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REVIEWS OF Brooklyns Finest Barber Shop IN Arizona

Jeremy Bross

Joshua Mccan

I've been coming here for years.. I bring both of my sons here and they always keep us looking like a ten...

Saif Salman

One of the best places to get your hair cut hands down. Always love coming here.

Mari Natalia

Tim cuts my son's hair and does a great job. My only issues are pricing and no website. There is no website to explain how the barber shop works and what items you can select. I have 5 man/ kids in this house so its $17/a head every 6 months (close to $90). Its why I only bring in one child for a hair cut so far. I am sure there is a family discount but, "How would I know without a website with info?"

Kelli Ng

My husband has been getting his hair cut here for years. Its always a fun atmosphere and everyone is always friendly..

Cameron Garbrick

Ed Fierro

Bad service.


It all depends on who you get so watch out !! The ones I know for sure do a great job are og & Art

Carlos Gipson

Great barbershop. I went there for the first time on my lunch break. I received a top notch professional fade in under a hour and made it back to work on time. From what I seen all the barbers are equally as good. Im new to phx. Its good to know there is a fair priced, excellent quality barbershop near by that can give me the style of haircut I was used to receiving on the east coast.

Tony Pensiero

A bit pricey but a good army regulation haircut.

Kristian Artishon

THEE only place I will take my son to get his hair cut! Mayra is the bomb :) very friendly as well. All the barbers seem to be very respectable & talented! Highly recommend!

Dwight Roberts

James Matthew

The girl who cut my hair didn't greet anyone and showed blatant attitude and disappointment when I walked in. Gave off a vibe as if she didn't want to cut my hair. Have you ever felt the urge to slap someone? She will give that feeling to you

Ezequias Fuentes

Been going to this barbershop for about a year now. And every single time I always get cut clean. I’ve at least cut my gair once from every single one of the barbers and every single one of them have done a clean cut. Mayra and Mercedies always have great energy and customer service when I get cut by them. They always make sure they provide the best they can for their customers and I well appreciate it. Glad to call this my barbarshop.

Roger Ronning

Good people, good service...this is my place to get groomed!!

Destainy Excell

Sharif Faruque

Probably one the best barbershops if not the best in Phoenix. I drive out 30 min just to get a haircut from them. Its just not one barber, they all are great. The best part about the shop, they treat you like family rather than a client.

John Brian

They did not cot my hair like I ask. Too short. I also wanted the razor line but I did not get.

Iram Mendieta

This place gave me the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my life . Don’t know if it was just the barber but after seeing all the reviews I went in there confident of getting a good quality cut and I was very disappointed . Last time going there .

Nichol Pulido

The only place I will ever take my boys for there haircuts. The whole staff is amazing. Highly recommend

Spencer Davis

It was my first time going to this shop. They took care of me

Dave Batchelder


Top notch shop! Arthur runs a good place! I've been going here and only here for almost 7yrs. Michael takes his time and does a great job!

Jay M

Great customer service, very professional. They always do a great job putting attention to detail. The tools and machinery used there is always clean and utilized with care/caution. Ask for Mayra!

Josh Butler

This is the best barber shop I’ve ever been to. I’ve had almost everyone there cut a fade for me and every time it’s been great. Artur runs a great business, you won’t be disappointed.


Been coming here for years seeing Mike. Always good experience and great cut

Steven Hawkins

Best services always. Welcoming and friendly staff. I love this place.

Dhiraj Nimbalkar

Donnie Rodriguez

Been going here for a year, I'm very picky about how my hair looks and they kill it! Its hard for me to find a good BARBER and this shop is full of them. Especially the girls there, Myra and Mercedez, theyre on point!

Chad Bennett

Sabir always takes care of me. Very friendly place. Call ahead and usually don’t have to wait. Always happy when I leave there!

Devven Presley

Harlan Levin

Liora is a great barber/stylist

Random Distractionz

Went in for a hair cut not knowing how it was going to be since i have not had a new barber in 3 years and recently had to switch, but the female barber there was so nice and made me feel welcomed. Mayra was her name i believe, she did an amazing job and i highly recommend her to any one who is trying to get a good cut, the best part is that she takes her time to ensure she does a good job, not like most barbers who are so quick to rush and mess up your hair. I will be coming to this place from now on. :)

Luis Ruiz

Very cool place. They do your haircut very nice and cool. It's really worth the wait. They treat new and old costumer welcome.

san maxwell

The best barbers in Phoenix I highly recommend everybody I said go and get your haircut with these people

Joseph Elkins

Always love my haircut from this place. I won't go anywhere else!

