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REVIEWS OF HiEndTight Barber Shop IN Arizona

Robert Ramirez

Skilled and Professional services.

T. M. Stewart

Joey was my Barber. Great job with haircut and beardtrim. Gave me a nice taper, solid lines, and a smooth fresh cut. Would highly recommend this place.

chris billie

Great service! Best in Tucson....

Christian carino

The girl there takes to long to leave you with a bad hair cut ,and I didn’t even wanna tip her but she pulled the “I don’t have change for a 20 “card so I just left


My husband always goes here and they are so good. Especially for the prices! I love booking online.

Clinton Kerfoot

Made an appointment 1 hr in advance with Joey. I walked in to see Joey waiting. He sat me down immediately. Asked what I wanted and I gave him a vague description. He figured it out and easily described what I wanted. I hadn't gotten a cut at a shop in over 6 years so I didnt know lengths or certain phrases. He took his time. He was also nice and professional. I'll book with him again. I should of brought cash, I forgot how these things work, but he took card with no problem. Prices are great and the cut was too. Would recommend.

Tucson Rides


Honestly worst hair cut ever. It took all the composure I could muster to not start a scene. How hard is it to cut a standard effing fade?

Open Minded

Chance is absolutely the best!

Becky Bahena

I've been coming to this shop a little over 6months now, my friend recommended me here. Awesome customer service, Manny is the best and very talented, I wish I had came in sooner. I am always happy at the amazing work he does, thank you!

Tina Price

Manny "Fresh" and Chris did such an amazing job on my son's hair. The design and cut were done to perfection!!! Awesome attitudes, amazing atmosphere, comfortable environment!!!!! Can't wait to go back!!!!

Brian Hayes

Got there at 11: 50 and walked out at 12:15. No one in he waiting area. Took our number and sat down. 2 barbers doing haircuts and 4 other barbers sitting there playing on their phone's. Not once did anyone ask if we needed help or anything. Rather shitty business


Love this place my boys were Chris's very first customer which was a couple of days before he opened he has made us life customers. The staff is friendly and makes sure you a happy customer when you leave.


I wish the owner knew that the barbers at this shop are handling their own personal affairs there, are not professional, and owe a lot of local businesses money. Sketchy.

George Arden

Haythm is the best barber in Tucson. Other barbers are great, too. Good selection of aftercare products.


Was told they were the best but $20 later I left bleeding and had to go home and trim hair around ears. This is why I normally cut my own. Thank God it always grows back cause I'd like both sides the same. To be fair I'm sure it doesn't happen all the time but damn gotta wait a week to fix this.

Francisco Lopez

Alejandro Alvarez

Mickey is sick! Recommend everyone to schedule him!

Jose Diaz

Ok so I came in at about 1:40 and for walk-ins you have to take a number. I was 17 and they were serving 15 already so I figured the wait wouldn't be to long seeing as how theres only one person in front of me. I was thinking 30 maybe 40mins tops ill be waiting. WRONG!! I didnt end up getting out of there until 4:30. Meanwhile i counted at least 12 or 13 other people get called up because they had appointments. Whick ok, I get it, if you have an appointment thats fine but it should never take hours to call up someone who just walked in with 1 person ahead of them. They really need to get their system for appointments and walk-ins figured out or put a sign out that says basically appointments only because walk-ins dont matter and we'll make them wait til we feel like it. I really dont write reviews but as ridiculous as this was I had to. Believe me, I had enough time sitting there waiting to get called up to think about it. The inly reason i didnt leave sooner was because I had to take the bus there and wouldn't have have enough money to have to pay again to ride to another barbershop and then home. It was my first and last time coming here and the haircut wasn't all that great either to be honest. They cut hair better at Supercuts then they do here and thats just downright embarrassing because we all know the difference between a barber shop haircut and a haircut you get at Supercuts

Gloria Cocio

Nacho Vazquez

David Pastika

Awesome shop. Joey went above and beyond to squeeze me in before I had to get to work. He took his time, was very personable and all around a great barber. Will for sure be going back here. dude really knows what he is doing. Thank you again Joey for going out of your way to help me out.

Rob J Pierce

ASK FOR JAE... pretty picky with people cut my hair. That being said took a chance and went to HiEnd Tight Barber Shop. Jae was great and she really paid attention to the details gave me a soild cut. Very impressed.

