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REVIEWS OF Celtic Bank IN Utah

Dennis Mir

Highly recommend Celtic bank. Cory Lucas is always very helpful and professional. I've had a loan with them for three years. I have never had a problem, they always respond my phone calls promptly. Great customer service. Thank you!

Jimmy 54

Showed up on my credit report. I disputed it and they just keep verifying that it is accurate. It’s not accurate. Worst bank I have ever dealt with. They refuse to provide me info on them having authorization to open a credit card account. I even filed a BBB complaint. These kinds of banks give banks a bad name.

Mike Marzarella

Horrible service...well not bad really if it is 1962. Can't get a hold of anyone ever. If I could rate it a negative I would

Thomas Richardson

Senior Asset Quality Specialist, Cory Lucas, has been an outstanding person to work with. Cory’s kindness, professionalism, and efficiency has me rest assured that any question/concern I have are just a phone call or email away!

Laura Allen

I don't have an account with this bank but they showed up on my credit report trying to open up an account. I need to know what credit cards who bank with you because that would be the only reason you're company would be checking on my credit! But they need to post that when they are using a different name!

Robert Kaskel

I had a complicated small business loan. Coming off a rebuild after hurricane Sandy where my relatively new restaurant was completely destroyed. We were able to get back on our feet, but owed money to many vendors, contractors, banks, credit cards and some unconventional lenders. Celtic bank worked with me and structured a manageable loan consolidating lots of debts. They took the time to understand my situation and find a solution where I found no other lender willing to do so. Three years into my loan now, Celtic Bank continues to support and their servicing helped me get through a particularly rough Spring time as we headed into our busy season. Thank you to Cory and Jaydon and all the others at the bank that treat me like an individual with my own particular business requirements. Your help has gone a long way this year to keep our business moving forward. Wishing you all continued success. Best wishes, Robert Kaskel, Owner, Thai Rock Restaurant and Music House Rockaway Beach, NYC

Jenny Stauts

The only reason I gave a 1 star was because zero was not an option. I have been working on an SBA loan for about 6 months with Celtic Bank....That is a LONG time. According to Roger (the VP) everything was all ready to close all he needed was a new tax return... I figure great the new one is better than the last one they requested... He said once they receive that we should be ready to close in a day or so... Well it has been 3 weeks and not one person has contacted me since. Not one person has followed up that they received the tax return, or that there has been a problem, or anything... No one has touched base with me in 3 weeks!!! Not even to say the loan fell through or anything. They strung me along for 6 months telling me all they need is this one thing, then this one other thing, then this one other thing... And now they have yet to resolve the 6 month process. So unless your business has a lot of time to waste I would suggest going somewhere else for an SBA loan. If anyone from Celtic Bank would like to follow up to resolve this problem that would be great. My name is Jenny from maxvo2 fitness.

Therese DiVerde

When I thought getting an SBA Loan may not be a possibility for me, Celtic Bank made my dream a reality. From the moment I talked with Scott Foster, I was treated with respect and honesty. Each of the Celtic employees I worked with during the process were professional and made the process manageable. What I loved the most was that they believed in me and my mission to become a business owner! I highly recommend Celtic Bank.

Michael Martin

This compnay is trash, their loan practices are so backwards you are unable to complete the loan based off their very hard guidelines that are different then everyone else in the industry. Kate Stoner is god awful to work with, she is rude and uncooperative. They lied to me about why I was not approved. They told me one thing over the phone, and another with an adverse action letter. They will waste your time, and not give you what you need. Take my advice, deal with a local lender in your hometown who wants to see you succeed, not a uppity Colorado bank with peeple you will never meet face to face.

Vladimir Zarkhin

Great bank and very responsive and accommodative staff. From time to time I need to discuss things with Cory Lucas who always has been very responsive to our needs and prompt with communication.