Joshua Taylor

Been going to this Barbar shop for a while. I stopped due to them not honoring an appointment time. I showed up and the female Barbar kept cutting others hair before mine as if I wasn’t there even though I had an appointment. Also, haircut started off good but got worst every time I would come in. Maybe if the Barbar spent more time concentrating on the actually haircut and not telling me her life’s problems then maybe I would have gotten a better haircut. Don’t go here!


Arthur is truly a professional Barber and knows how it's done properly, It's not hard to tell that That he knows his craft And has plenty of experience

Nima Karami

The best barbershop, I've tried different places but I couldn't get find anyplace better than here, I've been coming for 8 month and I never been unhappy with my haircuts, he can make any style you want with a good price.

David Sroka

Great haircut with an amazing experience. No other barbershop of its kind in AZ

Andrew Holmes

Great barber shop! Everyone does awesome work. I strongly recommend them.



Berenice Cordova

It’s been a few times that my husband comes here trying to give that place a “chance” even if there’s barbers available they can’t take you because “they have an appointment coming” when the barber was waiting for his appointment for more than an hour. My husband went back today and the fade was horrible i Can see the crocked line from the “fade” looks like he got a haircut from a horse. Service is always all whatever. They are always in a rush and almost make you feel like you have to get out of there as soon as they’re done. I will post a picture of my husband’s haircut

Lance Schwartz

Charles Jeans

Paid 13$ for them to butcher my hair, they pretty much did everything i asked not to do and didnt give a damn. Garbage

Drew Harman

Arthur's the man. Best barber in the valley.

Gregory Stewart

A great barbershop with caring and skilled staff. Strongly recommend.

Ricardo Escobedo

Ask for Chris, he gives the freshest cuts in town!

المستبد توريس

Going here is one of the best choice I've made .. everyone is very friendly and professional I went here a few days ago and this young lady cut my hair, I was very clear on what I wanted and she did exactly what I asked for! She was very cool, I mentioned it was my first time going there and she made me feel welcomed.

Gabriel Hernandez

I show up couple barbers were out side chating came inn sat dow waited 5 min to only have one of their friends go before me nobody greeted me or aknowlege that i was there and yet one barber was on there phone but when people or friends they know jus happened to show up its ok and thay even try to play that were u the one that call card cmn bunch of bull would not recommend or will be back again Please take you’re business elsewhere!!!!! Where thay do have good customer service

Rickell Eastland

Always gives my son a great cut.

Akeem Terry

Auguste Dubuisson

The barber did a good job on my head.

Tony Guti

It’s a great family barbershop i can bring my 11 year old brother as well as my 42 year old dad it’s a great environment for everyone been coming here for 5 yrs and even though it’s a drive I’ll always be coming here make sure to ask for OG Mike!

Safer Rus

It started off great. A female barber cut my hair. For some absurd reason they use industrial pressurized air hoses to blow hair off people. I guess its some kind of neat gimmick that's different from other barbers. There is a reason why they state they are not made to be pointed at people. With the hose in her hand and engaged in a side conversation, she aimed the hose directly in my ear. Now 6 months later, 5 prednisone injections directly into my eardrum later, I am deaf in that ear. All for a $20 haircut and a careless barber. They destroyed my hearing. Its not over Brooklyns FInest

Christian Marquez

Art got down on my fade .. two thumbs up for not messin up the bak of my head

Josh L

Starting coming to the shop when one of my friends brought me back in December, and now I come every week. All the barbers are funny and cut good, highly recommend this barbershop

Denise McOwens

Hubby liked it. They skipped me though, I guess eyebrows wouldn't have brought in enough $$...

cj Livingston

Great customer service

Kevin Morris

Good shop, reasonably priced, recently renovated.

Adrian Augustin

Yup, can cut hair!

Andre Wellington

I've been going here for about15 years.I'd you want a great cut this is the place to be!

Celso López


Awesome barber shop, best shave I have gotten in the whole. Ask for old man Mike, quiet and professional.