Bianca Rivera

My son always leaves the shop looking fantastic. Love the fact that I can make an appt too.

Glenda Perez

the girl on the back does not know how to color hair at all, my hair had no previews color in it and still turned out burned and not the color I was paying for

Corbin Gravley

Dissatisfied with the fact that they charged my daughter $5 more to get pretty much the same cut I did, 1.5 fade on the sides and about 1.5" off the top, just because shes a girl. Her hair has been almost a buzz cut for 2 yrs so it's not like it was long hair, that I could understand. But since she was a girl she needed to be charged $5 more. She was really upset as she didn't see this policy anywhere on the price posting. Talk about a double standard. Sorry HiEnd Tight, you lost two loyal customers today.

Miguel Cardenas

The work here is like other.

Fred Gray

Haythm is my barber. I like the way he cuts and styles my hair. And his English is good.

William Maldonado

Well twice now we set a appointment n twice they dissapoint my lil son went in expecting a falcon logo on the side of his head for his game n twice was. Let down whats the point of setting

Andy Chesley

I was pleasantly surprised by my visit. I had initially only chosen the shop as I was working nights and it was the only shop that has hours to fit my schedule. However, I ended up getting a fantastic cut! The shop definately has an industrial vibe to it: lots of tattoos, gaged ears, and tool chest for work stations. While my cut is fairly straight forward, I could see other patrons getting complex cuts, and they appeared quite pleased. Overall I'm glad my schedule took me to the shop in the first place, I plan on reading back!

yasser sukkar

Great cuts ,best customer service in town, I would recommend it to any friend or family member.

geraldine joseph

My husband is 70 and have always find it hard to be satisfied with his haircuts. Hiend is 24mls away from home. Has much younger Barbers and cost 2x what he use to pay BUT he is happy with his cuts. So he travel the 24mls. & pay more


The worst hair cut I've ever recieved in my life! I was very specific, high fade bald on the sides as they are shown in the pictures I showed him that are the two pictures you see the one of my face is what my hair looked like before I came in yesterday. It's very obvious my hair line is receding and he took no care in making sure my hair was combed back as well as combing in the directions to help hide my hair line more very unprofessional work. this is day 2 of what my hair looks like. I let the the barber I had know that he went way to high, both side are very uneven as well I pretty much have a mohawk it's very embarrassing I need to wear hats for a very long time to grow back what I lost on the top of my head including the back its completely butchered. many of the barbers should have noticed as well how bad of a hair cut I was receveing based on what my hair looked like when I walked in if you take pride in your hair I suggest finding someone you can really trust cause I wont be trusting no one for a long time . Even the man in the first photo I showed him doesn't have as long of hair in his hair line cause its thinning on the left side and hes still able to achieve a high skin fade with no issue its complete lack of care that went into my hair cut.

Moss Lyndon

If you're not a regular they will make you pay cash claiming the card machine is broken (I've been three times and they do it every time). I won't be going back again as my $25 haircut cost me $33. The guy who cut my hair claimed he didn't have change (yep, they have no $5 or $10 bills even though they only take cash and there are 7 other people in the shop) so he tipped himself $5 AFTER knowing I was charged $3 just to withdraw cash. You should never assume you're going to be tipped and never, ever take a tip from someone because you feel you deserve it. Avoid this place, they would rather inconvenience customers than pay the taxes they are meant to.

Roger Thompson

Modern old school barbershop! Relaxed place.

James Panos

Manny hooks it up everytime. Good atmosphere and positive vibes.

Ana Gomez

Irisa chance best barber ive had Thank you

Will Rivas

I’ve been coming here for over a year and a half and Robby always hooks me up. The shop is clean, people are cool, and prices are good. Highly recommended

Miguel Burrola

worst haircut I've ever had and honestly the one star is too generous, booked an appointment online and was greeted by a young woman, sat in the chair behind the desk and had an older gentleman ask for what I would like, asked for a fohawk and a line like a gentleman cut has with a line up, then he started cutting my hair and all. Once he faced me to the mirror I mentioned it looks a bit off and the barber started getting rude and started saying repeatedly "this is what you asked for." Then the barber started mentioning how he's almost off his probation and that if he was ever to do something I would have to be worth it also saying onces he is off he's going back to being the bad guy and he doesn't have to act so nice anymore, I kinda felt threaten just because he started saying that when I commented about the haircut. Once he was done I just paid without giving a tip (i usually always tip my barbers) and walked to the restroom, saw that he never lined me up nor gave me the line design I asked for. Saw my hair was uneven and there was still long hairs on the sides of my head. I don't recommend going to him ever again.

javier ordaz


Nice friendly place but the haircut was poor. Even missed a small group of 20 hairs or so that is now inches longer than the rest.

