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1835 N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281, United States

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REVIEWS OF J Moose Barber Shop IN Arizona

Willie Martinez

Gordon Jones

Great service!

Mohmad Gnam

Dee See

Fahad J.

The barbers are friendly, they speak both Arabic and English and the overall atmosphere of the place feels pretty great and also super clean. You don't wait very long before your turn is up and the place is next to a bus station so I don't have to drive over there I can just take the bus. Only downside I can think of is the price. It's not expensive but also not dirt cheap. Just somewhere in the middle. Depending on what I ask for I'm usually out with 16-30 bucks give or take. Overall, pretty awesome barber shop. I pretty much don't go anywhere else for a haircut anymore. :P Thumbs up!

Ernest Guerra

This place is always flean and the barbers they do an awesome job the price is reasonable and the service is excellent. ..after my wife discover this place is my favorite.


Go to popular cuts in front of quick trip better service

cookie monster


Best haircuts around! The owner is friendly, as well as all of the barbers. Great shop!

Michael The Barber

First off I'd like to start by saying this is the best barbershop I've been to in Vancouver Great haircuts and service even greater. They have numbers for the customers to track who came first and it's very organized store. The barbers there are very professional and highly trained and on top of that they are nice and welcoming. I always get my haircut with "Noor" The third guy Highly recommended. The guy is very skilled and has very light hands. He always meets my expectations and even more. I have never left the store unsatisfied honestly and I will always go back. "Till they f up my hair then l'll quit going there "

Riddeck Redford

Malyk Jamous

Jose Orellana

Chris Rodriguez

Best place in the valley to get a haircut and beard trim best service and prices in the valley. Worth the drive from anywhere in the valley. One time here and you will break up with ur current barber.

Hem k.a.

اول كرسيين سيئه جدا. خاصة المدعو محمود

Abdullah Ali

Jeremy Vienneau

Great shave and haircut!

ali alothman

professional staff

Eqab Aldehani

Saeed Almehairbi


Stefano Recinos

I was recommended to this barber shop by a really good friend. I was really impressed on how professional the barber shop was. The owner did a very good job and also threaded my eyebrows for free. Definitely would recommend and also plan on making this barbershop my go to.

Eddy Garrido

Jarod Mcintosh

Was a first time customer line was a bit long but I was able to get my hair cut by moose himself and it has to be one of the best cuts I’ve ever had. I will definitely be returning!

Sheldon Smith

Excellent gob! Attention to detail and very nice. I'm very picky about my hair and they definently did not disappoint! Highly recommend!

Robert Gonzales

Abbas Alsaadi

Gregory Allen

(I was not asked to do this review) I am super picky about haircuts. I've tried everywhere in the valley. Jmoose barbershop on Scottsdale Rd and mckellips is the absolute best. The skill gap between these guys and everywhere else, is massive. There are virtually no wait times, and I guarantee this will be one of if not your best cut. They put so much work and detail into each cut These guys are awesome, very welcoming, and very friendly. They remember me and what I like every time I come in.

Phillip Nettles

Bbrandon Herbstritt

I have been here about 5 times and ever one there is great they listen to what you want and don't try to sell you extra probucts they do there job and they are great at it.

Aide Cardenas-soto

Nathan Trauscht

Great service & amazing atmosphere! Highly recommended; once they’ve cut your hair, you’ll never want to try another barber. Quality cut I can count on. Look your best, always.

Jacob Johnson

Wow this place was awful. I went here on a recommendation from my roommate, and I wish i had just gone GreatClips instead. The guy who cut my hair looked like he would have rather been anywhere else than there. He was rude to me when I told him what cut I usually get, and then STOPPED HALFWAY THROUGH AND PULLED HIS PHONE OUT AND STARTED TEXTING!! He only got back to my hair when I blatantly looked at his screen and saw he was texting. The haircut is halfassed and looks terrible, and they don't know how their own groupons work. I had to pull up my bank account to show this lazy jerk that I already paid for the haircut. Definitely just going to GreatClips from now on.


This place is quality! Been coming for a year or so and not only is my haircut on point every time, but I'm treated like royalty when I walk in. HIGHLY recommended I love this place

Chandra Cushman

The guys here always make my husband and son look amazing! Great atmosphere and friendly, family vibe. These guys do it all; from beard trims, haircuts, razor hair designs and facial treatments. These guys are also serious about soccer!

