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REVIEWS OF Amsterdam Falafelshop IN Virginia


Whether it's a late night meal or just for a bite before you go somewhere, this place is the spot for good falafels. Great variety of toppings with tasty meatballs. Messy, yet too good to complain about it.


Great atmosphere and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend.

Lo Smith

Top your own falafel! It's magical! There is also a dietary guide that tells you what to skip for allergies or for a vegan meal! Plus, great fries.

Mitul Patel

Great falafal nice and clean food.

Chris Lee

Great falafels & always fresh & numerous toppings for your eating pleasure

Shane Redman

Amsterdam Falafel shop was delicious! The falafel was made and fried right on the spot and all of the toppings were fresh! I tried to save some for later, but I couldn't. The customer service was top notch as well. I was greeted with a friendly hello and even a nice conversation. If you're in there, look for Keith. It was my first time there and he made the experience easy.

Shreya Gandhy

This is one of the hallmarks of dc night life- with so many toppings and a very reasonable cost! The new bowl option really allows you to go crazy with toppings without worrying too much about what the pita can hold. Yum!

Liza Dali

Their falafel is the best one I have ever tried !

Nick Brunner

Make your own falafel sandwich, fun and delicious!

Diego Perez

One of the best restaurants I tried in Washington, their toppings bar is amazing ! Prices are great and people were very patience and friendly.

Marian Robbins

Was in town for a concert at Black Cat. Food was amazing and wish we had one in my city.

Alexandra Danter

Vegan sauce available! Props for that. Also vegetarian friendly. Delicious food for late night! Cozy atmosphere. Interesting bathroom, though....

Jonathan P

Have you been to the original on 18th? If not, why not? Oh man, I just threw in an if-then statement. I think my occasional days programming are coming through in my reviews. So, if you've been to the original this is a bigger, less …

Nick Khaligh

Food was great. Some of the best falafel I've had. Establishment was very clean and inviting. A bit pricey, but the meal was filling and enjoyable.

Adrienne Hodges

Delicious! Incredible toppings, hot and tasty falafel.

Elizabeth Treacy

Food here is so amazing I came 2x in a weekend. The falafel sandwich is fresh, delicious and has a variety of flavors and textures. The vegetables and ingredients are such high quality and seasoned so well! Also, the sauces are amazing! I ordered the small falafel sandwich, got it with a bit of everything (you add the toppings yourself!), and enjoyed every bite. Highlights: falafel, fried eggplant, baba ghanoush, the pink veggie (pickled radish, i think?), spicy green & red sauces, cucumber salad

Richard Forshee

This is a fun place. You get a few falafel balls in either a sandwich or a bowl. Then you dress it up however you like with toppings and sauces.

ananthakrishnan viswanathan

Very nice food.

Clinton Kunhardt

Self serve toppings complement delicious, inexpensive, and generous portions of falafel at this popular, late-night DC chain. This one even has a Bitcoin ATM!

Andrew Catallozzi

Great spot.

Soojin Shearer

The least expensive meal we had during our trip but it was the best! I had a regular bowl of falafel with all the toppings I want. So good! Will definitely come back. My only complaint is the eggplant topping being too greasy. Didn’t know it was deep fried.

Nachiket Anklesaria

Make your own sandwich or bowl of falafel good for a late night eat

Ze'ev Jabotinsky

It's not the best falafel, not even the best in DC. But it's pretty damn good and the salad selection to compliment the falafel is outstandingly fresh and delicious. The place is a bit dirty and dark inside. But as far as good, healthy (ish) fast food at great cost goes, this place is a go-to.

Brian Diem

First ever falafel. Got to choose my toppings. Would definitely return

Shailesh Sathe

As usual, great place, great Falafels. If I want to eat falafel, this is the only place for me.

Michael Goldschmidt

You go here for falafel and/or fries, period. The falafel is good and you have a large selection of topping available.

Marisa Jackson

Great experience! Absolutely amazing food!!


Yummy! Must try for all Mediterranean lovers. It isn't a fine dine place. And on most days it's packed. But it's quick, healthy and delicious. Falafel in a bowl! Now that's interesting!

