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12416 N 28th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85029, United States Located in: Cactus Court Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Bogies Hall Fades Barbershop IN Arizona

Tyler Garra

Been going here 10 yrs best barbers

Justin Ben

Abel Magdaleno

Kim Smith

Very professional

gwen carr

otniel medina

Mike my dude!!! Bogie runs one of the best shops in AZ!!!

Wil Johnson

Been going here since the door opened. Wouldn't go anywhere else for a fade! All the barbers are great and the barber shop banter is legendary!

Trey Niles

Dominic Castro

The absolute best place to get a haircut in the whole state of Arizona. It's a man's man's barber shop! I've been planing a trip from Hawaii to Phoenix. I arrive tomorrow and once I get into town im going straight there! Bogie and the boy's are the BOMB!!!

Jessica Holiday

Amazing service funny as hell and top of the line cuts

david stewart

Awesome barbershop and great people

Marques Prince

Great!!! these guys know what they are doing & know how to have a AMAZING time cutting hair

Carrie Wilson

Corey Harris


Olipop TV

Great place to get your youth back( with a fresh cut). All the barbers are fantastic. Everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Jesse Watson

Really good people and even better barbers and stylist. I don't care where I'm living I'll travel hours to get my hair cut at Bogies Hall Fades Barbershop.

Jermaine Baskerville

Since moving out here from CT four years ago. This is the only place ill go depending on the time an day you go you may have to wait. But the wait is well worth it. An they do a great job with kids

chrissy mcdonald

Bart Stokes

Chris is the man!!!! Takes his time and gets it right the first time!

supreme johnson

Friendly atmosphere

Darrell Vassar

Cody Dryer

Lisa Boyer

Queen#1 M&B

Haircut was good. Friendly staff. Cost was 18 dollars for mens haircut. I thought that was expensive. Going to shop around see what others are charging.

Auntrice Morgan

Ashley Nelson

wonderful place to go. wonderful customer service, overall satisfaction

kenneth hunter

Cool staff. good prices.

Stephen Gary

The greatest cut ever !!! I really appreciate these people they were so nice to me and it was my first time did excatly what i wanted and was not busy at all , I cannot remember his name but he had glasses make sure you go to him he was cool the others also made conversation with me over all 10/10 Much love from Williams,AZ and also Chicago, IL

Chris W

Been goin here for years off and on. The only reason I domt always go all da time now is because of the drive but they will deff get you right

baby boo leslie

Michael Gross

Went here 2 weeks ago to the big papa bear guy with a red beard. Omg he gave me the best beard trim I've ever had.. I live in Omaha, but when I'm back in phx I will Def always go back 2 him!

Cassie Marie

My step dad recommended this shop, and we will never go to another shop as long as we live in AZ. We live about 45 minutes away from the shop but the drive is so worth it. They do an amazing job on my fiance's hair every time. Great customer service and great prices for amazing work!

jessica navarro

Great service

Mj Green

Best place in phoenix to get fade or professional barber haircut almost always open and the wait is pleasant and not too long staff is very nice and welcoming very local and knowledgeable about area. If you are from out of town. This would be a great place to get a nice cut to go home with and impress everyone

Barbra Hoekman

Ania Wojtus

Wonderful barber, always do a great job with my boys cuts

David DeLaRosa

Best in phoenix

Ehdy Garseah

Bogie, Alex, Mike, Chris go hard! These dudes need a reality show haha! Awesome cuts and great service. They got jokes for days and keep it 100 all day everyday!

Victor Chavez

Best barbershop in the Valley.

Amyer Armstrong

If youre African American or simply picky about your hair, you know how tough it is to find a barber in North Phoenix...these dudes are hands down top 3 caliber, gave me a cleann taper with my dreads. Check em out!

Nick Mendoza

You want it, they can do it.

Ben Creed

First time in and it was a great experience. Staff is friendly and are great at their profession. One of the best haircuts and line-ups I've ever had.

Caleb H

Alex Seeno

kimberlee zeasman

Michael Shelkey

Terrible experience , watched a guy talk to his buddy while 10 people waited for a haircut . If you like a place where barbers are full of them selves this is your place .

