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1713 E Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283, United States Located in: Tempe Square Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF A & B Barbershop IN Arizona

Mohammed Ghannnam

I've been cutting my hair here since 2010 and the brothers never disappoint! Serioualt the best barbershop ever!

Seth Calderon

Great haircut place. These guys got skills and know what there doing and nice and friendly

Gabriel Perez

Great place to get a haircut. All the barbers there are great but Stan is the man

Chris Hernandez

Been coming here for years now. Come in and see Diego, he now not only cuts my hair but my sons as well.

nathan tate

With both a warm and comfortable environment it is merely complimentary to friendly service offered by each barber! Most definitely going back for my next haircut.

Graden Georgitso

Great barbers. Extremely satisfied with the quality of the haircut I received.

Aminul Chowdhury

First cut I got since I moved to Arizona and I'm very happy. Wonderful customer service and super clean shop. Highly recommend this spot!

Gucci Kits

Amazing place my husband comes in for haircut and eyebrows, staff is amazing location is great. Love that they are open on Sunday's

Bryan Tilton

This is a no-nonsense, family owned barbershop with super comfortable chairs, quick service, clean, with TVs...and great haircuts for a very fair price. Highly recommend you try them out.

seven oaks

Well sorry to say this but these guys only cut for people that they want to cut for. I knew when I got in there that they did not want me in there. I just showed up to get my lil boy's hair cut. We where the last ones in and the first one's out. Do to the my skin colour I feel that I am not wanted in the shop. I see that there was another black guy writing a review as well. Im glad he had a great time but, i don't have the same story. My lil boy asked for a small part on the left side of his head. He said it would cost 5 bucks and then did not even blend his hair how he said he would. For quarter of a hair cut 20 is high. Not trying to play the race card but these guys deserve this review.

Lucky DeHoyos

This place is always clean. You will have the best experience. I love this place! I wish I could give this place 10 stars!

Dmitrii M

Great service, nice guys, highly recommend!! Thank you

Kyle Roberts

Awesome group of guys, frank sinatra playing in the background. They know what their doing. Happy customer

Ryan Portillo

Just moved to chandler from San Jose looking for great barber shop and this place was it

liran nahoom

The best haircut I’ve gotten in a long time. Nice family owned barbershop. I walked in and felt as if I was at home. Very warm and welcoming place. The father , yuri, did an amazing job. I will recommend to all my family and friends.

Patrick McLaughlin

There was only one barber working so I had to wait about ten minutes to get started but it was well worth it. My barber was Stan. It was a little difficult to hear him speak with the razor and music playing but he was very respectful about that. The experience was pretty quick, he does not mess around, he gets down to business. I asked for a #1 fade/taper and that's exactly what I got. He used a straight razor to clean up my lines and went ahead and cleaned up my beard's cheek line. My eyebrows were also trimmed up. The experience was topped off with a hot towel and some gel. I'm looking forward to my next haircut here. I highly recommend you give this place a try.

mohammed bari

First haircut in AZ, idk if that's how everybody acts in this area

Jay Ev

Best haircut I've ever had. Haircuts are every bit as much about the experience as it is the cut itself, and this place has it. Environment is elegant yet relaxed, jazz music playing as the barbers sing along. My cut was quick but quality - perfect fade, shape and a straight-razor with warm lather finish. To top it all off, the cost is only a couple bucks more than a SuperCuts or GreatClips. I will never go to another barber.

Dante Ocariz

Hands down best barber shop in town. You can always count on leaving with a clean and precise cut. I visit weekly and I'm always treated like family

Gabriel Murillo

Rip off got a hair cut and face shave for 60 dollars birch please!!

Martin Lopez

I asked for a number one fade and i got no fade and a zero cut. It looked like a mohawk when completed. The barber smelled of smoke and he wasn't very friendly. I personally would recommend the barber school. $7 for a haircut, great service, great customer service.