J. Meier

I cannot describe the pain that Celtic Bank has put me and my business through. I applied for an SBA mortgage through SmartBiz, and SmartBiz has their loans underwritten by Celtic Bank. We are now in month SEVEN of waiting on them. I have been told by SmartBiz for the past 5 months that the closing was right around the corner, and I have been told directly by Celtic Bank on three separate occasions (over the last three months) that "the title has been ordered" and that "closing will happen next week." And then, despite my having submitted over 140 pages of documentation over a seven month period, I am told that more documentation is needed, and then the closing gets delayed and moves into another month, and then (you guessed it) more documentation becomes necessary. Meanwhile, I have spent over $10,000 out-of-pocket in getting an appraisal, environmental survey, a land/flood survey, etc. I hear NOTHING from the bank unless I am calling three times a day. And even now, I still await the alleged closing. I am getting ready to contact a lawyer but, please, if you're a small business owner, don't do business with SmartBiz or Celtic Bank.

Bayside Walled Lake

This is the first post I have ever written for any business. Celtic Bank has gone over and beyond in helping me with my SBA loan and and some transactions. Cory has always been very responsive and helped me out tremendously. I highly recommend this institution for any business or individual~ Jeff G

Claudia Aguirre

as a long term customer of Celtic Bank, I am very pleased with the customer service I receive. Cory Lucas has been extremely helpful and is always available to answer any questions as they arise. I highly recommended.

Stephen Jameson

Bryan Crocker

I partnered with Celtic Bank some years ago to finance a business operation and have been well pleased with their help, communication and flexibility. My business account specialist at Celtic Bank is Cory Lucas, and he has been an asset to work with when unplanned decisions have had to be made or simply discussing options. His creative thinking and genuine concern, combined with Celtic's desire to communicate has been a valuable tool for my business.

Shaubrina Nieman

Jer Florida

Mukunda Krishnaswamy

I have been a customer of Celtic bank for over 3 years. They really care about supporting small businesses. Efficient, easy-to-work with and trustworthy!

John Doe

Avoid this place like the plague! These guys literally have zero clue how to run a fully functioning business where employees can thrive. They treat their employees terrible and provide an extremely hostile work environment by keeping 80's style management in play . Also, you'll be hard pressed to find another bank that hires people that have done years in prison for dealing drugs. This place is a ticking time bomb.

Robin Rix

An amazing bank to work with who has delivered on two SBA 7a loans for us. The company has always had top notch customer service and we couldn’t be more grateful to Ben Smith, Jodie, and the entire team at Celtic Bank.

Orbit Vape

Hi guys! Still waiting for a call back! What say 2 months? No one will answer my calls ,why ? I want a loan, you've given me 2 thru square? Paid off 20,000 in 8 months. Hello I have proof letter! Hello

Johnny's Pub

Cory Lucas was extremely quick and professional in handling a request I had for changing a payment date on my loan. He was a pleasure to work with and a great representative for your company.

SanDiego Doug

Celtic Bank is where you should start first when seeking funding for your small business. Scott patiently guided me through the complex process of building a solid business plan and gathering all the necessary documents. Robin helped get everything through underwriting, and David made sure that all the necessary documents were submitted in a timely fashion so that we met our target closing date. They are a great team and a pleasure to work with!


Highly unprofessional. Employer blew off a phone screen with me for prospective employment without any explanation. Time is valuable for everyone, not just the employer. Were I to show up late or not show for a job interview, I certainly wouldn't be hired, and the inverse should apply as well. There are many banking establishments in Utah, I'd suggest looking elsewhere for worthwhile employment opportunities.

Simple Media

We have worked with Celtic Bank, and particularly with Cory Lucas for almost 4 years. He has been instrumental on our account, and his flexibility and availability is second to none.

Yale Martin

Celtic Bank continues to spam me with offers for Indigo Platinum credit card. I get an offer almost every day, sometimes more than once a day. Forget about unsubscribing, I've done that multiple times. They still come rolling in. I've emailed the bank--no response. I would think twice about doing business with this bank.