Kaden MacFadyen

Nate Dogg

People in there seem cool. The person who cut my hair had very sharp clippers . Cut me a few times . I had to go back to my main barber even tho it's super far cause dude seem to only know how to cut one style . If you need a shadow taper this place will work out . But other hair styles don't seem to be practice at this spot. Recommend a place called Next level in Scottdale if you want a barber that can cut any style hair. Richie will hook you up. Thank me later.

Karhy Shoemaker

A Very Special Place**

Justin Poisson

Best cut in the valley just got done getting chopped up Mike is the best

Stony Haze

damario boyce

Paul Lopez

Bogie, Mike, Alex are great

Dylan Owens

Oscar Munoz

Never get your haircut here

Mook G

robert guymon

First time cut their ! Went great ,would recommend to everyone!

Cesar Colin

Hands down best barber shop that I have experienced, Chris is the man fixed up my fade great and funny guys I recommend this place 100% ! I will for sure be back ! Thx guys !

Ashley Ramirez

Best barbershop ever. They had some really nice music and really funny guys.

Jakkobo Ricardo Gonzalez

I've been coming here since 09 only shop I'll go to

100% Black

They good with low hair cuts

Michael B

Says closes at 2pm on Sundays. I walked in at 125pm. No customers waiting and they told me they were closed so they could get home to their girlfriends because it's Valentine's day. Did they ever stop to think that I want my hair cut so I look good to take my girl out on Valentines Day too... if your signs says open till 2 then work through just like the rest of us especially when you have 3 barbers sitting in thier chairs chatting and one of you could have hooked me up while waiting for other customers to get finished with their hair cuts... not cool.... your work stations weren't even cleaned yet. I got referred to this shop and I will never come back. Unprofessional!!!!!!!

Andy Prado

My haircut had alot of mistakes and they didn't use a razor to go around the outline of my hair, but I was still charged $16. I'm pretty disappointed with my haircut, and I had high expectations for this place.

Granada Johnson

I came to Phoenix with the intent of moving here from St. Louis, MO and finding a job. I got here two days ago and called yesterday to get in for a cut. I was supposed to have been there at 8:30 a.m. as soon as they opened, but I didn’t get there until after 4pm. However, when I arrrived I got right in the chair and EVERYONE in the shop was super nice, even the other customers. The guy that cut my hair (Chino) was super amazing and did a wonderful job on my cut. Even the owner remembered me calling yesterday and was super polite and respectful. I recommend anyone traveling to/reside in the Phoenix area and need to get a cut/lining to check them out. Whenever I come back/move here and need to get a good cut...”Bogie’s Barbershop” is where I’m headed. I left there feeling too good!!!

NikkI Allen

My husband and 4 boys will only go to Bogies. The barbers are friendly and talented. My family always leaves looking fresh.

Kristi Cody

Ive been twice and neither time were my kids able to get their hair cuts. It said it was open online and on the door. But i showed up and 1 guy was on his phone and outside. The other said they were closed. Ok gave it another try. I understand people can have a bad day. Maybe I was having one to. After many places butchering my son's hair my kids both look like handsome boys today. I don't think I will ever go anywhere else. Just have to go early during the week again. And no I didn't do the free cut I was happy to pay and tip.

Steffon Smith

My barbershop.... It's definitely off the hook!!!

Brandon Hale

Not a bad place. It was cool my first time. Everyone in there were Friendly and cool. And their cuts are on point. Best place to go if you need a cut or a beard shape up

gwen mosley carr

William Skinner

Took my son here to get a cut they are Awesome and I'd definitely recommend this Shop to everyone!

chase world Giovanni

These guys have a great shop going here my kids loved the hair cuts they got very respectful beautiful happy people god bless u guys always


Deborah Carvajal

My boy loved his hair cut! And everyone was nice and friendly

Caleb Santa Cruz

Best barbershop in Phoenix. Good music, good barbers, and good times. Been coming here for 6 years now. Definitely woulda recommend to anyone

Cole world

Jakob Torres

Christopher Kretz

Such a great place for a haircut.