Mohammed AlFouzan

I live in Gilbert but I come to this barbershop well trained guys their price is fair compare with other barbershops around the valley, I’m talking about professional not great and sport clip :p

Sam Ali

Good service and good employers

ahmad sayyed

Traci Koetje

raul gomez

Great place for cuts ask for moose or Alan

Jacob Cross

This is a great barber shop! Most people get used to having one person who they trust with their hair, but here I can sit in ANY chair and get awesome results. $16 for a men's cut is a steal! I don't have a beard, but if I did then I would definitely trust them because I've seen some awesome work while I've been in there. The longest I've ever had to wait for a chair has only been about 10 minutes. They are usually closed on Mondays, but during special occasions they open up i.e. before ASU graduation, during certain holiday weeks that they'd close another day, etc.

Skyler Howell

Moose is the best barber around. It’s a gem tucked in the back of the strip mall. I make the drive from cave creek over to for my haircut monthly.

Jerame Bohler

Rob you're an awesome barber! These guys do great work.

Megan S

My husband and my sons have all gone to this barber shop this week. Shaved head, trimmed beard, skin fade or a regular fade all haircuts were done well, quickly, and affordable. Barbers were friendly as well. Will be going back for sure.

Ryan Petry

These guys are always very friendly, the owner is super cool and really values his customers.


I've been looking for a regular barber shop to go to in Tempe for a while now, and have finally found it! They know what they're doing, great customer service, great price, perfect cut! Highly recommended!


Great people! Great service! I Highly recommend this place

Bradley C

Unless ya get a cut by moose or the dude on the end, it’s gonna be hit or miss.

Mario Ontiveros

Hands down the best barber shop in town! They will take care of your haircut and beard needs! Hot towel shaves are fantastic! I strongly recommend this shop!

Brenda Sullivan

Hubby and kids love this place! Great atmosphere, very welcoming crew and haircuts are exactly what they want each time, never any issues. It's not close to home but the 30 minute drive is worth it!

Bernardo Ramirez

They do a great job here! They listen to what you ask for!

Alexander Hilger

I had Eric give me an amazing hair cut and straight razor shave. Right after I had some lunch and a chick asked for my number. Awesome place

Saud Aj

Adnan Radwan عدنان رضوان

مكان فيه من المهاريين في الحلاقة ،و خصوصاً الشاب أحمد بارك الله بكم و وفقكم


Good haircuts but expensive.

Donald Comstock

Feras is the best. Shaped up my beard like no other place I have been. I'm a true customer now!

John Martinovich

Very friendly, very professional! Big smiles and a cool vibe!

Dylan Labadie

First time had no complaints. Went for the second time the other day and it was awful. Asked to keep it long and just trim and my hair is currently the shortest its been in 7 years. Also its very uneven and just an odd haircut.

Joe smeltzer

Safe Hamadat

Scott Lance

Blake McClary

I go here about every other week for a fade. I moved to AZ about a year ago and fortunately ran across this barber shop in Tempe. The barbers are friendly and are both quick and do an excellent job.. It's about $16 a cut before tips at this shop, which in my opinion isn't bad for the quality. If you want a good fade, look no further.

Catherine Nemeth

I got my undercuts done here moose did great on every single one he would be ready foucused and we challenged him every time we came its the baber that has ever done my hair

Jason Rite

You might have to wait a few minutes, depending on when you go, but I've never had a bad experience with Moose and his crew! And they'll always tell you a real wait time or how many are ahead of you. Awesome barber shop!

rany elsaka

Firas, the owner, and the guys are the best in the business, period!

Brian Praul

JLee Lee

J Moose always has the best service and best haircuts - I have been coming here since he opened it +10 years

Fawaz Halloum

I'm a regular here. It took me a few years until I found a barber I can trust and be his regular and that would be J moose. All the staff are awesome people. Strongly recommend this place

Jibran Martinez

Best barbers with razor are located here

Faisal Al-Humidan

Steve Carr

Fast, friendly, and quality

Rob Friedhoff

Local spot

Matt Helms

In town on business . I chose J Moose because it was close to my hotel location and had good reviews . Great cut , great beard trim , very welcoming and nice guy . Price was very reasonable Highly recommend !

Cody Pinault

Feras always provides consistent, high quality hair cuts at a fair price. He never hesitates to stay late to ensure every customer is taken care of. Great cut, great service and great price. You can't go wrong. Check them out!

Mickey Jones

Place is awesome, especially if you are a bearded guy. They always take care of me and I feel like a new man every time I leave. Great haircut and beard trim.