Paul Rodriguez

Good cuts done very quickly I'm impressed will return to get my haircut when I'm in the area

Fawkes Messerschmitt

These guys are great at what they do. They're very kind and professional, so when you leave their shop you will feel nicely trimmed and as classy as the shop they run.

Julian Meier

Solid and steady haircuts every time I stop by. The loyal customer base proofs their skill set. Highly recommended!

Barry Mitchell

Just moved in the area a few months ago and came across this GEM driving around with a friend, Great atmosphere that is family owned and best cuts in the area! Highly Recommend

Hannsel Hernandez

Had a horrible experience here. Never coming here again. The barber that cut my hair was too focused on his phone other then my hair cut, in other words he butchered my hair. They try to rush you out as fast as possible. I could say that this was the fastest hair cut I ever gotten. And also asked for a simple skin fade and they couldn’t even do that. If you want quality service go to another barber shop other then this one. Even sports clips can cut hair twice as good as these guys.

Demetrius Bonner

Poor customer service. One of the barbers was very rude when I called him out on my not so good haircut. I asked for a taper fade, but he didn't taper it how I wanted. He then responded by asking, "do you want to wear my glasses to see it?" How rude? Also got a bad vibe when I walked in; didn't feel invited at all. My haircut was crappy and I was charged $18. He was being slightly racist too. I kept my cool. Would never return.

Oshrat Heyman

The BEST barber shop in Arizona⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My husband and my son getting there haircut by the talented Stan. Highly recommended!!!

Michael Orban

I walked in randomly for a haircut, didn't really know what to expect but Diego is one of the best barbers I've had give me a cut, everybody in the shop is super friendly, great atmosphere, I'd recommend this place above Floyd's or any other place that overcharges for cuts!

leo Duarte

Unfortunately i got a bad looking haircut! Honestly makes me so upset and mad to even look at my self be cause of my hair, my hair is messed up i got a fade that its not faded and scratches from the sr cutting my hair agresive and my top hair wich i asked for a trim of about 1 inch got trimed much more than that. My hair cut makes no sense.

Natan Shuster

The best haircuts in Tempe good barbers

Jim O'Donnell

Sinatra, Martin, Bennett, Cole: real barber music. Won’t go anywhere else.

Areli Carmona

Extremely professional barber, the experience was amazing from start to finish, very friendly/welcoming environment! I will be a regular client for sure, highly recommend these guys they know exactly what they’re doing.

Matt S

This is a family owned business and it shows in there hospitality... They're always friendly and talkative to the customers and i always leave happy with the service i was given. Any cut your requesting they can find a way to make it happen, i personally like there Shape-ups/Tapers and razor fades but they make any head that walks out look good. Don't just take my word for it, go down and watch these guys work, there's hardly ever a wait and if there is you wont wait long. From the 20$N

Aaron Knobel

Great atmosphere. Great barbers. Great overall experience. 5 stars!

Paolo DeGuzman

The barbershop is kept very clean and classy with nice comfortable seats to get your haircut in with TVs all around. The entire business is family owned and operated which is great to see in AZ establishments. You can really tell how a business is doing by the number of customers getting their haircut, and this place has good business, so i don't mind waiting a little bit knowing I'm going to be getting a fresh haircut! For me, when I get a haircut, I like to do a skin fade on the sides, keeping the top a little long and sometimes I would get a side part, all with the sides, neck, and even the part are all performed with a razor blade which I really appreciate. Stan is a professional and I will always keep coming back to his establishment. Cutting straight to it (no pun intended): This is a family owned and operated barbershop that knows how to cut hair. If you are looking to support a barbershop knowing you'll receive an excellent quality haircut I would highly recommend going to A&B Barbershop!