European heathen ' Laris' McCauley 'Mckee


Charlotte Errington

Took my son in first time in a barber shop.. Didnt do well last hair cut he got... Absolutely loved it this time.. The Barber Alex was simply amazing .. Talked to my son like he was grown made my son's day.. Mine too.. Definitely coming back again


Racist.dont go there..They don't take u serious...I took my son there ..They made me feel so I inferior..Never going back..Made fun of me as I am nothing to them.I was telling something else to do on for my son haircut..But the guy there ruined haircut.After that when I tell him to fix it..He made face and told me it's good.and made me pay full..I was feeling super bad after coming home from there shop..a

Bryan McComb

Fantastic customer service with fair prices, and Alex always lines me up beautifully.

brandon higley

Great place.. friendly Barbers and all around really awesome place to get your hair cut

Johnny M

Best spot for a cut and to chop it up


Great guys really friendly and nice.

lenny eshaya


Best barbershop in AZ

Luis Aguilar

Great shop!

lenetta belton

He did an excellent cut and fade on my daughter in law

Tori Layne

Won't ever go anywhere else for my son's hair.

ArchAn3l Mo0ni3

BaconEatBacon -

Chrissy CS

Great place with amazing staff

Frank Zepeda

Philip Decker

Cody Ray

Lilly cagle

Chris did a good job took his time and cut it just like I wanted

Prince Carlton

Great service everybody cuts good and also funny

Gozo Matic

The only barbershop I go to for so many reasons. Highly recommended hands down A+ service

Jason Miranda

Best Barber Shop hands down... they really take their time to make sure my haircut is perfect really great group of perfectionists

Evelyn McLemore

Great barbers! Always a great cut, and good conversation.

Maria Quinonez

(Translated by Google) This place is always full of customers and very friendly hairdressers (Original) Este lugar siempre está lleno de clientes y los peluqueros muy amables

Ezekiel Flores

Arrived at 11 they didn't finish cutting one persons hair for 45 min and one of the guys just came in to cut his kids hair when there's a bunch of people waiting and on top of that they were all talking taking there sweet time cus they knew the people they were cutting I wouldnt recommend if you dnt know the people personally cuz they are in there own time

Raul Martinez V.

Mariel Eubanks Sr.

ryan golding

Alex Gonzales

Jermaine Haywood

My boys can cut up

Edward Muniz


As all ways they do a great job.

Yahir Cerón

Sandee Mendez

Absolutely loved the customer service this place had. I had to take my son in to fix a botched hair cut he got at a different barber shop. Considering my son is 2yrs old they had so much patience with him. Lets just put it this way my son was so relaxed that he was falling asleep. Not only did they fix his hair cut but customer service was great. They have gained a new customer.

Chrissy Brummett

Rihana Smith

I take my son to see Alex, but all the barbers are very nice and do a good job. Alex is amazing with kids, always takes his time and my son won't let anyone else cut his hair

Raymond James

I have been to many barbershops in my day but by far this is my favorite one. I travel 30 minutes to get a haircut. Even when there are multiple people in front of me awaiting an awesome cut, the barbers will keep you engaged in conversation, which make you feel like you are hanging out at your home's house. Bogie and his barbers are also very patient with people and children. Both of my boy’s first haircuts were done in the shop.

Nathan Leyva

Francisco Espinoza

They get down with their cuts !

Stretchlexx TV

Best Barbershop Ever! I've been coming here for years and they have done nothing but show love to everyone. I can truly say this is the best barbershop ever!

Bobby skerta

Perfect cut

Fofo Fofo

Googled what time they closed on a Sunday went in at 12:50 they only had three people waiting not including me and three barbers cutting hair as I walked in they said they are going to finish up with the waiting people then close shop they close at 2pm on a Sunday I've been to this place one other time and they complain about their girlfriends or wife's a lot. They gossip more than they cut hair

David Sherman

Skip hooked me up!!! I moved here recently and have been looking for a shop that can give a quality urban cut. Best haircut I've had since I moved out here. I will never go any place else for my time here in phoenix

Darius Cook

Orlando Flores

Cool dudes, entertaining barber talk & most importantly clean fades always


Damian Garcia

I recently moved out to az back in july and i was scared i wouldnt get the same satisfaction as i did in my home town but they get it pretty damn close here at boogies highly recommend it

Phx City Phranky Gee

John Vitez

Tony Brown

Julian Saenz

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