Richard Huerta

Love this place! All the barbers here are amazing my favorite is Haytem, he does a great job. All the barbers are great at paying attention to details and listening to the customer. As long as I live in Tucson I will not go anywhere else.

Danny Medina

Always had a great time all the barbers are down to earth and know what they are doing

Freddy Elmesselmani

Haythm got a phenomenal talent. Always booked.

wayne tomison

My time was respected, and that just doesn't happen the way it used to. Nice place to get a haircut, and good folks are there too.

Janet Sprigg-Amos

Best Barbar in town

Joe Motovaited

Im an over the road truck driver stopped in on whim. JOE.G cut me up. Now i look fly.

Tim Bazua

Great service from a nationally recognized barber

Daniel D'Agostino

Best barber shop in Tucson. My son had a great first cut experience with a great cut, a lollipop, and a certified award. My cuts are consistently great.

Dimitri T

This has to be the only real barber shop on tucson with professional service, mickey Rodriguez has to be one of the best barbers in the state

john scherpelz

Not a good haircut--Mikie was not able to follow my directions, and there was no mirror to watch progress and correct the barber along the way. Nice friendly guy, who may need more experience. I expected more due to their rating as best barber shop '14-'15. Apparently things have changed. And the trouble with a haircut is you can't put back what was cut off.

Adrian Esteban

I don't know the name of the girl that cut my hair. All I know is that when I got home and looked in the mirror, I had lines that were not faded on both sides, and hair longer than the rest behind my ears. I would have been better off going to one of those schools that cut your hair for tips.

James Coleman

I just paid 20 bucks for this girl to cut my hair. And she seems too know better then me, How it has to be done was very frustrating and no after shave when done. I did tip. But will never go there again......

Eugene Vlassis

I told the barber what I wanted, and he was able to say it all back to me. I ended up getting a touch up on my skin fade and drop fade beard with electric clippers. I paid twice the usual price of my personal barber , and the result was a rehashing of last week's haircut from my barber through Hiend Tight. I will not go back for another cut. Phoenix prices for Supercuts work.

HMC Kalaw

Outstanding Customer Service ! Short wait even as a walk in on a busy saturday... Haythm did a great job on my son's haircut

Adam van beurden


Brian Eller

Every time, it never fails. This is a REAL barber shop. Nice shave with a strait razor and a clean looking cut everytime. Great job Chris.


Great place to get a hair cut...I'm coming back agin to anther one, thanks guys.

Shannon Walker

I went in to hiendtight today and took my kid in for a appointment with Unique. I showed him a picture of what I wanted done.He did a amazing job and did exactly what I asked of him. I recommended him, he was very professional and polite with my son. If you have kids or a husband that needs a haircut send them here.

Andrew Berry

When I told guy cut my hair like taper fade but it's not that one same but look not bad. I unhappy with my hair so awful But They're friendly tho. I wouldn't back to cuthair that's place nah... I'll look for different place barber shop pro fades better

Brian Laborin

Friendly staff and excellent barbers.

Paul Valles

The staff is more concerned with pretending to be Ballers than taking care of customers. You only get one chance for my hard earned money and you blew it.

Matt Zaragoza

Frank Tuan

I am very thankful to them for giving such a good hair cut to me which helped me in looking good at a very important party I had. My hair style was looking very good and my friends were very impressed with it. I recommended this shop's name to everyone.

Dusty Ochoa

Best Barber shop In town.

Nicholas Reese

This place is great!!!! Took my 4 year old son to get his hair cut before his graduation from Pre K, and wow! We did the walk-in and got right in. Antonio did a great job with him. I also received a cut from Jae, absolute awesomeness! Best fade and beard trim in a long time. We definitely will be coming back, hopefully become regulars.