Doug Pajak

Best Barber's around! Much love for Paul, Stan, and Mom! @djnuffsaid - I guess Stan is one pretty popular guy nowadays. Now that he pretty much cuts all the men's hair in the East Valley it seems like he has no time for me! LOL Maybe I switch to Paul? Lol All I have to say about the reviews for this barber shop?.?.. I don't have to say anything; they speak for themselves! Good luck guys, for many many many more years!

JaMikal Moorer

Good shop! Today was my 2nd time going. First time got a full cut by the guy on the right when you first walk in and he initially messed up because he didnt notice the cowlick I have in the front of my head but he cleaned it up nice and still looked good and he said if I came back he'll be sure to remember. When I went back today he wasn't there but the guy Isreal I believe his name was in the 2nd chair did my edge up and beard with precision and listened closely on how I wanted it done but also added his own input and came out great. Prices are high compared to most black barbershops I usually go to but I don't mind paying for quality! Definitely recommended!

Bob Lacourse

I've been to this shop a few times now. Service is good and haircuts are good. The issue I have with them and many other Barber Shops in Arizona is they do not disinfect their tools between haircuts. This is the most disgusting, health issue you can have. The hair industry has very clear regulations requiring all tools be disinfected each time they are used on a different customer. It's the law... But yet nobody does it, and nobody enforces it. When I sat in the chair this time I made the barber disinfect the combs and razors before he put them in my hair. WAKE up people. You need to demand tools are disinfected before their put on your head. You could get a disease or sores from someone else's scalp .

Riley S

Damn good barbers work here, I highly suggest coming here. It's a professional atmosphere the just did amazing job on my hair. I'll definitely be returning!

Livepitcam l

This is the best barbershop in the valley if you're looking for clean Percision and quality best cuts every time

Tony Win

First time walking in, the place gives off that 1960's feel to it. They were playing some 1950's-1960's music, it was pretty legit. The barbers knew what they were doing, I told him about what I wanted and how to cut it, he was very chill about it and was professional too. It looked like a family owned business also, they look like a tight family because a lady who looked like someone's mom was there haha, pretty dope. I found my new barber place.

Damien Mora

The premier barber shop in chandler Az!

Ryan Overcash

It took me a long time to find a barbershop that I liked and trusted. A&B Barbershop takes pride in their work and they are passionate about providing the best cuts and experience when you go there. I get my eyebrows, hair, and beard done during my visit. They do it all. There are many reasons why they are the best in the business, but for me it's there expertise in fades and tapers. I've never seen anyone better with the straight razor. Another aspect is the wait is never long. They move very fast and efficiently. Consider them artists...

Munqiz Minhas

Great environment and awesome barbers who give great cuts. I am a regular at this barber shop and I would recommend anyone looking to get a fresh cut to come here. Thanks guys for cutting my hair! ☺️


I’ve been using these guys for a year now and honestly I like this place so much, I wouldn’t even consider trying a new barber. The guys here are so friendly and the environment is great. I feel so comfortable going here and they do a great job with the styling. I recommended this place to all of my buddies

Oded Cohen

I get my hair cut done in this place for the past 18 months, I’m a small details oriented kind of person and this place is awesome, full service kind of place. Yuri the owner and his sons pretty much run the place and I enjoy my visit every time I come in. Professional and clean. Thank you very much for the best service ever.

Cameron Myers

Just moved into the area and needed a new Barber, Urie has 40 plus years cutting hair, really awesome guy with a super heavy accent from Russia and a family man. Did an awesome job on my hair and the conversation was great. I will be back. Thanks guys!

Shane DePinto

Fantastic hair cut, pretty bad hot shave. I had Paul as my barber and I should have noticed that the whole barbershop was waiting for someone besides him. He gave me a great haircut but he butchered my beard and mustache. When he ran out of shaving cream on my neck, he just kept on scraping away, leaving me torn and tender. Great hair cut, but rough barber with little finesse on the face. Maybe find another barber or just trust him with your haircut. Overall atmosphere was great at the barbershop and prices were fair.