Michael Heit

If you have had alcohol, you need to have Amsterdam Falafel. If you're not drunk like me whenever I go here, it's still amazing.

Navraj Bhatt

Good food open late for the night crawlers

Binit Nagori

Great place for vegetarians. Nice seating area and wall decor.

Arsalan Atta

Really good late night food

T Storm

The biggest issue I have with Amsterdam Falafelshop is I'm so late in my discovery of this goodness. Trust me, your tastebuds will be truly delighted and forever thankful! Unique, Amazing, Tasty, sooooo damn good!

Louie McCoy

Street style falafel - they give you the Falafel balls and pita (or bowl) and you load it up with a salad bar full of delicious toppings. Open late means you can drop in after the bar - and so can everyone else.

Venkata Sivaram Bitragunta

Best Mediterranean fast food around capitol hill area

Imran Aziz

Hard to do the fillings on top of falafel balls. Over priced. Would never go there again.

Jerod Swinehart

Good product. Tasted good, excellent price. Wish the staff would dish out toppings. At least you know they are governed by the health code. There were a few people with questionable hygiene in line ahead of me.

Sonali Shetty

Loved the food here. I tried the lamb shawarma. Pretty amazing with a wide range pf veggies and spreads. Try this place if you are in DC.

Khoi Nguyen

Great quality food here. Love all the sauces. Can never go wrong w French fries and falafel here

Santosh Subramanyam

Great ways to grab a quick bite and enjoy you can sit in or you can take it out

Sam Fike

Falafel and fries !!! Many toppings all tasty and fresh. Be sure to get some beets and tabouleh. Mostly vegetarian and vegan food.

Heidi Kurniawan

I loved the falafel here and enjoyed my dinner experience at a restaurant that traditionally gets foot traffic on nights out. I got a small bowl with an order of fries and everything was delicious. I love that you can pick your own toppings- I got the kale salad, the baba ganoush, the eggplant, cucumbers, and garlic sauce. It was so yummy and the falafel was definitely some of the best I've had in DC. The fries were crispy and warm and I loved how many sauces they had. The curried ketchup was by far my favorite!! Soooo good. I wish all ketchup was curried ketchup after that experience. I can only imagine how good this food tastes after a night out at the bars, but I would recommend coming here for a sober meal as well because it's delicious regardless! The staff was so friendly and welcoming, too.

Dylan Joyce

A lot of good falafel for a very reasonable price. Particularly good after a night of drinking.

Jayna Shah

Perfect for Vegetarians! Must try!!! Open till 4am

Cody Y

Best food in DC by far... not fancy but the flavors are awesome

Drew Hamilton

Not super cheap but an incredible place to get a falafel. Would 100% come back.

Robert Figueroa

Amazing late night vegan food in a clean, friendly, spacious environment. Perfect after-club guilt free food! Great place to bring friends to introduce them to vegan & vegetarian food!


dirty place no flavor, garlic sauce is fake

Shrawani Pampatwar

I have been there a couple of times. I love their falafel bowl, you have a lot of options to chose from. This is a great place for falafel eaters!

Allie Berg

I LOVE Amsterdam Falafelshop. Apart from french fries, they make one thing - falafel - and they make it right! The falafel is delicious and perfectly cooked. The topping bar has amazing selections that take your falafel sandwich or falafel bowl to the next level. The french fries are great, and the regular size is more than enough for two hungry people to share.


Realy good falafel, and I'm from the middle east and in know how it should be

JD Yeh

Actually a ton of food for a reasonable price ($9-$11) depending on if you go with the 'sandwich' or with the 'bowl.' The options for toppings and the build-it-yourself model is fun and engaging, and the entire restaurant was very clean. I left very stuffed and satisfied!

Eugene Kim

Tasty cheap eats! No frills and great fresh flavors.

Clair Wholean

Excellent, Excellent toppings. Super fresh, delicious and succulent, with a nice selection of different sauces. If you love veggie toppings you will LOVE this place.

Willie Davis

My wife found the topless woman in the wall art offencive.