Dennis Rodriguez

Brandon Oriani

Mikey is a beast, he's been my barber for going on three years now, master of his craft. It's a nice spot too.

Mario Wick

Best shop I've ever been too yet. The owner truly is a great business owner. He cares about his costomers and strives for the quality you desire. So if u haven't check this place out yet swing on by. I always get my hair cut by Mikey. I also highly reccomemd Irissa chance. All of the staff here is more then well qualified to sculpt the look your searching for! Keep keeping Tucson classy high end tight! (Even though Mikey doesn't mention me in his reviews on my shop.....)

Phillip Ridenour

Awesome place. Been going ever since my buddy told me about them. Great atmosphere and everyone is upbeat and talkative. Never had a bad experience and my son and I will go nowhere else as long as there open for business. Ryan is my barber...good dude just like all who work there.

Heather Vires

I bring my son here for a real experience in a barbershop! They've remodeled, with a contemporary style. They do take walk ins, so come check them out!

Richard Camacho

Great haircuts, my 4 yr old and I got the best haircuts we've had in a while.

Abdulaziz Saleh Almulhim

Haytham is an excellent barber. This man is incredibly talented!

Michael Jerman

1st time in Felicia was great could not be happier with my cut truly best cut I have had in years just booked my second appointment great shop great experience all around ...

Jack Ensor

This place is rad. The barbers are fricken hilarious. They debated the likelihood of the existence of mermaids and they Aladin on Netflix and started singing (poorly) but it was awesome. Ryan cut my hair. He did a great job. If I'm ever back in Tucson, I'll definitely go back.

A&J Adventures

This is the best haircut experience I have ever had. I had heard many good things about HiEndTight I wish I had been going here since I moved to Tucson. There is a reason they are voted best in Tucson! Highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for a premier haircut. My wife loves my new gentleman cut! Thank you Chris and Staff!!!

Steven Ray

Michael Chang

came in asking for a low fade, got sat down right away. barber was very very talkative. didnt seem to be paying attention to my haircut. barber gave me a high-n-tight haircut you'd see on some first sergeant without an imagination. this was the first haircut i got since 2010 on base. ruined my hair, had people asking me at school if i tried to cut my own hair. no "fade" just zero buzz to one clip to 2 inches of hair. complete joke. kept saying he was gonna "blend it in" and he kept taking more and more hair off while talking. contemplating shaving my head and starting over. -5/10

William Edelstein

Walked in at 5:35 and grabbed a number 53. Sign said 51. Kid in waiting area got up when 52 was called. Waited 45 minutes and got up and tried to make eye contact with some of the employees. Finally someone approached and said they stop taking walk ins at 5:30. Please don't waste my time... put a sign out or turn off the 'open' light.

Rocky Crocker

Great experience, they take their time and make sure your happy.

Kymberlee Barham

Great people

Terrence Groves

Love this place very cool and upbeat place.

Jacob Manlove

I usually go to salons instead of barbers, but these guys know men's hair SO well. I got a great cut for half the price I usually pay, even with a 25% tip.

Bill Kluge

Sophie did a great job. She listened to what I wanted, then made sure she delivered

Andrew Perkins

Asked for a low skin fade, very common and easily identifiable haircut, nothing crazy. Don't know the guy's name who was cutting my hair but even showed him pictures. Guy was so busy cracking jokes and talking to the other barbers and wouldn't even show me progress of my cut in the mirror so I could see if something was going wrong. Which it was. I basically got a very high skin fade and all my directions were pretty much ignored. I even showed pictures to clarify and I basically got the opposite of what I asked for. I basically have a 1 all the way up to the top of my head and that somehow qualifies as a skin fade. Now that things are growing back I realized nothing was cleaned up and it's growing back like a mess. Will not be coming back here

Mindy Preston

Great place to get kids haircut.

Howard Stern

Brought my grandson here and they treat him special and do a great job.

Riz Zaki

I waited for about an hour in total. The girl I asked for my haircut and scheduled for 1:30 just sat on her chair looking at her phone for about 20 minutes. No one would help me so I just had to leave. Absolutely terrible service and ratchet ghetto haircuts.

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