Jorge Gonzalez

I was looking for a new Barber to cut my hair and my boss recommended me to go here! I Came in nervous just thinking what if they mess up my haircut? I sat down and in 10 mins I was done! I checked myself in the mirror and was really happy with my haircut! The pricing was good and they had great customer service! I would definitely recommend A & B Barbershop!!

Eddy Seker

Best barber shop nothing but pure professionalism as well as kindness. Pinny is my favorite for 3 years now! The interior is great with capturing boxing posters, and the staff is very respectful and humble! This is the place to be- cash only but I don’t mind at all, plus banks are close by if you forget! 5/5 will always go!

Emanuel Lopez

This place is hands down best spot in Tempe, wether its for your kids or yourself.Master Barber's at work. Ask for paul.

Paul Williams

This place is great. Sat me right away, and proceeded to sculpt my look. The beard trim and the hair cut turned out great. The straight razor lines are superb, and the hot towel and shoulder massage at the end was all too great!

Marko Anthony

This is definitely a place of comfort and style. Group of talented individuals who take passion in what they do.

Eli Lekhel

My new favorite Barber shop in the valley. These guys do a great job!

Nico Moore

Been going here for about 6 months now and never had a bad cut. Some cut quicker than others, but in the end it always comes out good. Even got the brows cleaned up a few times.


Best haircuts in the valley!

LILfern LILfern

Pual is the best barber came to the shop and fell in love quality hairstyles and haircuts recommend coming here

Willie Kalstet

Located in the parking lot of Trader Joe's on the corner of McClintock and Guadalupe. Couple things to know don't take credit card Friday's don't come in late and expect happy faces.. family comes first and possibly religious holidays. This is a real non corporate family run business. If you want quite possibly the best haircut you've ever had in your life this is the place..

Jeremey Thompson

It took me a couple of weeks to find a real barber when I moved. These guys are the real thing and the prices are cheap for the kind of service you get. $13 hair cut by a professional not some highschool drop out.

Nathan Davis

Hands down the best haircut experience I have ever had.

Steve Behnke

We've been taking our sons here for years. They are very particular and they refuse to go anywhere else. Be prepared for a wait most of the time, but it is worth it!! Also, my dad goes here too now and wouldn't think about going anywhere else. The best barber shop!

gena eidelman

Love this place Was searching for a barber shop in Tempe on yelp And I’m so happy that I came across this guys Will definitely recommend

Adam Estes

Finding a barber you trust after you move is hard. I've been through five of the "popular" Tempe places. But this place is fantastic. Diego listened to exactly what I asked for and did great work. Extremely satisfied and will be back!

Jose Ortiz

Good place for a hair cut

jerry bribiescas

These guys are the best in the valley straight from New York. Clean professional and fast, ask for Stan

Victor Banuelos

Just took my 4 year old son and myself, we tried different styles this time and these guys were great ! been coming to these guys almost 3 years now. Both of us , hard part with combed over parted, long on top #1 mid fades and contoured all around. Perfect each time. make you feel like family, great friends great people. Honest truth !


I finally found a place to get my hair cut. Stan cut my hair just the way I asked. Definitely recommend you give him a visit.

dashon T

Came here because of the great reviews, was sat pretty quickly. Turns out the guy didn’t even really speak too much english and when i explained to him what I wanted he just said ok and started cutting. I could tell he was rushing and but the time he was done my haircut was terrible.. I specifically told him to KEEP my sideburns and facial hair and he cut it.. This was the worst place i’ve ever been to since moving to arizona. Never coming back and I truly wish i could get my money back or something

Andrew Frederick

Only waited 5 minutes but was well worth the wait for the quality of a hair cut that Stan provided. Great music and artwork around the shop.

Savina Ocanas

I have been coming here for about 3 years now and by far the best barbershop I have been to. My go to is Stan, always makes sure I get the quality cut and comfort. Yes it gets busy but when you love the shop and your barber, you don't mind the wait. Comfortable environment, music, family oriented and original Barber shop feel.