Ajay Leel

Celtic Bank has been very helpful to us in financing with our C-store Project. All the officers assigned to us were very helpful including SBA VP Christy Lester. We are really grateful to Celtic Bank who provided us with exceptional customer service and their help . We look forward to build our relationship even more stronger with future projects.

Cody Rodgers

I got a SBA loan through these guys and when I needed to pay it off, they were impossible to get a hold of. Multiple emails and voicemails go unanswered. Very poor customer service.

Jerrol LeBaron

I submitted my application for an SBA loan on Jan 15. On March 1, we closed escrow. The team at Celtic were more than willing and very happy to move as fast as I could go. This is the second SBA Loan I have secured with Celtic for the purchase of a business. The first one closed in 30 days. But, that is because I was FULLY prepared and so was the seller and there were zero delays on our side. I am very pleased with the whole Celtic team and plan to use them again for my next SBA Loan.


I applied for an SBA loan with this bank and got denied, which isn't a big deal if they had just declined me earlier instead of making me jump through hoops and hurdles for weeks, giving me the impression that they would approve my loan. I even agreed to give them a personal financial guarantee, which was actually worth more than the loan amount I was applying for, yet they still denied me.....smh. If I was applying for $150k and had $150k in my savings, and had a 780 FICO score, why wouldn't they approve a loan that is 50% sponsored by the government? SBA loans are supposed to help a small business grow, but this bank doesn't care. Just the absolute worst experience I've ever had with a bank as a business owner. I will always have bad thoughts about this bank, and will never forget how they treated me...Thankfully, there was another bank who approved us as soon as I notified them that Celtic denied us. If you're applying for an SBA loan, there are PLENTY of other banks who'll treat you with respect.

Anthony Orseno

They are the bank behind Indigo Credit Card which is a scam and they are unethical in their "Fair" credit practices Trust me, avoid them at all cost.

Paul Fritz

Unfortunately 0 was not an option. As a couple others have stated it took 5 months to get my SBA loan done that was very painful. I worked through a "handler" of theirs (healthclubexperts) that all of a sudden had hidden fees of his own whenever the loan did fund and the highest origination fees I have ever seen for a loan that were not laid out. Of course at that point I was so eager to get done with the marathon of a loan and I was in need of the funds. Fast forward to today when I went to payoff my loan early and it took a week for them to get back to me on issuing recent payments to my account THEN there is language that you have to request a payoff 15 or 21 days ahead of time or they charge you the interest during that time even if you paid it off. Also then came a misc $100 book keeping fee. It's coincidence as well that every payment I mailed in through my bank always magically posted on Monday even though it was supposed to be there Thursday (worst case Friday). These guys are the epitome of a small business taking advantage of other small businesses. BUYER BEWARE of what you are getting into they are not customer friendly. I have my final payoff on its way but the result of bringing out the T & C for an extra $166 in interest on my loan and $100 for the "processing" fee brought on this review. Hope that was worth it Celtic.

James Eagar

Celtic Bank was responsible for our SBA loan for our gym. During the process of filing for the loan they repeatedly lost documents that we sent resulting in numerous delays in closing the loan. When we finally closed the loan they lost multiple documents that were part of the closing and then told us we had to re-submit these documents. They also lost our automatic withdrawal form and then charged us a late fee for their failure to withdraw the automatic payment the first month. We then re-submitted the forms for automatic withdrawal and received a second late payment notice the next month. When I contacted them they said they had not received the form so I told them to look at the email dated the previous month. They then finally began completing the automatic withdrawals, but they filed a late payment notice against us with Dun and Bradstreet (business credit monitoring). As the months went on and we were focusing on growing the business they continued to lose paperwork that had been part of the loan closing. They also sent us another company's loan documents (including Social Security numbers, Tax ID's, etc) through an unsecured email. We experienced full blown identity theft after dealing with Celtic Bank which we attribute to negligence with our paperwork from the loan as evidenced by the negligence with the other company's loan documents. When we decided we had enough and wanted to pay off the loan early they delayed processing the payment until we threatened to file a formal complaint with the state banking commission. This was the worst 20 months of my life. Celtic Bank dropped the ball all over the place. Definitely would not borrow from the again and would strongly recommend no one else borrow from them either.

