and knew exactly what I wanted. I would recommend scheduling an appt. if you're in a hurry, if not and you have some time to kill they do accept walk-ins.


Update #2: I’m pleased to see that my review has over 1000 views, and I hope my painful and awful experience (and many others - see for yourself in other reviews) have helped in your decision to support an establishment that treats their customers in such a nasty manner. You all deserve to visit a establishment that treats you with respect, rather than a 5 year old on a tantrum, whenever they receive a honest review from their experience at their shop. I continue to broadcast my recommendation of not going to this barbershop! This place provided the worst customer service experience I hav had to-date!! Update: It's fair to see a desperate attempt to save face on google review. You and your employee (if it isn't you) openly bash paying customers that provide honest reviews. I'll let all potential customers make their own determination if they want to give you their hard earned money to a unprofessional establishment like this. Original Review: Showed a picture from a previous haircut to my barber. Barber completely disregarded the picture and cut my hair as he pleased (high and tight). Will not return, and extremely disappointed with my first visit. I do not recommend this barbershop! To the owner that promptly responds to comments. Take a hard look at your babers. Specifically the one that speeds through cuts for rapid turnarounds. Consider retraining your employee.

Aurie Coffey

Never been to a better place that cuts your hair in my life. The environment was amazing, and the location is in a great spot to get other things done. Not a thing I would change. Great hair cuts!

Nick Schaefer

Super funny guys! Great work! Clean lines! Well priced! Nowhere else you really should go..

Jason Swartz

Isaac is absolutely man set me up with a great cut for my daughter's wedding

Anthony Acosta

Adam Graham

I was looking for a place I'd like to come back to whenever I need a haircut in the area. I thought this would be a cool place and I'd hopefully get a good haircut along with a decent atmosphere. I ended up pretty disappointed. The guys working there were all really friendly, but that's about as good as it got for me. The place was pretty dingy and unclean when I went. They have beer that I guess is free? There's a sign by the fridge that says that it's free tomorrow. I get that the sign is supposed to be a joke, but it's a little confusing nonetheless. I didn't bother asking about it. The waiting chairs are quite uncomfortable. When it was my turn, I was expecting a steamed towel over my face and a massage for a few minutes with some weird vibrating contraption they put over their hands, as that's what I had seen them do for other customers (and that's what they advertise). Well I got my haircut which I was not entirely pleased with, then I got a warm, wet towel on my neck and some vibrating pokes with a finger for about 20 seconds. I guess he just didn't think of me as a a returning customer or something. Regardless, he didn't seem to care much. One last thing that bothered me, but isn't a big deal is that the guys working there kept switching from speaking English to the customers to speaking another language with each other. I'm not one of those "This is America! Speak English!" people, but when you're working a service job like this, it's rude to do what essentially amounts to telling secrets right in front of the clients. I won't be going back, but I surely wouldn't fault anyone for doing so. I can get a better haircut from people with more concern for their customers elsewhere.

Klint Rosendahl

I love these reviews I think they are amazing and the owner sounds a bad ass. I want to be able to protect my barbers like this one day. That's why I'm going to school to own my own shop.! I'll see you guys next week. Love it

Jim Field

Richard Coughlin

Update- 8 people in front of me since they missed their numbers, now an hour and I had to leave. When you tell your customer " your next" when he asks what the wait time is because he has a timeline to meet, then you put over 5 other customers in chairs before him leading to a 30 min wait......not a very good practice.

Morgan Lerette

This place is great for haircuts but a total mess when it comes to customers. They can’t track who came in when, if their buddy shows up, he jumps to the front. There are some great people here but they need to figure out the queueing.

Wisconsin Streams & Creeks

Love these guys! They take their time and make sure everything is done right. I will never go to any other place! Definitely worth the wait.

Ryan Osborn

Waited an hour and a half for my son to be seen. During that time I got skipped twice. I understand barbers have regulars but gimme a break.

Laurie Roach

jose mendez

Awesome place the barbers take the time to cut your hair rite and there all very skilled barbers

Andrew Hawkins

I haven't had a real hair cut in over three years, and I had to meet a new client for the first time. I did some research, and I found The Men's Lounge on Google. My experience was great, and I got a very professional hair cut and beard trim. I went straight from The Men's Lounge to my meeting, and I got the client. I will definitely go back, and would recommend this business if you want quality service.

Yama mama

They were friendly, fast and LISTENED to how my son wanted his hair. We'll be back!


Ok place

Jason R

They take their time not a rush and go. Always a lax environment

Jorge Jimenez

Great place to get a good old fashion haircut and a shave


Unprofessional and rude barber. The reviews speak volumes.

stan haimov

Xavier Rodriguez

As long as you don't go in during peak hours, you'll be taken care of quickly by one of their friendly and professional barbers!

nobno avn

Been coming here for about three years. Like the hair cuts. I always do walk in because they never once honor my appointment. The last time I went in for appointment. My barber sat his friend in the seat at my schedule time and told me after him even I was an hour early waiting patiently, knowing I was early for my appointment. That was the last straw, I left and time to find another place that will respect it's customers appointment.

Renee Brown

My now 17 year old has been going to these guys for years and won’t go anywhere else. Great place!

Nitroefule Nitrogaming

Dont let the whiney ass negative reviews fool you, this place is the best around. I went in today looking like a homless hobo with no plan on what I wanted to do. Homeboy Jon Jon hooked it up and had me walkin out of there lookin like a straight MAN. The atmosphere is laid back, and welcoming. Had a few laughs, had a great hair cut, and damn near fell asleep. Definitely worth the 5 stars. Compliments to the barber (John) and compliments to the owner for making me feel like I was back home at my old barber. *Guys, leave your girl at home as this isnt a "have it her way" kind of gig. The barbers know what they are doing and wont let you make a terrible choice, like letting your girl decide your haircut.

Brad Hoeder

Best place to get your haircut! All Barbers are great especially Stan!

Germain Huval

Fast, clean cuts and fun banter along with it. Will be returning.


No place better. I've been Going to Al for almost 10 years. You will not find a better barber shop than men's lounge.

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Barber shop

T Town Barber Shop
T Town Barber Shop
Barber Shop - Arizona

Barber shop

Elegant Man Barbershop By S&A
Elegant Man Barbershop By...
Barber Shop - Arizona

Barber shop