Long Le Hoang

Nice haircut over here. See young man

Eddy Priganica

Been coming here for 4 years and have never had a bad experience. Great haircuts and great people.

Eric Hensley

Consummate professionals work here. Very cool guys, and Shlomo keeps me cute. I'll never go anywhere else.

Greg McGuire

Great barber shop. Fast, friendly and professional.

Richard Aziz

A & B Barbershop is the best place to get a haircut/shapeup! I've been coming here for years and they have the friendliest customer service and freshest fades in Arizona


Great family-run barber shop, open on Sunday is a plus

John R. Scott

Just had my fade tightened up by Izzy who is surgical with the straight razor. He did an amazing job and took his time to make it perfect. This is a no nonsense barbershop with old school charm and quality work you just can't find anymore. I will definitely be back to have my fade & beard made right. I have had my Cut done by others as well, and always a fantastic job.

Gary Aginis

I went to this barbershop in Tempe and got a great haircut. Will send all my friends there. Very highly recommended

Dane Torres

Great service. Have never waited for more than 5 minutes for my haircut. Very personable people and they have very reasonable prices for their services. Always clean.

David Venegas

Do not get a haircut from the dude with blonde in his hair. He sucks. Always get a haircut from Stan. He is a great barber.

Adam Morales

Best barbershop in Arizona by far. Stan has been cutting my hair and my son's hair for years and does such an amazing job each and every time. Stan, Paul and the other barbers are amazing, have great customer service and provide an excellent experience.

Richie Otterstedt

These guys are the best. I’ve been coming here for 6+ years and have gotten a great haircut every time. Classic barber shop feel. Hot shave, hot towel, eyebrows trim, the works. I won’t go anywhere else.

Bob Fabey

This place is the best! My son and I go about every 5 weeks. Izzy and Paul do an incredible job EVERY time! Love the environment and the people. Super grateful.

///Motorsport Throttle

Great place to get a haircut! I went to many different shops but this one is great! Diego is a great barber!

diana williams

These guys know how to cut. My son is rockin' his debonair cut. Tried many places closer to home and this one is worth the drive.

Larry Dutcher

Quality haircuts by professional barbers. Never not been satisfied.

Randy Jones

Did a google search for barbers close to where I was staying in phoenix and this place came up. After reading all the positive reviews I thought this one would be at least OK. Wrong these guys are GREAT! Monday am just before noon I walked in no appt. had to wait 5min at the most. Place is spotless defiantly a throw back to days gone by to what I always imagined a barber shop was and in my opinion should. Stan did my cut incl. straight razor clean up on details even trimmed my mustache. Finished w/hot towel All this done in a matter of a very short time. I was in heaven! I am from out of town but may consider relocating just to have this place do my cut's.Seriously these guys are great 3 brothers 3rd generation barbers from NY it don't get any better than this except for the prices that is which compared to my home state are incredibly inexpensive let alone at this level of treatment. Thanks again Stan I will return and suggest everyone else who wants some pampering to do the same

Dennis Ray

I found A&B Barber after a botched attempt of getting my waist length hair trimmed at another salon type place. (This place may or may not rhyme with 'Barcelona Pear Doe') At the time I was not well adjusted to having short hair and seeings how the previous hair care facility left me looking like I was wearing a rejected Donald Trump toupee, I set out to find an actual barber shop. Searching online led me to this place as it was very well reviewed. Walking in I was greeted by the staff and the sounds of big band music. After a short cozy sit, I was up. I showed the picture of an older gentleman's mugshot to the barber (I believe it was Izzy) and got exactly that. That occurred a year ago and I've been coming here since.

Michael Clendon

Great atmosphere for a haircut. Good customer service. My kids have been getting their haircuts here for a couple of years. Haircuts are done professionally.

