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10757 S River Front Pkwy Suite 150, South Jordan, UT 84095, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bank of American Fork IN Utah

Clint Decker

Ben Webb

Tribe Hippy

Love it

Debbie Larsen

I have had accounts with the Lehi branch of bank of American fork for about 20 years. I have always had attentive service. I always felt like a person and not just another account. I moved from the state about 3 years ago and I still maintained 1 account at B.A.F., just because I loved the bank. I am sad that I had to close the account last week because I don't live anywhere near the bank and it was difficult to use from my current location. I would recommend anyone looking for a good bank to bank at American fork.

Sarah Grill

We have been with this bank for awhile now because of their excellent customer service. We primarily bank in Highland but sometimes in AF too.

Erica-Jacqueline Longhurst-Kendall

This is an awesome bank always look after there customers. Always friendly always helpful

Ron Estes

Jared Davies

I'm a customer with this bank and I'm getting frustrated. I'm with the army and I'm deployed in another country, the first day I arrived here I find that someone used my card information back in the US, so I had to cancel my card. I requested a new card and it didn't arrive for a month and a half so my father, who has legal access to my account information, got another oneand sent me the information so I could at least make online payment for school and other monthly expenses. I received my card yesterday and activated it, I tried to use it at a restaurant but it was declined and my bank thought it was fraud. So I called them (which costs me extra since I'm calling from another country) and the person who "helped" me didn't offer any solutions, she just said I'm not allowed to have two cards on my account. I'm confused because my father went to the bank and the solution they, at the bank, offered him was to get me two cards and send one to me and he keeps the other while I use it for online stuff. But when I call them to get their help so I can use this card while I'm in another country with no other method to pay for things, the woman just tells me I can't have two cards. I explained my situation, told her I just want to use the card that I received in the mail yesterday that I'm holding in my hand, but she just says I can't. I hung up and said I'd call later. I called today and I'm disappointed that they don't have any way of helping me on the weekends. If I have an issue with my card, it's not guaranteed that it will happen between 9-5 Monday-Friday. I need help. I can't pay for things. I'm in another country and I'm just screwed over. If this issue is resolved appropriately I might change my review.

Carol Woodcox

I do most of my business with the Lehi branch, but got a vehicle loan from the main office in American Fork. The loan officer was very helpful and easy to work with. My needs were met and throughout the loan, they have taken very good care of me. The customer service was excellent and I appreciate that they treat me as an important part of their organization. I have banked with them for many years due to the way I have been treated. I highly recommend them.

Joseph Cook

Jojack 56

I've never had a bad experience with them. Always have had great costumer service.

Edward Escalante

Good people to help

Tiffany Smith


Kelsey and Abigail are the best

Stephen Arbon

This has got to be the best community bank around. They provide some of the best service, and always take care of there clients. If they can't get you what you need, they'll get you as much as they can.

Josh Kasanicky

Jessica Wilson

Have been with them since I was 16! And parents as well! They're always super informative and helpful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that when I make a big transaction they notify immediately by text to make sure it was my purchase and not a fraud purchase. Best perk EVER.

Bethannee Pyper

I was thoroughly frustrated by my experience here. As I work full time, I got off work an hour early so I could cash a check since they close at 6 according to their online hours. I showed up at 5:10 and they were closing, and wouldn't help me. Very frustrating, very rude. Please fix your hours if you do close at an earlier time so people aren't mislead.

Carley Sharpe

Bank of AF has lost me as a customer! They cashed a third party check for me and withdrew some money from it a couple of weeks ago.. ZERO problems or questions asked. I went today to cash another third party check and wanted to withdraw some of the money... and the young man there had an older woman come up and asked her some questions about it.... the older woman then told me she wouldn't cash the check for me. And proceeded to ask me if anyone inside the bank knew me personally so they could vouch for me that the check wouldn't bounce... I said um no? How dare she question my integrity. Are you joking me? That was that. They wouldn't cash my check. When I demanded to know why the heck they let me do it last time- all they could say was sorry, the previous teller shouldn't have done that. Well bank of AF, it's not really fair to change your policies on your customers and have no explanation why. I recommend you train your employees better because apparently the first teller had no idea what she was doing- and today the young man teller had no idea either. Sincerely- never banking with you again.

Bryce and Kelcie Frandsen

I’ve had an account with them for over 20 years. Their service has always been amazing which is why I kept the account open even though I moved out of the state over 3 years ago. Highly recommended!

Josh Fugal

Great bank if you appreciate outdated ATM and internet banking technology. I'm a customer, but not by choice.

Diesel jake

Best bank I've ever had couldn't be more happy with them they treat you right

Sheila O'Neill


Chris Bennett

I have banked at this bank since the early 90's, i have had them run coin for me in the past about $800-$1400/week because as a benefit of being a member they run the coin for free. i have several accounts with them. they are now telling me they are charging me for the free benefit that they offered me. I would not recommend a lying bank like this one. The name of the Manager that said this is the way it is was Shannon Johnson and Sherry Custance was the person that relayed the info. very dissatisfied by how they are now. most of the tellers are amazing though, but management are liars and could care less.

Millen Atwood

The service is poor in the sandy branch. Each and every time I go in to perform a simple transaction like transferring from one Acountant to anther the cashier goes to upper management ,as if I am trying to pull something of. Management tells the answer to this is the cashier doesn’t know that the checking withdraw slip and checking deposit slip are available to customers in the lobby. I don’t beleave that being in the other alpine Draper branch they have been for years. This is just an unprofessional excuse. Millen Atwood

Popma Paxman

Ben Hevelone

Again No Story is the same! Get your money out now! I can’t even pull money off my account... I hate this bank!!!!

Adalaide Marie

Chad Smith

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