Lis Yates

Food is decent...good veg options... Not spectacular

Kemoy Chow

Can’t give enough LOVES for this place. Relaxed vibe and Amazing food! I am vegan and this place offers food that satisfy my vegan taste buds.

Styvens Belloge

Solid falafel shop with a consistent quality and all your favorite toppings and side

Rich Hammett

Great falafel, great veggies and sauces to go with.

Eric Garnett

Love all the toppings options.

Tom Preston

Love it! Went for the first time today. Had a falafel bowl with lots of nice different vegetables and various assorted toppings. Nice friendly staff, very attractive and clean environment. And super delicious! Can’t wait to go back.

Eye Eye

What a late night treat! I highly recommend the peanut sauce and top that dish hard. The small is plenty though if you love extra toppings the large is a bigger bowl. Seating can get tight if hitting the right hour. Worth the trip for a good bite.

Yara Eid

Good fast place for a falafel sandwich. There options are good ranging from sandwiches to platters. The sadwixhes have an option of wheat bread. They have a big selection of toppings. But it is kinda hard to put what you want considering because of how the sandwich is setup. You might end up needing to go to the toppings bar several times to add toppings or your sandwich may seem a little dry.

barry solomon

A DC classic. Build your own falafel. You can pile on as much veggies as you want, and the fries are just perfect. The only problem with the fries is that they give you too many, and that isn't even a problem.

ankita tapadia

Falafel are just like the Indian mangoodis PR moong daal pakodas served with all sides like dips hummus etc Stomach filling item

Richard Vo

Prime falafel (crunchy, has texture, and well spiced)

Paul Masbeth

Great place for a quick and filling meal. Just like the Adams Morgan location. The fries are awesome.

Melanie Bolden

Delicious, yet simple. Nice place to get a bite on a night out!

Jason Loewenstein

Absolutely outstanding, world class falafel.

Rex Tien

Falafel place that follows a froyo place business model. Amazing value if you load up. Every single item in the toppings bar is super delicious and authentic!

Vishnu Teja

Good falafel.

Liza Simpson

Today we walked from home down thru Dupont circle to have what we hoped to have our usual lunch. What a bummer, this location has changed ownership and management. After cooking professionally for several years, I had always considered …

Doris E

Friendly, especially to new people who may not eat falafel. Free refills on fountain soda and, of course, great falafel with delicious salads!

Jay patel

Good falafel nice place to go eat

Leslie Hernandez

My phone was unfortunately uncharged when I stumbled upon this spot. I love me some falafel and frequently make an “authentic Israeli falafel” recipe. Everyone tells me how great they taste! This place’s falafels tasted just as great if not better than mine. I love how you can top the falafel yourself with as many ingredients as you want. It is amazing! Bottom line, great meal at any time. Highly recommend. I got a wheat pita falafel. I will certainly become a regular here.

Keith Cheeks

Gooood food yum good customer service

Ole Treble

They have a BITCOIN machine there... And you can pay in euro coin! A cryptocurrency... Never seen that before.... Would have given 5 star but the woman forced us to take refills in small films get sized cups... When they include refills and I had given a massive tip! I understand when busy but it was dead at 4 pm when we went... A little better customer service needed. Food was awesome...

Joshua Nyden

Good food. Good music too!

Peter Guo

Unbelievable Fries and Falafel. We come here regularly to enjoy such fresh, delicious food! Thank you so much!

Angela Drake

Best falafel in the DMV! I especially love their falafel bowls and the choice of tasty, fresh toppings.

Mark Farrell

The mix of toppings was pretty good and food quality overall was good. The seating was somewhat comfortable. It is designed to be a fast casual place so do not linger too long.

Amanda Adams

I come here every time I am in the DC area. Large or small used to be the only options but now you can order a bowl instead of a pita. What makes this place so great are the toppings and sauces you can pile on your Falafel. I recommend trying a little bit of everything because every one of the toppings are amazing!

