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REVIEWS OF The World Bank Inspection Panel IN Virginia

Edem Andah - Ossai

Team was highly engaging

Tucker Patterson

This is a beautiful building with amazing people doing great work.

César Sanchez

They have a nice restaurant with food from all over the world.

Ismail Miswan

.(£Young man is bachelor trillionair£Harry ong£). .(£Orang kaya dunia£).

Joseph Rurangwa

Modern offices......perfect swandwiches..

Rohan Mani

Great company! Really the best way to improve poverty. Go for it!

parth tanna

Great place to visit.


The World Bank (French: Banque mondiale)is an international financial institution that provides loans to countries of the world for capital projects. It comprises two institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and the International Development Association (IDA). The World Bank is a component of the World Bank Group. The World Bank's stated goal is the reduction of poverty which its Articles of Agreement define as commitments to the promotion of foreign investment and international trade and to the facilitation of capital investment. The World Bank was created at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The president of the World Bank is, traditionally, an American. The World Bank and the IMF are both based in Washington, D.C., and work closely with each other. Although many countries were represented at the Bretton Woods Conference, the United States and United Kingdom were the most powerful in attendance and dominated the negotiations. The intention behind the founding of the World Bank was to provide temporary loans to low-income countries which were unable to obtain loans commercially. The Bank may also make loans and demand policy reforms from recipients.

Ahmad Jais

Best in de world of bank

Nastaran Rashid Benam

I love this place they have excellent restaurant for any taste and occasions. The people are lovely and friendly. VISIT here ad soon as possible. The architecture is also admirable!

Sarim Khan

Beautiful building, both from the inside and outside.

Media Makers - Shilpa Parulekar

Awesome experience

Shraddheya Pathak

Nice place to work.

Nandan Setlur

Awesome building, great exhibits

José C.

Money: M oney O wes M ericans E duardo's Y elling

marieandannette moukoury

Such a great place

Chalpang Adam

On our day of visit, there were various exhibitions potraying the diverse backgrounds of the workers and we even got free ice-cream

Shahnaz Meraj

My work life, great time there

Tengo Gogotishvili

Giant corporate office right in the middle of the city. It has the best cafeteria in town

Darshana Venugopal

Nice office.

Jeanne Siegel

Such an amazing place, serving people all over the world.

Sione Vailea Puletau

This is Sione Vailea Puletau I am the Owner of the World Bank and Really Appreciated to Each of Everyone for Banking with Us

Mahmoud Rankoussi

Great place

Nolan Orgel

They were driving the steel rods into the ground in fall of 1980 when they began construction which used to wake me every weekday morning while I lived in the dorms at 19th&F. Talk about a freshman year alarm clock!

Lehlohonolo Chefa

Great facility

Prabhakaran Palanisamy

Nice environment to work

Ajith Jayaprakash


Aderibigbe Ishola


miguel ruben guante

Hello! My name is Miguel Ruben Guante, I would like to participate in some development project that the World Bank finance for countries like Haiti and Dominican Republic. Please try to reach me on Google and facebook

Maria Rambanapasi-Stoutjesdijk

Always nice to visit

Din Vanda

#fbiw : Din Vanda FBIW Mid Class the World See life world society said from duty investigate don't take might leader.


World Bank financial institutions

Geoff Lenoir

lovely building

Ikenna Okeke

Nice place to visit

nikolai von goihmann

Hope Malpass cleans house.

Tamirat Chulta

Very good place to work at.

Akshatvishal Chaturvedi

Best work place

Imaan Kibria

Beautiful building, wonderful staff, and amazing cafeteria.

Arvind Pandey

Very nice

Michael McCue

Beautiful building. Has everything staff needs from canteens to coffee shops.

Rae Curry

This place is sooo nice. It's clean and everyone here like really enjoys being here. Great graphics! The signage was beautiful.

Mark Krikelis

A truly multinational organization with people from all around the globe working on multiple projects worldwide concerning renewable energy, innovative and disruptive solutions, infrastructure and many more.

Kayvon S

My mom works here. The food in the café is delicious.

Saji Prelis

One of the iconic buildings in the city.

Webster D Shabusale


TMichelle Moore

Awesome cafeteria with a multicultural selection.



Muralidhar M

Nice work Place

Vincentiu Cica

We try to end poverty. And we will do!

Sesan Ayeni

Always a delight to get into these grounds where you will literally experience what multilateralism means within the scope of globalism. A clearing house of global financial issues, growth and development, climate, political economy and social environment of business. Uncovering great ideas of where the next growth drivers will come from, role of the private sectors, operations of governments and the civil society organizations.


Stunning buildings, with a pleasant reception. An extremely accommodating bank with a humbling purpose in this world. The cafeteria is excellent and the presentations there are well planned.

Kehinde Joda

Financial institution

Bethuel-Kasimu Abraham

Best place for conferences

Aman Verma

The world bank have a 189 Member countries luckly one of it is india

Frank Wayney

The world bank's employees are very kindly. Cafeteria it's so great!!, i went there just for visit

Mochamad Saiful Arif

We hope to end poverty in world area

Djean Ann

Easy to find

Nizar Farsakh

Lovely atrium. Security check takes a while so factor that in

Miguel Cura

Can't get access unless you're invited.

Ben Clark

Great cafiteria

A. Thomas Grunley

As I have never been inside of The World Bank, I’m familiar with the building and simply posting my review on the architecture of the building itself, which I personally find to be very nice. It is unique but fits the landscape perfectly. It’s a building worth going out of your way to see if you are in Washington DC specifically to tour the architecture of the city.

Sheila Jones

It's a great place to work there's a lot of diversity there with the people and the food the cafe is awesome and it's in a good location in N.W. DC..