Dragan Euro

Man this barber shop they lay it down. From the freshest tapers to fades (or whatever you can think of) they can do it. Arthur and Mikey the best barbers out of Brooklyn hence Brooklyns Finest Barbershop. Come thru enjoy the atmosphere and positive vibes. HUMBLE people with a big heart and always put a smile on your face. You will leave feeling like a million bucks cash money....

Penny Man

Saturday the 29th. Waited over an hour, to be passed up by others that came in after us. Bad customer service.

Steven Edgley

Is ok

Jennifer Eaton

Depends who u get so watch out

Javier Urena

New in town, and I am very happy with my short hair and fast service. I recommend this place ...

Natika Bears Tail

Took my boys 9 and 3, both got great fades by OG Mike and Mercedes! We’ll definitely go back!

PST Kingsley Hyacinth

Nicest barbing experience

Jordan Fields

matthew mike

They always do a good job!

Jasmin Rivera

I took my nephew here he got his haircut by Mayra very nice well done job.

Alanna Hollaway


Best barbershop in the valley! Unreal haircuts.. even better environment. The owner, Arthur, is incredible and I leave with a perfect cut every single time.

Israel Esquivez

The staff here is great. Been going to OG Mike for 6 years now.

Sinned’s Slurred Thoughts

MC Wilfong

Arthur is always kind and gracious and they do good haircuts I've been going there with my grandkids for a few years they're very sweet and respectful.

Jez Craig

Sabir is the best, hands down. Great place Art has

Nicholus Joyner

Great place for a cut. I've been getting my hair cut here for 5 years and all the OG's do a superb job on any type hair.

Mike Remby

If I had the energy and didn't mind waiting longer for a cut I would go somewhere else. When you walk in all the barbers to the right are where it's at. TV's everywhere and usually they're playing music videos.

melissa brockwell

Joseph Altamirano

Michael did a great job. Friendly atmosphere

brynn turner

Chareef Williams

Great barbers & family environment!

Adriana Barraza

Great barshop! Everyone does awesome work! My son loves his haircut by Mayra.

Gerald Harvey

I've been coming here for about almost a year. Great customer service, friendly environment, clean and the barbers are always busy. Tim is my guy, it's hard to get him it's best to make an appointment.


Mark Carter

Walked in sat down and got the best haircut I've had in over ten years


Mago B.

Brooklyn's finest is one of the top 10 Barbershops in the state of Arizona. They are extremely polite and cordial. They make it a point to make you feel welcome. Art, Mercedes, Mike, Turbo, and Myra are all wonderful and highly skilled barber's. I definitely recommend it, especially if you have kids! My brother and I drive 30 min just for them to cut my hair!

Raheemu Shoots

S S Johnson

I've been to quiet a few barber shops. This one stood out by the work they do. Excellent cuts. I'll definitely be back.

Aries Loves Gemini

Nice barber shop all men hairstylist. Friendly,clean,fun place.

James Thoreson

They close 30 minutes before time so dont go there acting like they want to cut your hair

Joshua Mays


Mike is the man!

medrano cellular

I like this barbershop. They always take good care of me. Very neat and organized office. People have a great attitude. Very professional. Ask for Mayra!

Tee Davis

I went in to get my neck and side tapered, the young lady motioned me to come sit in her chair. We talked about what I wanted and she suggested a close take down. I explained to her that I wanted to look feminine, she said ok! When I got out the chair I was horrified with the look of my sides and back! I looked in the mirror and couldn't say a word. She said is there something I can do, hell no! My head was shaved like a man. Instead of her asking ok. How does this look so far? She took everything off! This has to be the worse experience in my life. I ended up leaving and having to run to beauty supply store to buy a wig before New Years. I cried all the way home. Women don't sit in her chair not unless u want a mans cut!

Milly Mindset

I am very picky when it comes to someone cutting or touching my hair. But whether I need a fade or a taper. I know I can always go to Art.

markham 480

Mayra was friendly and took her time making sure to give a high quality hair cut. Highly recommend

Chris Santos

Use-to be a great shop until the owner Art decided to sell cars instead! Has you wait for 45min and will leave to go sell a car, making you wait an extra 25min. Basically you have to wait an hour for a cut!