Justin Ervin

I had wanted to try this place for a while and finally had the opportunity to enjoy an early dinner here on a recent Sunday. Middle Eastern food generally is fairly widely available, but this is something special -- Dutch-influenced Middle Eastern Food! The Dutch already know a bit about foreign food, having colonized Indonesia and being aficionados of the rijsttafel and enjoying chicken satay as pub food. The idea is so simple -- order a falafel bowl or a falafel sandwich, then top it or fill it with whatever you like -- hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, pickled veggies, tahini, and other delights. Want a side of fries with that? Sure thing! A small order of fries is enough to feed a small village. Top them with curried ketchup for an authentic Dutch flavor -- it tastes just like what I ate in Amsterdam last year! The simplicity, affordability, and deliciability of this place will surely bring me back several times more!

Henna Patel

Amazing condiments and delicious all around. The falafel is fresh warm and crispy. Such great flavors! They need one in Florida!

DC Reviewer

Cheap Delicious Falafel.

Dempsey Price

All time favorite falafel shop. You'd have to go up to NYC for anything comparable. Open late, great for soaking up those extra drinks yall should've passed on.

Bianca Werner

Wow amazing falafel! You can put your own ingredients into your sandwich! Great!

Patrick Earle

Delicious, easy to make vegan, and lots of different toppings to make everyone happy.

Robert Weinstein

We filled our bowels and got about 3 1/2 meals out of it. Good food and a great value.

Lily Weiner

This place is SOOOO good. It’s all veggie and mostly vegan and they have vegan garlic sauce which is SO fricken rate! You can buy a pita with either 3 or 5 falafel (mine had 5) and then you can add as many toppings as you want and you can go back for more. Their French fries are also truly fire

Jibrail Nor

This place has great falafel and Belgian fries. That's what they're known for. You can get a sandwich or a platter. There are many sauces to choose from for the fries. The location in Addams-Morgan is a little smaller but both have seating for at least 20

Andrew Dickinson

Great spot for a quick lunch or late night munchies. As a vegetarian, I love this place - lots of great choices of toppings and sauces, plus very tasty fries.

Sarju Ganatra

This is a great place for vegetarians and falafrl lovers. Parking is available in the backside.

Devon Smith

Quick and friendly service and fresh ingredients

Simone Herbert

This spot is so very good. 2 options large or small sandwich. You can even get a bowl of you want. You pick your own toppings. It really is phenomenal. You can order fries and they have something called curried ketchup or Dutch mayo that is tasty and goes well with the fries. Affordable and exceptionally good.

Suchit pandya

I am traveller and this is the only Falafal shop which gets 5 star rating from me. When I will taste better falafal then this place I will comeback here and will update my review.

Pete Ruppert

Cool concept. Great food. Chill vibe. I'll be back!

Tiffany clark-Wimes

Good stuff. The falafel was a little too dark for me but it was tasty. They should have had feta cheese and some tomatoes. It was SUPER hot.

Matthew Montgomery

Excellent! I had a falafel bowl with plenty of sauces and toppings and was very satisfied. I'm also going to eat fries with peanut sauce for the rest of my life. Amazing.

Kristina Colby

YES! Build your own falafel bowl!!! (Can't speak about the pita because I don't eat bread.) The bowl is where it's at though. Falafel balls = perfect... variety of toppings make the dish super customizable... my personal favorites are the beets, hummus, garbanzo beans, parsley. Least favorite is the baba ghanous, it's too smokey and tastes like liquid smoke. Fast service. Meal is about $10. Decent amount of seating inside. toppings bar surface can be a bit dirty though, see pic.

Kerem Gorgulu

Roasted Beef Sandwich is so yummy! And HALAL

Karin B

Great food late night!

Anzela Niraula

I frequented this place while living in DC. Now, years later I still make sure to grab a falafel sandwich every time I am in DC! You add your own toppings and fillings to your sandwich and fill it to the brim as you like! A must visit!

Nathan Moon

Not fancy. Very simple menu. Basically a choice of felafel sandwich or bowl, large or small, with a good choice of toppings. Very tasty. Inexpensive too. Recommended.

Rajiv Shah

Great place. Get your falafel top as much salad as you can and some decent chips to go along with it.