Teresa Price

They gave me a chance for small business loan ! A pleasure to deal with!

Kevin Spiller

Our business has an SBA loan with Celtic. I tried to get help from Cory Lucas on a simple matter. After he refused to help, I called his manager 2 times to get a resolution and got no response. Very difficult to get any kind of help from this organization.

Reece Openshaw

The team at this bank was/is amazing to work with.

Mike madsen

These guys are life savers. They have helped my business and i really appreciate them. Thanks guys. Great people.

Mike Birkenmayer

Beware!!! I use quickbooks online and a add came up showing a option to apply for a SBA loan. Sounds like a good option to consolidate my equipment to expand my operations. Wow, was it easy to get a pre approval. I had many questions once this process started. I had explained that most of my business debt was my name. This is just the way I had to do things to get going. I also explained that I dont need cash just to consolidate trucks, and other equipment. Long story short, debt to income to high, and they dont consolidate used equipment. I was told later that the loan cant even be done for used equipment!!!!! I can handle the rejection. It happens all the time. This is after many, many hours of information sending and gathering. If the person I was dealing with would have listened and if she new the rules of the loan I was applying for she could have just said we dont do that. I would have said sounds good and bye. What I cant handle is that the underwriter knows this was not the "product" I needed because they cant do the loan regardless,but the front office people keep pushing people through to get the sale. I wasted so much time on this. Again not mad at the decline I am mad that they should have never made me spend so much time getting all the info to begin with.

Mila Nouaouri

Christopher Cundey is an ALLSTAR portfolio manager and loan servicer. Working with him has made my experience so enjoyable and has really brought me a peace of mind knowing that I have someone who is communicative, honest, and trustworthy. He has truly restored my faith in customer service and has exceeded every expectation possible. Celtic Bank is the go-to for your financing needs, hands down.

Daniel Clute

Celtic Bank has been absolutely stellar for me. They helped me obtain an SBA 7(a) loan on a pretty obscure and difficult project. Matthew Bitar was absolutely critical with helping me get the loan. I cannot thank him enough. After my payments started, Cory Lucas greatly helped me navigate the waters during my first year of payments. I couldn't always pay exactly on time, but Cory listened and we made it work. I can't thank Celtic Bank enough for believing in me.

Jamie H.

Celtic Bank individually and through its subsidiary, Kabbage, engages in predatory lending practices against small businesses. This institution, Kabbage, and any other suubsidiaries not only should be avoided at all cost, they need to be prosectuted.

Robert Bollhoffer

I closed a SBA loan with Celtic and it was the worst experience of my life. I do about 20 deals a year and usually banks are responsive and willing to work with customers. It's impossible to have them even call you back. I just refinanced to get them out of my life. Buyer beware!!!!!

Simple CPR

I just spent the last 25 minutes receiving some of the worst customer service I have ever had. Your representative (Corey sp?) who identified himself as a ‘manager’ was rude, unhelpful, evasive, and IMO should NEVER be allowed to interact with customers. I own a business with over 40 employees and he would be terminated had he treated one of our customers like this.

D Hill

Garbage Customer Service! Great personal an business credit score (800+). Paper work always coming back from their errors. So disappointed no checks an balances, an once i was in so deep no coming out so i had to wait at their disposal.

Ammon Redd

Celtic Bank was great to work with from the application all the way through construction. Ben Smith and Ashley Helton were knowledgeable responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Steve Bagley

Terrible experience would never do business with them again or would I recommend them to anyone. Please don''t put yourself into their grip you will be sorry.

Gina LeBlanc

The Vice President responded to our needs and was very helpful and sincere, I look forward to seeing what is a hea with Celtic bank. Thank you

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