Todd Rose

Great haircut and reasonably priced.

Jack Armstrong

Great place, old school barber's

Bailey Narjes

Best haircut and service I've ever had. Ill most definitely be back! I think these 1 stars were at a different barber shop....


This is a great babers shop. I've been in the valley all my life and traveled to many different shops and this one hands down is the best! My first visit was exceptional. The shop is always kept clean and the barber's are so professional and get your cut done just how you want it. Highly recommend!


first visit here and these guys have a new permanent customer. Great people and cuts. I highly recommend getting your hair done by them.

Lalo Montoya

Best Barber Shop in Town/ I live in Texas and every time I come here to Arizona this is where I come to get my haircuts love this guys.


This is the best barber shop I’ve been to in Arizona and I’ve been living here for 13 years! It only are they quick, they’re also very efficient! Anyone in the phx area looking for a barber .. this is the place to go.

Lucid Trippz

This is the only barbershop I trust with cutting my hair it's an old-school retro feel with swing music always playing and sports on the tube

Isaac Mort

Wonderful job, very talented barbers here.

Luii Misfit

First place i went to when i moved out to tempe, definitely worth the money , clean cut.

Nick Bastian

If you live anywhere near South Tempe and are a guy, I can't imagine why you would go anywhere else to get your hair cut. These guys know how to cut hair, the shop is nice, the prices are more than fair and the service is awesome. Best barbershop I've ever been to.

Nearibris !

quality work, got compliment on my hair and i never get them after visiting Sport Clips or Supercuts, never going back to those places.

Caleb Zabel

This is the only place I trust to cut my hair. They have good style for men and I love their straight razor shaves!

Brandon Gee

This was by far the worst haircut I’ve ever received... I couldn’t believe how far back he brought my hairline and how uneven the whole fade was. Now I’m stuck wearing a hat until my hair grows back so I can go to a different barbershop. You’d be better off cutting your own hair with the skills this place has.

Mark Tracy

I've been a customer since early 2012. It's just like the old days, you walk in and are treated like an old friend. You get a great haircut, and all the extras (a shoulder massage, hot towel, and product or aftershave). It's a family affair with 3 brothers and their mother running the shop, so they really care about the place. One time I changed my haircut up, and my wife hated it. I came back a few days later and they fixed me up at no charge. We all had a laugh about it. Great shop, great guys, great hair cuts. 'nuff said.

Rob Sazama

I've been coming to A&B for over 2 years and never had a bad experience. I moved over 20 miles away but I wouldn't even think of finding a barbershop closer to me. These guys come highly recommended!!

Avinoam Stieglitz

Great courteous staff. Beautiful and clean. I left very satisfied and I will be a returning customer.

Tierre Alexander

Just took my son there an hour ago. I've never seen anyone put less effort into a haircut, not to mention the RUDENESS. Ugh. I've been here a few times since it's close, but I give up on them!


Got a haircut here and no complaints. Diego did a good job! Will be coming back.

Harold Carter

I just started working in the area and this will definitely be my go to place for cuts and clean ups

Marc Collins

Gr8 barbershop, you know how some barber's are only good with the buzzer and other only use scissors not these guys any one of them can use both. I've been going here for a few years now and every time I have a bad day they turn it around with a fresh cut. Thanks guys!!!!!

Your Trainer Nick

Best haircut in the valley. I drive 30 mins to come here. Old school barbershop with new school skills. These guys are authentic New York. If you want a fake smile and an average cut go to great clips. If you want authentic people and a great cut, come here!

Cemil S. Geyik

They do NOT know anything about how to treat customers. - They do NOT give respect - They do NOT anticipate your needs - They do NOT communicate kindly - They blame you I have been in US for 5 years, and I could say there were times that I went to barbers worse than this, but even those worse barbers in terms of talent showed you respect and tried their best to get you a nice haircut. But these guys do NOT. Will never go there again!!!