Lara Negron

I'm vegan, and so is my cousin, so eating out can be a fun adventure or an annoying undertaking. We visited around 3:15am and the workers greeted us and answered all of our questions so kindly! I loved that they had an allergen list which included what to eat if you're vegan, allergic to garlic/seasame/etc. The food was beyond delicious and well priced. Will be returning!

D.L. Chandler

Best late night option in DC and vegetarian too. It gets hectic though.

Luke Hollomon

Really tasty, a little pricey. I'm a definite fan. The small fries is pretty big, and don't miss the garlic sauce!

Josh Buck

They would have gotten 4 stars except for their awful's not really pita and everything falls out because the sides aren't closed. Other than that it's a good place and great salads.

Wanda Gregory

awesome! so tasty. perfect after a full day of shopping

Leonard Yang

Good, healthy, fresh food. Falafel is gluten-free as are the tasty toppings.

Dan Porter

This is the best falafel I've had. Which may not be saying much, but this is the first falafel I've gone out off my way to get again. I could also eat the fries with curried ketchup all day and be happy with just that.

Courtney Kasprzyk

Great drunk food or late night option! Open super late! Not far from U st!

Collin Turner

First time I've been in. Excellent food, nice staff.

Dhaval Patel

Unique falafel place as far as the food is concerned. It would be nice if they provide paper plates for falafel wrap. It is hard for an amateur like me to not make a mess.

Ben DeVette

Love the option to make your own falafel. Frites are made fresh too so it helped make it more authentic. We couldn't finish everything.

Forrest Akervik

Best falafel shop I been to stateside with the absolute chillest employees and a decent playlist :)

Erik V

Wanna $h!t your pants? you wont be disappointed! for best results, get hammered and like on those bomb-@$$--or @$$ bombing-toppings.

Pooja Mehta

So good! I always like the make-your-own thing.

Winston Farmer

Great customer service; Great fresh food; highly recommended!

Michael Gerena

Best falafel ever. A must have when in the city.

Haresh Ghoghari

Falafel was so delicious!! Awesome place to have falafel !!

Avani Parikh

I like falafel and I would say this is the best falafel place around DC and Northern Virgina

Arif Khan

I liked it. Where can you go wrong with falafel. Although, it being a family restaurant, last I went I saw that they had a large photo of a naked woman mounted on their wall. If I had my family with me, and the first thing I see is that photo, I would quickly exit and find another place to eat.

Stephen Yanchuk

Ive been here drunk and sober and can attest that this place is GREAT! The peanut sauce keeps bringing me back. The staff is always friendly and the people that go here seem to be in the know...the know of how awesome Amsterdam Falafel is

Ceraun Loggins

As someone who used to live in Amsterdam let me saw this reminds me of the late nights getting falafel from a corner cart at 3am. The falafel is fried just right the garlic sauce or as they call it in Amsterdam (knoflook sauce) was popping and they even have some delicious fries. This place should def be checked out by any lover of falafel or vegetarian cuisine

Ofir Buchnik

$9.47 for a small bowl with 3 falafel balls!?!??!? Are you out of your mind??????????

Nathan Widtfeldt

Excellent felafel sandwiches and you get to pile on the toppings all yourself. Very good fries as well. Bonus: Maine Root ginger brew sold here.

Colin Shenefield

Build your own

Larry Crews

Best falafels outside the mideast! (Only problem is finding parking)

kailash Yadav

Awesome food, good options .

Michael Fahy

The falafel is of course fantastic, but the best part is they let you go back to add toppings even if you’ve already started eating.

Riley Hope

best late night food in the district! fries are out of this world - def make sure to grab some dutch mayo and peanut sauce

Cora Davis

This is one of the rare places where the food is just as good sober as it is drunk.

Jake Ansell

The bread could've been a little more fluffy but otherwise, great falafel.

Lotus Wellness

Waw! Starting the location if is very convenient place to come, they are clean, they are fast, the food is super fresh special falafel and bread. You can have as much as you can the buffet of vegi. If you are around want to have good food this is my recommendation.

Krishnasai Shanmukh

Great food.

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