Joe Ng

JD Young

There is a barber here named Myra who is not just extremely nice but a phenomenal barber. Give her some love when you come in, she’s very modest about her skill

Frank Barner

Michelle Estrada

Atmosphere is banging... Barbers are on point... Be prepared to wait a bit though on certain days because they're so good that people are lined up waiting to get their heads done! I've been looking for a barber on my side of town for a long time and this is the place to be my grandson is looking smooth.

Aaron Gooden

Go to hair cut spot

Morris Sarray

David Jones

Wouldn't recommend going here..

Landra B

The shop owner asked if I could update my review as he felt that my previous 4 star rating and comments was hurting his business. In early July I took my son in for his regular hair cut w/Michael (older gentleman). Immediately I sensed that the two female barbers were talking negative about me; likely because of my previous review. They spoke in Spanish so I was unable to confirm, however their body language and laughter led me to believe that I was being talked about. I did not press the situation and waited until Michael was finished with his client so that my son could get his hair cut. Michael did a great job and was very courteous as he always is. I walk over to pay for my sons cut and notice the female barber with the lip piercing also standing behind the register. Being that Michael cut my son's hair and not her, I found this to be unusual. Again I put two and two together and suspected that she was there to confirm if the name on my card matched the name on the previous Google review. I heard her tell Michael that she wanted to see the name (my suspicions were correct). Again, that particular day being a very important one. .I did not press the issue. After walking to my car parked directly in front of the shop; I buckle my son in to his car seat then prepare to get in my seat. As I turn around, the owner and the female barber are standing outside waiting to speak to me. The owner calls out my name to which I reply, "yes?" He questions me about my previous review and ask "what can we do to provide a better experience for you?" I explained that I was unsure what he meant as Michael always does a great job cutting my sons hair. He proceeds to harass me over my previous 4 star review and explains that they are "all family." As I am speaking to him, the female barber chimes in; attitude and all. She stated that my comments affect her since I previously mentioned "two female barbers." I informed her that I was not detailed with the comments because I could not recall exactly who cut my son's hair on whichever particular day. The owner then ask if I could update my review and bribes me by offering to pay for my son's next haircut. I explained to him that that was unnecessary because I have no issues paying Michael for my son's haircut. I explained that the purpose of leaving a review is for those who are uncertain about going to a particular business, to have the ability to review others opinions who have been there before. I explained that I would not change my opinion and expressed how someone could feel the complete opposite of me and state that the two female barbers are the best barbers in the shop. The owner then copped an attitude and stated that I should find another barber shop to take my son. Before pouting his way back into the shop I informed him how unfortunate it was for him to say that as I always provided Michael a very generous tip on top of the already ridiculous price for the cut. My son is a toddler, why do you charge the same price for kids cuts as an adult with a head twice the size? Rather than harass your customers who return to your shop after leaving feedback, analyze and review what customers have to say. I am not the first customer to make a comment regarding the female barbers. People have stated that they have cried as a result of getting their haircut by them. Accept the positive criticism and put as much energy into providing additional training for your barbers as you do into bullying your customers. If you are such a great family, why are you taking money out of Michael's pocket by telling his customers to find another shop?


Been coming to this barbershop for 3 years always a consistent cut .

Jeff Pelech

Very nice people and a quality service. Definitely try them out, they'll have you looking good.

Sina Ghojehbiglou

Best shop ever completely remodelled the entire store looks amazing while still giving the barbershop feel. Moved here from Canada and couldn't find any barbershops that could cut my hair the way I wanted until I came here. It's been over a year now and I couldn't be more happy. Must come and see the new look.

Thomas Loder

I have been going here for about a year. Always look and feel great and look forward to every visit.

Brian Manuel

Great barbershop with excellent barbers.

Uriel Lopez

Price doesn't even matter when you walk out looking better than ever. Commendable service, as well.

Alberto Mendoza

Good clean place livthebarber always hooks it with a clean cut.