Tajar Johnson

Finally found a great barber shop! Got tired of my old barber messing up my haircuts, Googled some barber shops in Tempe and found this one. Stan at A & B does a fantastic job, NO complaints! Great prices too! I would definitely reccomend this shop to anyone who needs a great haircut for a great price.

Mike McDonald

Great quality for the same price you would pay at any other place.


1st thing this man put a cape on me that had hair on it and he flipped someone else's hair in my face. I should have walked out then. You can request what you want but my hair was cut the way Yuri wanted it cut. My fade is uneven and MUCH shorter than I requested. I ask him NOT to cut my hair on top because I'm letting it grow, but he insisted over and over and cut it anyways. I ask him to be careful and not catch the top with the clippers and he often did. I finally stopped asking after I realized he was going to do what HE wanted regardless..... and just smiled and agreed hoping to get out of his chair quicker. Even my hairline was "better this way"....the way he wanted it cut, not the shape or length I requested. I am not a man and didn't want a bald fade at my hairline!! I asked for the shortest length to be #2. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit. I appreciate that the biz is open on Monday but I won't be back.

Dovid Munic

Been here a few times and a great haircut every time. You’ll leave here looking great!

Tino Rosas

I have been going to A & B for over a year now and have always been very satisfied. Stan and his crew make sure you will get the best hair cut you can get. Their prices are very competitive for the quality of their services. Will definitely recommend them to anybody that is looking for a good barbershop.

J Rico

Very Great place to get a fresh cut. This Barbershop is by far the best one I've been to in a long time.

mykel hendrix

If your black and your specific on who cuts ya hair, don’t come here.... there’s a guy who says he’s from New York but he can’t cut... pushed my line up 150 feet back... now I gotta wait a few weeks for it to grow back... never again, my brothas your warned

Nick Patton

Very rude and bad customer service. As a first time customer I did not feel welcomed or interest that the barber had in what I requested. It felt as though he (older gentlemen, may be the owner) wanted me in and out as quickly as possible even though there was only 4 people there and 3 barbers. After my haircut (which I had to go get fixed somewhere else), he was rude about telling me it was cash only by condescendingly telling me "you've never been here before have you?". Never again will I go here.

bradley lester

Great quick clip

Danny Villanueva

Best barbershop in AZ. Found out about them from my brother. I live all the way in North Phoenix and it's well worth the 40 min drive here to get my haircut because they do such a good job. Would highly recommend.

Matthew Lopez

I've been getting my haircut by Izzy for over a year. I can't say enough good things about this shop. Every haircut has been exceptional - they are tremendous at their profession!

Iconic Gaming

They always do a great job with my hair (it comes out the way I want it) And they are always friendly and talkative which is a little something to make your haircut all the more better

Jorge Espinoza

I never do reviews but i have to share this and I gave 1 star since it wont let you give a blank rating........ Stopped by for the first time and with only 2 barbers this place was very slow but with only 2 chairs I took my chances.. After an hr or so it was finally my turn and things didn't get any better from there. 1 - I asked for a traditional cut with a mid fade. What I ended up with was a #1 all the way up on one side and a high fade on the other. The hairs on the top/back of my head were sticking up and had it re cut the next day. 2 - The clippers were pinching the back of my head really bad (felt like scratches and burns) I advised the barber and he said it was due to me having thick hair, all Mexicans have this problem (are all brown skinned people Mexicans?) I'm in my mid 40s and this was the first time Ive heard this due to some dull or unlubricated clippers. Next day I had a bad rash on the back of my neck where the clipper kept pinching and cut me a bit. I ended up going to my regular barber and he was able to match things up and now im just waiting for my hair to grow back. Definitely not a fan and will not be returning.