Saz Dosanjh

The canteen has a separate kitchen for each type of cuisine. Office facilities are excellent. The World Bank is not open to visitors.


Absolutely fantastic experience at tge World Bank

Spencer Rodgers

Great food court, beautiful, spacious area

JR and Darsana

It's an iconic place!

David Ford 3rd

Nice folks here

Atma Khalsa

The premier multilateral development bank doing good for the world's poor.

ali kiany


Manoj B Baisane

I'm crisis global investors

Kevin Jung

Amazing place to visit. Awesome place to work.

Jose villalobos

So nice

Jesse Thomas

Felicien Donat Accrombessy

Hard working place

Hauk Explorers Schools

Great place to share ideas on how to make the world better

Joel Adepoju


Patricia Z

It could be described as a museum or gallery because of the amount of great art they have.

Jeremy Cohen

Have never been in there just past ir.

Austin Graff

The World Bank is a beautiful building on the inside. If you walk by it, it may not strike your interest, but go inside and you'll see a mini city built of glass with trees in the lobby. The basement is a cafeteria feeding the many international workers here. It's close to Founding Farmers and the White House.

Akshat Vishal

It is a great place to attend talks, discussions, and performance by the world leaders and artists. The world cafetaria at the lower level provides some great world cusine (Sushi, Indian, SE Asian, Salads, African and Mexican.


Nice to be part of the Spring Meetings as a media practitioner

Lorena Sander

One of the best institutional cafeterias in DC

As Vj

Best development organisation to work for!!!

chris davis

Fast delivery

Cherlsoon Yim

Security.... Lunch was good there.

Thomas Escobar

Really great dining experience. Lots of variety

Dean Housden

World Headquarters for the "Five Institutions, One Group" that is the World Bank. Check their website for a vast resource of project documents that are publicly available. Together, IBRD and IDA make up the "World Bank" but altogether the World Bank Group consists of five organizations: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) lends to governments of middle-income and creditworthy low-income countries. The International Development Association (IDA) provides interest-free loans — called credits — and grants to governments of the poorest countries. ---------------------- The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector. We help developing countries achieve sustainable growth by financing investment, mobilizing capital in international financial markets, and providing advisory services to businesses and governments. The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) was created in 1988 to promote foreign direct investment into developing countries to support economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve people’s lives. MIGA fulfills this mandate by offering political risk insurance (guarantees) to investors and lenders. The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) provides international facilities for conciliation and arbitration of investment disputes.

Vanessa Banks

It is nice.

Francisco Gomez-Rivera

Amazing place

jm tshivuila

Five star...a place to be. Working place complex

Mohit Gupta

Has a great office. They have a bookstore on J street which you can visit. Also, they have few seminars and talks accessible to public in J Building.

Arthur Muteesasira

Such a wonderful place. Wonderful people. Wonderful experience!

Noran Micholas

Government stooges wearing expensive suits that poor people ultimately paid for..

Aymar Nana

Annuler Bank Conference on Development Economics: it was a great conference. Thank you

Trump's Son


Jamil Arouni

A joke....

Abhilash S.B


Raland Brooks

If you want to know about international banking system and world currency go there


lost my car, 2 wives, and my 7 children. i hate it here.

Turkhan Ismayilzada

You should definitely be inside

Samuel Kigamba

Its a great place

Ivan Gerginov

Not much to say. Kinda dull building

JBG 007

An International Insitution like No other!

Ayax Conde

Just another attractive office building.

Nicole Dean

Great place

Besserer Besserer


Zahirduddin Sayyed


Nasiba Nyambe

The place is centrally located in DC. Suitable for conferencing

Caley McCormick

Amazing place if you can score a tour. Art exhibits from around the world.

Hesham Hallouda

Best international organization in the world :)

Olasunkanmi Adigun

It is a very nice place

Luciana Corrêa

Nice atmosphere and amazing pieces of art.

George Limen

Great place. Professional and fun people. I dream to work here someday.

Bungheng Taing

Great place to work in. Very diverse and professional. Land a job here is one step to make the dream come true.

Hermann AKE

Everything's enjoyable there. The Cafeteria is perfect

Harjinder Arora

Amazing Atmosphere

Nasir Husain

Good people.

George Osei-Bimpeh

Good experience


Good work place

Ercilia Ubisse

The building is impressive but the work it stands for is even more so.

Frank Simon

Why some countries are underdevelopment in world ?

Lalit Mohan

Great organisation working for developing and under developed nation.

Kiiya, JK

Detailed customer services

Claudia Artazo

One of the icons in NW area.

New Wizard

Changed my world

Dominic Mollica

world bank more like world stank

Lutfar Rahman Lipon

The world bank corporate office in Washington DC. It's a international organizations for the nation.

Meena Raj

You can see diverse culture and different kind of people . Get good exposure .But the people work here has the knowledge of stone age. They never aware of any new process , new methodologies. You never learn anything there . Your knowledge will diminish.

Robert McCracken

Great place to visit. Must know someone who works there. Great world food cafeteria stalls.

Kannan Manohar

The Development Economics Vice Presidency (DEC) seeks to increase understanding of development policies and programs by providing intellectual leadership and analytical services to the Bank and the development community.

Rob James

a great place to panhandle.

Rajesh Meena

Bank of government


Everythng mast hai

Les Barker - AllAroundVR

Great institution

DK Lee

Worldwide well known

Erin Knight

Had a chance to do some consulting work here a few years ago. The employees are wonderful and the building is full of everything you need to get the job done including a full service cafeteria with food options from around the world.

David Wachira

Notable fixture in not only DC, but around the globe as well. Should you happen to visit, be sure to stop by the amazing Cafeteria for a copious array of global foods. The gift shop is also worth a visit.

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