Nessa Picon

Recently moved to Arizona from Anchorage, Alaska. I’m normally not the one to take my son to get his hair cuts but today the job had to get done! I’m so glad I took him in. I walk in and they said 35 minute wait but honestly speaking it didn’t even feel like it! I was so amazed by how fast these ladies were cutting hair and how GOOD they were at it! I haven’t heard much of women cutting hair but I was so happy to see it and how fast I was in and out of the shop! I was so PLEASED as to how Mercedez did my little mans hair... he’s all set and ready to rock for his first day! Thank you- BROOKLYN’S FINEST BARBER SHOP... you for sure got my business and will recommend you as much as I can

Jackie Williams

Man where can I start poor customer .service I agree with some of the one stars on here I went there no anoledgement whats so ever it seems like every other person that walks in go ahead of me . If u sospose to make an appointment .you will think they would have a sign up that states that .

Damian mammon

This place is amazing shout out to Mercedes for doing dope work hair cuts line ups beard trims all on Point definitely my goto spot for getting my hair cut

Matt Neubauer

I just got of the plane from New York actually and needed a haircut and saw Brooklyn’s barber shop and decided that was the place for me. Author gave me a cut better than I’d get at home. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs a nice cut.

Cali CoCo

I cannot say enough good things about this barbershop. Very professional, always aware if there are children around, not alot of meaningless banter or side conversations between them, know their clients but still serves in order of first come first serve, Mayra always does a great job, not sure of all the men's names (sorry!) but have never seen a bad haircut. Love this shop!

Allan Elizalde

Rachel E

Best Barber shop in town. Kiddos if your good you get a

Michael Velasco

Christopher Johnson

Fast ,friendly ,and Best in Phoenix

Timothy pimpo

What a place. Got one killer haircut. If you are looking for a good barber this is the place. Amazing fades straight razor shave. The are super kind and nice and listen to the customer on what haircut they want.

David Grefka

Great haircut for my son.

Daniel Blancet

Simply the best.

Winterfall2112 Productions Corpening

Had the worst cut from another barber shop, found this awesome place on Google went in this brother hooked me up. All the fellas were nice and funny this is my new spot.

Daniel C K

the best barbershop ever. they know every haircut hands down! the cleanest, the most experienced, and they give 110% for each haircut. ive been to over 25 barbershops and nobody ever gave a better service and a haircut then them. now all my friends and family go there and its a very family oriented place I give them 5.5 stars!! that barbershop, is not just a barbershop. its a comedy club. they make people laugh and they make the money worth while .

Pedro Solis

My boii Tim is a god! He will make you look extra Crispy

Salvador Omar Santillan-Villa

Excellent service and expert staff.

Larry Clifford

A cut above the rest

Adam White

The first time I came in, the service was okay and decided to give it a another try. The second time I came to this shop the barber took 2 people who came in after me and when I asked why he said they made appointments, I figured no problem and asked how do I make an appointment for the future and decided to make another appointment for my third visit. During my third visit the same thing happened as before, the barber took 3 people before me even though I had an appointment ! When I asked why he said they been waiting a long time before I arrived and than proceeded to take a fourth person who came in after me. I honestly feel that if your not their friends or in their group, then you get push aside and they hope you get tired of waiting and leave

robert burris

Place has been here forever. Great shaves and haircuts

Donald Kelly

I gave the five stars because 10 stars is not allowed.



A friendly place to get the families haircut. Recommended.

Jessica Santillan

Artur (the owner) has been cutting my sons hair since his very first haircut at 11 months. I absolutely love the way he treats my now 6 year old son and my son loves him. Artur treats my son like one of the guys. I don't care where in The Valley I move, Artur will be sons barber. They recently acquired the space next to them and did a massive remodel. It is absolutely beautiful now and the prices are competitive! I highly recommend this place!

Leigh Ontiveros

Sunday is not the best time to go to the barber, but they do a great job and there are TV's to keep you entertained


These guys are very professional, reasonable and likeable. They know how to stay in business.

Alexis Valencia

(Translated by Google) Who cut 100 is Mayra (Original) Quien lo corta al 100 es Mayra

George Shamooon

Best cuts by @mikeycuts ! He know what he doin. And Arthur made the place look really nice after the remodel.

Adwar Odesho

Arthur take his time with my hair and he make it look nice again thank you so much my fav barber ☆☆☆☆☆


I’ve been getting my haircuts here for a few months now and they clean me up great every time! I highly recommend this barber shop!

eric majitt

This barbershop is sick! I like the set up! The barbers are way chill too. My partner and I get our hair cuts by Sabir. Way chill dude and he does a good job. I highly recommend him and this barber. Stop by!

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