Garrett McClintock

Great shop. I've been here twice now and they've done a great job both times. They are always full, but never busy - you wont have to wait long. It's a family run shop and they have been cutting hair for a lonnngggg time.

jose reyes

If you're looking to get a nice clean fade or even a nice haircut that's blended in this is the place not to go $18 is really not worth it. I hope I was helpful for those who like getting nice haircuts also this has to be the fastest haircut I have ever got 10 - 15 minutes. "DONT COME HERE" #saveyourtime&money #Terriblecutimpissed

Jeremy Johnson

Stopped in for the first time today and get a haircut and beard trim from Diego. The whole experience was fantastic, and they made the normally annoying process of getting my haircut a pretty enjoyable experience. Also, for what I got, I felt like the prices were definitely reasonable compared to other places. Would definitely recommend.

Kaizen Auto Care

Good family run business. Always do a great job on my hair! A++ Quality!

Logan Sowers

Been coming here for years, always have a good experience.

Rodger Ra

The guy was rushing while cutting my hair it was the worst hair cut ive ever gotten and they charged me $18. They were rude i gave the guy a $20 bill and when i reached to get the $2 change back he threw it on the table and pushed it towards me and i agree with Jesse Allers im black also and i can definitely tell they didn't want me in their shop, i wouldn't be surprised if most of the good reviews on here are fake.

Leo Valle

Stan and his family have Barber skills and always leave clean lines. Great to them in the neighborhood.

Adriana Hall

exactly what I wanted! quick. efficient. I took my boys 3&7 who scream bloody murder when it's haircut time. they didn't cry and their cuts are awesome.

Matt Gorman

A good man's barber

Adam White

By far the best team of barbers in Arizona. All professional and have great skills. Amazing price. You would be foolish to go anywhere else! I personally drive 40 minutes one way for these guys. No one else in Arizona will touch my hair.

Sammy Cavallaro

This place is unbelievable. Exactly what I was looking for in a barbershop. Stan does awesome work! Music and atmosphere makes you feel comfortable. What a great family ran business. I keep going back. Thanks.

Brian Morales

Everyone that works here does a great job with haircuts, but one guy, every time always gives me one hell of a razor burn with the straight razor. Super precise and great cut, but it burns for a couple days in spots. That said, despite the razor burn, I still highly recommend because your hair comes out looking great.

Tony Mejico

This place was terrible, the dude rushed through my haircut in like 10 mins, and then messed up my side-burns and they were pretty pricey too. Don’t recommend going there

Ori Heyman

Best hair cut I could ask for!!! I will definitely be coming back The guys there are very friendly and professional Thanks guys again for making it so amazing

Mark O'Neil

Great place, nice service and good conversation

Jay Dean

Stan the Man. Excellent stylist!

Jackson Blake

I've been coming here for over a year now but, because of my weird work schedule I wasn't able to make it in for over a month... When I came today things had definetly changed. It went from a fun, relaxed place to get a great cut. Now instead of being able to watch the game, I had to listen to Sinatra. The cut was decent but, the guy didn't even take the time to razor shave the lines to make them cleaner... Not only did it cost me more than it used to but, they now only take cash as well. Even with the changes if you wait for one of the younger guys the haircut with always be worth it.

Matt V

I just went and had my hair cut by Stan. I am beyond impressed. I showed him a picture of the style I wanted and he had it replicated in less than 10 minutes. He was fast, deliberate, and accurate. I could tell that I was in the care of a master. Needless to say, I couldn't be happier.

Sal Saldana

Great place very polite hardly any wait time plus they are from New York they are family oriented will go out of my way to go back

Eric Cota Starrs

Great customer service, very focused workers, i got a great line up whenever i get a haircut this is the only place i go its been like that for years. All in all just a great place to get a haircut I highly recommend!!!!!!!!

victor medina

This was a really nice place but their customer service was horrible, there wqs onlu one barber that was nice and the rest were not despecful but just rude. They don't respect their schedule "So if you want to cut your hair here, you need to call them first to se if they feel lime cutting yoir hair."

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