Fred Mccurdy

Best haircut ever and I'm 52

world best

I LOVED IT it was nice and clean,fast cuts and good service i recommend it to everyone in that area

Soud Alothman

Literally No one gave me a haircut or trim beside this guy for the last +5years. If you believe that your Barber should be more than a guy that cuts hair , you should absolutely pay this place a visit ( Ask for the Moose Himself )

Jeremy Leavy

I am culturally mixed and have curl hair and I've been getting my hair cut here for over 3 years and Alan has been taking care of me since. Big shout out to these fellas as they have good vibes, good conversations, and stories that will keep you lifted. Highly recommend.

Michael Chahrour

Excellent hair dressers

Saif AlHameli

Rami Sweis

Jesus Rey Villezcas

Israel Galván

One of the best barbershops in town

Adriana Aldama

Abdullah Alqallaf

kelly b

Jose Novela Gonzalez

Great place to get a cut. Definitely recommend!

Ty Mealey

Amazing service and great work!! Only place I go!

Saeed Almarri

diamond johnson

All I went in is for my beard done... He rushed it in two min... It n't even even... Now on my way to another barber to get it fixed...waist of money...

Haney Hamod

Highly recommend it

Andrew Carmichael

I've been looking for a good place. Saw a guy with a great beard. Asked him where he went. He said J moose. So I went. I've been there twice. It's the only place I'll go.

Joshua Batanian

Thanks to Clark for a "grade A" haircut!

Jason Buxx

These guys are awesome! They did a great job turning me back into a human being.

Michael Jorgenson

Freddie T.

I went recently to trim my hair the barber took so much hair off. He seemed bothered by me as I’m trying to let him know how I want it. At the end of the day in order to keep making your money your customer must be happy meaning if customer not happy he or she won’t be back. I don’t like rude barbers I don’t care if a barber has a line waiting I was waiting just like everyone else so I expect the same treatment on my hair not a barber rushing I even offered to pay double and triple the price cause I don’t want someone rushing on my hair I’ve always been that way. This will be my last time here. I felt the man was trying to embarrass me which I wasn’t I was upset but still polite to him even after he ruin my hair I can’t even remember the last time it’s been this short. I know another barber for those still looking for one this one seems very good next time I’ll know better. It’s not that much further here is the address 1250 E Apache Blvd #104, Tempe, AZ 85281

Sean Jamieson

Had a great time! Good guys, good conversation, baseball on TV!

Adam Payn

Friendly. Skilled. Affordable.

Jason Phillips

Ryan Osborn

Best barber shop I have been to, and I have been to a lot. Sam is my personal barber here, but Moose and the rest are great too.

Coleman Rice

I love this place. Everyone is friendly and says hi to you when you enter, and bye when you leave. The price is about what you would pay anywhere else, and they actually listen to what you want them to do. Been twice now and Allen not only remembered me and what I do for a living, but remembered what guard I used!

Sarah Campbell

Best hair cut I have ever received! Didn't know I had to go out of state to get lined up!

Abdullah Mofareh Alyami

Its too expensive for not that good shaving and service


Art Al

Great place, awesome customers service. The guys are good at what they do. The owner is great, friendly and really cares about his costumers. I definitely recommend them.

Navid Ashrafi

The best barbers and the best service in Scottsdale. These guys know what they are doing , they pay attention to the details . A little far from me so I went to some fancy shop in old town, big mistake. I came and showed moose the bad cut I had got and he fixed my hair at no charge. He’s just a good guy and cares about his clients. They give useful advice on how to maintain your beard. Good energy in the shop without the need to be vulgar like other places. They treat all of their clients with respect. I highly recommend.


Highly Recommend Barber Shop, Excellent Service

George Schafer

Sabrina Williams

Brandon Martin

EXCELLENT HAIRCUT, BAD BEARD TRIM. I was super excited to try out this place after being recommended by Live Bearded and reading some of the good reviews. I travel around the country and am always having to find a new barber. Moose was a friendly guy but when I asked for him to not touch my beard line he insisted that he had to and would make it look natural like I said I liked it. He then proceeded to drop my line farther down my face which he said he would not do and then re-do the line with die making it look fake and unnatural. I asked him for just a small trim and he cut off more than half of it ruining my beard. He did a nice job with the haircut it was well done and what I wanted. Otherwise it unfortunately was the WORST BEARD TRIM I’ve ever had. He didn’t seem interested in listening to what I wanted as he was very dismissive when I would try to explain anything to him since he was on the phone arguing with his wife about some family dispute. Unless your looking for a very chiseled fake looking beard don’t go here.

Ian Anderson

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